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Author Topic: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 4  (Read 5643 times)

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Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 4
« on: July 17, 2016, 02:41:24 AM »
OK everyone! I am starting a new project, which is a collaboration (my partner wishes to remain anonymous), and yes! As you may have seen, the main pairings are two of my OTPs! I hope you all will like it! Enjoy~ :heart:


“Jurina is the device almost ready?!”

“Almost there Sae just give me a couple more minutes!”

“We don’t even have seconds! I don’t know how much longer I can hold them back Jurina!”

“I’m almost done!!”

The sounds of gunfire and banging on the heavy metal door was getting closer and closer to the two girls who were hiding in the lab of young scientific prodigy Matsui Jurina. Her bodyguard and lifelong friend Miyazawa Sae was shooting down enemy soldiers who were breaking through the door. The heavy metal shield that was protecting the girls was starting to give and if Jurina didn’t finish what she was working on then the enemy was going to break in and take them down. The metal was denting and bending looking closer and closer to breaking down and then a stroke of luck hit the two struggling girls.

“I got it! Sae let’s go!!”

“About time!!”

Sae pulled back her gun and ran over towards Jurina not moments before five cyborgs broke through aiming their guns at Jurina and Sae.


“Jurina it’s time to go!”

“Just gotta make some configurations!”



Sae pulled out her gun and fired at the cyborgs and manage to take down one but then a shot was fired and Sae’s arm was hit causing her to drop the gun. Screaming in pain Sae grabbed her arm and tried to stop the bleeding while Jurina was frantically trying to set her new device.

“Let’s go!”

Jurina hit a button and there was a bright flash of light surrounding the two followed by the sounds of machine rudders and gear turns. There was another bright flash and a bang and the next thing the two knew, they were out of the lab and now in the streets of some city.

“Did we make it? Are we here??” Sae said while bandaging her wound.

“WE MADE IT!! Sae welcome to Tokyo, Japan 2016!”


To Be Continued

Be sure to leave comments below~ :3
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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Prologue
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Nice a new project, ne~
Gotta wait for more.. :twothumbs

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Prologue
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Waiting for Chapter 1 Author-san!
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Prologue
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Chapter 1

“Welcome to Tokyo, Japan 2016!!”

The two were surrounded by high skyscrapers and thousands of people constantly moving. The sounds of cars driving in the streets echoed throughout the area leaving Jurina and Sae in awe. They hadn’t seen this kind of abundance of life in a long time. Not wanting to draw any attention, Jurina grabbed Sae and the two walked over to the side by a café.

“So what’s the plan?” Jurina asked fixing her jacket.

“I thought you had a plan!” Sae said.

“Well how about we get your arm fixed up. I think there’s a drugstore near by.”

The two walked down the sidewalks for fifteen minutes finally coming up to a convenient store. The two entered the store and searched for basic medical supplies to help treat Sae’s wound. Once the materials were gathered, Jurina brought the products to the checkout where a girl rung up their items.

“That’ll be 1600 yen please.” she said as she started to bag the items.

The young scientist dug into her pocket and pulled out some cash placing it on the counter and then grabbing her things telling the cashier to keep the change.

“Um miss, I can’t accept this.” the cashier said with a frown on her face.

“Why not? It’s more than enough to cover the cost.” Jurina said.

“I don’t know where you got this money but here in Japan we only accept yen.”

Jurina realized that the money she gave the cashier was money from the future that the people in the past have never seen before. It makes sense, since the money she had given them was light blue and had foreign symbols which were probably supposed to be numbers. The cashier glared at Jurina, thinking this was some sort of scam to rob the place. Not wanting to cause a scene Jurina took back the money and said,

“My apologies they are leftovers from my vacation in the Bahamas.”

“Ok, so, do you have actual money?”

Jurina knew she didn’t have any present day money and so she turned to Sae gesturing her to help and so Sae sighed  and slicked her hair back while putting on a pained expression. She looked at the cashier and said,

“I-I’m sorry miss but we are not from here.. We are visiting our sick mother and on the way to the hospital, we were robbed at gunpoint. There was a struggle and the thief got away leaving me with this.”

Sae revealed her slashed arm and the girl’s mouth almost dropped to the ground seeing the extent of Sae’s injury.

“Oh my gosh we should call an ambulance!”

“Please no! We don’t have enough money to pay for hospital care.. We spent most of it caring for our mother and then the rest was stolen. Please, miss..”

Sae grabbed the cashier’s hands and held them in a firm grip looking deeply into her eyes.

“If you just let us go, I promise I’ll pay you back double what we took.”

The cashier become lost in Sae’s pained expression and eventually gave into the hypnotic gaze of Sae’s charm allowing the two to go free of charge. Jurina and Sae went to the bathroom of a park where Jurina treated Sae’s injury.

“Man Sae I don’t know how you do it but that was incredible! I have a lot to learn from you when it comes to charming the ladies~”

“Hey it’s not like I like doing that. I feel awful tricking young girls.” Sae said wincing as Jurina applied antibacterial medicine on her arm.

“There, there, you’re almost done, you baby.”

Once Sae had been patched up, the two time travelers started to walk along the streets of Tokyo again discussing their actual plans.

“Ok so according to the information Shinoda-sensei gave me, we need to find a company called UZA. That’s the company that started it all and we need to stop the creation of that horrible device that brought our world to a complete crumble!” Jurina said throwing her hands in the air.

“You make it sound so easy. How are we gonna be able to find this place?” Sae asked as she walked alongside Jurina keeping a close eye on her.

“Well Shinoda-sensei said they were somewhere in the heart of Tokyo so let’s head there!”

“Do you know where that is?”

“Uhhhh no.”

Sae facepalmed herself and sighed not believing that the genius child Matsui Jurina couldn’t even figure out how to navigate through a city. Sae has known this girl since she was a little kid and despite being 19 years old the girl still acts like a 5 year old. Despite her displeasure with Jurina, Sae made a promise to her parents that she would protect her at all costs even if it meant costing her life. Sae could never forget that fateful night in the future when the two girls had lost everything. Trying to derail herself from those horrid thoughts, Sae thought that they should take things one step at a time. Turning to Jurina, Sae said,

“Maybe we should find a place to stay for the meantime you know? Who knows how long it will be until we find UZA headquarters.”

“Good plan Sae! Let’s go look for a place to sleep!!”

The youthful Jurina marched forward with determination even though she had no idea where she was going or what she was doing. Sae could only smile and follow after her as she saw herself in Jurina when she was younger and full of joy. Deep down inside Sae knew she had to protect that happiness from the darkness that corrupted her when she was Jurina’s age. She didn’t want Jurina to ever suffer the same horrible fate Sae had so long ago in order to keep the people she loved safe from harm.

The two girls wandered around Tokyo for a couple of hours before finally Sae was able to find a place that seemed suitable for the two. The apartment looked old and rundown but the rent was super cheap and they really didn’t have anywhere else to go. Sae and Jurina walked up to the front of the apartment building and knocked on the door. At first it was silent but then there was a loud bang followed by shuffling from behind the door. The door creaked open and there standing there was a short woman who looked about the age of 27. She had medium length brown hair and a plain yellow T-shirt on that said “OPPAI” and had crudely drawn breasts on them. Her pants had holes in them and the woman herself looked filthy.

“Hey there! Welcome to Oshima’s Hideout! How can I help you today?” the woman asked.

“Well my sister and I were looking for a place to settle down in. Is here ok?” Sae asked trying to be polite as possible.

“That depends on how much money you got.”

“Um.. We don’t exactly have money…”

There was a pause and a moment of silence as the woman started at the two girls with glaring eyes. It felt like she was looking straight through their bodies and into their very souls examining every inch of them. Sae hadn’t felt this overlooked since her training days back in boot camp. Meanwhile Jurina simply smiled and stared right back at the woman without a care in the world as if she wasn’t even being affected by the woman’s gaze. After what felt like an eternity the woman cleared her throat and said,

“Alright you two can live here."

"Really?!" They both exclaimed.

"But on one condition.”

“And what is that?”

“You two have to work to pay for your rent. This place is horrible and needs some fixing up. I would do it myself but little me has so much other things to do. I could use some strong people like you to get this place cleaned up. What do you say?”

Before Sae could say anything, Jurina interrupted stating,

“We’ll take it!”

Sae just looked down at Jurina with wide eyes, screaming at her internally, "Are you serious?!"

“Great!! Then come on in! My name is Yuko by the way, Oshima Yuko.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Oshima-san. I’m Matsui Jurina and this is my big sister Miyazawa Sae. Thank you for your humble hospitality.”

Jurina did a full ninety degree bow giving her sincerest gratitude to thank Yuko for her kindness. Sae was impressed at how polite Jurina was and forgot to bow along with her. Sae soon followed after and Yuko bursted into laughter holding her stomach and leaning over.

“You two are hilarious!! I can tell that I’m going to like you guys. Come on in I’ll show you your new place! Oh and call me Yuko no need for the formalities.”

Jurina and Sae walked into the old apartment complex and up two flights of stairs where Yuko led them to the room all the way at the end of the hall. She pulled out a ring of keys and somehow found the one that unlocked the room. The door opened and as soon as it was opened Jurina was overwhelmed with the scent of dust and mold. It took her all the strength inside her to prevent her from throwing up. Meanwhile, Sae was shocked to see how disgusting the apartment was and was tempted to jump out of the window.

“Sorry about the mess. This is the nicest apartment I have so I hope you guys don’t mind.” Yuko said as she turned on the lights.

The lights flickered for about thirty seconds before finally turning on lighting up the room somewhat. Sae could see about twenty layers of dust on the furniture that was very outdated as well as dead insects and animals. Jurina turned to Sae and gave her the look of “what have I done” and Sae shook her head giving her the firm look of “it’s already too late”. Yuko left them some cleaning supplies before going to her room for the night. Meanwhile, Sae and Jurina worked all night cleaning up the old apartment room. It was around one in the morning when the two had finally finished plopping down onto the old futon that had been laid out.

“Finally done!” Jurina said with achievement in her voice.

“Yep so now we need to rest up and prepare ourselves for tomorrow.” Sae said pulling the blanket over her.

“We have approximately one year to stop the destruction of our time so we need to stay focused.”

“I know I can but can you?”

“Oh shut it you!”

Jurina threw her pillow at Sae hitting her right in the face scattering feathers. Jurina burst into laughter but not before getting hit back by Sae’s pillow even getting some feathers in her mouth. The two fought with their pillows getting feathers everywhere and making all kinds of noise. They were having a blast until suddenly there was a loud knock from the floor.


“Sorry Yuko!!” Jurina shouted.

Jurina and Sae calmed down and finally were able to get back into their beds using couch cushions. The two time travelers were going to need all the rest they needed because they knew that from that moment on, things were only to get much, much harder.


To Be Continued

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 1
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2016, 02:47:42 PM »
LOL..Yuko really hillarious :rofl:
And I wonder if sae has a superpower to seduce every young girl :twisted: I hope I do :banghead:
Jurina will forever a 5 years old :grin:

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 1
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Chapter 2

"Okay, Jurina, if we want money, we're going to have to get jobs like Yuko said."

"Right. So, let's write out these resumes," Jurina firmly said as she and Sae set down the sheets of paper and began writing. "Name: Matsui Jurina."

"Miyazawa Sae."

"Age: 19. Birthdate... Uhhhhh..." Jurina calculated in her head before she figured out the proper date and wrote down, "March 8th, 1997."

"Oh, what's mine?"

"Hmm, you're 25 now, so..." Jurina calculated again and answered, "1990."

"Thanks." Sae wrote down her age and birthdate. As they kept writing personal info, they then came to...

"Special skills." Jurina smiled. "Easy."

Jurina had many skills, being a science prodigy. She was a master programmer and inventor, she was a physics and chemistry major in college, she had an IQ of 135 (that's gifted level), and most important of all, she cracked time travel! Well, of course, she wasn't going to put that last part in her resume; she wasn't going to raise suspicion. Besides, she had already had enough to show she would be worthy in the scientific department. Meanwhile, Sae had written down how she was trained in hand-to-hand combat and knew several styles of martial arts. She was hoping she would get a job where she could use her strengths, such as a security guard or a bouncer at a club. At the very least, she would even accept a police officer.

After they had finished up their resumes, the next step was looking for jobs. They started looking through magazines and newspapers provided by Yuko for job offers or open business positions, and they had already found some that looked promising. Jurina found there was a job interview available for a high tech business company and Sae found that they were looking for someone to act as a security guard at a local night club. They both called in and started scheduling interviews. Sae's was having a hard time finding an opening, while on the other hand, Jurina...

"Eh?! Really?! You can meet that soon?!" Sae heard Jurina exclaim. "Yes! Of course! I'll see you then!" She hung up the phone and squealed.

"What'd they say?!"

"They want me to meet them at a local café in one hour! Kyaa, this is great!"

"Hey, don't get too excited. Remember not to let your ego overdo it, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, don't worry. I'm gonna nail this job interview! What about your end?"

"Um, they said they could meet with me in three days. Guess we'll have to depend on you finance wise until I can a job, too."

"Count on it. I'll make it so they can't say no."


As Jurina set off to find herself a job, the day was just starting for another young girl.

*beep beep beep*


“Wake up, wake up! Time to wake up!”

The girl threw her pillow at the annoying alarm clock, but that still didn’t turn the device off, making the sleepy girl get up from her bed.

She rose and stretched her back before walking over to the alarm clock on the floor. Yawning, she turned it off and then began her usual morning routine. First, it was a good fifteen minute shower, since it took her a while to wake up followed by brushing her teeth and drying her hair at the same time. The young woman liked to be efficient in the most productive way possible and so this kind of multitasking was normal to her.

Once she was finished with the bathroom, she made her way back to her room where she proceeded to dress herself in her usual work clothes. A plain black pencil skirt and a white blouse with a matching blazer and short heels. Today she felt like being invisible from her other coworkers so she tried to look as plain and boring as possible. Satisfied with her look, the young woman walked into the kitchen where she prepared her simple breakfast of melon pan and a cup of coffee. Looking at the time, the woman realized it was time to go to work so she got into her car and left.

She turned on the radio and listened to the mix of news and music as she drove up to her workplace, where she was stopped by a security guard.

“ID please.”

“Here you go.”

Handing the ID card, the security guard took examined the ID and then scanned it. Moments later a green light came on followed by a name and a picture that matched the woman he was looking at.

“Clear. Have a good day Matsui-san.”


Matsui Rena, a 24 year old scientist from Nagoya, works for the corporation UZA that specializes in home security and defense. They mainly deal with security systems that are found in common places like stores and homes. Rena however works in the branch that deals with more important areas like banks and government offices. Rena works in the area where scientists formulate new items to ensure safety for the city and no one will get hurt. The still tired scientist walked over to her office where she threw her purse and plopped down onto her chair sinking her head into her desk. It hadn’t been thirty seconds before a group of men in white coats entered her office uninvited dropping piles of paperwork in front of her.

“We need you to process these codes and put them into the system before you leave today. Can you do that Matsui?”

“You can count on me!” Rena said trying to give a sincere smile.

The group left leaving Rena with a Mount Everest on her desk getting ready to topple over if she didn’t reorganize them. She sighed and said to herself,

“This is going to be a long day.”

Cracking her neck, Rena turned on her computer and started to type away at her computer inputting data and breaking down codes into a readable forms. UZA was working on a big project for the government that involved top secret stuff. She was put into the system and everything to make sure she was ok to work on the project. Being one of the head scientists, Rena was sought after the heads of the company and was placed as one of the leading personal for the project. Rena had no idea what the project was but thought it was just something for the government and thought nothing more of it. Typing away at her computer Rena was totally focused and lost in translation when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Come on.” Rena said not looking away from her computer.

“Hey, morning, Rena-chan.”

“Oi I told you not to call me that. It’s Matsui-san.”

“Hehe sure whatever you say miss Rena-san~”

The one who was teasing Rena was lifelong friend Akimoto Sayaka who works as a security guard for the company. She is a tall and broad woman with the strength of a gorilla that could take down anyone in her path. The two had been friends since they were children and had separated when Sayaka moved to Tokyo with her parents. They met back up when Rena came to Tokyo to study engineering and ended up landing jobs at the same company.

“So how much work do you have today?” Sayaka asked as she leaned against the wall near the door.

“Tons and tons like usual.”

“Well don’t overwork yourself. I’d hate to lock you in here for the night.”

“Hey that only happened like, 3 times!”

Sayaka laughed and then walked over to Rena’s desk where she dropped off a bento box wrapped in a cloth.

“Make sure you eat, too. I know you don’t eat much and what you do eat is really unhealthy. It’s not wonder people think you look sick all the time!”

“Don’t you have someone to dropkick or something?!”

Sayaka left waving goodbye and shutting the door. Sayaka always treated Rena like a kid even though she was a full grown adult. Rena’s mother died when she was young so Sayaka took on the role of her mother always caring for her. It got annoying sometimes but deep down Rena loved the attention she got from Sayaka because she really did feel like the mother she lost so long ago. Deep down, Rena thought that Sayaka was actually her guardian angel sent by her mother to watch over her and keep her safe never being too far away from her melon monster.

After finishing up the first half of files, she was feeling hungry, so she decided to take a break and eat the lunch Sayaka made for her. She unwrapped the cloth and saw a neatly made lunch, with a message saying "Good luck!" written with nori on top of the rice. Rena smiled, seeing how the message was obviously from Sayaka.

"Thanks, Sayaka."


Meanwhile in the downtown Tokyo area, Jurina was entering the cafe where the job interview was going to take place. Jurina walked into the cafe and saw a very official business man sitting at a booth by the window. Jurina walked over and stood in front of the man who was reading some paperwork.

“Are you Matsui-san?”

“Yes that is correct.” Jurina said trying to sound professional.

“Please take a seat and let’s get started.”

Jurina sat down straightening her back and smiling not trying to overdo it. The man pulled out some paperwork and set it in front of him as well as a pen. He then cleared his throat and began asking Jurina questions.

“So, Matsui-san, where are you from?”

“Born and raised here in Tokyo!” Jurina lied being her hometown doesn’t exist in this time period.

“And how old are you again?”


“Ok so what school did you graduate from and what degrees did you graduate with?”

“I graduated from the University of Tokyo with a double major in chemistry and engineering and a double minor in physics and mathematics.” Jurina kind of lied being she did have those qualifications, but her school wasn’t established until after the Great War.

“That’s impressive! I’ll have to call the university and ask them to send over your records.”

“Oh, um, there’s no need for that!”

“Oh? And why not?”

“Because.. I have them at home!”

“Well alright then moving on to the next question, what is your family status?”

“I only have a big sister. I lost my parents when I was young..”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Well then my final question is, what makes you different from the others?”

“Well I graduated high school at the age of 12 and then university at the age of 18 and I invented the first ever--” Jurina was about to say time traveling device but she had to stop herself fearing what would happen.

The interviewer had a stern look on his face and then said he was going to be right back for he had to use the restroom. Jurina waited for a couple minutes and then the man came back with a somewhat angry look on his face. He quickly packed up his things and then said,

“I’m sorry miss but you will not be working with us.”

“Why not?!” Jurina exclaimed.

“I just called the Dean of Tokyo University and they said they never heard of you nor ever head you as their student. I don’t know what kind of game you are trying to pull but we are looking for a real professional willing to work for us and don’t have time to play child games. I’m sorry miss but please refrain from ever speaking with us again.” With that, the man left leaving Jurina on her own sad and upset that she didn’t get the job.

As Jurina sat depressed, one of the employees happened to notice her sullen expression and decided to cheer her up. The woman prepared some coffee and came back to Jurina's table, setting down the drink before leaving. Jurina was about to say that she hadn't ordered anything, but the girl had left before she could. She was too bummed out to do anything, so she took the cup in her hands and sipped some of the coffee. She was surprised as she then tasted the warm comforting drink. Jurina wasn't exactly a coffee person, but the few times she had drank it were not the best. But this coffee was sweet, with an aftertaste that made it even more pleasant and complemented the sweetness of the cream.

She walked up to the counter and found the woman who had handed her the drink and asked her,

"Excuse me? What's in this?"

"Hm?" She looked at Jurina and smiled. "Oh. There's an all-natural cream with vanilla caramel flavor. You seemed down, so I thought something sweet would help. This drink in particular goes really well with our chocolate cake."

"Oh yeah. My mom's actually done that before, she put coffee in the chocolate cake to give it this taste. I ate it once without knowing it was in it and it surprised me!"

"Yup. I also sprinkled a little cinnamon in there."

"Ah, I thought I tasted it."

The two giggled as they shared the conversation. Jurina knew this girl must've known a lot about cooking and mixing coffee flavors to make the perfect drink. It was the same as mixing chemicals; you had to find the right combination to get what you were looking for. And this employee was doing exactly that, with flying colors.

"I happened to catch a glimpse of what was going on. I'm sorry that interview didn't work out."

"Nah, don't be sorry. Guess I'll just have to find another job offer..." Jurina sighed. "Me and my sister just moved here and we don't have any money, so we're trying to get jobs to pay for rent and all that."

It was then that the girl smiled and leaned towards Jurina.

"Y'know, we happened to have a job opening. And from what I overheard during your interview, we could really use the smart girl like yourself~."

"W-wait... do you mean..?!"

"Matsui Jurina, you are hired!" The girl held out her hand.

"Oh my God, seriously?! Thank you!" Jurina shook the girl's hand. "Wait, what about this..?" she pointed at her drink.

"That's on the house."

"Wow! Thanks! When can I start?"

"First thing tomorrow, we open at 8AM. Come and meet by 7:30 so I can show you the ropes."

"Oh my God, thank you so much! Um..."

"Yuki. Kashiwagi Yuki. You can call me Yukirin."

"Thank you, Yukirin-senpai! I'll see you tomorrow!"

Jurina grabbed her things and dashed out of the café, running excitedly through the streets as she squealed and cheered, jumping and skipping as she bolted past crowds of people. She finally made it home, her happy giggles and cheers as well as fast footsteps stomping up the stairs caught Yuko's attention. She simply looked up to see Jurina cheerfully heading to her apartment and smiled.

"I'm HOOOOOOME!!!" Jurina said as she burst through the door, tackling Sae, who was laying down reading a magazine (possibly for more job offers).

"Woah, you seem happy. Did you pass the interview?"

"Nope! I totally flopped!" she said in a still-cheerful tone.

"Eh?! Then why are you so happy?"

"Because... I got a job at that café! I start tomorrow!"

"Wait... so, you failed the job interview.. but you got a job at the café you had the interview at?"

"I know! Crazy, huh?!"

"Yeah, but.. nice job! When do you start working?"

"Tomorrow morning!"

"Okay. Now... what are we gonna do about dinner?"

Sae and Jurina's stomachs growled loudly as they collapsed on the floor.

"Yukirin-senpai gave me coffee... but I don't think that will be enough..."

"I feel tempted to eat the magazines..."

It was then that the door opened and Yuko stepped in.

"How you guys doing?"

"We're hungry~" they both groaned.

"I have some cup ramen. You guys wanna share?"

"Yes!!" The two of them jumped up, hugging Yuko's legs.

"Yes, please, Yuko!"

"Okay, you two, calm down. Haha."

"You're a lifesaver!"

"Alright, now let's eat!"


To Be Continued

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 2
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Kekeke... nice move jurina, you failed at your main interview but nailed another job~ XD
Guess we have another character appear.. Rena, Sayaka and Yuki..
Gonna wait for their time~ 8)

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 2
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Ruka-senpaiiiii~  :)

Just ran over this one right now. Gotta read this because of SaeYaka!!  :heart:

I like WMatsui too but you know how biased I can be with our precious Ori Team K  XD :P

Ganbatte senpai~

Your supporter and kouhai,
Ame  :P

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 2
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@ametakarano Hisashiburi~ I'm glad you are enjoying this! With that said, here is the new chapter!


Chapter 3

“Mommy! Daddy!!”

“Rena-chan don’t come any closer! Stay right there with Akimoto-san!”

“But I want to be with you! Sayaka let go! Let go!”

“Stop Rena it’s too dangerous stay back!!”


Sayaka woke up to the sound of her alarm going off promptly at five in the morning. She got up from bed and wiped the light layer of sweat away from her forehead as she looked out the window. The sun was just starting to rise bringing out the new day that was ahead of her.

Sayaka got out of bed and then immediately dropped to the floor doing one hundred pushups. When she finished with her pushups she walked over to her door frame where a bar was set. Grabbing the bars, Sayaka began doing pull-ups not stopping until she hit two hundred. Once that was done she got into her morning jogging uniform and headed out for an hour jog. Sayaka ran around her neighborhood and to the park where she then jumped rope three hundred times. After Sayaka finished her jump roping, she sprinted back to her house at full speed all the way to her front door.

Sayaka leaned against the door and looked at her clock seeing that it was now 6:25 in the morning. She was sad that she wasn’t able to beat her previous time but was satisfied with the results. Sayaka then walked back into her house where she took a shower and ate a light meal of rice and miso soup. It was now 7:30 and almost time to be at work so Sayaka quickly got dressed in her security uniform.


Sayaka headed out for work but not before stopping by the nearby coffee shop to get two coffees.

“The usual Sayaka?”

“You got it Kashiwagi-san.”

“Sayaka I told you, call me Yukirin!”

“Not while I’m on the job.” Sayaka said in a stern voice.

“You haven’t even clocked in yet!” Yuki argued.

Five minutes later, Yuki came out with two coffees and a bag that had fresh melonpan inside. Sayaka paid Yuki and then set off for work where she clocked in and headed straight for the elevator. Clicking the eight button Sayaka went up and then down the hall all the way to the end.

She knocked on the door of the office but heard no answer so she opened the door a little and saw a mess of papers on the floor. She opened the door all the way and saw a young scientist hunched over her desk fast asleep. Sayaka sighed and then walked in setting the coffee and melonpan down.

“Another all-nighter huh?” Sayaka quietly said to the sleeping scientist.

Sayaka reached under the desk and pulled out a blanket that she placed over Rena patting her head and then making her way out of the office. She shut the door loud enough so Rena would wake up and then continued the rest of her day as a security guard for UZA. Down at the lobby area Sayaka met up with other security guards who were doing daily scans of people coming in and out of the building. Sayaka was the last person in the line of security checks because she was the strongest and most intimidating of the security workers. Things were going smoothly but then one of the metal detectors went off and a man came bursting through holding something in his pocket.

“Stop him!” someone shouted.

Sayaka quickly kicked into gear and ran after the man who had managed to get back the front doors and into the main entrance. He tried to run towards the elevators but Sayaka caught up to him quickly and tackled him to the ground. The thing that was in his hand was a gun and Sayaka quickly disarmed him slamming his arm to the ground and bending it in an uncomfortable angle. She then restrained his legs using hers and used her other free hand to radio in backup.

Eventually two other security guards showed up and quickly escorted the man to the police station while Sayaka simply wiped off her uniform and started to head back to the security station. She received praise from the employees there but to Sayaka this was just another day of work.


Meanwhile back in the city, Sae was having a hard time find employment.

“Oi Sae have you found another job yet?” Jurina asked.

“No not yet. I still haven’t found the right one!” Sae complained.

“I’m still amazed you managed to fail the security job at the one place.”

“How was I supposed to know that was the owner of the company?!”

Jurina laughed and managed to dodge a pillow that was thrown at her. She rolled back over to Sae who was looking at a newspaper trying to find a job that best suited her. Not able to find anything, Sae let out a groan of frustration and then got up. She walked out the door saying,

“I’m going for a walk!”

Jurina would have gone after her but she had to be at work so she had no choice but to leave her be.

Sae walked down the street and along the sidewalks through the city looking for any businesses that needed help. Sadly there weren’t many people who were looking for help and the places that were hiring wouldn’t take her. Sae was getting ready to call it quit and head home but she saw a park and decided to take a break. She sat down at the bench and relaxed for a while watching the clouds roll by in the blue sky.

Things were peaceful for Sae but then she heard a cry in the distance. Looking over Sae saw a young boy on the ground surrounded by other boys who were throwing things at him. Sae stood up and walked a little closer to the group trying to figure out what was going on. Not wanting to be seen, Sae decided to climb a tree and hide amongst the leaves so the kids wouldn’t know she was there.

“Please stop! It hurts!” the boy on the ground said.

“Then give us your lunch money!” one of the boys said.

“I told you I gave it to you!”

“If you don’t cough it up, we’ll tell our parents you beat us up.”

“No please don’t!”

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Sae then jumped down from the tree and landed in front of the boy on the ground.

The other kids looked confused and then one of them said, “What are you doing here? Butt out old hag!”

“Don’t pick on people who are weaker than you. Keep doing that and you’ll end up somewhere in a ditch.”

Sae gave the kids a menacing glare that struck fear into the kids causing them to run. Once they were gone Sae turned around holding a hand out to the boy on the ground. The boy took it and then Sae pulled him up brushing off the dirt on his clothes.

“Are you ok?” Sae asked.

“Yeah thanks nee-san.” the boy said.

“Do those kids always pick on you?”

“Yeah and I try to get them to stop but they won’t leave me alone.”

“Well if they ever bother you, come and find me. I’ll take care of you!”

“Really?! Thanks nee-san!”

“Sae. Call me Sae!” Sae said with a big smile.

“My name is Takeru! Will you promise to come back here tomorrow to protect me?”

“I promise, Takeru-kun!”

The two made a pinky promise and the boy ran off to play with the other kids.

Feeling satisfied with herself, Sae decided to head over to visit Jurina at her work. It was getting around dinner time and Sae was starved so she thought maybe Jurina could slide her some free food. Sae turned and started to walk towards the café where Jurina worked at.

Meanwhile at the café, Jurina was doing her best to keep up with the demands of the customers.

“One chocolate mocha coming right up!”

Jurina ran to the back to place the order to Yuki was making the food and drinks while Jurina was running around the café serving people. It wasn’t too hard but she was having a hard time remembering who ordered what sometimes and she’s already spilled more than one tray of food. Luckily Yuki was forgiving but also a harsh punisher where cleaning was taking to the extreme. Because of her recent employment, a lot of the customers were generous with their tips and managed to make a good amount in tips. She was excited to go to the convenient store and buy some food for the week. Yuki also told Jurina that she could take home any extra food they had making things extra special for her.

Jurina has just finished cleaning a table when Yuki called her over to the front desk.

“Hey Jurina do you mind holding down the shop for me while I go pick up my son from daycare?” Yuki asked.

“Umm sure no problem! You can count on me!!”

“Great I’ll be back soon! It’s almost closing time so you shouldn’t get too many customers but if you do, there’s a easy guide in the kitchen you can follow.”

Yuki left and Jurina ran over to the front desk area where she sat and waited. There wasn’t much movement until the door opened and in came Sae.

“Hey Sae! Any luck finding a job?”

“So far nothing. I got tired walking around all day so I decided to come by and see how you’re doing. Also to ask if you could slide me something to nibble on.” Sae said sighing and grabbing her stomach.

Jurina laughed and knew Yuki would kill her if she saw her give away something for free but she wasn’t here so Jurina decided to take a chance. She slid Sae a blueberry turnover pastry and some milk and quickly ran back to the front desk. The two sat and chatted for a while and then the door opened up again.

“Welcome!” Jurina said excitedly.

Two young women entered the café, one of them looked surprised at Jurina.

"Oh.. looks like Yukirin hired a newbie." The other said before sitting at the front counter.

"Um, is Kashiwagi Yuki here?"

"No, she just left."

"Oh. She must've went to get her kid..." The woman muttering to herself.

"I guess we'll just have to wait, Sayaka," the other said before taking out her phone. Jurina looked over to Sae, who just shrugged.

"Is there anything I can get you both?" Jurina asked.

"Ah. Yes. I'll just have some coffee, no sugar or anything. Just plain black. And, with that... I guess I'll have a slice of banana bread," the woman named Sayaka said. "And, for Rena..."

"I'll have some black tea and a loaf of melonpan. No, wait.. two loaves," Rena answered.

Jurina chuckled a bit, seeing how Rena was eyeing the loaves of melonpan, unconsciously licking her lips and smiling.

"Right away," Jurina smiled brightly and started preparing the tea and coffee. She looked back and saw Rena still looking on her phone. She was very quiet and didn't talk much. Meanwhile, Sayaka looked tired and stretched in her seat.

"Another hard day at work?" Jurina asked, initiating a conversation.

"You can say that again."

"Hey, is there a job opening at your place? My sister, Sae, here needs one."

"Oi, oi, no need to announce it to the world," Sae groaned, rubbing her temple.

"Nah, we don't. Besides," Sayaka looked over to Sae and scoffed. "No offense, but I don't think your sister can handle our line of work."

"What was that?!"

"It's not an easy ball game, missy. We deal with some heavy stuff. You just don't look like the kind of girl who'd be up for it."

"Hey, I happened to be trained in multiple forms of martial arts and studied combat since I was 11!"

"Ooh, impressive," Sayaka said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Shut it!"

While the two were butting heads, Jurina couldn't help but notice Rena was completely ignoring them. She decided to initiate a conversation with her and moved closer.

"So," Jurina said, catching her attention. "You know Yukirin-senpai?"

"Oh, yes," Rena said. "She and I are close friends."

"Wow! That's cool," Jurina said with a bright smile as she took the tea and poured it into a teacup.

"She's really nice, isn't she?"

"Yes. I'm surprised she has a kid; she looks really young."

"She was actually a teen mom."

Jurina's eyes widened. "No way."

"Yup. It's a long and complicated story, one I don't really want to go into detail."

"I hear you," Jurina said, earning a giggle from Rena. She smiled hearing her laugh. It sounded like a bell, soft and gentle. It made her heart flutter a moment. She then got a plate and laid out two warm loaves of melonpan and set the tea and melonpan in front of Rena. "Here you go."

Rena smiled and silently accepted, sipping the tea before grabbing one of the melonpan loaves and started munching on it. Sae's eyes widened a bit when she saw how quickly the woman was scarfing down the loaf, all with a gleeful smile. Jurina couldn't help but giggle a bit. It wasn't hard to see that this girl loved melonpan, and soon enough, Rena started eating the other loaf, while alternating with drinking her tea and eating the melonpan, while looking at her phone again.

"Hmm, my schedule seems pretty booked for next week..." she muttered before taking another big bite.

"Hey, not to big a bite, Rena," Sayaka said.

"And here you go," Jurina then set down Sayaka's coffee and banana bread.

It was then that the door opened and hey all saw Yuki walking in with her kid. Sae immediately recognized the child, and the child seemed to be the same way, as he looked at Sae and smiled.

"That's her! That's the nee-chan who helped me today!" he pointed out.

"Oh, is it?" Yuki smiled. "Ah, and I see Sayaka and Rena-chan are here."

"Hi Yukirin~"

"So~" Yuki walked over to Sae and smirked. "My son told me you scared away some bullies who were picking on him."

"Erm, yes, I was."

"Well, I must say, I'm impressed."

"Nee-chan, will you come back to the daycare to see me?" Takeru asked.

"Eh? Um..."

"Hey, actually, I hear there's a job offering at that daycare," Yuki said. It was then that Sayaka glanced at Sae with an evil smirk.

"Well, wouldn't you know~? Miss Sae here is currently job hunting. Doesn't that just sound perfect?"


"Sae-nee-chan! Will you do it?" Takeru asked excitedly.

"What do you think?" Jurina then asked, making Sae feel a bit more pressured with the eyes staring her down.



To Be Continued
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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 3
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What is Yukirin’s kid name? Ryouta or Takeru??or she has two?
I'm a bit lost when I saw two names ._.
And why did sae hesitate there? Is she uncomfortable around kiddos?
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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 3
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What is Yukirin’s kid name? Ryouta or Takeru??or she has two?
I'm a bit lost when I saw two names ._.

OMG that is my fault! I'm so sorry! It's Takeru! >_<

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 3
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What is Yukirin’s kid name? Ryouta or Takeru??or she has two?
I'm a bit lost when I saw two names ._.

OMG that is my fault! I'm so sorry! It's Takeru! >_<
LOL I thought so hahahaha
Nice story btw ruka ;)
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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 3
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What is Yukirin’s kid name? Ryouta or Takeru??or she has two?
I'm a bit lost when I saw two names ._.

OMG that is my fault! I'm so sorry! It's Takeru! >_<
LOL I thought so hahahaha
Nice story btw ruka ;)

Thanks. :3

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 3
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The story seems interesting.. but I need to said that Sae meeting yuki's son and herlp him make want  this fic will be saeyuki instead saeyaka because I love saeyuki.. but well I know it can't happen.

Thank you for this updated..
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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 3
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The story seems interesting.. but I need to said that Sae meeting yuki's son and herlp him make want  this fic will be saeyuki instead saeyaka because I love saeyuki.. but well I know it can't happen.

Thank you for this updated..
This is what I thought when I saw the kid was actually Yuki’s kid LMAO
OTP alert~
Well but we know it's not going to happen. Yet I love the plot :D
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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 3
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Chapter 4

"I can't believe I actually decided to do this..." Sae sighed as she stood, looking at a group of kids who were playing with their toys. Wearing the apron provided by the daycare, she looked over the children and watched them run around and play.

She surprised herself when she said she'd take the job. She wasn't exactly an expert on taking care of kids. However, she honestly liked being with Takeru, and after yesterday's incident, she wanted to be sure that no more bullying would occur. So far, it looked like everything was going smoothly. She would help gather up kids whether it was time for lunch, recess, or naptime. She would even play some of the games with them. It wasn't too big of a hassle, but for Sae, with so many children running around, it was tiring for her.

"Sae-chan, come here!" She heard one of the girls, Sakura, call to her. "Come play with us!"

"Ah, hai~" Sae walked to her and her two friends and knelt down. "What are you all playing?"

"Pop the pirate! Here," another girl, Anna, handed a toy knife to Sae. "You stab the knives into these slots, but if you kill the pirate, he POPS out, and you lose! Got it?"

"Okay! Let's do this," Sae said as she took the knife and placed it into one of the slots. She heard a click, but the pirate didn't pop, so she was safe. The three kids applauded her.

"My turn!" Ryouta said as he took a knife and tried to decide where to stab it. "Hmm.... Ah! Here!"

He stabbed it and a click went off, but the pirate didn't pop.


"Ooh~ I'm nervous~" Sakura said as she carefully stabbed another slot. Click, but no pop. "Phew. Safe~"

"Stand back everyone!" Anna said, clutching her toy knife. Sae found that her heart was pounding. Even though this was just a child's game, the adrenaline rushed through her. It was as if they were detonating a bomb.

Anna pushed the knife in, and the toy pirate popped out, flying up in the air, making the four jump. The three children roared in laughter as Sae smiled.

"That was fun," she said.

"Let's go another round!" Ryouta said as he set the game back up.

"Oi~ Sae~"

Sae looked outside and saw a familiar figure walking towards the daycare. She recognized that it was Yuko, and with her was a small child, holding her hand.

"Yuko?!" Sae stood up and walked outside to where Yuko was. "What are you doing here?"

"I came here to visit you. And I brought my cousin to meet some of the kids," she pointed down to the girl holding her hand. "This is Mion."

"Mion-chan. It's nice to meet you," Sae said with a smile.

"Sae-san, what are you doing?" One of the boys called. Then, his eyes widened and he pointed at Yuko. "Hey! It's the Oppai Lady!"

"Hey, what'd you call me?!" Yuko asked, hearing their laughter.

"Don't worry, Yuko. I'll take care of him."

"Alright. Mion-chan, go play."

"Okay~" As the little girl ran off, Yuko showed Sae a bag filled with rice balls and bottles of green tea.

"Wanna take a quick lunch break?"


The two sat down at a bench as the kids played. Yuko took out two rice balls and gave one to Sae. They opened the plastic wrapping and started eating it. As the two were munching, Yuko couldn't help but ask, "So how do you like your new job?"

"It's good," Sae said in between bites. "I actually like being around kids. It kinda surprised me."


"Yeah. I've never really handled children before. I'm so used to combat training and martial arts, I thought I'd never be able to be gentle and take care of a little kid. But, I'm actually a lot better at it than I thought I was."

"That's good," Yuko smiled, taking out a bottle of green tea and drinking it.

"You must have a lot of experience with kids," Sae said, looking at how Mion was getting along really well and playing with the other kids.

"Well, yeah. Though, there was one time..."


"See, before I started running that apartment building, I was job-hunting, and to get some extra money, I did baby-sitting jobs. And there was one kid who I was taking care of who.. well, I lost him. I thought he had ran away and maybe got lost, so I started searching everywhere I could. And.. I was panicking because I didn't know what I'd do if I didn't find him. I was scared, and I didn't know what to do. I eventually found him, but.. I decided to take a break from the baby-sitting service because I was still anxious about something like that happening again."

"Oh..." Sae looked at Yuko with sad eyes. "I had no idea."

"It's fine. And, besides, after that, I found out the apartment building had a job opening and I've been working there ever since. Plus, I've gotten close with Mion and I don't have any more anxious feelings, so.. I think it actually did me some good."


"Yeah, I was scared, but... I guess it was able to help me grow in some way, y'know. That's what conquering fear is."

"Yuko..." Sae smiled. "I know exactly how you f--"

"Waaaah!!!" The sound of a child crying broke the two from their conversation, making them turn around.

"Hey, you come back here! Shinji!" Ryouta screamed, running across the room.

"Sae-san! Shinji made Sakura cry!" Anna said.

"Ahh! Hold on, I'm coming!" Sae got up and started running towards the scene. "Shinji! Ryouta! Hey, no fighting!"

Yuko chuckled, taking another bite of her rice ball. "Sae will be quite the mom someday."


Meanwhile, over at the café, a bored waitress sits at the cashier station leaned over the desk twirling a pen in her hand.

“Nee Yukirin what time is it?”

“12:05 Jurina.”

“Is it time to go home yet??

“You just showed up!!”

It was a slow day today at the cafe and not many people were coming in since it was Saturday and everyone was out having fun. Jurina was working the late shift and wasn’t looking forward to it since there wasn’t much going on. What she really wanted to do was go spend time with Sae and the kids but sadly she was stuck here staring at the ceiling fan. There wasn’t much for the youngster to do besides sit there in her chair and do nothing so Yuki decided to give her some chores to do. Yuki made Jurina sweep the floors, wipe the tables, clean the windows, clean the coffee mugs, and polish the silverware.

“Mou no more!!”

When she was finally done she realized that only two hours had passed and she had to stay until nine since it was a weekend. Jurina groaned in displeasure and asked Yuki if there was anything else she could do. Yuki told Jurina she could go clean up the backroom where they store all the ingredients for the food and she would call her if a customer came in.

“Wow it is really dirty back here. I’m amazed Yukirin manages to make things look so nice in the display case.”

Jurina first started moving out old boxes and throwing out things that were expired way past their dates. She then started to wipe down the shelves which were very dusty and wiped the floor that was covered in everything from dirt to flour. Once everything was clean Jurina started to load the boxes everything back up. As she was stacking the boxes back up she found a really old wooden box that was hidden in the corner. She brought it down and looked at it and blew off some of the dust on it.

“I was told by Sae it was rude to look through people’s stuff but there could be some expired tomatoes or something!”

Jurina opened the box and was shocked to see there were old photos and documents in the box. There was a photo of a man and a little girl standing in front of the cafe but the photo looked quite old. She turned the photo around and saw it was dated back in the 80’s way before Jurina was ever alive. Jurina continued to look through the box and found old letters addressed to a man named Kenji. One of the letters said,

“Dear Kenji, I’m writing to tell you I have great news! My wife and I are one step closer to finishing the project and we wanted to invite you and Yuki-chan to our celebration party. We want you and Yuki-chan to come and enjoy some good food and have fun. Besides you know our kids like playing together so I think it would be good for the both of them. Anyways I look forward to seeing you there! Ryosuke.”

Jurina figured out that the letter was addressed to Yuki’s father and she wondered who the other man was. She felt like she’s seen that name before but doesn’t remember where. Wanting to look through more, Jurina started to search through the rest of the contents of the box but was then stopped when she heard Yuki call for her. Jurina quickly finished restocking the back room and then went to the front where Yuki pointed her to the customer. Jurina recognized the customer and walked over to her with a smile on her face.

“Hello there! What will it be today?”

“Melonpan and a cup of green tea please.”

“Coming right up!”

Jurina quickly ran back into the kitchen and prepared the order and then walked back out setting the food down on the table. The girl looked up and was shocked to see how quick Jurina was.

“You’re Rena right?” Jurina asked making sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“Yeah and you’re Jurina.” Rena said with a kind smile.

“Do you mind if I sit with you while I take my break? It’s pretty dead here and boring.”

“Sure go right ahead.”

Jurina ran into the back and pulled out the sack lunch that Yuko had packed for her. She then sat down across from Rena and pulled out the contents. Yuko had packed Jurina a curry bun, some tea, and a pudding cup. Jurina smiled and thanked Yuko for taking such good care of her and then started to dig into her pudding. The young girl always had a sweet tooth and would instantly go for the sweets when she was younger. Once the pudding was gone, Jurina bit into the curry bun and savored the flavor. That savor quickly turned to pain though as Jurina started to feel like she was on fire. The bun that she was eaten was extremely spicy and there was more spice than she could handle. Grabbing the tea, she ripped off the cap and chugged it down hoping the cool liquid would reduce the spice. When she finished she let out a pant and started to fan her tongue still feeling the burning sensation from the curry.

“Hehe, too hot for you??” Rena scoffed as she sipped her tea.

“Yeah it is!! Here, you try it!”

Jurina handed Rena the curry bun who examined it for a while and then bit into it. She chewed it for a while and then swallowed. Jurina stared intently waiting for the moment when Rena’s face went from calm to flustered but that never happened. Rena remained totally calmed and smiled as she took another bite of the bun.

“That’s not hot for you?!”

“No not at all. It’s actually quite good.”

“Mou~ my tongue still hurts from that bun. You can have it!”

“Hehe, here drink some of this.”

Rena handed Jurina some of her tea where she sipped just a little of it to help her tongue recover from the burning it just got. After a couple sips, she was finally okay and thanked Rena for letting her drink the tea.

Jurina’s break was almost over so she got up and cleaned her mess before going back to work. She said goodbye to Rena and then went back to work wiping down the tables and sweeping the floor. Eventually it was almost time to close and Jurina saw that Rena was still there sitting alone eating the last bit of her melonpan. Jurina thought it was odd that Rena was still there after such a long time and she was tempted to ask her to leave so she could close but didn’t want to be rude. Jurina waited another five minutes before finally asking Rena to leave.

“Oh it’s closing time? You should have told me sooner I would have left.” Rena got up and Jurina cleaned the table.

“Time to go home!!”

Jurina turned off the lights and locked up the doors making sure everything was safe and secure. Once everything was good to go, she turned around and started to walk home to the apartment complex. She didn’t get far however because just further ahead was Rena who was walking all alone. Not wanting to have her walk alone, Jurina quickly ran up to Rena and grabbed her by the shoulder.

“Hey what are you doing out this late by yourself? Isn’t your friend Sayaka with you??” Jurina asked.

“Sayaka is busy with work and I didn’t want to bother her. Don’t worry I’m capable of handling myself.” Rena said with a reassuring smile.

“Nonsense! I’ll walk with you!”

Rena tried to decline Jurina’s offer but she couldn’t resist the puppy dog face Jurina was giving her so she agreed to let Jurina walk her home. The two walked in silence on the sidewalk staying on the path watching cars go by. Jurina watched Rena as she walked taking long and graceful steps. Her hair flowed with the wind and the moonlight illuminated her pale skin. Rena looked like a beautiful princess walking through a rose garden under the light of a full moon to Jurina.

“Hey we’re here.”

Jurina snapped out of her daze and realized that they were in front of a large and fancy looking apartment complex.

“Thanks for walking me home. I’ll make sure to tell Sayaka she’s slacking off on her job.” Rena joked.

“Ah anytime! Don’t be afraid to call me!” Jurina smiled.

Jurina waved goodbye and then turned around to start walking towards her home. She looked back one last time and watched as Rena entered the building and noticed there was a small frown on Rena’s face. Jurina wondered if Rena lived alone and more importantly, if she was lonely. Before Rena got too far, Jurina then called out,


Rena turned around, her eyes widened a bit. Jurina ran up the stairs to where Rena was and faced her.

"Your cell phone number."


"Let's exchange contacts! That way we can call or text each other whenever!" Jurina spoke with a bright smile. "We can talk during our breaks from work or whenever we're bored at home. Just something to do, y'know, as friends!"

Seeing Rena's surprised expression, Jurina started to feel she may have taken it too far.

"I-I mean... We.. we are friends, right?"

Rena then started laughing.

"Of course we're friends!"

After hearing that, the puppy's face lit up again, a wide smile curving her lips.

"Here," Rena handed Jurina her cell phone. "Give me yours and I'll put my number in it."

"Um, okay, but I gotta warn you, my phone's kinda advanced," Jurina said as she pulled out her futuristic looking cell phone.

Rena took it and looked at it in awe. "What model is this? Is this even out in stores yet? I've never seen this kind of design..."

"Um, it was a birthday present from my dad. It's a prototype of the newest model."

"What company is this..?" Rena stared at the logo which was on the screen. "'Futura'? I've never heard of them."

"Oh, they're a foreign company. We got it when we went on a vacation overseas. It means 'future'. Hold on, I'll help," Jurina took the phone and helped Rena open the contacts info. "Just put your number in here."

"Alright." The two typed out their contacts onto each others phones, finishing it off by taking a picture of themselves to identify who they were. "Perfect. Thanks!"

"You're welcome," Jurina took her phone back and was about to leave, when she heard Rena call for her.

"Hey, Jurina?" She turned and looked up to Rena. With a smile, Rena said, "Text me whenever you're off work. Maybe one day, we can just spend some time together."

Jurina smiled, "I'll do that!"

After that, the two parted ways. Jurina opened up her phone and saw Rena's contact added in. She couldn't help but giggle a bit as she kept walking, headed towards home with her heart light.


To Be Continued

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 4
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Sweet Ju getting Rena's number with ease. But not knowing that Rena is working at the company she's looking for....

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 4
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Jurina so happy to get rena's number... kukukuku
I bet rena can't refuse the puppy XD

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Re: Time Travelers in Tokyo (WMatsui+Saeyaka) Chapter 4
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Jurina didn't break a sweat in getting Rena's number. It's cute.  :wriggly:

I'm waiting for some SaeYaka, though~

 :on ksweat: :nya:

Ganbatte ne, Ruka-senpai~

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