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sono saki no deguchi (nogizaka46)
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My name is shiraishi mai, 18th years old. The member of a dance group in the town that I’m living at. The group name is ‘nogizaka’. and in this 5 years, our group become popular for the teenagers.  Actually this group originally has 9 members, I, fukagawa mai, hashimoto nanami, eto misa, yamato rina, takayama kazumi, matsui rena, akimoto manatsu, and matsumura sayuri. But 2 years ago, just because an accident, we were force to lose 3 member, which was eto misa, takayama kazumi, and my senior matsui rena.

Today, we got an invitation from a famous company to come and show our dance that really popular for girl, because of the dance and the deepness of the lyrics. This song is really precious to me. Because this song the only song that my senior write and even offering me to be the center of this song. But when we were practicing the dance, I made a little accident that make rena-senpai mad at me.


The accident happen on my birthday, 20th august 2014. That time we were practicing about our new song, sono saki no deguchi. In the practice time, I, matsumura, and hashimoto is thinking about the choreography and decided to show the fellow member about the dance that I thought 3 days with hashimoto and matsumura. Rena-senpai praised me for the dance and said that she didn’t regret on making me as the center of this song.

But in fact, when we were practicing, I was kind of forgetting my position for the song. Which make the dance blow in mess. Rena-senpai went mad. She pause the song and with her fierce eyes, she look at me and ask, “what do you think you’re doing. You’re the one that think about this choreography, and know you’re forgetting about your own position. Do you think that I choose you as the center for this? To mess our group? I choose you because I want you to make our group famous. But yet, you ruin it.” Rena-senpai exclaimed.
“I-I’m sorry, senpai.” I said without looking at her.
“do you think just sorry will enough for what you’ve done?” rena-senpai ask. I just lowered my head. I can’t look at her eyes. I can hear that my fellow friends are trying to help me.
“rena, just stop it. Maiyan is still in the bad condition to practice.” Hashimoto said. well, it’s right that I’m not in the right condition to practice. Because in that 3 days that I use to think about the choreography, I was sick.
“just because of that?” rena ask.
“rena, don’t make the situation become the worst. She becomes like this is because of her health.” Matsumura said helping hashimoto.
“that is always the same reason. If it’s still one or two times it’s still okay for me. I can still understand her situation. But it’s already the 10th time. If her health become worst, what should we do? She should stop this beforehand.” Rena-senpai exclaimed. Hearing what she said really broke my heart. it’s true about what she said. I should stop this beforehand.
“rena!!! How dare you said it in front of your own kouhai. You taught her everything about dance. And now, you’re the one that hurting her.” Fukagawa said from beside me.
“it’s over guys. I’m going to quit. And about this song, I’ll be waiting for it. Let’s go, misa, kazumin.” Rena-senpai said then she leave. But before they leave, I could hear misa and kazumin said sorry for us.
After they gone, yamato come to me and check about my condition. The other are asking if I still could on practicing or not. I tried to rid the pain from my head. And nod my head. The others look at me with their smile on their face. ‘let’s do this.” And finally I can complete the dance.

End of flashback.
2 years had passed since that day. And now, we become really famous. Even without them. And after I got the invitation, I tell it to my friends. We practiced this song together only 1 hour than we finished. And next we practiced another song. The title is ‘sakanatachi no love song.’ And we also practice this for 1 hour. And after it, we get ready for the party. We went to the party by using my sport car. Hashimoto and fukagawa already told me don’t drive ‘cause it will only worsen my condition. But finally they let me drive when I said that this is the last.

36 minutes have passed, and now we arrived to the party location. There are too many artist that come, like the 48 group, kuraki mai, t.m.revolution, and the other. My boyfriend, nishino taise is also there. He’s a singer. But the one that really bothering me is, why they’re here. My eyes met with rena-senpai’s eyes. We went to the receptionist. And the receptionist led us to a room. It’s look like, we’re the VIP guest. We sat on the couch that located across from the stage. I saw that they are coming to our direction. Misa and kazumin are looking at me with their smile, but senpai is looking at me with her sinister smile.
“nice to see you here. Mai.” Rena-senpai said.
“me too, senpai. I don’t think that you’ll talk to me after I mess with you 2 years ago.” I said.
“well, it’s okay. I didn’t forgive you fully yet. I’ll forgive you when you win this contest from me, mai.” Rena-senpai said.
“I don’t need your forgiveness at all. Because, I can defeat you now.” I said to rena-senpai.
“we’ll see it later.” Rena-senpai said and turn her back to me. Misa and kazumin, are looking at me with their sweet smile. “I’m going to see if your dance skill is improving or not.” misa said to me. “I’m going to make you proud to me.” I said to misa. She smile then left with kazumin, which also gave a smile to me.

I already have enough support. I’m going to take them back to us. Alright. It’s their show time. I look at them closely. The way that hand and feet move. And that song. It’s the dance that I thought with hashimoto and fukagawa. But they only dance the first half. She doesn’t know about the other half. Only misa that know about it. And I’ll leave it to her. Then hashimoto come and talk to me. “they don’t know about the other half right?” I shook my head. “But you did let one of them know right.” Yamato ask. “bingo.” I said to her. “what will you do if they dance the last part?” akimoto come to me.

I shook my head. “if they really know, I’m going to ask the mc to make a collaboration.” I said to them. All of them lowered their head. I know about it. It’s really hurt to look at this. It’s really hard to make decision. I, as the captain of nogizaka, will take them back to me. “let’s go guys, it’s our time.” I said. I stand from the couch and went to the door’s direction. “captain, I’m counting on you.” Fukagawa said. it’s been a while since they call me captain. I hate those nickname already. I have to take responsibility from what I’ve done. “let’s do this.” I said. then I open the door and walk outside.

Behind me, there’s hashimoto, fukagawa, akimoto, yamato, and matsumura. We are prepared for this. I’m going to take the responsibility in this place. I’m going to show them who I really am. That stage, that is the last place for them to stand, cause I’m going to show them what is the real meaning of a dance. Sakanatschi no love song. The fans begin to cheering under the stage. Music ON.

once the music the finished, the fans claps their hands for us. We got down from the stage and went directly to our room. But, they were there. “you still sing this song. While the creator is not there.” Rena-senpai said. “you’re the same, senpai. You still dance that without the creator right.” I retorted. “but, I’m the writer of this song.” She said. I don’t care. That dance is the one that I’m proud of. “just shut up and listen to the result.” Hashimoto suddenly said.

when the mc announce the result, my team and her team have the same score and he thinks that this will be ended as a draw. But rena-senpai, she refuse it and said that she will be having an extra challenge with us. I gladly accept this. But not with the other member. I know that this will be happening. “I’ll be waiting for you on the next stage.” Rena-senpai said than she leave. But before she really left, I said something to her. Which make her smirk.

The judge gave us the number. I got number 8 while misa and the other got 7. The challenge that senpai make, seems really get the most attention from the viewer. and it’s look like, I have to give my best on this song. Taise also come to this place to support me. “are you sure you want to do this mai? You might lose her again you know.” Hashimoto ask. ‘it’s fine. Even though that we won’t get her again, we still can get misa and kazumin.” I said to hashimoto. She doesn’t know about the reason why I let misa and kazumin back to us.

Alright, 30 minutes has passed and now it’s the real show time. “maiyan, I’ll  be here for you. Do your best. If you win, I’ll treat you guys to my restaurant.” Taise said to me. Not only as a singer. He is a professional chef, before becoming a singer. “I will.” I said. and now, we stand on the stage. And together, we said, “SONO SAKI NO DEGUCHI”

kurayami no mukou ni wa
nee nani ga matteru no?
osoruosoru te wo nobashi
fureru mono wo sagashite ita

ikiru to wa yuuki
kitto deguchi ga aru hazu
DOA wo akereba hikari ga sasu yo
shinjite miyou jibun jishin

kanashimu no nara ato demo ii
tachidomaru na furikaeru na
kizutsuku koto wa
Oh wakasa no akashi
soko de mitsuketa mono wa atatakakute
yasashii toki iyasareru sekai
mirai wa itsumo
Oh ai ni michite mabushii

kono basho ni nokosareta
sono imi wo shiritakute
kodoku no kabe kakomarete mo
oogoe de sakende ita

sotogawa no dareka
boku ni kidzuite kureru darou
nan no konkyo mo nakatta keredo
nan to ka naru sore ga jiyuu

yume wo miru nara hayaku shiyou
mabataki nanka ima wa suru na
tamerau koto wa
Oh muda na teikou
itsuka te ni ireru no wa genjitsu to
aruite kita ashiato no omomi
kako no subete mo
Oh ataerareta CHANSU

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
hizashi no you ni
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
michi wo terasu yo
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
namida nugutte

unubore you

kanashimu no nara ato demo ii
tachidomaru na furikaeru na
kizutsuku koto wa
Oh wakasa no akashi
soko de mitsuketa mono wa atatakakute
yasashii toki iyasareru sekai
mirai wa itsumo
Oh ai ni michite mabushii

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
kokoro no kage ni
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
kasuka ni sasu yo
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
kangaeru yori
yatte miyou

finally it’s over. it’s over. and now, I’m going to take care of my friends- no, not friends. My family as the leader (captain). When I sing and dance this song, I can feel that misa’s eyes are on me. And when I was about to walk down from the stage, I found that it was really difficult to breath. I was about to fall if taise didn’t come on the right time. “mai, are you okay? hang in there. Mai.” Taise called. But I think my consciousness is fading. “taise, bring her inside. Yamato will take care of her. I will tell the result later. And for now just let her rest.” Hashimoto said.

taise carried me to the room that served for us. Yamato is also there. Taise put me on the couch. Yamato place her palms on my forehead. “oh no, her fever is raising. Call akimoto and fukagawa here, immediately. Please.” Yamato said. oh yeah, I forget that I have a fever. But it’s look like this one is the hottest one. It’s so high, that I don’t even think that I’m a human anymore. 15 minutes later (maybe), taise got in with hashimoto, fukagawa, akimoto, and misa.

“maiyan, why you didn’t tell us about your fever? Why you only let yamato know about it?” hashimoto ask. “shhhh. Nanamin, you’re too loud. I don’t want to be deaf.” I said. ah, it’s been a while to call her nanamin. “alright, maiyan. You stay there and everyone out. Me and yamato will take care of mai.” Misa said suddenly. “if it’s come to mai, I’ll handle it.” Misa said again. Making sure that I’ll be fine on her hand. And after hearing it, everyone got out from the room. Leaving me, misa, and yamato alone inside that room.

“alright now. Maiyan, is this the reason why you want me and kazumin back to you and lose rena when you lose?” misa ask. I guess she know about it. “maybe.” I said. “what about the other? Will they accept us back. After betraying you?” misa ask again. I tried to stand and sit. But yamato stop me. “you better stay like that or your temperature won’t get down.” Yamato said. “they will misa. But maybe rena will come back with you and kazumin.” I said. “what do you mean?” misa ask one brow raising. “hear the noise outside.” I said.

She stop talking and listen to the noise outside. “and the winner is… team… nogizaka.” The mc said. and it finally back. “you win. I’m proud of you, mai.” Misa said. I success. Then the door burst open. I, yamato and misa, look at them. She comes to me. “yamato help me sit.” I begged to yamato. And she do it. When I sat, hashimoto, fukagawa, akimoto, and matsumura clap their hand. “captain, I’ll be counting on you from now on.” She said from hashimoto’s back. “welcome back, misa, senpai, and kazumin.” I said. “we’re home, maiyan.” Misa said then she hug me.

“apparently, the mc want us to dance one more song.” Matsumura said. I stand up. “why not? let’s do this.” I said. then I remove my jacket. Revealing my tops. After I do it, everyone remove their jackets too. “let’s do this.” They scream and we dash from the room to the stage. When I just got out from the room, taise pull me into a hug. “good luck, mai.” He said. “thanks.” Then he broke the hug. And before I went to the stage, I scream, “rena, misa, and kazumin. Do the title call.” “SONO SAKI NO DEGUCHI. MUSIC START.” Then the music start and now, it’s the new time, to renew this thing.

Cause, if you really can see, the next exit is not here. It’s on the future.


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