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Author Topic: inochi wa utsukushii (nogizaka46) shiraishi mai x nishino nanase  (Read 1642 times)

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It has been 10 years since you save my life. You were here when I tried to commit suicide. But know you’re not here. You know what, I miss you. I miss those sweet voice that always care for me. I’m craving for your sweet eyes that always looking at me cutely. There’s nobody that can stop this nonsense anymore. Nanase, I miss you.

10 years ago.
I was standing right on the most edge of the school rooftop. Ready to fall anytime. But not until you come and stop me. “what are you doing at that place?” is the first sentence that you ask to me. It was the first time we meet right.  I didn’t answer. But instead I closed my eyes and raise my feet and place it at the place that doesn’t have any foot place anymore.

I was hoping that I fell from this place. But in fact I didn’t fell. Why? Because you grabbed my hand in the last minutes before I fell. I was looking at you fiercely at that time. But yet, you didn’t move. Instead you ask, “why are you doing that to yourself? Have you lost your mind?” I still remember that you were angry at me at that time. You know that it is not your problem but you still care for me.

I replied at your question with rage, “you’re the one that lost your mind. you shouldn’t stick out your nose at someone’s problem.” But after it, I felt my cheek sting. You slapped me. It’s really hurt you know. But then you let me know the most important thing inside this world. “let me ask you something little girl, do you want to break the rules that the ‘god’ give you?’” I lost my word. But after it, you gave me an encouraging word. “don’t you dare to hate this life just because this life isn’t as what you think. You have to trust this life, because life is beautiful.” That’s what you said to me.

I finally realized it. I finally realize that there’s someone that still care with me. And it’s you. “I guess I have to go now.” You said as you stand and walk towards the door. but I stop you and ask about your name. “nishino nanase, 3rd year in senior. Just like you.” You said with a smile. I can feel that, my heart is almost explode when you give me that smile. “I can tell that you’re the bullied victim from my class. is that right?” you ask. I nod my head politely. I don’t want to looked bad in front of my senior. “stay by my side and be my secretary.” You said. it make me surprised. We just have met. But you already gave those position for me. “you want?” you ask. I nod my head. “meet me tomorrow at 2 o’clock in  the nichiuri park. We’ll start from there.” That’s what you said to me and you left me alone here.

I thought that you’ll be scarier just like what the other said. but in fact, you’re not like what they said. you know what, I fall for you at the first sight. I stand from my previous place and exit the rooftop. Maybe because of you, I tried to appreciate myself more. 

End of flashback

My life wouldn’t change if you didn’t meet me at the rooftop that time. I start to love you as soon as you save me. Even since that day, I become your secretary that will accompany you to anywhere. I will do anything if it’s for your smile. I love you. I still remember the day when I you confessed to me. The day that my life change drastically.


That time I was still in grade 2. While you’re already grade 3. And when the graduation was already near, you asked me to meet you. And I did. You sat in your chair leaning at the back of the chair that you’re sitting on. When I was about to ask, you defeat me. You asked me if I want to be your date for the prom or not. Actually I was a bit confused. But I know that it’ll be the last time for us to meet. And eventually I answer yes. You give me those bright smile of yours.

I felt like that there’s something good that will happen tomorrow. I just let the happiness flow inside me. And after it you let me returned to my room said that you will pick me up tomorrow, when the promise time has come.

Finally the promise time has come. A red velvet Ferrari stop in front of my house. That is your car that you will use, if it’s with me. You even give a name for the car right. ‘nanamai’ that’s the car name. when I got out from my house, I saw you that already dress in silver tuxedo. And not only that, even your appearance change a lot. You really resemble like a boy. More handsome than other boy that I’ve seen including those Korean boys. “how do I look?” you ask to me. Your voice is low. Just like a real boy. I just can blush and said what I really feel. You mouthed ‘thank you’ for me. Only for me.

After it I got in to your car. You take me to the party hall. Everyone that come to the party, really look alike with you. The receptionist give us the map towards the hall. You grabbed my right hand. It make me startled but you gave me a warm smile that you usually never do.

You opened the door for me to enter the hall. I’m wearing a long white dress. And silver heels. Once we enter the hall, everyone’s eyes were laid on us right. I can still remember that you pull my hands to dance with you as soon as the music start.

And even after it has finished, you disappear. I don’t know where. That was when the party’s mc went to the stage. He announce that there’s someone that want to confess her love to someone. I just stand there and look. Then the mc count down to zero. You were there. Holding a bouquet of black and white roses. I love them. But I don’t know that you’re giving it to someone. I just stood there. Listening carefully about what do you want to say.

When you start on saying your speech, I already become everyone’s attention. But I don’t know what you’re talking about. I finally concentrate on your speech when it already come to last. “and about the girl that I want to confess, is here. Now let me said it straight ahead. Shiraishi mai, do you want to be my girl?” you said it straight and jump from the stage to my direction while holding those roses.

You knelt in front of me. And wait for my answer. I said yes and you stand up and kiss me. It’s a little bit embarrassing you know. Kissing me in front of people. But I guessed, if it’s you everything will be fine.

End of flashback.
Everything really went really well for our relation, our study, and our family. I was still in 3rd grade while you’re already the university student. I really envious to you. But not until you promise me that you will take me to a date, when the school over, EVERYDAY.

And not only that, when I complained to you about my school problems, you will only said, “just enjoy your life now. Because if you lose your fighting spirit, you will lose the beautifulness of the world.” That time I always ask you, what is the relation between life and school. You’ll only laugh and flick my forehead. I really love this side of you.

And after it 8 years has passed. Our relation went really well for 8 years. But an unfortunate things have to make us separated. It was 2 years ago. We have an unfortunate accident that make me have to lose you. The accident was right on our 8 anniversary. Not only our 8 anniversary but also my birthday. From that, I begin to hate my own birthday.

8 years ago

We were on our way toward the new café that just opened a few week ago. You decided to take me to a date while celebrating our 8 anniversary. If I’m not mistaken, it’s my 25th birthday. I was really happy that you want to take me to a date.

When we arrive to the café, the waiters come with a birthday cake. The waiters smile at my direction. Which make me shy. ‘25’ shapes candle has already lighten with the fire. I blew it slowly and make a wish after it. And once again, another cake come. This time, it’s our anniversary cake. ‘8’ shape candle already lighten on the cake.

We blew up the candle together. Everyone that sat on their perspective chair including the waiters, claps their hand for us. You were kind of sneaky that time. You smile at me and said, “happy birthday, maiyan.” I tried the best to be normal and let my usual smile out. But when you touch my palm, I can’t hid it anymore. I smiled widefully.

“should we go home?” you ask when we already finished eating the cakes that already come out, even before we order. After we got out from the restaurant, I got a bad feeling immediately. I tried to shrugged it, but I can’t. you didn’t realize it. Because you’re happy. We were walking toward the zebra cross, in order to cross the road safely. There were no car that passing, so we cross the road together. We were lucky because there’s only a few person that walking in that road.

We walk while talking and smiling to each other. The car light’s still on red lamp so we’re free. But, we were force to separated, because there’s a car that coming toward us with an extremely high speed. You saw the car. It was supposed to be me that crashed onto the car. But no. in fact, it’s you. Before the car crashed, you screamed my name and push me onto the side of the road.

And when I realize it my tears broke. My life, my body, and my heart were crashed into pieces. I run towards your direction. Your head is full of blood. I don’t think that you can live in this world anymore. But I still want you to be at my side. I saw your bloodied face. it was a bit scary, but you’re still beautiful. With your last energy, you forced opened your eyes and look at me. You show me your beautiful smile, which make me cry harder.

You still can wipe my tears and make me calm even in that condition, I grabbed your hand that still on my cheek. “w-why are you crying like that, mai?” you ask. I tried to smile to you. Even though it’s just a little one, you still give me your special smile. And for the last time you said it to me, “i-i-I’m sorry, maiyan. Because I have to leave you alone in this world.” I sobbed louder. “nanase, please don’t go. Please stay by my side.” I know that I was a bit selfish. You grabbed my hand and said, “m-m-mai, I have to go. You can do it. Even though that you’re lonely.” I just keep on crying. “you have to be strong mai, for me, and for yourself. I don’t want to see you crying again. It makes my heart break.”

When I heard you said that I wiped my tears away. “stay strong even when I’m not here. But I’ll always be in your heart. Life is beautiful mai.  Ti amo (I love you).” Then you closed your beautiful eyes for the last time. For infinity. I tried to call for you. But you don’t answer. I shake your body. You didn’t budge again. I know it. You’ve gone. I scream. I don’t want this to happen. I love you nanase.

End of flashback

And now 2 years has passed, from that hell. If only that time, there’s no car that passing, I think we can happily now. If only you didn’t protect me that time, I guess you can live happily without me. Everything is my fault. And there’s no meaning on living inside this life anymore. How can I live inside this world that you’re no longer existed in there. I tried to life inside this world. Inside this beautiful world that you always say. But for me, my beautiful life has disappear because you’re no longer here with me.

I went back toward the school where we meet for the first time. The scenario was the same. I stood at the most edge of the school rooftop. Waiting you to save me just like that time. But now, I’m just waiting for the wind to sway my body. And before I jump, I say my last word for you. “nanase, wait for me. I’m going with you right after this commission over. I will end this beautiful life that you gave for me. eu te amo (I love you), nanase.” And after it I let my body fall.

And finally, I can free from this life that no longer contains it beautifulness. Also I can meet you now, nanase. Please come and take me to the afterlife.


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Re: inochi wa utsukushii (nogizaka46) shiraishi mai x nishino nanase
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2016, 12:00:21 AM »
Hiii.. and  :welcome more nogi's fanfic is coming to the town  :cow:


so this is one shot.. and

“nishino nanase, 3rd year in senior. Just like you.” You said with a smile.

I can feel that, my heart is almost explode when you give me that smile. “I can tell that you’re the bullied victim from my class. is that right?” you ask. I nod my head politely. I don’t want to looked bad in front of my senior. “stay by my side and be my secretary.” You said.

is naachan older than maiyan? or i misread it?

A red velvet Ferrari stop in front of my house. That is your car that you will use, if it’s with me. You even give a name for the car right. ‘nanamai’ that’s the car name.

thanks for wonderful story, i used to write this kind of painful story but now i understand my readers's feeling about it. hahaha GOMENASAI  :bow:
keep the good work author-san!
Naachan surely is very very very rich!!  :wub: :wub:

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Re: inochi wa utsukushii (nogizaka46) shiraishi mai x nishino nanase
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2016, 06:05:30 AM »
“nishino nanase, 3rd year in senior. Just like you.” You said with a smile.
isn't it naachan 3rd year, but maiyan is 2nd year?

maiyan favourite place = rooftop lol
meeting naachan at rooftop, and ended her life at rooftop too :sweatdrop:

thanks for writing
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: inochi wa utsukushii (nogizaka46) shiraishi mai x nishino nanase
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2016, 09:01:32 AM »
naachan, is a 3rd year. and maiyan is still 2nd year. it is too painful to make naachan died :(  :( :(

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