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Author Topic: title call shiraishi mai x nishino nanase  (Read 2514 times)

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title call shiraishi mai x nishino nanase
« on: October 28, 2016, 09:04:57 AM »
The member went to the dressing room, after the shooting of episode 63 from nogichuu (nogizaka kouji chuu). Most of them were laughing about the title call that nanase said. even the mc, bananaman laugh really hard. How can someone not laugh, after hearing that there’s a boy that really look alike with a cicada. Impossible right? Most of the member laugh of it and some of them are shocked after hearing what nanase said.

Nanase and mai currently walking toward the dressing room hand by hand. Mai sigh. Nanase look down at the floor, still embarrassed from what she said earlier. Mai sigh for another time. “I really can’t believe that you said it. It’s a surprise one.” Mai said. not sure if it’s a compliment or it’s just for teasing. But from the tone that mai let out, maybe she’s frustrated. Because of nanase’s clumsiness. “I-I’m s-s-sorry. It’s just I don’t know what to say. Because it’s about a cicada.” Nanase said. still looking at the floor. Can’t raise her head to see maiyan’s eyes. But inside mai’s mind, she want nanase to raise her head.

A pervert mind popped out inside her mind. an evil grin plastered on that beautiful face. “then, how about staying in my place tonight? I can train you about the title call. Just like the one that you said. I’ll make sure that you’ll remember it in a short time.” Mai suggest. Nanase’s head jolted up and look straight towards mai’s eyes. “do you want it?” mai ask again. “I would love to.” Nanase said still blushing. “then let’s get over this, and went straight to my place.” Mai said and pull nanase’s hand toward the dressing room.

The atmosphere of the dressing room is really fun. The minamiona couple already enter their own space. They were discussing about their date schedule. While they were busy on discussing about their date schedule, the wakarei couple is being clingy to each other. And not only that, mai, misa, and ikoma do their ususal thing as ‘the pervert trio’. groping ass and grabbing the other member’s breast. But they don’t do it to nanase or ikuta Erika because there’s a holy barrier that separating them.

“alright girls, enough. Maiyan, isn’t this already your time to go home? You promise nanase not to go home late aren’t you.? And you misa, should I call the holy mother to stop you?” hashimoto nanami ask. mai and misa pout their lips. But keep on changing. Well, ikoma can escape from nanami’s lecturing, IF mai didn’t catch her uniform’s collar. Misa let out a sinister smile on her smile. “how about you ikoma-chan? Should I call ikutalian for you?” hashimoto ask. ikoma shake her head vigorously. “then behave and change your clothes.” Nanami said.

Mai already finish on changing her clothes. So, while everyone’s attention is on ikoma, she sneak out and went to nanase’s direction. She place her hands above on nanase’s hand. Nanase that raise her head, can feel that mai take a little peck on her lips. “let’s go.” Mai said with her usual smile. Nanase nod, stood from her chair and left the dressing room.

No one will realize that nanase and mai already went home, if matsumura sayuri doesn’t about mai and wakatsuki that ask about nanase. “hey, did you see maiyan? I want to ask her about the newest magazine of popteen, since she really like them.” Matsumura ask. “did you see naachan? I want to ask about her opinion for my newest editing.” Wakatsuki ask too. And now, it’s the time for minamiona that really in their own space to respond. “they already went home.” Minami said. matsumura and wakatsuki sigh. “maybe you can do it tomorrow.” Nanami said. matsumura and wakatsuki nod in agreement.

~ Outside of the studio building ~

Mai and nanase stood in front of the entrance of the studio, and wait for the taxi. They already wait for 15 minutes but there’s no taxi that pass. And finally the security approach them. “do you need taxi miss?” the security ask. “yeah. Can you please call it for us? I have to go home quickly because I have another work tomorrow.” Mai said. the security nod and decided to call a taxi for the two of them.

3 minutes after it, a taxi appeared in front of them. And the security smiled to nanase and mai. “be careful on your way.” He said toward nanase and mai that already get in to the car. Then it started to drive away from the studio building. A silence begin to developed the car. Mai’s left hand begin to make it’s way towards nanase’s right hand.

30 minutes after their department, they arrive at mai’s apartment. It seems that the security already paid for the taxi fee for nanase and mai. “I think we should thank him, tomorrow.” Nanase said once they got out from the taxi. Mai nod and grabbed nanase’s hand not forget to intertwine their finger. Well, since the receptionist is not there and not many person is there, they can move around as they like.

They went to the 3rd floor and went straight to mai’s room that located in the most left corner of that floor. Nanase begin to be nervous. ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’ Nanase said inside her mind. nanase was standing there like a statue while letting her nervous face out. But when mai pull her hand, he regain her consciousness. “hey, come on. We have to train right? Don’t waste your time just by standing like that.” Mai said with a smile. “u-un.” Then she enter the room.

Nanase look around the room. The furniture around the room is very cool. A hanging blue lamp, a wall with a wood furniture. “your room doesn’t change a little bit, since the last time I came.” Nanase said. while taking off her coat and her shoes. “thanks. But I have changed my furniture for the living room. Now, you can wait in the living room while I make something for us.” Mai said while letting nanase in to her iving room. And once again, nanase look around the living room. ‘the sofa and the floor has changed. She really is really fashionable.’ Nanase said inside her mind as she put her things on the sofa.

15 minutes later, mai got out from the kitchen. Bringing a tray with drinks, some sweets, and she even serves some food for dinner. “you’re hungry right? I already make your favorite food. Let’s eat first, then we’ll start after it.” Mai said. even though nanase want to decline it, she can’t. because it’s a waste after being made but we didn’t eat it. There’s nothing special inside the food. But the atmosphere around them really make the dinner romantic.

When they finished eat, nanase decided to wash the dish, but mai said that it can be done later so that the time for their practice didn’t become a waste. “okay now, let me ask you. You feel nervous when you were ask about the song’s title right?” mai ask straight to the point as always. nanase nod. “why do you feel that way?” mai ask again. “b-because, i-I was kind of shy?” nanase answer randomly. “no, that’s not it. It’s because you’re lack of confidence.” Mai explained. Mai keep explaining about confidence and anything that related to it, while nanase could only listen to it.

And once mai finished, nanase lean her head toward the table. “do you understand now?” mai ask. nanase nod with a cute smile. ‘no, please don’t show me that smile or else, I’ll do something that you don’t want.’ Mai begged inside her mind. nanase that still sitting on the floor, was playing with her phone while waiting for mai to give her some false song’s title.

“now, that you have understand it, why don’t you let me test you.” Mai said. nanase smile in order to hid her nervousness. “okay.” nanase said. “remember what I said just be relaxed. Okay.” mai suggest. After seeing nanase already relaxed, mai start. “let’s start from a simple one. Imagine that this is music station studio. And I’m the mc.” Mai said. and nanase nod.

“alright, nishino-san. This time’s new single’s title is girls rule, can you tell me more about this song?” mai ask. she start from her center single. Nanase look like she was troubled at first but eventually she can do it.

“this song about a girl that falling in love with a boy but it was already the time to graduate and the girl can’t express her feelings toward the boy. This song is kind of sad but sang in a cheerful melody and perfect also matched for this summer.” Nanase said.

“okay, can you do the title call for us?” mai request.

“hai. I want the viewer of that watching this program watch and know more about nogizaka46. Please listen to it, girls rule.” Nanase said. and after it, mai clapped her hand with a smile on her face. “that was a nice one. Even I as the center of this song, can’t say it perfect, just like yours.” mai said praising nanase. “it’s not that good. Yours is the perfect one.” Nanase said. her face is so red. Just like a boiling crab. Mai smiled. “okay, next. Think this as the ongaku no hi’s stage.” Mai said and nanase nod.

“the next guest is nogizaka46. Eh, nishino-san congratulation on your first photobook.” Mai said just like the other’s mc.

“thank you very much. It’s because there’s a lot of fans that want to support me, so that I can publish my first photobook.” Nanase said.

“what a nice sentence that you said. and by the way, nogizaka46 also releasing a new single in this march right?” mai ask with the tone that really match with the real mc.

“indeed we are. It’s already the 11th single and thankfully, because of everyone’s support and the staff trust, I become the center of this song.” Nanase said.

“okay, so for this time single title it’s inochi wa utsukushii, what do you think about this song?” mai ask.

“just like the title, this song contain a lot of message that related to our life also have a deep meaning. Not only that, for this time, the dance also aggressive. It’s the most aggressive dance inside nogizaka46 history.” Nanase answer.

“okay. so nishino-san, can you do the title call for us?” mai ask.

“hai. Eh, for the viewer of ongaku no hi, beyond this song, I want you guys to know more about nogizaka46 and become a fans that will support us, right when we’re on the hard time and the happy time. So please listen to it, inochi wa utsukushii.” Nanase said. and mai clasps her hand.

“it’s really good nanase, you’re really good at this kind of thing.” Mai said. but nanase shook her head and her face is blushing. Really red, redder than the earlier. “okay, let’s go for the last. After it, we’re done.” Mai said with a smile. But it’s look like nanase is having a bad feeling about it. ‘I don’t have any good feeling about this.’ Nanase said inside her mind.

“the next guest is nogizaka46.” Mai said a little more energetic.

“please be nice on us.” Nanase said.

“alright nishino-san, the next single title’s is night kiss. What kind of song is this?” mai ask with a little smile. ‘I know it. This is her trap.’ Nanase said inside her mind.

“this song is about a couple that really love each other and really like on giving a kiss every night. This song is sang by a cheerful melody.” Nanase said. but she was trapped by mai.

“hmm, did you say couple nanase? Is it the story that you make? Or it’s us?” mai ask with a smirk. But mai didn’t give nanase the chance to answer. Because she kiss nanase’s lips immediately after she ask her that question. She carried nanase’s body using bridal style to her bed room without parting the kiss. The room’s door is wide open so it’s not very difficult for them to enter the room.

when mai enter the room, she close the door and put nanase to her bed. only god and the two of them that know about what were they doing tonight.

The ray of light pierce through from the gap between the window and the curtain. Making one of the girl that peacefully sleeping, wake up. “urgh.” Nanase grunted as she open her eyes. She look at her own body. NAKED. She sighed. She was going to search for her own clothes, if there’s no hand that pulling her back to the bed. Nanase fell directly on mai’s body. Her lips were caught by the hungry lips of mai. Nanase tried to pushed her away, but mai strengthen her grip.

They won’t parted their kiss, if mai’s lung didn’t scream for air. “morning, mai-hime.” Nanase greet. “morning too.” Mai said. nanase got up. From the bed still searching for her spare clothes in mai’s cupboard. Seeing nanase’s bare body really turn her off. Her mind are full of lust. Want nanase’s body right now.

“all of your clothes is on the right one.” Mai said in husky tone from nanase's back with hand on her waist.

“you know, I have been expecting that this will happen yesterday.” nanase said. mai only respond with a hum.

Silence begin to wrapped around them. Mai place her head on nanase’s bare right shoulder. Nanase keep on searching her clothes. But mai’s sentences force her to stop.

“I miss you. It’s been a while for us to be like this.” Mai said.

“me too. I don’t know that you can feel about missing someone too.” Nanase said back.

“what do you think I am? A robot?” mai ask.

“I thought that you only want me to be your toys that can satisfied your desire.” Nanase said. mai shock after hearing that sentence.

“what make you think that?” mai ask while flipping nanase’s body in order to meet her eyes.

“all of this time, when we were dating, I can’t feel the love from you. When I’m sick, do you ever come to see me? And when’re you sick, I always come to see your condition. But what, what is the word that you gave me? You only said that I’m wasting my time. I feel that you never pay attention to your own lover. I know that you’re quite busy with your own work. But do you ever accept my feeling?” nanase ask with her trembling voice. Signing that she’s been trying to hid her tears.

Mai fell into silence. “but I think, thanks to your pervert idea, I can feel the love from the bottom of your steel heart.” Nanase said again. Mai pulled nanase into a hug. Sharing the same warmth from their body.

“I’m sorry if I’m being cold to you as my lover. I’m afraid to be betrayed again. I don’t want you to betrayed me just like what mattsun does.” Mai said.

“like I said, it’s not a problem anymore. I can feel your love already. You don’t need to say sorry.” Nanase retorted with her usual smile.

“so you forgive me?” mai ask.

“of course. Thanks to your pervert idea.” Nanase replied. Mai smiled. ‘I guessed my stoic side can make her feel like that too. I’m sorry nanase. I’ll keep you close to me.’ Mai said inside her mind.

“let’s take a bath. And after it, we’ll practice again.”


Without wasting anything, mai carried nanase to her bathroom that located beside the cupboard. And continue what they had left yesterday. Thanks to the title call or you should say mai’s pervert idea, they can reconciled again.

~ fin ~


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Re: title call shiraishi mai x nishino nanase
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my innocent mind :mon blood: :mon blood: :mon blood:
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Re: title call shiraishi mai x nishino nanase
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This is the only pairing that i love from nogizaka46 xD
(hmm but i like MaiMattsun too u.u)

Uwaaaa~ they're so cute (/ω\*)

I don't have anything to say. It just.... i'm speechless you know~ (●´ω`●)

I need more!! I want to read another fic about them! XD

Thank you author-san..
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Re: title call shiraishi mai x nishino nanase
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just one action for this fic...


okay, maybe two..

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