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Author Topic: [CHI] Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing 張國榮  (Read 42528 times)

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Re: [CHI] Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing 張國榮
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Mo Classic Leslie


April 1 will be the 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. "Gor fans" from around the world have arrived in Hong Kong to express that they have never forgotten this superstar of a generation after 10 years. "Gor fans" today will witness the birth of a Guinness World Record for the "largest origami crane exhibit". Chan Suk Fun revealed that each of the origami crane that fans around the world have folded has been examined. Hopefully they will reach Gor Gor's birth date September 12, 1956 (1,956,912) so the world could confirm his fans' love for him.

 Cheung Kwok Wing's manager Chan Suk Fun after completing the perfect funeral at Gor Gor's request 10 years ago, 10 years later although her sorrow remained she organized the Miss you Much Leslie Exhibition and two different format Miss You Much Leslie memorial concerts in order to present a gift to Gor Gor and to return favorite to the fans on behalf of Gor Gor.

 Fans around the world started an origami crane folding operation to present well wishes to Gor Gor. Mrs. Chan due to fan requests became everyone's organizer to apply for the Guinness World Record of the largest origami crane exhibit with almost 2 million origami cranes. Yesterday was already the final push as fans took turns overnight to complete this marathon of a mission at Times Square.

 "Gor fans" would like the origami crane number to reach Cheung Kwok Wing's birth date 1,956,912 (September 12, 1956) as a permanent memory, thus everyone put an effort into picking up the baton. Yesterday many overseas fans who just arrived in Hong Kong already rapidly dragged their luggage to Times Square to help. For awhile due to too many fans the venue ran out of chairs. Fans had to sit on the ground but did not mind because everyone had the same belief -- to reach the goal in order to present a gift for Gor Gor.

 When asked whether the record was within reach, Mrs. Chan said, "Everything will depend of the official Guinness announcement. We look forward to this moment very much. Fans even hoped the origami crane number will be able to reach Gor Gor's birth date. Their love for Leslie truly touched me very much."

 Mrs. Chan revealed that the Miss You Much Leslie exhibition at Times Square will have an advanced media day today. Tomorrow to May 1 it will be open to the public for them to relive this superstar of a generation's mesmerizing glory. The exhibit theme will be Cheung Kwok Wing's music, stage and movies, the exhibition will have different sections that will not only play Gor Gor's exciting music and movies but also his past show business awards and his costumes on the stage.

 Last night as the origami crane near its end, fans suddenly roared as they saw a beautiful butterfly danced at the venue for almost 10 minutes. Finally it flew to the giant box where the origami cranes were placed and vanished. Fans were amazed and certain that Gor Gor came to cheer them on in the form of a butterfly. Coincidentally or not, Gor fans were already very moved.

 Cheung Kwok Wing's career as he said was not always smooth. When he first started he was already jeered. He thought his first film was a comedy but turned out to be a category III film as he was forced to bear the blemish. As for his singing career, Gor Gor ran into two "nemeses", Danny Chan Pak Keung at the beginning and Alan Tam Wing Lung at his career peak. However Gor Gor's personally only made him stronger, he was able to overcome one obstacle after another and reached the top of his career.

 Yesterday morning, radio host Yu Yi Fat played Cheung Kwok Wing's 1985 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY radio interview. Gor Gor in first person narrated his childhood, school, love and show business experience. He even told the origin of his rivalry with Chan Pak Keung and the three most important woman in his life.

 Gor Gor in 1977 began with a RTV singing contest. In 1981 when he joined Capital Artists, released WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW (FUNG GAI JOOK CHUI) he finally began to rise. In 1985 he performed his first solo concert, 10 shows that broke the first time concert show numbers for a singer. At the time Gor Gor's career began to enter its golden age, he remembered that he ran into Chan Pak Keung the first time at a restaurant. Danny took the initiative to come over and told him, "Many people say we are alike." Since then they knew each other. After work Danny would occasionally look for Gor Gor and played for him unreleased songs that he wrote. Gor Gor chose his favorite, which was Danny's claim to fame TEARS ARE SHED FOR YOU (NGAN LUI WAI NEI LAU).

 Gor Gor admitted that Danny's singing career was above his for a very long time and they were continuously compared. He felt that their competition for fame and fortune was very important. Thus when their film ON TRIAL (SUT YIP SUN) was released he announced to the media that he would never work with Danny again. Gor Gor said, "I don't need to be compared to him again, which would only make both decline. I only need to be compared to yesterday's Cheung Kwok Wing." Since then they never worked together again and only ran into each other occasionally at award shows.

 Gor Gor even revealed that after joining show business someone of mixed heritage swindled him out of "love and money". He even described the person as a con person. Even his family's money was almost lost. To him it was a huge insult. He gave people love but was hurt by them with it.

 To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, Commercial Radio tomorrow and the day after will post two never before shown concerts on their page for "Gor fans" to remember their idols. The two concerts included Cheung Kwok Wing's 2000 903 id club concert and the 2003 Continue Leslie Cheung concert with Alan Tam Wing Lun, Anita Mui Yim Fong, Deanie Ip Tak Han, Sandy Lam Yik Lin, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Andy Hui Chi On, Karen Mok Man Wai, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Eason Chan Yik Shun and Edison Chen Koon Hei.
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Here's said CONCERT!! TOO GOOD. the showmanship oozes all over: STAND UP!! STAND UP!!!

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Re: [CHI] Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing 張國榮
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The tribute concert is TONITE!!


Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Leo Ku Kui Ke, Hins Cheung King Hin, the Grasshoppers and other superstars yesterday rehearsed for the Miss You Much Leslie memorial concert. Gei Jai revealed that he will perform START FROM ZERO (YAU LING HOI CHI). "After the rehearsal I was very sentimental, but I would properly control my emotions and sing this song well. I have always had a regret. Years ago when I started as a singer, Gor Gor in many media interviews said that new comer Ku Kui Ke had a lot of potential. Yet I have never had a chance to personally thank him. I will always keep his gift in my heart." Gei Jai said that the stage will be in Gor Gor's favorite color red. He also considered whether to wear a red suit. "For the past month, every night I played Gor Gor's songs until I fell asleep."

 Kelly put some thought into her clothes and invited Yee Chung Man and Chan Wa Kwok to team up and create an 80s nostalgia dance costume. She said, "An 80s male look, the type with huge shoulder pads. I will sing a series of classic fast songs and the choreography will follow Gor Gor's. I hope everyone would experience not the sorrow but his happiness."

 Cheung Chi Lam will perform Gor Gor's movie songs, including CHASE (JUI), THIS LIFETIME (GUM SUN GUM SAI) and the duet with Vivian Chow Wai Man WHEN LOVE ALREADY BECAME THE PAST (DONG OI YI SING WONG SI). Will he imitate Gor Gor's singing voice like last time? He said that he has never imitated Gor Gor's singing.

 Hin Jai said that he was the only guest who has never officially come in contact with Gor Gor and would salute Gor Gor as a fan. "My performance segment will salute both Sister Mui (Anita Mui Yim Fong) and Gor Gor. The costume will bring back a 80s television program classic costume. It's pretty tough because I have never danced by myself. It will be a huge challenge so I took time to rehearse the choreography for a few days." The Grasshoppers declined to reveal the performance content but said that the event theme will be a countdown with Gor Gor.
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Japanese FANS represent!!!! :rockon:



The Miss You Much Leslie exhibition yesterday was unveiled at the Times Square and will run until May 1 for Gor fans to reminisce about Gor Gor Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing. At the opening ceremony a Guinness World Record was set, as Gor fans' hard work of folding origami cranes yesterday with the examiner as the witness netted 1,900,119 origami cranes. The original goal was 1,956,912 for Cheung Kwok Wing's birthday on September 12 1956.

 Chan Suk Fun said that over a year ago Mainland fans have already suggested folding origami cranes for a world record. Later they contacted her and applied to the Guinness World record. They wanted to fold 1,956,921 origami cranes, which had the special meaning of the September 12, 1956 birth of a superstar in Hong Kong. The event will run until May 1 and continues to accept origami cranes in order to reach the figure. The examine will examine again to confirm the new record.

 The exhibition designs had Cheung Kwok Wing's music, stage and movie as themes, its primary colors were Cheung Kwok Wing's favorite red. It had a 6 meter tall Cheung Kwok Wing bust and a giant origami crane in the palm of his hand; behind it the transparent arches had almost 2 million origami cranes with Gor fan's well wishes for Gor Gor from around the world. The "arrival" of the originally veiled Cheung Kwok Wing bust was quite a surprise, as some even broke down in tears.

 10 years after Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, Chan Suk Fun was crying when she remembered her late friend in an interview. She said that over these 10 years even thinking about Gor Gor was tough. From preparing this event, counting origami cranes with fans in the past few days, she still felt the hurt when she remembered Gor Gor. Earlier when they were counting origami cranes, a butterfly flew into the venue and seemed to have stopped in the crowd. Fans felt that Gor Gor was cheering them on and even she was touched.

 Earlier Gor Gor's friend So Sze Wong revealed that she would record for tonight's concert. Gor Gor through a medium delivered a message to comfort his friends. Chan Suk Fun said that this was a beautiful misunderstanding. When she was thinking about the memorial concert content, she thought of the younger fans could only know him from past movie and stage performance; she wanted younger fans to understand why so many people loved Gor Gor and thus she hoped that Gor Gor's good friends would make videos to share that. So Sze Wong earlier agreed but later changed her mind, because she only wanted to say to Gor Gor how she felt and contacted a medium. The rumor led to a misunderstanding.

 The Miss You Much Leslie exhibition yesterday was unveiled at the Times Square and will run until May 1 for Gor fans to reminisce about Gor Gor Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing. At the opening ceremony a Guinness World Record was set, as Gor fans' hard work of folding origami cranes yesterday with the examiner as the witness netted 1,900,119 origami cranes. The original goal was 1,956,912 for Cheung Kwok Wing's birthday on September 12 1956.

 Chan Suk Fun said that over a year ago Mainland fans have already suggested folding origami cranes for a world record. Later they contacted her and applied to the Guinness World record. They wanted to fold 1,956,921 origami cranes, which had the special meaning of the September 12, 1956 birth of a superstar in Hong Kong. The event will run until May 1 and continues to accept origami cranes in order to reach the figure. The examine will examine again to confirm the new record.

 The exhibition designs had Cheung Kwok Wing's music, stage and movie as themes, its primary colors were Cheung Kwok Wing's favorite red. It had a 6 meter tall Cheung Kwok Wing bust and a giant origami crane in the palm of his hand; behind it the transparent arches had almost 2 million origami cranes with Gor fan's well wishes for Gor Gor from around the world. The "arrival" of the originally veiled Cheung Kwok Wing bust was quite a surprise, as some even broke down in tears.

 10 years after Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, Chan Suk Fun was crying when she remembered her late friend in an interview. She said that over these 10 years even thinking about Gor Gor was tough. From preparing this event, counting origami cranes with fans in the past few days, she still felt the hurt when she remembered Gor Gor. Earlier when they were counting origami cranes, a butterfly flew into the venue and seemed to have stopped in the crowd. Fans felt that Gor Gor was cheering them on and even she was touched.

 Earlier Gor Gor's friend So Sze Wong revealed that she would record for tonight's concert. Gor Gor through a medium delivered a message to comfort his friends. Chan Suk Fun said that this was a beautiful misunderstanding. When she was thinking about the memorial concert content, she thought of the younger fans could only know him from past movie and stage performance; she wanted younger fans to understand why so many people loved Gor Gor and thus she hoped that Gor Gor's good friends would make videos to share that. So Sze Wong earlier agreed but later changed her mind, because she only wanted to say to Gor Gor how she felt and contacted a medium. The rumor led to a misunderstanding.

 The exhibition included Gor Gor photo books, stage costume collections and the red high heels worn at the concert, some of which Tong Tong loaned for display; also included was a vinyl record and award exhibit. On the second floor was "Leslie's Cafe", opening a coffee shop was Gor Gor's dream. On January 22 1990 Final Encounter concert's final show, Gor Gor promised viewers that night that the ticket stub was good for a cup of coffee at his coffe shop; this exhibition fulfilled the promise, as the stub from that show would be good for a free cup of coffee. The venue also had a souvenir shop with tee shirts, Gor Gor figures, cups, posters, pins and two versions of notebooks for Gor fans. The 12 inch figure that costs HK$1,680, the HK$350 pin and the tote bag were immediately sold out.

 Originally famous photography Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong)'s limited edition Gor Gor memorial photo book was to be released as well and it included never before seen photos. Advanced sales have already begun. Earlier the publisher sued Ha Wing Hong over the photo book publishing right, the legal problem made this photo book unable to be released as planned. Chan Suk Fun said that she has not seen this photo book, currently she is waiting for Ha Wing Hong to handle the publishing right lawsuit first.
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On April 1st, 2003, Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing jumped from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and ended his colorful life. Gor Gor's beloved Donald Tong Hok Tak yesterday made a rare appearance at the MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE exhibition opening ceremony. Although he smiled in front of others, he remained lonely. 10 years after losing his love, he still was covered in scars. He quoted the lyrics "Willing To Set A Date In Lifetime to Embrace Again in the Next" to continue his relationship with Cheung Kwok Wing.

 Rarely appearing in recent years in public, Tong Hok Tak after consideration yesterday morning confirmed his attendance of the Causeway Bay Times Square MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE exhibition opening ceremony. After 2PM Tong Tong left his home and drove to the site. After 10 years, Tong Tong remained haggard and unhappy. When he appeared in public he finally forced out a smile and often waved to "Gor fans".

 Tong Tong in the company of Cheung Kwok Wing's manager Chan Suk Fun carried a giant red origami crane that he personally folded for Gor Gor when he appeared. He simply said to the thousands of fans, "Thank you everyone! Thank you Mrs. Chan! Thank you". Then he unveiled the 6 meter tall bust of Gor Gor and placed the giant origami crane on the arches. After the Guinness World Record examiner announced that the 1900,119 origami cranes have become a world record, Tong Tong represented Gor Gor in accepting the certificate and said that this gift from the fans would definitely have touched Gor Gor.

 At the event, Chan Suk Fun presented an origami crane pin and well wishes to Tong Tong, who simply answered, "Everyone is very happy". After the opening ceremony ended, Tong Tong did not look at Gor Gor's bust, after taking a lap of the venue and left for home. Actually, although the wound of losing his love for ten years looked healed but still hurt in his heart. Tong Tong in his email reply to Ming Pao Weekly first thanked Gor Gor's fans for their love for him, for everything that they have done for Gor Gor over the years, and their condolences through letters, voice mails and the occasional violation of his personal space. He was very moved that everyone have not forgotten Gor Gor. Tong Tong recalled that he used the ostrich strategy and flew to the U.S. to avoid the fact of Gor Gor's suicide on April 1, thinking that he would be able to forget the pain this way. Later he finally realized that hurt would not lighten due to time and space changes. He wrote, "As time faded, the wound finally healed but the scars remained!" Tong Tong said that over the years he would choose to stay home to spend this trying day, fortunately a group of good friends and Gor Gor's relatives often sent their condolences and kept him company on this painful day. For 10 years, Tong Tong's life remained the same. Aside from playing sports he would dine with friend and is learning to live well everyday to repay those dearest to him. Finally he quoted Gor Gor's classic hit THIS LIFETIME's lyrics, "Permit me here to say to Leslie 'willing to make a date in this lifetime to embrace again in the next'."

 Chan Suk Fun pointed out that Tong Tong has always been low key and did not want to become the focus, but finally "Gor fans" still moved him to agree to attend the event and represented Gor Gor in accepting the fans' gift. How was Tong Tong? Chan Suk Fun said, "Happy and touched! He wants to tell everyone that he is moved and is living very well. Please everyone stop worrying about him." Chan Suk Fun said Tong Tong has always been very supportive of this memorial event and she was very happy that Tong Tong was willing to represent Gor Gor and attend. She said, "Over these 10 years, Tong Tong wanted to thank fans and friends who loved him, loaning Gor Gor related personal collections to share with everyone like awards and stage costumes. The clothing has been in storage for a long time, I had a lot of pressure too." Did she invited Tong Tong to attend tonight's Miss You Much Leslie concert? Chan Suk Fun said that she invited him to attend all the events.

 Two versions of HK$220 Gor Gor notebook were available for purchase, they included valuable photos like Gor Gor and Tong Tong's intimate photos; as well as Gor Gor's Chinese and English writing. One of the English ones was from 1973 (age 17) titled "Myself". He wrote that he liked sport because it made him strong, his favorite was swimming and badminton; the words were as elegant as he was. The other draft was from his 2000 photo book, the first draft of Gor Gor's foreword. His Chinese words were very straight and clearly written.

 The exhibition yesterday evening opened to the public and was jam packed. The lines were long for souvenir purchase. Some of the souvenirs like the 12 inch figure, pins and tee shirts were sold out immediately. Chan Suk Fun was on hand to supervise everything but was surrounded with autograph and photo requests. A Japanese fan Ms. Watanabe and a group of friends came to Hong Kong for the exhibition and the concert tonight. She was disappointed that she was unable to purchase the 12 inch figure and the photo book. She said that she did not like Gor Gor's bust, feeling that it was horrifying and was not handsome enough.

 Leung Leung and Ah Jing from Guangdong said that they only liked Gor Gor after his passing. They liked his movies and music and his real personality. They thought that the exhibition was too open, everyone was able to touch the bust, which they did not feel right about. As for Gor Gor and Tong Hok Tak, they thought that artists' personal lives should have some personal space. Fans Ah Sip and Chau Suen felt the respect that everyone had for Gor Gor and Gor Gor was very influential.
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Re: [CHI] Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing 張國榮
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gathered a TON of news covering MAD FUCKIN PROPS to my fave HK news blog since geocities days! HKSAR Film No Top 10 Box Office


Chen Kaige worked with Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing on FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE (BA WONG BIT GEI), which left him with a deep impression. He spoke to Sina about the production, in his eyes Gor Gor was "the same as a person and in character, pure and pristine". After Gor Gor's passing, he once dreamed about gor Gor in a Chinese suit costume. He smiled and said, "Farewell!" When he woke he had tears coming out of the corner of his eyes. He said that the first time when he met with Gor Gor in Hong Kong, he had a otherworldly feeling -- very natural, very realistic. In the colorful world of Hong Kong he could be so clean, very tolerant and without any arrogance. He was an extremely hard working person, before the shoot he focused on studying Beijing Opera in Beijing for 6 months. Now who is able to do this? During the shoot he was very focused, in one scene Gor Gor was asked to quit smoking opium and got into a conflict with Zhang Fengyi. After the shoot Gor Gor was in tears and didn't stop for a long time. He was full of this lack of distinction between the person and the role.
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Albert Au Shui Keung at a Cable Entertainment News interview shared his valuable photos, including a photo with Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing and Alan Tam Wing Lun. "Back then Alan and Cheung Kwok Wing were the hottest singers in music, the outside often thought they were competing but actually privately they were very good buddies. They would dine together. The competition was only due to their over enthusiastic fans slamming the other's idol; their fans would compete like it was life and death, which onlookers thought was funny." Au Shui Keung once performed SHADOW OF VENUS (OI SUN DIK YING JI) with Taiwan singing beauty Shen Yen, who was very famous in Taiwan. She planned to develop the Hong Kong market and invited him to work with her. Once at a promotion in Kowloon Park, several hundreds were expected but a hundred thousand people crushed the venue. The event cancelled the event out of fear of losing control. He said that he was already the envy of many otakus when he was able to take a photo with Shen Yen.
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Yesterday around 3:30PM, Chan Suk Fun led the Grasshoppers and the crew to conduct a worship ceremony for the concert. Mrs. Chan revealed that the event theme would be countdown with Gor Gor, with the new songs starting the countdown performance to the old songs. Would Gor Gor's beloved Daffy Tong Hok Tak attend? She said, "I don't know yet, but he has come to the Hong Kong Coliseum to watch the rehearsal. The entire production preparation progress brought back a lot of memories for me." Another event will take place on the April 1. Even though no singer will perform, the event will play many music videos, guest well wishes and never before seen videos. She hoped that the younger generations of "post Wing fans" will be able to understand Gor Gor even more through the interview videos. Later Tai Chi, William So Wing Hong, Andy Hui Chi On, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Anthony Wong Yiu Ming and others appeared at the venue for rehearsal.

 Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing was very easy going and willing to help new comers in show business, thus many artists who have received Gor Gor's help and worked with him had nothing but praise. His relationships with elders were great as well. Yesterday many artists online and in interviews remembered Gor Gor.

 Andy Hui Chi On: To be a bird with legs requires aura and qualifications, he had them and he truly was able to achieve them. Gor Gor, "ten years" was the same, no one can replace you.

 Law Kar Ying: Every year on April 1, how many people miss him? Have you? I have.

 Jacob Cheung Chi Leung: Cheung Kwok Wing is a serious performing artists, he would not care about his co-stars' quality. He would only bring them into character. Thus everyone respected him.

 Lam Jik: Leslie's songs and performance are unique.

 Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga): Cheung Kwok Wing respected and cared about elder actors very much. When he had time he would eat and chat with them. He cared about the younger generations just as much. He truly was a rare artist.

 Shu Qi: I still remember when Gor Gor worked with me on a movie. He held my hand, taught me the lines and the marks. He was very patient, I still wouldn't have forgotten now.

 Karena Lam Ka Yun: Every year at this time there would be many red cotton tree flower on the ground, and I would miss you especially!

 Sam Hui Koon Kit: Leslie! I wish you happiness in Heaven!

 Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi: Gor Gor, I am great. You don't have to worry about me. Now I have two very cute, very healthy children and live very happily. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.
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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the superstar of a generation Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, Gor Gor's manager Chan Suk Fun starting last night began two nights of different format MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE events at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Last night friends who have worked with Gor Gor performed and remembered Leslie through music. Tony Leung Chiu Wai appeared on stage three time and conversed with his late friend. He even asked Gor Gor if he missed everyone. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau performed in shorts and sandals, he joked that no matter how he dressed he would not be as cool as Gor gor. Mrs. Chan also opened the mystery message and brought out Gor Gor "hoped to have a comfortable sleep".

 The concert had around 20 performing artists. Gor Gor's beloved Daffy Tong Hok Tak chose to appear and support the event in a low key manner. The show opened with Chan Suk Fun's recording, telling the mystery message that Gor Gor once left her. She said, "At 6:43PM on April 1, 2003, a loud surprise shattered the hearts of many. At the time I was at the scene and had no idea what happened. Suddenly a voice told me, 'I finally can properly have a comfortable sleep'. I always kept that in my heart and told no one, until I heard this song (Cheung Hok Yau's FOR A FRIEND to Anita Mui Yim Fong), finally understood and said it. Relax! We understand, we know, you will always remain in your free space, we will always miss you!" Then Anthony Wong Yiu Ming appeared on the stage as well as an empty chair, as if left for Leslie.

 Wong Yiu Ming performed LOVE OF GLASS. He said, "Gor Gor, 10 years ago you played a big joke on us. That day the entire city shattered; but your passing taught us to care about other people's pain. Although you have gone to such a far away place, everyone still miss you so closely." Then he sang the Gor Gor narrated THIS FAR, THAT CLOSE.

 Gor Gor's good friend Tony Leung Chiu Wai appeared with the DAYS OF BEING WILD (AH FEI JING JUEN) theme song as background music. He appeared three times throughout the night, conversing with Gor Gor. At the end he even sang with all the performers WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW. Wai Jai said, "Gor Gor's dream was to become a director. Gor Gor is the director of tonight's concert. All the singers are the actors, and he claps the clapper board." Wai Jai quoted DAYS OF BIENG WILD, "If you want to remember you will always remember". He said, "I remember that you really like this line from DAYS OF BEING WILD. After this period, I finally understand. It also tells me that this life also has progressed, at this minute who is missed the most. Sometimes when I raise my head and stare at the sky, I would thinking about looking for the bird with legs." Wai Jai looked up and asked, "After 10 years, I really want to know, do you still miss us?" Then Gor Gor's concert video was aired. "I miss all of you the most."

 Wai Jai said that after Gor Gor left, once he accidentally called his number and heard a familiar voice, "Please leave a message." Wai Jai continued, "I really wanted to say over the phone, let's start over." This was what Ho Bo Wing (Cheung Kwok Wing) also said in their film HAPPY TOGETHER (CHUN GUONG JA SIT) to Lai Yiu Fai (Leung Chiu Wai).

 Peter Chan Ho Sun said in his video, "In a movie that we worked together on, he insisted on speaking a line until he thought it was perfect. It was 'Whether you are a man or a woman, I just know that I love you'." The crowd applauded. Hok Yau appeared in sandals and shorts. He said that his look respected Gor Gor the most because it was his favorite. Yet he definitely was not as cool as Gor Gor. Hins Cheung King Hin performed with a "male female mix" look. Remus Choi Yat Kit had Gor Gor's image on his back.

 Vivian Chow Wai Man sang the song that Gor Gor wrote for her, IF YOU KNEW MY DIFFICULTY. She choked up as she said, "Maybe for Leslie writing this song was easy, to me it was an incomparable honor." Kelly Chen Wai Lam and Joey Yung Cho Yi sang Gor Gor's hot hits. Sheung Tin Ngor sang the theme song of her series with Gor Gor, ONCE UPON AN ORDINARY GIRL (NUNG BOON DOR CHING).

 After the performance, Chan Suk Fun lamented with her eyes all red that the production was not perfect enough. However the stars comforted her and said that she already did very well. Gor Gor would definitely be very happy to receive this gift.

 Last night many friends made videos about Gor Gor and made more understand Gor Gor's brilliance in the eyes of his friends. When Gor Gor's first love Teresa Mo Shun Kwan appeared on video, the crowd roared. When she remembered Gor Gor she was so emotional that she was teary eyed.

 Mo Shun Kwan: Gor Gor and I both love Cantonese Opera. He once hired a band, our favorite was to perform Yam Pak. After Gor Gor's passing, every time I hear Cantonese Opera I would think of him.

 So Sze Wong: A medium friend said that he dreamed of Gor Gor, asking him to tell his friends "stop being heart broken over me". Today I am dressed in pink because I want to say that life goes on, don't be heart broken anymore. Do you hear me? From now on only said Miss You Much Leslie!

 Carina Lau Ka Ling: Every Lunar New Year I would receive peach blossom from Gor Gor. After Gor Gor passed, I continued to shop at the place that he introduced to me because I wanted to preserve that feeling of flower shopping with Gor Gor as a memory.

 Tony Leung Ka Fai: I always said Gor Gor was petty as he would easily get mad at people. Yet he wouldn't be mad for more than 5 minutes. This was Cheung Kwok Wing.

 Cherie Chung Chor Hung: When we made a movie overseas, when we were together Gor Gor would share a lot with me. Sometimes we would fight over the same thing when we shopped, but when he saw a suitable gift he would give it to me. He truly loved his friends. Gor Gor has always stressed "forever", which he has already achieved. He is a legendary superstar.

 John Woo (Ng Yu Sum): Every time I heard PAST LOVE (song from A BETTER TOMORROW), I would have a very loving feeling. I will happily live my life!

 Last night many show business guests attended, which confirmed Cheung Kwok Wing's luck with people. They included the elder Pak Shuet Sin, who arrived in the company of her disciples Connie Chan Bo Chu, Mui Shuet Sze and friends Lau Pui Kei, Chan Sin Chi and others. Lau Ka Ling, Deborah Li and her husband Moustache Kong, Shi Nansun, Cheung Man Yi, So Sze Wong, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling), Alan Tang Kwong Wing's wife and daughter, Lee Lam Lam also attended. The event set up 18 tables for them. Viewers also received white candle lanterns, every corner of the venue were filled of shadows of Gor Gor.
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On a morning radio program, radio DJ Leung Tai interviewed several of Gor Gor's friends in the business like Alan Tam Wing Lun, Sandy Lam Yik Lin, and Karen Mok Man Wai.

 Alan and Gor Gor were rivals back then, their fans even attacked each other in a blood feud. Alan on the program recalled when he and Gor Gor both chose pink suits to attend the Tokyo Music Festival. As Alan was trying to figure out a resolution, Gor Gor joked, "What is there to be afraid of! Just pretend we are Team Hong Kong!" Gor Gor was very gracious and shared a mutual admiration with Alan. Alan lamented that if Gor Gor was still alive, they now might be good partners.

 Alan also revealed that a few weeks before Gor Gor's passing he invited him and Nat Chan Pak Cheung to his home. Alan recalled, "He invited us to his home for afternoon tea. He said at the time he was moving but had a lot of koi in his pool, he asked us what to do. Finally he gave the koi fishes to Ah Lek." Speaking of Ah Lek admitting on another program that he criticized Gor Gor publicly before and revealed that when he visited Gor Gor at home Gor Gor asked Ah Lek why he attacked him. Although Alan had no impression, Gor Gor's direct personality was thoroughly on display.

 Close with Gor Gor, Mok Man Wai said that when Gor Gor participated in the RTV singing contest, she at age 8 presented flowers to him. She said, "I still remember that. At the time he wore a white suite and was really very handsome." When Karen joined the business and worked with Gor Gor on a movie, Karen told him. Gor Gor joked, "Then I am your uncle." Later she was a guest at Gor Gor's concert, sang a love song with Gor Gor and even kissed him for over 20 nights. Karen admitted that Gor Gor was very helpful to younger generations and treated her like a niece. Thus she still often thinks of Gor Gor. Lam Yik Lin described Gor Gor as someone who truly resembled an "older brother". He often lectured younger generations. She also praised his professionalism and treated people with sincerity.

 Kit Chan Kit Ling who played mahjong with Cheung Kwok Wing said, "We used to play together all the time, even Tong Hok Tak. We also played mahjong together. we not only joked around but also chatted about personal stuff."

 Chan Kit Ling also said that Gor Gor at the start of his career was both "immature" and "ambitious". Because their manager was Chan Suk Fun, they sang two songs together. Chan Kit Ling also revealed that Gor Gor taught her to sing. "Because back then English songs had a deep influence on me, my singing was rougher. However Gor Gor was very tender. When we recorded , he and I would talk about how to handle the love song." Chan Kit Ling also knew about Gor Gor's depression and felt that his passing had some advanced signs.
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Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing has never fulfilled the director dream. Veteran screen writer Lam Kei To who worked with Gor Gor on the film BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN) two nights ago revealed on internet radio that Gor Gor was interested in making a romantic comedy in 2003 and even planned to invite Japanese star Nanako Matsushima to work together. He said, "I know that Gor Gor back then thought about working with a Japanese production company and getting Nanako to be the lead actress. In the film Gor Gor was someone who the entire world thought was gay. In Hong Kong he ran into Nanako and finally everyone was wrong as he developed a romantic love story with Nanako. He knew Gor Gor at the time already had a second draft, the preparation was smooth."

 As for Gor Gor's other plan of directing the film version of THE YOUNG CONCUBINE (NGOR GA DIK NUI YUN) with Anita Mui Yim Fong as a co-director who would have been responsible for the acting directions, Lam Kei To said, "Although Ah Mui was sick at the time, Gor Gor often convinced her to fulfill the director dream."
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The Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing starred film FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE (BA WONG BIT GEI) 20 years ago held a charity screening yesterday at the Sunbeam Theater, which was filled with posters and stills from the film. A charity DVD and record sale took place, all the proceedings will be donated to Gor Gor's favorite charity Children's Cancer Foundation. Lee Kui Ming and a female Mainland fan donated HK$50,000 and HK$100,000 respectively.

 Sunbeam Theater was where Gor Gor and Zhang Fengyi met in the film, thus the screening chose to take place here. Gor Gor's beloved Daffy Tong Hok Tak loaned Cheung Kwok Wing's Japan Film Critic Association Foreign Film Best Actor to be displayed for everyone.

 The empty chair was saved in the theater for Gor Gor to watch the film with fans from Japan, the Mainland and other places. The film's executive producer, Tomson's Hsu Feng, also attended. She said, "Many people asked me to remake FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE, and many people have offered to play Dip Yi. However I will never remake it because no one can compare to Cheung Kwok Wing. He was the one and only. Gor Gor was an amazing and smart actor, when he made FAREWELL he stayed in Beijing for half a year without returning to Hong Kong. He personally performed all of the opera scenes himself." She said that now every time she passed by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel she would not dare to look, so far she still was unable to accept it.

 Hsu Feng knew that Gor Gor was very sick. She said, "When Gor Gor was ailing, I was in Shanghai. I returned to Hong Kong once or twice every month. Gor Gor would come to my home to discuss the film that he would direct. Then he was severely sick, I called him and even though he didn't feel well at all he still replied in a minute. Our common point was our passion for film. Our memories were so numerous that they could not be all written down in several books."
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Every friends who mention Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing would tell their special feeling for Gor Gor because Gor Gor is an unique idol.

 Carina Lau Ka Ling: Do you know, in my heart you will always be beautiful...

 Margie Tsang Wa Sin: Ten years ago today, Heaven played a joke that no one wanted to accept with us! No one can replace your position Gor Gor Cheung Kowk Wing, I have been very fortunate to meet you, hopefully you in the faraway Heaven have everlasting joy! Thank you for bringing us such classic work! Miss you always. Our beloved "superstar" Gor Gor Cheung Kwok Wing.

 Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun): This was the last time I saw you. While waiting backstage, we chatted, then you poured me a glass of water and another for my little assistant. You will always be the most mesmerizing most familiar superstar -- miss you Gor Gor.

 Vincent Zhao Wenzhou: Years flow like water, light and shadow remain the same. Miss you Gor Gor, missing Cheung Kwok Wing!

 Donnie Yen Chi Tan: The photo was taken on July 27 1998, I was 35. That day Gor Gor sang the birthday song for me. Past emotions, the memories of which were as clear as news, as if they were yesterday. We miss u Leslie!

 Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To): Every year at this time I would think of this good friend, let's properly remember him over these few days!

 Anthony Wong Yiu Ming: If you are too tired, there is no crime in bidding farewell in time...I knew long ago, glass breaks very easily...April 1st ten years ago, the love of glass in the city of glass...

 Li Bingbing: I am me, the firework of a different color; under the open sky and on the empty sea, I have to become the strongest bubble.

 Zhang Ziyi: I pray for the stars and the moon to bare witness, even for a lifetime I am willing to wait, one day I will fulfill my wish and bring you to find forever. Missing my only idol -- Cheung Kwok Wing.
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Takako Tokiwa and Leslie Cheung's MOONLIGHT EXPRESS will be remade in Korea, pic courtesy of

 Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing is not the one and only in the hearts of fans, even international class director Wong Kar Wai and film company Hsu Feng who have worked with him felt that no one could replace Gor Gor. Not only would they not remake FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE (BA WONG BIT GEI) but also no Cheung Kwok Wing biography. Like Gor Gor's hit MONICA, who can replace your position?

 Wong Kar Wai and Cheung Kwok Wing have worked together on many films. If Tony Leung Chiu Wai was Wong Kar Wai's preference, Cheung Kwok Wing was Wong Kar Wai's favorite. In DAYS OF BEING WILD (AH FEI JING JUEN), ASHES OF TIME (DUNG CHE SAI DUK) and HAPPY TOGETHER (CHUN GUONG JA SIT), Gor Gor brought his characters to life and left deep impression with the audience. Wong Kar Wai yesterday expressed his feeling about the 10th anniversary of Gor Gor's passing online. "I think I won't make a Cheung Kwok Wing biography or cast someone to play Cheung Kwok Wing, because I think he was the only one and cannot be replaced. He was a very special person."

 In a few words, Wong Kar Wai already said how unique Gor Gor was in his eyes. In the same manner, FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE's owner Hsu Feng stated that no one would be able to replace Gor Gor in FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE.

 Even so, Gor Gor who rose to fame in South Korea long ago was well missed. A film company wanted to remake his hit film MOONLIGHT EXPRESS (SING YUET TUNG WA), which starred Gor Gor and Japanese star Takako Tokiwa. The film production company said that it has already purchased the right from Mei Ah. The new version will have a Korean director and Korean actors. The remake of a Cheung Kwok Wing style romance for an Asian release would be deeply meaningful to the 10th anniversary of Gor Gor's passing. To those who missed the Cheung Kwok Wing style romance, this would be a great gift that would bring back memories.
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Sheung Tin Ngor performs the ONCE UPON AN ORDINARY GIRL theme song with Andrew Tuason on the piano

Wu Wai Hong, Leslie Cheung, Chiang Hing Lung, Tony Leung Chiu Wai
 courtesy of

Miss You Much Leslie concert two nights ago took place at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Stars saluted Cheung Kwok Wing and performed his classic songs. Daffy Tong Hok Tak also supported the event in a low key manner. How did he thought? Gor Gor's good friend So Sze Wong yesterday wrote online, "Mr. Tong said in compliment, 'The fans are the best'!" Seemingly the passion of Gor Gor fans touched Tong Tong.

 Many artists posted their valuable photos with Gor Gor in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. Little Tigers' Wu Wai Hong brought a surprise and posted a swimsuit photo with Gor Gor. In the photo Gor Gor and Wu Wai Hong both wore sexy speedo with Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Chiang Hing Lung in shorts. The photo background was the former TVB Broadcast Drive headquarter's Wooden Men Alley.
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Gor Gor shot the STAND UP music video on Pound Lane
 courtesy of

Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's fans yesterday were all over Hong Kong, the goal of which was to pay respect to Gor Gor. A sea of flowers filled Hong Kong as everyone would not forget this day.

 Gor Gor's former home in Kadoorie Hill posted two notices in Chinese, English and Japanese from the management, stating that Gor Gor has already moved from the above address. Any flowers or souvenir left there would be removed immediately, but female Gor fans still insisted on bringing flowers to remember Gor Gor. Ms. Fu from Lanzhou said that she was a "post Wing fan". She only liked Gor Gor for 11 months. Last April she said the 1989 farewell concert online and liked Gor Gor, thus she came to pay her respect; Gor fans still put letters into the mailbox in hopes that Gor Gor would be able to see their love in Heaven.

 The Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Central would be a sea of flowers every year. Many fans also gathered on Ice House Street next to the hotel. Gor fans around the world presented a heart shaped floral arrangement, and spelled out "We Love You" with flowers. Many Gor fans heard Gor Gor's hit and broke down in tears.

 Chan Suk Fun set up a spiritual tablet in Po Fook Hill for Gor Gor, which not only had fresh flowers in front of it but also at the special area set up outside for everyone to express their love for Gor Gor. Gor Gor's hand print on the Avenue of Stars also had fresh flowers, each flower represented the endless memories that everyone had for the idol of a generation.

 The preservation group "Our Bus Terminal" and the Central and Western Concern Group yesterday organized the "Traces of Gor Gor Central and Western District guided tour" that brought Gor fans to many locations of Gor Gor's music video and films for free. Stops included the LOVE music video location the old Legislative Council building, WHO CAN RELATE and HE IS A WOMAN SHE IS A MAN (GUM JI YUK YIP)'s Duddell Street, STAND UP's Pound Lane in Sheung Wan. The guided tour had over 200 Gor fans, starting from the old Mandarin Oriental Hotel to Pound Lane they danced the STAND UP choreography on the stone steps. Guide and Our Bus Terminal chair Leslie Chan Ka Long was also a loyal Gor fan. "This is our first Gor Gor guided tour, hopefully we will be able to preserved Gor Gor related landmarks. At first we thought around 30 people would participate, we didn't expect over 200 people. Hopefully in September we will organize another guided tour on Gor Gor's birthday."

 Many Mainland tourists joined the guided tour. The 18 year old Wuhan student Ms. Cao deliberately skipped class to pay her respect to Gor Gor in Hong Kong. "I went to the Hong Kong Coliseum for the memorial concert. I was very emotional and cried many times." In a Gor Gor memorial tee, she said that she waited in line for 3 hours before she was able to buy a souvenir. Mainland Gor fan Mr. Liu said that Tong Tong's words for Gor Gor was the most touching.
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"Ten years living and dead have drawn apart, I do nothing to remember, But I cannot forget" was not only Daffy Tong Hok Tak's words to his beloved Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, but also Gor fan's forever remembrance for their idol. 10 years ago at 6:43PM on April 1, Gor Gor jumped from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and ended his life; 10 years later on April 1, nearly a thousand Gor fans participated in a candle light memorial event in addition to numerous memorial activities. Every drop of tear on the face of Gor fans represented that they never forgot, Gor Gor would always live on in their hearts.

 Cheung Kwok Wing's beloved Tong Hok Tak last night went to the Hong Kong Coliseum to remember Leslie with fans in a low key manner. In the past 10 years, Tong Tong would choose to spend the day alone, but this year Gor fans finally moved him to remember Gor Gor with almost ten thousand Gor fans.

 Tong Tong before last night's event ended appeared on stage with Mrs. Chan and gave three bows to the audience in appreciation of fans' never changing love for Gor Gor over the years. Mrs. Chan spoke first on the stage. "Gor Gor, today is your memorial day. Daffy very bravely attended the exhibition on the 30th and two nights of memorial concerts. You can relax and enjoy your long vacation." Then she held Tong Tong's hand, gave three bows to the audience and waved. Tong Tong did not speak. After leaving the stage he left in a vehicle.

 Tong Tong yesterday even revealed that his and Gor Gor's good friends of many years DJ Vani dedicated the song WHERE ARE YOU (NEI JOI HOR DEI) to Gor Gor and publicly expressed his endless missing and love for Gor Gor for the first time. The lyrics "From now on I know how much I love you, want to be with you long ago" have already expressed his love to the faraway Gor Gor. Tong Tong even represented Gor Gor and dedicated a song to Gor Gor's fans. He said, "I want to dedicate the song GETTING THROUGH IT TOGETHER (GUNG TUNG DOH GOR) to all of Leslie's friends and fans." Did Gor Gor receive Tong Tong's sentiments?

 Tears still have not dried after ten years of farewell. What Cheung Kwok Wing would be the proudest of would probably be his fans whose passion for him never ceased. For days fans in Hong Kong, the Mainland, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, The U.S., Canada and other places brought fresh flowers, origami cranes, fruit, candy and other offerings to different locations to pay their respect like an one day Hong Kong tour. They went to Gor Gor former home, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Sha Tin Po Fook Hill, the Avenue of Stars, and for the 10th anniversary this year they even went to Times Square and the Hong Kong Coliseum for the Miss You Much Leslie exhibition and concert. Traces of Gor fans could be seen everywhere.

 Yesterday around 6PM, almost a thousand Gor fans gathered at the square across the street from the former Mandarin Oriental, with more attendees than past candle light memorial events. Ice House Street across the street was also filled with fans, some even stood in the road and alerted the police to set up barrier to maintain order. Fan club representative Ms. Yau said that according to Chan Suk Fun the correct time of death was 6:43PM, the moment of silence also was changed.


 Gor fans held white handles as the event played many Gor Gor hits. When THE MOON REPRESENTS MY HEART (YUET LEUNG TOI BIU NGOR DIK SUM) the thousand Gor fans sang along. Many faced the Mandarin Oriental hotel across the street as tears ran down their faces. At 6:43PM, a moment of silence began. Then Gor Gor's voice was played, "Thank you, I hope you would forever remember me." Many Gor fans immediately screamed "Leslie". Singer Han Yang immediately sang GOR GOR. The event ended at 6:48PM. Many Mainland Gor fans headed for the Hong Kong Coliseum to attend the memorial night.

 At the exhibition that began two days ago Gor Gor's bust was already damaged in two places. Yesterday the exhibition at Causeway Bay Times Square continued to be packed, unfortunately a mischievous child stomped and poked at Gor Gor's giant bust. The event's original intention was for fans to be able to touch it, which turned into a little disrespectful to Gor Gor. The reporter even found a lot of damage to the sculpture. However, most Gor fans had good intentions. A group of Gor fans from the Mainland who called themselves "Miss You Much Origami Crane Mission 1956912" quietly folded origami cranes in the corner. A female member revealed that the organization has been formed for 3 years, from the initial few dozen to now almost a thousand members. This time over a hundred members came to Hong Kong.

 Last night the Chan Suk Fun organized Miss You Much Leslie memorial night at the Hong Kong Coliseum was mainly for fans to share Gor Gor's exciting performance. Last night when the concert began, the entire audience gave an one minute standing moment of silence. Chan Suk Fun before the show said that last night mainly was a video broadcast. Because many "post Wing fans" wanted to understand their idol's life even more, it was like a fan club meeting. Did the singers volunteer to perform two nights ago? She said that everyone should be able to see each artist's whole hearted performance, thus everyone sincerely presented this gift to Gor Gor.

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For the 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, manager Chan Suk Fun after completing for him the two show MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE concerts yesterday went to Po Fook Hill to pay her respect to Gor Gor with Japanese "Gor fans". After holding back her tears for days, she finally succumbed under the influence of fans who went to pay their respect despite the weather.

 Daffy Tong Hok Tak two nights ago appeared on the Hong Kong Coliseum stage and gave three bows to the audience with Chan Suk Fun. Although he did not speak, he already expressed his appreciation inside. Chan Suk Fun said, "After so many years, actually this pain is very hard to pull out of. However he has already taken a giant leap, which puts me at ease and is what comforts me the most." Speaking of Tong Tong's room being caught on camera, Chan Suk Fun admitted that she rarely read magazines but hoped everyone would give Tong Tong some space, which was also respecting Gor Gor. "If needed, during official events Tong Tong would stand still for everyone to take pictures. There is no need to disturb his personal life. If you respect Gor Gor, then you would let him live properly!"

 Chan Suk Fun revealed the final message that Gor Gor left her but led to Mainland online speculations. She said, "'I can finally have a proper sleep' is only a transition, bringing out the lyrics of FOR FRIENDS is the most important. Because I don't know how to express myself, I made it into a music video. Gor Gor wanted everyone to know that if they understood him they would overcome their sorrow and happily live everyday." She urged everyone to put the folded origami cranes into the collection boxes before April 10. "Although the Guinness Record has already been set, I still hope to satisfy the fans' '1956912' mission and make the entire event even more perfect." Speaking of damages to Gor Gor's sculpture, Chan Suk Fun said that it will be repaired and hoped that everyone would cherish it while taking photos.

 At the concert two nights ago, many artists shot videos to discuss Gor Gor's life. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau said, "I never think that Gor Gor has passed, especially since he has left so many great on screen work. Even over 10 years I still feel he is very close to us." Kit Chan Kit Ling also did not admit Gor Gor's passing. "As a star, as a friend, he absolutely could be a role model. I miss this best friend and the most admired person of mine very much."

 Carina Lau Ka Ling said, "I miss you very much, one day we will meet again."

 Tony Leung Ka Fai folded origami cranes as he said, "I was East Evil, he was West Poison. I still remember the difficult and intimate moments in the below zero degree desert, days of drinking and dreaming everyday. When I was Tung Sing, he was Sai Jau. We had a chance to sing and dance together, which made me understand he was an all purpose person...acting, singing, even writing lyrics on the spot, he made me understand what a poem in seven steps was. I am very happy to see everyone here, remembering an old buddy who has left for 10 years."
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worshipping ceremony at his final resting place:  张国荣(哥哥)生前经纪人陈淑芬,携张国荣歌迷一同前往宝福山拜祭,准备了不少纸扎祭品,包括有纸制名车、纸制红馆和纸制导演椅。陈淑芬还流泪谢歌迷。标签: 陈淑芬 张国荣

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Re: [CHI] Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing 張國榮
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Been watching all the tributes...The Miss You Much Leslie tribute was real good, lots of great ancecodtes and TVB hostess really placed the personal touch and view from the fans perfectly. A Little Stiff and weird at the end with Jacky just drowning out everyone lol and them attempting to sing together / share mics. Goes to show how he is revered and respected amongs his peers - senior and juniors alike. Taking EVERYONE under his wing, giving advice and shit.

You really appreciate his music and creativity. The 80s was hit after hit, ballad dance - but make no mistake they were mostly cover songs from America and Japan. To me personally, his creative best was after his "retirement" and hitting it hard with power ballads like "Chase" "Left Hand" "Blame you for your Beauty" etc. through till the early 2000s, he experimented in the fast upbeat techno beat - songs he actually wrote! unlike most artists in Canto Pop. Who knew what kinda experimental albums he'd drop nowadays. Each one layered with charismatic performances, always including the crowd. Check out these CLASSIC concerts:

89 LOL @54:00 the handshake segment getting ripped apart. Chow Yun-fat in the audience! The so-called "Retirement" Final Encounter!

Don't CALL it a COMEBACK! 97 solidified his ballad roots and OH SHIT he was wearing high heels!

THE LEGENDARY Passion Tour from 2000s, I was in Hong Kong at this time and shit was sold out, people flipping out cuz he was dressed like a woman LONG HAIR!! dress!

The one part where they said his dream was to be a director was unique, that his music and movies directs the tributes that continue through to this day. The memories will last a life time and he will always live on in our hearts.


Cable Entertainment News channel produced a special about Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing and shared Gor Gor's life as well as some never before seen videos and Teresa Mo Shun Kwan's interview of Cheung Kwok Wing to talk about his view on film productions and his film dream. Gor Gor admitted that he felt Hong Kong film was less than well rounded. "Hong Kong filmmakers' thinking is too conventional, often they flock to make romance, comedy, mob and other subject films. If I have to pay 50 or 60 bucks to watch a movie, why wouldn't I watch a foreign film?"

 Mo Mo mentioned that Hong Kong production budget was very low but actor salary remained high. Gor Gor said that his salary was not considered high and revealed that he made a movie for a symbolic dollar. "When Hong Kong economy and film market were at their lowest, I tried to be the pioneer and make a movie without any salary. At the time many Hong Kong Film Award winning famous directors formed a creative alliance together in hopes of making some good movies." However, he said that the creative alliance was not united. "I thought they were selfish, finally they each made their own movies and rushed through them. The results were not as beneficial as expected." He was still enthusiastic about making movies, but later if someone else asked him to make a movie for no salary, he definitely had to have a good script and sincerity to move him. He also admitted that he wanted to win an award, "I don't believe that Cheung Kwok Wing can't win a Grammy award? Maybe one day I will win an foreign actor award."
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Watched a few movies to reflect the charisma and passion of Leslie:

From mainstream new year comedies like The Chinese Feast 金玉满堂 reuniting with Anita Yuen. He's a gangsta who wants to learn cookery to win bag his gf

so he interns at a restaurant with Anita Yuen as the daughter of the owner who likes to rebel

They bond after her dad tries to prank him with a giant fish and they end up locking lips cuz the fish kept slapping the fuck outta em XD

BUT they need to find a super chef in order to save their restaurant while her father is on the mends, so they go to China and he ends up having to save Anita. "HOLD ON!!! Uhhh....don't hold on to my pants..." - after his shirt gets ripped off

Funny overall movie but it's those ensemble casts so stories don't get developed. Kenny B comes in as the Master Chef and it becomes a whole God of Cookery type movie with the food FX.

For the dramatic turn there's The Kid 流星語 from 1999. Heard great things about's a bit sappy feel good lol - reuniting Ting Lung and Leslie from the A Better Tomorrow days!

He's a hot shot stock broker that lost it all and finds a baby in his yacht...he wanted to abandon him but couldn't just leave him in the rain.

Fast forward and he's riding a bike, live in a shanty house doing odd jobs but HEY!! he's loving life and his KID, Ming Jai. But the neighbors and friendly beat cop advise him CAN A SINGLE DAD raise a kid alone without his mom? esp. one who is offbeat like Leslie?? He happens to run into a rich philantropist who WHAT has a fear of KIDS except Ming Jai SRSLY. They talk charity and Ming Jai spends time with her and she cures her fears. Then some nosy neighbor tries to help em by LIKE SHIT BITCH calling in social services to talk about what kinda programs they can offer and FUCKING BITCH they realize the KID lives in shitty conditions ON TOP he's been not officially adopted ON TOP OF the real mother is the rich philantropist!!! It does get touching the time they spend apart, and when they are together you can really see the chemistry between Leslie and the KID. Like when they were at the beach, he'd be talking to the lady and the KID would be like responding and Leslie totally ad libbed.

I can see why Ting Lung won the best supporting actor, though. He a shy cop who couldn't talk to the neighborhood lady. Touching moments indeed!!

Just an odd plot like lol he dreams of being an astronomer? wut? but this damn kid!

In the end he gives his KID back to his mom the philantropist - there's no real FIREWORKS between them, he's just like in the back of his mind GIMME BACK MY SON!!!

Hands down. The Acting Chops came from "A Better Tomorrow" - put him up with Chow Yun-fat and Ting Lung, he more than held his own. That whole FUCK YOU I HATE YOU BRO rage was the ultimate antagonist throughout. That whole Chow Yun-fat LOOK AT YOUR BROTHER solilqouty, it's Leslie's mix of resistance to awe/admiration of Mark Gor to fuckin sheer terror when Mark can't even finish his speech on Brotherhood when he gets an eyeful of brain.

From Kid Innocent to Rogue Cop to Brother who needs a Brother. Him turning his back as he lets Ting Lung blast Waise hahaha! John Woo balanced em out perfectly. It's like Biebs doing a Tarantino movie, Idol Hearthrob in one of the goriest manliest movies ever and Leslie pulled it off. There's that spark of characters in him that sets him apart from the singer turned actor. Less over the topness lol

so many cameos and roles. The over the top ensemble 射雕英雄传之东成西就 The Eagle Shooting Heroes where he plays the goody two shoes:

A Chinese Ghost Story without question one of his more romantic roles opposite Joey Wong alongside Jacky Cheung

Getting his acting cred with the gritty Wong Kar Wai flicks Days of Being Wild with the infamous "one minute friend" scene with Maggie Cheung. He lays out his most gangsta:

and Wu Xia ASSASSINS role in Ashes of Time

He's A Woman, She's A Man 金枝玉叶 defined romcom before every other singer/actor did it. Kinda ironic? Purposely winking at the audience? where he is all confused about gender and fear Anita's "male" character is hitting on him.

Roles get reversed with Anita Mui in the mix :lol: in Who's the Woman, Who's the Man? from 1996

Even was in Aaron Kwok/Kelly Chen's romcom 小亲亲 And I Hate You So???  What are you favorite pairings?

I can't help but fall for Leslie and Anita, so cute together.

And Teresa Mo too haha. Bad ass, they are the ultimate yin yang.

OF COURSE hands down. The Anita Mui pairing. You know they would fuck each other endlessly...before all the hot passionate concerts and Rogue, there was massive 80s Shaw Bros "Behind The Yellow Line 緣份" from 1984

Gotta dig it up. I'm a review a few more that hasn't been blabbed about such as Farewell My Concubine, showing off his Opera octaves while being a full addict during the resistance.

Which Leslie movies are your fave? What do you like about his roles? I like he can fuckin mischievous yet bad ass swagga at the same time, like this LOL:

AND his TVB shit too. GOD. Might as well :lol: he sure was a Lady's Man XD opposite the lady that plays moms on TVB

Apparently TVB will also have a weekly series of specials recapping his career. This week was music. Vivian so cute <3

"Ya just gotta get the tone right before you do the dance moves!"

Leslie's MUSIC/impact is well known ALL OVER ASIA. Korea keeps remaking his stuff!
장궈룽 レスリー・チャン♥leslie哥哥

On the 12th, a netizen uploaded a picture of actress Song Hye Kyo and the late actor Leslie Cheung on an online community board with the caption “A rare picture of two top stars together.”

In the picture Song and the late Cheung are making a friendly pose. The picture was taken in 2002 when Song visited Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Golden Disk Awards and met the late Cheung at the reception.

This incredible article of a Korean fan's perspective:  :w00t:

Besides Leslie’s albums, the albums of the Four Heavenly Kings were able to make a good sales record as well.  Around 15,000 to 20,000 of their albums were being sold.  As for Leslie, 300,000 copies of his first album and 150,000 copies of his second album were being sold.

I had no idea how much he is loved there, fans going WILD!!

He would push himself to the limits above and beyond, taking new challenges, doing things to the very best.

"From Today, Keep Pursuing Your Dreams" - Leslie @ 1997 Concert. For Leslie and all of the ones we hold dear to our hearts that are no longer with us today. Always. Live. On. See you when we get there.

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Re: [CHI] Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing 張國榮
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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Gor Gor Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, the Miss You Much Exhibition at the Causeway Bay Times Square invited Gor fans to fold origami cranes together to break the world record. Although they have already reached the world record, Gor fans would like to reach their idol's birth date number the most to make it even more meaningful. Thus, the event organizer Chan Suk Fun yesterday again invited the Guinness Book of World Records officials to certify the latest figure and announce that the event successfully made a new record of 1,956,921 origami cranes for the larges origami crane exhibition record. Gor fans' wishes have been fulfilled as the world witnessed their love for Gor Gor; yesterday Choi Yat Kit also showed his support in person.

 Mrs. Chan pointed out that Gor fans were very pleased to set a new Guinness record with Gor Gor's birth date of 1,956,912 origami cranes, the other 80,000 to 90,000 extra cranes were not counted. After the exhibition ends on May 1, all of the origami cranes will be transported to Po Fook Shan to be offered to Gor Gor.

 At the event, Mrs. Chan also spoke about a magazine's claim that she made over 20 million on the series of Gor Gor memorial events. She said, "The artists were very smart, and behind them were managers and record companies. If I really did this, they must know to charge me. Thank you (Vivian) Chow Wai Man, (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai, Choi Yat Chi, Choi Yat Kit, (Karen) Mok Man Wai, all told me not to mind the gossip. They all performed with their hearts as a gift to Gor Gor. Fans put a lot of efforts into these few memorial events for Gor Gor, the media should not gauge good intention and love with money."

 She also said that the numbers have been done for the events but she did not need to announce them. How much money would be donated? She said, "Whether we made or lost money, we would donate to continue Gor Gor's charitable spirit. I stipulated that they were commercial events, I never sold them as charity shows to make money. I never even announced the artist list to tell people to buy tickets." The reports did not upset her.
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copped a few more of his movies. Like MASSIVE retro

为你钟情 "For Your Heart Only" totally his vehicle from 1985 - the whole movie was playing his songs - him being a womanizing DJ. Hmm. plot sounds familiar lol he so pervy

co-stars the sexy Loletta Lee

and sexy sister Ann Bridgewater. Where she go??

EVEN earlier "烈火青春  Nomad" - more like a collabo with Ken Tong but you can see his charisma building:

BUT you gotta watch the Ronny Yu epic period piece with Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia The Bride With White Hair 白发魔女传 from 1993. And its sequel. With his classic jheri curls :lol:

I love the part where he stalks her taking a bath in the creek

Of course, it's Leslie. And he gets fuck on:

AWW YEAH. With him as a leading man, there's that passion two hands to the face and dig in he does in his love making / kissing scenes romantic roles.
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