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Author Topic: Tokyo Incidents  (Read 1629 times)

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Tokyo Incidents
« on: May 23, 2008, 05:53:10 AM »
konnichiwa minna-san!

hope you take a little of your time to check this out. this is my first MoMosu fan fic.

EQUATION 1: Ai, Reina and Eri are sisters + a family curse = MAYHEM.

EQUATION 2: Ai + Reina + Eri + a "guy" = kugckgcjsxjgdasd!

I don't know exactly what to say for the gyst. The story's not yet done.'s the prologue. Forgive my mistakes. :]

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!~


"Okaasan! Tell us the story again!" A girl wearing a pink yukata with black cherry blossoms at the seams exclaimed.


"Onegai Okaasan!" Two other small girls pleaded.

"Which story is it you want to hear?" Their young mother asked.

"The story of the three sisters who fell in love with the same boy!" The kid without front teeth said.

"Are? Ah...that one. Okay then. Gather around Okaasan's lap." Their mother motioned and started to tell her tale.


A long time ago, there lived a rich and powerful clan that was feared by all---the Kougen clan. They were gifted with special skills. The females particularly had more enhanced abilities than males. If a boy could run down from the top of a high mountain in a minute, a girl can do it in less than a minute. Even so, equality and peace resided in the clan were always and man and a woman. The seishi and reishi. Usually, a husband and wife. The people chose among themselves the strongest, the most capable, most responsible and the wisest or most intelligent male and female and name them as the seishi and reishi.

There came a time when the people had to choose their leader. A man was already chosen by the elders to be the seishi but they had a problem in choosing the reishi. There were three blood-sisters namely, Akane, Midori and Murasaki. They were the best but they couldn't best each other . At some point, one was always better than the other. So the elders thought of a plan. They held a contest. Whoever makes the seishi fall in love with her shall sit as the reishi. Whoever fails, however, must serve under the one who triumphs.

And so, each woman tries her best, in the end, they tricked him to go in bed with each of them. Apalled by such desperate act, the clan's miko put a curse on them.

"Because of what you have done your children will pay. The 130th male descendant shall be given three girls who will bear the curse you have brought upon yourselves. They shall fall in love with only one man. She who opens his heart to love shall find true love. Whoever fails shall never find it. And shall end up a old maid forever."

Horrified, they asked how they could break it.

"Only until the sands of time allow Fate to intervene."


Shiina sorry for using Tokyo Jihen/Tokyo Incidents..MWAHAHA~


Chapter 1: Celebrities

“Ai-chan , you forgot your lunch!”


“Thanks Mom! Bye!” Run Ai! Run like the wind!

A quick glance at my watch told me I’m late. Very , very late.

Today’s the first day of class and class starts at 7:30. My watch read 7:31.

“Ai-chan! Hisashiburi desu ne!”

Ah. Gaki. So the school uniform’s yankii this time , eh?


“Say Ai-chan , how was the trip?” Gaki asked as she tries to cope with a hakf-walking , half-running me.

“Ah….I wanted to stab the pilot.” The jet’s pilot was a hairy , fat Chinese man who arrived an hour late for my flight.

“Eh? Could it be that your pilot was that Chinese guy? Uh…what’s his name? Ah! Fat Hei Ri.” Gaki said , delighted that she remembered the cursed pilots weird name.

“So, who’s our homeroom teacher this year?” I put my bag down.

“Ano…Kei-sensei , I think.”

“Kei-sensei? Hmmm..”

Kei-sensei was a quite and conservative woman who seems to love winter so much that even during summer she wears gloves or mitts. Weird huh?

I looked out the window, Hmmm… A new breeze. I hope this new school year, things will get better. Well this school is certainly changing. Hideyo !nternational Private University or H!P U as we students call it is a privates school for the elite. Kids from different countries , prominent families and elite groups all gather here to receive a second dose of education.

They’ve got cars, drivers, maids. I’ve got a second-hand bike , myself and mom. They’ve got brand new wardrobes almost every week. An again , I’ve got what? Pants and shirt from the thrift shop or hand-me-downs. My tuition here costs a fortune—1000,000 Yen ( almost $ 13,000 ) . But to them it’s just excess money from their shopping allowance.
“How the heck did I end up here?” I voiced it out  at Gaki with a sigh.

“Well, simply because you’re intelligent, smart, uhh..well you’re simply special.”

I laughed. “Gaki, I think you’ve spent too much quality time with Obaasama.”

“You sound just like her.” I said as I walked out the door.

“EHH?! You mean Yuko-sama?!!” Aha! The infamous Gaki eyebrow clash! It’s really cute. But….

“Never! I’ll never be like that OLD HAGGARD HAG!” the hag bomb has been dropped!
Everybody, presenting  Niigaki Risa and her infamous “I’ll-never-be-like-that-OLD-HAGGARD-HAG” speech!

Ganbare Gaki!

As I continued to stare in space and silently cheer her on, Gaki-chan and I also continued to walk, not minding where we were going because: I’m so focused staring in space and cheering on Gaki and she was so busy ranting her speech to anyone who cares to listen.

And then for some reason, a hot things touched my skin, yanking me back to reality.

“Are? Moushiwake gozaimasen!” a girly annoying voice takes the “yanking-me-back-to-reality” to another level.

When I finally do wake up to reality, I find myself soaked with…. What is this thing? Sticky,stinky,stinky. BEER.

Kuso. Anti-Alcohol Sensei’s gonna give me detention for this! Argh.

“Well, here’s a dollar. You go buy yourself a napkin and wash up. Mata ne!”

The bitch in pink tossed me a dollar and giggled herself away with her litlle ‘friends’.

Oh Joy! What a way to start this school year!

Meanwhile dear Gaki is still busy ranting.

“Gaki, I’m going to wash up.”

“EHH?” the Glorious Gaki Eyebrows vanished. Good. She’s done with her ranting.

“What happened? You’re soaked!” Her eyes shown genuine concern.

“AND YOU STINK! One moment you were spotless and now your stinkful!” This is Gaki’s genuine observation. Cool ne?

“I was just here and you were here and then….what really happened?”

“ Nothing really. Stinky rain fell, forgot my umbrella and got soaked.” She feels really bad for me.

“Okay. To the shower room then!” From emo to happy in a blink of an eye, that’s Gaki for you ladies and gentlemen!

~Shower Room~

“Wooo..the shower room in the new gym building is really nice! I mean grey marble floor and frosted glass cubicles….KAWAII!~”

“Eh? Kawaii?”

“See here? It says ‘Made in Korea’! and the toilets too!!”

“Hai, Hai. Can we just take a decent bath now?”

I undressed and turned the knob of the shower.

Hmmmm..The water feels good.

“The water feels good….I wonder if it came from Korea too?”

Okay. She’s an addict.

“YAY! We’re sharing the same shower!”

“Hey, Gaki-chan?”


“Can you please scrub my back?”


“Yup, the middle. Can you lower it a bit more?”

“I’ll just scrub them all for you.”


So, with Gaki doing the “dirty” job , I busied myself by washing my hair.

“Ai-chan has nice skin…”

“Eh?…Gaki-chan too.” 

Gaki stood up straight.

Gaki began examining me again. Eyeing me from head to toe. Then smoothing my body with her soft hands. Her every caress was comforting.

“Uh, Gaki-chan…”


“Do you mind if you rub that with soap again? I just farted.”

“EH?NANI?!! Ai-chan hidoi!!”

“Haha. Just joking. Hey look, the room’s so steamy…”

“Yeah cool!!”

We thought of the steam as the “fog” they use in concerts and started to perform.

Gaki-chan started with Love Machine…

Love Love Love Machine…..
Love Love Love Station…
Love Love Love factory…
Love is so wonderful!

“Sankyu!” I’d say after every fantastic perfomance.

After a couple of songs, I stepped out of the cubicle and started to dry myself.

I tried “SEKUSHII BEAM!!!” Ai version again.

No good I still need more practice.

Are? Where’s my bra?

“Gaki-chan, did you see my bra?”

“Eh? No.” She just stepped out too.

“ this yours?”  A disembodied hand held up my pink polka dotted bra.



That was so fuckin’ embarrassing! I wanna die….

“Kill me , Gaki…Kill me!!”

Gaki was crying.

“Kill me Ai-chan! Let’s commit seppuku together!”

It appears that our little adventure slash concert in the new shower room in the new gym turned out to be the worst experience ever!

Well the shower room we used turned out to be the boys’ shower room! Beat that! Good thing the glass cubicles were frosted!

Random people gossiping “Hey, have you heard? Takahashi-san turns out to be more than just a popsicle stick! HAHAHAHA!!!”

And now, Gaki and I are the “hottest” celebrities on the block. If only I can turn “popularity” into YEN.



Blood was everywhere.

“No! Okaasan! No!” A child….


“Run my child….run!” An Angel’s voice…

“But I don’t wanna leave you!” The child protested…

“Sauce Katsudon, you have to go…make sure Umeboshi and Yakiniku are safe…”

EH? Food? Is Sauce Katsudon a super hero?



“You promised….”  The voice faded away…

The stabs echo through the emptiness…




“Hai! Gaki…”

“You can unstrap yourself from Seiji no Bath Sensei now…”



This fanfic is not made by me.
I'm like the editor and giving out ideas person...
don't worry.
she's my cousin...the writer.
she wanted me to post it.

hope yer guys like it.. :shakeit:

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Re: Tokyo Incidents
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2008, 08:11:47 AM »
"The story of the three sisters who fell in love with the same boy!" The kid without front teeth said.
Awwww...which one of them was this one? :P

TakaGaki in the shower = :drool: :jerk:

TakaGaki realizing they were in the BOYS shower = :on lol:

“Sauce Katsudon, you have to go…make sure Umeboshi and Yakiniku are safe…”
Sauce Katsudon = Aichan mentioned this dish when she and Miki appeared on Waratte Iitomo.

Umeboshi = On the 6th Gen debut appearance on Utaban, Eri mentioned that this was the food she was crazy for at the time.

Yakiniku = no secret that this is one of Reina's favourites.

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Tokyo Incidents
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2008, 01:53:50 PM »
....its also Miki's. Anyway, great story, tagging it for later viewage. I hope this keeps on being as interesting. So wait, are TakaGaki TakaGaki (like going out with the smooches and the shexx and stuff)? Or are they just frriends that did not have sex in the shower. Cause you were like "Touched every part of my body with her soft hands" so I thought she had sex with her.

 The concert was funny! Nakazawa and Kei sensei sounds promising.. I think the girl that spilt drink on her was Sayu and she is a mean girl at her school (popular and stuff).
 I also think what if it was Risa that is one of the sisters?
 Also what if shower dude was 'the' dude?
 And can the dude be a dgirl instead? Like Yossui or Maki. And they don't have to be dgirls.
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