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Author Topic: Rivals? CH.8 ANNOUNCEMENT!!  (Read 7743 times)

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Re: Rivals? CH.7
« Reply #20 on: July 31, 2013, 03:10:06 AM »
Dear CMZE:

I really hope there isn't capital punishment where you live cos you'll be facing multiple counts of first degree murder with all the rabu-rabu you've injected into this story  :P XD

But anyway, good job! I really love to see lots of kisses for the PonPon combi as well the Riho x Ayumin couple  :lol:  :wub: :inlove: :love:  :heart:

Please update again soon!

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Re: Rivals? CH.8
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As they practice the choreography for their new single Ayumi and Riho couldn't help to have eye contact and smile at each other as they dance.

Everyone noticed that and wondered "why?" Is normal for them to dance next to each other since the 50 single of Morning Musume both are dancing aces but they never behaved like that, it was always Ayumi trying to compete with Riho.

"What's so funny?" Haruka wondered as she watches them.

Soon the choreographer suggested to have a break so the girls could eat and rest.
"Ayumi chan.. Let's eat together!" Haruka said putting her arm around Ayumi's neck and distracting her from her eye contact with Riho.

Riho pouted a little.

"Let's go get something to eat Riho chan!" Zukki said with a smile.

Riho was looking at Ayumi with Haruka then turned to look at Zukki "Yeah let's go" she said not so sure.

Ayumi sighed "Let's go~" she said as she walks with Haruka.

Almost everyone left the practice room except for 2 persons.

"Mizuki chan you seem tired.. are you okay?" Eripon asked as she puts her hand on Mizuki' s forehead.

Mizuki smiles "You said I look tired then why you have your hand on my forhead?are you trying to get some SKINSHIP?" She asked with a mischievous grin.

Erina blushed "Why you always do this to me?" She asked removing her hand and looking other way.

"Because you look cute blushing.." Mizuki said before kissing her cheek.

Erina fast moved and looked around "We're on work..behave leader!" She said still looking side to side.

"I can't I like Eripon so much!"Mizuki said so relaxed before giving a surprising kiss on Eripon' s lips.

They kissed for a few seconds, Mizuki cupped Eripon's cheeks to deep their kiss but Erina break the kiss.

"We're on work!" She said nervous then left the room.

Mizuki smiles "Cute Eripon!" She thought then followed her girlfriend.

~Already eating~

Zukki and Riho were in a table apart from Sakura, Haruna, Ayumi and Haruka.

"I just love that manga!" Haruka says with a smile.

"I read it too!" Sakura says as she eats.

Haruna smirked "I just love him too bad he doesn't exist!" She said kinda disappointed then pouted.

Ayumi ignored the girls conversation "Why? I don't want this.. Sayashi san why you don't come here? You don't care that I just wanna be next to you.." she thought pouting as she eats.

"Sayashi san!!" Masaki says happy then sits next to Riho and hugs her.

Riho smiled nervously "You're not letting me breathe!" She said calmly.

Ayumi looked at the two then looked other way like if she doesn't care. Riho noticed that.

"Why are you guys sitting separated? Let's put the tables together!" Mizuki says as she comes closer with Eripon and X.

Sakura smiles "I guess we forgot leader want to make this Morning Musume the closest one!" She said as she gets up.

Eripon smiled and looked at Mizuki somehow she was proud of her leader, she was really trying hard to make this Morning Musume to feel like closest one.

Everyone moved the tables so now it's like they're using the same table.

"Sayashi san!!" Masaki says happy stealing something from Riho' s bento.

Riho sighed "I wanted to eat that!" She said resign.

"Eripon taste this, is delicious!" Mizuki says feeding Erina.

Everyone looked at the too.

"You look like a sweet couple!" Sakura and X says excited.

Erina putted her arm on Mizuki' s neck "She's not my girlfriend but my wife, we're PonPon couple!" She said smirking with a man vibe.

Mizuki was red but then smiled.

"Kawai!" Everyone said smiling.

Haruka putted her arm around Ayumi's neck "Then we're the Ishiduu couple!" She said smirking.

Ayumi was shocked while the others were smiling.

Riho acted coldly towards that.

" Kakkoii!" They said cause Haruka had the cool guy vibe.

Machan got jealous "Then we are..  *Hugs Riho* Ma..Ri... RIHO X MACHAN!" She said confident.

"This can not be happening to me~ " Riho said hopeless as she's being hugged while everyone laughs like crazy except for one person.

"STOP ALREADY!" That person said as she hits the table with the Palm of her hand then gets up.

Everyone stopped laughing.

"Ayumi chan!" Haruka said shocked.

Ayumi sighs then walked away.

"What happened?" Eripon asked.

Riho watched as she walks away.

"Maybe we should leave her alone some time~" Haruna says with a smile.

Everyone agreed as they eat Riho found her way to Ayumi.

Ayumi was laying on the floor in the practice room listening to music from her phone with hee eyes closed.

Riho got closer, she knelt next to her and watched the older girl face beautiful features and kisseable lips.

Riho's got life on her own and touched Ayumi's hair softly causing the older girl to open her yes, she sat and removed her headphones.

The two shared an awkward silence for a few minutes.

"You seemed pretty mad a few minutes ago" Riho says breaking the silence.

Ayumi looked other way and sighed.

Riho grabbed her hand making the older girl blush.

"You know.. I just can't stand this feelings anymore since the day of the fair, I wanna be closer to you, talk to you, touch you and I hate when other people is around you.. I just can't stand it!" Ayumi said shyly still looking other way.

Riho smiled "I feel the same way you silly girl, I want to spend all my time with you, talking to you, kissing you *Ayumi looks at her* .. Ayumi chan I like so much!" She said grabbing her other hand.

The two girls were looking into each other eyes.

"And definitely loathe IshiDuu couple!" Riho said before Ayumi gets closer and kisses her on her lips.

Riho was shocked with the sudden kiss first but then putted her arm around Ayumi's neck to pull her even closer.

The two shared a passionate long kiss.

The two lovers heard some voices coming so they broke their kiss and got up.

"Ayumi chan!" Haruna says as she enters with the other members.

"Eripon went to the bathroom to look for you!" Mizuki says to Riho who lied before to go look for Ayumi.

Ayumi and Riho smiled at each other.

" I still don't understand what's so funny?" Haruka thought looking at the two.

To be continued!!

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Re: Rivals? CH.8
« Reply #22 on: August 09, 2013, 03:55:36 AM »
OMG finally an update! Gracias!

Anyway the PonPon combi and the Riho x Ayumin couple are sooooo cute together!  :wub:  :inlove:  There's so much rabu rabu my heart can't take it but I want more of it! LOL

Please update again soon!

P.S: I bet Riho or Ayumi is going to start saying "Un dia sin ti es una eternidad" to the other gal pretty soon :P XD

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Re: Rivals? CH.8
« Reply #23 on: August 09, 2013, 03:48:46 PM »
Aww .. as much as Iove this update .. I still need to read you next update on don't judge by the covers aha !!!
But really ayuriho makes me smile.tonight :))

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Re: Rivals? CH.8
« Reply #24 on: August 13, 2013, 03:52:11 AM »
Yay!! PonPon and AyuxRiho omg, can't wait for the next one!

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« Reply #25 on: August 20, 2013, 05:04:13 AM »
Hello dear readers! :)

Well I wanted to let you know due some healthy issues I WON't be able to update for a while.  I'm sad about it but it's the best hope you understand me.

Thanks for reading my fics, please don't forget me!  :peace:

Hope I can comeback and  finish my fanfics, thanks for the support!!  :grin:

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