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Author Topic: [Tour] Ongaku Gatas Concert Tour 2008 Spring ~Mizaru, Iwazaru, GOODSAL!~  (Read 9909 times)

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I don't see anything about a new concert or single???

The Dohhh UP! video is to promote the upcoming Live DVD of the first concert tour. (Release date 05/28.)

I think KrO.Chan~ probably means that the new concert is this one.
And also asking if there's going to be a new single, not claiming there is one coming out.

Sorry for writing in your place, KrO.Chan~. And I'm even more sorry if I'm wrong.  XD

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just finished watching the concert~ and i must say its one of the most enjoyable concerts i've seen lately. The mix of these eggs with some HP veterans is just perfect. Too bad mucchi and mano arent part of OG anymore.
I'm really impressed with minami. she reminds me of Kamei's cuteness and vocal abilities.  :wub:Konno's vocal improvement has also to be stated~ :wub: great concert. OG needs to release more stuff.   

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I love this concert :heart: it made me miss Mucchi all over again though... OG deserves some promotions, they're an awesome group. Konkon rocks in this concert and Minami needs more lines because she sounded really good. (annouce a new OG single soon please)
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Just finished watching! A lovely concert!!

The MC/Skit with Rika, Yossi & Manoeri was hilarious :lol:

Sawada and Sengoku look like they've been doing this forever. So professional! And Sengoku has an amazing (flirty) smile that never leaves her face :heart:

Nocchi = super energetic and cute :3 Manoeri's stage presence has improved so much. Loved this long shot of her:

And Satoda's great. Her attitude and everything, she gives way more than just a 100%!

The setlist wasn't perhaps great but whatever! I wub these girls~~
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Wow... I'm on Kokoro no Tanima and it is so badly lipsynced. Ahaha

But for some reason, I don't know if the Eggs are lipsyncing or singing live because half the time it sounds like they are, but sometimes it doesn't...

EDIT: Ok, Nocchi crying saved that whole song!
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Yattarouze: Great song to start the concert! I won’t say anything about the costumes XD
Sengoku is smaaaaaall :lol:

Dakishimete.. Namida: Yossi :heart:  The dance was simple but it’s kind of cute.

Koibito wa Kokoro no Ouendan: Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

Suki Sugite Baka Mitai: I can forgive the costumes in previous songs but not in this one.. But I like the performance. I love seeing Yossi perform this. I wish YAM would have sing this.. It would have been hot.

Chikyuu to Tsuki Kare to Watashi: I didn’t really pay attention to this. But I want more Sawada and Sengoku. I like them more and more every day.

Seishun no Custard: Grrrrrreat! I love Yossi’s costume and the perf was so cool. Only thing I didn’t like was Satoda’s hat. Of course you can’t forget to mention Yossi’s “Misete” part :drool:

Kokoro no Tanima: Skip

Kiss Shiyou: Again, skip

The Peace!: This is almost every time a good song to perform. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Korenaga looked great.

Uwaki na Honey Pie: I love seeing Yossi dancing this :lol:

MC: So fun! Yossi being forced to do all those thing is priceless. Her “anata no” is 10 times cuter than Rika and Mano’s together.

BE ALL RIGHT!: Yomiki (Korenaga ver.) interaction :heart: I was surprised by Korenaga’s voice. It was good.

Koi Uranai Doori ni wa Naranai wa: Eggs did great job in this. Didn’t skip this :D

Kara Genki: Hothothothothot. Yossi was hot and I liked how Mai looked. See, even if you’re wearing a hat you don’t have to touch it every the time you’re on the camera xD

Honki de Atsui Theme Song: I almost cried. Don’t know why, though. Maybe because this song made me think the old good MM.. And: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Korenaga part 2.

Narihajimeta Koi no BELL: Still loving this.

Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~: This just had to be in this concert. I love this!

Osaki ni Sunzurei: Great ending song before Encore. This is funny and happy.

Sakaero Habatake Gatas Brilhantes H.P.: Sorry, but this was kind of boring. The song reminds me of W’s song which I always skip when I listen to that album xD

DREAMIN' ~Gatas Brilhantes H.P. no Ouenka~: When Ongaku Gatas released their first single I didn’t like this song, but now I really like it. Great song to end the concert.

Overall this was more than great concert. This was awesome! I like how there weren’t really slow songs.
But I have never really liked Rika in concerts.. Maybe because she “over act” or maybe because I still don’t really like her voice, I don’t know. And now I have noticed that the more I see her the less I like her.. Which is bad because I don’t wanna hate her.
I still don’t see what is so special in Mano XD
On the other hand I’m starting to like Sawada and Sengoku more and more. They sound better than most of current MM members XD
And of course Yossi is always the greatest to me :grin:

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I finished watching the concert yesterday and I loved it! It was a lot better than I thought it would be. Yossie and Rika were great in it. I was impressed by Mai and Minami, too. Unfortunately, I like Nocchi less after watching it. :lol: My favorite performance was Suki Sugite Baka Mitai or Seishun no Custard. :heart:

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Hey! shirenu said the skits was da bomb so I had to look  :lol:

Direct DL of this EPIC Concert!!!


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