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Author Topic: Nanakusa 2.5 :: Ye Olde Remix  (Read 1506 times)

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Nanakusa 2.5 :: Ye Olde Remix
« on: December 06, 2007, 12:12:53 PM »
Yeah, okay, you see how there's not a chapter here?

That's 'cause I don't know where to start. I have just about everything planned out now... the starting point is just a little fuzzy.

Why's that?

Because, quite frankly, I don't want to reiterate the story again, and what's happened is pretty much going to happen (because I had it planned out before), but with like two twists (like a Zelda game).

So, the question is, where do you all want me to start?

.... Yeah yeah, I do have something I'm holding out on you... It's froofy too, I don't like it, but you're gonna see it anyways.

Prologue :: At Epilogue's End

No one could have seen it coming.

No one was prepared for what could have possibly come from three old men feuding over who was better.

No one even knew they existed.

But it came.

I've had to bury a lot of people in the past, sometimes twice. Sometimes I wanted to bury them, but most times it hurt to see them go.

Especially when half of these deaths could have been prevented... if we had just known about the decade long feud before this all started.

My name is Yoshizawa Hitomi, and this is my account of the Nanakusa War.

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Re: Nanakusa 2.5 :: Ye Olde Remix
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2007, 02:33:20 PM »
A remix? I still don't understand the original.  :lol:

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Re: Nanakusa 2.5 :: Ye Olde Remix
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2007, 04:16:22 PM »
This is me rewriting EVERYTHING. I just wanna know where people want me to start.

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Re: Nanakusa 2.5 :: Ye Olde Remix
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2007, 07:14:51 PM »
From the beginning!! Just kidding. I mean, I liked how the first story started and I would prefer that to just flashbacks and memories. BUT, it's all up to you. You know where the story's going. Ha. I'm sorry. I'm not very helpful...

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Re: Nanakusa 2.5 :: Ye Olde Remix
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2007, 05:29:52 PM »
Prologue, pt. 2 :: When We Last Tuned In

whytphyre: Hi everyone. Yeah, so I've decided that instead of choice A or choice B, we're going with choice C.

Umeda: Yeppers ^^

whytphyre: Shush you, I haven't even told them what choice C was.

Umeda: ;.;

whytphyre: Anyways, I've hired Umeda Erika to re-cap all that was happening in a short chapter instead of screwing with your brains.

Umeda: So she can screw with them later!

whytphyre: Yeah, sure. So, Erika, what's been going on so far?

Umeda: Okay, so... in a nutshell... wait... this ain't a nutshell!

whytphyre: Five pages is too a nutshell!

Umeda: Compared to the first story? Yeah, I'll give you that... but I'm not rambling on for that long....

whytphyre: But...

Umeda: Shush! It's my turn to talk now! Anyways, the story starts with Yoshizawa-senpai almost getting murdered by Saki...

whytphyre: Don't forget to mention who Saki i-


whytphyre: 0.0!

Umeda:.... Saki, who's Ayaya's evil split personality.... Goto-senpai finds her, and saves Yoshizawa-senpai with her fun little healing powers... ooo, did you give everyone powers?

whytphyre: ....... *thinks*....... Yes.

Umeda: What's mine? Is it cool!?

whytphyre: Breaking the fourth wall...

Umeda: Lame!

whytphyre: Do you even know where the fourth wall is located?

Umeda: No. Whatever... Meanwhile, while Goto-senpai and Yoshizawa-senpai are having fluff moments and morbid fluff moments... Morning Musume is dealing with Miki's FRIDAY fiasco..... dude, this is so dated...

whytphyre: *opens mouth*

Umeda: *patented Miki glare here*

whytphyre:..... *closes mouth*

Umeda: Yeah, so Reina and Miki go to investigate why Sayumin's acting all weird and why Miki's boyfriend almost got assulted... while Erinin and Panda Pr-...... Junjun get kidnapped while at the zoo... and held for ransom. Reina and Miki find crazy Koharu instead of Sayumin... who trotted off to work, finds Miya-san... and why am I not in this story?

whytphyre: Because your power is breaking the fourth wall...


whytphyre: Because I didn't know who you were at the time! *waves at FIM from a distance*

Umeda: You suck.

whytphyre: Nuh uh!

Umeda: My turn again!

whytphyre: But-

Umeda: Ai-chan finds Sayumin and Miya-san, Erinin and P-Jun escape the clutches of the bumbling idiots known as their captors, Goto-senpai tries to reason the heck out of poor Yoshizawa-senpai... who just wants some not for young viewers loving... Gaki-san gets shot... hey, morbid much?

whytphyre: Yeah... angst is my comfort food ^^

Umeda: I changed my mind, I don't want to be in this story... oh! Gaki-san gets sorda saved by Goto-senpai... while she and Yoshizawa-senpai are on their way to see Tsunku-san... Ai-chan intercepts them, gives Yoshizawa-senapi a death glare, and some... stuff is sorted out... you don't even get what's going on there yourself, do you?

whytphyre: *shrugs*

Umeda: Did you even write that part?

whytphyre: *thinks*... no... wait... yes... Trick questions!

Umeda: ^^;;. Miki leaves Koharu with Reina, and meets up with a frazzled Ayayayayayaya... who just shot two people... or was it Saki who shot two people... wait, it was Saki taking over Ayayayayaya's body. Then Yoshizawa-senpai and Goto-senpai get into an argument over Yoshizawa's pimpness, despite the fact that she was wrongly accused by Rika-chan... blahblahblah... Koharu has deus ex ma-huh?

whytphyre: Literary term, look it up.

Umeda: Whatever. Goto-senpai goes after Yoshizawa-senpai, who's just been told that she's going to die... by Kao-kao-san?... Yeah... she meets up with P-Jun... who's sobbing over Erinin getting shot... geez... anyways... and Miya-san's about to get killed by two evil men! And that's... where you left off, right?

whytphyre: Yep ^^

Umeda: What about 2.0?

whytphyre:......... You... and Maimi got a hold of that... and broke it... remember?

Umeda:.... Oh... ^^ Yep

Maimi: Don't you dare bring me into this...

Umeda: Too late!

whytphyre: ^^;; So, there ya have it. If you need to recap on EXACTLY what happened in Nanakusa 1.0, Have fun. It's real confusing. Good luck.

Umeda: And it takes a lot for an author to say that and mean it ^^

whytphyre: I like my out of sequence shit. Leave me alone!

Umeda and Maimi: Oooo, you swooooore. We're tellin' on you!

whytphyre: Who're you gonna tell?

Umeda:..... I think I'll tell Yoshizawa-senpai, whaddya think Yassui-chan?

Maimi:.... I like that plan ^^

whytphyre: I don't!

*both C-ute girls run off before anything else can be said.*

whytphyre:... *sighs*... well, before I get mauled for swearing in front of them *grumbles* I'll go hide, and write chapter one ^^;;

*curtain falls just before the words 'SHE SAID WHAT?!' echo through the ...... room place thing.*

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Re: Nanakusa 2.5 :: Ye Olde Remix
« Reply #5 on: December 10, 2007, 10:54:32 PM »
Wow... The recap was just as confusing as the story... But funny.

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