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Author Topic: "The mystery of Happiness"  (Read 1482 times)

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"The mystery of Happiness"
« on: May 02, 2008, 02:20:08 AM »
This is my first chapter of this story.
It is common.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Chapter I: The start of destination.

The rain fell heavily on the floor which slowly began to fill with puddles of water.

The cars began splashing water and sometimes getting wet to the people passing by. 

Dense clouds were oppressing the sunlight, not allowing to trespass to any of the beams.
They were like a cloth covering everything.

A huge mantel of gray clouds was overtaking the enormous sky.
It was freezing…

The weather was too cold…
Everything was silent and that situation gave bring certain nostalgia…

Those feelings that sometimes caused too much sentiment and caused the verge of tears…

On top of that, everything seems to agree. The weather, the silence, the cold, the rain for an occasion like this…

-    The sky cries.
-    And I…

And I… - someone said, in a low voice, which was reclined on the outside doors. It was just about to leave butit was stopped by the pain.  Without any idea of how long remains in that place, the only that was for sure is that it wasn´t even started to rain and then stay admiring how the drops fell slowly to the ground until suddenly becoming in stronger drops falling on hastily.

Crying silently…
- And I… -

- You can clean your tears with this. -Interrupted a voice that sounded behind her and covered her with an umbrella at the same time that extended the hand living her a white handkerchief that brought two initial two yellow letters: M and Y.-
- You are going to get wet all if you are still without an umbrella and could match a cold.
The girl who was immersed in his thoughts, take the white handkerchief that the young one offered her and quickly clean the tears that were draining from her wet eyes.

His curly light brown hair turn at the side along with his head putting full attention and noting the person that friendly was covering her from the rain with her umbrella.
She admires the elegance and how beautiful it was this young girl.

Her hair was a straight, silky and shiny black color, very beautiful. Her skin was white as not had any idea, on his face there was several dots which gave her a hint of spectacular and captivating making her very attractive.

Her personality, full of glam and confidence was gifted with a stunning presence that
Beyond her seriousness, her facial expressive gestures were delicate and cheerful.

Her eyes sometimes proved to be too deep, too expressive.
She had a strong and intense gaze, which at times were as a ghost that can trespass your body.

And the most admirably is that she always combines all herself with that beautiful smile that she showed. A smile so warm and sweet that really reaches to you.

Many wondered how she can handle all this. That delicate smile, as contagious as admirably, so relaxed that tell you that everything is fine and will calm you. How can a face be serious and yet so playful and expressive?

That girl that many love to watch and loved when they were close to her, in his presence was Yajima Maimi.

-    ¿Maimi…?

The light brown eyes of the young crying girl shined when looking at Maimi

The other girl has a beautiful light brown wavy hair. Her skin was white, and it was almost the same height of Maimi.

Her factions were playful, and his face was serious but also playful and fun. She was also a very pretty and nice girl. Oddly, both were reserved and serious at some times. She was Risako Sugaya.

- Risako-chan Are you OK?
No answer to the question, she just launched herself towards Maimi hugging her with force. Maimi was taken by surprise and her umbrella fell.
Both were freezed at the moment; in the outdoors and getting wet by the rain… But they didn´t care at all.

They never matter at that time to get wet or soak…
Maimi stretched her arms to comfort Risako, trying to calm her.
They remained for a while; times keep on moving and Risako remained mourning with a profound sense. Maimi already felt the breeze going throught her body, most of her clothes were soaked.

- Risako…
How can I help you? --
To the surprise of Maimi Risako stop crying, moved her head from Maimi´s chest and look at her eyes.
Maimi saw her eyes still filled with tears in Risako and with a tremor and low voice with much difficulty Risako told
- Maimi-chan… I…
I ruined your… handkerchief… look… this wet and salty… --

- Yes, it's okay Risako, do not worry, is not important -
- Maimi,, could be too daring for me to ask you to take me away from here, away from this place.-
- In fact, I was going to a cafe.-
Risako nodded, Maimi crouch down and take her umbrella, when she stand up again  a Sugaya was watching her and for the second time she hugs her and sticks to her chest. Maimi drops her umbrella again since this took her by surprise.
- Risako…? - Says Maimi surprised.
You smell so nice Maimi-chan. It is a soft and pleasant odor… your chest is so nice and warm… This feeling is pleasant… --

- Risako… Arigato… - tells Maimi staying confused and surprised at what you just Sugaya said.
This time was Risako who ducks and recovers the umbrella, she grab it and covers both the rain.
So both depart from the building in which they were and leave to a cafeteria.

In the distance a person smiled while watching both going away.
- What a generous act… --
-- So… talking alone? And… Spying? I would have imagined that from anyone except yourself.-
A beautiful young lady with wavy brown hair and light brown skin arrives next to the person who was looking at Maimi and Risako.
-- Since when you were here? - Asks the girl to the newcomer.
- Since you arrived behind Maimi-chan.- replied.
- It was coincidence.- It defends it in a serious tone.
- I do not say otherwise, but your coincidences take you to remain observing them.-
-- Enough! Mikitty.  I was only surprised to see how she calmed Sugaya-chan.-
- yes… It was a very nice gesture .-
- She is someone very kind and educated .-

Miki gets closer to the girl with straight hair up to the shoulders and reclines on her.
fix her sight in the face as white as snow of her lady friend until she reach her eyes black.
Tell me-… It caught your attention is not it? --
- Is someone like any other person.- tells annoying.
- Whatever you say!
But do not get pissed off! - Tells Miki following her friend who left her talking alone.

When opening the main gate of the site, some bells that were hung at the entrance to the location sounded. The first girl in enter hit herself with one of the bells and also the one following her behind. Well, the bells were still moving.

But what a pair of clueless and recklessness girls have come.- says an old man, touching the bells that were still moving. His voice was full of energy despite her age was to not show such conditions.
Both girls are rubbing her forehead from pain.
- Open your eyes, wide open girls! –Told them the old guy- Such a pair of girls…, let´s go! Sit at that empty table next the fireplace, so you can dry because you are all wet.-
The old man ordered the girls and they go and take their seats.
Both removed their wet sweaters and a very nice lady takes and places them somewhere else.
- I will try to dry them while you are removing the cold from your bodies and drinks this warm and delicious chocolate.- Winks her eye and smiles.

Both says thanks at the same time and returned the same smile.
- But what a nice pair of girls -tells them wile going away from them smiling.
The site was nice and reconfirming. They weren’t trembling with cold like a moment ago, now both were in a warm and comfortable place. It was strange, the decoration. The people who were at the service were few but very kind and nice.

The elder who welcome them was bringing two cups of chocolate.
- Here, i hope that fall within your overall satisfaction.-
- Thanks a lot.- the two youths said at the same time. Both give a sip of their fee.
Then he brings some cookies.
Maimi takes one and gets her first bite.
- Delicious, Try them Risako-chan.-
Risako also takes one to try.
-- You're right! They are delicious! Exclaimed Sugaya –know feeling better and in a good mood.
- I am glad that you have liked them.-
- Maimi-chan? –
- Yes? --
-You've already been in this place?
- Yes, answers smiling.
- Alone?

l´ve come alone and with company, I always come when we are required by the agency, gives me no mood to go further and I was pleased when I found out about this place, I completely like it, but…
Is been a while since last time I was here, that´s why I was despisted with the adornment of the bells, those weren´t there before.-
- Now I understand the close treatment of the elder.-
- Yes, he´s a good person, despite what you think of him .-
Risako smile to the commentary of Maimi-chan because she said it in a low voice trying not to be heard by the older.
- Maimi-chan, forgives me for the troubles I caused by…
Sorry for not content me. You may think that I am a crying baby, maybe you have something to do and because of me…
Maimi took a finger to his mouth and refused with her head.
- No way, I didn’t think that not even a moment. – She said to Risako.

- Why has not asked me what happened, why do not requested any explanation when I asked her to take me to a site away from the agency… And even know a not make me any question. Why? --
Maimi remains silent, gives another sip to the chocolate and joined the conversation.
- I have no right to ask, I do not like being untimely… I win nothing bothering you with interrogatives and remembering you why you where there.
Risako remains admired and puzzled to the answer full of clarity and reason that Maimi gave her.

- We have had a strong argument… Miyabi and I, maybe I went too far or acted like a person who owns something that I do not belong.
Lately I watch her hanging around more with Momo-chan, both laugh together, leave together and seem that she is enjoying more being next to her.
Momo-chan is very friendly, very nice, I know that.
And I answer in a way too rude, I was so mean carrying with I,t so unpleasantly that hurt myself, she does not deserve that.
Miyabi not stand it and call my attention so bad that hurts me too.
I never had a dispute in this way with her, it was too intense, it was so intense what we said to each other.
I couldn’t contain…

Just did´nt and I think that I speak too much.
Many things I said them without thinking, just for say them…
She told me that I was not the same Rii-chan, and i was acting as an immature and capricious person, that she completely unknown me and that I was too rude and used bad manners.-
- Now I understand that sentimental crying …
Momo-chan is a very kind, gentle and gracious person and you are very noble. Both are different and I think that Miyabi liked the two the same and even she seems to act different with the two, I do not think she prefer one over the other .-

- You think so?
- I assure you, I’m completely sure.
She appreciates both of you… can not prefer more one than the other. And about Momoko I think she deserves an apology, we all makes mistakes from time to time. You know what to do, or where time talking with her and apologies.
They kept drinking their chocolate, quickly the cups were empty.
- I will talk with her as soon as I can; tomorrow we have been schedule to go to the agency. There I’ll take advantage and give them my apologies to.
- Yes, it seems like a great opportunity.
- I owe to you this one, if had it not been for you I can´t think in what state I could ended.
- It is nothing, if I had not done anything, I would be very worried about you .
- Thanks.

The lady came back with the sweaters of the girls and returns them.
Maimi look at his watch, it was 8:00 at night.
- It has become late, it is time for us to leave.-Risako said while stands up.
- Yes. - Maimi agrees with Risako.
The two are standing up and putting the chairs next to the table. Then go to the cashier and pay the bill.
Both left the cafeteria and open up the umbrella to cover since it was still raining.

They arrived at the bus station.
It was the stop that takes you next to the central subway station.
Maimi extends her hand and gives the umbrella to Sugaya.
- Take it.
- But…
- Do not say anything more.
Maimi smile her, with that sincere smile.
- Thanks Maimi-chan, soon I will return it.
- Yes. Good evening, until tomorrow. – Maimi dismissed.

Risako stops and looking at her she jumps towards her. Everything happened suddenly, the bus arrived but Risako was no longer there, she boarded the bus running; then the bus leave.
Maimi took one of her hands to her cheek.
And stay unmoved in the rainy night.
- If you keep that way and don´t cover yourself from the rain you will catch a strong cold. - Told her a voice too familiar that she spin backwards and saw a girl holding an umbrella not allowing that she gets wet anymore very. The girl nicely smiles to her.
Her hair reached until the shoulders and was a bright and straight like Maimi´s hair.
Her skin was clear as the snow.

Maimi blush when she saw at the eyes of that person starring at here.
- Sorry…
-- Why did you apologize? You don´t have an umbrella because you give it to Sugaya-chan, and I'm just being polite in stop to cover you from the rain but… I´m think in give it to you.
- I wasn’t thinking in asking you, not even recipe it from you. – Yajima strikes back
- It is late and it is something dangerous that a girl aged 16 walk alone through the streets of Tokyo at night.
-- Since when are you here? – Maimi drastically interrupts.
- Since you gave Sugaya-san the umbrella. - She replied
- Thank you for being so kind, I have to go.
- It know that yu do not have confidence in me, but we are companions of the same agency, please leave all that aside and analyzes the situation that you are.
The girl removed from his pocket a red cell and gives it to Maimi she smiles and also takes out from her pocket an identical cell of the same brand and color as the couple.
- Mother…

She couldn’t finish talking to her mother, because her cell was taken away so quickly by the young lady.
- Mrs Yajima, sorry to talk you at this time of the night but it rains in Tokyo and is dangerous for a young girl as your daughter to walk alone in the streets. Carefully analizing the situation the best is that she spends the night in my home.
Maimi was paralyzed by the action that made that recklessly person.
- I understand, yes, i agree…
Do not matter; I will take the responsibility of her.
Yes, thanks. the young woman finish talking and handed his cell to Maimi. Nice phone Yajima-chan, is identical to mine, I can tell you have an excellent taste… Let's go then.
" a look can say more than words" and " a look can even denude the heart"

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