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Author Topic: Settling (chapter 38-FIN)  (Read 42823 times)

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Re: Settling (chapter 38-FIN)
« Reply #180 on: May 21, 2008, 01:00:59 AM »
So I probably will write a sequel now that so many people want me to =] but...not for a while cuz I want to focus on my other fic (which you should all check out)

JFC I thank you very much because that is exactly what I wanted people to think about this story

gah... *grabbing a pencil...* this one deserves a YoMiki fan art...  :P
i hope i'm not busy... hehehehehe  :sweatdrop:

! A fanart for my story  :D
That would be awesome...

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Re: Settling (chapter 38-FIN)
« Reply #181 on: July 26, 2008, 07:31:03 PM »
 :hip burp:


 That's how you left me.....

  :hip depress: my heart in pain  :mon waterworks: my tears.... neverending.

 It was about two or three days ago that I decided to read this fic..
 After watching the trailer which I fell in love with I decided I was going to read this rather than do my homework or study for my test or -ultimately- sleep..

 But as I started reading the feelings of sadness mixed with happiness turned into despair and depression as the chapters went on and the two starcrossed lovers had yet to achieve their nirvana.

 I am typing this while my heart is continuing to break and as I sob I try to hold onto the hope that one day... maybe even tomorow .... this fic will continue and Miki will get her Yossui because that is the only thing keeping me from reaching a state of catatonia and uttering only small phrases such as 'why?' and 'no'.

 I loved it.

 I love every minute of it.

 I love the characters, the setting, the everything! That's why I am so crushed to see that they don't end up together.

 Miki is ever so accomodating to Aya by sacrificing her own happiness for so long to keep her as happy as possible and yet when she does breakaway and do what must be done so not only she but Aya as well can progress then she gets mislead to believe that she is not wanted and leaves and becomes Aya's bitch again -pardon my french but that's pretty much what she is. Aya says jump and she does it! She definitely trained her better than Rika did.....

 And Yoshi... why was she crying? Was it because she realised that she was gonna have to get back with Rika or something? I think it was because she really regretted hurting her but she couldn't do anything about it.

 I really hope that Yoshi would keep the necklace after all. I hoped that even if they didn't get back together in the 37th chapter then maybe they could've in the 38th.

 Actually  I had a baaad feeling from the second I saw the title. I thought "settling..  but for what?"

 well now I know.

 BTW I noticed some typos that cracked me up. Mainly because it was a really sad point that I looked at the next word and saw something that made no sense and it kinda lightened the mood a bit so I might've laughed through my tears a bit.

 ok this is me....

 Yoshi and Rika get together :  :mon lovelaff:

 Miki and Aya get together :  :gmon heartu: :gmon twirl:

 then Miki and Yoshi bond :  :gmon cny: :gmon sing: :gmon shy: :gmon sweet:

 then Yoshi and Rika have their anniversary and Yoshi gives her the necklace :  :gmon getout: :gmon tears: :gmon no: oooooooooooooooooooo

 then Yoshi and RIka do IT: And I said NO DON'T DO IT YOU'RE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE!

 then Miki and Aya have their date : :gmon getout: :gmon tears: :gmon no: oooooooooooooooooooo


 Miki realises she loves Yoshi :  :mon santa2: :mon santa3: :gmon bang: :gmon heartu: :gmon hot: :gmon love2:

 then Miki realises she loves both people :  :gmon shy: :gmon ringu: (contrast)

 Yoshi realises she loves Miki :  :mon santa2: :mon santa3: :gmon bang: :gmon heartu: :gmon hot: :gmon love2:

 then realising the whole thing just got a helluvalot more complex :  :gmon ringu: :gmon tears: :mon wtf: :mon headbang: :mon runcry: :mon mad: :mon ghost: :mon cheek: :mon surr: :mon prayer: :mon ill: :mon POd: :mon hanky: :mon scare: :mon annoy: :mon huh: :mon lol: :mon ref:

 what next? hmm... who was the first to distance? oh right I remember now!

 Yoshi and Rika break up :  :mon freeze: :mon waterworks: but also a sense of  :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer:  :farofflook: finally she's free!

 Yoshi and Miki are about to kiss :  :ding:  :tama-laff: :tama-yeeaah: :tama-heart: :tama-music: :tama-apeshit: :tama-lotsaluv: :tama-excite: :tama-excite: :banana: :leek: :tama-bigheart: :tama-slide: :sheep love: :bouncy boobs: :bounceblob: :lock: :rockon: :bow: :bow: :bow: :hump:
 Miki pulls away :  :grr: :depressed: :shock: :scared: :imdead: :on_plug: :on_puddle: :on_hot: :dizzy: :OMG: :badluck: :cool2: :hip cry: :hip depress:  :gyaaah: :err: :fainted: :frustrated: :angry1: :badluck: :poke: :computer: :mon annoy: :fuckyou: :bangchair: :punchballs: :knee: :kickass:  :mon freeze: :mon ref: :mon  :mon emo: :mon zoom: :mon blood: :mon barf: :mon whine: :mon whine: :mon whine: :mon whine:

 anyway, Miki gets back and chooses to stay with the safe thing Aya :  :mon nwei: :mon waterworks: :mon runcry: :mon runcry: :mon runcry: :mon runcry: :mon runcry:

 then having to stay away from Yoshi :  :mon ghost: :mon mad: At least Yoshi tried for them. She tore Rika's heart because she knew something was missing, but Miki was both too weak to be able to do that to Aya and at the same time so selfless as to give Aya herself when she knew that wasn't what she wanted... what she needed. I really think that Miki has some really low self esteem which is why time after time she has asumed that Yoshi loves Rika and doesn't love her even though she went so far as to say it in the end!

 let's skip a bit...

 Miki breaking up with Aya was sad but it needed to be done.. I think that Aya really needed to learn to be away from her. She needs to be able to be hher own self and not rely on Miki so much. I mean she didn't even make any other friends. She needs to be more independent and with Miki loving her so much and babying her she doesn't feel she needs anyone else. Ergo in the subsequent years Miki has bonded slightly with some of the other girls but Aya has not made any other friends.  I remember some point where Miki said the only one she hated was Rika and that she could sort of stand the others. Granted this was before Koharu joined XD

I love you heyyouhiya... and I don't think this story ending here is what either of us wants. I know you, I know you wont let an innocent pair of soulmates not be with eachother! I know it! It must be true.

 I love the whole complete-incomplete thing you have going and how they both needed to be with someone to realise they are what makes eachother complete. It's not like other fics where they are just drawn to eachother instantly and they get together slloooooowwwwllyyyyy. They are with other people and they realise that something has always been missing and slowly come to terms with the fact that they are in love with eachother. But sadly they also know that they are unavailable but they think the other doesn't reciprocate their love so it is really sad to see this endless cycle of kataomoi coming from four different people.........

 Then there's Eri and Reina. I'm glad they finally got together but with the title being "Settling" I have a really bad feeling this whole passionate love is going to go down in flames.... I don't think Reina will be falling out of love soon... neither will Eri.. so maybe it will be some misunderstanding... God I hope not!

 I thought their stories would intertwine more though..... I thought there'd be more comraderry between them but I guess I was wrong... oh well.

 I am glad at least one good couple exists in this fic.. can't wait for TakaGaki in the sequel though XD

 Although I felt a bit happy for Aya cause she must've been going through hell while the trip was on and that I still think that scene needed something more... at least tell us what Aya looked like... like if she looked like she'd been crying still or if she was a mess etc. cause I kinda imagined her with a harsh look while Miki begged for forgiveness on her knees (virtually... not exactly that way but it seemed that Aya was doing her a favour! Bah! of all the nerve.....)

 and Rika I felt really sorry for when I read that stuff in her letter and her POV when she gave her the letter but I still felt really depressed and sad when they got back together...... If there was only a way to make it stop hurting... sory, talkin about my heart again...

 I really really love the ending. Its sweeetness and nostalgia tore a new hole in my heart to the point where it now permanently gushes blood and other kinds of cells from my frame from the hole in my chest so now I am just... a bit blood fountain and am in serious pain ... and in dire need of some medical attention.. but how can you mend a broken heart? well.. you know! But will you? *puppy eyes*

She kissed you lightly on the cheek before exiting the room. Leaving us unknowingly alone.

You looked down at your feet, “Yea I guess so…oh well…” You sighed and finished packing up your bag.

I began to tear up, I don’t really know why. Do you really miss me that much Yossui?

Suddenly you spoke, but to no one in particular. “I love you Kuwagata.” And you left the room.

Slowly I came out from my hiding place and watched the spot where you had been standing moments before.

“I love you too Kabutomushi.”

 and that's when I started crying again as my heart slowed down from its state of doki-doki and reverted to its state of heart-breaky.

 Kuwagata............ Kabutomushi............  :mon runcry:

 now if you'll excuse me I have to cry myself to sleep.
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Re: Settling (chapter 38-FIN)
« Reply #182 on: August 01, 2008, 02:26:36 PM »
A wonderful story  :mon inluv:

 me reading the story =  :onioncheer: :farofflook: :luvluv1:  :OMG: :badluck: :hee: :frustrated: :scolding: :wriggly: :nya:
me as the story end =  :pleeease: :gyaaah: :stoned: :fainted:

Thanks for the work  :kneelbow: 


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Re: Settling (chapter 38-FIN)
« Reply #183 on: August 12, 2008, 08:50:09 PM »
saw this on h!o, can't wait for the update :D


i hoped for a yomiki ending :cry:. :lol:

Nice, GJ, i love it :wub:
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