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Author Topic: Robocop (2010)  (Read 834 times)

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Robocop (2010)
« on: July 31, 2008, 07:21:21 PM »


Darren Aronofsky's RoboCop Reboot To Be Rated R

Last Thursday just as Comic-Con was beginning, MGM decided to announce that Darren Aronofsky was officially directing the RoboCop reboot. However, since that announcement was made, so many new questions have come up: what would it be rated, would it be a direct sequel, would they keep the same themes, and so on. MTV caught up with producers Brad Fischer and Mike Medavoy and tried to get most of those questions answered. The good news is that they expect the film to be rated R, but ideally it's up to Aronofsky in the end. Additionally, they say that this reboot will be much more like Batman Begins than a direct sequel in line with any of the three previous RoboCop movies.

Fischer explains that "none of [the earlier films are] going to be canonical, as a matter of fact… I wouldn't say it's a direct sequel." Fischer's co-producer Medavoy says that they prefer the term "reimagining" instead, as has already been used to describe numerous other projects, including the upcoming Day the Earth Stood Still. While neither of them would even hint at the story, it sounds like this will be a new idea on its own featuring the "concept" of RoboCop but in a different time and place and with a different story. Throwing around Batman Begins is just a way of generating buzz - because all producers like to say that they're own reboot will be as heralded as Batman Begins. Most don't even have that kind of potential to begin with, but this one does. Why? Because the incredibly talented Darren Aronofsky is directing.

Medavoy also confirms that they're open on the rating. "Well I was involved with the original RoboCop, and it was an R, and the likelihood is that this will be an R. It's likely to be an R unless the director cuts back on some of it." I doubt Aronofsky would cut back if the script is great, but who really knows? Everyone seems to be so rating crucial these days, so it's at least a relief to hear that they're not trying to cut it down to a PG-13 level. But getting back to the actual film and the idea, why is RoboCop being rebooted at all? Medavoy explains that primarily the themes within the original have become even more relevant today.

    "The themes of machines and technology, for instance, that's certainly become even more prevalent today in terms of man giving up certain things to his creations and his technology and his reliance to that. It's pretty provocative stuff," he said. "You've got people today with all kinds of different implants and mechanical implants. Where does that person become no longer human? After the first one? After 50 percent of the brain gets replaced? A lot of the themes that we dealt with in the original are still very interesting to us."

Although Medavoy's explanation doesn't really make me any more confident, I'm still very excited for this based on Aronofsky alone. Relevant themes are never an entirely legitimate reason for a reboot, because as long as they've got a great story, technology is where it needs to be, and there is a good creative team, then it's always the "right time." And 21 years since the original hit theaters seems like a great time to see Alex J. Murphy rise from the dead again. I'm a huge Aronofsky fan and will remain consistently excited for this reboot until I see or hear something that changes my opinion. As far as I'm concerned, Aronofsky's probably going to actually bring us an awesome reboot on the level of Batman Begins - so be prepared!
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Re: Robocop (2010)
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