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Author Topic: Monstrous-Chapter five!  (Read 5047 times)

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Monstrous-Chapter five!
« on: October 29, 2008, 08:06:19 PM »
Working in a haunted house....seeing people walk around in scary costumes like it was normal....inspired me, to say the least. And what good timing! Right before Halloween. If I was in a haunted house at Christmas....That would be odd, right?
The title sucks, I know, so if you have a better one-or any at all-please suggest it.
Please enjoy it, I already love writing it!

Prologue: An intruder at H!P headquarters…

The darkened sky outside drizzled miserably, inky black, 2:30 in the morning above the H!P building. Inside, all the girls had retired to their beds, and the halls were silent and dark, except for the hall with Tsunku’s office. The door was ajar, the computer monitor lighting up the room, and by extension, the small path through the half-opened door. The click and clack of computer keys were audible amongst the rustle of papers. Someone was inside.
The hooded, masked figure was looking for something. But what?
She clicked on the keys, anxious in looking at the clock at the short minutes ticked by…two…three…
Finally, she paused. She leaned over, holding a flickering penlight over the page. It looked like some sort of list, in code. The first line was, NY-ECGMM-74595. Beneath was more coded lines, enough to describe something. Similar headings and coded lines continued down, each starting with something similar…TA-MM-56294… MA-EC-59272…
The hooded girl grinned. This was what her boss wanted. She stuffed the page in her pocket, turning off her penlight, and rushed out the door, only to pause. She could hear the tap of the guard’s shoes on the floor, coming her way. She ducked back into the room, under Tsunku’s darkened desk. She was just in time, the guard poked his head in, looked around, and left, whistling down the hall.
She left the office, running rapidly through the halls and out a side door, onto the wet streets of Tokyo.
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Re: Monstrous Musume-Prologue
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2008, 02:54:29 AM »
hmm... who could this be >.< haha you got me hooked...^^ can't wait till post first chapter! who could this girl be... and what was she doing... all those codes... Since you said its gonna be good for Halloween coming up.... I thought it might be a horror... but now I'm wondering how this story will develop ^^

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Prologue
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2008, 06:23:27 PM »
My first opinion on it!


I think you'll like it.

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Prologue
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2008, 06:40:27 PM »
Good job 'Lana-Chan.

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Prologue
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2008, 11:54:29 PM »
short but awesome i love me some musume mysterious :P
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Re: Monstrous Musume-Prologue
« Reply #5 on: October 31, 2008, 06:25:42 PM »

Yeah, it's kinda short. Like, maybe half a page in Word.

Which is okay, because I was writing Ch. 1, and realized, "Hey. I need a prologue."
...Ten minutes (or less) later, I had this part typed up.

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Prologue
« Reply #6 on: November 05, 2008, 08:38:15 PM »

And we finally see the girls!
I've tried spacing the paragraphs a little, so tel me what you think, okay?

Chapter One: A creepy day at the office

Lightning boomed behind the tall H!P building, brightening the windows. Rain pounded the pavement, and a pair of anxious faces peered out the window. Ai Takahashi hissed at the falling water. “It rains too much, doesn’t it?”

Ogawa Makoto stared at her like she was crazy. “Are you kidding? It’s so pretty, we should go swimming in the bay.”

“Are you crazy? Cats DO NOT like water. No, we do not, not at all.” The musume leader reminded her, her eyes shifting to the yellow eyes of a cat. “Makes my fur rise on end.”

The other girl laughed. “Maybe I’ll ask if Konkon, Sayumin and Hitomin want to come. The weather’s just perfect for a good dip in the water.”

“Have fun. I’ll curl up in my room, read, maybe watch a movie.” Ai left the graduated member to look out the window, staring out at the rain.

A pair of arm suddenly wrapped themselves around Ogawa’s chest. “Did you say go swimming?” A voice squealed in her back.

“Yes, Airi, I did.” She peeled the C-ute member off her back before planting her fists on her hips. “Do you want to come?”

“Why wouldn’t I? I’ll find Miyabi, I think she’s in the basement. Are you driving?”

“Yes. So don’t invite too many more, we won’t fit!”

Airi laughed, running off to the concealed door in the bathroom. Might seem like a odd place for a hidden door, but no one would poke around in a public bathroom for very long. She pushed the door open, and, when inside, opened a hidden panel in a stall and punched in her own code: SA-CT-03848. The second door slid open with a hiss. “Miyaaaaaabi!” Airi said in a singsong, skipping down the rough-hewn stairs. At their base was a platform without railings, and was totally surrounded by water. Lots and lots of water. In places, it was too deep to see the bottom, but special lanterns were hung strategically to provide light. Airi crossed her arms. Did she have to go and get the Berryz Kobou member on her own?


Apparently so.

Without pausing to take a breath, Airi swan dived into the water.

Her legs beneath her skirt melded together, bright green scales rippling down her legs and slightly transparent just below her belly button, as her fingers grew tiny hooked claws on the ends. She took on a slightly sinister, but still beautiful look. Airi kicked her tail, and swam downwards to the roofless hallway. Lined with eight doors, four on each side, they bore a name. Miyabi’s was second on the right, next to Airi’s own. She pounded on the door, until Miyabi opened. She, too, had a sinister beauty to her, and hooked fingers, but her tail was red. “What requires you to break down my door?”

“Ogawa’s going to the bay. And to think,” Airi huffed, sending bubbles upwards as she crossed her arms, “I got my new skirt wet to get you!”

“She’s going swimming…in this storm, one of the worst Tokyo's had in forty years?”


“Great! I’ll come, just have to grab a few things in my other room.” She swam through and closed the door. Airi had already started to swim up, so Miyabi hurried to catch up.

Airi was already opening the dry lock when she caught up. “Slowpoke,” Airi teased, opening the door as the pair swam in.

 “Not my fault you swam off when I was talking.” Miyabi said, faking irritation. “Now come on, Ogawa and the others are probably waiting for us.”

They lay on metal slabs as the water level lowered, their tails and fins becoming uncovered, until they were not covered by water. That was when their tails split into two legs, and their overall appearance returned to normal. Airi shuddered. “That feels awful sometimes. No problem going to our regular form, but going human again feels odd.”

“That’s because we’re born as sirens, with the ability to become humans,” reminded Miyabi.  “So it makes sense that it would feel weird.”

“Doesn’t mean I like it,” retorted Airi, pressing the button on her slab. Dryers on the wall slid out and blew warm air on her, drying her out. Miyabi shrugged and pressed her button. The girls hopped to the floor when they were dry, and punched in their respective codes to open the door. Miyabi’s was NM-BK-28636. Miyabi looked at Airi as the door slid open. “Meet you in the main room when I get my stuff. Tell Ogawa to wait for me.”

She ran off to her normal room. She didn’t keep her belongings in her basement room, because it was hard to put a pair of jeans over fins. And her clothes would get wet-or, rather, wetter. She passed Sayumi on her way, who looked a little glum. “What’s wrong, Shige-san?” she asked, stopping. “Aren’t you going swimming with us?”

Sayumi sighed. “Can’t. Tsunku is telling us who the lucky first member of generation nine is, and all Musume members have to go and welcome her.”

“Does he have to today? I mean, did you talk to him and explain?”

Sayumi ruffled Miyabi’s hair. “Tried. He said, ‘Regardless of whether you think the weather is perfect for swimming, duties to Morning Musume come first.’ ” She paused. “Eri’s not happy either. She was going to leave her shell and swim without it for a while, but instead, we greet a new member. Hardly seems fair, right?”

Miyabi nodded. “How many good rainy days do we get? Plenty, except for the fact that they’re usually too hot. Makes my tail itch and flake.”

“I know! Similar, but with different appendages.” Sayumi sighed, checking her watch. “I should go, he’s bringing her out in fifteen minutes. Maybe we can come after?” Miyabi nodded, and the two parted.

Morning Musume was gathered in a lounge area, the girls comfortable on couches, chairs, and, in Ai’s case, on a rug on the floor. They were waiting, not entirely eagerly, for the first of the ninth generation. “Nine already?” Risa asked. “Hard to believe. Seems like just yesterday, our fifth was being introduced to the older. And now, we’re the oldest!”

Ai shrugged. “I have to agree, but at the same time, seniority has its perks.”

Tsunku opened the door and walked in at the moment, silencing the conversation. “Girls,” he began, “So much has happened over the years. It’s now a little over a decade since the first generation released Morning Coffee, and now, the torch falls to you, and your new member.” He cleared his throat, and turned to reopen the door. “May I introduce you to our first member of the ninth generation, Nakamura Mika.”

The girl stepped into the room. She was petite, lithe, with large eyes and plump lips. Her eyebrows were nicely arched, and her nose was perky, if a tiny bit too long. She had straight bangs, and her straight black hair hung to her lower back. She gave the room a small smile and formal bow. “Hello, everyone. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The girls stared.

“Welcome to Morning Musume,” Junjun said, breaking the building tension.

“Nakamura’s tutor will be Aika.” Tsunku said over his shoulder. “I’ll leave you girls to get acquainted.”

It was silent for a moment, the awkwardness building by the second. Junjun scooched over on the couch and patted it. “Sit down. You might explode, standing there. You’re in the gang now.” Mika moved across the room and sat next to Junjun before smiling gratefully at the eighth generation member.

“So how old are you?” Eri asked her.
“I turned 16 two months ago.”

Eri shrugged. “Happy belated.”

“What was your audition song?” asked Reina.

“Mr. Moonlight. I simply adore the older songs. All are wonderful, but Mr. Moonlight is my favourite.” Mika said, her smile becoming dreamy.

“Stop interrogating the poor girl, you’ll scare her,” Junjun scolded. “Let’s start over. I’m Junjun.”








“And Risa.”

“Want me to show you around?” Aika asked. “I figure it might help if you knew your way around.”

“Oh, alright,” Mika said, sounding a little relieved. “Are we going now?”

Aika nodded and stood up. She and Mika stood up, Aika winking sneakily as she closed the door.

The remaining eight girls let out sighs of relief. “That was too close,” Risa groaned. “I almost went up in smoke. Literally. The girls laughed at that, like a secret joke.

“Well, I almost wrapped one of my arms around her. My third arm,” Junjun laughed.

Ai stretched out. “She’ll find out eventually, but for now, we’ll give the poor dear a break.” She looked at Eri. “Didn’t you and Sayumi want to go swimming, Eri? So why are you still here?”

The faces of both Eri and Sayumi brightened, and the girls stood up. “Well, I think I’m hungry, what about you, Sayu?” Eri asked, as the continued to back out slowly. “We’ll see you guys later,” the pair said quickly, before racing out the door.
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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter one up!
« Reply #7 on: November 06, 2008, 12:25:18 AM »
Great as always Chiiiiiiiii-Chan!

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter one up!
« Reply #8 on: November 06, 2008, 04:02:18 AM »
Momusu are sirens?! o.0
well, that's new...keep the good work!

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter one up!
« Reply #9 on: November 06, 2008, 07:31:44 PM »
Thaaaaaank you!

(I seem to be in a repeat-letters mood. )

And who says they're ALL sirens? There's only a few in all of H!P.

...Or are there?

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter one up!
« Reply #10 on: November 11, 2008, 01:43:40 AM »
Chapter two!
Not so pleased with the ending, but I really like this chapter. :3

Chapter Two-It was stolen?!

Reina was curled up on the couch, pouring over a thick, leather covered book. It looked positively ancient, and stains what looked like dried blood stained a few pages. It looked like it held secret, valuable information.
It was also extremely boring.
Reina yawned. “How does she expect me to read this whole thing in a week?” She muttered. “It might take me to next year to finish the first chapter. Darn forgotten script.”
“Are you still trying to read that, Reina?”
Linlin walked in, hopping over the couch and landing next to Reina. “That look on your face says ‘naptime’.
“Yuko’s insisting that this book will help my studies.” Reina explained, holding it up for Linlin to see. “I could hardly get past the introduction.”
Linlin laughed. “Might take you the next ten years to read it. You’ll be all old and wrinkly!”
“Well, not all of us are immortal justice-bringers, now are we?” Linlin smirked at Reina’s comment.
“Keep in mind, this immortal justice-bringer is already more than three hundred years old and may decide that that was unnecessary to say.”
“Yeah? Well, this unwrinkled girl could cast your butt on fire.”
“It’s already on fire!”
Both girls collapsed into fits of giggles. “It’s already on fire?” Reina chortled, tears rolling down her cheeks from laughter.
“And has been for three hundred years!” Linlin shrieked.
“WHAT is going on here?!”
The pair turned around to see a sleepy Abe Natsumi, rubbing her eyes with one hand and holding a micro bead pillow in the other. “Sorry, Nacchi,” Reina said. “Did we wake you up?”
“Yes, you did! Stupid bat hearing.” Abe joined them, sitting in an armchair across from them. “I do have to go out and eat tonight. Haven’t gone in a week, I’m starving. As in, you two are looking tasty. Wonder if I have any cans left in my room…” she trailed off, thinking.
“How can you drink that stuff?” Linlin asked, wrinkling her nose.
“Easy. I open my mouth and swallow.”
Reina and Linlin shuddered. “Gross.”
“I don’t ask Yossie why she eats raw, do I?” Abe said. “She does because she has to.”
“I guess.” Reina said thoughtfully. “I mean, I’m using fairy’s blood next week in my lesson. There’s no way to make whatever Yuko’ll teach me without it, right?”
“Fairy’s blood?” Abe said, perking up. “I can honestly say that that stuff is some of the finest I’ve drunk since I died. So light, and tingly, it makes you run around for a few weeks, and it was sweet and airy…”
“We get it,” Linlin said quickly. “I think I might throw up now.”
“Where did you get the blood, Reina?” Abe asked. Reina suddenly looked very shifty.
“Secret 3 A.M. blood test kit.”
“She’s gonna kill you.”
“It had to ferment for a month, I think she would have noticed by now.”
“Ah-hah!” A tiny voice squeaked. It seemed like it was coming from Abe’s pillow.
“Did you and Yaguchi team up or something?”
Abe grinned. “I get a pint of fairy blood now!”
Reina glowered. “Blame Yuko. She showed me how to take it without waking the person up.”
Linlin shook her head in amusement. She was about to say something, when her cell phone buzzed in her pocket. She pulled it out and read the new text message. “Says everyone needs to go to Tsunku’s office. ASAP. Something’s wrong.”
The girls of Hello! Project were clustered in and outside Tsunku’s office. The chatter mostly circled around ‘What’s going on?’ It seemed no one knew what happened.
Tsunku stood up from his head. “Everyone, someone has broken into my office and found the hidden drawer.”
A cold gasp rose. They all knew what was in his hidden drawer.
“The list was stolen. It was in code, but who knows how long it’ll take for the thief to figure it out?”
The girls looked among one another, worried and scared looks on all faces. Kumai Yurina raised her hand and said, “Can’t we get it back?”
“We don’t know who stole it, why they stole it, or where they took it.”
“Can’t we call the police?” Koharu asked.
The nearest member to Koharu, Miki, shot her a look. “No, we can’t. We tell anyone that a list of the members of H!P and what conditions they needed would turn all of us into science experiments, on cold lab tables.”
“Oh. Right.”
Tsunku cleared his throat for their attention. “For now, girls, we’re going to increase office security. Don’t let anyone follow you anywhere. If you think someone is, duck into an alley, or hide somewhere, and call another member or myself. And there will be a curfew of ten o’clock. Be in the building by then, or get a hotel room.”
“Aw, Tsunku, that’s when the clubs get going,” Yuko complained.
“And furthermore, you will be subjected to random tests to see if you are you.” Tsunku continued, ignoring the scowling Yuko. “We’re only doing this to protect the secret side of Hello! Project, and that means all of you. So no complaints!”
The majority of the girls were grumbling loudly.
“What’s going on?”
Mika had turned the corner to find more than forty pale faces. They looked like the cat who got caught eating the canary. “Erm…Yuko wanted to tell us something important,” Takahashi Ai said quickly, “But it turns out that she crashed another car.”
“I did no-“ Yuko started hotly, before being nudged in the ribs. “Er, I did not realize how dangerous I can be driving?”
“Ohhhh… So the rumors are true!” Mika cried with glee.
The girls froze, wondering the fastest way to get rid of Mika’s body.
“Nakazawa Yuko is a bad driver, after all! I wondered if that was a rumour, guess not!” Mika put a finger to her cheek, tilting her head. “How amazing!”
With visible sag, the girls relaxed. “Er. Yes. Listen, Mika, Tsunku took the time to tell us that he has to upgrade security.”
“Er…Someone broke in last night.” Ai said, the girls around her giving her looks. “So the security’s being improved to keep us safe.”
“Oh. That makes sense.” Mika responded, before yawning. “I think I want to take a nap…Aika, would you show me the way to my room again?” She looked a little sheepish. “I can’t remember the way.”
Aika nodded and the pair left. “Well, now what?” Yossie asked. Her voice was quiet, so that the retreating backs of Aika and Mika couldn’t hear. Well, Aika could, but not Mika. “That new girl might be targeted for information by whoever stole the list.”
“Why don’t we set up night watches?” Abe suggested, still grasping the pillow, and wearing her pyjamas. “That way, we can make sure they don’t come for her.”
“Good idea. Who wants to do tonight?” Glancing at each other, Iida Kaori and Abe raised their hands. “Good. I have a extra-strong walkie talkie set in my room.”
“Why do you have super-strong talkies, Yossie?” Risa asked.
“Uh…I had a thing for snooping as a kid?” Yossie tried, before switching topics. “One of us on her balcony, one in the corridor. “
“Balcony!” Kaori chimed.
“Corridor!” Abe said.
Yossie nodded. “Good.” She thrust her hand forwards, and was joined by everyone else piling their hands on top of hers. “And thus, we start the ‘Protect-the-Newbie-Who-Doesn’t-Know-We’re-All-Stuff-Of-Nightmares-Campaign’ begins!”
“Can we just call it the ‘PNWKWASON Campaign?” Koharu piped up. “Because ‘Protect-the-Newbie-Who-Doesn’t-Know-We’re-All-Stuff-Of-Nightmares-Campaign’ is kinda long.”
“…Okay, the ‘PUNKWASON Campaign begins!”

That night, Mika climbed into her bed. She had already added a bright blue bedspread, and it reminded her of her home a little. With a sleepy smile, she turned off her light and fell asleep.
Outside her room, Kaori looked at her watch. Abe. Was. Late. She was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago, and she-Kaori-should be on the balcony. “Late again,” she fumed.
Abe ran up a minute later. A trickle of blood ran down from the corner of her mouth. “Drunkards. I’m telling you, they choose the worst drinks. Minus Yuko. For some reason, her blood was good when she was drunk.”
“You’re late.”
“Yeah, well, you try drinking some guy’s blood when he’s pinning you down on a bed in his gross apartme-“
“Yeah, yeah, hurry up. Get me out to her balcony.”
Abe nodded, and they moved into Junjun’s room, next to Mika’s. “You’re late.”
“Blame me, Junjun.” Abe chimed.
Kaori pulled her arm, elbow down, off the rest of the limb and handed it to Abe. “Here you go.”
“That looks creepy, you know.”
“Just go, would you?” Abe took the arm and suddenly, in a small cloud of smoke, became a bat, the arm tucked in its feet. Abe squeaked, flying off Junjun’s balcony over to Mika’s, ten feet over.
The process was repeated with each of Kaori’s limbs, small enough for the batty Abe to carry, until Kaori’s head was in Junjun’s lap. “So, what’s new?” Junkun asked, braiding a piece of Kaori’s long hair.
“Well, my son broke his first hand yesterday,” she replied conversationally.
“Isn’t that bad?”
“Not for dolls. Means we’re growing up. He’s getting a new pair tomorrow.”
Junjun nodded as Abe swooped back in the room. “Won’t you have trouble reassembling when you join your limbs in the balcony?”
“Not really, I’ve put myself together hundreds of times. Have the walkie talkie?” Jujun nodded again. “Good. Abe should be back for it in a minute.”
Abe picked up Kaori’s head by the scalp, swooping out of the room again. She dropped Kaori’s head next to the pile of cold limbs, poofing human again for a minute. “This is exhausting.”
One of Kaori’s hand and wrist suddenly popped up and began reassembling the rest of her body, ending with her head. “Well, just bring over the talkie and then you’re done till a little before dawn. “
“Sure.” Abe poofed into a bat again before flying to Junjun’s room, before returning with the walkie-talkie and leaving again.
Kaori leaned on the balcony railing, the walkie-talkie in a pouch at her hip.
“I’m in position in front of the door,” Abe’s voice said, a little crackly over the talkie.
Kaori lifted it to her mouth. “Yossie wasn’t kidding, I can hear you perfectly.”
“That’s good. Usually these things are awful. I’m now putting it above her doorframe, so I can hang out and still hear it.”
“Ten four.”
“That means okay.”
Kaori could hear the poof and squeak of Abe becoming a bat. She sometimes wondered what it felt like, but then realized that she really didn’t want to know. Abe’s voice, a little squeakier and high-pitched than normal, came through. “I’m in position.”
“If you’re a bat, how are you talking?”
“I poofed back to a human head and neck. Heavy for a bat, you might be surprised to know. “
“For a bat? Well, yeah.” Kaori responded. “We should get back to paying attention and leave the channel clear in case someone tries to call in.”
“Fair enough.” A squeak followed just after, signifying Abe was batty again.
The remainder of the night passed without incident. The most exciting incident was when the shriek of a yowling cat came up from the street. Where the cat had its tail run over by a car. The sun was just beginning to show itself, when Abe came out of Junjun’s balcony. She squinted a little. “Shift’s over.”
Kaori breathed a sigh of relaxation. “My joints were getting stiff.”
“Know what you mean. All the blood rushed to my head.” Abe shook her aforementioned head, before poofing into a bat while Kaori removed her lower arm from its socket.
The process from the evening was repeated, until Kaori reassembled herself in Junjun’s room and yawned. “I’m going home and going to bed,” she said, while a sleepy Abe nodded. She didn’t bother with going to her home, she went upstairs to her room.
Mika woke from a peaceful sleep, the sun shining in through the balcony. It felt like someone had been watching over her all night but she shrugged it off as she stretched. She looked at a row of tiny ink marks on the inside of her wrist as she opened her closet.

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter two!
« Reply #11 on: November 22, 2008, 09:50:19 PM »
Chapter Three-You’re all WHAT?!

“Try it again, you’ll get it eventually.”
Ai and Mika were in the studio, Ai teaching Mika the routines she would need to learn. Mika’s forehead was coated in sweat, which was wiped off with her wristband. “Did it take this long to learn the first time?”
“Well, there was more of us to one choreographer. So a tiny bit longer. Here, let me show you again.” Ai began the dance again, doing it slowly so Mika could mimic her movements. 
Mika was fine until a tricky foot part. “How does it work again? Heel, in, out, jump?”
“No, Heel, jump, in, and out.” Ai said, repeating the part again. “It feels a little weird at first, but once you have it, it’s easy.” Mika tried it, and Ai clapped her hands together. “There! That was it, just right.”
“Great! Can we take five?”
Ai nodded, and they sat on a couple stools set against the mirror. “So, what do you think so far?”
“Well, I’ve only been here a week, but I know it’s hard work. And a lot of fun.” Mika took a drink from her water bottle. “And everyone is so nice.”
“We try to be, though it’s not always possible.” Mika started to chuckle, but stopped at the look on Ai’s face. It was deadly serious.
“Why is not always possible?”
“It’s just…not. No one can always be nice, but it’s a little harder around here.” Ai traced the floor with the tip of her shoe, her face hidden by a veil of her hair. “You’d be surprised if you knew the real reason why.”
“Can’t you tell me?”
Mika let herself fall to the floor, resting her arms and head on Ai’s knees. “Please tell me?”
“I…I can’t.” Ai hesitated for a minute, releasing her stiffened muscles and stood up. “Now, enough talk, let’s practice some more!”
Mika nodded, standing up. The music had barely been turned on when Umeda Erika poked her head in. “Hey guys, do you mind if we borrow the studio for a while?”
Ai and Mika glanced at each other. “We can go eat supper, it is getting late.” Ai said, to which Mika nodded in agreement. “Sure, you can have it.”
The pair grabbed their water bottles and music, and went to the cafeteria for food. “Noodles,” Ai said cheerily, slurping them with obvious delight. Mika was doing the same, and they were soon finished.
Mika leaned back in her chair, full and satisfied. “That was a good bowl of noodles.”
Ai nodded in agreement, as Aika ran into the room. Her eyes were wide with worry. “Ai!” she panted. “Have you forgotten what day it was?”
“No, it’s the full mo-Crud.” Ai stood up suddenly, as tense and rigid as Aika. “We’ve gotta go,” she told Mika quickly, before the pair raced out as fast as they could.
“…Okay?” Mika cocked her head, frowning. She stood up and ran after them, curious to find out what the big secret was. Everyone seemed to stop talking when she entered a room, or avoid her sometimes. And she once heard an extremely bizarre sound when she woke up in the night. Time to find out what was going on.
She could hear their hurried feet on the floor tiles, and stopped at a divided hallway. One way she had been down, the other she had been told she wasn’t to go through. The footsteps were coming from the Do-Not-Enter hallway, so she disregarded the rule to not go down and kept running.
The footsteps were slowing down up ahead, which she was thankful for: She had never been much of a runner, and she could feel a stitch running down her side. She leaned on the wall for a moment, before continuing down.
Murmured voice sounded anxious and worried up ahead. Mika recognized Ai and Aika’s voice, as well as Yossie’s and several others. It seemed like something was going on, and she wanted to know what.
She took a step forwards, pausing when she heard an agonized scream in the hallway ahead. Flinching, she took another tentative step forwards and rounded a corner, to come face to face with a door. The scream had come from the other side, and another scream, this one more feral in its intensity, wailed through. Taking a deep breath, Mika grasped the handle and flung the door open.
Inside the door was a room filled with scratches everywhere. The brick walls were covered in them, thick scratches that were parallel in sets of five and four. There was a row of cages large enough for a person each against a wall. Some people were clustered around several sets of manacles chained to another wall, whispering to one another. They all turned around when Mika burst in, their faces pale and drawn in shock. They had inadvertedly revealed who was chained to the manacles-and Mika could now see that there was leg chains, as well-her seniors, Yossie and Shibata Ayumi. In the cage was one of the H! P kids, Chisato.
Mika cautiously moved further, the trio who were manacled and caged writhing in obvious pain. Chisato let out another scream, which sounded a little like a howl.
“What-what’s happening?” she cried.
A pair of arms grasped her from behind, and pulled her back. “Just watch,”  a voice said calmly into her ear. “And you’ll see.”
The person’s arms were too strong for her to get free of them, so Mika complied, wincing as she saw the members scream and contort themselves in pain. Suddenly, she noticed something. Their hands were becoming clawed paws, their eyes became more feral…and was that a tail poking out from behind Ayumi?
A wave of nausea came up through her throat, and she vomited over the person’s shoes, falling limply in their arms.
The arms loosened the grip. “Wake up, it’s over.”
Mika’s head lolled up, to see that the shifting had stopped. Where once Yossie, Ayumi and Chisato were was now three fuzzy werewolves. Small muzzles, ears on tops of their heads, not to mention the fur and tails. Her breath came in small gasps, and her eyes were wide at the sight. What was going on? She wasn’t so sure she wanted to know now.
The pair of arms pulled her back a little more as the three werewolves began to perk up and snap at people. “Erg, she’s heavy,” The voice from before muttered. Mika looked up to see Ishikawa Rika gripping her. Her senior noticed her looking. “What do we do now? She knows the secret.”
“I say we knock her out.” Miki said, poking her head around the door frame. “And then we have Yuko remove the memories of it.”
“No, no, I won’t tell anyone.” Mika said quickly.
Ai’s head also poked out around the frame. “Why don’t we try to explain what she saw, and see what happens?”
“And if it doesn’t work and blows up in our faces?” Miki asked hotly.
“…I guess then we edit her memories or kill her?” Ai tried.
“Hell yes. And I call first punch.”
“Bring her with us, Rika, and we’ll start explaining what she saw,” Ai said. She, nor Miki never put so much as a finger inside the room.
Mika could feel Rika’s strength as the girl turned her around and marched her out of the room, still holding her tightly. Ai and Miki followed behind them. Rika’s grip did not loosen until they arrived in the sitting area, where she dropped Mika onto the couch.
Mika sat up. “Are you going to tell me what that was?”
Miki jumped into a chair, her feet over one arm while she leaned her back against the other. “Might as well, since we’ll ensure you don’t remember it anyways.”
Ai stood in front of the couch, while Rika took another chair for herself. “You start,” she told Ai.
Ai nodded, and began to try and explain what Mika had seen. “Well, you see, Mika, that the people around here are just a little…different. Although you might have figured that out. Did you? I hope you didn’t, because that would mean that we’re all doing a good job at keeping our secret. But if you did, then that’s bad because it means we have to become better-“
“Rambling.” Rika told her.
“Oh. Er, anyways, we do have a secret that we need kept, and we need you to make sure you keep it too, or else the government will get hold of us and we’ll be experimented on or we’ll be put in some jars in a private collection, floating in preservatives, or put in a museum, or-”
“Sorry. But we really do need to make sure you won’t tell anyone.”
“I won’t. I promise.”
Ai nodded firmly. “Good. Now, the people around here are not like normal people, like I said. We’re…special. And not because we’re in Hello! Project. We’re special because people have nightmares about what we are.”
“What are you saying?” Mika asked. She was getting more and more confused.
Ai moved to the couch and sat beside her. “What I’m saying is that we’re-”
“Oh, hell with it,” Miki grumbled. “Everyone here is a monster of some sort. Ai and I are werecats, and Rika there is a zombie. Get it now?”

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter three!
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P.S. Not gonna put up the next chapter 'till I get one comment (From someone besides DJ Maimai...she helps me, so she reads it first.) at least. Lurkers are great, but hey, comments help me write.
Just one, is that too much?

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter three!
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If Rika's a zombie, then she's the cutest one ever... XD
I expected Ai to be a monkey, though. :P

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter three!
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I never though of that, that's great!

Great job 'Lana-Chan.

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter three!
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Thanks, both of you!

School's frying my brain right now, but the next chapter is slowly being written.

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter three!
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wow... the story feels so new and fresh. its really interesting ^^ and love how you are including almost everyone in H!P. haha... rika a zombie... oO haha I wanna find out more bout that... wonder who else is one... looking forward to your next chapter!

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter three!
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That totally made me squeak inside.
New? Fresh? The balls in Chika's court, yo, so iz all nu an' fresh!

(Did I say YO?!)

Since I'm close to the big 500 views, I will post the next chapter then. Even if the next 15 are my own views.
And if I get'er done! [/Newfiehumor]

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter three!
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And I missed MY BIG FIRST 100 POSTS!


Chapter Four-Er, what?

Mika stared a Miki in shock. There was no way she was serious-was there? But what other explanation was there for the manacles and chains? The scratches on the walls? She couldn’t deny it, that answer made a lot of sense.
Ai shot Miki a look. “I was trying to put it nicely.”
“Well, it’s not the time for nice.” Miki shot back. “Now, call Yuko and get the stuff from her. Reina needs the practice anyways.”
Ai flicked a lock of brown hair behind her ear. “We’ll wait and see how she reacts, first.”
Rika looked at her watch, counting down steadily. “Three…Two…One…”
“WHAT?” Mika yelled, as a pleased Rika pointed a ‘there we go’ finger at her. “THERE’S NO WAY THAT THAT’S TRUE! THOSE THINGS DON’T EXIST!”
“Then how can I do this?” Rika asked, reaching up to her eye and popping it out. Her eye rolled around on her palm, until the pupil was facing a pale Mika.
Mika’s shoulders heaved as she attempted to regain a sense of up and down. “Okay, that would have hurt, she said, before looking at the other two. “Could you show me that you really are…werecats? I don’t believe that right now.”
“No can, and no will do,” Miki said. “At the full moon, we’re powerless. Comes from a long-standing felines versus canines war. We have power when the other doesn’t, so we don’t start fighting.”
“But you and Yossie seem to get along well.”
“Well, duh, we’ve been here for years, we know each other. I was here for two years before someone-” She looked pointedly at Ai, who shrank back a little-“ bit me. There are times when we fight, but there are times when everyone fights.”
“Huh? I’m still not getting it.”
Ai spoke again. “Do you remember that supposed curse on Love Machine? Where people graduated in the order they are in the picture?” When Mika nodded, she continued. “Good, because this is nothing like that. Think a few more screams.” Mika was looking more and more confused as her seniors continued. “Y’see, for whatever reason, we are all monsters. If we’re not when we join, we end like it soon. Rika  died six months after joining Morning Musume, and Shibata bit Chisato when they first met. Just coincidences, really.”
“So…Somehow, I’m going to become a monster?” Mika asked, her voice trembling in fright a little. “Is it too late to quit?”
“Relax, it might miss you. Maybe.” Miki snorted. She jumped out of her chair. “In the meantime, I am going to go out for dinner.”
“You okay?” Ai asked, because Mika was looking a little white.
“Would you if the girls you just met less than a month ago told you that, ‘Surprise! We’re all monsters, and you might become one, too?’”
It was then that Yuko skipped through the door, two bags under her arms. “So! I heard everything on the other side of the door, fresh meat knows the secret of Hello! Project!” She beamed, obviously a little tipsy.
“How much did you drink, Yuko?” Rika asked, popping her eye back into its socket.
“Enough to be kicked out of the restaurant. And then I looked in my teacup, and there I saw her learning the secret.” Yuko responded, pulling out various bottles and laying them on the tables in a specific order. “So I rushed over with my things. And Reina needs the practice. I called her on the way over.” She noticed Ai’s look, and said, “Relax, I only hit one car. Now, Forget or sleep?” she asked, pulling out a black pewter bowl that seemed way to big for either bag.
“Sleep. For now.” Ai responded. Mika was getting the impression that no one would tell her anything.
“God choice! And there’s my little girl,” Yuko said lovingly, as one might for a daughter.
Reina rolled her eyes jokingly as she entered the room. “Sleep, huh?”
“Yup. Get mixing.” Yuko responded, handing her the bowl and many of the bottles.
Mika looked between Yuko, Rika, and Ai, becoming suspicious. She had a feeling whatever this ‘sleep’ was, it was for her. And, judging by the scales and mixtures that Reina was furiously putting in the deep black bowl, it was some sort of potion or something.
Yuko peered over Reina’s shoulder. “Needs more blue in it,” she said, chuckling, and handed the girl a small vial. “Add some of this.”
The sixth generation Reina nodded, and let some sprinkle in and continued. It wasn’t long before she looked up and grinned. “Done.”
Yuko looked over her shoulder again, and nodded with a smile. “Very nice. Now, you throw it, and don’t get any of the old folk: Ai and Rika.”
With a nod, Reina picked up the bowl, and dropped its contents over Mika’s head. Her hair stuck to the sides of her face, and her shirt stuck just a little tighter to her body, the purple shirt underneath a little visible. Before she had the chance to splutter and fume at the girl, her brown eyes drooped, and she fell sideways onto the couch, solidly asleep.
Ai bent forward to pat the girl’s head, but hesitated when she noticed that the sleeping potion was still there. “If I touch here, will I conk out, too?”
“Not once I spray her with this,” Yuko responded, pulling a spray bottle out of a bag. She squeezed the nozzle over Mika a few times, covering the girl with a fine red mist. Her hair and clothes dried once it met with the sleeping potion.
Yuko smiled at the bottle. “I love  instant residue cancellers. No residue left, but that’ll keep her knocked out better than the average sleeping pill. ”
Rika patted her. “I wonder if she’ll think it’s a dream when she wakes up?” she thought aloud.
“I’d think it a dream.” Reina spoke up. “And if you will excuse me, I still have to finish that blasted book.”
Ai watched Reina’s retreating back. “Somehow, I don’t think that ‘dream’ will qualify as an excuse.”
Yuko shrugged as she repacked the two bags. “If it doesn’t, I can whip up a ‘fuggeddabouit’ potion, easy.” She hefted the bags on to her shoulder, and held her hand, palm up, out to Ai. “And that will be 30,000 Yen for sevices, fees, cost of materials, and labour.”
Ai started to chuckle, until she noticed her senior’s rather serious face, at which point she dug into her pockets. “I only have a five-hundred yen coin on me, but-“
Yuko snatched the coin out of her outstretched hand. “We’ll call it down payment.”
Ai lifted Mika off the couch with a grunt as Yuko left. She wasn’t very large, but the new girl was definitely heavy. Ai staggered all the way up to Mika’s room, carrying her bridal style. And now, she was drooling. Great. Juuuuust great.
She deposited Mika on her bed with a heave, and grabbed a tissue to wipe the drool off her sleeveless arm.
“What’cha doing, Ai?”
Koharu poked her head in the door, a happy grin on her face. “And isn’t it kinda early for Mika to be in bed?”
Ai sighed as she left and closed the door. “No. She…er….”
“She found out our secret?” Koharu guessed. “And Yuko had Reina mix up a sleeping potion so she wouldn’t over react and would give you time to figure out a plan?”
“How did you know?”
“Seemed obvious.”
Ai scowled. “Blasted pixie.”
“Thaaaat’s me!” Koharu said in a sing song. She, as usual, seemed to be in a good mood.
The scowl on Ai’s face grew. “Well, do you have any ideas that could help in this situation?”
“When she wakes, up, act as if she doesn’t know and see what happens?”
“That’ll never work in a milli…Did you just have a good idea?”
“Did I?” Koharu asked, seeming faintly surprised. “Cool! I had an idea?”
“Yes…” Ai said, her scowl morphing into a wicked grin. “A very good one.”

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Re: Monstrous Musume-Chapter four!
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"Remember, the enemy's gate is down."

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