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Author Topic: Kokoro no Uta ~Mainly TakaGaki, TanaKame~ [COMPLETE - EXTRA: Ch. 101 - (12/1)]  (Read 162853 times)

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Finally finished this story!  :cathappy:
It was awesome! I only wish it had more SayuJun or a perv for them... is that wrong? I feel selfish for even wishing that...
My favorite part of the whole story was when JunJun saved Sayumi~ wow, that scene was so well written and I almost cried!!!  I am glad Sayu might finally give her a chance~ Makes me glad in the other fanfic they are together even though their characters are totally different, which is also cool.. They may be my new favorite pairing ^^;
Anyway, I really loved this story! I am trying to get the songs together for it and make a mix so I can relive it on my iphone ^^;;

Keep up the great work!!!!

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omg this is like, really freakishly delayed but...  :nervous

@nora_nora: LOL i'm glad you liked it!   XD XD

@Tian_Yuan: lol cuz SayuJun kinda developed more than I was planning for as I was writing  XD  oh wow, a mix for the songs? that's pretty awesome  XD

avii&sig by the wonderful kawaii beam~!

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Thank you very much for your wonderful story  :D You're a very genius writer.  :bow: I really love your story

Your story is the first english fiction for me. Actually when I read some english thing I always become sleepy  :nervous (cause it's not my first language) but your fic make me want to read more and more, I can't stop reading until the end. And your fic become inspiration for me to read more fic even though in english.

So I want to say THANK YOU to you and please keep writing more amazing story.  :thumbsup

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Re: Kokoro no Uta ~Mainly TakaGaki, TanaKame~ [COMPLETE - EXTRA: Ch. 101 - (12/1)]
« Reply #883 on: September 30, 2013, 09:10:15 AM »
just finished re reading this after about two years of having first read it lol I remembered some of it like the Halloween party and the song writing but what I looked forward to the most was the junsayu. lmao I wish there was more of that.

because takagaki and tanakame are pretty much canon I looked forward to the junsayu moments and developments. kinda like those animes you watch cause theres yuri subtext and you watch every single episode in hopes that some of the yuri moments will pop up lmao 

I loved all the TakaGaki and TanaGame but what I'm trying to say is that the JunSayu was refreshing. Heck, I even hoped LinEri would have lasted a little longer lmao

anyway overall this fic is one of my favorites. I might re read it again in the future. Great Job!

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Can I translate you're fanfic to arabic and share it
Really I love it

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