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Author Topic: Panick's Little Corner - "Kidnapped (Sequel 2)" *Updated 04/04/2012*  (Read 13388 times)

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Re: Marry Me Part 2 [SakiMiya Three-Shot?] *Updated 08/09*
« Reply #40 on: August 09, 2010, 04:50:38 PM »
Actually, I posted Part 1 on h!o on November 26 last year.  :on lol: So it took me 8-9 months just to put up the next part. So maybe it will take me another 8 months to finish the next.  :hehehe: jk.
I actually don't know if you read it. I can't remember if we talked about it since all I could remember are my constant questions about the next chapter for Berry Beautiful :P Anyway, nice to see you again!  :welcome

Uhh, as for treating Saki and Miya well on part 3...  :dunno:  We'll see.  :glasses: Actually, I already know the ending and what would happen to the whole fic but because of how I write... It got longer. lol. But I already started with part 3 so don't worry on waiting for 6-8 months. Maybe 2-3 is fine. :P

Well, if you want to punch Daiki, it's okay. Though I never thought of punching Daiki until I wrote the part earlier.

Uhh, maybe we can arrange for them to get married there instead.   XD  Since the wedding is not in Busena Cape.

Haha.. yeah, because of work, I got used to researching stuff for my articles or fictions stories, so I did one for this part. Though the research was done already. Everything are right in front of me but it took longer to write it.

Yeah, well, new people in H!O started to pop-up in my thread when chapter 12 of Hoping for Chance came out. It gave me a reason to continue writing again. I would try to make another MiyaSaki fluff when I finish this and if ever I get an idea (even though I have plenty). :P

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Re: Marry Me Part 2 [SakiMiya Three-Shot?] *Updated 08/09*
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 :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
OMG I though I have to wait a year befor you post the part 2 of "Marry Me"

Ya know I like MiyaxSaki alot and
I was so much wonderring when you will write/continue your stories again....
but you did it....

 :bow: :bow: :bow:

Damn.... O_o Miya....Why you didn't tell to Saki the truth about your feeling?????
You know that you still love her...and don't want Saki get married with that Daki-san....
you want to be the ONE & only ONE IN SAKI HEART&BE SIDE HER.....

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:
:mon prayer: :mon prayer: update faster please :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease:
and I hope I can read soon your next work
Keep the imagination up ^^
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Re: Marry Me Part 2 [SakiMiya Three-Shot?] *Updated 08/09*
« Reply #42 on: September 05, 2010, 08:30:54 AM »
Marry Me [Part 3 - Final]

I called Daiki yesterday night and I told him I’ll be coming back to Tokyo with him this morning. Miya was still asleep when I was already finished packing. I need to go and because of what happened last night, I couldn’t really stay near her, at least, for a little while until I know what was the reason behind on what she told Daiki last night. I still couldn’t believe that there was nothing behind it. I could feel there is something. But why can’t she just tell me?

I was putting the last of my things in my backpack – my toothbrush and shampoo –before zipping it close. Good thing that my backpack could carry all the things I bought for Berryz and C-ute.  Not to mention Momo who is always asking for souvenirs whenever I go to a trip. Well, she also gets me one so why would I complain. I laughed with the thoughts that came to me with Momo but I stopped when I heard someone groan and the bed making a sound. I quickly looked at the girl sleeping on the bed and I was praying that she wouldn’t wake up. The sound of the bed stopped and the groaning faded. Seeing that Miya was not yet ready to get up and was still in her dreamland, I finally took in some air. I didn’t realize I was not breathing until I felt my chest was heavy.

Finally finished with packing, I sat on one of the chairs as I waited for Daiki. I didn’t know what else to do since I finished packing everything. I was already ready to leave. With nothing to do, I let my eyes linger on things around me until I remembered what happened last night when I looked out at the veranda. My heart suddenly fell and all the questions that were not answered are still unanswered. I then looked down on the coffee table, a glass with clean drinking water was on it. The water was warm and no signs of someone drinking it for a while. Looking at it closely, it made me remember that this was my glass last night while II was waiting for Miya to come back last night. I remember clearly that I was here, sitting on this chair while waiting for her, I didn’t remember anything after that. Just that I woke up beside Miya on the bed. Maybe I dozed off and she carried me to bed when she came back? That made me blush a little but then I shook it off as I remembered I can’t be the same with her in a few hours.

Still waiting for Daiki and Ryosuke to finish packing, I decided to write a letter to her – just to tell her the reason why I left her behind. Thinking she might get upset when I’m not here when she wakes up, though I’m not too sure on that.  As I write, I glance at her from time to time. She was still sleeping. Though she looked uncomfortable on her position, she still slept soundlessly like a baby. I smiled at the thought of how we slept the other day. We were cuddling each other that I felt so comfortable and secure. It made me remember how we used to do that often way back on the past. I still wanted those memories to come back and happen to me once again with the one I truly love. Laughing a little at the thought, it made me shed a little tear. “That’s impossible now…” I whispered while writing the last thing I don’t want to forget before folding the paper and placing it under Miyas’ phone on the side table.

A soft knock on the door then came and Daiki peered in. He made a signal for me that we were already leaving. I nodded as an answer and slowly walked to my bag, but before I could even walk out the door, I decided to go back to Miya. She still looked like she won’t wake up any time soon and so, I gave her one last look, caressed her soft and smooth face, leaned closer and kissed her forehead. As I backed away slightly to stare at her face once more, I let out a smile and shed another tear, “Why can’t you just tell me?” I said softly as I tried not to wake her up. “I’ll see you in church…” I actually didn’t want to say it but what’s the use. Time has run out and I have no choice but to really marry Daiki. With one last look at her, I quickly said my goodbye and walked out without looking back. I tried to think of other things but all that comes in my mind is something I really wanted to tell her. I love you…

We were already on the way to the airport via the hotel shuttle after the boat docked. Daiki must have realized I was so quiet and so he asked me if there was something wrong but I shook my head as an answer. I was just really not in the mood to talk but it seems Daiki has the opposite of it. “I heard from Yama-chan that I caused a ruckus last night.” I was not surprised but was not expecting for him to talk about it this early. “Ah. Mhm.” I answered, not really wanting to talk about it but he continued. “I’m sorry about the things that happened last night. I got drunk and I was not in control of my body.” I shook my head in return and told him it was okay and that I understood. He might have still figured something was bothering me and so he took my hand and suddenly I felt warm. I looked at his hand on mine then at him. We kept silent for a little while and I knew he was already going to say something that would open up what happened last night and I don’t want that. Before he could even say something, I spoke first. “Daiki… Why were you at Busena Terrace?” With the question, he kind of backed off a little and it felt like he was trying to hide something. He was glancing at me and outside that made it suspicious that this had something to do with my father. Since I remember mom telling me just before we left for this trip that dad was the one responsible for telling Daiki about it and now I think he was also the one who told him to go. “I..” I heard him say. “I was just here to go out and have fun.” He told me with a little laugh. He still seemed suspicious for me and I gave him a small glare but stopped when Yamada told him it was okay. “But-” He told him but was cut off. “I said, it is okay. It’s not like she would feel weird about it.”

I was confused. What were they talking about and I thought this had something to do with my father. I was surprised when Daiki suddenly looked at me after a big sigh. “You see…” He started and I was unsure if I wanted to hear it or not. I could feel he was hesitant but he managed to go on after. “As I said last night,  the original hotel that Natsuyaki-san had planned was Kafuu Resort. I didn’t expect you to be in Busena Terrace. So I felt relieved that no one would know – you would not know. But, it has come to this.” He paused as he looked at Ryosuke and he nodded. “I decided to go on a trip with Ryosuke… Since you are going to spend some time with the one who really captivates your heart before the wedding, then, I should do the same.”

I was shocked. I didn’t expect myself to catch on what he was saying as quickly as this but that’s not what really made me surprised. “So you mean… You and Ryosuke are…?” I was unable to continue my question but he knew and nodded. I was in total shock. Who would think that they are together? But then, I felt sad. I knew how it felt to be away from the one you love. And now that I know Ryosuke and Daiki are in a relationship. I know how Yamada was feeling about it. But it looks like he is not bothered about it but beneath that calm face, I know he is hurting.

I smiled at both of them. “You two are lucky. You both love each other.  While the one I love has someone else in her heart.” Yamada looked at me tried to cheer me up. “Don’t worry. Me and Daiki would be beside you. We’ll take care of you.” He said it with sincerity and it made me smile. “Thank you, Yama-chan.”

After an hour, we were back in Tokyo. The wedding is already due in two hours and all the preparations were nearly done. From Narita Airport, we headed straight to the church to get ready. It was not a grand church or anything, it is something simple but appealing. When we arrived, our parents were already there and we were about to get scolded but with the special occasion, we were spared. We were led to our respective rooms to get ready and soon after, the wedding had already started.

It was already near for me to go down and walk that walkway. A knock on my door came and I thought it was already my cousin to get me and so opened the door with the bouquet of flowers on my right hand. “Is it already time-” I was surprised. It was not my cousin who is outside my door. “What… are you doing here? You’re not allowed to come in here…” I don’t like what I was saying but it is true. “Please leave…”

“No. If I will leave, then come with me. Please don’t go on with this wedding.” I looked at her a little irritated as she came in and closed the door behind her. “Why? Is there a reason why I should not continue?” I asked her. She then turned silent.  I shook my head and started to go back to the door. She quickly blocked the door and told me once again to not go with the wedding. “Please, Saki. Don’t go out there and get married to Daiki.” I tried to push her out of the way but she was just so persistent. “Why Miya? Is there a reason for me to not go and throw away the trust of my parents?”  She went silent again. How could I ever persuade myself on not going down there and not walking if she doesn’t give me an answer. “So is there?” She just looked away and opened the door for me.  “I wish you a happy marriage.” That made me sad. I thought she was going to say something that I could persuade my parents that someone loves me and I love her. Then again, it is unlikely to happen. “T-thanks…” I told her before walking out of the room and down the stairs to the main chapel.

“Till death do us part..” It was already my turn to answer the priest but I was unsure on what to say.  Daiki had stood on his promise to go on with the wedding and said “I do” earlier, but now, it is my turn. Thinking about it and the sudden appearance of Miya in my room earlier, it made me think whether to go on or not but I need to do my part of the bargain and so, I was ready to say it until a sudden opening of the main door came that made a loud noise. Everyone was startled that they looked back on who opened it so hard. With the light behind the person, I can’t tell who it was but the sudden voice that came after made me sure on whom it was. When the door closed and the person quickly walked to the front, I am now out of words.

“Saki… I’m sorry. Please forgive me for all the mistakes I’ve made. I didn’t expect myself to stand here and tell you the three biggest mistakes I made but please listen.”

I didn’t know what to say but I nodded to listen.

“The first biggest mistake was breaking up with the one I truly love. I thought I loved Risako more than I do to you but it turns out, it was all infatuation. When I finally realized, I broke up with her. After the brake-up, I thought I could just look and take care of you from afar. That’s why I told you that I was still with Risako three days ago. Since I didn’t want you to know we called it off two weeks ago. That is my second biggest mistake, lying about something that is not there anymore. I thought I could get away with it but it turns out it just made me hurt you more.  With the news that you were going to get married to someone else, I decided to take you to the trip. I wanted to see if you still have feeling for me and if possible, I would tell you to stop, but because of what happened last night, I realized I’m just hurting you more when you are already hurting for the past two years.”

She paused and took a moment to think without taking her eyes off of me. “And lastly, was for me to lie about my true feelings, to you and to myself. Looking back now, the only person that could captivate my heart is no one but you. I’m so sorry for not even realizing it earlier than this. I think, I needed to fear of something that would make you distant to me before I could really make-up and understand my mind.”

She looked at me with sincerity in her eyes as she then approaches the altar and stood in between me and Daiki. “Please, give me another chance. I know I might not have the right to ask for one but please. Will you marry me?”
I bit my lip before asking her the same question I did when she came to my room.  I asked with tears already streaming down my cheeks. “Then, tell me, Miya. Is there a reason why I should get married to you?”

She gave me that soft smile she always did that makes me secure and remind me that she is the only one I love. “I love you, Saki. That is the only reason. It is because I love you that I don’t want to make the same mistakes again. I don’t want to lose you anymore. So please…” She paused and knelt on one leg and took m left hand, “Please, Marry Me.”

I laughed a little with her answer and tried to wipe my tears, “You know, I had been waiting for you to tell me that for a very long time now.” I smiled at her as my heart started beating fast with all the excitement happening at that moment. “I will, Miya. I didn’t dream of marrying anyone other than you. You’re the only one I would ever want to be married with.” I could see she was very pleased of my answer that she couldn’t take away the smile she was having until she locked her lips with mine.

------ A Year After ------

In the Wedding Terrace of  the hotel,  Momo was scolding this helper about not doing what she had told him to do, “Can’t you follow instructions!? I told you to tie them neatly and properly. Not that way! Fix it!” While she was scolding him, Maasa and Kanna were already behind her and when they got her attention, Maasa told her she was too harsh on the guy. “Momo, should you be that harsh on him? He just didn’t do one design properly and you are already that mad.” Kanna on the other hand was giggling. “But everything should be perfect. Nothing should go wrong now, right?” She reasoned and Kanna nodded but before she could answer, a shout startled them. It was Maasa and she was shouting at the other helper on the other end because he nearly made the cake fall off the table. “OI! BE CAREFUL WILL YOU!?” Momo was surprised with Maasa. She was the one who said not to be harsh with the helpers and here she is, doing the same thing she was doing earlier, but it seemed scarier. Kanna on the other hand just laughed with the irony that just happened.

In the other place of the event, Maimi barged in the bride’s room without knocking that startled the two persons inside. “Erika, could you please fix my tie?” Erika just shook her head as she pushed Maimi out the door, “You know you can’t come in here.” Erika told her before closing the door behind them. “I’m sorry. Maybe you should just teach me on how to tie it myself so I won’t bother you.”

She giggled and looked at Maimi with a little hint of seduction. “I don’t think that would be a good idea. I like fixing your things, especially your…” She paused as she finished fixing the tie, “…your tie.” She looked back at Maimi with a grin on her face. Maimi was provoked with her hints that she was about to kiss her but Erika placed her finger on Maimi’s lips and said, “That could wait until the end of the wedding. I still need to finish Saki-chan’s make-up.” Maimi sighed but agreed. Before she left, she was awarded with a peck on the cheek.

On the adjacent room, Miya was uneasy and was walking back and forth non-stop. “Miya, be calm. You know you’ll get more nervous when you stay there and walk around.” Miya stopped and looked at the girl who just stopped her. “Airi, stop it. Let her walk. She will get more nervous when you make her stop.” Risako said as she hugged Airi from behind and rest her cheek on her back. “I’m sorry. I know I should be calm but what could I do? This is the very day I was waiting for. The day I could really say she is mine.” The other two nodded but was surprised when the door suddenly opened and there came Maimi.

“What are you still doing here? It is about to start.”

“oh, okay. Uhh… How do I look?”

Maimi paused and looked at her seriously. She walked around her as she really examined the ‘women tux’ that Miya was wearing. When she was already back in front of Miya, she nodded.

“You look great! Now come on! I want this done and over with.”

“Why are you in a hurry?”

“I want this done so that I could get down with Erika after.”


Risako and Airi ended up laughing until Maimi successfully dragged Miya out of the room and to the Wedding Terrace as the two of them followed.

Finally, the wedding started as soon as Miya was already at her place. The soothing but exciting tune from the rented grand piano played and the flower girls started their walk – throwing flowers around the walkway. The cute Bible and Ring bearers walked down the walkway as well followed by everyone else with their proper arrangement. When it was the bride’s turn, everyone stood up and looked back at the entry way where they waited for the beautiful bride to be to come out. A special ensemble was organized for the walk of the bride and when they started to play Pachelbel’s Canon in D with the original instruments. Today is a really special day for the preparations to be that grand and detailed.

When the highlight of the classical music came, the bride soon emerged from the entrance in her delicate and wonderful dress. The type of wedding dress that you could say that was made only for her. And it is true. With the preparation of a year, they planned it carefully to be the best day of their lives. The ensemble continued on their playing until the bride reached the altar, and from  there, the lives of the newly wedded couple, Saki and Miya started.



I enjoyed listening to Pachelbel's Canon (as always. XD )
So anyway, here are other videos that has a performance of Pachelbel.

String Quartert
Ensemble (dunno what to call it. XD )
DEPAPEPE ver (credits to Wind. :D )

I don't know how to make a good ending.. soo... gomen. ^^;

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Re: Marry Me Part 3 [SakiMiya Three-Shot?] *Updated 09/05*
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Aww~ Happy ending is happy! Wow, I wasn't expecting Daiki to be gay, too, but I'm kinda glad he is.

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Re: Marry Me Part 3 [SakiMiya Three-Shot?] *Updated 09/05*
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Daiki's gay!!!! :shocked

thank god he's gay or maybe he would never let miya married saki.... XD

thank you for this happy ending!!! :bow:

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Re: Marry Me Part 3 [SakiMiya Three-Shot?] *Updated 09/05*
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@rndmnwierd & abok: Lol. I was not really expecting Daiki to be gay as well (and I hope he is not in real life). I just need a reason for Daiki to not really like to get married as well.

Since yesterday, it has been five months since I last posted here. Sorry guys, been very busy. I just hope you guys would like this. :)

Just so you know; just in case you get confused in the story:
1) Miya was from another country.
2) Miya is studying to be a Doctor.
3) Berryz here doesn't really have the same members of the real Berryz.
4) Saki is working part-time somewhere... Didn't really have any specific thought of it.


I Can’t Say How Much I Miss You
By panickofpain

Don’t you just hate sad songs? Don’t you just want to forget about what might come in to your mind once you hear the exact same song when you cried? You cried so hard that you swore to forget about everything, but after a long while, when you hear that same song again, you think otherwise. You suddenly want to make the past the present. You want that person back… but you can’t…

Taking off the earphones that covered my ear after listening to “Still Alone” by Ayumi Hamasaki, I suddenly had the urge to plead my whole life just to get her back. Reaching out for my phone, I started to write things that would just make her remember me, even though I knew she had not forgotten about me. After reaching the page limit for a text, I read the whole text again just to make sure I did not make any mistakes in my Japanese, for Japanese was just my second language. Seeing that there was nothing wrong and was about to press the “send” button when I hesitated. “What if she doesn’t reply? What if I feel this way when she doesn’t? What if…” I froze, thinking this wouldn’t work out but still, I pressed the button and the message was sent.

Tossing the phone on the bed before sighing, I closed the lights in my room and went straight to lie down on the bed. I was not feeling tired nor was I sleepy, but the darkness and the sad song playing made me comfortable. It was not really a good idea to stay awake with darkness and sad song playing because, knowing myself, I’ll go thinking and wanting something I could never have again…

When sleep finally caught me in its cell, I went to sleep and woke up the following morning to see a reply from her. I was not surprised to see a message from her since she does reply to my messages when I send one via mail. I know I’ve been doing this often after she replies but because I don’t have extra money to buy load for my phone, I don’t reply. I feel bad about it but promised myself that when I get extra cash, I’ll buy one just to continue talking to her.

The day went by but the laboratory expenditures made it hard to have extra bucks but nonetheless, I saved a little just to reply. It was already past thirteen hours since she replied, I don’t even know if she would want to reply anymore. Even so, I took the courage to reply. I thought she may be at work for after school, she goes to work. “I hope no one said something bad to her again…” I thought before sitting on the computer chair to open the computer. I was lucky to not work even though I’m in a different country from my own. I had already been living in Japan for two years now and the very reason why I did come was because of her.

Thinking about her again, I didn’t realize the computer was already showing my desktop when I decided to go and visit her. I took my phone, wallet and keys; locked the front door and drove off to her house. I had no clue where she was working this time and so, the only place to know was her house. Not really thinking if her mum was there, I parked the car nearby, knocked on the door and waited. It was not long when the door opened and I was there, standing in front of her mum. I greeted her politely, of course, before asking where Saki might be working at the moment. It was a little longer to learn where for her mum asked a bunch of questions before telling me. I don’t think it was bad since she is her mum and she wants to protect her daughter, on the other hand, I was kind of in a hurry. I don’t know why but I was.

Driving to the place where her mum told me, I parked on a vacant parking space before heading to the front door. There was a visitors area and there was I lead to after informing the desk clerk about the reason why I was there. She told me she was about to get off in a few minutes and so I should just wait, and I did. I sat there, not really minding the people around me but the beating of my heart went faster as time went by. “What if she doesn’t remember me? What if she… doesn’t want to see me…?” Thoughts and ideas came popping in my head as the tension and nervousness came rushing all through out my body. “I can’t do this!” I finally told myself and started to walk towards the front doors again, ignoring the two girls walking towards the door as well. When I was about to push the door, a familiar voice stopped me.

My heart started to race and I could hear each pound it makes. I looked back and there she was, standing in front of me, surprised. I let go of the door as the other girl walked away, leaving me and her alone.

“Miya?” She said as she walked closer. “What are you doing here?” She asked as she looked at me with a curious look.

“Well… I was just passing by…” I answered, stuttering on the words since I don’t really know what to say.

“Really?” She asked, still surprised.

I felt it was a little bit awkward and I knew I should be leaving. “Yeah… Well, I need to go now…” I told her and started to head to the door again, but before I could, a tug on my arm stopped me. I glanced back and saw she was holding me. I didn’t move. I just looked at her and as instincts controlled, I held her hand and lead her out to the car. I opened the door on her side and closed it after she settled in before coming to the drivers’ side to get into my seat.

I started the engine and drove off to the highway. I was silent and so was she. I was thinking of what to say but before I could even say it, things get jumbled in my head and I didn’t get to tell it. “Damn it!” I whispered and I think she might have heard.

“Are you okay?” She asked as she glanced at me.

“Yeah! Yeah, I’m fine…” I answered as normal as I can just to assure I was saying the truth.

Silence bound us again as I stopped the car when the red light flashed. There I felt she was eyeing me. I felt someone was looking at me with something she/he wanted an answer. I tried to keep my cool but her voice echoed in the car and it made me look at her.

“Why did you pick me up?” She asked.

“I… I just felt it…” I answered with a fake smile. “I meant, it has been a long time since I picked you up and I thought I should pick you up again. Why? You don’t want me to pick you up?” I added and found her looking away before as she answered, “No. I was not expecting you who would pick me up.”

I felt I did something wrong and I knew I should say sorry for it. “I’m sorry… I should have messaged you about it.” She just smiled and told me it was okay.

Another silence came when the green light flashed and off I drove to her house. She invited me in but I was hesitating to go. But with her persistence, I went in. Luckily, no one was home this time. I was safe.

She asked if there was something I wanted to drink and I just said it was okay. I’m not thirsty at the moment, but even though I said that, she came to the living room with two glasses of juice. She handed me one and I took it, not wanting to make her effort go to waste. I said thanks and took a sip.

We talked and it was not progressing in a good way as I imagined for it had so many silence intervals and it really felt awkward. Just to not have the intervals, she asked if it is okay to watch TV and I said it was, and since it is her house. She shouldn’t be asking that question to me.

It was already getting dark but I stayed, hoping there would be a change in the situation. “Miya! Say something! Anything!” I convinced myself but nothing came out. I waited a little more as I gathered the courage to just talk to her. “Say… How’s life?”

She looked at me with a pout. “Still the same…”

I nodded. “I see.” Another pause came but I tried my best to lessen the time of the quiet interval just to make the conversation going. The only problem was, I didn’t know what to say. “Do you still listen to Berryz?” There... that is the only thing that came to my mind and I feared it will go to a dead end again but luckily, it didn’t. We started to ignore the TV as the conversation went deeper and more, normal. Too normal actually. It was like how we usually talk. I suddenly felt how we used to talk like this and how fun it was. We continued on but a call on her phone stopped us.

She excused herself since she needed to take it. I agreed and she left to the other room. Being a little comfortable now, I decided to go and take a look around. Nothing has changed that much since the last time I visited. Everything was still there, even the picture I had with her. Those days came flashing in my eyes and I felt there was still hope to ask her again to be my girl. With excitement, I went to the other room and she was looking the other way, not realizing I was there. I couldn’t help but hear what she and the one on the other end were talking about and it was about a ‘date’ this weekend. I didn’t know who was on the other line until I heard her say those four words I so wanted to hear from her again. ‘I love you too’.

I didn’t know what to do. Did I hear it right? Of course I did, I was just standing a few meters from her. I was sure she said those four words. She moved and saw me standing there. She immediately said goodbye through the phone and walked towards me. She asked a question that made my emotions stir more.

“Miya… Were you here all this time I?”

It took a few seconds before I answered and of course, I said no.

“No, no. I came in just now… I was about to tell you I need to leave.”

She looked at me as curious as I was with the person she was talking to.

“Why? Did I make you uncomfortable in anyway?” She asked as she started biting her lower lip as she got accustomed on doing it.

I shook my head and just laughed to cover what I was really feeling, “No. I just need to go. My professor sent me something in my mail and I need to go over it and send it back by midnight.” What a lame excuse but… what could I do?

“You could use my computer.” She insisted as she pointed it.

“It’s okay.” I smiled slightly. “There is a program that I need to use at home. It is to check the DNA sequence.” I smiled again and just thanked her for the great time.

She walked me to the door and before leaving, I looked back at her and just stared at her, wanting to really say the reason of my sudden appearance. But, remembering what she said earlier made me stop and just say goodbye for the second time.

“Take care of yourself…” I smiled slightly. “I’m just a message away if you need me.” I added before hesitantly smiling. “See you again sometime.” I finally said before moving closer to kiss her cheek. The kiss went on for a few seconds before I moved away, smiled at her and walked away.

Driving back to my house made me realize… I still can’t have her even if I wanted to…

So I say again… Don’t you just hate sad songs? Don’t you just want to forget about what might come in to your mind once you hear the exact same song when you cried? You cried so hard that you swore to forget about everything, but after a long while, when you hear that same song again, you think otherwise. You suddenly want to make the past the present. You want that person back… but you can’t…

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Re: Panick's Little Corner - "Kidnapped (Sequel 2)" *Updated 04/04/2012*
« Reply #46 on: April 04, 2012, 02:44:29 PM »
It has been more than a year and a month since I last posted a one shot. So now, I am finally posting the sequel of my "Kidnapped" fic. :)

For those who loved that fic with BeriKyuu and the unexpected TakaGaki at the end, here is the second sequel to that fic. :D

Kidnapped (sequel 2)

A week has passed since we were kidnapped. Me, Chisato, Airi and Kanna were spending the afternoon in Sweet Palace de Chinami. It’s an ice cream parlor owned by Chinami’s parents. Maybe that is why Chinami doesn’t want too many sweets, since she already had too many here.

“Ahh~ what can we do today?” I asked taking Chisato’s hand, tracing the lines on it with my finger.

“Momo, stop that. You know I’m ticklish.” Chisato whispered in my ear making me giggle – my cheeks starting to take the shade of pink.

“Could you two stop flirting? It makes me wanna puke.”  Kanna interrupted as she looked at us with her arm around Airi’s neck.

Airi slapped Kanna’s hand away from her as she then glared at her, “You should be the one to shut up. Stopping them flirting with each other just because I stopped you flirting with Maiha.”

Kanna looked surprised at Airi since she hasn’t heard her talk like that. Well, me too. “I wasn’t flirting! I was just asking something.” Kanna explained, having an apologetic look on her face.

Airi just looked away, ignoring Kanna’s explanation as Kanna tried to hold her hand, but failed the attempt as Airi slapped her hand once again. Chisato laughed at Kanna, pulling me closer to her as I gave her a peck on the cheek. After a few minutes of attending on our own needs and conversations, Chinami pulled a chair to our table and sat between Airi and me.

“So, have you guys thought of what to do this afternoon?” Chinami asked as she put her pastry hat on the table.

I looked at her with a smile, pulling out a little from Chisato’s hug, “We haven’t even discussed about it. Kanna was busy apologizing to Airi.”

Chinami looked at the couple beside her confused on why Kanna was apologizing to Airi. Chisato leaned forward, motioning for Chinami to do the same as she whispered the answer to Chinami’s unasked question. Chinami’s eyes grew wide as she nodded slowly, looking back at Airi and Kanna.

“Ah! Maybe that is why Maasa was mumbling things to herself earlier and was gripping the ice cream cone tightly that she crushed the cone.” Chinami let out a small laugh as Kanna turned her gaze at her looking a little scared.

“Ma-Maasa is not here right?” Kanna stuttered as she asked if the strong-undefeatable Maasa was there.

Chinami just smiled at her, not really answering the question as Airi started laughing. Both Chisato and me joined Airi’s laughter and a little while, Chinami too joined in. Kanna on the other hand had a frightened look as she sulked on her chair. I was laughing for a while as a few men in tuxedos came in, scanning the place as one of them glued his gaze at us. I finally noticed the man as he started to walk towards us.

“I’ll go back to the kitchen now. My mom’s calling for me.” She whispered in my ear, as she then stood up and walked her way to the kitchen. Chisato tapped my shoulder, as I was not responding to her call. Seeing I was still not responding, she followed my gaze and looked at the man walking towards our table. Airi was poking Kanna for fun as Kanna stayed sulking on her chair.

I gulped as the man stopped on our table, scanning our faces as he then snapped his fingers. It made me jump a little, waking me up from my thoughts as the other two in black stood behind him.

“Yes?” I asked in a whisper. I didn’t know if he heard it but their presence gave me a feeling of fright inside that I can’t speak.

“Are you a member of the House of TakaGaki?” He asked in a low voice, taking his shades off and placed it in one of his pockets.

I looked at Chisato as she was the one who answered, “So what if we are?”

The man moved his head as the other two men behind him walked around our table, positioning themselves behind Airi and me. “Then, we ask for your cooperation. Our boss wants us to get suitable members for ransom.” He started as he once again scanned the four of us.

Kanna shook her head and looked at the man, “So you mean you guys will kidnap us and have us for ransom?”

Airi took Kanna’s arm, clinging to her as the man beside her got closer. “Kanna.. He’s getting closer.”

Kanna looked at Airi, wrapping her arm around her as she then looked at the man beside Airi, “Dude! Don’t you dare come nearer?”

I stared at the man in front of me as I felt a slight grip on my hand. I looked down and followed the arm until I saw Chisato worried face. I couldn’t help but to give out a small smile just to assure her nothing will happen to the four of us. I looked back at the man as he started to talk again.

“You either come with us without any resistance or we’ll force all of you to come.” He stated as he looked at the two other men, signaling to get themselves ready if something happens.

I looked at Chisato then at Kanna and Airi, nodding slightly as they knew what I was trying to tell them. We knew two things to do when stuck in this kind of situation - fight or run. In this case, we could only run. Chisato looked at Kanna and with a nod; they started to count in their heads. 1…2...3!

At the count of three, Kanna and Chisato pushed the man in front and pulled Airi and me out of the place. We started to run towards the park, a few blocks away from the place. I looked back and saw one of them gaining at us. I started to force my short legs to the extent of which it can run. As we arrived at the park, Airi slowed down as she couldn’t run any longer. Kanna tried to pull her but Airi was really at her limit.

We stopped as I tend to Airi’s needs, taking a bottle of water from my small bag, as Chisato and Kanna stood on guard. “Airi, drink some water. This will help you regain strength.” I told Airi as I handed her the water bottle.

Airi drank the water and was about to finish half of it when Chisato spoke, “Here they come.”

I looked at the direction where both Kanna and Chisato were staring as I held Airi near. If we run now, we can go straight to HQ, but in Airi’s condition, we can’t. I looked at Airi who was still catching some air and decided we can’t continue to run now.

“Momo, is Airi now okay?” Kanna asked as she balled her fist, watching the men come closer. “Can we run, now?”

I shook my head as I held Airi in my arms, “No, she still can’t run. She’s still weak from running that fast earlier.”

Kanna gritted her teeth as Chisato took position near her, “Then we need to fight.” Chisato sighed as she looked at Kanna.

The men came closer and closer, taking something from their pockets. It looked like small knives as it sparkled at the sun’s light but we weren’t sure. Kanna was about to run towards the men when Chisato took her arm – stopping her. The men stopped a meter away from our front line as they gripped the knives in their hands.

“Get ready Kanna.” Chisato told Kanna who was standing beside her. They observed the situation and they found a way to take the men down. “Chisato… on my go, we charge.” Chisato nodded without taking her gaze off the men. “Chisato, be careful!” I whispered.

I could see them getting ready and Kanna opening her mouth, and in the instant I knew they would charge, a powerful battle cry suddenly emerged out of nowhere. Airi and I cling to each other tightly as we got frightened. Chisato and Kanna were surprised and they stepped back.

Coming out of nowhere, the three men suddenly fell forward as if they were attacked from behind. I looked up from Airi to look at what happened and saw the fearsome leader and captain in their battle formation.

“Oi! Chisato! Kanna! Take Momo and Airi to the HQ. We’ll take care of this!”Maimi yelled as the three men stood up. I quickly understood and helped Airi up. I didn’t let go of her. She’s still too weak to run as fast as we did earlier, so in the end, Kanna carried Airi on her back and we rushed at HQ.

***Meanwhile at the park***

I glanced at the Kanna and Chisato led Momo and Airi away and to safety. When they were nowhere in sight, I looked at the men in front of us and called out to my partner, well, my love as I call her. “My love, are you ready?” I said in a serious tone and was preparing myself when I fell on my side. “D-don’t call me that!” The girl beside me shouted at me. This is why I always tease her. I just couldn’t wait for our designated time to be truly lovers. I’m actually wooing her mother for Saki’s hand.

Before I could get up, I felt a tug on my shirt and a pinch on my arm. “Mou! Don’t you space out on me! When you do that, you always think of unwanted things!” She lectured which made me further want to tease her, but looking back at the irritated men in tuxes, I knew this was not the time. I stood up quickly and stepped beside Saki. “Seriously now, are you ready, Saki?” I asked her as I could see at the side she was already going into battle position. “I’m always ready.” She answered and it excited me.

“You two! You’ll pay for the loss of those members of the House of TakaGaki for the successful ransom plan.” The man in the middle yelled as he picked up the knife on the ground. “We are here to protect each other!” Saki answered and the men’s faces lightened. It made us back up a step. Why were they snickering? I asked myself and slowly they walked towards us. “What should we do?” Saki asked but I couldn’t answer. I knew at this time, we need to fight.

“Hiyaaaah!” A voice boomed from behind us and instantly, a shadow from the top of us caught our attention. The three figures came down and directly hit the three men separately with their flying kick. “That’s what you get when you underestimate the power of team work of the House of TakaGaki!” The girl in the middle shouted before the three looked at us. “You two are bad! You left us back at my parent’s ice cream parlor without telling us! You two don’t want to share the fun of beating these guys!” The one of the right exclaimed.

“Chii, Maasa and Maiha! Behind you!” I suddenly screamed and started sprinting towards them. Saki was not behind me but beside me, I guess she read my thoughts. That’s also one thing I like about her. In an instant, it was our turn to bring these three down. With a proper distance, we jumped as high as we could and showed them our own flying kick.

The three men fell backwards and we celebrated with our newly arrived friends. We never thought one of the men had called for help and in a few minutes, two black cars arrived and we were surrounded with 11 men with the three we were previously bullying.

We didn’t know what to do and we fought with all our might. We were able to take down half but they were still too many. We were getting too exhausted. “You five will be more than enough for the ransom.” The leader of the men in tux commented before holding his knife again. I whispered near Saki’s ear to take Maiha and run. She refused. “Saki! Do it! Take Maiha and run towards HQ! Then get reinforcements!” She looked at me and I knew she was mad, but I knew she understood. “But! I don’t want to leave you!” She answered. It made me happy but this is not the time to think of such things. She does care for me!

“Come one Saki! You have only one chance!” Chinami continued, supporting Maimi’s plan. “I’ll leave Maiha in your care, Captain.” Maasa also said but Maiha was like Saki, she didn’t want to leave her precious Maasa. “No! We’ll fight with you!” Maiha answered and cling to Maasa. Maasa on the other hand took her hand and kissed it. “I’ll come back, I promise.” With that, Saki took Maiha’s hand and when we gave them the signal, they ran and we were left, dealing with these men.

***Two hours has passed***

Two hours has passed and I knew, Saki was already mad at me. I can’t help but to feel sorry for her and event to Maiha. We got caught and now, the three of us are on our way to god knows where.

“Maimi…” Chinami whispered and I looked at her. “The others would know that we are kidnapped, right?” I looked down for a little while before looking at both Chinami and Maasa. “Yes… I know, they’re looking for us right now.” I answered, assuring we will be saved soon.

Looking out the window, one of the men finally called our attention. “We’re here.” He plainly said before the car stopped inside a compound where there was no way anyone from the outside could penetrate. The men in tux led us to one of the rooms and made us sit down.

We were unaware of what was in front of us, for the whole room was dark and only a spotlight on our spot shined. Having a glimpse of the dark room and the unknown in front of me, I remembered when we were first abducted a week ago by the fearsome TakaGaki. We thought we were really done for that time but in the end, they just wanted us to join their clan or family. When I learned that back then, all I could say was, they could just have asked. They didn’t need to drag us there and watch their scene. Well, I enjoyed it anyway and I had a wonderful day dream about it and how good I and Captain were doing it.

My thoughts were interrupted when sudden bursts of moans came out in front of us. I could understand kissing but this… I’m not ready for it yet. “Stop it! Stop it! Let me out! I can’t stand this!” Chinami suddenly panicked and went straight to the door and tried to open it but it was closed. The men in tux that were left with us forced her back to her seat.

The intensity of the unwanted noises got higher, to the extent we knew, they were finished. After a few more minutes of silence, two figures came out of the shadows and smiled mischievously at us.
“I guess you came at a very interesting time.” The one on the left said as she pulled up her leather gloves from her pocket. “They did, and I think it bothered them.” The other said as she sat on the chair in front of us.

We couldn’t believe who the culprits of this scam were. Our jaws were down and we were speechless. “Oh look Reina, they went speechless.” The one standing commented before sitting on the other’s lap. “Then, we need to treat them good for them to be eligible for ransom.” She smirked before caressing the other’s cheek. “Isn’t that right, Eri?”

We can’t believe what is happening to us… Now thinking about it, we are once again… kidnapped. Saki! Hurry up! I… I need you to save me!

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Re: Panick's Little Corner - "Kidnapped (Sequel 2)" *Updated 04/04/2012*
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The poor kids have to go through the torture of kissy time :lol:
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