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Author Topic: [Wonder Girls] Sirius  (Read 8796 times)

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[Wonder Girls] Sirius
« on: April 26, 2009, 06:06:15 PM »
So uh... o_o

For those who didn't know, I've been writing two stories aside from my H!P stuff~! The first one I wrote was Sirius featuring the Wonder Girls, and I came to enjoy the universe they were in so much that I wanted to make a Girls' Generation version as well! You got it! These two are crossover fics!

You don't have to read them both to understand what's going on, but in the case that these two amazing groups DO meet, we get both sides of the perspective, so it'll be really interesting to do xDDDD...

So Sirius is the Wonder Girls focus of the story~! This is the first one I started to work on so more thought was put into this rather than the Amizade counterpart. Also, this story is supposed to be extremely dark compared to the slightly more light-hearted Amizade. (Of course, being a Yuuyami fic, there's always humor and all xDDD ). So I hope you enjoy this story~!

Since I'm too lazy to transcribe all my chapters into forum code, I'll just link what I've written on my LJ to here~!


One: Proprietor [LINK]
'cause everyone needs to be introduced to their favorite leader!

Two: Crimson Impact [LINK]
Sun Ye's next job involves a cannibal lurking around a restaurant... Who's this lovely crimson-haired lad in her way?

Three: Blood Drops [LINK]
Wounds and scars still bleed fresh... But how are you supposed to fight when each drop of blood drives your opponent more and more insane?

Four: Shadow Heart [LINK]
Sun Ye officially gains a new roomate and student! However, the enthusiasm can't be repeated for the student... How could anyone hold a sword against a little girl? Is the proprietor of Sirius a ruthless murderer or a benevolent savior?

Five: To Die without a Name [LINK]
Sun Ye and Ye Eun are just beginning to warm up to the idea of living together, and the proprietor of Sirius thinks it's about time that the said crimson haired lad should be educated on the history of fiction.

Six: Hold Me [Page 1]
Ye Eun tackles her first job involving a ghost, but little did she know, songs are the epitome of emotion and that alone easily garners tears.

Seven: Nothing but a Number [Page 1]
Sun Ye challenges Ye Eun to guess her age using conjecture and observation. So while Sun Ye's off some other place helping out a friend, Ye Eun is left to ponder how old Sun Ye really is. That's when an interesting visitor arrives, pointing a pistol at the student's head and asking where the proprietor of the store went...?

Chapter Eight: Ye Eun Versus Taeyeon [Page 1]
The random visits won't stop, won't they? This time, Ye Eun finds herself face to face with a rather interesting woman who apparently used to be Sun Ye's student? What's more, it's Kim Taeyeon from Amizade!

Chapter Nine: From Student to Teacher [Page 1]
Thanks to Sun Ye's request (or laziness?), Ye Eun suddenly has a new student under her wing. Just how does an amnesiac swordswoman teach?

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Re: [Wonder Girls] Sirius
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Keep it going <3

>>LIFE ~is just another story~2008/12/26<<
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Re: [Wonder Girls] Sirius
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SIX :: Hold me

Somehow… Sun Ye felt like she just came out of a bar. Though she wasn’t feeling like a drunkard staggering her way to the client’s home… It was her escorting Ye Eun who’s acting like she was the one coming out of the bar.

The person leaning heavily upon the proprietor was deathly pale. Ye Eun’s arm slung over the dark chocolate-haired woman’s shoulder, holding tightly onto her as she dragged her feet across the ground. Her other hand clamped tightly to her face which seemed to be turning even whiter as the seconds went by. Not even ghosts could stand close to Ye Eun’s shade… Pitch black eyes flickered on and off with consciousness.

“So…” Sun Ye began, eying the nearby factory, “is your nose really that sensitive?”
The taller couldn’t even reply to her query. Instead, she merely groaned and rested her head on the other’s shoulders, breathing very slowly. Never mind how ill Ye Eun was feeling, Sun Ye had to be the one to support her…and the crimson-haired woman’s guitar case…She could help the other walk properly, but did she really have to bring that case with her!? That thing felt like a million bricks! Feeling the other slipping lower and lower to the ground, she grabbed her belt and yanked her higher.

“Really… if the stronger fiction find out about your weakness, you’d be in a lot of trouble,” the writer chided softly as she looked for a way to get Ye Eun away from the supposedly repulsive smell of the factory. She looked about the area, taking note of the streets and chose accordingly. Slowly but surely, she was able to take the other further and further away from the factory site yet still be heading for the client’s home.

As she walked, she felt Ye Eun’s arm tighten around her shoulders. The other’s head buried itself under the crook of her neck, uttering a groan beneath her. She wanted to laugh—Ye Eun always had a powerful image to her, yet here she was, staggering and weak from the mere fumes of a nearby factory…

“I’m sorry…” she heard the other say almost inaudibly.

“Why are you apologizing? Everyone’s imperfect in some way,” she gave the taller’s waist a reassuring squeeze, “I’ll just be wary of places that you might not be able to go through ‘cause of your insane sense of smell, that’s all.”

A ‘pfft’ in the air made Sun Ye smile, if not a little. It was definitely true. Ye Eun may command this amazing presence, but just seeing her so knocked out seemed almost cute to her. However, she made a note to really make sure that this does not happen again. There must be some way for her to be able to ‘turn off’ her scent radar and she was adamant on exploiting that. She took another glance at the address and looked about the streets.

“Oh dear… I wonder if you’d be useful here?” Sun Ye said as she glanced back and forth between the paper and the street sign.

“It’s here?” a weakened hand took a hold of the hand holding the address and pulled it down. Ye Eun could only sigh and attempt to straighten herself out, albeit still a bit nauseous.

“Can you walk?” Sun Ye asked with a tint of concern in her mocha eyes, her hand now rubbing the other’s back. The swordswoman gave a stiff nod and walked ahead, though a bit clumsily. “Well if you collapse again…”

“I’ll be fine,” Ye Eun waved her hand dismissively, “Just still a little dizzy.”

“Whatever you say…” the half-song smiled and shrugged, “by the way, the house is this way,” she pointed in the other direction as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Embarassed, Ye Eun turned and hastily caught up with the other. “Park Oppa, you’re just too cute.”

“Only because my nose…” the crimson-haired woman rubbed at the aforementioned appendage, “it’s a liability.”

“It’s a good thing we don’t really need it for this mission, since songs are odorless.”

“Then how do you sense songs if they’re od—”

“Well I’m practically half-dead. I mean, I do have a rotting arm,” Sun Ye answered immediately, lifting her gloved hand in the air. “Now the house should be around the corner, is your nose alright?”

“It’s a bit clogged up…” Ye Eun wheezed as she attempted to wrap the bottom half of her face with her scarf. “But I think I can manage, just treat me like someone with a cold, that’s all…”

“You need to find a way to control your sense of smell for real though. I can’t imagine what would happen if we were in some boss fight and you’re knocked out ‘cause a little oil was in the way…”

“I’m sorry…” a muffled voice replied solemnly.

“Saying sorry isn’t going to cut it, you have to work on it until you can turn it off and on at will,” the small instructor said sternly, “It may seem like I’m nagging, but it’s for your own good.”

“Yeah…” the crimson haired woman hung her head in shame.

“So straighten up, I’m ringing,” Sun Ye said sternly, ringing the doorbell. Ye Eun did what she could, but came out as haggard as she was before, scarf covering half her face and lurched over like she was about to hurl.

Soon after, the white oak door opened and Hyo appeared in its frame, donning a simple T-shirt and long pajama pants. His eyes struggled to keep themselves open, but managed as he quietly ushered them into his house.

Color returned to Ye Eun’s face once the smell of the factories disappeared behind them. She inhaled deeply, though coughed when she inhaled a little too much as the subtle scent of the factories became amplified tenfold. Sun Ye gave her a scolding look before returning her attention to the man.

“Do you wish to sit?” he scratched his head timidly.

Sun Ye looked around, deep in thought. After a considerable silence, she shook her head, causing the man to bite his lip.

“Do you mind if I look around?” the proprietor asked, her eyes wandering around the house.

“Go for it.”

Sun Ye quietly drew her skeletal fingers into her palm, ushering Ye Eun to follow with a gentle gravitational pull towards her. The house was relatively normal enough. She thought with the man’s appearance, he’d at least have a messier house but that certainly wasn’t the case. Longevity in both her life and career taught her to never assume anything unless she was 100 percent sure.

Ye Eun noticed another presence asides their own, but couldn’t quite pinpoint the exact location. If only songs at least gave a scent, she could pick it up no problem… She exhaled deeply, frustrated. When they went into the bathroom, the crimson-haired woman couldn’t help but feel her senses ring a bit, but Sun Ye turned to her and blatantly said that the echo-ing walls of a bathroom usually threw off senses, discouraging the younger even more.

The bedroom was no different, though the three became distracted from the job when they came across the twin-sized bed. Sun Ye and Ye Eun beamed brightly at the sleeping four-year-old dreaming on it, even making the nervous Hyo feel a bit better at the sight of his child. After a prolonged silence, Sun Ye motioned for the other two to return to the living room.

“Well?” the man rubbed his hands together, anxious of the news.

“Please sit down,” Sun Ye pointed at the couch, the man obeying. She then looked at Ye Eun, “I’m about to interrogate him. Study this situation carefully.” She then took her gloved arm out of her jacket sleeve and looked at the man. “What do you see surrounding my arm?”

“Um… Nothing really… But the air around it is kinda… distorted? Like when you see a fire, the air around the fire looks like it’s rippling? That sort of look.”

“I see…” Sun Ye placed her arm back into its rightful sleeve once more. “Do you have a wife?”

“I do.”

“Is she beautiful?”

“The most in the world.”

“The mother of that child?”

“Of course, she bore that child.”

“Very loving?”


“How did she die?”

Hyo’s eyes widened. Ye Eun blinked incredulously.

“Er… Car accident… a couple months ago…”

“Head trauma?”

“That’s what I heard…” Hyo gulped, feeling very uneasy now. There was even visible sweat beads rolling down his brow.

“Long luscious curls of black?”

He nodded.

“At the date of her death, was she wearing a white blouse and blue skinny jeans?”

Again, Hyo’s eyes widened, and he nodded slower.

“Wearing four silver bracelets on her left hand?”

At this, he tensed. Ye Eun couldn’t help but also feel unnerved at the heavy apprehension in the air following her teacher’s words.

“It appears that she wears an aqua-colored headband too.”

He was practically shivering at this point. Why was it that this… stranger he met… suddenly just knew his wife? Why was it that she could exactly tell everything as it was!? “H-how…” he began, shuddering, “How do you… know that?” Sun Ye’s eyes narrowed.

“Because she’s sitting right next to you.”

Hyo practically jumped away from the couch but when he looked at the couch, he saw nothing. Ye Eun was also confused, for she didn’t see anyone sitting next to him either. Dumbfounded, he sat back down again, though still staring at that spot.

“Perhaps it will be easier to see her when the lights are off,” and with that, Sun Ye motioned for the light switch to turn off and gravity did that job for her.

Hyo and Ye Eun couldn’t believe it.

Next to him was a very faint, but white outline of the very woman Sun Ye had described. Within her being, a ball of light hovered about. The swordswoman wondered how Sun Ye would know exactly what she looked like with the lights on, but then remembered that she was also dead (well, half) so that could very well mean that she could see the true forms of the spirits as clear as day while she and the client could only see clearly in the dark, and a very faint outline at that.

“Now…” Sun Ye reached out to the song with her gloved hand, “When I touch her with this hand, she will be pulled out of her perpetual train of thought, which was the moment she died. She should be able to converse with you afterwards,” she commented as she touched the forehead of the said woman.

When Sun Ye pulled her hand away, Hyo’s wife had suddenly stood up from the couch.

“H-Hyo…?” a soft feminine voice stroked the air, soft eyes staring blankly ahead. The said man’s eyes trembled in their sockets, beginning to wet themselves. He too, stood up and looked at his lover.

“B-baby… I…” words failed to reach him. His hands shot up to his face, now dripping with tears.

“H-Hyo… Don’t cry…” the woman cooed, now turning to face him, though her eyes remained blankly staring ahead. But little did his wife know, she too, was slowly beginning to choke up in tears, for transparent drops were seen.

“Y-you’re…” his hands reached out to touch her face, but felt nothing in his finger tips, “You’re blind…?”

“T-that’s…” his wife pulled back from his nonexistent touch, covering her face, “I’m… so sorry…”

Ah… That’s why Sun Ye asked if there was head trauma… it usually leads to blindness…Ye eun thought as she watched the reunion solemnly. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a tiny head peek out from the doorframe. The half-song also looked at the newcomer, smiling ever so softly. Hyo turned to look at what caught the writers’ attention.

“Yujin…” the man whispered in the fine air. The song perked up at the name of her daughter.

“Is she… here?” Hyo’s wife remained standing still, unable to look and see due to her blindness.

The young child looked at the scene cautiously, staring with large almond eyes.

“Yujin…” Hyo called out gently, “She’s here… Mama’s here…” his smile twitched here and there, attempting to control his urge to just kneel down and cry.

“Mama…” the said child repeated, coming into the full sight of the others. Hearing her daughter’s voice, the song turned around, her lip quivering and eyes brimmed with tears once more. “Ma…” Yujin tottered towards her mother, growing faster with each step. Hearing the beats of the floor, the song knew what her daughter wanted to do. She went down on one knee and spread her arms out, ready to receive the hug—the hug which never came.

Yujin nearly stumbled as she went through the apparition of her mother, her father’s quick reflexes catching her before she could fall on the ground. When the girl looked up to find her father’s weeping face, she too, couldn’t help but begin to whimper and cry.

For the nth time, words failed to come out of Ye Eun’s lips. Watching the others cry made her want to cry as well. She felt the edges of her eyes become damp, but attempted to keep it in. “S… Sun Ye…” the crimson haired woman looked at the aforementioned woman to find that she was simply watching the scene unfold before her unresponsive eyes. Emotionless eyes glanced back towards Ye Eun, eliciting a slight flinch at the sudden response.

The swordswoman looked at the crying family, biting her lip. Remembering Sun Ye’s teachings, she stepped up. “Please… Possess my body to hug your child and husband…”

The song looked at her, mouth slightly parted from shock before turning upwards into a crooked smile. “It would mean the world to me, thank you!” she said as she wiped her ghostly tears away.

“Ye Eun, remember to relax and let your guard down for the possession to take place properly,” Sun Ye reminded with a light smile.

The taller nodded and exhaled deeply, closing her eyes and keeping her chin up. The song also breathed in deep and walked into Ye Eun, disappearing as if through a doorway. The writer shivered at the feeling of cool air enveloping her form before standing still.

She opened her eyes. What was once inviting darkness had transformed into serene depths. She looked down, spotting her daughter staring curiously up at her with wet eyes. Ye Eun bent down until she was eye-level with the kid and smiled.

“You’ve grown so much… my daughter…” tears escaped Ye Eun’s eyes as she pulled in Yujin for a deep hug. At this, Hyo broke down crying, wiping his tears with his arm. Ye Eun scooped up the crying four-year-old in her arms and then rested her head against the crook of Hyo’s neck. “She’s going to be such a beautiful child…”

“She’ll look just like you…” Hyo managed to say amidst his tears, wrapping an arm around his wife and another around their precious child, “I promise I’ll take care of her…” he embraced the two tightly, not one bit ready to let go.

So fleeting…

Ye Eun and Sun Ye walked side by side in silence. They moved quietly among the dimly lit streets, their breaths painting a stroke of white in the air. She wasn’t sure about Sun Ye, but Ye Eun’s heart weighed heavily inside of her chest. It felt like a darkness threatening to consume every bit of her being. She could feel the chains clinging to her feet, slowing down her every step.

Noticing the lack of vigor in the other, Sun Ye walked closer, inspecting the crimson haired woman’s face as she held her hand and stepped in front of her. The taller stopped in her tracks, turning her face slightly away, and long luscious tresses covering half of it.

So very fleeting…

“It’s okay to cry…” Sun Ye gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, using her other hand to brush the other’s red locks from her face. The second the proprietor said that, strong arms wrapped around her waist, gravitating her towards Ye Eun.

She heard the other sniffle beside her, soon feeling the dampness on her shoulder. Sun Ye tentatively returned the embrace, rubbing the crying woman’s back comfortingly. “There there…”

The essence of life…

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Re: [Wonder Girls] Sirius
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 :cry: :cry: TT__TT That' and heart-wrenching!!*cries*I've never read a story like this before!A story that actually makes me cry for real!Good job!I've read all 6chapters of yours within 1hr30mons XD How do you write such a good story anyway?Oh,and I came across your livejournal by chance and I see that you wrote another 2 WG fics.Can you please PM it to me?Thanks!^^ Looking forward to chapter seven =))

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Re: [Wonder Girls] Sirius
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Seven :: Nothing but a Number

“I have a question…” Ye Eun asked as she sat idly on the stool at the counter.

“Yes?” Sun Ye looked up from her sweeping of the floor.

“Exactly… How old are you?”

Sun Ye looked at the red haired woman thoughtfully before breaking out into a wide smile. “What do you think?”

“Well for one, you look like someone my age… But you act… a lot wiser…”

“How about this,” the proprietor leaned against her broom, “You are a very intelligent person, right? So why don’t you figure out how old I am using observation and conjecture?” the veteran raised a finger in the air.

Point proven, I suppose… The younger thought to herself as she returned to staring blankly.

It’s been a few months, she surmised. The winter of which she met this writer seemed like only yesterday. Now, the weather relaxed a bit and she found herself a lot more laidback than she had hoped to be. Handling fiction seemed a lot easier than before, for she merely had to use a single blade lazily just to crush it. Even the A-leveled kills were cakewalk for her, and as Sun Ye said, she really had grown to steel herself every time she had to face one.

S-levels, Sun Ye and her would usually tackle together, though they were quite rare to come across and each time, she and Sun Ye would somehow come out of the situation unscathed rather than banged up and beaten.

The proprietor said it was due to their teamwork and superior skill, but Ye Eun thought otherwise. Somehow, these S-level fiction seemed to be a lot easier than she thought. However, Sun Ye made it a point to eliminate them as fast as possible, and unnoticeably as well… Perhaps their strength was so deadly to cause all of their S-leveled missions to be covert rather than open-battlefield.

“What are you thinking of?”

Ye Eun shifted uncomfortably when Sun Ye leaned over on the counter, leaning heavily on her elbows while her face was dangerously close to her own.

“It’s nothing,” the younger attempted to say calmly, but not before raising her voice a few notches higher, much to an amused proprietor.

That was another thing Ye Eun was definitely confused about. Throughout the time she stayed at the Sirius shop, she seemed to have caught Sun Ye’s glances more than once… It made her a little nervous when she wasn’t really doing anything, yet the proprietor found some mysterious reason to stare at her.

At first, she assumed that Sun Ye looked at her like she was doing something wrong, so she kept shifting until the scrutiny was no longer upon her. However, as weeks went by, nagging Ye Eun seemed to not be what was on Sun Ye’s mind, for she would have bluntly told her whatever she was doing wrong.

That and Sun Ye has no sense of personal space whatsoever.

Almost like a French person…deep black eyes wandered after Sun Ye’s trail, watching as the other packed the empty sections with more CDs. Hnn… That could be the first clue… Her affection and the like are almost like that of French etiquette…But would that mean she was born in France or Canada? Or was she born here?

“Do you know how to speak French?”

Sun Ye looked over, wiping her brow with the back of her gloved hand. “Hnn? Nah. I had a few French friends though.”

So their habits might have rubbed off of her…Ye Eun concluded. When she continued to watch the other again, she could have sworn that Sun Ye flashed a smirk while she thought she wasn’t looking.

“So did you ever go to Europe or any other continent?”

“Hnn, I traveled around a bit, they were for business-related stuff though.”

Ah yes, that’s right. Sun Ye told me a couple weeks ago that she used to be a Novelist… But wait, Novelist terms are usually five years long… The current Novelist of South Korea is Kwon BoA, and she’s on her second year right now. The one before her was Lee Hyori from 2002 to 2007… And if we’re going by the idea that Sun Ye is my age, she would have been 12 at the beginning of 2002. However, Novelists can only choose candidates who are 20 years and above…

If she looks 20 right now… and she used to be a novelist…

Could that mean…

…That she doesn’t age physically?

“How old are you, I wonder?” the crimson haired woman thought aloud.

“That’s for you to figure out,” Sun Ye deadpanned as she took apart the empty box and folded it neatly.

“Well, I mean… How old were you when you… died?”

“If memory serves me right, I think I was about 20.”

So she doesn’t age physically…

Ye Eun had a lot to think about.

Once their place closed, the two went up the stairs to prepare for the evening’s dinner. They never exchanged a single word throughout the preparation of the meal. Somehow, when they cooked together, they just knew what they had to do. If Ye Eun was stirring, Sun Ye would add the seasonings while she was doing that. If Sun Ye was cutting up vegetables and meat, Ye Eun would get the pan ready because they both knew it was stir fry.

When they sat down to eat, the younger couldn’t help but further scrutinize Sun Ye’s eating habits to see if she could get anything out of that. So far, she didn’t notice anything too unordinary. She was following Korean etiquette perfectly, word for word. However, she did notice that the other seemed to mouth a quick phrase before taking her first bite.

As far as she knew, Japanese people tend to say “itadakimasu!” before they ate, but whatever Sun Ye said didn’t match that word at all. She took a moment to register the bites of food that she ate. When it comes to cooking, Sun Ye was the best at it. She cooked a lot of Korean food asides from her rather abnormal love for ddeok, so it could just mean that she was indeed born in a Korean background… But then again, something seemed a bit off.

Ah! A light bulb lit up in her head. While the dishes were Korean in nature, Sun Ye didn’t quite use the exact same ingredients. A lot of her cooking revolved around using herbs and fish sauce—something very unlikely in a cuisine where spices and sesame oil reigned. The fish sauce she used wasn’t even the kind that Koreans used. It was something heavily based in south eastern Asian countries like Cambodia and Vietnam…

The Indochina region… The French occupied that area before the wars erupted…

“Can’t I at least have a hint as to what year you were born?”

“Nope~!” Sun Ye shook her head, “that’s something you should find out on your own.”

“Not even the year you died?”

“Sorry~” the older stuck out her tongue.

Just then, the phone rang. Ye Eun moved her chair back so as to stand and answer, but Sun Ye already saw to that. She had already stood and had the phone in her hand, talking on it as if she was speaking to some sort of old friend. While paying attention to the call, she looked over at Sun Ye’s side of the table.

Wait…Huh? She blinked as she saw Sun Ye’s chopsticks sticking vertically up from her rice bowl.

How odd… That would be really rude over here, yet she doesn’t do as much as bat a glance towards it nor made any effort to correct it, being that strict etiquette-driven woman that she is…

One thing’s for sure though, she was definitely going to check out each country’s dining etiquette on the internet when eating was over.

“Apparently I’m going over a friend’s tomorrow,” the proprietor said as she returned to her seat. “I need to help out with a problem over there.”

“What sort of problem?” Ye Eun asked while her mouth was completely stuffed with food.

“You remember me teaching you about muses, right?”

The swordswoman swallowed, “Ah, yes.”


“A lot of fiction roamed about during the times of World War II. As a remedy, Adolf Hitler experimented with Jewish people under the guise of the Holocaust in an effort to find some sort of being who will be the natural predator of fiction. As a result, Muses were created as the ideal anti-fiction unit. However, many of them were out of control so using other humans as a base, they created rosary beads to subdue them.”

“Mm,” Sun Ye nodded, “Now do you remember why the beads are red and white?”

“The white beads indicate that they were made from human bones while the red beads are basically a heavily preserved form of dried blood.”

“Good girl,” the teacher tilted her head in a smile. “Well, a friend of mine, another writer like us both, has a friend who is a muse, and they really want to be able to control her muse side so that she won’t be as prone to attacking others in her frenzied state. Therefore, they need my help because I’m the most experienced in that sort of thing.”

“I see…” So that would mean she would be watching the shop alone. Shouldn’t be too hard, managing the shop all by herself. If Sun Ye did it long before she met her, then she shouldn’t have trouble either.

“By the way, Ye Eun?”


“Clean your room. It’s turning into a sea of decay…”

“Oh uh… I’ll try.”

Age is nothing…

“Bleh… It’s definitely lonelier without her…” the swordswoman groaned as she splayed herself all over the counter. Today was rather odd too, for no one came in regarding the fiction business either…

Usually, she and Sun Ye would do at least two or three jobs a day, but when half of her shift was over, she knew something was amiss.

“Today… is just really looooooong…” Ye Eun moaned as she began rolling around on the counter, infected with the terrible disease of boredom.

Just then, the sound of a bell rang in the air and the writer immediately threw herself away from her counter and back onto the stool, hands clasped out in front and thumbs twiddling.

A tanned woman sashayed into Sirius. The clicks of her worn black leather boots echoed loudly within the store. Ye Eun looked on curiously as the woman lazily walked over to the foreign music section, deep brown eyes scanning the selection. Her face looked small thanks to the large white headphones secured around her head.

“Ah…” the other woman uttered indiscreetly, surprising the cashier with her low and husky voice, “so this store does have it…”

Ye Eun watched silently as the dark woman sauntered over to the counter, placing a bunch of X Japan CDs in front of her while rummaging through her duffle bag for money. With a smile, the cashier scanned in the CDs and was about to announce the price when a familiar scent hit her keen nostrils.

The woman had smelled strongly of fiction. The sound of a not so subtle click made her eyes look up from her face’s downed position, finding herself staring at the barrel of a long gun.

“Where’s the proprietor?” the woman still had that lazy look to her face, though her eyes were as serious as her words.

“Why do you require an audience with the proprietor?” the crimson haired woman smirked in return. For emergency cases like these, she had put three of her red swords behind the counter and within reach. Her hand had already grasped onto the hilt and now she was just waiting for the opportunity to use it.

“I just have some business with her, that’s all,” the woman drawled simply.

“But what business warrants a gun at my head?” Ye Eun, being fearless, leaned back, pretty sure that the other wasn’t going to shoot her yet.

The gun that the tanned woman used seemed to be a pistol, but on closer inspection, it seemed to be a rather long-barreled one, almost looking like a sawed-off shotgun. “Well, I’ve heard rumors that the great Half-Song had taken in a disciple, so I thought I’d come and check her out,” the woman said as she rested the long part of her gun back against her shoulder. “Seeing as you didn’t do as much as flinch when I pointed it at you, you must be real strong.”

Ye Eun released her grip on her sword and rested her head on her hands, “So there’s gonna be no fight? I thought it’d make the day interesting,” she groaned aloud, slumping over the counter again.

“Oh? You wanted to fight?” the jet-black haired woman mused, letting loose a low chuckle, “well I can’t deny that that I’m pretty bored too…”

“Park Ye Eun.”

“Kim Yubin.”

The two reached out to shake hands, but all of a sudden, they drew their weapons at each other. Ye Eun’s sword was resting tentatively against Yubin’s neck while Yubin’s gun was pointing straight at Ye Eun’s throat.

At the move, the two couldn’t help but laugh heartily at the other. They both withdrew their weapons and held it at a relaxed position.

“You have a sharp wit, kid,” Yubin smiled as she ran her hand through her frizzy shoulder-length black hair. “As expected of the Half-Song’s student.”

All of a sudden, Ye Eun remembered her homework from Sun Ye, about using conjecture and observation to figure out how old she was. “So… What years did she assume the novelist position? I never quite got to ask her about that.”

“Eh? I thought she’d tell you that sort of thing now,” Yubin crossed her arms on the counter, leaning heavily upon her elbows, “she was active in the late ‘60s or so. People were skeptical since she wasn’t full human, but she was perfectly capable and responsible so the novelist before her gave her the position.”

Late 60’s… So if we theorize that she hadn’t died, and the fact that she had to be 20 years or more to take the position… That would make her at least 68 years old… But I still have to find her origins since she must have been raised in pre-war Indochina…

“Thanks for your help.”

“Uh… No problem?” the dark skinned woman eyed her curiously, “So where’s Sunbae-nim anyway?”

Yubin seemed trustworthy—as in no bloodlust or anything—so Ye Eun answered, “she’s at a friend’s at the moment. Training a muse, it seems.”

“Oh…”  the other made an ‘o’ with her mouth, “well if that’s the case, I’ll be waitin’ here then.”

“What business do you have with her anyway?”

“Well, I heard that she’s looking for tenants and I happen to be a homeless since my team’s broken up due to differences, so here I am~!”

Come to think of it, Sun Ye did express that she wanted more people to come and live with the two of them… Remembering the number to reach her by, Ye Eun took out her cellphone and dialed.

Yubin watched closely while she was on the phone.

“Hello, you’ve reached the Amizade flower shop~! Yuri speaking!”

“Hey, is Sun Ye there?” Ye Eun asked, the fingers of her other hand drumming away at the counter.

“I’m sorry, there is no one of that name there~!” the airy voice replied in turn. Sun Ye warned her that the shop would do something like this, so she had to ask in a certain way.

“I do believe the Ex-novelist is in the basement of your dwelling, training a muse, am I correct?”

“Ding-dong~ You passed!” Yuri chuckled lightly on the other end, “Well, they’re on break now, do you want me to get her or leave a message?”

Ye Eun looked over at Yubin, who nodded zealously. “Please get her.”


Moments later, a familiar voice came on, “You need me for anything?”

“Ah, there’s a writer here who expressed her desire to become your tenant,” she gave a thumbs up to Yubin, who kindly returned the gesture with one of her own.

“Oh~? Well I’ll be there right away!” Sun Ye said excitedly.

“Don’t you have to—”

“Oh it’s fine, we’re pretty much all set for the day anyway since the muse passed out and hasn’t awoken in hours.”

In hours…?
Ye Eun repeated dully within her mind, …How in the world is Sun Ye training her…?

“I’ll be on my way~!” Sun Ye’s voice broke her out of her reverie before hanging up. Yubin looked at Ye Eun expectantly, expecting a reply.

“Well, she’s really excited to meet you,” the swordswoman smiled.

“Ah, that’s good,” the darker relaxed. “So how old’re you?”

“I turned 20 recently.”

“Ahaa, I guess that means I’m your Unnie, I’m 21,” the older said as she reached into her bag for her gun once more, only she used it as a back scratcher rather than a weapon, “so how’s Sunbae-nim treating you?”

“Hn.. Well I guess. I certainly wouldn’t have been here today if it weren’t for her.”

It was true though. If Sun Ye hadn’t shown her the ropes or introduce her to the A and S fiction types, she might have spent the rest of her life fighting the small vermin and never bat an eye towards the more realistic fiction. Of course, that wasn’t to say that the path wasn’t painful, she had cried a lot at first, but she sucked it up and got used to it.

“Great teacher, huh?” Yubin rolled her eyes directly at the other, nudging her conspicuously with her elbow.

“I suppose…” Uh-oh, where is Yubin going…?

“How far have you two gone?”

“U-Unnie!” Ye Eun was flabbergasted. A horrifying expression sneaked onto her face as she shoved the other playfully.

“Awww, you called me Unnie,” the older smiled proudly, pretending to wipe invisible tears from her eyes.

Things were certainly going to be interesting with Yubin living with them. They went into an involving conversation while waiting for Sun Ye. Yubin readily answered all the questions that Ye Eun had and vice-versa. What was interesting though was how nearly all of Yubin’s questions related to her mentor…

She wondered exactly how much of an impact Sun Ye made on the community. Was she really as lucky as Yubin made it out to be? To be bound to such an underground celebrity? Or was she lucky to even have survived?

“But really, what is your relationship to Sunbae-nim anyway?” the older’s eyes glinted with mischief. The younger could only slap her hand to her face, dragging her features down in an ‘oh god…’ manner. “Could you two only be teacher and student? There’s no lovey dovey forbidden-ness invoooolved? Eh~? Eh~?” again, Yubin kept nudging the other.

“You watch too many weird dramas,” Ye Eun raised a brow. Her mind was saying otherwise though. What in the world was “Sun Ye and Ye Eun” anyway? Sun Ye crossed the line quite often, flirting with her or showering her with affection… But there were times where she showed none of that at all despite the situation calling for it.

“Well I’ll definitely have to see it to believe it,” the gun-totting woman drawled once more, still batting her eyelashes at the other teasingly.

“I’m here~!” came a familiar melodious voice.

Ye Eun was about to say hi, but then Yubin turned and bowed 90 degrees towards the revered writer. “Pleasure to meet you, Sunbae-nim!”

“Pleasure to meet you too,” Sun Ye tilted her head in a smile. “Ye Eun, was she any trouble to you?”

“Ah, no, she wasn’t at all.”

“Nosiree,” Yubin said in a singsong voice, “I am rather laidback, so I’m not troublesome at all~!”

The crimson haired swordswoman watched as the two exchanged conversation. Somehow, just watching them talk like they were already friends for a long time irked her in a sense. But why would something like that bother her so much? Sun Ye seemed to have noticed Ye Eun’s uneasiness.

“You know, the shift is over, I can take over from here,” Sun Ye smiled sweetly at her. Ye Eun blinked incredulously before excusing herself and walking up the stairs.

It’s nothing but a number…

Somehow, when the older smiled at her like that, it sent her heart a flutter. When was it that she began to welcome Sun Ye’s affection? The nervousness that existed whenever the half-song did those things to her…

Yubin certainly brought up an interesting question that time.

What in the world was Sun Ye to her?

She was a mentor, yes. A very good friend, yes. A person who seemed to nag too much, yes. A superb fighter, yes. An admirable person, yes. A loveable person, yes.

Wait what?

Ye Eun needed a minute to calm down. She could feel a headache coming on. She walked over to her room and opened the door, but to no avail.

“Hnn?” she raised a brow before pushing a little harder at the door, but it barely budged. She could only laugh nervously as Sun Ye’s voice began to haunt her: Clean up your room… Clean up your room… Clean up your room…

She tentatively snaked into her room using the sliver of an opening her door gave and turned on the lights. Again, Sun Ye’s voice repeated itself like a mantra in her head. It’s a sea of decay… It’s a sea of decay…

Perhaps I really should clean up my room to pass the time… Ye Eun thought.

Such a thing didn’t matter…

After settling Yubin in her new room, Sun Ye was just about ready to head to bed as the night was as dark as it could be. She shut off the lights and was about to walk into her room when she noticed a light at the bottom of Ye Eun’s room.

Did she actually clean up? The proprietor raised a brow before opening the door to the other’s room. Completely stunned at how she was about to open the door without obstruction, she poked her head into the room to find the crimson haired woman sitting against the wall on top of her bed with a laptop on top of her lap.

“Good evening!” Ye Eun said cheerfully, though her eyes remained on the computer screen.

“Since when did you have a laptop?” was the first thing that came to Sun Ye’s mind as she walked into the room.

“I unearthed it!” The younger gave a double thumbs up to the other, causing Sun Ye to laugh. The older climbed up onto the clean bed and sat next to the other, eliciting a tense response much to her amusement. Sun Ye looked at the computer screen and smiled.

“So how did your research of my age go?”

“Well…” Ye Eun rolled her eyes upward, attempting to think, “I’ve decided something.”

“Oh?” Sun Ye brought her knees to her chest and hugged them.

“I’ve decided that I won’t care about how old you are.”

“Really?” the proprietor asked rhetorically, “and your attempts to research my origin?”

“Well that…” Ye Eun scratched the back of her head, “I’ve realized something about you that I should have known all along…” pitch black orbs of darkness stared into soft brown eyes.

Sun Ye smiled once more, brushing Ye Eun’s long side-swept bangs from her face. Her action significantly impacted the other, for a faint color matching the color of the younger’s hair appeared on her cheeks.

“Sun Ye…” Ye Eun began firmly, “…Anh yêu em.”

Now there’s a language that Sun Ye hadn’t heard in a while. She could only close her eyes and chuckle at the memories she had at her original birthplace. “You know…” Sun ye giggled, “what you said is what a guy would say to a girl.”

Ye Eun leaned her head against the wall whilst never breaking her gaze with Sun Ye, “I know, I did that on purpose.”


What happened next felt so surreal to Ye Eun. Sun Ye lifted her gloved hand and gestured Ye Eun to come closer. Before she could even respond, she felt gravity gently cradling her head and pulling her closer to the older. When their foreheads touched, the swordswoman felt her heart beating so fast…

Never once straying from her object of vision, Sun ye whispered. She whispered so softly that Ye Eun had to strain her ears to hear it, but when she heard it, she smiled.

“Em yêu anh…”

And with that, a natural gravitation sealed the distance with their lips.

Because Love has no boundries.

D'awww :B

xD Hopefully the next chapter won't be written after five months like this one >_>;

*"Anh yêu em" and "Em yêu anh" are Vietnamese for "I Love You"

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Re: [Wonder Girls] Sirius
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I wanted to comment yesterday, but I lost my internet signal. T_T Let's hope it stays long enough for me to comment!


Except I don't know what to comment with! :lol: The scene between Sun Ye and Ye Eun at the end was so cute! :heart:

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Re: [Wonder Girls] Sirius
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EIGHT :: Ye Eun Versus Taeyeon

“Hm… I feel like dying my hair…” Ye Eun commented as she fiddled with her crimson tresses. Once again, she was alone in Sirius, minding the store. Yubin was out exploring the city while Sun Ye, needless to say, was out getting rice cake supplies. Ye Eun could have sworn that she would get diabetes just because of Sun Ye’s obsession with sweets.

Though… she wouldn’t change that about Sun Ye. Ye Eun smiled softly. Her Sun ye… It was going to take a while to get used to it. Not to mention that there was an incredibly wide age gap between the two (again, Ye Eun concluded that Sun Ye was more than 68 years of age according to her theories), but she promised Sun Ye that she’d ignore that.

The following morning after the confession, Yubin woke up to the two making breakfast as usual, but the gunner made it a point to comment on how the aura of the two reminded her of a married couple.

“Wow, maybe I should start calling you Appa and Umma from now on,” the tanned woman had said, causing Ye Eun’s cheeks to crimson as much as her hair color while Sun Ye nervously laughed off the observational comment.

It was certainly going to be a bit to register… Sun Ye being her… well… girlfriend. A really nagging yet, hot one of all people. Did she just call her hot? Of course, a woman’s hot body is definitely better than her personality…Not. How could she even think that?! Sun ye’s nagging was to help her out as a person, it’s not like she was doing it for fun and giggles!

…Alright, maybe she was joking about some things she nagged about. But still, that too, was something she wouldn’t want Sun Ye to change. Was she considered masochistic for liking it whenever the proprietor scolded her…?

Oh god.

What did Sun Ye do to her?!

The sound of a bell ringing caused Ye Eun to snap out of her reverie. She was just about to greet the customer when suddenly, the smell of fiction entered her nostrils. She kept tight-lipped as she merely observed the customer.

The customer was a rather short female. She had mid-back length chocolate brown hair which was fine and thin. In fact, her face in general reminded Ye Eun of a kid, but those dark eyes clearly expressed more maturity than what she appeared to be. Soon, the kid-like woman reached the counter and Ye Eun cautiously moved her hand to her hidden blade.

“Are you Sun Ye’s student?” the chocolate haired woman asked, leaning upon the counter with her elbows.

Ye Eun glared at her, hoping to intimidate, and said carefully, “Am I answering a fiction or a writer?”

The woman blinked incredulously before pulling out… a contacts container? Right in front of Ye Eun, the woman began to take out her contacts and place them within the container.

She didn’t have silver eyes.

“I’m nearly blind without contacts or glasses,” the woman commented as she pushed the contacts over to the side next to the cash register. Just then, Ye Eun felt a murderous intent and she immediately pulled up her sword to block an oncoming hit. There was a loud clang in the air as the woman’s foot met with her sword. The crimson haired woman expected a severe cut to the other’s foot but was surprised to see that a blade sprung out of the woman’s sneakers. It was a thin blade which was cut to befit the contours of her shoe. Yet, somehow the sheer force of such a weak-looking curvy blade sent Ye Eun’s hand shaking from the vibrations of her sword.

She’s serious… Ye Eun glared into the mischievous eyes of the other in that slow motion dead-lock. The woman had propped herself over the counter by two hands and had swung her foot up to which the swordswoman blocked those seconds earlier.

Following that strike, the woman kept her two hands on the counter and continued to barrage Ye Eun with her bladed shoes. She blocked all of them with ease and swung one blade at the other’s hands, threatening to cut them off. The woman merely hopped and blocked the other blade’s strike and then proceeded to swing her other foot at Ye Eun’s face.

She barely backed out of the strike, for bits of her hair were chopped off by the fine blade. After she was no longer in any danger of getting her face scarred, Ye Eun immediately took the offensive. The other woman had a hard time keeping up with her onslaught of swords and even got nicked here and there on her legs. Eventually the other woman managed to stomp on her blades flat, squatting on top of the counter like a frog.

Ye Eun blinked incredulously before taking a hold of her hilts firmly and pulled it back, causing the other to fall backwards and land on her back at the floor of the counter. Ye Eun jumped over the counter and was just about ready to plunge her swords into the woman’s head if it weren’t for the woman pulling herself down, thus missing the blade over her head. Curled up, she kicked Ye Eun up over her and immediately hopped back into a fighting stance while the crimson haired woman groaned at the pain of landing face-flat on the floor.

She sensed the woman charging so she flipped over on her back and braced herself. As the woman was pulling the exact same stunt Ye Eun tried to do earlier, she immediately did what the other did. She pulled herself down and swung her right sword upwards in a thrust, aiming for the other’s head once more. The woman managed to move her head out of the way, but not without a faint scratch on her cheek.

Before the woman could register being scratched, Ye Eun swung her other sword in an arc. The woman caught that, however, and used her foot to pin Ye Eun’s wrist down. As an extra counter measure, the short woman pinned the swordswoman’s other hand down.  While Ye Eun squirmed out of the other’s grasp, the woman wiped a thumb across her scarred cheek and looked at the thumb. Her eyes widened at the fact that it wasn’t even bleeding!

Mustering what leg strength she could, Ye Eun shot upwards, feet first into the air, causing the other to move forward to avoid the hit. She scrambled to stand up and immediately launched herself into the offensive once more. The woman was somehow blocking everything again, albeit barely, with the blades on her feet.

When Ye Eun decided to go for a power strike and swing both of her swords away from each other like a cross, the woman actually jumped forward and used the swords to propel herself over Ye Eun’s head. Before the crimson haired woman turned around, she felt foreign hands resting on her butt.

“Hnn…” The woman thought, as if appraising Ye Eun’s rear. Offended and violated, Ye Eun swung both of her swords in a wide arc following each other. However, the woman merely ducked under the blow and then continued her assault with her feet.

Amazing…! To be able to fight blindly like this…Ye Eun thought, remembering that the woman had discarded her contacts earlier. She must be using an alternative way of sensing me though… She’s still using her eyes even though she claims she’s not.

Ye Eun began to falter in her moves, thus prompting the woman to take the offensive. The kid-like woman seemed a lot more acrobatic than the crimson-haired woman accounted for. She was flipping and spinning all over the place! She could have sworn she saw moves hijacked from that street fighter game, especially that move with the rotating kicks. Amidst all this madness, Ye Eun attempted to study the other’s movements.

I need to come up with how she’s seeing me… was the first hypothetical question she came up with whilst dodging and blocking. She’s evidently watching for SOMETHING… but she cast away her contacts. Could she be lying about having blind vision? Ye Eun took random albums from the shelves and threw them at the other. Needless to say, the woman didn’t even see it coming and was smacked right in the face with most of them.

Why was she able to read my moves, yet not be able to read a CD? Despite the rather humorous take of the situation, Ye Eun kept serious. Perhaps she’s watching things on a different plane and doesn’t need to see the physical aspect of something?

What could she possibly be seeing that leads to my movements?

Ye Eun thought hard. Deciding it was about time to head into the offensive, she unleashed a fury of sword swipes. Particularly, she attempted to make long strikes. Is she watching my sword or is she watching my hands?

She studied the woman’s eyes to her relative position closely. On purpose, she did a vertical swing with her sword which completely missed the other by a half a foot. However, the woman treated the swing like it was the real thing and side strafed to avoid the hit.

Is there something around me that’s bigger…? Oh wait…

All of a sudden, Sun Ye’s lessons came flooding into Ye Eun’s head. She remembered how everyone’s sixth sense varied between person to person. Some people faintly feel the presence of spirits and evil beings. Others can see them as clear as day. Others probably don’t even feel them at all. However, Sun Ye stressed to her that there can be people who can actually see people down to their canvas—or a colored elemental affinity—which clung to their owners like wispy smoke. Or to people with an extremely sensitive sixth sense, a canvas could look something like colored fire clinging to every vestige of their owner…

Is there a way to turn it off? Manipulate it, even? Ye Eun realized another important fact. Although the woman was able to read her canvas, it appeared that she was not as physically fit to handle fighting against it. So even if she could read her moves, as long as Ye Eun could overpower her by speed and strength, she should be able to win this battle.

Though that’s not to say she didn’t need to do something about her canvas. She needed every help she could to win this fight. She had to be ferocious, yet calculate how to control her canvas at the same time. She decided to attack more wildly and hopefully more unpredictably. This certainly did a number on the woman, for once more, she was barely able to block anything.

She even threw in some feint slashes to mess with the other’s perception like she did before. She began to handle her sword with one hand instead of two. After the woman managed to catch a sword blow and force Ye Eun to back off, she immediately switched the sword to her other hand behind her back and then did a thrust, forcing an even deeper scar right where she scarred her.

This time, she bled.

The woman stared at the other in bewilderment.

“You…” the woman began, “actually did it in the exact same place?” with that, a hand reached up and wiped at the trickle of blood coming down her face. Looking at her blood in wonder, the woman looked up at Ye Eun…and smiled? She bowed her head forward, much to the confusion of the swordswoman. She simply walked past Ye Eun, no murderous intent whatsoever, and went over to put her contacts back on. Afterwards, she smirked at the other before leaving the store.

The cashier blinked dumbly at the door.

“What was that all about…?”


The second Sun Ye stepped in, she froze.

Hardened eyes scanned her store like a hawk ready to attack any second. No prey would stand being pinned in such a scrutinizing gaze which felt like lasers in the back of their head.

“…Did you move anything in the store?”

Ye Eun nearly fell over her stool at Sun Ye’s obliviousness. “Well… sort of…?”

“Cause these albums are misplaced!” Sun Ye raised the objects in question and proceeded to put them back in their rightful spots. Ye Eun watched incredulously as the proprietor went and arranged most of the albums that she threw at the woman earlier at their proper places. “So why are my CDs arranged all weird? Did some punk come through and purposely messed with everything?” the half-song huffed as she placed her hands on her hips disapprovingly.

“Well you see… someone came by and just well… randomly started a fight with me.”

Randomly start a fight with you?” Sun Ye raised a brow.

“She apparently had the cockiness of fighting me without her contacts. She was a writer who had these blades on her shoes…She even had the nerve to grope my butt during the fight!”

Sun Ye stared blankly at Ye Eun for about five seconds before suddenly perking up, “AH! Is she alright!?” she immediately ran over and smacked her hands on the taller’s shoulders, “You didn’t severely injure her or anything!?!”

“Uh… No. The most I did was scratch her on her cheek and then she left…”

“Phew!” Sun Ye let out a sigh of relief.

“…You know her?”

“Do you remember that ‘friend’ I had to help out the other day? That was her.”

“Eh!?” Ye Eun’s eyes widened, “That was her!? Why would she choose to pick a fight with me!?”

“Well you see…” Sun Ye tilted her head in a sincere smile as she affectionately caressed Ye Eun’s face, “I sort of… bragged about you.”

“Did you, now?” As if it was the most natural thing in the world, Ye Eun’s face leaned into her girlfriend’s touch.

“I never really did tell you this before, did I? But she used to be an old student of mine. When she heard that I had a new student, she became curious of you. I commented as a joke that you didn’t give me a hard time like she did. Obviously, she wanted to test your skills.”

“And test it, she did…” Ye Eun confirmed.

“Did you learn anything from fighting her?” At this point, both of Sun Ye’s hands were fiddling with Ye Eun’s ears.

“She’s a canvas-reader, isn’t she?”


“Well as much as I wanted to try and manipulate my aura, I couldn’t do that so simply. I noticed how her fighting skills didn’t match her reading skills, so I simply overpowered her in that aspect,” Ye Eun smiled softly as she rested her hands on Sun Ye’s waist.

“You didn’t rough her up too badly, right?”

“If she asks for an apology, I’m not going to say sorry since she started it first,” Ye Eun lifted her head haughtily, closing her eyes with a scoff. “Though… What is her name? I’m sure she might find it offensive if I always call her ‘your friend,’ you know?”

“Her name is Kim Taeyeon and she runs a flower shop called Amizade. BoA assigned us to run this city with me patrolling one half and her patrolling the other half,” with that, Sun Ye gave Ye Eun a light peck on the lips, “If we drive, we’d get there in ten minutes without traffic.”

“Do we even have a car? And do you even have a license?”

“I have a license and a car, thank you!” Sun Ye laughed, “but you see… I’m one of those people you can hear from a kilometer away.”

“You mean it’s wired? Like the kind of car whose bass is like BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM as it drives by?”

“Yup! Has two subwoofers in the back! In fact there was one time I think I overdid it to the point where my ears started to bleed, eheheh…” the proprietor giggled nervously. She was about to lean in for another kiss when Ye Eun pushed her away.

“Uh-uh. How come you never told me you had a wired up car in the three or four months I’ve come to live with you? I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to punish you for withholding that information. And don’t you dare say that I didn’t ask about it, ‘cause I did ask about it. You never told me!” the crimson haired woman leaned in teasingly, having the upper hand on the ashamed proprietor.

“I guess you got me there,” Sun Ye smirked, “But just remember that I’m the alpha female in this pack, understand?” and with that, the half-song motioned for Ye Eun to come forward with her gloved hand, forcing the gravity attraction between the two to intensify. With that, Ye Eun’s body was practically shoved into Sun Ye’s. Not only that, her face was just about to kiss the other’s thanks to the extra gravitational pull.

However, Ye Eun wasn’t about to have any of that and immediately drew her sword and placed the flat side of it against Sun Ye’s mouth. The proprietor blinked at the sudden metallic kiss.

“Just because you’re the alpha female doesn’t mean you can get away with anything,” the swordswoman grinned mischievously. “But you get points for trying,” and with that, Ye Eun grabbed the back of Sun Ye’s head and pulled her towards herself, kissing the older on the forehead.

“Ugh, gross~!”

The two faced the door to find Yubin carrying what seems to be an unconscious girl on her back.

“Damn, if I get diabetes, I’ll blame it on your sugary romantic escapades,” the tanned woman stuck out her tongue in disgust.

“You have an unconscious girl on your back and the first thing you talk about is the danger of our love giving you the heebie-jeebies?” Sun Ye asked exasperatedly as she glided over to the girl, concerned.

“Well I didn’t want to ruin your little moment with something dramatic, so I figured the best way to ruin it was to make a witty remark,” the gunner grinned. “But this girl isn’t unconscious, she’s just… resting.”

“Resting? She looks unconscious to me,” Ye Eun called out from behind the counter.

“N-no…I’m conscious…” the woman uttered, though very weakly. It was hard to tell since she was on Yubin’s back, but she had a lean narrow face with crimson hair up to her shoulders.

“This kid needs a bed, so I’m bringing her up, is that fine with you, leader?” Yubin looked at Sun Ye.

“W-well…” she looked at the woman whose face was pale white.

“This kid’s gone through a lot. Her dad turned fiction and she killed him with her bare hands.”

“With her bare hands?” Sun Ye’s eyes widened, “no aid whatsoever? Just her bare hands?”

“You got it, now she needs some time off to breathe.”

“I’m fine, really… I just need some rest is all…” Her eyes widened much like a doe.

“No, you’re not. You need to rest both mentally and physically,” Sun Ye immediately scolded. “What’s your name?”

“Im… It’s Im Yoona.”

What will happen…?

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Byun Taeng! Byun Taeng!! :heart:

Gaw~ 2Ye are sickeningly sweet. I almost feel like Yubin there. XD

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DDDDDDDDDD: You don't know how glad I am to see that last chapter. If only I read this back in December and NOT in April lmao
Love your fics <3

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Derp. o_o

8 months since the last update huh...? xD;

NINE :: From Student to Teacher

“Well that was quite interesting if you ask me,” Yubin drawled as she leaned back on the couch with her feet high up on the table in front of it. “This city is quite eventful and rich in fiction activity.”

“Well it’s the city. The more people there are, the more likely fiction are present,” Sun Ye added from the island in the middle of the kitchen, “so how’s Yoona’s condition?”

“She’s sleeping, last I checked,” Ye Eun said, also sitting at the other end of the couch. “What are we going to do? Erase her memories? Then again, if what Yubin-unnie says is right, then she doesn’t have a dad anymore…”

“Indeed, we’d need to see if she has any other family she can stay with. Though the memory thing could be difficult since she’ll be wondering why her dad is gone…” the gunner scratched her brow.

“Truth be told, I… kind of want to keep her.”

Yubin and Ye Eun looked at the proprietor with raised eyebrows.

“I mean, she killed a fiction with her bare hands… I’m interested in her, needless to say,” the half-song leaned on the island with her elbow.

“We’re going to wait for input from Yoona herself, right? I mean she obviously needs a say in this situation on whether or not we erase her memories or if she wants to become a writer… It sort of irks me that we’re talking about this without her around,” the crimson haired woman sighed.

“Yes… Please don’t talk about this without me.”

The three resident workers looked towards the source of the voice, surprised to find Yoona leaning against the wall with the back of her elbow.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Sun Ye scolded as she walked over to the rather tall woman.

“I only needed a moment to think,” Yoona defended as she attempted to ignore the older’s attempt to usher back into the room. “I heard memories being involved and there’s no way I’m throwing this away. This is too big for me to throw away.”

“Yoona-sshi…” the swordswoman had to admit, this newcomer seemed to be certainly strong for someone who just killed her own father.

“I don’t know what happened to my father which made him turn out like that, but whatever happened to him, he wasn’t my dad anymore…”

“Well, you do have two choices now,” Sun Ye then began to direct Yoona towards the couch in between the gunner and swordswoman, “On one hand, you could choose to forget everything and just go on living with someone else of your relation. On the other hand, your surprisingly good skill with handling monsters would be very useful to us writers…”

“Sun Ye!” Ye Eun crossed her arms, “Think about her emotional state! I’m not sure if she really wants to be brought up as a writer like this!”

“It’s fine, I think I might in fact choose this,” Yoona disproved Ye Eun immediately, “I want to learn more about everything. It’s not like I have a home to return to, anyway.”

“Then it’s settled, Ye Eun will teach Yoona until she desires to move out with a different team!” Sun Ye clapped her hands together.

“Wait, what!?” the crimson haired woman looked at her girlfriend with eyes as large as dinner plates.

The student becomes a teacher in the blink of an eye.

“Man, how did this come out?” Ye Eun scratched the back of her head anxiously. “Why can’t you teach?!” the swordswoman pointed an accusing figure at the said half-song.

“I’m curious of how you’ll teach,” Sun Ye smiled, laying on her belly on the couch while reading a magazine.

“Er…Well truth be told, I can only teach you how to fight by just… forcing you into situations…”

“It’s fine, I’ll just do my best,” Yoona got into a basic fighting stance.

“Oooh, watch out, Honey, Yoona knows Tae Kwon Do. Looks like 10 years plus of experience to me,” Sun Ye said in a singsong voice, not even looking at the others as she read through the magazine.

Yoona was surprised at the proprietor’s accurate guess, but remained focused on the other.

“By the way, don’t destroy the house, Honey~!”

“I know that, Dear~!” One of these days, Ye Eun really needed to put a stop to Sun Ye embarrassing her in front of others.

Yoona had this scrunched up face in reaction to the two’s love scuffle. Ye Eun could have sworn she was fighting a flatfish instead of a human. Regardless, as Yoona wasn’t making a move towards her, Ye Eun would. She opened the fight with two quick jabs, expecting Yoona to duck her head. As expected, the other crimson haired girl ducked and pulled off a low sweep kick. Ye Eun easily jumped over and did one of her own, knocking the other off of her feet but not for long as Yoona landed on her hands and then used the momentum of her legs falling to shove the older’s ankles.

Ye Eun fell flat on her face.

“The teacher is supposed to teach her student, not the student teaching the teacher, Honey~!”

“I know that, Dear~!” Ye Eun lifted her face up and blew the bangs out of her face in irritation.

“Ugh…” Yoona gagged at the sugariness the two displayed.

“What’d I miss?” Yubin randomly poked her head out of the door.

“What are you doing up here, go back to minding the store!” Sun ye sat up and jabbed a finger towards the ground.

“Pfft~!” Yubin stuck out her tongue and returned to her duties.
“Okay…” Ye Eun stood up and reached into her room for something.

“U-um…” Yoona looked at the other nervously.

The swordswoman couldn’t be without her swords. In her hands were two sheathed swords. She underestimated Yoona once, and this time, she won’t be made a fool of in front of her girlfriend.

“Isn’t that cheating?” Yoona asked anxiously, eyes never leaving the swords.

“In your future battles against fiction, there will be no such thing as fairness. There will be many instances where they hold the advantage and you will be nothing compared to them. Be thankful I decided to not fight you with unsheathed swords just because Sun Ye asked me not to ruin the house.”

The youngest of them all could only gulp.

“Glad to know you’re thinking of me, Honey~!”

“Always am, Dear~!”

And through a teacher’s eyes, the student understands.

“Hey uh, I know y’all agreed to do this and all, but isn’t this a little too extreme?” Yubin pointed down at the collapsed Yoona at her feet. “I thought I was doing her a favor by bringing her here to live, not to die.”

“Don’t ask me,” Sun Ye shrugged, “Ye Eun’s the one who’s gone nuts.”

“H-hey, I’m only teaching her the way I was taught, and that was survival!” the swordswoman defended herself.

“T-this is fine…” Yoona panted, struggling to get up, “Unnie is right, the world isn’t always made of sugar and rainbows.”

“Yeah but I just had a six hour shift and last I remembered, you guys started around the same time I did,” the gunner placed her hands on her hips. “Kid, you gotta learn when enough is enough, y’know?”

“This isn’t enough, I want to win…” Yoona commented, wiping her mouth with the back of her battered hand.

“Okay,” Ye Eun threw one sword onto the couch, “Show me this resolve of your’s.” She unsheathed a blade and held it with both hands. “My apologies if blood spills.”

“Yeah, if that happens, you’re going to clean it up until it is spotless,” Sun Ye sighed disapprovingly.

Yoona stretched out for a bit before getting into a comfortable fighting pose once more.

“Ooooh,” Yubin smiled before getting out a popcorn bag and popping it into the microwave. “Is this usually exciting?” the gunner asked the proprietor whilst leaning against the counter, watching for the popcorn.

“I haven’t turned the TV on at all today, and it’s not because they were in the way,” Sun Ye grinned, “Oh and before you start!”

The two fighters looked at the half-song.

Sun Ye went downstairs for a bit before returning with what appeared to be fingerless gloves with two metallic plates on the back of them. She threw them over to Yoona who caught them and looked at them in question.

“Something Ye Eun forgot to cover during the lecture. Instruments are weapons made from fiction. They tend to work really well. However, those are made with that of a fiction with a Greed Canvas, which I’m not sure if it’ll operate well with you.”

“Canvas?” Yoona looked at the swordswoman, confused.

“You know the seven sins, right? Every human being has a certain sin which is the most prevalent within them. Also, fiction tend to have an absolute sin that they represent. They all have this aura of their sin called their canvas. Each canvas is associated with an element. Lust means air, Greed means technology, Gluttony means kinetics, Wrath means water, Pride means space, Envy means illusion, Sloth means sound.”


All eyes were on Yubin as she took out the bag of popcorn.

“Uh… My bad.”

“Anyways, everyone who has an ounce of a sixth sense ability can see another person’s canvas if they concentrate hard enough. However, there are people who can see a canvas as clear as day, like colored fire,” there was no joke about that, Ye Eun remembered that woman who came in earlier, Taeyeon was it? Taeyeon could read her canvas super clear and gave her a tough time because of it.

Yoona stared at Ye Eun.

“Wow, it looks like she’s undressing you with her eyes,” Yubin commented as she threw some popcorn in her mouth.

Ye Eun looked at the younger, scandalized and covered whatever assets she could. “You fiend!”

“That’s not it!” Yoona doubled over and laughed at the absurdity. Sun Ye also laughed along with the other. “I guess I can’t see it well at all.”

“Not many people could,” Sun Ye relaxed after a bit of laughter.

“Anyways…” Yoona slipped on the fighting gloves, flexing the fingers a bit to test the material, “shall we begin, teacher?”

“We shall,” Ye Eun agreed, holding her crimson-tinted jian sword.

Yoona took the initiative this time and charged straight at her teacher. Deciding to go easy on her as a test, Ye Eun swung her sword down, forcing the other to change direction. To her surprise, the younger managed to bat her sword away with a loud clang of a metallic blade meeting a metallic pad. With her other hand, she pulled back to punch the swordswoman.

Ye Eun dodged with ease and then brought her sword to a horizontal swipe. Yoona quickly jumped back and hopped forward for a roundhouse kick. Like the student, the teacher merely moved her head back before thrusting her sword back towards the other. The younger bat away the sword again, this time with more force than ever, causing the blade to practically go behind Ye Eun in a stagger. Taking this opportunity, Yoona pulled back and put her all into that next punch.

Thinking fast, Ye Eun knew she wouldn’t be able to bring her sword back to face Yoona, but she could at least use the bottom of the hilt to stop the blow. When their instruments collided, Ye Eun twirled and brought her elbow full force into Yoona’s chest. Adding to that, she twirled once more and swung her sword at the other.

She didn’t feel an ounce of regret as Yoona failed to block her sword properly and received a large sword scar traveling from one arm to the other. She purposely did a nice clean cut so it would heal without a scar. Although bloodless, the pain might have been unbearable. Yoona hunched over, gripping her arms in an estrangled cry. Ye Eun showed absolutely no pity for the other. It was her fault for not blocking the correct way.

Yubin nearly jumped out of her seat in concern for the other, but Sun Ye held her lap down and shook her head. As harsh as Ye Eun’s lesson might be, it was the closest type of training for what was to come in the future.

The injuries got worse. Everything after that arm scar was clumsy and poorly done. Before she knew it, Yoona had various slits all over her body. It was a miracle that she was still standing. There was a large gash on her shirt and back and various knicks and cuts along her arms and legs. Hell, there was even a small scar on her left cheek. Even Sun Ye couldn’t help but wince just by looking at the state Yoona was in.

“Some resolve you have,” Ye Eun said coldly, “You might have died more than ten times if I let you go out there.”

“Don’t matter, I can still win…” Yoona looked up from her zombie-like slump.

“Kid… I honestly think you’re at your limit,” Yubin tilted her head in worry, “Just call it a day. You won’t land a punch on her at that state.”

“I can’t just walk away from this,” Yoona replied, “a monster doesn’t have that kind of mercy, I need to win or else I die.”

“She’s right,” the swordswoman added, “I’m role-playing the fiction here. I can’t let her off the bat.”

“Y’all are insane,” Yubin threw her arms up in exasperation, “Girl’s as scarred as Mad-eye Moody and you insist on throwing in more?”

The gunner’s words were left in the air as the two lunged at each other for another bout. This one didn’t even last a second as Yoona practically gave up guarding altogether thanks to her exhaustion. Now came a fresh new scar at her leg.

“Step it up. There’s death number 11 right there,” Ye Eun said casually as she circled around the fallen girl.

The tanned woman could only watch worriedly as the person she saved stood up shakily. Sun Ye, on the other hand, watched onwards with the curiosity of a cat.

This time, Ye Eun initiated the first strike, bringing her sword down upon the other’s head. Yoona managed to miraculously dodge by a sidestep. The swordswoman then swung her sword horizontally, to which Yoona poorly blocked once more by bringing her arms up too high, yet another scar added to her already impressive collection. At least she didn’t fall backwards this time.

She was certainly giving Ye Eun one hell of a glare though. All of Yoona’s conviction rested in those dark eyes. Yoona got into a fighting position, inviting an attack from the other. Complying, the older woman swung away in various combos. Again, the defense on the younger’s end were terrible and resulted in a plethora of wounds against her arms and legs.

However, just when Ye Eun thought she had her, Yoona grabbed her sword with one of her hands, the blade digging deep into her now bleeding fingers. Caught off-guard at the bold move, the swordswoman was a split second too late as the other fist collided with her face, throwing her back in a large stagger.

Yoona grinned widely, showing off her pearly whites. In fact, with how wide the smile was, it made her no different from a smirking crocodile. “Got ya.”

“YEAH BABY!! YOU GOT OWNED!!” Yubin jumped right onto the couch, popcorn spilling everywhere.

“You’re cleaning that,” Sun Ye looked at Yubin with an indifferent look, “And you, Honey…” she looked at Ye Eun affectionately, “are cleaning that,” her eyes then traveled towards the blood that now resided almost happily on the floor.

“Yes Dear~!”


“O-ow! Unnie!” Yoona slammed her fist on the island as she grit her teeth in pain. “Take it easy!”

“It’s your fault for getting all these scars!” Ye Eun sighed as she had wrapped a bandaged a bit too tight on Yoona’s leg.

“Uh-uh, it’s your fault she got all these scars,” Yubin twirled around on a spinny chair she bought the other day.

“Unnie, don’t do this,” Ye Eun slapped a palm over her face, “My teaching style is survival-based, so she needs to fall a lot and get up a lot.”

“No one teaches like this anymore, you don’t even see kids lift their elbows up for punishment nowadays either~!” the tanned woman pouted.

“This is fine, I learned a lot like this,” Yoona waved her hand dismissively, looking ever earnest despite the white square on her face, making her look somewhat of a delinquent.

“Maybe you red-heads are just crazy,” the gunner threw her hands up behind her in a stretch.

“For your information, I think I’m going to dye my hair back to black,” Ye Eun retorted.

“For serious? Let’s switch then, I’ll dye my hair to red!” Yubin lifted a finger in the air.

“But didn’t you say red-heads are crazy?” Yoona tilted her head in bemusement.

“I naturally have black hair.”

“So do we!” the teacher and student replied at the same time.

All the bickering and bantering left the majority of them oblivious to the world around them, but it wasn’t until Ye Eun caught the scent of a certain proprietor walking by and leaving through the stairs. She finished up what she had left of the young student’s bandaging and left the area to follow suit.

Seeing Sun Ye doing a stock check at the counter with her back turned to the stairs, Ye Eun immediately pounced. Gentle arms embraced a fitting waist as if they were meant to interlock, much like two puzzle pieces.

“That was really mean of you to enforce that on me,” Ye Eun nuzzled against Sun Ye’s head, “…But how was my teaching anyway?”

“Yubin was right you know, it was very harsh,” the half-song leaned into the taller’s touch. “Had you been teaching a class of 50, only one person would show up for the next class.”

“That ‘one’ would probably be Yoona,” the swordswoman’s eyes looked at the door and released her grip on the other.

Sun Ye was just about to ask why, but the door being knocked on interuppted her.

“We’re closed!” the proprietor called out.

“It’s me!” came a woman’s voice. Ye Eun had no clue who it was, but Sun Ye certainly did. She walked right through the counter (was the one at the door important as to cause Sun Ye to use a shortcut? Ye Eun wondered) and immediately opened the door.

At the entrance was a short but definitely charismatic woman. Short bronze hair clung to an exceptionally gorgeous lean face. When she smiled, what appeared to be dimples followed along. “Hey.”

“It’s been a while!” Sun Ye couldn’t help but smile in return, “Come in!”

When the woman’s eyes met with Ye Eun’s, the latter immediately bowed her head formally, “Nice to meet you!”

“Ye Eun, right?” the woman waved, “How’s the family?”

That immediately sprung confusion and questions in her head, “You know me?”

The woman looked back and forth between her and Sun Ye questionably. “…Amnesia?”

“What else do you know?” Ye Eun was suddenly assertive, bringing her hands to the counter, nearly wanting to jump over and attack the other with questions.

“Relax,” Sun Ye stared sternly at her lover, “Ye Eun… meet Kwon BoA…”

“Y-you’re…” Ye Eun began stuttering, unable to finish her sentence. Sun Ye’s words from long before were now ringing in her ears.

“…Novelists—who are the chosen representatives for each country. We merely have one each. Those novelists are the ones writers listen to. In our case, the South Korean novelist is Kwon BoA…”

Kwon BoA…

Kwon BoA…

Kwon BoA…

Kwon BoA…

Realizing her rudeness, she bowed straight on the floor, though failed as her head hit the counter on the way down.

“Forgive me for my rudeness, Sunbae-nim!”

“Are you okay?!” BoA rushed over to the counter and leaned over, finding a disgruntled Ye Eun holding onto her forehead as she maintained her bow.

“N-never better!”

“BoA, why are you here?” Sun Ye asked, ignoring the little episode from before.

“Oh… I came here because I found something I thought you might be interested in, since you told me to come to you if I ever found anything like it…” BoA rummaged through her worn out jeans’ pockets, searching for the said item.

More than the possibility of her forgotten past, Ye Eun curiously stood up, watching the exchange between the two silently. The novelist found what she was looking for and set it on the counter.

There is no such thing as a bad student…

It was a card. A playing card to be exact. It looked to be the queen of hearts, but it was slightly scratchy which dyed the card a bit more white than usual. On top of that, there was faded black ink hastily scrawled design on the card which depicted a snake-like dragon with its tail curled not quite into itself, but curled towards itself.

Frankly, this card had absolutely no significance to Ye Eun, but it had the complete opposite reaction from the proprietor of Sirius.

Sun Ye paled and her lips thinned out, showing that she was keeping her mouth shut as tight as possible. Her hand trembled on the counter, but on closer inspection, her hand was white from gripping it too hard. A form of seething rage slow accumulated in Sun Ye’s overall being.

Ye Eun had never seen this side of Sun Ye before. It was like the other woman was cloaked in complete, absolute darkness. She had never seen her in so much fury that even the devil would flee from her vengeful aura.

Just what was it about seeing this card that made Sun Ye so … So…

So demonic?

…Only a bad teacher.

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Re: [Wonder Girls] Sirius
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*rubs eyes

Am I seeing things?

Did Yuu just update one of her fanfics?

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-runs around screaming-


Jeez, YeEun is a mad scary teacher but Yoona \o/
Love the hilarity Yubin inserted and BoA <3

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