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Author Topic: Taking Chances-Epilogue-updated 12/26, Alternate Ending - 12/29  (Read 48978 times)

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My first try at this, please feel free to comment and criticize so I can improve.  YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMASU!!!!

My Guardian Angel

Chapter 1

On a bright a sunny day, a girl was frantically getting ready to go to school.  She looked into the mirror one last time to make sure everything was perfect.   Her room was neat and tidy and decorated with items of her favourite colour… green.  She looked at the clock and realized that she had only one minute to leave the door.  She was known to be a perfectionist, whether intend or unintended.  She ran down the stairs and was about to leave the door but not without saying her goodbyes.

“Bye mama, bye papa.  Hope you have a great run at the golf course today!!”

“Bye honey, have a good day at school”

Airi ran out the door heading towards her school.

When she reached her school, she was met up with her best friend Risako, who was waiting for her at the school entrance.

“Morning Airin! On schedule as always” joked Risako.

“Morning Rii-chan, and just for your information, it has become a habit.  Since it is a habit it is not like I do it intentionally.” Countered Airi, while they both entered the school.

Once they entered their class, they immediately spotted Nakky and much to the surprise of both girls, a sleeping Chisato.

“Ohayou Nakky and oh my god! Is that Chisato?!, Airin your habits are off, if Chisa is here before we are, they we are extremely late.  Where’s the teacher?” joked Risako.

“Chisa said that she would like to try to get rid of her late habit and asked for me to go to her house in the mornings to wake her up” replied Nakky.

Airi went up to the sleeping girl and softly nudged her. “Chisa, are you okay? You know you sh-“

“I know! I should sleep earlier so I can wake up earlier” finished a very drowsy and annoyed Chisa.  The girls were not fazed by this type of tone for they all know that Chisa is very grumpy if she is not fully awake.

“Well Chisa, if you don’t want to stay here longer than needed, I suggest that you at least splash water on your face and be up before the teacher comes in and give you detention.” Replied Airi

Right after that statement, their professor walked in and started classes.

Fortunately for Chisa, the girls all sat together or relatively close so that when it seemed like Chisa was going to fall asleep someone was able to nudge her up again.  After their first class, Chisa was officially up and alive with energy.

They were going to walk separate ways since their 2nd classes were not together.  Airi dreaded her next class which happened to be gym.
“My worst class of the day…gym.  I just don’t understand why mama and papa’s sporty genes were not passed on to me argh!” grumbled Airi as she was changing into her gym clothes.

“Class, as you know the time is close where we would have the Prefecture Sports Festival, so in the next couple of weeks, we would be practicing and training out on the field” announced the gym teacher.

After our warm-ups inside the school gym, we were led outside to the fields where everything was set up and ready for our training.  Airi felt a bit better about her gym class because the sun was shining bright and warm against her skin.  Walking across the field to their training area, she realized another class was training as well.  The girls looked slightly older but not by much.  They were running laps and once particularly caught Airi’s eyes.  She had on a serious expression, long black-hair tied in pony tail and was way ahead of the girls.

All that came up in Airi’s head was ‘Sugoi’ and she focused on her for the rest of the gym class.
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Re: My Guardian Angel
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You're writing! :w00t:

Good story so far! ^_^

It's going to be YajiSuzu, I can tell. ^_^

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Re: My Guardian Angel-Chapter 2
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Hotaru-chan:  Yes after the inspiration of all you great writers, I decided to try something totally new to me.  Thanks for the support.

God damn it!  Was it that obvious???   :(

Chapter 2

Lunch was the only other time she could meet up with all her girls and Airi would always become happier.  She was an intelligent child but very shy at times so she was usually intimidated if anyone else spoke to her in class.  She did not like the fact that her girls were not with her so she would usually keep quiet in class and concentrate on her lessons.

As any other day, Airi met up with Risako at their lockers and started heading to the cafeteria.  As she was walking towards the cafeteria, while Risako was talking about her day so far, she noticed that in the field there was a small group of girls who were practicing in the fields.  In particularly, a few were on the bleachers chatting and looking at the people that were running on the track.  One that caught Airi’s attention was the same girl she saw earlier.



“I was talking to you and you kinda seemed spaced out.  What are you looking at anyway?” Risako asked while looking at the direction Airi was facing a minute ago.
“Oh look! Miyabi and her friends are outside.  That’s weird, Miyabi was never the athletic type, I wonder why she is out there?” pondered Risako.

“You know the girls outside?” asked Airi

“You know Airi, if you don’t shy away from people and paid more attention to people around you, you would know a lot more people and besides she is my cousin remember me mentioning it to you?.” Lectured Risako.  “Those girls out there are just a year or two older than us and they went to school with us in junior high.”

“I see.  Let’s go Rii-chan, we don’t want to keep the girls waiting” urged Airi but not before taking one more look at the running girl.

Once in the cafeteria, it did not take the girls long to find their friends for one was very noticeable and stood out from afar.  She was very tall for her age and was often joked about it.

“Hi Kumai-san, hi Kan-chan” greeted the late comers.

Kumai Yurina and Arihanna Kanna were one year their seniors but because Airi was fast tracking on some of her courses, she met them in her classes.  She first started warming up to them when she helped them with their homework.  She recalled that day when Nakky, Chisa, Rii-chan and Airi were in the library working on their assignments when Yurina and Kanna came up to Airi asking for her help.  Airi would never refuse helping others but would also not talk to others as soon as her task was done.  Airi remembered when she was sick and because she does not associate much with her seniors, did not know who to ask for the notes.  Luckily, Yurina and Kanna came up to her at lunch and handed a copy of their notes.  They thanked her for her help and offered to help Airi on anything that she missed.  Unfortunately for Airi, she really did need help with the lesson and her seniors took the time to tutor her at the library after school for her to catch up.  From that moment on, Airi introduced her seniors to her girls and they would all sit together at lunch.

“Hey did you realize that the sports festival was coming close?” asked a very hyper Kanna.

“Argh don’t remind me” frowned Risako “I always end up last and I hate all that sweating.  At the end of the day I look like a mess”

“Oi, you only end up last because you don’t want to sweat and you don’t put your all into it and I don’t know how you can call it a mess with the amount of effort you put into it.  The sun is out, and even with minimum effort, you will sweat a little so I don’t understand how you call a light glow a mess” grinned Chisa.

“Humph!  Well I have to keep up my appearances” responded Risako while sticking her tongue out at Chisa.

“You know Rii-chan, with the running and exercise you can look at it as if you are working out to help in the whole keeping up your appearances thing” joined Nakky, linking her arm around Chisa’s waist

Risako could not counter so she did the next best thing when this happens, sat down and pouted while eating her lunch.

Kanna gave a soft pat on Risako’s head before pulling her in for a hug while the rest of the girls laughed at the reaction.

“So Chisa are you going to train again this year?” asked Airi

“Definitely if I want to match Maimi-senpai” responded Chisa.

“Maimi-senpai?” questioned Airi

“Yeah! Don’t you remember who that is?” asked Chisa

“Um no. Who is she?”

“Maimi-senpai is the holder of the fastest person in school at all grades.” Answered Yurina, while everyone else nodded in agreement.

Just as that last sentence was said, a group of girls in t-shirts and shorts came in laughing.

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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next chapter.  :D

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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I will be away for the next couple of days so I decided to update another two chapters  :)  (I will try to update if I get access to the internet)

Chapter 3

“Look Airin, there she is now” whispered Nakky.  Airi turned her head and saw the group of girls that were outside earlier.

“The shortest ones are Shimizu Saki and Tsuganaga Momoko.  The one who’s skipping with her pinky sticking out is Tsuganaga senpai.  The toned one with long straight hair is Yajima Maimi and the one her arm is over is Umeda Erika” explained Chisa

“The last three behind them is Natsuyaki Miyabi, Sudou Maasa and Tokunaga Chinami. The one whose smile is wider than anything is Tokunaga senpai, the one linked to her is Sudou senpai and finally the one in that skull shirt is Natsuyaki senpai” continued Kanna

Everyone watched the group of girls laughing and eating away at another table while Airi nodded her head in understanding.  Throughout the whole introduction, Airi couldn’t keep her eyes off Maimi. 

As Airi was lost in the scene before her, all of a sudden Maimi turned her head and caught Airi staring.  Airi quickly looked away blushing while focusing on her lunch in front of her. 

Airi took a peek towards Maimi’s table and noticed that they all got up and was walking towards Airi’s table.  Airi gulped and looked away.   

Airi continued her lunch chatting away with her gang until an unfamiliar voice spoke out.

“Kumai-chan, where are we going after school today?” piped a very tanned and hyper Tokunaga Chinami, while tugging on Yurina’s sleeves.

“Chii-chan! I was thinking about a movie” replied Yurina while pulling Chinami down to sit beside her.

‘Ehh? Are they together?’ thought Airi

A couple more unfamiliar voices were heard from behind them.
“Yurina, I should warn you.  Your girlfriend can not watch just any type of movie” teased Saki, while the new comers giggled.

“Word of advice would be staying clear of the horror films, otherwise you are in for a long night.” Advised Maasa, “I remembered the last time I went with Chii-chan, she was clinging onto me like a koala and she forced me to talk to her all night long until she was asleep.  Needless to say, I was late coming to school the next day.” Everyone around exploded in laughter.

Chinami scratched the back of her head at the mention of the embarrassing memory, while Yurina patted her head while giggling.

“You are one to talk, Saki.  As I recall someone was so scared that I was begged to stay at their place” smirked Miyabi while giving a slight poke at the now frowning Saki.

“It was your fault for picking that movie,” pouted Saki, “and besides, you enjoyed having me in your embrace that night.”

“Indeed I did, indeed I did” grinned Miyabi

“Guys, not in front of the kiddies” said a giggling Maimi, whose arm was still around Umeda Erika’s shoulder.  For some reason, Airi didn’t like seeing Maimi’s arm around someone else’s shoulder

‘Are those two together?  Wait!  Why should I care, she doesn’t know me and I don’t know her.  Why am I even thinking like this?’

“Yeah cuz, I don’t need to know what you do with your girlfriend” said Risako.

Miyabi just rolled her eyes at her younger cousin, while she continued to hug her girlfriend at the waist.

“So Chisa, are you going to train and compete against me again this year?” asked Maimi

“Yes Yajima-senpai” nodded Chisa, “You are my goal and my drive to try harder”

“Well good luck then” replied Maimi before walking away with Erika towards the field, but not before giving Airi a wink.  At that moment, Airi just blushed and looked away.

When Airi looked away she caught the look on Tsuganaga Momoko’s face.  She was staring at Airi and it made Airi feel uncomfortable.  But nonetheless, Airi did not let it dwell in her mind.

Chapter 4

When school ended, Airi parted ways with her friends and headed towards her residence.  As she turned the corner, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Ahhhhh!” screamed Airi and she turned around.

There right in front of her was Momoko grinning at her.

“Hi! I don’t think I was ever introduced to you or vice versa.  My name is Tsuganaga Momoko” said Momoko while giving a cheeky smile and extended her hand out. 

Once Airi’s heart stopped beating so fast, she recalled the girl in front of her.  She recalled that she was indeed not introduced nor has she introduced herself to her senpais at lunch.  Airi quickly shook Momoko’s hand and introduced herself. “S-S-Suzuki Airi”

“I know who you are.  Suzuki Airi, born April 12, intelligent in her studies, not very athletic which is ironic because parents are both athletes, shy and does not make friends easily but is best friends with Risako.”

Airi stood there in shock. ‘this is awkward.  I don’t know a thing about this girl in front of me, yet she knows about me.  Talk about being stalkerish’

As if reading Airi’s thought, Momoko explained “I know this may seem awkward and weird but I heard things about you from Risako and Yurina.  I do not mean any harm but I saw you in front of me and decided to introduce myself.”

“I see….. so…. Um… is there something I can help you with senpai?” asked a surprised Airi

“Nothing, I just saw you walking by yourself and was wondering if you would like the company” smiled Momoko as she continued to walk with Airi slowly following behind.

The walk home was quiet and uncomfortable but Airi was afraid to speak up to her senpai so she just kept quiet and continued to walk until she reached her house. 

“Nee nee Airi-chan.  I think we reached your house” Momoko spoke breaking Airi out of her thoughts.

“Huh?!” responded Airi as she looked around.  Indeed she was right in front of her house.

“Since we go in the same direction, we can always walk home.  So I will see you tomorrow” waved Momoko as she continued her journey home.

‘How did she know I lived here?’ thought Airi as she went into her house.

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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Airi's jealous of YajiUme?

Chisa and Nakky, and...Chinami and Yurina! :D

Can't wait for more. ^_^

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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Wow, Momoko sure makes her move fast XD Maimi seems pretty smooth :) I wonder if she will win over Momo to get Airi's love.

Airi is really quiet. Whenever her friends are around she doesn't talk much. Maimi needs to bring her out of her shell *nudge*

Ehhhh, where are you going FaqU-san?

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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 :cow: found internet!!!!!! 

@ Mame-chan- went to a neighbouring country for a few days, needed a break from my hectic schedule  ;) There is a reason why Airi-chan is not as outspoken with others, but you'll see soon enough.

@ Hotaru-chan and Mikitty-chan thank you for the continued support and comments  :bow:

Since I have internet, a new chapter should go up no?  :D

Chapter 5

Friday Afternoon

‘Yah!!!!! It’s Friday!!!!! No more gym class and no more running!!!!!’
thought Airi after another gruelling class in gym.

“Hey Airin, I really think it’s odd that both your parents are athletes yet you totally suck” teased Risako.

At that comment, Airi went up to her and started a tickling attack.
“H-h-ha-ha!  S-s-so-sorry s-s-sorry, h-ha h-ha! S-s-stop!”

“Try saying that again and you will feel the wrath of the kappa” grinned Airi in victory.

“So what are you plans for the weekend?” asked Risako as she got her composure back to get changed out of her gym clothes.

“I don’t know yet, I might just stay home and study for the upcoming exams” replied Airi while putting her clothes neatly into her bag.

“Eh???? Study? Exams? But Airin those are like months away!!!” exclaimed Chisa

“Yeah!  I know you are a straight A student but really you need a life” piped Nakky as she kissed Chisa on her cheeks

“Airin, I may be your best friend and all but seriously you need a life” frowned Risako.

Upon hearing these comments, Airi lowered her head in embarrassment and in a slight uneasiness.  The girls noticed this and immediate regretted saying their comments.  Risako went up to Airi and gave her a hug.

“Sorry Airin.  I didn’t mean what I said, it’s just that the incident happened a year ago, you should let go and move on, I would like to see you have fun once in a while.  I mean you always reject any offers of chilling with us, which by the way is offensive to me.”

“I know, I know, but that image still haunts me, if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me.  I just can’t trust people so easily anymore.  Also sometimes it feels bad for me being the third or fifth wheel.  I don’t want you guys to always look out for me when you are on your dates and what not”

Chisa and Nakky joined the hug. “Well Airin we are your friends right?  Regardless if we are dating each other in the group it doesn’t mean you are third or fifth wheel.  We want you to come out and chill with us as your girls” said Chisa, while Nakky nodded her head.

Airi let go of the embrace of her friends and nodded.  “Okay okay I will but not this weekend.  My limbs feel so tired from all the running we do!” groaned Airi.

“Which proved my point about your genes!!!” yelled Risako before dashing out the door.

“Grrrrr!  She is going to get it!!!”

“Hey Airin we are going to go now.  I will call you this weekend if you feel up to shopping okay?” asked Nakky

“Alright!  You guys have a good weekend.  Don’t do anything I won’t do”

“That is a lot of things you don’t do” joked Chisa before pulling Nakky out the door before the kappa wrath was brought upon her.

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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ah...  a YajiUme?  One AiriMami is better  :heart:

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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Chapter 6

Airi finished packing the rest of her possessions into her bag and walked out the change room.  She was about to walk out the school ground when a hand was place on her shoulder

“Gyaaa!!” screamed Airi and turned around to be met with one of her shorter senpais

“Geez Airi-chan, no need to scream every time you see me you know” frowned Momoko

“S-s-sorry!” stuttered Airi as she bowed and tried to calm herself down.

Momoko’s frown turned into a grin, “Airi-chan I was just joking! No need to be that scared.  Do I look scary or something?”

“N-no!  It’s just you tend to sneak up on me from behind.  But anyways, how can I help you Tsuganaga-senpai?”



“You can call me Momoko.  No need for the whole Tsuganaga-senpai bit”

“Hai senpai…” Airi realized her mistake and followed it up with a “Momoko-senpai”

Upon hearing this Momoko only shook her head, “We are going to have to work on this.  Really now Airi-chan, it is alright to call me Momoko or Momo-chan if it makes it easier for you”

“Momo…chan” Airi slowly pronounced.

“Much better” grinned Momoko.  “So want to walk home together?”  Airi didn’t respond and just nodded her head.  She didn’t want to anger her senpai by rejecting the offer.

The walk was once again in silence… an awkward silence.

‘This is just too awkward.  I barely know this girl.  Sure she is nice but I don’t feel comfortable yet I don’t want her to know that. Arg!  What do I do?’

“So Airi-chan, got any plans for the weekend?” asked Momoko breaking Airi out of her deep thoughts

“Huh?! Um no, probably going to stay home and study”

“Hmmm, what they say about you is true I guess” Momoko said while looking straight ahead and placing her fingers at her chin as if in deep thought.  Airi noticed that while Momoko thinking while stroking her nonexistent beard, her pinky was standing straight.  It was cute and caused a small chuckle out of Airi

“Glad to see you not as tense around me.”  Airi stopped chuckling immediately. “Would you like to go see a movie tonight Airi-chan?”

The question was so out of the blue Airi didn’t know how to respond. ‘What? Did Momoko-senpai just ask to go see a movie with me?  What do I do? What should I say?’

Airi’s thoughts were broken when Momoko stopped walking and spoke up again. “I will pick you up at 8.  See ya!”  At that, Momoko jogged ahead and waved back at a stunned Airi

‘Huh?!  She never gave me a chance to respond.  What did I get myself into? Wait a minute, where am I?  Oh! I am in front on my house’  Airi walked into her house thinking of what to do.

Chapter 7

Later that evening

Yume wo miteru…Kokyuu shiteru… rang as Airi looked at the unknown caller ID.


“Hey Airi-chan.  Are you ready to go?  I am just outside your house” rang the person that Airi was very scared of right now.

“Momoko-senpai!!! Ummm yeah” ‘How can I  say no when you are already outside my house? Oh god!’ “I will be out in a few minutes” said Airi as she hung up.  She slowly crept to her window and peeked outside, sure enough Momoko was there standing in front of her gate in a leather jacket and black skirt.

“Bye Mama, bye papa” hollered Airi as she put her shoes on and bolted out the door.

“Hi Momo…” (Momoko stared at her, daring her to finish with her usual) “…chan” Momoko smiled and slipped her arm around Airi’s.

“Much better than earlier!  It is true what they say about you!!!” exclaimed Momoko

“Huh?! What who says about me?” asked Airi who was feeling awkward about Momoko hooking her arm around her own.

“Well…they say you are extremely intelligent and based on the fact that it only took a couple of hours to correct the greeting towards me, so that you are!!!” answered Momoko wondering if Airi understand the tease

“I am not that intelligent and I don’t believe how you can see my intelligence if you don’t have the same classes with me” replied Airi oblivious to the tease.

“True but you have quick learning abilities it seems.  You at least called me Momo-chan without me having to tell you.  I mean at least you learn quicker than inu-chan” Momoko reasoned making it more obvious what the tease was about

“Hey!!! Don’t compare me to inu-chan” pouted Airi as she finally understood.

“Your right!  I am sorry, you are definitely more interesting to talk to than inu-chan at least you can respond” replied Momoko while running away

“Humph!!!” pouted Airi as she turned her head to walk towards her house.  Momoko seeing this turn around chased after her and tugged Airi’s shirt.  “Hey I am sorry!  I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I was just joking”

Airi slowly smiled and yelled “Gotcha!!” as she ran towards the movie theatre.  “Hey!  I will get you for that Airi-chan” running after the kappa-loving girl.

“What movie do you want to watch?” asked Momoko as she caught up to Airi, hooking her arm around Airi’s.

“I don’t know Momo-chan, what would you like to watch?”

“I was thinking about the new scary movie that is out.”

“Ehhhh~ I don’t know Momo-chan I am not really good with scary movies”

“Don’t worry!  It’s not like you are watching it alone.  Come on it will be fun and besides you have me here” Momoko said while puffing out her chest and flexing her arms.

“Haha okay but don’t say that I didn’t warn you”

Chapter 8

After the movie, Momoko and Airi held onto each other very tightly as they walked towards Airi’s house, well more like Momoko clinging onto Airi as she looked left and right at every sound.

“M-M-Momo-chan I thought you were going to protect me” pouted Airi as she felt the circulation in her arm slowly decreasing.

“I-I-I didn’t know it was going to be that scary” gulped Momoko

“W-what was that sound? Did you hear it?” asked Airi as she looked around furiously flinging Momoko’s grip in the process.

“I-I-I didn’t hear anything.”   Immediately they heard a crack of a twig and both of them gave out a yelp before running all the way to Airi’s house.

“Momo-chan are you alright walking home by yourself at this hour?” inquired Airi worried about the paranoid senpai in front of her.

“Y-y-yeah!  I am alright” answered Momoko and she frantically looked around her surroundings while trying to put up a strong front.

“How bout you stay here overnight?  I don’t think I can sleep after that movie.”  Momoko smiled and quickly and ran into Airi’s house.  “I take that as a yes then”

“You can sleep in my room and I will sleep on the couch” stated Airi as she went to get blankets and pillows out from the closet.

“No no!  I can’t have you sleep on the couch”

“But you are my guest”

“Um can we share your bed” asked Momoko.  Airi was surprised at the suggestion but thought again at the movie and realized that she would not have been able to sleep if she was to sleep on the couch alone so she nodded her head slowly.

Airi went to her closet and retrieved some pyjamas for Momoko and her kappa pyjamas for herself.

“That is so cute!” exclaimed Momoko as she looked at the kappa pyjamas. “Do you really like kappas that much?”

Airi was embarrassed but nodded her head slowly.  She ushered Momoko into her bathroom to change as she prepared her bed.  Once Momoko came out she went in to change but not before reminding Momoko to call her parents first.

The two girls lay on Airi’s bed not moving and trying to sleep however two things were on their mind.  The movie and the fact that there was someone else that was sleeping on the bed, not just any bed, her bed.  A rattle sound came from the window and both jumped and hugged each other.

“What was that?” asked a very scared Airi

“I don’t know” whispered Momoko.  At that moment Airi realized how close they were to each other and blushed.

‘This is so awkward but why am I blushing? Good thing it is dark.’  Another rattle came from the window and Airi moved closer to Momoko.

“Airi-chan I think it is the branch hitting your window” whispered Momoko as she wrapped her arm around Airi.

Airi’s cheeks were heating up from the close proximity that she was in but fatigue soon took over her and she slowly fell asleep.

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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The chapters are going up faster now because I have the time! 

Mame-chan where you at?

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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¡That's a great!

because this story is very interesting

that's why a well be waiting for your next update

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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Chapter 9

The next morning Airi woke up to the sun shining down on her face.  She felt something around her waist and slowly opened her eyes to be met with another face.  At first she was shocked but remembered last night’s event and realized that it was Momoko.

‘She looks so peaceful sleeping like this, very angelic.  No Airi you shouldn’t think this way about your senpai, especially a senpai that you barely know.’

Her thoughts were broken with a “Good Morning”.  Airi looked up and was met with dark brown orbs looking at her.

“Good morning” greeted Airi shyly.  It was then that Airi realized she was sleeping on the girl’s arm and immediately she moved to get off. “Sorry Momo-chan for sleeping on your arm!  It must feel very numb now”

“Don’t worry Airi,” stated Momoko as she flexed her arms to gain the blood back in them. “It was nice”

‘Eh? Did I hear right?  Did she say that it was nice to me almost cutting off her circulation?’

“Umm  I think we should get up and get breakfast” Airi suggested as she moved out of the bed.  Momoko nodded her head and got up as well.

They both went down to the kitchen where Airi’s parents were after their morning duties.

“Err Mama, Papa this is Tsuganaga Momoko, my school mate.  She stayed over last night because we watched a scary movie” introduced Airi as she went to hug and kiss her parents

Momoko bowed and greeted Airi’s parents with her infamous smile and a bow  “Good morning Mr and Mrs Suzuki-san and thank you for your hospitality”

“It is no problem Tsuganaga-chan.  It has been ages since Airi had friends stay over” exclaimed Mrs. Suzuki.  “What would you like for breakfast dear?”

“Anything is fine”

After breakfast Momoko and Airi went back to Airi’s room to change.  Airi suggested walking Momoko home since her parents instructed her to do so.

“Last night was fun, except the whole being scared thing”.  Airi only nodded in response.  “Maybe we can do something again next week” suggested Momoko as she turned and smiled at Airi

‘She has a bright smile’ “Um sure”

Once they reached Momoko’s house, in a quick motion, Momoko kissed Airi on the cheek and shouted “See you at school Monday” and before Airi could react, Momoko had already gone into her house leaving a stunned Airi outside.

‘Did…did she just kiss me on the cheek?  Why is my heart beating so fast?  No one has done that before….except maybe Rii-chan but this is different. God I need to talk to Rii-chan’

With that thought in mind, Airi quickly dialled Risako’s number.  After a couple of rings, Risako finally picked up.

“H-hey Airin” greeted a very out of breath Risako

“Rii-chan!  What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Chill Airin! I am fine.  I am with Kankan and….”

“Ew!  Do I really need to know?”

“Hold on, you didn’t let me finish!  I am at the school with Kankan, Chisa and Nakky.”

“Eh?!  Why are you guys at school?  And you guys were complaining that I was going to be studying.”

“Chisa and Kankan wanted to train for the sports festival”

“Oh! Sorry about that”

“It’s okay but what’s up?”

“Well I have an issue that maybe you guys might be able to help me with.  How bout I come over to you guys?”


Chapter 10

At the school field

Airi explained her encounter and events with Momoko to Risako, Kanna, Chisa and Nakky.  They were all flabbergasted.

“Wow Airin I think Momo-chan has a crush on you” exclaimed Risako while the other three nodded in agreement

“What do I do?  I don’t know her that well and I don’t know how to reject her if she asks me to chill!  Guys you have to help me!”

“Well do you like chilling with her?  What do you feel when she is around?” questioned Chisa with a cocked eyebrow

“I don’t know.  When I saw her sleeping she looked peaceful and angelic.  My heart started beating very fast, but that doesn’t mean anything, it could be because I was nervous right?”

“So why don’t you chill with her some more and figure out what it is your feeling?” asked Nakky

“Good advice babe” cheered Chisa as she gave a quick peck on the lips to her girlfriend

“What???!! You want me to chill with her more??”

“Yeah!  What’s wrong with that?” asked Kanna

“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong is that I barely know the girl and I don’t know how to interact with new people” yelled Airi as she flailed her arms around

“Calm down women!!  Just take a couple of breaths and compose yourself” yelled Chisa while grabbing onto the arms that almost hit her face.

Airi took a couple of breaths and waited for their next instructions

“Look Airin!  You have to stop being in your little shell.  I don’t see any problem with being friends with Momo-chan.  She is a nice person, a little perky, but nice.  We are not saying to be her girlfriend or anything, just be friends with her.  It doesn’t hurt to know more people”

Airi didn’t like the idea of meeting random people but she also knew that her friends are right.  Being friends doesn’t hurt or at least it shouldn’t hurt right?

“I know guys but you know me, I don’t know how to deal with these types of situations.  I don’t feel comfortable”

“Come on Airin!  You made friends with Kumai-chan and I didn’t you? Yes it took you awhile to get use to us but in the end we became good friends right? And just to let you know if it wasn’t for you I would never have met Rii-chan and we wouldn’t have gotten together.  All you need is time to get to know Momo-chan” After hearing that, Airi smiled a little at how Risako and Kanna were together, cute and loving. 

“Okay I will try.  But does it have to be alone?  Can you guys be there to help me?”

“You can always call us Airin, we will be there for you through thick and thin” stated Risako “that is until you guys get together” smiled Risako while the others giggled.

“Rii-chan this is a serious matter.  I don’t think I am ready for anything besides friends at the moment” blushed Airi

“Yeah try telling that to someone without blushing”

“Umm let’s go practice” and with that Airi ran towards the track

“Twenty says she likes Momo-chan” exclaimed Chisa

“Fifty says she gets with Maimi-chan” exclaimed Risako. 

“What?!” exclaimed Kanna, Chisa and Nakky

“What? You didn’t notice that Airin was staring at Maimi-chan, blushed when Maimi-chan winked at her and looked hurt when Maimi-chan’s arm was around Erika-san?” asked Risako.

The other three were dumbfound and shook their heads ‘no’

“Oh!  Well then ignore my last offer” smiled Risako and skipped her way to the track to join Airi, leaving the confused girls.

Risako’s POV

When I was out of view, I stopped skipping and stopped pretending to smile.  Why can’t you see the obvious Airi?  If only you knew the truth about what happened in the past.  All these years, she wouldn’t let me tell you for she feared you would be scared and possibly never want to have anything to do with her.  I don’t agree with her logic but I promised not to tell.  I’m sorry Airin!

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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Thanks for the update

That's 2 great chapters

Well I don't know if I'm wrong but I think
Miami feel something for Airi and Risako knows

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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Chapter 11

After a gruelling 1 hr practice

“Itai~ I don’t think I can ever walk again” groaned Airi as she collapsed on the grass.

“It wasn’t that bad.  I think we should do this on a daily basis” stated Chisa as she stretched her legs

“I’m-I’m with you Airin.  My legs feel very weak.  Do you think you carry me home?” Risako said before collapsing beside Airi.

“Get your girlfriend to do it.  I don’t have the energy right now.  On second thought, can your girlfriend carry me home as well?”

“Hun I am not going to carry you home nor will I carry Airin home” answered Kanna, “I think I want to do another lap.  What about you Chisa?”

“Yeah I think I am up for it”

“Babe I will wait for you here, I don’t want to overdo it” stated Nakky

Chisa nodded and continued to practice with Kanna.  While Airi, Nakky and Risako were watching Chisa and Kanna practice, a couple of shadows loomed over them.  They quickly turned their heads to see what was behind them to find the record holder, her crew and someone that Airi did not feel like she wanted to see at the moment, Momoko.

“Hello girls!  How was practice?” asked Maimi, whose arm was around Erika’s waist.  Airi again noticed this and her heart felt like it was being tugged.  She didn’t know why so she decided to look away to be met with someone else staring at her, Momoko.

“Hi Yajima-san!” cheered Nakky “Practice was good, I think I need to work on my stamina a little more though”

“Don’t overdo it okay?  It takes time for your body to adjust and please call me Maimi.”

Nakky, Risako and Airi nodded lightly.

“Hey cuz, are you coming over tonight?” asked Miyabi while hugging Saki from behind

“I don’t know Miya, I don’t know what my plans with Kan-Kan are.”

“Well if you guys are, ask your girlfriend if she wants to watch a movie with me and Saki.”

While the cousins were having their discussion, Momoko had plopped down right beside Airi.

“I hope you enjoyed last night…because I did” smiled Momoko while she was observing Chisa and Kanna practicing

“Err… I did…”

“What are you doing later tonight?” whispered Momoko

“ I don’t know yet” responded Airi who did not feel very comfortable at the moment and decided to focus her attention elsewhere.  She turned her head slightly and caught Maimi looking at her but Maimi quickly turned to speak to Erika.

“Hey Airin!” whispered Chisa.  Airi jumped a bit.

“Chisa! When did you finish your practice?”

“Just now, but anyway I wanna know if you can do me a favour.”

“What is it?”

“Do you mind going shopping with Nakky?” Airi was surprised by the question and before she could answer, Nakky came up from behind Chisa and bopped her over the head.

“What is your excuse this time?” demanded a very pissed off Nakky, arms crossed and all

“Itai~Babe, I kinda forgot and made another commitment” answered Chisa while rubbing her head.

“WHAT?!! How many times have you done this? You know what I can answer that.  MANY!!!!!” and with that Nakky turned around and stomped off.

“Babe!!! Don’t be angry, I’ll make it up to you” hollered Chisa, while chasing up to her.

Everyone snickered while watching Chisa chase Nakky in circles to get Nakky to speak to her.

“Oh boy!  I think someone is in very big trouble” commented Maimi

“Don’t fret!  Chisa will think of something, she always does!” said Risako.  “Anyways Kankan, are you ready?”

“Yeah!  Just let me pack my things”

“Eh? You guys are leaving now?” asked Airi

“Yeah We are heading over to Miya’s house to chill with her and her girlfriend” replied Risako as she pointed to the gates where clearly Miya and Saki were holding hands. “What about you Airin? Wanna join us?

“Naw!  I am not in the mood for a movie tonight” ‘Join you guys?! One word: AWKWARD’

“Alright I will see you tomorrow then” waved Risako and Kanna leaving Momoko, Maimi, Erika and Airi at the field.

“Well I guess I should do a short jog” declared Maimi to no one in particular as she began to stretch.

“Maimi-chan, I am going to work now so I will see you later” said Erika while checking her watch

“Okay sure!  Call me if you are going home late so I can pick you up” yelled Maimi to Erika who was almost at the school gates.

“Airi-chan, would you like to catch a bite?” asked Momoko

“Um- sorry but I already ate…” answered Airi, while noticing Momoko’s face seemingly become hurt “but maybe we can tomorrow?”

Momoko’s face lit up, “sure, sure.  Well I should get going then, I am starving” Momoko got up and dusted herself off. “I’ll call you tomorrow to see if you are available” said Momoko while she too started walking towards the gate.  Airi nodded and waved until Momoko was no longer insight.  At the disappearance of Momoko, Airi’s face fell.

‘Why did I say that?!  Why did I agree to meeting up tomorrow? Because I felt bad about her being upset?’  Airi’s train of questions was broken when a voice spoke up.  “You like Momo-chan don’t you?”  Airi was startled and lifted her face to be met with Maimi looking right at her, head tilted in an angle to the right

“Huh?!  No no it’s not that” Airi responded while shaking her head furiously.

“Then why were you staring at her non-existing back?” continued Maimi as she stretched her legs and arms some more.

“I wasn’t staring.  I was lost in thought that’s all!”

“Oh!  Well it seems like Momo-chan takes an interest in you.”

“But I don’t!  At least not anything romantic” said Airi with her head hung down staring at her feet.

“Oh? And why not? Momo-chan may be annoying at times but she has good intentions, always looking out for her friends”

“I-I just met her and I don’t know her that well.  So I don’t know how to talk to her.”

“Oh is that so? Then does that mean you know me well?”

At that question, Airi looked up at a smirking Maimi.  Maimi had hit a spot.

‘That’s true!  How is it I can talk to Maimi-chan so easily but not so with Momo-chan?’

“Come on! Lets go!” declared Maimi while she got up

”Huh? Go where?”

“Have a run with me.  It might help you clear your thoughts about what to do with Momo-chan” and with that Maimi grabbed onto Airi’s hand and started to jog towards the track.

‘Oh my god!  Maimi’s hand is on my arm’ thought Airi as she admired Maimi while being dragged to the track.

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Re: My Guardian Angel-Chapter 12
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Chapter 12

The Next Day

Yume wo miteru…Kokyuu shiteru...

“Moshi moshi”

“Good morning Airi-chan!” cheered a voice way to happy in the morning

“Good morning Momo-chan”

“I was wondering if you were doing anything today”

“I-I…” Airi then remembered her conversation with Maimi “, I’m not doing anything as of the moment.  What did you have in mind?”

“Oh great!  I talked to the girls yesterday and we decided to go to the amusement park.  Do you want to come?”

“Amusement park?!!!  Sure!!!”

“Great!  I will come by to pick you up.  We are to meet them at the entrance in 1 hour”

“Okay, I will be ready in 15 minutes”

“See you in 15”

‘Yeah!!! Amusement park!!!  I love going to amusement parks!! I have to hurry and change!!’

15 minutes later

~ding dong~

Airi quickly put on her shoes and opened the door.  “Right on time Momo-chan!”  Momoko just snickered. “Whats so funny?  Is there something on my face?”

“No Airi-chan.  It’s just that you aren’t talking to me with a gap in between us.  I don’t know if it is because you are getting warmed up to me or if it is because you love amusement parks, but it feels good to know you are not uncomfortable.”

Airi was shocked herself but quickly smiled “Sorry”

“There is no need to be sorry Airi-chan, I should be the one saying sorry if anything for making you feel uncomfortable”

“No no it has nothing to do with you, it is just a habit I have or a tendency”

“Okay okay we are never going to come to conclusions if we keep on apologizing to each other.  So let’s just drop it and just have fun at the amusement park”

Airi smiled.  On their way to the entrance, they continued to talk about interests and hobbies more like Momoko was doing most of the talking and Airi was listening.  As they neared the entrance they heard someone scream for them.


Airi turned to the owner of the voice and was tackled in a hug.  Upon realization of who it was, Airi quickly hugged back.

“Maimai!!!! How are you???” asked Airi as she pulled back from the girl.

“I am doing well and I feel great about seeing you again” said Maimai as she clung to Airi’s arm.

“Why are you here?” asked Airi as she patted Maimai’s head

“Chisa told me you guys were going to the amusement park so of course I want to come too”

“I see!  Well it is a good thing you did, I missed you!!!” claimed Airi as she hugged Maimai again.

“OI!!! You guys over there, hurry up!” yelled an annoyed looking Chisa.

“Okay okay Chisa, no need to yell” screamed Maimai as she walked back towards Chisa leaving Airi’s side.

Airi giggled at Chisa and Maimai bickering but was stopped when she was pulled along by Momoko.

“Oh I am so sorry” apologized Airi “I was so lost in the moment of seeing Maimai again”

“It’s alright!  It was rare to see you so happy” winked Momoko and they continued towards the group.

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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I'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry for missing out on so much. *goes to read*

I'll edit this post later after I'm done :)


OmG! Airi starts studying for her exams months before? I'll be lucky to start 2 weeks before XD

Chapter 5

*GASPS* What happened a year ago? WHAT!! *needs to know*

Chapter 6

Wow, Momo sure doesn't give people the chance to turn her down. That's a good way to ask somebody out :lol:

Chapter 7

I should probably know this, but the song that Airi uses as her cellphone ringtone. Which is it?

She slowly crept to her window and peeked outside, sure enough Momoko was there standing in front of her gate in a leather jacket and black skirt.

Renai Rider!! :w00t:

Chapter 8

I wonder if Momo was truly scared or if she faked it hoping Airi would invite her to stay. That sneaky little peach :P

Chapter 9

I noticed you started to include "thoughts" in this chapter. I like it. It's always nice to know what the characters are thinking without them actually saying it verbally. If you know what I mean :)

Chapter 10

So Risako's the only one who knows? But yet she can't tell cuz she promised? Oh no Rii!! Do tell  :banghead:

Chapter 11

“Hello girls!  How was practice?” asked Maimi, whose arm was around Erika’s waist.  Airi again noticed this and her heart felt like it was being tugged.  She didn’t know why so she decided to look away to be met with someone else staring at her, Momoko.

Oh oh, things are gonna get complicated.

I like seeing the Chisa and Nakky interaction. These 2 are cute together.

Geez, I thought Momo was smooth. Look at Maimi XD

Chapter 12

On their way to the entrance, they continued to talk about interests and hobbies more like Momoko was doing most of the talking and Airi was listening.  As they neared the entrance they heard someone scream for them.

It's sad but Momo should be able to tell from body language that Airi doesn't like her that way :(

Wow, that was a lot to read in so little time. So far, I'm liking your pacing in the story. The only thing I can possibly suggest is to space out the dialogue? Like maybe not have it all posted together? Argh, I don't really know how to explain this. I hope you understand what I meant.

Keep writing though cuz I really like reading this :twothumbs
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Re: My Guardian Angel
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I'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry for missing out on so much. *goes to read*

I'll edit this post later after I'm done :)

Mame-chan  I am so touched  :cry:  You read all those chapters in one sitting???   :bow:  Now let's get to the replies

OmG! Airi starts studying for her exams months before? I'll be lucky to start 2 weeks before XD

What can I say, Airi is an intelligent girl isn't she?  :lol:

Chapter 5

*GASPS* What happened a year ago? WHAT!! *needs to know*

You will know in good time, I promise.  I should be posting it up in the next couple of chapters.... I think  :?

Chapter 6

Wow, Momo sure doesn't give people the chance to turn her down. That's a good way to ask somebody out :lol:

She is pimpin' yo!  :cow:

Chapter 7

I should probably know this, but the song that Airi uses as her cellphone ringtone. Which is it?

The song is Tokkaiko Junjou by C-ute  :P

Chapter 10

So Risako's the only one who knows? But yet she can't tell cuz she promised? Oh no Rii!! Do tell  :banghead:

All in good time, all in good time

Thanks again for the comments  :heart: ya!!!

Next 2 chapters

Chapter 13

As the reached the rest of the girls, Airi looked over at Maimi and saw that Maimi was smirking at her.  While Momoko was greeting the girls, Airi walked up to Maimi.

“Looks like running really cleared up your mind?”

“Well not in the way you say it Yajima-san.  I took your advice to open up to others but nothing romantic as of yet”

“At least you are trying” stated Maimi while patting Airi on the head “and what did I say about calling me Yajima-san?”   

“Sorry Maimi-chan”

“Much better!”

“Okay now that everyone is here, lets go in!!!” shouted Chisa which broke up all the multiple conversations.  With that everyone start walking in Maimi with Erika, Nakky, Chisa and Maimai, Saki with Miya, Risako with Kanna, Yurina, Chinami and Maasa, and Momoko with Airi.

“What should we do first?” asked Maimai who was hopping a little as she faced the group.

“Lets go on the jet coaster!!!” exclaimed Chisato who was pointing towards the closest one.  Everyone agreed and headed towards the nearest jet coaster.  As they were walking, Airi noticed that Momoko was slowing down and was mumbling to herself.

“Momo-chan?  Doushite?”

“Um-um nothing is wrong” stammered Momoko as she looked up a tried to smile at Airi.

“OI!!! We forgot that Momo-chan doesn’t react well with jet coasters!”

“No worries, I have to get over it so what better way than to go on one?” Momoko smiled weakly at the group and gave Saki a grateful look for remembering.

“I don’t know Momo-chan, you don’t look that good just looking at a jet coaster”.

“Well not everyone is good with those things” exclaimed Erika coming to Momoko’s rescue, “I, for one, am not getting on it.  I absolutely hate those things, messes up my hair”

“Okay, so how bout if Erika stays with Momo-chan?” suggested Maimi, while everyone else nodded in agreement.

“Thanks Erika!” said Momoko as she clung onto Erika’s arm “No problem” winked Erika.

“So what are the pairings going to be?” asked Maimai

“Do you even have to ask?” retorted Chisato “I am going with my baby” Nakky hug Chisato noddingly
“I am obviously going to go with Kankan”

“Saki-tan and I” yelled Miyabi with their intertwined hands in the air

“Chii-chan and me”

“How are you with these jet coasters?” asked Maimai to Maasa

“I love them!” cheered Maasa.  Maimai turned her head and yelled “I am sitting with Maasa-chan!”

“I guess it is you and me, Airi-chan” grinned Maimi

“While you guys are on the ride, Momo-chan and I will buy some drinks” and with that Erika pulled Momoko away from the sight of the jet coaster.

Chapter 14

Everyone quickly ran to get in line for the jet coaster.  “So how are you with jet coasters?” asked Maimi, when everyone was busy getting pumped up or talking with their partners

“I don’t know.  I haven’t actually been on one yet” Airi sheepishly replied while scratching the back of her neck

“Whoa!  So this will be your first time!!!! Let’s hope you can deal with it.  I on the other hand have a love-hate relationship with jet coasters” explained Maimi

Airi looked up with an ‘eh?’ look

“Well I like them but also get scared from them” continued Maimi “I would go for the thrill and speed but I am scared of the height, you get it?”

After a minute of comprehending what was just being said, Airi nodded her head.  Before Airi could speak, it was their turn to get on.

Once Airi was seated, she started getting nervous.  Her hands started sweating while thinking if this was a smart thing to do.  Maimi looked over and saw that Airi didn’t look so well so she grabbed Airi’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze.  “Don’t worry Airi-chan.  I am here”  Airi just held onto Maimi’s hand harder and harder as the ride started to climb.  Airi closed her eyes really tight and a thousand thoughts ran through her mind.

‘OMG!!! I can’t believe I am doing this!  I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die.  This thing is still going up.  Why did I decide to try this? Why, lord, why? Why couldn’t I have just stayed behind with Momo-chan and Erika-san? W-wwwwwwwwwwhhhhhh--AaaaaaaaaaHhhhhhhhhhhhh’

Before Airi could finish she felt the ride go down at an unbelievable speed.  As the ride was twisting and turning Airi (whose eyes were still closed) didn’t notice that she was holding onto Maimi’s hand tighter and tighter.  When the ride ended, Airi was afraid to open her eyes, the speed of the ride was still lingering around in her mind.

“Airi-chan, you can open your eyes now.  We have landed back down on earth”.  Airi slowly opened her eyes and noticed that Maimi has already gotten off her seat and was standing in front of her with a grin on her face.

Slowly and shakily, Airi got off her seat and immediately Maimi placed her free arm around Airi to support her.  Maimi ushered Airi out to join up with the others as Airi tried to get her breathing to become regular again.  As she was focusing on her breathing she realized that she was still holding onto Maimi’s hand and in such a tight grip that areas of Maimi’s hand were getting red.  Airi quickly let go of Maimi’s hand and embrace.  “I’m so sorry Maimi-chan” and she constantly bowed her head

“Whoa whoa whoa there girl!  What are you sorry about?”

Airi only pointed to Maimi’s hand.  Maimi tried to catch what Airi was indicating but couldn’t understand.  She gave Airi a puzzled look.  “I’m sorry for cutting off circulation in your hand” said Airi as she looked down at her shoe.

Maimi looked at her hand and finally understood what Airi was pointing to.  “Oh, that’s okay!  You should have seen my hand after Erika went on the jet coaster with me” laughed Maimi as she gently guided Airi to meet with the others at the exit.  Airi smiled and let out a sigh of relief that Maimi was not upset.

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Re: My Guardian Angel
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Chapter 15

Throughout the day, Airi got more comfortable with the additions of the group, playing different games and going on different rides.  But all fun must end, the park was about to close and the group decided to end the day on the Ferris wheel.

The pairs were as follows: Nakky and Chisa, Risako and Kanna, Miyabi and Saki, Maimi and Erika, Yurina and Chinami, Maasa and Maimai and finally Momoko and Airi.

Throughout the ride, it was quiet in the car with Momoko and Airi.  Airi looked out at the beautiful night sky.  The stars were shining bright and it was not too chilly out, with just a slight breeze blowing.   “Nee, nee, Momo-chan, it’s so beautiful out.  Look, I think I see our street” squealed Airi.  There was no response.  Airi turned and was shocked when she was met by a pair of soft lips.  Momoko pulled away to see a still stunned Airi and she grinned.

“Sorry Airi-chan but the view was so irresistible” Airi got out of her shock and quickly looked down at the floor trying to hide her blushing.  Momoko moved closer to Airi and grabbed her hand and for the rest of the ride, they rode in silence enjoying the view.  When the ride was over, Momoko first stepped out and held out her hand for Airi to take.  Airi looked at Momoko’s outstretched hand and slowly place her own into them.  Airi didn’t let go of Momoko’s hand throughout the time they walked up to the rest of the group.  As they reached the group, they noticed that Maimi, Miyabi, Saki and Erika were arguing or more like Maimi and Erika were arguing and Miyabi and Saki were trying to calm Erika down.

“What’s going on guys?” asked Momoko to Chisato.

“I’m not sure.  Maimi received a phone call and then pulled Miyabi and Saki aside, said something to Erika and then Erika flared up.”

“Let’s just wait until they come back” stated Chinami while she looked on with a worried look.

On Maimi, Erika, Miyabi and Saki’s side

“Maimi-chan I thought you have decided to stay away from those people” yelled Erika

“Look, its not like I want to get involved but I must go help them.  You know what their relationship with me is, I can’t just leave them when they need me the most!  Why can’t you understand and trust me?”

“Look Erika, it’s not like we are going to do anything, we just want to check up on them” reasoned Miyabi.

“Erika, I trust Miya and Maimi.  They won’t do anything stupid nor will those people let them even if they wanted to.  You and I know them well enough to understand they intend for Miya and Maimi to stay out of it”

“FINE!  You do whatever you want!” screamed Erika while she stormed off.

“ERIKA!” yelled Maimi “DAMN IT!” Maimi punched a tree nearby.

Saki placed a hand on Maimi’s shoulder to comfort her “Maimi, let her cool down.  You know she is just worried about you.  But go, you and Miya have to go.  I will talk to Erika and then take the girls home”

Maimi turned to Saki and gave her a small smile and whispered “thank you.  I owe you one”

“Come on Maimi, we have to go, let’s go check out what happened” said Miyabi while she tugged Maimi’s arm but not before giving Saki a quick kiss.

Chapter 16

On the girls side

“FINE!  You do whatever you want!” screamed Erika while she stormed off.

“ERIKA!” yelled Maimi “DAMN IT!” Maimi punched a tree nearby.

The girls only caught the last bit before watching Erika storming off and then witness Maimi let out her frustration.  They watched as Saki and Miyabi went up to Maimi and exchanged a few words before Miyabi pulled Maimi out of the park as well.  Saki jogged upto Erika who sat on a bench not too far away.

“Erika, you of all people should understand where Maimi-chan is coming from.  Please think about this logically”

“I know Saki, I know.  It’s just I get worried, then I get frusterated because of this worry.  I’m sorry Saki”

“Don’t say sorry to me, say it to Maimi-chan.  I think it affects her more than me at this moment.”

“I’ll talk to her later”

“Well let’s go and get the girls home shall we?”  Erika nodded and walked with Saki towards the girls.

“So since the park is closing, we should be getting home” smiled Saki to the onlookers

The girls all exchanged glances wondering who wanted to bring up the question on everyone’s mind.  But before they could Saki continued, “Don’t worry girls, everything is okay.”  Saki gave them all reassured smiles especially to Risako.  Risako upon seeing this knew she had to help Saki get the girls home.

“Let’s go guys!  I am exhausted!’ said Risako as she let out a big sigh.  Kanna hugged Risako from behind with a pouty look.

“Aww babe, that means we can’t continue the fun at my place”

Risako gasped and smacked Kanna’s hands away from her waist. “Kankan, not in front of everyone else”

“Aww come on, it’s not like they won’t be in our shoes some day, we can give them lessons” smirked Kanna and with that she started to run.

“ARIHARA KANNA! YOU GET BACK HER THIS INSTANT!” yelled Risako as she chased after her girlfriend.  The viewers all laughed as Risako chased Kanna around in circles.

“So much for keeping up appearances” teased Chisato and the girls erupted in laughter again. 

Slowly, Saki sent everyone off leaving only Risako and Kanna behind.  Once the rest of girls were out of view, Risako’s smile turned serious as she turned to look at Saki.

“Saki-chan, what happened back there?”

“Rii-chan and Kan-chan thank you both for helping me get those girls going.  I owe you one”

“So what happened?” asked Kanna

Before Saki could answer, Risako asked what was on her mind, “It’s ‘them’ isn’t it? Something happened to ‘them’ so Miya and Maimi-chan went to look for ‘them’”  Saki hesitated before she slowly nodded her head in confirmation of Risako’s guess.

“I thought they were not involved anymore? Why did they go back?” asked an irate Risako.  Kanna wrapped her arm around Risako’s shoulder to calm her down.

“I don’t know the details, all I know is that they called Maimi-chan, and then Maimi-chan and Miya had a small discussion and then told me and Erika that they had to go find ‘them’” sighed Saki “But rest assured it has been a year now, Miya and Maimi-chan worked very hard into living a normal life so I doubt they will get involved again.”

“But then….” Risako didn’t care if Miyabi and Maimi didn’t want to get involved she was worried about ‘them’ forcing them to get involved.

“However, Rii-chan, you know how much these people mean to them too.  You know what they’ve been through together as a whole, AND you know that if it wasn’t a serious matter, ‘they’ would never look for Maimi-chan and Miya” continued Saki.

Risako nodded her head in understanding.  “So.. is Miya going back to your place later? Or is she heading home?”

“Miya said they will head home once they have checked out what the situation is” assured Saki.

“Okay” sighed Risako. “I guess we should be heading home too then”

“Hey, don’t worry!  If I hear anything, I will call you right away okay?” assured Saki as she patted Risako’s head. “Kanna, please escort your girlfriend home safely.”  Kanna nodded her head and they parted ways to their respective destinations.

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Chapter 17

Meanwhile on Airi and Momoko’s side

Airi and Momoko were still walking hand-in-hand towards Airi’s house.

“Nee, Airi-chan, I had a lot of fun today” said Momoko, without taking her eyes away from where they are walking.

“I did too.  It’s been so long since I let myself go and have fun again” replied Airi.

“What do you mean?  Does that mean the ‘shy Airi-chan’ that everyone has known has been wearing a mask and in reality is a wild party girl?” teased Momoko

“Um um I think we’re here at my house” said Airi as she quickly let go of Momoko’s hand “I’ll see you tomorrow at school” and with that she gave a quick wave and entered her house.

‘Strange, what did I say?’ pondered Momoko as she looked at the closed door a little longer before walking towards her own house.

A few days later

Airi was keeping her distance from Momoko at all cost.  She avoided confrontation and eye contact from Momoko.  The tension between the two was easily noticed by Airi’s best friend, Risako.  When their little group was at the library working on their respective homework, Risako decided to ask.

“Nee Airin, what’s up with you and Momo-chan?”

“There’s nothing wrong.”

“Yeah, and pigs can fly” snorted Risako “but seriously I thought you guys were getting along fine?  What happened?”  Did she do something to you? If she did, Kankan and I will go and…”

“No, no, no! She didn’t do anything to me”  Airi said trying to calm down her best friend.  “It’s just she said something that brought back memories of the past.”

“Airin, you were young still, well you’re still young actually but anyways having fun is a given.  Nothing bad happened at least.  You came out unhurt physically” reasoned Risako.

“Yeah, but it was because I was careless and didn’t think too much about consequences!!!!” retorted a frustrated and teary-eyed Airi.

Upon seeing Airi getting emotional, Risako’s expression softened and gave Airi a bear hug.

“Airin, you can learn from the experience and be more careful but that doesn’t mean you should shy yourself away from everyone else.  You make choices more wisely, choose the group to hang with more carefully but it doesn’t mean everyone is evil in this world.  There are those that really care for you and will protect you.”

By now, Airi’s tears have escaped and were falling onto Risako.  Risako just held Airi until Airi pulled away.  “Thank you” whispered Airi “If I didn’t have you then and now, I don’t know what I would do to pull myself together”

“If you want to thank me Airin, be the happy you, and don’t let one mistake drag you down” smiled Risako.
Airi smiled and gave Risako a hug.  “So are you ready to take over the world again?” joked Risako.  Airi giggled and nodded.

“Great!  Because there’s a party at Maimi-chan’s house this weekend and we can sleep over too!” exclaimed Risako.

“Speaking of Maimi-chan, where has she been?  She hasn’t been in school for a couple of days now” asked Airi.

Risako gave a small smile.  “I don’t know, maybe she’s sick.”  Airi didn’t notice the awkward smile that Risako was giving.  Just at that moment, they saw Saki and Erika running towards them.

“Ri-Ri-Rii-chan…. We have to go” huffed Saki

Upon hearing the statement, Risako’s face was drained of all colours, “They contacted you?  Where are they?  Are they okay?” Risako started bombarding them with questions.

Erika and Saki exchanged glances then looked at Airi and Risako.  Saki tugged onto Risako’s sleeve and gave her an indication that Airi was still there.

Risako immediately stopped her questions and turned to Airi.  “Airin, can you do me a couple of favours? Can you pick up the homework from my afternoon classes, excuse me from them and tell Kankan that I will call her later” exclaimed Risako as she started to jog towards the school gate with Erika and Saki in tow.

“Huh?!  Where are you off to Rii-chan?”

“I will explain it to you later” exclaimed Risako before she disappeared from view.

Chapter 18

‘Who was Rii-chan referring to? Who is ‘them’? Why can’t she tell me?  Why is it that Saki-chan and Erika-san were hesitant in answering Rii-chan’s questions as if they didn’t want me to know?’  

Questions were floating in Airi’s head throughout the rest of the day but decided to wait for Risako and ask her when she comes over to retrieve her homework.  As Airi was deep in thought someone tapped her on her shoulder from behind.

“Kyaaa~~~!” shrieked Airi

“Airi-chan!!! It’s only me” said Momoko as she placed a hand on Airi’s shoulder to calm her down. 

“Oh, Momo-chan you scared me out of my wits” said Airi as she was patting her chest to calm down her heart rate.

“Sorry!!  I didn’t mean to” responded Momoko with a guilt-struck face

Airi shook her head, “No!  I should be the one to apologize!” Momoko looked at Airi with a confused face. “My apologies for avoiding you like a plague.  You haven’t done anything to me but that night…that night you said something that brought back a wave of unwanted memories” explained Airi

“Oh~ What happened if you don’t mind me asking.  You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to”

After debating about if for a moment and recalling the words of Risako, Airi decided to tell Momoko.  “This may take long, do you want to go get something to drink?”

“Lead the way” cheered Momoko

At a nearby café

“You may think I am being silly or stupid for thinking the  way I am now “ Airi began while Momoko listened intensively.

“I was never this shy and my defence mechanism was never this high either.  I was outgoing, loved having parties, chilling till late, center of the attention and naïve.  Lots of people knew me for my outgoing personality and I was well-liked.  I was never the type of actively seek the attention, people just like paying attention to me or something.”  Airi smiled at the memories of when she had so much fun and the person she was then.

“So what happened to that outgoing Airi-chan? What made her change to this timid Airi-chan?” asked Momoko, very intrigued about the story that was about to unfold.

“I thought that with the amount of parties I go to, I would be able to handle any situation.  I didn’t think that having innocent fun and flaunting what you’ve got would cause trouble” Airi’s smile slowly faded

“One year ago, I went out with some friends….”

Flashback to One Year Ago

“Airin, I think your skirt is way too short!” stated Risako

“I don’t think so!  Besides if it was longer, how would I get to flaunt my legs” smirked Airi as she was applying her make up.

Risako rolled her eyes. “Where are you going anyways?”

“I’m not too sure, I think a house party or something”

“What do you mean you’re not sure? How do you know it’s safe?  Who will protect you?”

“Rii-chan, relax!!!!  I am going with the girls.  The house party is a friend of a friend of one of them, I think.  It’s just like any house party and I don’t need anyone to protect me” responded Airi as she checked her appearance one more time before grabbing her things and putting on her shoes.

“I don’t know Airin, I have a bad gut feeling about this.  I don’t think it is safe.  I don’t trust your party girls to take care of you much less protect you”

“Don’t worry so much.  I’ll mail you about the details when I get home.  Bye!!!” and with that Airi ran out the door to meet her girls.

When they reached the house, you can hear the music blasting on full through the speakers and lots of people were there.  Airi noticed that these people were older than she was and some looked like they were a bad bunch.

“Hey Aki, how old are these people?” asked Airi

“Does it matter, it’s a house party.  Let’s just have fun” exclaimed Aki as she grabbed Airi’s hand and pulled her to the concession table.

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