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Author Topic: Millennium Kids (Ch 2, complete rewrite)  (Read 1479 times)

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Millennium Kids (Ch 2, complete rewrite)
« on: July 08, 2009, 06:24:29 AM »
I haven't written anything new since my last fic Platoon C failed to gain the numbers of readers I wanted. I decided to make a new fic for JPH!P. This will have some pop culture references so have wikipedia handy. Also I intend for this to have violence and maybe some language unlike my other works.
Present Day Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

It was lunchtime at Belmont High School and while most of the students would be eating or loitering outside talking about the latest fashions or gossiping about unsuspecting classmates, Airi Suzuki or "Suzy" as her friends and family called her, was in a classroom working on her project for the science fair next week.

Airi was a rarity in Belmont, a kid who actually did all of her homework and the extra credit work. This is probably why she got straight "A"s in all of her classes and even though she was only in her second year of high school, she was already being recruited by the best colleges in the country. This is also why everyone cheats off of her.

"This is sure to get 1st place!" she thought as she quietly worked

As she fixed up her project, two older girls quietly opened the door and snuck into the room.

"There she is" the taller of the two girls whispered

"Shhh you're gonna mess this up." the other, much shorter, girl angrily replied

They crept up behind Airi, who suprisingly didn't hear their conversation, and peered over her shoulder as she finished fixing the last part of the project. They looked at each other and silently signalled "1, 2, 3"

"Hey Suzy! Whatcha doin'?" they both yelled as Airi tumbled back

"Momo, Erika! What are you guys doing here?!" Airi screamed, her whole body shaking

"Relax, Suzy! We're just checking up on you"  the tall girl answered. This was Erika Umeda, a senior, who was just about 3 months from graduating and heading to some university down south. At 18, she was older than most of her friends and was able to sneak them into any theater or club.

"Yeah chill out, Suzuki. You look like you've just seen a ghost. What are you making anyway?" the short one asked. This was Momoko "Momo" Tsugunaga, a junior, who despite being 17, looked like a 13 year old, but no one called her "Shorty" without paying for it. She was a incredible fighter with a mean right hook and was being recruited by every boxing coach in town.

"I'm making a time machine for the science fair" Airi calmly replied, slowly rising and turning back to her project

"Are you serious?" Erika questioned picking up the project, which looked like a early 1990s-style cellphone "There's no such thing as a time machine"

"There WAS no such a time machine" Airi interrupted, taking back the time machine "Until now! I've managed to build a device that can send someone to any place in time. You can go see the American Revolution or meet Napoleon or fight in the Battle of Normandy. Although you probably wouldn't wanna try that last one."

"Or maybe we can go back to when you had this idea and smack you for it" Momo mumbled as she pulled up a chair

"Does it even work?" Erika asked

"Well...I don't know...I haven't exactly tested it yet." Airi answered

"You can try it out right now. Send me to my English class two days ago so I can redo my test" Momo demanded "Now that I know all the answers I can get a 'A'"

"Sure I guess. Your teacher's Ms Wilson, right?" Airi said. She then turned around and pushed a few buttons on the time machine. "Ok Ms Wilson's classroom from two days ago at 10am, here we come"

"I bet it won't work..." Erika said watching Airi

"I'll bet it will!" Airi replied "Loser makes the winner breakfast!"

Then the time machine glowed bright and the ground started to rumble.

"Everyone touch the time machine or it won't take us all" Airi screamed as the others grabbed the machine and disappeared

The next thing the girls saw was the inside of a classroom.

"Oh my head..." Erika said, rubbing her head "Where are we?"

"Ms Umeda, Ms Tsugunaga, Ms Suzuki, what are you three doing back there?" a older blond lady asked as the everyone in the room turned to see what was happening

"Ummm nothing Mrs Wilson" replied the girls as they quickly stood up

"You two get out!" Mrs Wilson ordered pointing to Erika and Airi "Ms Tsugunaga, stop playing around and come finish your test or Principal Miyazaki will be talking with you"

"Yes Maam!" Momo answered as she ran to her desk

"Yes it worked!! We went back in time" Airi thought as she and Erika walked out of the room

The two sat in the hallway as Momo finished her test. When she was done, she joined her friends outside.

"Alright we actually time travelled!!" Momo squealed "That was so cool!"

"Where can we go next?" Erika pondered

"How about 1995? Back then, someone stole my dad's winning lottery ticket!" Airi suggested "If we stop the thieves, we could be rich!"

"Oh great! We get to beat up thieves and get money." Momo said with a smile as Airi pushed the buttons and once again the girls were enveloped in a white light and the ground shook.
And that's the start of my new story. Hopefully this goes better than my last one.
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Re: Millennium Kids (Ch 1)
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The girls popped out of the time warp and landed in the middle of a road.

"This doesn't look right" Erika mumbled as the girls stood up. The parked cars aroun them looked like the kind of cars that old men and vintage car junkies would collect "Look at those cars. They look older than my grandparents"

"Well, maybe we landed at a vintage car convention or something" Airi replied, confused

"What's up with everyone's clothes" Momo said pointing at the passing bystanders who were trying not to stare at the weird girls who came out of nowhere"

"Maybe...everyone's going to a...costume party...Yeah! They must going to a costume party" Airi quickly replied

"A costume party?! It's the middle of the day, Suzy!" Erika yelled, grabbing Airi's shoulders "I bet your time machine messed up and sent us somewhere else!!"

"No no it didn't mess up, I swear" Airi nervously said "I made it perfectly from scratch"

"Whatever" Erika mumbled, rolling her eyes and pushing Airi away "Does anyone know what year we're in?"

"No idea. I'll go ask someone" Momo said as she approached a nearby girl. This girl, who seemed to be about Momo's age and wore a beehive style hairdo ,was afraid of the stranger coming toward her and drew a defensive stance.

"What do you want, stranger?" the girl asked, ready to fight

"What date is this?" Momo calmly asked, unfazed by the girl's hostility

"It's August 20, 1965. Why?" the girl replied, confused

"No reason. Thanks" Momo answered as she walked back over to the group, where Airi and Erika were still fighting

"So what year did she say?" Airi asked, dodging incoming attacks from Erika

"1965. The time machine messed up" Momo answered "Let's just go back to our time"

"Well we could but Erika here just broke the time machine" Airi sadly announced "The time machine I worked on for 4 months. 4 months, Umeda! I stayed up 'til 3am!"

"It was an accident, I swear! I just got too worked up and I stomped on it." Erika said with her head down "I'm sorry, ok"

"Awww! That means we're stuck here!" Momo whined as she sat down on the curb

"It's ok! I'll try to build a new time machine...but it might take a while, though" Airi said "I just have to find the right materials"

"Where are we gonna stay 'til then?" Erika asked "I can't be a hobo. I'm too pretty to be a hobo"

The girl from earlier, who was watching them the whole time, approached them.

"You guys are out of towners, right?" she asked

"I guess you could say that" Erika answered

"Well my family owns a inn not too far from here. You can stay there if you like" she explained

"Alright. Thanks. By the way, I'm Momo Tsugunaga, this is Erika Umeda, and this is Airi Suzuki" Momo replied as she got up and the three started to follow the girl down the road

"I'm Maimi Yajima, nice to meet you. Sorry for the way I acted earlier. I'm a little crazy around strangers"

"It's alright. Being scared of strangers is natural" Momo said

"What's the name of this town anyway?" Airi asked, looking around for a sign

"Oh this is Freedom Valley, the best little community in North California" Maimi proudly announced

The four girls walked as Maimi bragged about how great her little town was.

They reached the inn, a small three story building that looked like it had been there for at least 50 years.

"This is it. The Goodnight Inn. It's about $30 a night for 3 people." Maimi explained

"We don't have any money" Erika said

"Well that's a problem." Maimi replied as her smile turned to a frown

"I got a idea" Airi said "How about we clean the building or something? That way we can stay here"

"I guess that can work" Maimi said "Come on in. We'll talk about it."
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Re: Millennium Kids (Ch 2, complete rewrite)
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That night Momo, Erika, and Airi sat in their room, which was larger than most of the rooms in the inn, and discussed their current situation.

"Ok, as of right now, we're stuck here in 1965 until I can find the right materials to build a time machine" Airi explained, unsure if she could actually complete that task

"What do you need?" Momo asked

"Let's check this list I made back in our time" Airi answered, taking a crumpled piece of paper out of her pocket "A microchip from a digital clock"

"Use my watch!" Erika said with a smile, tossing her watch over to Airi

"Thanks. We'll also need all of this stuff." Airi continued giving the list to Momo "I'll say this now. This will not be an easy task"

Momo read the list slowly and said "Finding this will be a piece of cake"

"Yeah!" Erika said, taking the list and looking it over "A chain, a engine, nuts and bolts. We can totally do this"

"Then if we can get all of this, we can make a time machine. " Airi replied "Although it will be more primitive than the one that brought us here, it should still get us back to our time"

Just then, Maimi poked her head into the room. "It's time for dinner, guys. You wanna come downstairs or you want me to bring the food up here?"

"Depends." Momo responded "What is it?"

"My mom's favorite dish from the old country, yakiniku" Maimi said before nearly being run over by her guests. "I wonder where those guys are from anyway...must be far if their that hungry" she said to herself as she watched the girls run down the stair before following

The next day, Maimi woke the girls up at 6:30 am

"Morning guys. I just wanna let you know that breakfast is ready" she announced carrying a backpack

"It should be illegal to get someone up this early..." Erika mumbled as she rolled out of bed

"Where are you headed?" Airi, who was already awake, asked

"It's Monday. I gotta go to school." Maimi answered "You guys look around my age. Why aren't you in school?"

"We can't go back to school where we come from" Momo quickly lied "It...uh...closed down"

"Really? That sounds horrible!" Maimi responded with a frown "Well I can see if you can enrolled at my school. Come with me"

They borrowed some of Maimi's old clothes, took a shower, and followed Maimi to the large, red building known as Freedom Valley High School. "This is the home of the Freedom Valley Raiders, the best football team in the state...even though we haven't won any championships yet"

As the four walked toward the door, a group of people with leather jackets watched them carefully from under a nearby tree.

"Who are those girls following Yajima?" a skinny girl with dyed hair asked, lighting a cigarette

"I don't know" a shorter girl who looked to be around Erika's age answered "They must be new kids"

"I say we introduce them to the Vipers. What do you say, Cap?" the first girl said, cracking her knuckles

"Just intimidate 'em, Miyabi. No violence, alright?" the second girl replied "The principal's already on our backs"

"You got it, Captain." the first one said, putting out the cigarette

The girl signaled two people to follow her and walked into the school.

"What do you want us to do, Miya?" one of the members asked

"Let's do a swirlie. Haven't did one of those in a while" Miyabi answered, with a smile

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