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Author Topic: ~Our Secret Love Story~  (Read 4920 times)

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~Our Secret Love Story~
« on: April 29, 2009, 11:23:34 AM »
For those who follow Honey-chan on Hello!Online.

A lot of you will know the plotting to this story~!

Bascially it's a go on from my "A New Love? Yossie's New Love!?!?!" FanFic I wrote for a friend.

I basically was head over heels for the bunny Sayumin and the prince charming Gaki.

So I decided..I'd just write a fic based on myself and these girls. Also including the other girls XD

With that. I'd like to say; Honey-chan is called 'Sayaka Yoshizawa' in this story.

She is purley based on me and not Sayaka Ichii a former Morning Musume member.

So please understand this  :sweatdrop:

Sayaka=Me  :lol:

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 1: The New Morning Musume In Town

The young girl sat down on the chair, she took no notice of anyone around her. She was a new member of Morning Musume and who knows what the others were thinking of her.

“So so Sayu-chan you’re in charge to look after Sayaka” Ai said as she smiled and gave a rather flirty look over to Niigaki Risa.
"Ha~i you can count on me!~" Sayumi called out as she grabbed Sayaka Yoshizawa's hand and introduce herself "I'm Sayumi, The most cutest! Des~ I look forward to being your friend Sayaka-chan"
Sayaka took Sayumi's hand and replied simply with "It's a pleasure Miss Sayumin~"

Of course they had games to play for a new MM girl, even though HaroMoni@ was not airing anymore. The girls gathered around and picked their most favourite games to play.
However Sayaka wasn't really that into the games, she still was rather nervous after all she is adopted by Hitomi Yoshizawa and Sakura Asami Ex-Morning Musume girls. 'What if people start to judge me because my parents are...' she was interupted by Tanaka Reina who pulled her out of the chair and took her over to Kamei Eri.
"Yosh! This isn't really a game but Eririn wants to show you her "Kame" collection Sayaka. She took awhile before she actually decided to sit down and befriend Eri.

'Maybe it maybe me but.." AGAIN she was interuppted this time by Sayumi.
"Right right! We should do the nick name game ne ne?!?!" she excalimed holding Sayaka's hand rather tight. She just nodded and went first to have names.

Takahashi Ai- AiAi
Tanaka Reina- Goddess-san's slave
Kamei Eri- Goddess Eri
Aika Mistui- Mitsuuuii~~
Koharu Kusumi- Koha
Niigaki Risa- AiAi's lover~♥
JunJun- Bananananana!!
LinLin- Panda \(○^ω^○)/
Sayumi- Sayumin love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Everyone giggled and laughed about their names but it was fair enough those were her first inpressions so she should stick with them <3

It was a fun day, But Sayaka never knew.. What would be in store for her for the next few days, weeks, months and even that night...

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~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 2: Ai ♥

Rest, something Sayaka never really thought of. What was it excatly? She knew now...The bothersome these girls are but also the love and joy you get from them. She shook her head and pulled out her ponytail as she ran the cold water in the shower.

The cold water sprayed down back as she closed her eyes and wet her hair. Even now, she was just oblivous to everything around her, she wasn't even excatly sure for awhile what she was doing..
She turned to face to shower nozzel and allowed the water to spary on her face. She held arms up to her chest as she thought of the events. Nicknames...turtles...Nicknames...AiAi lover...AiAi...Goddess Eri...Goddesses Slave-san....S..Say-..Sayumin~ She thought to herself smiling at the thought of her. Being in this dazed state isn't excatly great unless you are watching that is...

"Oh wow!, They're THIS BIG?!?!" Sayumin exclaimed grabbing Sayaka's breasts in her hands.
"Sa-Sayumin!!" Sayaka replied startled
"Wow, What scup size are you???" she asked as if she had never even seen such a thing before.
"Umm, Is it REALLY important Sayu?" Sayaka asked a tad embarrassed
"Of course it is!" she said smiling back at Sayaka
"...C.." Sayaka replied back
"O.O WOW!! Mine too!" Sayumin exclaimed hugging Sayaka from the back.

The two figured to would be much easier to just shower together instead of kicking one out now. While showering Sayumi and Sayaka found out how much they are alike and giggled everytime saying "Ahh! watashi mo!!"

7 o'clock they got out of the bath, put a kimono robe on Sayumi taking Sayak's favourite pink one and the headed off to watch a movie together.
"hmm what to watch" Sayaka said browsing the DvD's
"Eight Below Eight Below!" Sayumi exclaimed
"Okay then~" Sayaka replied grabbing the DvD and putting it in.

The two huddle up on the couch next to each other while eating a small bowl of chicken noodles. During parts where the dogs were left alone Sayaka was crying and Sayumin was to. So they both cuddled up to each other saying "Gambatte Inu-san Gambatte GAMBATTE!!"

9 o'clock, they headed off to bed, however they share the same room but different beds.
"Ohh yatta! We can stay up and talk some more!" Sayaka said all excited
"^___^ Ya~y" Sayumin replied
The two entered the dorm and before tucking into bed Sayumin kissed Sayaka on the cheek and said "Oyasumi"
Sayaka blushing tucked herself into bed, turned the light of and said, Oya Sayumi!

Author Note: Oyasumi means goodnight, however Oya Saymui sounds similar to it but it involves Sayumin's name instead.
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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 3: The Kiss

That night Sayaka was abruptly awoken by the phone ringing. She didn't want to answer it but when she saw the name "Yoshizawa Hitomi" come up she hastly answered it. Knowing her mother she got rather mad when she didn't answer her phone Sakura Asami her other mother also got angry as well. She flipped it open and answered her mother. Mother and daughter talked to each other until Yossie finally said her goodbyes.

"I love you Sayaka" Yossie said
"H-hai, Oka-san Daisuki" she replied back gulping down her tears.
"Hmm well then oyasumi my musume" Yossie replied hanging up

Sayaka stared at her pink phone as tear droplets fell on it. Within a few seconds she threw the phone away and wipped her eyes throwing her blanket over herself and shut her eyes.

That morning, Sayaka didn't wake up till late.

"Sayu-chan do you if Sayaka's awake yet?" Aiai asked
"No she isn't up yet," Sayumin said sitting down with her pieces of toast
"Mhm wut wu wkwon Swayumiwn" Goddess Eri tried to say
"Eri-sama don't speak with your mouth full!" Reina said hitting Eri in the shin's
"Uwau okay then slav-- I mean Rei-chan" Eri said correcting herself

While TanaKame was going on infront of Sayumin she was oblivous to it. Her mind was off somewhere else that even JunJun took her toast without her noticing. Sayumin stood up and went up stairs to get Sayaka.

She knocked on the door and slowly walked in to sit on Sayaka's bed.

"Saya-chan are you alright? Sayumin asked brushing Sayaka's hair to the side
"I'm fine Sayumin~" Sayaka said sitting up
"Well if you say you are then missy!~" Sayumin said "Time for breakkyy!!~"

She pulled Sayaka out of the bed who was just in a singlet and underwear downstairs to eat.

"Matte Matte Sayumin.." Sayaka said but..
"WOW! Sayaka-chan you are pretty hot now that I've seen you like this, I wish I could see the rest  :whistle: " Gaki said stepping up to Sayaka and running her hands up and down Sayaka's hips and stomach.
Aiai tripped Gaki afterwards.
"You were supposed to behave!" she exclaimed glaring at Gaki as if she were a tiger eyeing of it's prey.
Gaki however fell into the comfort of Sayaka's breasts
'Auwa even for just a while this is worth it :drool: ' Gaki thought to herself.

Later that night Sayumin decided to get out Sayaka's problem. As she hadn't really spoken all day to anyone or eaten anything.

"Saya-chan, you know if Gaki-san made you feel uncomfortable.." Sayu stared to say "I could always as her to apologize"
"No no it's fine it was rather funny actually." Sayaka replied back with a rather not as forced smile then before.
For awhile though, the two sat in silence.

"Sayumin.." Sayaka said crossing her legs on her bed
"Hai?" Sayu replied back tilting her head
"This morning at 2am, I got a phone call from my mother Yoshizawa Hitomi" Sayaka went on "She told me that something had happened,"
Sayumin focused on the floor listening to Sayaka carefully
"Well she was in a accident with my other mother Sakura Asami. She called me from the hospital said she was fine to go home but my other mother...She...She"
Sayaka stood up looking to floor as tears fell from her eyes, Sayumin looked up and saw Sayaka's tears flowing down her rosey pink cheeks.
"My other mother...Sakura Asami....she...she...she's dead Sayumin she died on the crash site!!" Sayaka yelled as she fell to a colopased mess on the floor covering her face with her hands.
"They said she suffered from a head injury and the air bag within the chair didn't support her all that well.." Sayaka said through her hick cups of tears
"Mother however says she is fine but I know she isn't, she to is hurt rather badly, oh sayumin!!" she wailed as she cried harder and harder.

Sayumi looked at Sayaka in the mess she was in and took her into her arms
"It will be alright Saya-chan" Sayumin said rubbing Sayaka's back "The pain will be there for awhile but I'm here for you always.."

She took her hand and wipped all of the tears falling down Sayaka's cheeks
"Now now you can't drench your lovely rosey cheeks with these tears sweetie," Sayumin said as she brang Sayaka's head closer to hers.

With that, Sayumin kissed Sayaka softly on the lips. Sayaka returned the kiss and embraced Sayumin as the two sat on the floor with locked lips.

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 4: You & Me

As the two girls embraced each other, all of the pain, tears and most of all worry was gone within each of them.
They knew what they doing was surely wrong and if found out they'd be kicked out of Hello!Project all togehter. Being a little embarrassed Sayaka told Sayumin to keep it a secret.
Sayumi looked at Sayaka as her cheeks flushed with shades of Pinku, she opened her mouth and the words that came out were,
"It was just a once of ne?"
Sayaka looked up with shock dwelling in her eyes at Sayumin with her long jet black straight her fall over her face. She knew it must of been a joke right?
"Sayumin, are you joking?" Sayaka asked hastily as her voice quiverred.
Sayu didn't reply for awhile and she swallowed and finally said
"No...I'm not.." As she looked up at Sayaka with her brown eyes that make her feel in heaven.
"B-but-" Sayaka tried to manage out
"No but's...Saya-chan.." Sayu said getting up out of the door and walking down the stairs to the bathroom

Sayaka stood in shock and felt a small trickle down her cheeks.She threw herself onto the bed and snuggled into the pillow as she could only think about Sayumi and how soft and tender her lips felt against hers.

Dawn came after what seemed an endless night for Sayaka, she encountered her first kiss, has mixed feelings and more likely what is her sexuality now? She brushed back her black hair and put it up into a high ponytail. She stood infront of the mirror looking at her apperance for a few seconds, made her bed and walked out down for breakfast. Step by Step she walked skipping one and jumping two till she hit the bottom of the stairs.
"Ohayo Mina!!" Sayaka called out with a cheery smile
"Ohayo Sayaka" Aiai said pulling out a chair for her
Sayaka stared blanky at the chair and sat down "Aah thanks Aiai" she said confused as ever
"Umm Saya-chan, Yossy informed us about Sakura-chan" Reina said grabbing Sayaka's hand
"We really are sorry.." Goddess Eri said trying hard not to cry
Sayaka looked around and saw everyone was upset and trying to console her.
"Thanks, everyone" she said smiling as tears ran down her cheeks "Even though she wasn't my blood mother she still was my mother"
"Un un!" Eri said wiping her eyes and hugged Sayaka "You're such a brave and very very strong musume!"
However Sayaka saw Sayumin standing next to Aiai crying as their eyes met Sayu tried not to really make much eye contact.

Around lunch time Sayumin and Sayaka were left by themselves. Sayaka took it upon her to pester Sayu about them
"Sayumin, is something wrong?" she asked realving the potatoe of it's brown skin
"Iie des, I'm fine Pyo~n" Sayumin replied back with her trade mark Usa-chan peace
The silence between them was utterly killing Sayaka to pieces, was last night that bad that they aren't talking now? She ran the cold water over the potatoes and turned around to look at Sayumin. She stared at her jet black hair that shone in the evening sunlight, the small mole on the side of her mouth also her tender and sweet lips as she bite them or just did any mouth movements. She remembered how they felt agaisnt hers. How she wanted it to happen again.

No longer could she hold in her temptation, she turned off the tap and glided over to where the most beautiful thing she has ever seen sat there. She wanted it, biting her lip she stared at Sayu who's brown eyes stared right into her own. The two must of felt each others temptations within each other as Sayumi embraced Sayaka at the same time Sayaka embraced her. The two locked lips and a rush of temptation and the feeling of being caught came up. Knowing how doing this was like the Adam and Eve Myth. How not to take the fruit well they both took the fruit and will pay if they are caught out.
"Sayumi, I'm sorry, I-I just couldn't resist you anymore." Sayaka said as her cheeks flushed a shade of red
Sayu shook her head and replied back with "No no I shouldn't of been so blunt with you I'm sorry, and look at your cheeks they're sooo PINKU!"
Sayaka put her hands over her cheeks childish saying "Iiyan!"
"You and Me Sayaka," Sayumin said making a rather looking number eight with her hands but then could also mean tied together.
Taking each other into an embrace again they kissed once again.

They however hadn't had much time before Eri and Reina walked in giggle and with truffled hair and spotted them.
"Uwa! Saya-chan and and Sayu!" Reina said getting embarrassed and tried pulling down her short singlet over her panties
Eri stared at them standing just in her bra and pantsu, "Oh wow you two really have the lust between each other!" she said looking dumb founded
Sayu and Sayaka looked at the two lovers next to each other, "You can talk Goddess Eri! What have you and Rei-chan been up to?" Sayaka asked
Both stared at each other, laughed and walked over to them
"You keep our secret about Reina and I being a couple and we'll keep yours ne?" Eri said whispering and gave a small wink
Sayaka and Sayumi took the deal and swore to the two they wouldn't tell anyone as long as they didn't.
All for of them walked off to upstairs, shut and LOCKED their doors. They left a note saying

'We Had Dinner, Gone to study upstairs please don't disturb!'
♥ Sayumin, Sayaka, Reina & Eri

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 5: Along Came A Prince

[Okay, make this easier NOTHING happened between Sayaka and Sayumin they did go up to study. But Eri and Reina weren't as behaved. So now the scene is cut to an interview Morning Musume has the next day. Be ready for a whole new twist!]

"Ding-Ding- DING!!" A voice yelled out in the hallway
"Silence for once would be great Reina!" I called out the hallway to the Yankee.
"A~ah sorry," Reina replied back tapping me on the cheek with a cheezy grin she ran off again with the same annoying sound.

It was a nuisance how ignorant she was, but maybe that's why we all loved her? I shut the door in the dressing room and layed back in the chair. As I relaxed I heard the door click, I looked up and saw Sayumin lock the door.

"Sayumin! What are you doing!?" I shrieked at my princess who's eyes glittered in the light. She slowly made her way over to me, I embraced her half way. I felt her hands explore my lower back while she kissed the nape of my neck. My heart pounded fast as I felt her hand ride up my back thigh. I couldn't help myself, my body was over heating. I-I wanted her soo bad, we both have wanted each other alot this week but we always just can't make it without everyone butting in. I know Sayumin was also embarrassed as much as me as we'd be each others first. I kissed her cheeks then met her soft warm lips. It felt like warm chocolate bursting in the back of your mouth and trickling down your throat. This was bliss, I was in love with Sayu from the start. I knew she was the same as well. We leaned against the wall as I grabbed her behind and kissed her again. My hand ran up her shirt to her bra. I was tempted very tempted, it was before. Niigaki-senpai walked in, I hastily pulled my hand out and sat Sayu beside me.

"Ni-Niigaki-senpai! Goodevening!" I said as my cheeks flushed bright red. I know she saw me fondling Sayumin as she did the same to me. She smiled at me and said the interviews were in 5 mintues.
I nodded to her as she left the room, Sayu sighed. I turned to her and kissed her on the head. She is getting rather upset easily these days...I wish I could just make it all go away. But obviously not now.. I whispered in her ear that I will make it up to her and we headed off for the stage area.

"So I'm hearing there is romance in Morning Musume," one of the reporters said "What's your thoughts Sayaka?"
I gulped and bit my tounge as I answered him, "I wouldn't know unless Ai-chan is looking~" I teased my leader.
"Liar!" Ai-chan snapped at me with a glare. Eh Talk about PMS I said under my breath.

The interview, was just a blur. I was bored out of my mind I kept staring at Sayu until I got asked why. Grr stupid men! Now if I can only just find Sayumin again... Without thinking twice she tapped me on the shoulder and kissed me dead smack on the lips. I hugged her tight and kissed her straigt back. We didn't even notice however, that our manage Tsunku had come today and saw us kissing. We demanded that we were NOT to be around each other or speak. If we were caught again it would be suspension then gone.. We refused at first, but I knew Sayu enjoyed Morning Musume so much...I agreed to his orders and left my princess there as I walked off to the others.

A bright side I guess was that I would be with my 'mum' Yossie this weekend. As my mother Sakura Yoshizawa recently died in a car accident. Arriving at the house I took a deep breathe before..I was snatched inside the house and smoothered by Yossie.

"You're home little rabbit!" she said hugging me tight
"Yossie..I can't breathe!" I said gasping for air after she let go of me. I looked at her again, she was beautiful it might sound wrong but she was even sexy. I remember when I was about 14 I had a huge crush on her. Little did I know she'd become my adoptive mother! I smiled as I met with her eyes, today was horrible yes. But now I was with the person who mattered the most to me....Wait, I smelt a strange perfume on Yossie. It wasn't hers and it was nothing Sakura mama wore. I gazed into her eyes as she gazed back a voice yelled out.

"Yocchan!! Hurry-up.. ohh.." A young women who seemed also a bit boyish in a way stood in the door way staring at me "This is Sayaka?" she asked
"Yes it is, I'll do the introductions." Yossie said walking me over to this thing of a woman! "Sayaka this is Leeza, Leeza Sayaka." My eyes pinned this Leeza down, I hoped she was a friend and not a new love intrest!
"Uh..hello Sayaka, umm you know I will be dating your mum from now on?" she came out with it straight away! My eyes grew as my hand rose and slapped her across the cheek.
"NEVER! I will NEVER ALLOW YOU TO DATE MY MOTHER!" I screamed at her clenching my bags and I ran for my room.

Why is this happening!? I thought it wasn't fair I lost my mother, my lover now Yossie is already over Sakura mama!! WHY!! I yelled as I turned and sobbed into my pillow. I sat in my dark room, for hours listening to Leeza laugh at Yossie's jokes and go on how she loves the cooking, her looks oh god I felt sick! This was stupid! I put my pillow over my head and screamed out my anger. I wasn't letting this this THING steal my mothers heart! She'll be gone within in a week I told myself. The clock stroke midnight, Yossie came up and told me she was dropping Leeza home for the night. As it was best she didn't stay here. I didn't answer I nodded and stayed silent, I was furious at her how could she!!? She petted my head and whispered she loved me. She shut my door and left me well alone. I laid on my right hand side and cried into my pillow. I knew life wasn't fair but why hit me now?!

I then heard my door creak open as light crept inside. I never bothered to look up at who it was, the person sat on the edge of my bed and said.

"Why are you crying? Is it because of Tsunku today?" the voice said
"No it's because of---" I stopped in my tracks that sounded!! "NIIGAKI-SENPAI!" i yelled sitting up right on the bed. Her brown eyes gazed into mine. She smiled at me and spoke.
"I have to tell you about Cinderella!" She said as I looked at her atire to find it was Prince Christophers, Shocked I took awhile to think..
"What do you mean? I know the story you silly," I said through words of gabble as I was more focused on how hot she looked in this costume.
"Ai-chan has to see family and no one else knows her lines except you!" Risa said putting her hand on my leg "We need you!" My heart skipped a beat I think, I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or what. But these feelings it was crazy! I started to cry once again as tears rolled down my cheeks. I hiccupped as well as they fell on Risa's pants.
"Dear oh Dear, there is no need for tears Princess your smile is much better!" She said lifiting my head up and wiping away my tears. I blushed furiously and explained to her that I can't do it.
"Ai-chan will be mad at me and her fans...will hate me if I take her role senpai! SENPAI!" I yelled burst out in more tears again. I felt like a cry baby actually...but Risa she saw something else that night.

She took my hand into hers holding it tightly. She whispered in my ear sweet and tenderly,
"Let me make your pain go away.."
My heart beated ever so fast I thought I thought.. It was like the time with Sayumin, but I couldn't admit it. That I also had a desire for Niigaki-senpai as well. I mean it was just lust.. I never knew it would be like this. Risa bought my hand up to her arm and stood me up. She kicked away a few things and took my arm into a dancing position. My heart fluttered like a butterfly flying, what was going on? Wasn't she with Ai-chan?? I mean they were together right?! I still was confused at what was going on. Niigaki-senpai must of picked up on it and she whispered.
"Ai-chan and I are history..I'm just here for you now, let me be your prince.." I was lost in her words she swayed me back and forth, twirled me in and out I did feel like I was a princess. I leaned on her shoulder and asked her about the girls.
"Are Eri and Reina still together?" I asked shutting my eyes,
"No, Reina is with Mano Erina, and before you ask Eri is by herself and is looking at others. Aika and Koha are rather close now and seem to be flirting a bit,'re not going to like this. But Ai-chan and Sayumin, have been on for awhile playing around with each other.." she replied. My eyes shot open at I looked Niigaki-senpai in the eyes.
"But Sayu she! you know you walked in!" I said stammering I didn't want to believe it.
"I know.. but believe me Saya-chan. She was doing that so she didn't feel guilty about sleeping with Ai-chan.." Risa said slowing our dance down.

I was crushed! The first person I ever loved betrayed me..why!? I couldn't help it I guess today was the day for tears. I cried once again this time silently on Risa's shoulder, I knew she loved me she did! But maybe she just had a fling with Ai-chan. That's why she she she...I was hushed by Risa who stroked my hair and "hushed" me. I felt at ease for awhile, but my mind wonder around Sayu. That's all I could think about was Sayu! I wanted her so badly! I-I I!! Why can't i finish my speak off in my head I kept screaming to myself. I'm sure Niigaki-senpai thought I was strange, but then again she never heard me scream out. It was all in my head after all..But she must of thought I was a cry baby. She didn't however. She kept me in her embrace as she swayed me. I was still crying when she stopped our dance. She stared into my eyes and sighed.

"Again? You really are fragile Princess." she said smiling at me. I smiled back and laughed a little
"Hey don't pick on me! I've had a bad day.." I replied back pulling faces.
"I know I know..I'm sorry for teasing you," Risa said petting my black hair as she did I felt her lips touch my head. She kissed me on the head! I was overly embarrassed at the time until she looked at me once again. "Will you stop crying now?"
"I'll be fine now I promsie!" I said wipping away tears. She stopped me in my tracks, I looked at her dumbfounded and tilted my head.
"I'll do it for you Hime," Risa said ever so tenderly as she wipped away the tears that fell on my cheeks and dwelled under my eyes. I was lost in her eyes. She looked so beautiful and serious when she wipped the tears away. I was taken back into wonderland. I was bought back though when her lips touched mine.

My heart stopped. Niigaki-senpai was kissing me! I felt a feeling nothing like before I placed my hands on her back and kissed her back. She got the cue and passionatly kissed me holding me at my waist. We fell on my bed then. She slowly kissed my nape of my neck, my collar bone and back up to my lips. My body shivered at her kisses each time. Her hand slowly went up my thigh and un buttoned my shirt. I sat up and took my shirt off as well as my pants. My heart, I couldn't feel it! It was as if I were dead. Risa turned my on my stomach as she un did my bra with her hands and kissed down my back as she took of my underwear with her teeth. I layed back on my back naked. I was embarrassed as I remember her saying she wanted me like this before.. She smiled at me and told me I remembered what she said to me. She took off Prince Christophers costume with easy and I stared at her naked body. It was actually stunning, such nice curves, smooth skin and not to mention her boobs..where just as nice. She licked my chest down to my belly button and back up. She stared into my eyes and asked if I was ready. It would be my first time, but I was fine with this I was ready. I nodded at her as she ran her fingers down to my thighs and without at count. It was there. She said to me that she loved me and has ever since she met me.

Cut For Obvious Reasons. Just Ask Me For The Un-Cut Version Here.

I layed on her chest breathing heavy. It was great, we both had the time of our life. I was exhausted, I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep.

"Are you awake?" a voice called out to me.
"Mmm," I mummbled back
"Well good morning!" the voice said back, I opened my eyes to find Niigaki-senpai next to me. I had thought it was just a dream, but it wasn't. I smiled at her cheekly and replied back.
"Good Morning to you to Oujisama," She looked at me and poked me. Without saying anything she held me in an embrace and told me again how much she loved me. I blushed madly, this was this what they called paradise?
I pulled a sheet over my bare body and looked out for Yossie. No sign, she must of stayed at Leeza's house. I told Risa that is was clear and we dropped the sheets and headed for the showers. I ran the water over my sweaty hot body and started to wash myself. Risa came up behind me and said she wanted to wash me. I agreed only if she behaved! Even though I knew she wouldn't... As sure as I was her hands slipped down past my tan line.

"Oh wow you're still very wet here my princess!" she excalimed happily as if she we proud.
"O-of course! Last were really amazing Niigaki-senpai! I've never been that wet before..or more like ever." I said back embarrassed. She giggled and held me close to her. She kissed me on both cheeks then the lips. I kissed her back, she was playing with me once again. It hadn't even been an hour since we woke up and she's at it. Geez I'm in for one ride of a weekend, let's just hope, I'm not caught by Yossie. Ah but then again, she's with HER! So they'd be doing stuff..

-Chapter Finish-

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 6: Kanashimi Twilight

I grabbed a towel coming from the bath. It was always refreshing. I felt Niigaki-senpai’s hand run up my back and find their place around my waist.
“You smell very nice Saya, I could seriously eat you up.” Risa said kissing my neck.
My body shivered with her kiss each time. I turned to kiss her until we were rudely interrupted. Yossie and Leeza returned  home. Oh Fun! Annoyed I stormed out of the bathroom and went up to them. Demanding where they were last night. They just laughed and said it wasn’t important. Getting frustrated, I turned around and went back to Niigaki-senpai.
“Ooh so you did come Gaki?” Yossie asked cheekily. “ It seems my spare key helped you out last night, it looks like you enjoyed yourself Sayaka.”

My cheeks flushed red and so did Niigaki-senpai’s. She squeezed my hand for us to go while we had the chance. I started to walk off until Leeza called out to me,
“I’m umm happy for you Saya-chan!” My body felt like it was boiling hot. She had no right calling me that. Niigaki-senpai held me against her chest and soothed me to calm down.
Later that night I was left alone with Leeza. I didn’t dare talk to her or make eye contact. She however started a convocation between us.
“Saya-chan, um I’m really sorry that I’ve made you upset a lot of the time..” she said very slow but for of meaning. I felt somewhat horrible the I’ve been treating her. I shook m head at her and told her I was sorry. She looked up at me with tears prickling in her eyes. I hugged her close as she used my singlet, as a tissue.. It took her awhile before she looked at me.
“Saya-chan, Yossie never told you. But well I’m pregnant.” I sat looking at her for awhile. They must of gone out last night to confirm her pregnancy.
Eventually my leave was over and I was to return back to Morning Musume. When I walked through the doors poppers went off. Everyone stood their clapping and smiling.
“Welcome back!” Ai said hugging me rather tight with wondering hands..
“We miss yooouuu!” Koharu said being a child as always.

I smiled at everyone and walked to my room. As I walked past Sayu she smiled at me and brushed her against mine, slipping in a note. I held it close in my hand and smiled back at her. My head kept seeing her kissing Ai and making out with her. I guess you could say I was fighting back many emotions at the time. As I opened the door I found my room to be different, my stuff wasn’t in Sayu’s. They moved it after being caught kissing, I asked Niigaki-senpai when she walked past. She got that irresistible smile upon her face and led me to her room. Seems UFA had not known the one night we shared with each other and I was put in her room. Fine with me it gives me time to think for myself.
“I guess you’ll be with me now,” Risa said looking me up and down. I blushed crazy I could still imagine her from that night, what was going on in my mind!? I laughed at her and replied with “I guess so”

I opened the note Sayu had given me and read it out aloud. ‘I Missed You, I Love You Saya! Love Sayumin” I got frustrated and threw the note to the side of the bed, if she loved me why sleep with Ai? Niigaki-senpai hugged me close to her and told me it was alright. I somehow…. Believed her and felt like it was alright when she was around.

…..Few Weeks Later……

“Sayaka hurry up or you’ll miss the song!” Ai called out to me.
I slipped on my boots and ran out the door, today was the day the Elder Club graduated. That means Yossie would be as well… Even though I was her daughter after she leaves. I will no longer see her unless I get a vacation which is very rare at the moment! My at the moment rather long black hair swayed at the sides as I ran down the hall to the stage. Huffing and Puffing Niigaki-senpai ran her hands up my back and whispered teasingly in my ear how ‘sexy’ I looked with my hair down. I ignored her…well not really.
The crowd started chanting out everyone’s names as ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL started playing. Little did they know we were to surprise them by singing along with them and go around saying our final goodbyes.

This was a rather hard moment for me, it sounds stupid saying goodbye to your mother. But things can happen can’t they? Besides I won’t be seeing her for awhile after tonight.
‘awatezu ni saki wo isogou kirihiraku no sa dare ka ga suru no wo matazu ni’
Berryz Koubo and C-ute were also here to say their goodbyes, one by one we went around to them and hugged them and said a message. When it came to Yossie I stayed by her side. Tears dwelled in my eyes as I saw how Yossie started to cry. This was really it time to grow up Sayaka I thought and show Yossie how much she means to you!

‘yume wo idake dare ni mo iu na kuchi ni sureba kanawanu rashii sore ga yume nanda’

Everyone by this stage, was crying with each other. We grew up with these girls, we learnt to love with them but we learnt how to be ourselves with them.

‘jakuten ja nakute  kosei dakara tatae aimashou sungoi  sungoi  ii bubun’

It was finished. The fans who came cheered and whistled, it was truly a great time but as well sad. Before walking off the stage Yuko stopped me and called me back. I turned around and went back to her.
“Okay everyone this, this is Yoshizawa Hitmoi’s daughter!” she yelled out to the fans. My eyes felt like they were going to exploded. I thought it was supposed to be a secret. The amount of fans though cheered wildly about it, Yossie took my hand and said.
“This once, we’ll make an exception for you! Please listen to my daughter and I!” the music started playing to nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU. I took a mic and stood next to her and sang the song.

Without saying a word
Even from now on
Please treasure me

Without saying a word
Even from now on
Even from now on, I love you

That old movie
We spoke of a while ago
After searching for it, I've finally found it
A small movie theater

Without saying a word
Even from now on
Please treasure me






Later on that night, I spent the night with Yossie and Leeza before going back to Morning Musume. We talked about the baby and its gender, I was actually rather excited for being a sister. There was a knock at the door soon after, Leeza answered it and I heard her call Yossie over. I waited in the lounge waiting for them to come back. Until I heard an uproar.
“I’m NEVER handing Saya over to you! YOU were the one that put her for adoption!” Yossie roared out loud at the person. I stood up and checked on them, it was then I looked at the woman in front of them. She…she had my eyes, my hair and and and I knew she most of been my mother who put me up for adoption. Yossie and Leeza turned me away from the door and back into the lounge room. While they did that the door clicked shut, the woman walked in the room and yelled at them.

“I was  only young I had no choice! But seeing her tonight on stage, I knew I had to get her back!” She sound so serious but yet crazy..
“Like we’d hand you over our daughter!” Leeza yelled out to her “Now please leave!” The woman looked at her and laughed. She refused to leave the house and kept preaching how she wanted me and wasn’t leaving until she did. But eventually..She gave up and then the tables turned.

“If..I can’t have her… NO ONE CAN!” the woman yelled out in rage. Leeza stood up in front of me and Yossie. It took me awhile to come to what happened. The woman..had pulled out a knife and slashed Leeza, my eyes were like stone what was happening.. Blood was spilt all over my body as her body fell to the floor. Yossie then stood up, only this time the woman that is my “mother” slashed Yossie across the chest, arm, thigh and neck. It then felt slow. As the blood splattered across the room and on me, I was covered in blood. I saw Yossie’s body do the same, fall slowly, slowly to the floor. Tears dwelled in my eyes as I screamed at the top of my lungs for the very first time. “OKA-SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The woman laughed at me with disbelief, that I called Yossie Oka-san. I to, faced the fate of the knife in her hands. Watching it shine in the air and then, pierce my body. I..I felt the warm blood run on my hands as I started to feel colder by the moment. I looked at the woman who just ran away from fear. I collapsed next to Oka-san…grabbing her hand I told her ‘I love you Oka-san, I really do! Please..please…..don’t….die…’ I slowly shut my eyes as I heard footsteps run in the house yelling.


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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 7: Smile For Me

We need a blood donor quickly! All three of them have lost a lot of blood. What do we need? The two adult females with multiple stab wounds are O and A. The daughter is A as well, do we have anyone close to her with the same blood type? I have the same blood!! Good you girl come with us, we'll need a lot of your blood we're sorry, she seems to of lost a fair amount compared to her guardians. It's fine! I just want to help Saya-chan get better and smile again. Okay but you will be in hospital with her till she is all cleared!

It's cold, to cold for my liking. What exactly has happened? I thought to myself as I sat in pitch black darkness. I blanked out, nothing came into my head! This sucked, no seriously what was going on? I knew something happened or I wouldn't be sitting in darkness here! Grr.. unless everyone is playing tricks on me again!! I stood up and tried to walk, however I fell straight back down on my butt. This was getting frustrating!! I sat in anger trying to recall my memories. Nothing came up once again, so I thought that's it. I'm outta here! But upon my standing up I felt a pierce to my stomach, that's real birth mother...came for a visit and left all us to die..

"Looks like she's coming to!" the nurse said placing a small board at the end of a bed.
"Wh-what?.." I asked sitting up and observing the blank room around me.
"Thank goodness you're okay Saya-chan!" I heard a voice call from my right hand side. I turned my head to find a rather tired Sayumi with a bag next to her full of blood labeled "Michishge Sayumi Type A" and below it read "Blood for Miss Yoshizawa Sayaka" My eyes stared at her, why would she do such a thing?

"Because, I want you to smile to the end Saya-chan and I've told you before, I love you." Sayumi replied as tears filled in her eyes.

I felt that for once she actually went those words, but I didn't want to take them for granted like before.. I smiled sweetly at her and promised I'd smile to the very end.

It was a matter of time before the nurses and doctors ran past my room into the ER. I always watched shows like this how tense it was when they ran to save lives. Sayu pulled a chair next to my bed and squeezed my hand. I looked at her brown eyes, the dwelled with melancholy. She wanted to tell me something important but covered it over with a few lies at the time. I just smiled at her, patting her head and running my fingers through her silky black hair. I forgot about most of the things that had gone on in my life.. Until I saw a doctor and nurse enter my hospital room. I smiled at them upon their greeting; my heart sank though when they asked if I was Yoshizawa.

"Y-yes my sir name is Yoshizawa.." I replied looking at them gulping down hard.
"We have some bad news.." the doctor said looking to his assistant nurse, "You're guardians..Didn’t make it...”
"We are terribly sorry Miss Yoshizawa-san!" the nurse said bowing and exiting with the doctor.

I sat there in denial, Oka-san and Leeza...we're stronger then that! They're surley fine and this is a joke.. right?? Right.. Sayumi stood up to hug me and hush away any pain. I grabbed her close and cried silently into her shirt as she now stroked my head and told me over again, 'Everything will be OK'

Upon arriving back at home, I told Sayumi I was fine. Not to worry about me, she come up to the door with my belongings however and said she was worried. I looked at her and again I saw the melancholy in her eyes. I gulped as I knew what it was and didn't want to admit it.

"Saya-chan you know, before we starting going out again.. I need to tell you something.." she started looking rather nervous
"It's fine Sayu, I already know you slept with Ai-chan," I said unlocking the door to the house.
"H-how did you know!? And why do you say it so calmly!? DON'T YOU CARE I BETRAYED YOU?!" Sayu started yelling at me louder each time "I was sleeping with her the whole time you know! So I had to cover it up by letting Gaki-san see us "make out" I'm sorry really.. I do love you Saya-chan..But I can't do this, I-I just can't!"

I pulled my suitcases inside the house and looked at the angered rabbit, I couldn't yell at her. It wasn't her fault anyway, lust gets the best of us at times..
"It wasn't your fault Sayu, I'm not it's okay!" I said trying to be rather cheerful about it.
"YOU JUST DON'T GET IT DO YOU!?" Sayumi started yelling once again, I could see why but there was no need for it. She got madder by the moment at me, to the point I was pushed inside the house and smacked my head when tripping.

I rubbed my head and looked at her straight in the eyes.

"OF COURSE I CARE! I loved you so hard Sayu! To the point I almost risked my dream job just to be with you EVERYTHING! And you backstabbed me when I needed you the most!!" I yelled back at her as tears fell like mad down my cheeks, "But I forget it and put it to the side! You bringing it up now, it doesn't help me at all SAYUMI! I just lost my family! I have no one, NO ONE!" I kept yelling as I pulled the last suit cases inside and slammed the door with a click locking it. I made a dive for the shower.

I just sat there, the hot water running over my body. I didn't have anyone anymore.. and her bringing this up didn't help me at all.. I turned the hot water off and let the freezing cold water run over my face as my mind wondered into my memories. The time I first met everyone, kissed Sayu, met oka-san, shot my first PV, The concerts.., Cinderella musical.. as well as the one night with Niigaki-senpai..

I decided if I wanted a family.. I only had my crazed birth mother! I contacted the very next morning and asked if she wanted to come over for a cup of tea and cake. She agreed and arrived at 1 o' clock exactly. Greeting her at the door I smiled and followed her in, she seemed rather calm now she wasn't going bonkers and stabbing people. I poured her a cup of green tea and admired her as I sat on the ground. She smiled at me and sipped the tea.

"It tastes very nice, Saya.." she said with her voice cracking as if she were to cry
"Thank-you..Mother.." I said forcefully and proceeded to bring out my home made strawberry short cake.

She insisted to tell me why I was put up for adoption in the first place as I placed the cake on the table. I nodded every time as to say I was listening, but something struck me.

"They..They said I was crazy Saya! They took you off me when you were born!" she started to laugh hysterically and scare me a little. I ignored it and went to cut the cake.
"That's silly! They're rather stupid mother!" I said with a nervous laugh
" don't think I'm crazy do you!?" she asked me standing up and coming closer
"N-no not at all!" I replied fast back cutting the cake
"You're lying to me! MY OWN DAUGHTER THINKS I'M CRAZY! COME HERE!!" she yelled as she stretched her arms out in anger to strangle me.

It all happened so fast.. and it was an accident.. I raised the knife as I got scared and my birth mother had fallen onto it. It pierced her through the heart, instant death in other words.. Blood was everywhere. On the floor which now was full of blood, the curtains, the table, the cake but most of all me. I was covered head to toe with her blood. I didn't even mean to kill her.. It it was and accident! Now I was truley alone, and I was murderer! Would the police believe me? No..they'd think I did it out of revenge for my parents.. I paniced and ran for the door, down the street and stood in the park I always went to.

Clouds gathered and a thunder storm started, the blood was washed away from my clothes it rained so hard.. I sat on the swing and swung back and forth..back and forth.. looking at the heaves open up heavier by each moment. I always liked the rain, as no one could even tell I was crying..all except for one person.. I stopped in my tracks and looked to the ground.

"Niigaki-senpai.." I said as my memories flowed of her. I had come to my senses and feelings. I longed to see Niigaki-senpai that day.. And I got my wish.
"Now now, you always come to this place don't you my little Cinderella?" I heard come from behind me. I turned my body around to see Niigaki-senpai standing there, her hair and clothes soaked as mine were.
"I sure do don't I?" I said crying and looking at how beautiful she is.
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong my princess? Or am I going to have to force it out of you?" She asked so sweetly and tenderly that tears ran down my cheeks faster.

I turned my back to her as she approached closer by the moment. I had to get it out in the open, if I wanted her to know and I did.
"I killed my birth mother by accident.." I said under my breathe as Niigaki-senpai stopped in her tracks
"It was self defence I bet, she must of tried to hurt you. Therefore you would of been shocked and raised the cake knife by accident," Niigaki-senpai said so calmly
"I'm jealous of the girls and fan girls that flirt, call your theirs and much more.."
"I only have my eyes set on you Sayaka."
"I'd be horrible at anything!"
"I doubt it my princess,"
"It hurts me when I'm away from you..."
"Then I will do my best to stay beside you."
The moment was silent between us as a roar of thunder went off and rain fell harder than before
"I Love You..Risa Niigaki!" I said as I closed my eyes and waited.
"As I love you to Sayaka Yoshizawa, I always have, Always will.." She said taking my hand into hers and turning me around to face her. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes as if my whole world resided in them. There was no melchanoly, hate, jealousy, lust.. it was pure love and I knew it was. The rain pitter pattered on my face as Niigaki-senpai pulled me by my waist and into her arms kissing my on the lips. I closed my eyes as my last tears rolled off my cheek as I kissed her back with each kiss, it felt like all the pain I suffered, was being drowned far away into an endless abyss. It seriously was love, a love with will never burn out, the candle..shall not be blown out and burn even in the heavy rain.. She stopped kissing me for a second and whispered to me. Something I'd long for since a little girl..even when I was a teenager.. Something I knew I'd say yes to when only she asked me it..

'Will You Marry Me?'

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 8: Bitter Sweet Goodbye

Niigaki-senpai's propose, was something new to me. I knew I'd says yes of course, but my heart was beating so fast I couldn't even catch my breath. Looking into her brown eyes and admiring her beauty in this rain, I felt like this was a dream. But a dream? Come on! This was relaity now so screw dreams!

"Yes, I will Niigaki-senpai!" I exclaimed throwing myself at her in joy
"I'm glad you said yes, my princess" Niigaki-senpai had said holding me close and squeezing my rather tightly.
"When shall we wed though?" I asked snuggling into her shirt,
"As soon as possible, but first..." She replied to me ever so sweetly.

There was one problem we faced now, telling the Morning Musume girls...and Tsunku as our contracts would be up if we were not to tell them! I sighed in my beloveds arms as she placed her hand on my drenched hair. This will be hard, especially telling Sayu and not to mention Ai-chan aah~~!! This is such a pickle. Niigaki however comforted me telling me it will be alright and that they all will eventually understand our feelings. It took me some time to gather all my thoughts at that current moment before we moved out of the pouring heavy rain, I just thought of Sayu's feelings. I knew our fight.. was her releasing anger but telling her "Sayu I'm getting married to Risa and leaving MM" Will break her little rabbit heart to shreds. Niigaki-senpai, put a hand on my cheek telling me "One Two Three! Breathe My princess Sayaka! It will be fine!" The moments I need her the most, she is always there for me. With her bright smile, gentle words and a bonus of her soft tender lips whence they touch mine.

...On to the next morning...

"WHAT!?" Ai screamed at us, especially with an all might towards me
"We're graduating from Morning Musume," I said rather a bit edgy as all 8 pair of eyes were on me staring me up and down.
"But-but WHY!!?" Koharu stated being the child she is "We don't want you two to go!!" as she started to wail out loud..
"Koha-chan it's alright, Niigaki-senpai and I just think it's our time to go," I said petting her on the head as she yanked me in sobbing into my chest
"You sure you two aren't just graduating so you can run off and get married?" Eri said bluntly towards us. I exchanged a look with Niigaki-senpai as 'What do we do??'
"Smart turtle you are Eririn!" Niigaki-senpai laughing now, "I thought everyone would of believed us, but you seem to know everything~"

There was an utter silence after the truth coming out. I stood there embarrassed and very dumbfounded what should I do to break this silence? Well my answer was just around the corner as Sayu stood up and chocked on what seemed, tears.

"Ah well I'm happy for you then!" she said her voice waving into a hiccup of unwanted and unexpected tears.
"Sayu.." I said grabbing the rabbits hand into my own only for her to swat it away.
"I'm going to be excused," she said as she walked, then sprinted for the stairs slamming her door shut with a "click" to the lock.

I looked blankly at where she had ran and locked herself up. Maybe because I cared for her I felt somewhat responsible and started to cry, Niigaki-senapi came over to me with a warm loving hug and her reassurance "It is not your fault Sayaka, really." I didn't care, I felt responsible no what my prince told me over and over. Sayu was distraught, Ai-chan was in shock, Eri was pretty much the only one who wasn't crying or anything. I fell to the floor with my legs spread out to the sides. I guess this is the way it was supposed to be..

"No! I'm not letting you two graduate!" Came Ai-chan's voice with a stern tone to it
"Ai-chan we're graduating no matter what!" Risa said getting a little angry
"Fine! BUT If you two are going I'm going!" She said getting serious with each word
"Me too!" came all other 6 voices behind Ai-chan.
"But need to let Morning Musume live for the next generation!" Risa said sighing under breathe crouching to a squat to embrace me into her arms.

It was no choice, I had said to myself out loud. Ai and the others said shortly after Niigaki-senapi and I graduate so are they. I always seem to be a cause of things of late, maybe I should start up a fan club for it huh? Voices grew in the hall way as bangs on my dressing room door approached louder with each knock and girl.

"Sayaka! HURRY UPPP~!!" Yelled out Reina banging harder each timer
"Or you'll miss your own grad you dummy!" Eri said bursting out laughing. Sighing I stood up from my dressing room table slipped on my boots and opened the door to 7 girls splatting themselves on the floor in front of the door.
"Idiots," I said laughing helping them all up as the brushed off their costumes.
"Well off we GoGoGO~" Eri said grabbing my hand into hers and marching down to the stage.

The lights were ever so bright, they looked brighter than before or even as I've seen them. But I was not used to concerts of perhaps that is why it looks different to me. Songs played to tunes as I didn't let go of my prince Niigaki's hand during the concert. I was hardly emotional this time around, which is rare since I usually am a cry baby when it comes to these things! Niigaki-senpai held me at the waist and played on a kiss from the crowd and fans. It was nearly tradition for a Morning Musume girl to kiss another on a cheek or JunJun's case Ai-chan's eye! We decided on our encore songs before, Roman my dear boy always seemed to hook the crowd. Even if this was a graduation we still performed it like there was no tomorrow! As of Yossie oka-san leaving, I was the most similar to her voice and being her daughter. Tsunku put me in charge of all her lines, it was a challenge for me but Ai helped me through it as she has done it for more than a year now. It was a success, the crowd "Oi Oi Oi'd" when even when we didn't make them! It was a memory for me as they Oi'd out they also yelled out Niigaki-senpai's name and my own. I hadn't been in for that long and I already had a fan group..what a way to go with! Ai however...wanted to sing "Aruiteru" so we performed it after Roman my dear boy, it was all going great actually. All the girls came around to Niigaki-senpai and me hugging and kissing on the cheeks, the part that got me was they walked off crying and struggling to keep singing. During the interlude I was walking down stairs but tripped and fell a fair way down..heh I'm an idiot!

Ai ran over quickly and was asking if I was okay, I of course wasn't okay or I wouldn't be crying would I?!? Then Eri and Sayu rushed over as Ai ran back to the other side of the stage to try keep singing. I was now like a pampered princess that everyone was seeing if I was okay. But what really got to me was Niigaki-senpai...wait no..Risa coming over to me in tears at my injury to my ankle. She was a mess! After the song she was still crying, she asked if I was okay and I replied that I was fine and all better pyon~! The time came for our goodbye messages; everyone was as sweet as they could be. Crying like babies might I add but so were I and Risa. I remembered one thing that Ai said to me. "If you ever need me little Saya-chan. Please do call me or I'll came and get ya!"

...On to the Honeymoon!!...

"Waii Hawaii is so beautiful!" I said looking at my surroundings as Risa unheaved our suitcases from the taxi.
"It is isn't it?" She said kissing my on the cheek and walking ahead
"HEY! Where are you going?" I asked sternly as her wife
"To get our room silly!" Risa replied back giving me that deadly smile of hers..

"Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii!" the reception said to Risa
"Err Aloha..My name Risa Niigaki, Hawaii I stay.." Risa attempted to say in English. Argh if only my English was better!!
"Riiisaa Darllingg~" I called out glomping my prince charming as I got strange looks from the front desk. Risa just looked at me for help, it was cute! Her English was not at all great but it was good to an extent. Little did my Prince know I knew English very well.
"Aloha! We've come to Hawaii for our Honeymoon, a room for two please. The names are Risa Niigaki and Sayaka Niigaki!" I said beaming as Risa just looked at me astonished.
"It's on your right past the elevator on the third floor, there is also a wonderful view from the balcony" they replied to me handing over the keys.

"Since when did you know English?" Risa asked me dragging her suit case along
"It's my Furusato dialect Oujisama!" I said pinching her cheeks playfully.
"Oh I see," she replied back a little embarrassed.

-Risa is at a play, kinda like cinderella but only she doesn't play a prince-

"Ahh hurry up!!" I thought to myself staring at the clock that felt like it was stuck on 9:55pm for 2 hours now! I was getting rather bored of waiting for my prince because Hawaii wanted to steal her away grrr!! It's our Honeymoon those BAKA'S!!!! I flopped onto the bed looking up to the endless blackness of it, the room was pure white. But at night it was just black! I shut my eyes for what I thought was a second..But was actually an hour or so. I was however abruptly awoken by a hand covering my mouth. My eye shot open as I saw a dark figure kneel over my body, I struggled a bit till I hit the strangers skin.. it was bare no clothes at all.. I started to realise, what his intentions were with me. My eyes grew with fear, but as you couldn't see them in the darkness I screamed for my life for only the man to place his hand over my mouth once again. I wasn't allowing this creep to take my body! It only belonged to Risa and only her! I bit hard on his hand until he let go yelling and cursing at me. I was not going to show him my fear, because predators thrived over it. I however didn't go down without a fight, I bit him continuously  until..the torment was done..And I was left laying there dirty, violated, disgusted and no longer..Innocent..

In bunches of tears on our bed covered in blood and and..I couldn't even bring myself to even finish my sentence off.. I reached out for my phone and dialed Risa's number, hoping she was on a break from the play. I was in luck, she answered it in an exhausted voice.

"Hai Hai?...Saya-chan?" she answered to me
"Ri-Risa!" I managed out through my tears, all she could here was me choking on my tears
"Sayaka..are you okay? SAYAKA!?" Risa yelled at me her voice revealing panic
"Don't...Don't ever look at me again! Don't touch me or anything! I've been tainted with a horrible thing!! I'm dirty everything.." I said crying harder and harder.
"Saya..don't tell me..You were raped!?!?" Risa said as her eyes grew with my words I told. I hiccupped in tears to manage a something like "Uh huh" She suddenly went silent.. My body started to react on its own, a panic attack.
"Who ever did this to you... I'LL F**** KILL THEM!" She said after awhile "Saya don't move please don't! I'm coming home for you now, oh god please Saya just DON'T go into a panic attack and shock! PLEASE!" she begged of me that was on the floor crying as i shut my phone..

I re-opened it however..I wanted someone to talk to now a close friend to tell me it will be fine just till my prince Risa arrives and takes care of me.. I found my fingers punching the numbers in my cell phone. Then came up once I pressed call.. Takahashi Ai.

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Chapter 9: To Become Each Others Enemies

Ai Takahashi

Sitting down on my bed from a day of long photo shooting, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. Jumping up with a startle I ruffled in my jeans for the stupid damn cell phone.

"Where is the damn friggin thing?" I yelled out in frustration, fiddling deeper into my pocket I finally reached it out. Looking at the name I was a bit shocked to find Saya calling me this late. I answered the phone casually.
"Haihai, Saya-chan? What's up?"
"Ai-chan.." Sayaka's voice came rather silent and crackled as if she were crying. I hesitated to ask but I eventually did
"You okay? You sound like you've been crying?" I asked trying to sound causal to her, I could only think. Gaki has done something terrible to her.
"Y-yeah..Hey Ai, could you possibly...come over so we can talk?" she asked holding her tears back. A little rush of excitement went through my body for an unknown reason. I agreed to come over and hang up, heading for the door and her hotel.

Sayaka Niigaki

Ai-chan sounded rather happy and unaware of my violation tonight, I only just hoped she were to hurry up before it was too late.

While I heard the brr brr brr of the phone connecting to hers and her to answer it. I made my way into the small kitchen, I laid my eyes upon the shining cutlery and grabbed the one that was the longest and sharpest of them all.

I headed back to the bed room and sat on the stripped bed, I threw the sheets that I was raped on off the bed and threw them into the tubs. All that was running through my head was how the rapist had me tied down tightly, I refused to give up and bit him harder each time he was to call me a 'bitch' or tell me I'm such a slut.. I felt just dirty! This bastard had come and gone leaving me hopeless and a mess. Though how he left, it seemed it was in a rush to get back to something like work, and he must have known when Risa was gone. My heart stopped beating, I knew who the violator was now.. I hung my head in my lap and curled into a ball as tears filled my eyes and fell quicker than my torment.

Risa Niigaki

I ran down the streets madly, bumping into people without a care. My wife, my princess needed me now and I was stuck at a stupid worthless musical play! I ran faster down the streets turning the corner I skidded and fell over grazing my elbows and cheek.

It however, was not keeping me down. Standing up again I ran my way through traffic taking a chance Hawaiian people were more careful on the roads. Especially when I panicked out 'husband' is running for her life to get to her wife!

Coming about 4km away from our hotel I was puffed, I couldn't run anymore and leaned against a wall trying to catch my breath. I steadied up and started to jog lightly down the next few streets.. I didn't care what physical state I'd be in, I was getting to Saya NO MATTER WHAT!

Sayaka Niigaki

I heard a knock at the door, I lifted up my head to find a what seemed, ruffled up Ai-chan standing in my door way. I door wasn't locked so she must have helped herself in to the room.

"Ai-chan," I said as a few tears fell off my cheeks
"Shh shh Saya I'm here for you," she said to me as she came over to the bed and hugged me
"Ai, I-I.." I tried to tell her but the image was in my head, tormenting me till I found it hard to breathe again. Ai however soothed me and stopped me from relapsing a panic attack.
"So what is wrong?" Ai asked out of curiosity staring at the blank white wall
"I...was raped Ai..." I managed to get out before becoming a complete mess. Ai looked at me as if I were a liar, then she become to believe me and stared at me with wide open eyes as tears trickled down.

"Saya-chan, that's horrible!" Ai said wipping away her tears furiously and approaching me closer.
"...." I didn't really say anything but keep silent as a mouse.

Ai came closer to me again and told me that it will be okay when Risa gets here. I however looked at her and told her she'd be awhile as she was at a musical.

She lost it. Ai went off her nut that Risa should of been staying her and it's our honeymoon how dare she leave me by myself variable to preditors! I sat with my head hung, hands in lap crying hard. Risa went well she there is no need to be bad mouthing and saying horrible things about the one person I care for!!

I didn't know at that time, but Ai grabbed my hands into hers and looked me in the eyes. I looked back at her with a little fear in a way, she was in a rather upset and angry mood..what could she be up to now??
It wasn't long before, I knew what she felt at that moment.

"Saya-chan," Ai said to me losing eye contact
"H-h-hai?" I asked blinking  from a startle
"I'm sorry for this, but I feel it's better this way!" She replied back to turning her eyes back into mine. I flinched at her words, what the heck was going on? What what what what??!

She intertwined my hand into hers as she put her hand up to my cheek and wiped away the unnecessary tears, I wasn't sure what she was doing to be honest and couldn't help but think that whatever it was..Would cause a war. My suspicions were interrupted as Ai went in for the kill! She softly pressed her lips against mine, pushing me down on the bed and moving her hand across my cheek and down my chest. My heart was beating, why was Ai-chan doing this? Especially now after I was just raped and the last thing I wanted to do right now was anything to do with THIS! I panicked and pushed her off me.

"Ai-chan You can't!" I yelled at her crying
"Why not? Isn't obvious that I have the hots for you Saya? That my plan was to get to you all along!?" Ai said getting a little edgy with my response to her, tainted actions
"Well I'm sorry but I was just raped Ai! I'm married to Risa now! And let’s see..You basically did screw me over in Morning Musume so that I didn't know if I could trust you!" I started to yell at my senpai.
Ai stood there with her mouth open trying to get in a word but I just yelled at her "GET OUT!" She obeyed and shut my door leaving me alone.

Risa Niigaki

I ran into our hotel room and yelled out my princess name with a fright she was in trouble still. I searched through the room to find her emerge from the bathroom. She turned her body at me and her lip curled up as she saw me standing there tattered and bruised.

"...Gaki.." She started saying to me, I was however a little shocked she never called me Gaki yet.
"Saya oh Saya!" I said walking over to her "Are you okay now?"
"I-I think so.." Sayaka said looking dazed more than anything. I looked at her as her lip curled as she bit it. "Gaki look at you! You're hurt!" I saw tears emerge from her eyes and roll off her cheeks with great ease. I ran over to her and scooped her up in my arms.
"It's going to be fine my princess! I'll be fine but you, you need to be checked out my love!" I scoweld her as she smiled a little. However as I put her down and reached for my cell I felt a grab at my shirt.

She wouldn't let go of my shirt and tears filled in her eyes even more. I looked at her starting to panic a little,

"Gaki..Gaki.. GAKI!" she wailed as she started to cry even harder
"What is it Saya?" I asked kneeling down to her.
"I..I'm sorry! I didn't ask for her to do it! I swear.." Sayaka said to me even though it sounded like babble.
"Who is 'her' Sayaka what happened?" I asked looking at her seriously
"Ai-chan.." She said sitting up right.

My focus was set on WHAT Ai-chan did to my wife but it was drawn back when I felt a liquid underneath my hand. Bringing my focus to Sayaka again I found small droplets of blood on the floor and blood running down her wrists and covering her hands. I looked at her with wide eyes and looked over her to find the knife sitting not that far behind her. She slit her wrists in attempt to rid some pain of what she went through. I called paramedics to check her out, after the assured me they were coming. I ripped part of my shirt off and tied it around her left wrist and applied pressure.

Holding her close to me, I stroked her hair and told her that I was sorry, that I'd never leave her alone again.

-Sayaka was put into bed and Risa calls up Ai-

"Hey Ai," I said trying to stay calm at my former leader
"Sup Gaki?" Ai said trying to be funny at a time like this..
"What did you do to my wife?" I asked straight forward watching her reaction change from happy to a rather distressed Ai
"I...I..." she went to say but I cut through
"YOU WHAT AI? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER? DID YOU TRY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER? KNOWING SHE WAS RAPED? THAT SHE WAS MARRIED TO ME NOT YOU!??!?!?!" I yelled at the top of lungs. Ai looked at me not even intimated.
"I'm in love with her Gaki! I just thought that she'd come to her sense if I kissed her and stuff.." Ai said looking down to the ground. I looked at her, my body's temperature rose rocket high
"Yes I know but I-" Ai tried to get through to me and give me a stupid explanation as I know her.
"I DON'T want to hear it! JUST GO HOME! NOW!" I replied back at her, I knew if she didn't. I wasn't one for fights but I'd surely, most likely do something to her if she were to stay any longer.

After Ai had left or so I thought she did. I sat down on the chair and wacked my fist on it hard. I thought to myself We're enemies now Takahashi Ai, I never want to see your face around Me or MY wife Sayaka again!

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 10: Hold Me To The End

I sat up in the bed with blankets covered all over me, I observed my surroundings and found that Gaki must of..Put me at ease. I felt guilty and gulped down hard holding back some tears as well. I throw the blankets off and held onto the wall when I heard voices yelling.


"I'm in love with her Gaki! I just thought that she'd come to her sense if I kissed her and stuff.."


"Yes I know but I-"

"I DON'T want to hear it! JUST GO HOME! NOW!"

Gaki was arguing with Ai-chan no doubt, after I heard Ai leave I stayed in the room just a little longer. I however did hear what Gaki had said under her breath, and tears dwelled under my eyes...she was faithful to me..and much more. Oh Risa Niigaki I'm falling even harder for you!

Though I heard the door open and peeked to see Ai had walked back in. I was shocked, she shouldn't of!

"Gaki..I need to tell you, yes I'm in love with Sayaka. But I did more than kiss her, I told her a few things..and touched her in places I shouldn't have.." she said rather calmly as Ai is
"You...You WHAT!?" Gaki said raising her voice once again
"I'm sorry..OK!?" Ai replied getting angry
"It's not OK Ai! I give you credit for coming back to tell me. But Damn You're DUMB! You NEVER approach a 'husband' that is worried sick about her wife and tell her what you tried to do! And freak the hell out of her!" Gaki was getting furious..I had to do something to stop her but I felt light headed. However..

Gaki raised her hand up near Ai, and Ai reached behind her back and grabbed the knife I had cut my wrist with. My heart stopped, these two were now sworn enemies for sure! NOW THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER!

I threw open our bedroom door as they went for each other, I jumped in front of Gaki and threw my arms around her neck screaming out her name "GAKI!!!!!!"

Risa's Point Of View

What was Sayaka doing out of bed?!?! She screamed my name at the top of her lungs and grabbed me around the neck. It was a blur, what exactly was going on?!? I suddenly knew when that same feeling fell upon my hands. I looked up at Ai who stood shaking in shock with the knife she picked up covered in more...of...Sayaka blood! My eyes grew as I switched my attention straight to the pool of blood forming underneath Saya..My heart felt like it stopped beating. Ai just dropped the knife and ran out the door screaming, well wailing down the hall. I don't care if I ever was Ai's friend or play toy! I'M GOING TO KILL HER! But first Sayaka... I felt her tug at my torn shirt.

"Gaki...I..I...Love you soo much..Please stay with me till the end," I heard her whisper looking up into my eyes as my tears fell onto her beautiful face. I held her tight and promised her..

"No...I'll stay with you Forever Sayaka Niigaki!"

I picked up Sayaka in my arms as her body grew colder by each moment I spent. There really wasn’t a moment to lose; I found my place in standing gripping onto my wife I started to run for my life and hers to the hospital. The paramedics weren’t going to turn around that soon; so I decided the hospital wasn’t far I’d take her there. As I ran out the hotel the weather had chosen perfect time to lay a thunder storm on me! I didn’t care, so long as I got Saya safe everything would be fine.

Running madly down the streets with her in my arms covered in blood, I wonder what everyone in Hawaii thought of me? Probably some weird Japanese Idol who almost killed her wife? No! I doubt they were this judgemental here! Turning the corner past a corner shop that was full of stuffed toys, I knew if Saya were to be awake even in this mess. She’d go Gakkiii!!! I wanna plushie with her wide puppy dog eyes that were irresistible.. Snap out of it Risa! I told myself running harder down the slippery side walk. Becoming out of breath I had to stop, I wish I much fitter at times like these! I sighed as I laid down Saya on my lap admiring her beauty.  It was then; fear struck me if she’d die here and now. I hung my head in disbelief not wanting to think of her warm gentle smile faded far away. My tears rolled off my cheek and fell down onto Sayaka, my memories and emotions had taken control of me now. The first day I had ever met her; it was love at first sight. I wanted to hold her, kiss her be her world. I finally got it yes, but now…it’s being slipped away from me! My tears grew as I thought to the times we got closer during the Cinderella Musical and…that special night of ours. She was beauty a treasure; one I never wanted to let shine away! The day of the final performance of Cinderella; she took Ai’s role… she shone like a star as if she were meant for it. I don’t know why or how but at that time I knew for sure. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips hoping for a miracle sooner or later. As I thought to myself sitting in the rain..

This girl is my everything…Nothing said or done will stop me loving her…

Sayaka’s Point Of View

It was cold again; my body grew with the coldness sending shivers down my spine. I wasn’t sure what was happening yes no really!? Gah this sucks like really! I didn’t know what to do, my eyes felt like lead and were too heavy for me to try and open so I left the shut. I however, could hear the soft cries of my prince..My Gaki! I wanted to sit up and just tell her “I’m fine I’m fine!” so badly but nothing came out of my mouth not a single word. My mind eased as my body felt a slight warmth and tingle to it, I had come to terms Gaki my prince. Was kissing me…hoping for her miracle to come true.

“It’s no use; it looks like she’ll be like this for awhile. We’re terribly sorry Ms. Niigaki.” A nurse said making her leave.
“It is fine, I’m just glad she’s alive,” Gaki said with a sigh of relief sitting next to Sayaka on the bed. “Please wake up soon though my princess” she whispered kissing Sayaka on the forehead.

My head felt like it was spinning out of control; I didn’t know what to do everywhere was just black. Pitch black I couldn’t even see myself that well. I tried to look around for a light; I however turned to find my rapist behind me. Screaming I turned back around and crouched with my hands over my ears. It was then gone, like an illusion. I stared blankly at where he was and looked up to see a strong light. I saw my beloved, my prince, Gaki! I said yelling running for her. Though she disappeared in a second just like he did… I fell to the floor with my legs sitting out. Why? I thought to myself in utter confusion. This isn’t fair…I’m all…alone now. I said to myself biting my lip to stop crying. WHY DOES EVERYONE ALWAYS LEAVE ME!?!?! I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Risa Point of View

Sayaka was tossing and turning in the bed, I could tell the princess was restless it was a nightmare. I panicked however when the monitor for her heartbeat changed and started beeping louder and faster. Nurses and doctors rushed in through the door; I stared at Sayaka whose body seemed to be fighting back. She was semi-awake I heard them say as they grabbed out an injection of morphine and were about to pierce her skin with it. Before I was forced outside by a bunch of nurses as Sayaka’s condition worsen after her injection, I heard her whimper softly.

“Gaki, don’t leave me...Why did you leave me...Now...I’m all alone...Again…”

My eyes dwelled and prickled with tears at her words. I didn’t know if she could hear me but I took a chance. Forcing my way back in I grabbed her hand into mind and told her. “I didn’t leave you! I’m here for you! I’ll be here and hold you till the end Sayaka, I love you! JUST DON’T DIE!”

With my words…came what I wouldn’t have expected … I stood there astonished and shocked...Releasing her hand I felt tears swarm down my cheeks. With came my words “Sayaka…forgive me”

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 11: Don't Leave Me Alone

[This Chapter is based on Risa's Point Of View]

I let go of her hand, apologising for my mistake. To leave her alone in that hotel room...For her to be caught in Ai's and my fight... I looked up at the heart rate monitor sitting on a straight line with a flat beep; that rang through my ears for seemed hours. Tears falling off my cheeks and chin; I stared at Sayaka. I didn't want her smile to fade, her voice to never to give me warmth again. I clenched my hand tightly almost ripping the inside of my palms. If only, If only...I was there for you Saya! I managed to say out loud even though it sounded like mumbles as my voice was distorted from crying. I wiped away the tears and leaned over her body; I kissed her for the last time on her soft lips with still the touch of warmth to them. After parting my lips with hers I bit hard on my bottom lip trying to say goodbye to her. I couldn't do it, not now. I shook my head and went for the door when I heard a gasp. I turned my body doing a 360 and saw the monitor beep with lines...and Sayaka gasping for breath. I ran to her side stroking her soft cheek calling out to her.

"Saya! SAYA!" I yelled my eyes shaking
"G...Gaki...?" I heard I faint voice come as her breathing steadied up. I had a sigh of reliefe and hugged her.
"You had me so worried! Never do it again!" I tried to say sternly but ended up muffled by my tears as I dug my head into her chest.
"I'm sorry; I never told anyone...I have a reaction to Morphine." Sayaka said giving off a gentle giggle
"Well you're a bad bad girl!" I scowled as I frowned at her. "Give me a heart attack next time! I was about to go avenge your death!" Sayaka just giggled and smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile back at her and feel tears prickle more in my eyes to see her warm gentle smile again.

The doctor walked back in and dropped his files; he was white as a ghost. The nurses and himself declared her dead and now she sat up giving him a rather dirty look. I laughed to myself as I watched how he scrambled up the papers and head for his office. It was amusing, once you know for once they screwed up and not you. I felt Sayaka's warm soft hand caress mine as she intertwined them together. I looked at her and smiled noticing something different.

"Say Saya," I asked curiously turning my body side on "You're eyes...They look like they're different" She looked at me blankly for a second and the smiled.
"Gaki, you know I was adopted right?" She said drawing pretend pictures on my hand. I nodded at her to go on "Well, I was scared what people would think if I left my eyes they were so I had contacts."
"No way!" I said sounding sarcastic, she looked up at me with a pout and said;
"No good?" I shook my head and caressed her tender and smooth cheek "I'm kidding my princess; I love them either way. Dark Brown or Dark Blue, you're still the love of my life"
I felt her cheeks rise as she gave a small smile and the flush of red became visible. I was glad I met her, without her I don't know how I could of kept going on. I remember after Yoshizawa graduated Morning Musume wasn't the same. "Secret" relationships started, bitchy ness, restless nights and not to mention how ridiculous the fans got with making up couples! My head was just spinning now of how much I was in debt to Saya. She however must of felt my or read my thoughts and stroked my cheek.

"Gaki, it's okay." she said sweetly as she stared at me "I know how it feels at times, my head felt like that all the time...especially when I was around you." I saw a small cheeky grin appear on her face. I gave a small laugh and placed my hand onto of hers resting on my cheek still.
"Even when you were with Sayu?" I asked abruptly
"Yes, always my prince." Sayaka said rubbing her thumb over part of my cheek. "I think, I was shattered about her yes; but my love for you for there. But I denied it from the start." It was rare for me to blush; but Saya made me. I felt my cheeks flush hot from smiling at her words. Sweet and tender, I wanted to just drown in her words and let them drift me away. My mind was off with the thought of it; Bringing it back though when I felt her emerge from under the sheets and lock her lips with mine. Her lips; even though I just kissed them before, felt much warmer this time even sweeter than before. I felt her bring her arms around my neck as I bit her bottom lip gently. It was insane; if we were not careful Saya could be in huge trouble if we played on our emotions at the moment. I knew what she wanted; as I wanted it to. I laid her on her back; lifting up her top I ran my fingers over her cute little stomach.

I saw her shiver with pleasure, I could feel the heat admitting from her; which must mean her body is boiling and my touch must be icy cold to her. I grinned at her as I kissed her stomach softly sending her into emotions I knew were just unbearable for her. I sat up straight and leaned in to kiss her, she read my mind and met my lips half way as I felt a cold but yet warm sensation run on my cheek. She was crying. I figured it may of been to sudden for her.. but I realised what it was when we left our embrace.

"Gaki...I was so scared!" She began fighting back her tears. I looked at her confused as why "I thought Ai-chan was going to seriously hurt you or even worse...kill you..." she said under her breathe as the white sheets had patches from her tears. I moved closer and stroked her hair.
"It's okay now Sayaka, I'm alive and most importantly so are you," I hushed her kissing her head as she cried into my chest.
"I'm sorry for being selfish, really.." she mumbled out through her tears. I shook my head at her and rested my head on hers.
"You weren't and are not selfish Sayaka," I replied back to her in my stern caring voice "I..I'm the one who was selfish enough to put work before you.." She tried to say something but it was mumbled I couldn't hear her properly. I sighed to myself as I stroked her black hair.

"You had me scared Saya, I just want you to know... Don't Leave Me Alone..." I whispered to her sweetly as she gave a small nod and drifted off into a sleep.

She was to stay in hospital for at least another week; they recommend that we stayed in Hawaii for a few more days. I refused to! If I stayed any longer I'd go hunt down the perverted bastard who violated her and if I still saw Ai; they'd be hell to pay! I told them for once; being as people would say "uncool" and told them to Shove it! We don't want to stay any longer. Packing the bags at the hotel while Saya was being all cleared to go. There was a knock on the door, I called out for them to come in..hoping it was just room service as if they spoke English to me...I didn't have my cutesy but sexy little princess Sayaka to help translate for me. My mind was wrong! They came in speaking English to me. I stared at him with a blank expression, what the heck was he on about? I shrugged and turned to zip up the suitcases as I clearly heard what he said then..


With the tone of his voice too I knew what he must of said in English. I turned my body to him with wide eyes open as he stood there with a small grin on his face. That BASTARD! He had come all the way up here from the reception tell me HE is the one who violated MY princess?!?! My blood boiled to the maximum as I turned away and stood in the kitchen trying to calm down and do nothing rational. I couldn't hold it though, looking over to the bed and shifting between him and my thoughts of how my princess was that night... I just couldn't take it. I saw the small rack of cutlery and pulled out the one I knew was sharp, pointy and would be swift. I dropped my hand to my side as I faced the pig! I looked at him with resentment in my eyes; he'll pay for what he did...and regret coming to tell me about it! I walked closer to him as my mind wonder off as I hoped Sayaka could hear my thoughts.

" princess, this makes us even. Self defence remember? Your mother? ....Now we have no choice...We'll Run! Run before anyone can say anything." I turned my attention to the predator in front of me as I gave a small smile to him and said.

"I'd like to make this fast...but the way you violated Sayaka...slow and painfully...Is the way I'm going to treat you..." as the knife glittered in the sunlight awaiting to pierce his skin..

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 12: Moonlight

[Whistles~ Er...This is a CUT version of this chapter..Uncut version can be obtained through a PM!]

Stepping out of the taxi out front of the hotel; I gave a small sigh. Hawaii was beautiful but I wanted hurry up and leave behind the bad memories I had here.

Brushing off a pair of jeans I had I walked in the doors. Looking through my hair to my side; checking the reception desk...he wasn't there. I became a little anxious and asked where he was.

They simply told me, he was up with my prince...with GAKI! I froze for a second my face must of been a pale as snow its self! I bolted through the stairs as the elevators were out of order.

I remember; Gaki told me she's kill the guy who violated me that night. My heart beated and rose high as turned the last corner to reach the hotel room.

The door was wide open, I couldn't see them anywhere and I freaked out. I bolted in and saw them on the small balcony. I saw blood drops stain the white carpet and saw the man's shirt was torn and completely covered in his blood.

My temperature raised, Gaki Gaki GAKI! Don't be rationale! This will get us into trouble; I bit my lip as I flung open the sliding glass door to reach them. They both looked at me in astonishment.

"Ehh, Sayaka you're back for me eh?" he said still being smug in a situation like this.
"Shut up!" I yelled at him as I ran over to Gaki and pulled the out of her hand. She looked at me for a second annoyed then gave a small sigh of relief and relaxed.

I seemed to of calmed down a bit, even though the guy was still there. He grabbed the bloody knife from my hands and proceeded to hurt Gaki. I left her side for a split second as he had grabbed a hold of her; the knife sitting right on top of her jugular... My heart stopped. He wouldn't dare!

But he tested and have a small little pressure cut on my prince's throat as she flinched in pain. I went to grab the knife from his hand but was restrained back when back-up had come to help him out.

I freaked as the afternoon changed to the darkness. I was kept tightly held down as the other guy went on hurting Gaki. Tears filled in my eyes as I cried out not to hurt her.

They didn't listen...She had several cuts and blood trials running off her body; even though they didn't look serve it still tore at my heart. I couldn't take it no more! I kicked the guy behind me with a full force and poked him in the eyes. He fell to the floor in pain as I focused my attention to the main violator…
He had just missed cutting on a vein on Gaki's arm; I had pulled the knife away in time and got the cut on myself instead.

I grabbed the knife by its hilt and with all my force and emotions put into it. Plunged the knife into his stomach and pushed him off the balcony, only to hope the sea would take him away in the next high tide..

Turning my back the mystery other man was gone nowhere to be found. I sighed and held Gaki in my arms as my tears fell hard on her face. She looked up at me and pinched my cheeks; telling me to not be so upset she'll be okay.

 I couldn't stop my tears that easily! I gave her a small laugh and kissed her forehead. The moonlight shone on us as I stroked Gaki's head and told her.

"I Love You," she looked up at me with concern in her eyes and questioned me about why I had fear in my eyes.
"It's no reason; but you were going to kill him my prince. I couldn't let you do it! So I did...I'm surprised how I've gotten away with murder..Twice now." Gaki laughed at me as I dragged her into the bathroom.

"What are you doing Saya?" She asked in hope for a smart quick response.
"Cleaning us up!" I said smiling at her pulling out bandages and pulling off her clothes to wrap them around her cut marks.

She flinched as I covered up the main mark on her arm. I looked up at her with concern in my eyes; was it really that bad? I stroked her arm after I finished the bandages and told her.

"I'm sorry Gaki.."
"What for hun? It's not your fault the guys were idiots~" Gaki replied back pinching my cheeks. I couldn't help but smile at her, she was brave. I met her eyes as a cheeky grin peered on her face. I wondered if she thought what I thought.

I leaned in towards her as she scooped me into her arms half way kissing me our tongue's meeting and her hands prowled my body. Imminently I snapped her hands away and breathed on her neck.

"Not...this time..." As I kissed her bare neck softly. I heard a moan come from her and it gave me a rather nice pleasure feeling run through me. I ran my tongue down her neck and kissed her collar bone; finding the back of her bra and flick it off. Her moan increased; I hadn't even started to actual foreplay yet. My smile increased as I kissed her on the lips and then the bottom of her chin.

"Louder each prince...Keep this up...I may just have to...Make you scream my name" I said rather seductively to her.
"A-ah! Saya!" Gaki moaned out to me as I ran my fingers through her soft curls.

In the moonlight room, forgetting the past events of the last day and the last few minutes...we threw it behind and engrossed ourselves in each other’s hunger and lust. The night was ours to have.

-And This is were all the good kiddies don't read~! So I don't get axed by mods. If you want this Uncut Scene, You ask for it~~! X3-

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Chapter 13: I Don't Belong With You

A week passed so quickly, I didn't even pay much attention Gaki and I were already back in Japan. After our little session on our last night in Hawaii, she seems to be extra genki now and more happy. I just can't help but smile at her. She brings so much in my life; and just knowing I've made her much more genki and happy then she already was, just makes me feel like wow!

She opened up the door; we've been recently looking at houses in Japan to buy. I did have my mother’s house but everything there reminded me of her and many other things. I shook my head as the images crept into my head once again. Gaki looked at me with concern,

"You okay my wittle princess?" She asked lifting my chin up and observing my face.
"Fine, just a little headache," I replied back lying to her.
"If you say s~oooo!" Gaki said pinching my cheeks playfully and headed up the stairs to observe the bedrooms.

it was a nice cosy house; I could easily get used to it. I felt a wide smile emerge as I thought of things that may happen in the future. But frowned at the thought, 'Children, that would be kinda impossible!!" I thought to myself saying my last words out loud.

"What is impossible hun?" Gaki asked sneaking up behind me and snuggling into my neck.
"Oh nothing, just how it's impossible not to love this place." I replied back...again lying
"True, I think we should put in for this house," she told me caressing my hand in hers. I smiled at her and agreed we should.

The current moment; we were staying at her parents spare house. We were going to live here, but decided not to in case they make daily visits and kinda get a full show ^^;

I sighed snuggling into my prince, since returning to Japan. I've been asked by several music producers to perform with certain Hello! Project girls. It would be nice since I haven't gotten to know them all that well. They however begged me to my boredom to perform with Aibon...tonight in the local supermarket. Yes THE SUPERMARKET! I agreed to get them off my back; which worked for a little while. Gaki kissed my head and told me I should get going. Looking into her brown eyes once more; I sighed and told her I'll be taking off. With a quick peck on her cheek I left the house.

"SouSou Mina-san!!!" Aibon's voice echoed in my ear...grown up now she still had a kid voice. I zoned out even during my solo's...which I was surprised i didn't screw up!

After enduring hardship with Aibon for 1 hour and 30 mins I headed on home. Thinking to myself; if I should stop by a book store to grab a recipe book? My Gaki does need some different food occasionally! I agreed to myself and turned the left corner instead of the right. Walking into the bookstore I saw many books catch my eye, but I wasn't paid yet so I couldn't really buy anything over 9000yen till Tuesday~ Reaching out to pick up the recipe book my phone started going off. "Kamo, Kamo, Kamo Kamo!" It was embarrassing to have your own Ex H!P group as your ringtone but I loved that it was my debut song ^^; I answered the phone to hear sniffles and a cracking voice

"Sa-Saya-chan!!!"  I stood for a second trying to figure out the voice, my heart sank when I had analysed it.
"Eri!? What is wrong?" I asked hastily
"I-I need you to come!" Eri said back fighting down most of her tears. I didn't say anymore and headed off to her place forgetting about the recipe book.

-At Kamei's Place-

I walked in to find Eri sobbing on the floor, her photos were on the floor broken. I didn't know what happened to I observed a picture she had a tight grib on.

"Oh Eri.." I said hugging her
"It's not fair Saya-chan!" Eri whimpered letting the photo go to embrace me
"I know I know, Rei-chan really hurt you..I understand." I replied back, well really I DID understand..the events with Sayu were proof.

Eri cried for a good solid hour without speaking a word. I just stroked her back telling her it was okay. Though I thought, her effects are really late...the break up was about 2 months ago right? My thoughts interrupted by Eri speaking.

"I want Gaki!" She said sniffling.
"Huh?" I said as a reaction
"I want Gaki! Gaki makes everything better! She'd always be there for me! I want her!!!! NOW!!" Eri wailed at me. I guess I had no choice but to give her Gaki..

"Huh? The turtle wants me?" Gaki asked looking at me rather weirdly
"Yes she does, she needs you go to her!" I said pushing Gaki forcefully inside Eri's house. She dug her heels in stopping me for making her move.
"Now wait a second! Why does she need me and no one else?" She asked me, I shrugged I'd like to know that myself actually..

She gave in and allowed me to push her inside. I shut the door behind her and proceed to the one place I shouldn't go..."home"

Opening the door I could see all the scenes replaying. The first attack where my birth mother almost killed us...when I killed her by accident...everything. I bit on my lip I wasn't going to cry not now at least.

I wondered into the lounge room to sit down, looking around for any blood stains...there were none. With a reassuring sigh I sat down and placed my arms behind my back to chill. I did feel a warm, sticky liquid run under my hand. My eyes widen as they slowly moved their attention to my bloodly hands. I screamed running to the tap to wash the blood off. When I reached the tap though it was gone.. I freaked out..I'm going crazy aren't I?!? I panicked; I didn't know what to do so I hide in my room.

-Cut scene to a few days later, Eri and Gaki are at a fair-

"I love this~!" Eri said hugging Gaki who just won her a large turtle plushie
"Heh, I thought you would." Gaki said back smiling. Her mind though, was focused on what Sayaka was had been 3 days without a word from her and she started to worry.
"Ga~ki! What's wrong?" Eri asked poking Gaki's cheek.
"Oh nothing... just I'm worried about Sayaka.." She replied back as her hair fell over her face. Eri pouted and sat them on the chair.
"I'm sure she is okay!" she said trying to sound re-assuring...but the fact was she saw Sayaka the other day who wasn't doing so well...
"I-I guess she is," Gaki replied back staring at the merry-go-round. Eri felt the tension build in her body, she wasn't usually this selfish but she wanted to say.. "Screw her! You want me!" but she never did. Instead she moved closer to Gaki who sat with her crepe. Until she came close to Gaki's mouth.
"Ne Gaki-san, Take me into your wonderland.." she said approaching closer their lips were about an inch apart. Gaki jumped; she looked at Eri with a startle look.
"ERI! NO!" Gaki said getting a little frustrated "I don't feel that way for you, I love you as a friend. But I love Sayaka as my princess, my wife my world! So I'm sorry.."

Eri hang her head in failure, she thought she had no choice but to tell Gaki the truth about Sayaka now..

"You shouldn't of left her alone then to be with me," Eri said looking Gaki straight in the eye
"Why is that?" Gaki said with a slight panic in her voice..remembering leaving her alone last time.
"I...I don't know if we'll make it in time..." Eri said hanging her head. Gaki's eyes shot open
"WHAT!? Eri what do you mean!??!" She asked the panic in her voice clearer than anything.
"I last saw her...she had terrible wounds on her wrists and thighs..I think being left alone in the house..thinking you love me not well as reliving those horrific moments...she took it out on herself.." Eri said fanning her eyes to stop tears emerging. Gaki looked at Eri with great concern as if she should thank her or be angry at her. Whatever she chose it would have to be later! She made a flying dive for Eri as they ran for Sayaka's place.

"One...Two...Th-..." I was interrupted, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had already several wounds on my wrists now.. but it was nowhere near where it is now. I had a new packet cutter sitting about 1cm off one of my veins on my left wrist. I could do it, no one would miss me right?? I told myself those false words over and over.. Till I finally got the courage to dig on end on the blade on the side and move it across.. This would be it, how I bleed easy. Cutting a vien like this would surely end this all! I moved it across as blood started to emerge from the gaping cut I was making.. I thought any minute Gaki would come..but she never did. She wasn't coming...she didn't care. I told myself out loud "I don't belong with you!" and dug deeper with the boxcutter, the pain emitting was growing unbearable to the point I was going to scream but I didn't. I was going to finish this.

Just a little more, just a little further...Sayaka, please be okay! I won't forgive myself if you end up hurting yourself badly.."

My head felt dizzy, as the room started to fill up in blackness...feeling the warm blood trickle down...down..a tear emitted from my eye. "I'm sorry for being selfish...But this is best...right.........Gaki?"

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 14: Naichau Kamo

I felt my heart in my throat as I kept up a decent pace, heck I even went passed Eri who can run fast. I panicked; what would cause Saya to be so rational and hurt herself? I shook my head to the side as I looked up to the corner, the light was about to go red.. I sped up my pace as Eri tried for once hard to follow me. I felt my breath escape me as I gulped in for air but nothing came as my heart was set on just getting to Sayaka. Just...just one more house to go past now! I told myself biting my lower lip, turning into her front yard and running up the stairs. A slight dizziness came over me; I stood back a bit on the porch to re gain my balance. I pushed myself a little to hard...Re gaining my balance I stood in front of the door.

I busted in the house and followed the blood trails on the tiles, carpet till I reached her bed room. I felt my heart sink deeper as I opened the door I found Sayaka's body laying on her side...her wrists were covered in blood. I grabbed her and shook her trying to get her to wake up. Her body was ice cold, I couldn't feel her heart beat. No sight of warmth was present on her body..I felt tears emerge from my eyes quicker than anything.

"Sayaka...I'm an idiot!" I said as I heard Eri snap the phone shut.
"They're on their's possible she is still alive...but I doubt it Gaki-san. Her body is ice cold and the amount of blood lost..." Eri said.. "It's certain...she's dead.."

NO! is the only think I could say to myself as tears fell down harder each time...her body never grew warmer or anything...

"Gaki listen to me.." Eri went to say as I watched the ambulance pick Saya up and lay her in the van.
"No Eri! I won't listen! It's because Saya wasn't selfish and gave me up to you that she could be dead!" I replied back snapping at her, the paramedics called me over to the van. I looked at them with hope in my eyes.

"A faint..very faint pulse is present, we'll have to make haste a soon as possible..which is like now." They told me started up the engine and signalled for me to come. My body stopped I..couldn't go my body was frozen there.

- Hospital -

Another ambulance has come in with someone else. Wow, this girl seems really hurt. Wait...NO! Sayaka!? This isn't really real it can't be! I paced down with them to reach an isolation room. I saw them panic, no blood type? I thought...I bit my lip, I gave blood last time...and I screwed up and pushed her away. Get a grip Sayumin~! We're going to give her blood again! I walked in with all the information they needed. Without a second I was put on the bed again, the needle piercing my skin as I saw the drip go in for the blood..I looked at Sayaka. Her usual bright warm coloured cheeks were a pale white...kinda like snow. I felt my heart skip a beat as I saw why she lost a lot of blood...She...she cut her wrists?? I felt my eyes prickle but I couldn't allow myself to cry, even if Saya was out with it..she wouldn't want me to cry. ...Even if I was horrible to her as well..

Switching to two weeks later at Ai-chan's house~

"Huh? You did what?" Koharu asked sitting on the floor
"Made a video of all 10 of us~!" I replied back pushing the DvD into the slot.
"Sounds like funn!" JunJun said escaping in my kitchen to get bananas.
"Yes! So all of you sit and watch it! You two...Risa." I said giving a little competition to my voice at her. She just flicked her brown eyes at me and sat on the couch.
"Hrm? Where is Sayu?" Koharu asked looking around the room hastly
"She's with the hospital." JunJun replied bitting into the last banana
"Oh..." was Koharu's only reply as she saw the screen come up with the contents of the dvd
"I've heard...she's been with Sayaka for the last two weeks waiting for her to wake up from the coma..." Aika whispered to LinLin who was too engrossed in the dvd.

I felt Risa's eyes lift up when I threw in Sayaka's auditions..At that time Sayaka had a semi-cold and she still managed to get in Morning Musume. Risa focused hard on the screen; I thought her eyes were going to pop out! But this was my plan though...send her into denial..get Sayu out of the hospital and then I can be Saya-chan's soul prince. Sayaka's audition was a very odd one. Tsunku had the girls form groups and pick a song at random. Try remember the dance or make one up and then perform it. At first they didn't sing..the second round they did. It was the infamous Egao YES Nude Sayaka's group sang. Looking at her back then she was only 17...but I felt my mouth water and my body go into a little stage of pleasure as I told myself "Sex appeal! Sayaka you little hottie, dressed in that...OH MAI F***GOD! Short as skirt!" I felt like I screamed it out but it was the way I suddenly fell down that gained my fellow friends attention.

"Ai-chan!??! Are you okay!?" they all called out to me...except Risa who sat there looking at me with a serious glare, she knew what I was thinking..
"Haha yeah fine~!" I replied back rubbing my neck sitting up as the last shot of her auditions ended with a BAM! woooahhh...she gave such a sexy look as I saw her tongue run across her lips..
"Wow Sayaka...doing sexy?!" I heard Koharu say in shock
"She looks good like that!" Aika said smiling;
"Yeah talk about cuxy!" Koharu said as the DvD switched to some rehearsals..

I think Risa then picked up what I was doing...she frowned by each moment she saw Sayaka with her sex appeal. well as the times the camera caught my eyes goggling her body excessively. During the time I was teaching Sayaka Pepper Keibu. I couldn't help but just stare at her. She just cut her long hair and had bangs. It was just wah! I wanted to glomp her then and there..god knows why I didn't! I felt my skin burn at the feel of Risa's glare. As if 'You do know, she's mine right?' I felt a sweat break out as her glare was just intense... I decided to give up. This is a war! I want her too you know! I titled my head to the side as I gave her a little smug look saying 'Risa Niigaki, bring it on' Her expression grew with frustration at my look as she clenched her fists...her excuse would be 'I'm married to her not you!' She is so readable. The pressure got to Risa as I saw her leave in a huff rolling her eyes at me...looks like I won this round~...Oh!! I changed my attention to Cinderella Complex dancing practise for Cinderella musical.. Kekeke I started mouthing "Work it Sayaka!" as I felt an ooze of pleasure run through me at the innocent sexy look of hers...oh my...I felt like I would faint or have a major nose bleed or drooling...Panties Shot?! Sayaka stripes...stripes? Aren't they considered battle panties? Woah! Saya you arrree a naughty girl~! I thought to myself smiling.

- Cuutting to Risa at Sayaka place~!-

I walked into Saya's bedroom, where I found her body a bloody mess... I bite my lower lip as I started to look through her cupboard.. Pulling out some cards I felt a Thonk! on my head.. Picking up a pink stripped book I walked out to the lounge and read it.. Turning it over it read "Saya-chan's Diary~ DOO NOOT LOOK YOSSIEE!!" I laughed at her pure cuteness, it never failed to amuze me. Opening the first page I browsed my eyes over the diary entries..

Dear Diary,

Kyaa! School is horrible! I hate it!

I get teased constantly! Just because I'm different and like Morning Musume!

I hate them! I wish I could run away~! I'm also sick of being in this foster home..I'm almost I can go soon!

Gosh I can't write anymore! Good Night!

I felt my eyes re-read almost 16??! WOAH! Young Saya wrote this! I went on reading it. It was dated after she just turned 16.

Gah, worthless life!

I hate it hate it HATE!! I can't take how my foster parents are constantly nagging me telling me I'm annoying and like Morning Musume is stupid and to fall in love with one of them..


I might as well just be dead! DEAD!

My hands gripped the book as I shifted my eyes to the next entry to find something that stopped my heart beating..

Dear Diary,

I did it...or tried to.

Killing yourself is hard, when you're in love...I grabbed our sharpest knife and ran it across my thigh applying pressure..

It broke the skin..and there was a lot of blood.. on the knife, carpet and bed..but...but

I couldn't go through with it after that..I can't deny it...

The posters...the voice everything of Risa Niigaki rings in my ear and head..

She doesn't know who I am..but she just stopped me from killing myself..

I love her, I really's stupid I know but she saved me from the depths of my depression..gosh..

I'm silly, I'm getting blood and tears all over my diary..

I guess I just can't stress enough, I love Risa Niigaki to my grave...when it is of a natural death!

My tears stained Sayaka's diary, two three years she's loved me? I felt horrible but loved. She cared so much..I stopped her from killing herself...but this time I made the cherry to her topping...I flicked the pages in hope for something else.. only to find another entry that ripped me..

Dear Diary,

Hehe I was adopted my non other the Yossie and Sakura! ex MM members!

I also did my audition, it went well because I'm the new memeber of Morning Musume now!

Cool right?

Kyaa~! I met Niigaki-senpai now! I felt my cheeks were going to explode if I looked at her one more time.

I was put with Sayu though to guide me..I was alright.

But..I found out...maybe everyone on the forum I used to go on Hello!Online...were right about TakaGaki...

They seem close..

Geez I'm crying again! Gosh get a hold of yourself Sayaka!

I couldn't read anymore, I closed it to feel a note pop out into my hand..I couldn't help it. I had to read it as it looked recently fresh. I opened it up carefully in my hand to find Sayaka's neat penman ship.


I'm sorry...if you're reading this I obviously was selfish and hurt myself...I may be in hospital again or worse...dead.

I want to let you know...I don't blame you for wanting Eri..she is a young lady that is beautiful..After all I am a reject...

But if you're strugglingly with the current me a favour...Tomorrow morning when Japan's park opens...Ride Thunder know the one you did for the scream commercials?

Just, Don't not worry....

If you're at your worst and try to do something funny Gaki....please don't! Instead...for me, go into that park and go on a that rollercoaster

...and SCREAM! Scream like you have never before...while remembering this,

.........I'll always love you no matter how many times I'm reborn.........

I felt my hands tighten on the paper, Saya you are one of a're not selfish no matter what! And I don't like Eri you silly~! I felt a smile come across my face for the first time in two weeks. I wiped away the tears and decided to get some sleep. Doing what she wanted me to do the next morning..

- Next Morning-

I stepped into the park breathing in and out, I headed for the rollercoaster...Thunder Dolphin. I arrived there as they buckled me into the seat. I felt anxious...I really hate these rollercoaster’s..but I felt somewhat at ease as I remembered Sayaka's words and how she was just as scared by them... I felt the rollercoaster was going to begin. I felt my mouth open automatically screaming the loudest I ever have all my emotions pouring out.

"Kyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Saya...Saya...I LOOOOOOOVEE AHHHHHH YOU!!! III HATTEEE MYSELLFFFF KYYAAA!!! FOR PUTTINGG YOUUUU IN DANGER IIIEEEE!!!" the rest I couldn't scream, my mouth just started gabbling on since I love you Sayaka... I felt my screams run out faster with each dip in the ride. Walking off at the end; I felt better. I wasn't as upset as before...Sayaka's remedy worked I thought to myself smiling and leaving the park.

- Cutting Again (For A GOOD fingers are sooree!! But anyways~) Sayaka has woken up and the doctors are sending her and Sayu down to the medical centre now-

"Sayaka~!" Sayu said pinching my cheeks
"What Sayu?" I asked still drugged from the medicines and drugs they gave me while I was in a coma..
"You're sooo cutttee!!" She went on playing with my cheeks some more
"Kyaa stopp it Sayu!" I said pulling her hands off my cheek as I become dizzy and felt my balance shift. I felt Sayu's hand rest behind me as she sat me down for a second.
"hehe..sorry!" is what she said petting me on the head. I smiled faintly at her as I got a familar feeling on my lips. Wait WAIT! Sayu is kissing me already? Hold on!! No! This isn't right I can't no! Gaki..Gakii!!! DOKO!??! I felt a few tears fall as it felt like the time Ai-chan kissed me...

She pulled our kiss away as she now wanted to go to the medic centre. I still felt dizzy but went. I walked across the crossing but the car lights made me blind and freeze in my spot. I felt a push against me and a terrible screech in my ears... The car speed off screeching it's tires..

I looked over to see Sayu laying on the road..her blood was spilt just underneath her..I felt tears prickle in my eyes as I knelt beside my little bunny and unexpectedly kissed her on the lips as my tears ran on her cheeks..She kissed me back despite her condition.. I just couldn't...I felt my feelings come up with each kiss Sayu and I had. There then, was little amount of rain as I left our kiss. I looked into her brown eyes that sucked you in to her world. Her skin become colder as I started to pick her up and head her back to the hospital.. The one and only thing i could think was...

"Noo...not Sayu...not the bunny!"

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 15 Part 1: Kiss Me Goodbye Takahashi Ai [Point Of View]

My gaze fixed on her; Sayaka. Her eyes wondered the sky as we sat in car on the way to the hotel.

I bit my lip as I laid my hand on top of hers.
Her iPod was a little too loud I could hear the song she played again and again. Naichau Kamo.

Since Sayu’s death; she hasn’t been talking and unexpectedly red eyes.

She blames herself for her death is what she told me…That she tried to die many times…

Yet fate took an innocent person away from her.

I guess this all did fit into my plan perfectly but yes it is sad we lost an annoying member who always just said how cute she was.

In a way, a slightly grateful it was Sayu.

It would be easier now to unlock her heart; so then I can finally be with her.

I squeezed her hand and whispered to her.

“You really loved her huh?”

Sayaka’s piercing eyes turned from the clouded sky to me. Her lips trembled as she held together with simply.


I was really going to get anywhere with this. After our concert tonight; I need to make her open up! Make her mine; in just a matter of time…

The crowd roared when we walked out on the stage.

Sayaka seemed to have a smile; it was rare for me to see. Maybe she didn’t want to let down the fans and let them know she was hurting inside? It sounds like her alright.

We shared a lot of songs joined together; most however we separate. We didn’t only explore Morning Musume songs. But went into other Hello! Project units and outside of them.

My favourite would have to of been, when we were asked to do Hangry and Angry…The sexual tension that group had before Yossie…Yeah.

I wanted to make this extra saucy, fun and thrilling especially for me.

Sayaka’s character of Hangry was perfect; I felt like I could just fall for her even more the way she’d play along with the acts.

We were so close though, so close! But the music cued and changed tempo so I didn’t get to met Sayaka luscious lips once again! Hmph!

Suki Na Senpai. Maybe wasn’t the greatest song to of sung together. Sayaka had lost her emotions and the tears were revealed.

Was it because of that one day, one concert; she shared this song with Risa?

Maybe, I need to get it in her head Risa isn’t the one for her!

After the concert; I had lost sight of Sayaka. I sighed to myself and slouched on the couch waiting for her to come whenever.

I had a vague idea where she was though;

I closed my eyes are used my ears. I was correct; she was in the shower.

I smirked to myself as I slid open the door and helped myself to a good look at Saya before I proceed on joining her in the…uh well very hot shower!

Pouring the water over her head I ran my fingers threw her wonderful black hair.

Even when it was wet it felt like silk.

She didn’t budge once though, not even caring about my prowling eyes and hands.

Eventually she took a towel and walked out of the shower leaving me alone.

Walking out I gazed upon her as she pulled a kimono over her half bare body. She brushed her hair to the left side and tied it up.

She still however; wasn’t talking that much.

I couldn’t take this anymore!

I pulled at her arms into me; she looked at me startled as I whispered the forbidden words to her.

I know; I’ll pay for them. But I couldn’t care Risa can get screwed!

“It’s okay Sayaka, you may think no one loves you. But…I do love you more than Risa could ever!”

I felt her eyes seep to my heart; she was going to cry I knew it. She opened her mouth and shut it then opened it again.

Finally came words not one lines.

“I..I’m the fault for Sayu..Everyone close to me…dies…That’s why…Risa doesn’t love me…anymore…isn’t it…Ai?”

I looked as I pulled her closer to me and told her selfish words of my love..

“Yes probably,”

Her tears fell on my chest; my heart beated a little faster. My plan worked?!? I lifted up her chin running my thumb over her soft lips.

I couldn’t wait to touch them again, feel the sweet warmth to them. This would be it!

I leant in to her face; though expecting a slap across my cheek or some sort. I didn’t however I did feel her lips.

I met them; the warmth was there and the sweet taste.

I felt her lips press back on mine. Something…something I hoped she’d do for a long time! I grabbed her waist and picked her up in my arms.

Okay Okay! So I’m not the strongest person! But it wasn’t that hard to lift her; she was fairly light in my arms. I laid her on the bed; was this going to be it?

Would I finally get to explore the whole of Sayaka? God I’d hope so.

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear hoping to stop her crying,

"Will you stop crying now?"

I couldn’t of made a worse mistake!

I saw her reaction from willing to give in to my love; to a full on expression of hurt. I saw red.

My cheek stung where she slapped me and started cursing at me.

“No…NO! You’re NOT Gaki! You NEVER WILL BE GAKI!!”

I thought to myself at that time…Risa; must of said that to her one night they slept together.

I frowned at the thought of it. How could I be stupid?


 Risa you get everything!

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 15: Breathing Is Hard Without You [Gaki's Point Of View]

Why do I always end up hurting her?

You fool Risa! First you never showed up at the hopsital..You weren't there for her when Sayu died...Lastly...You're now sleeping with Eri behind her back!

Just what the HECK ARE YOU!?!

I managed my way through the door and headed for Saya's hotel. It isn't right..She shouldn't be with Ai. She should be with me!

The sudden down pour of rain had caught me in a pickle. It always comes at a bad time; DAMNIT! I was getting close to the hotel I knew I was.

Turning into a street I heard the patter of footsteps behind me. Saya?..No Eri.

"What are you doing?! Go Home!" Was all I could say as her body shook in the rain.

"I-I can't!" Eri replied back, her voice was shaking..has she been crying? I feel bad AGAIN

"Why can't you?" I asked back being stern with her. I saw her body shake more as she looked at me. Her perfect face had the rain droplets on it..disguesed tears and her eyes had turned red.

I can't do anything right anymore can I? Without anymore wait Eri threw herself at me sobbing madly..I started to wonder..was this a diabolicle plan? I'm confused..

Eri pulled back after glancing to her right hand side. It was a sudden out burst of anger I was kinda shocked.

"She doesn't know! She doesn't care!" Is the sudden yelling I heard.

" love her." Was all I could reply with to her loud voice piercing my ears.

"NO you love ME! You slept with me! You kissed me! You said you love me!" She went on; stunning with her last sentence. Where and WHAT did that come from!?!

"Forget it. And I never said I loved you Eri!" I started getting angry at her..has she seriously told herself this stupid nonsense all those nights I was grieving?!

"Don't friggin' lie!" Eri yelled again..gosh her loud voice hurts~!

"I'M NOT LYING!" I screamed back at her throwing my hands out to the side

"YES YOU ARE!" She screamed back at me.

"NO! I'M NOT!!!" Was all I yelled back loudly; trying to catch my breath afterwards

"Screw this.." Eri said lowering her voice and looking away from me.

"I'm sorry Eri..I can't." I musted up trying to comfort her

"It's fine, but kiss me one more time Gaki." Eri requested of me. I don't know why though..

She automatically stood on her tip toes. To reach up to my lips; as usual. I felt her lips touch mine. The same old soft texture was there; but nothing else. I didn't feel this way for her. Not one bit. attention was caught when I felt her hand run up my left arm and then over my wedding ring. What..what is she doing!?! I had to stop her so I pulled her into an embrace.

Whispering in her ear;

"I'm Sorry Eri; I don't love you..and I never will. Now allow me to be with Sayaka.."

Because I know deep in my heart. I can't live without Saya. I love her more then anything. Each breath I take without her next to me..feels like my last..

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Chapter 15: Tell Me It Isn't Over [Sayaka's Point Of View]

Sayu..I'm sorry. Your bright little smile has faded.

No one one remembers you but me. You died in my arms that night after we exchanged those forbidden words.

'I Love You'

Kissing your soft lips that always were full of warmth and tasted like strawberries with your weird amounts of lipgloss.

When I kissed you for the last time. They were cold as your warmth spreaded all over my body..and the road not so far behind us..

I won't forget you, I'll keep you by my heart. Forever.

"Mata hitoribocchi Mariko". Jibun ni ii kikasu watashi.

Naichau Kamo..was all I said to myself in the car as Ai-chan and I headed for the hotel.

I was distracted by the death of the could everyone be so calm about this?!?!

She was one of us! A Mornnig Musume!

Fuming with anger and hurt I looked out the window up at the clouded sky.

Even Ai-chan was horrible~! She didn't even care! WHY?!

I guess..I should just try; and to my best in the concert.

I'll especially, try my hardest for you Sayu! The songs..shall be sung with my heart tonight~!

The songs, all were sung with my heart ten time more then usual.

Stupid me lost myself in Suki na Senpai. Gaki..? Was all I could think. We practised this song together. Really; it's what one would say "This is our song"

But. I don't get it; returning back to the hotel..Ai-chan is being extra nice to me. Even though she was groping me a lot in the shower.. >.>

I felt myself walk out of the shower as she stood behind me awhile after and told me. "I love you" Why? Why did she have to say that!? Everyone who says that..ends up getting badly hurt or worse..dies.. I didn't want it to be true I told myself. But it was; she held me tight as I natural feeling washed over me..Kiss me? She's going to kiss me. Oh god no..! She can't! She shouldn't Ai-chan DON'T!!


This isn't right. I know it isn't. My body is telling me to allow her to take me into her world.

But my heart is screaming out not to do this to the one you REALLY love.

You can't hurt Gaki..even if she has decided to write you out of her life.

I can't; my hands have a mind of their own. I can't believe I'm kissing Ai-chan back..I can't believe I'm allowing her to do this. The feeling of her soft hands fall under my thighs as she picked me up in her arms.
This is it isn't it? The night I'm not Sayaka Niigaki..But just Sayaka. I can't do this though. Ai-chan whispered to me..words that pulled memories from my heart.

Gaki! No! No! NO! I can't. My instant reaction was to slap Ai-chan. Which I did; I felt horrible but this can't happen!

Walking outside in the recent pouring rain. I took small detours down streets; hoping to find a reason of my future.

I stopped when I heard voices up ahead.

Looking from the ground I studied the two woman.

My eyes felt like they were telling lies.

But then again they weren't.

Gaki and Eri..I could only tell myself as I walked a little closer. Hearing the words that killed me deeper each time.

"She doesn't know! She doesn't care!"

" love her."

"NO you love ME! You slept with me! You kissed me! You said you love me!"

"Forget it. And I never said I loved you Eri!"

"Don't friggin' lie!"



"NO! I'M NOT!"

"Screw this.."

"I'm sorry Eri..I can't."

"It's fine, but kiss me one more time Gaki."

I couldn't believe I was actually staying hearing this..I saw Eri stand on her tip toes to met Gaki's lips..I wasn't going to cry no..

I saw Eri's hand then ran over Gaki's left hand. Pulling..I couldn't see what it was till she dropped it. Not..Not the wedding ring.

My eyes were playing tricks..please be playing tricks! I couldn't grab ahold of what was happening even when Gaki pulled Eri into her embrace and mouthed something I didn't catch.

This was..something I never wanted to happen to me AGAIN. They walked off as I fell to the ground in the pouring rain.

Pounding heaver each time on my head. What excatly...just happened?

Wake Up! Please!

Huh? Where did that come from?

I won't forgive myself if you don't..

Again!? What the? HEY! Where are these voices coming from? Am I going nuts? Huh?

I stood up and looked at the clouds the poured the rain over my face.

The voices stopped; but they echoed something chronic in my ear.. I told myself as I closed my eyes and allowed my body to fall backwards as the rain grew stronger.

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Re: ~Our Secret Love Story~
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Our Secret Love Story:
Chapter 16: Dreams Are Misleading

I felt my eyes slowly open to a bright light gushing into my eyes.


Was all I thought to myself as I blinked several times to adjust my eyes to this light.

"Are you awake?"

"Yes.." I think I groaned a little sitting up. Observing the walls around me. This was..the hospital?

"Miss do you remember what happened?"

"Faintly. I..was in the rain and saw my wife.." I began to talk but it felt like my voice wasn't reaching my lips.

"Hm, as expected you've lost the use of your voice. Due to the accidents that have happened."

"WHAT?!" I was sure I screamed right right!? But then why..wasn't my voice reaching my lips?

"Here, a white board to write down things. You did suffer a lot from that accident. You're a very lucky girl to be alive."

Accident..? Wait no..what accident?

I shook my head and began to write on the white board. Holding it up with perfectly written Kanji saying.

'How Long Have I Been Here?'

The doctor just smiled at me and said smoothly; "Two Months"

My heart sank, two months, a terrible accident, all I dreamt with Gaki..the honeymoon, Ai.. It was all a lie no a dream..

None of it..Never did happened..

Shaking my head; I wrote on the board again 'Bunny-chan?' I was given a strange look by the doctor so I wiped it off furiously and wrote instead 'Sayumi Michishige?' He seemed to give a small Ohh and then smiled at me.

"She's just down at the cafe, she was worried sick about you." He seemed to look over to a spare bed beside me and then a chair. "She's loves you I believe. Ocassionally you had internal bleeding and we almost lost you twice...She stood by your side the whole time. She gave blood when you need it; she's a hard one to find Miss don't let her go she's one to keep."

At least Sayu's love and kiss before..wasn't a dream. I'm still part of Morning Musume; but Gaki..

My throat felt like it had a huge lump in it, I wanted to cry so badly. Dreams that fail you all the time! Why?.. The doctor spoke to me however concered and asked.

"Do you remember your name at all?"

I gave him a rather weird look, I wrote again in Kanji then Romanji.

'Sayaka Yoshizawa' then underneath saying
Maiden Name: Sayaka Hanako

He gave me a nod and just left me; perhaps he knew I wanted to be left alone.. I was just remembering, those dreams. The Elders Club would of graduated now, Gaki never visited me when I found out about my mothers "girlfriend", I was never married to Gaki..and never will be. I don't know why I was so upset but hell I was! Tears most likely could of stained my cheeks for a good century or soo. That's how long it felt I cried for.

"Saya-chan?..Are you alright?"

I lifted my head up from my slouched position and blinked several times to remove my vision of blur. She bite her lower lip and walked calmly to my side placing her coffee on the bedside table. I didn't speak, as I couldn't. I remembered her dying in the distraught I was when she died..maybe..Sayu is the one just for me? I gave her a small sweet smile that brang tears to her majestic beautiful eyes.

"Saya-chan! You're awake, Alive!"

I felt her embrace over my body. Her warmth felt soothing, her scent was sweet, her black hair soft as velvet over my face. She was my life now, she was my love. I tremebled in her embrace as she whispered in her sobs and wails.

"I love you Saya..I do I do! Please..never scare me again!!"

I gave a bite on my lower lip, to think I made her this worried..while I dreamt of sleeping with Gaki and her dying..Cruel.. I bit down harder before she met her eyes with mine. They shook as tears fell down her baby doll face. My instinct reacted as I wiped away her tears. Her cheeks were just a smooth and soft as her hair. I felt like she was killing me inside, I was falling for her..Gaki was fading. I gave her a small sweet and warm smile again before looking into her eyes.

She put both her hands on my tear streaked cheeks and gently pulled me closer to her. Our lips were possibly an inch apart; she hesitated a little before pressing her sweet tasting lips onto mine. I felt her sadness her worries but also her love and joy. I didn't want to wait any longer; this is the end to my dreams I had. Now is the present, reality. So I'm embracing it two steps at a time..But for now allow me to drown in this forbidded love. I gently pressed my lips back onto hers, locking our lips and now exchaning a vow.

'Accept Me & My Love. Don't Let Me Wither Away.'

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