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Author Topic: FOREVER LOVE ~Maimi YajimaxUmeda Erika~ a.k.a GEM  (Read 1605 times)

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FOREVER LOVE ~Maimi YajimaxUmeda Erika~ a.k.a GEM
« on: September 13, 2009, 05:55:16 AM »
Chapter 1: Stupid Fools

"Erika! Hey! You up already?!" Go Away..

"It's about time we got up to film the PV you know.." So what..?

"Okay then I'm coming in with my weapon!"


"Owie! Maimi!" Rubbing the back of my head I have a meaningful growl to my leader and friend.

"Not MY fault you're a lazy arse sleeping in Erika!" Maimi laughed as she dropped a pillow on a spare bed. Abrupt wake up calls these days; I wonder if she's gone and woken up poor Airi who hasn't slept for yonks!

Clothes Half arsed asleep and not aware of what I was doing I started pulling my singlet over my head until I heard a scream and another THUMP! To my head. Maimi's doing of course; I mean geez what was the big problem? I shook my head and picked up my favourite black shirt and jumper. Looking up at the flustered Maimi I pinched her cheeks whispering to her.

"What? Never seen these girls before? Or is just because they are MY girls? Hm Maimi?" I could only smile at her as she bit her lower lip and bumped against my slightly bare shoulders leaving the room. I never did know, our captain was so touchy about seeing us half naked?

I was only joking I know she has had her eyes on a guy for awhile. But because of that pig of a boss Tsunku.. I felt a growl in my throat but I just shook it off and through on my shirt and walked out to the kitchen.

There all of them sat; including the rebel Kanna. After so long she had return to us finally; it was about time..I think Airi couldn't take another night sobbing into her pillow with the stress from Buono! and C-ute..Having Kanna back would relieve a lot of her stress. Hell she may even be back to her normal cheery self!

Not this young lady that looks like excess luggage around the C-ute apartment..I may of stood to long thinking about Airi as she gave a not so forced smile towards me with an erm cheery good morning.

"Morning Morning Erika! See See Kanna Is Is BACK!" I could only smile at her and scruff up her neatly parted pig tails.

"So you made your way back Kanna huh?" I teased her poking a little stomach she gained during her time out of C-ute.

"Of course I did~ Can't leave I mean Airi by herself. I don't want boys snatching her up on me!" she gave a small smile before I nudged her.

"Hey but weren't YOU seen with a guy?" Er..wrong move Erika! I felt a piercing sensation in my left foot. Biting on my lips to stop my yelp I gave Kanna a rather mean glare. As I reiceved one back.

It was fun having Kanna back; I could tease her more. But suffer the pain from it; though it seemed to be all worth it these days. C-ute..has been rather boring and tiring for us all. It's like we're non existant to our fans anymore.

As much as I adore and look up to my senpai's in Morning Musume..I envy them! They get all the fans and fame. If only we had more members, more concerts, better songs and more photobook releases.

"It could just work Tsunku!" I said it out aloud. Stupid Erika..

"Ha? What could Umeda-san?" I shot a glance at Mai so petit sitting in a chair across the table from me looking up from her crossword.

"Hahaha..nothing MaiMai go back to your pony search," I felt her eyes fixed on me. I wasn't looking at her though. I knew I'd see a deadly fire burn in her eyes.

We just never talked about..her bad obsession for ponies still.. Not unless we wanted to be tackled glomped while in the shower. Last time she did that to me I think I wacked my head against the shower head x.x

Hearing the familar clicking of shoes on the tiles approaching we all fell silent as Maimi walked in. She gave a quick scan of heads the sighed sliding into the last vacant chair.

"You girls are honestly idiots, so young and still immature~" I couldn't help but feel a smile wash wide across my face.  "Well question time, I want answers you have questions let's get them going!"

I shot my hand up in the air and shot at her. Smiling even more I didn't think I could even speak. I felt ssexy beasts and giggles come up but I swallowed them down.

"Maimi, do you have a uh..thing with seeing us in bra and undies?" I was game; but today was a chill the f**k out day because we deserve it ♥

"Umeda-san! Tha-That is not a retorical question! I don't like seeing my friends in their underwear!" She seemed to be getting a little touchy as I saw her lovely flawless skin flush with blotches of red on her cheeks.

"Hey! But I saw those Bikini Mags under your bed Maimi and they looked like Eri--" Chisato's voice became muffled as Maimi flew over to her covering her mouth laughing rather nervously. Ha? Wha? Er?

"Keep your mouth shut peek squeak!" Maimi whispered under her breath to Chisato who seemed to then back off and sulk a little.

Eri..I thought to myself. Ha? Erika? MIYOSHI ERIKA! OH MAI GAH! Maimi was a a a

"PERVERT!" I screamed pointing my finger at the leader. I saw her eyes buldge as my feet instantly started sprinting for their life in the apartment.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY! HEYY!! GET BACK HERE ERIKA!!" Her fuming yells only made me smile more as she had me cornered in the stair way. Out of site of the girls she placed her hands above me; resting them on the pale coloured wall supporting us. I gulped a little, I was in deepp shit now.

"Listen here Erika!" she said sternly leaning closer to my face. I felt my knees wobble a little. But not from fear; but!

"I.." she shook her head at me and leaned closer putting her leg between my legs. I could feel her breath agaisnt my face. Our lips an inch apart I felt my lips tremble then. Before.

"Owie!" I rubbed my cheeks as Maimi laughed holding her stomach.

"You Goose! You thought I was going to kiss you! Ahaha.. Oh my god!! Umeda-san! If I didn't know better; I'd say you were into girls!" I felt myself flinch on her last words.

"Haha. Yeah..sorry I'm bad at acting~" I replied back nervously laughing.

"Well see you down at breakfast again!" was all she said before leaving me there in the corner. Folding my arms across my chest I looked up to the roof.

Little do you know Maimi..I am into girls.

Especially you. Have you seen or even found where I keep your photobooks?

Opened to the pages of you in those skimpy bikini's..

Chapter two is coming~! Please be paitent~!

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Re: FOREVER LOVE ~Maimi YajimaxUmeda Erika~ a.k.a GEM
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2009, 07:21:37 AM »
oho!...........YAJIUME COMBO eh?!  :hehehe: :hehehe: :hehehe:

likey likey likey it........ :on lol: :on lol:

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Re: FOREVER LOVE ~Maimi YajimaxUmeda Erika~ a.k.a GEM
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2009, 04:46:23 PM »
Yeah! A YajiUme fic! I'll look forward the updates  :thumbsup

Sonna Rolling Days~!

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Re: FOREVER LOVE ~Maimi YajimaxUmeda Erika~ a.k.a GEM
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2009, 08:03:15 PM »
Nice start! YajiUme is good!  :D

And was that some KannaAiri hints I saw? : :mon innocent:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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