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Author Topic: The Official Ranking Thread  (Read 96950 times)

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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #400 on: August 23, 2017, 06:47:29 AM »
Guess I can put this out there:

It uses the birthday countdown data so as long as that's up to date, this is... you can also combine groups, ex-groups, whatever.

I stopped developing it at some point ages ago and it's a little rough layout-wise in places but should work at least.

Plenty of options for generating different looking lists in the end, as well. Might still work on it at some point to add stuff.
A trillion thanks!

Now my rankings as of Aug 2017 (including LoVendoR):

20. Masaki Sato
19. Chisaki Morito, the newest Musume
18. Musubu
17. Reina Yokoyama
Joint-15. Sakura Oda, Karin
Joint-13. Haruka Kudo, Haruna Ogata
12. Ayaka Wada
11. Nanami Yanagawa
10. Reina Tanaka
9. Rikako Sasaki
8. Mizuki Murota
7. Marina Okada
6. Tomoko Kanazawa
5. Her Ladyship, The Baroness Mizuki of Fukumura
4. Her Ladyship, Countess Marin of Miyazawa
3. Her Grace, The Duchess Maria of Makino

2. The Most Honorable Grand Duchess Erina of Ikuta
1. Akari of the House Uemura, Most Paramount Ōkimi of the Laniakea Galactic Supercluster
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Beautifulest women of all time 1.)Sayumi 2.)Minatozaki Sana 3.)Fukumura Mizuki 4.)Suzuki Airi 5.)Uemura Akari 6.)Yabuki Nako 7.)Oguri Yui 8.)Yajima Maimi 9.)Na-yeon 10.)Hane Ame

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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #401 on: April 17, 2018, 08:59:13 PM »
lol I did the ranker, idk, I'm not even sure about my top 3 ... but here's the top 20, anyway

1   Chisaki Morito
2   Kaede Kaga
3   Erina Ikuta   
4   Rikako Sasaki
5   Moe Kamikokuryo
6   Musubu Funaki
7   Masaki Sato
8   Kisora Niinuma
9   Nanami Yanagawa
10   Akari Takeuchi
11   Akane Haga
12   Yumeno Kishimoto
13   Risa Ogata   
14   Risa Yamaki
15   Reina Yokoyama   
16   Karin Miyamoto
17   Ayaka Wada
18   Miki Nonaka   
19   Saori Onoda   
20   Mizuki Murota   
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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #402 on: April 18, 2018, 05:34:21 PM »
Post C-ute, Post Momoko ranking

1.   Sato Masaki
2.   Kasahara Momona
3.   Uemura Akari
4.   Ishida Ayumi
5.   Miyamoto Karin
6.   Sasaki Rikako
7.   Kudo Haruka
8.   Inoue Rei
9.   Akiyama Mao
10.   Oda Sakura
11.   Kamikokuryou Moe
12.   Yanagawa Nanami
13.   Funaki Musubu
14.   Makino Maria
15.   Kanazawa Tomoko
16.   Iikubo Haruna
17.   Murota Mizuki
18.   Onoda Saori


1.   Sato Masaki
2.   Kasahara Momona
3.   Miyamoto Karin
4.   Uemura Akari
5.   Ishida Ayumi
6.   Sasaki Rikako
7.   Yanagawa Nanami
8.   Inoue Rei
9.   Akiyama Mao
10.   Kamikokuryou Moe
11.   Makino Maria
12.   Morito Chisaki
13.   Kawamura Ayano
14.   Musubu Funaki
15.   Oda Sakura
16.   Wada Ayaka
17.   Onoda Saori
18.   Yokoyama Reina
19.   Kanazawa Tomoko
20.   Danbara Ruru

Not all that different from last time, but I guess Yanagawa and Kawamura moved up quite a bit.

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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #403 on: April 18, 2018, 10:28:16 PM »
Rank after a while,, lot of thing happened,,

0.Shimamura Uta  8)

Top 20 H!P
1.Kawamura Ayano
2.Morito Chisaki
3.Yokoyama Reina
4.Miyamoto Karin
5.Kasahara Momona
6.Onoda Saori
7.Inaba Manaka
8.Nonaka Miki
9.Ogata Haruna
10.Makino Maria
11.Danbara Ruru
12.Takase Kurumi
13.Funaki Musubu
14.Kamikokuryou Moe
15.Murota Mizuki
16.Haga Akane
17.Niinuma Kisora
18.Sato Masaki
19.Yamaki Risa
20.Ogata Risa

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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #404 on: April 21, 2018, 04:04:51 PM »

H!P rankings, main acts + kss (settings)

Oof some painful choices in there. Left out the rest because it's pretty much just everyone tied at 44  :P

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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #405 on: April 22, 2018, 06:19:28 AM »
It's been awhile since my last one so here's an update!

1. Ikuta Erina
2. Sato Masaki
3. Yamaki Risa
4. Oda Sakura
5. Nonaka Miki
6. Murota Mizuki
7. Funaki Musubu
8. Ogata Risa
9. Takagi Sayuki
10. Ishida Ayumi
11. Sasaki Rikako
12. Hamaura Ayano
13. Tanamoto Ami
14. Yamazaki Yuhane
15. Yonemura Kirara
16. Kiyono Momohime
17. Yokoyama Reina
18. Onoda Saori
19. Okamura Minami
20. Ono Mizuho

Set by Mei.ka~ on Hello Online
My AKB Oneshots Thread
My H!P Oneshots Thread
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Multiple Pairings)
Love's Handler (WMatsui, MaYuki, TakaYuu)
H!P Pairings I like: Suberies, MaaDuu, KarinTomo, TakaGaki, IshiYoshi, MomoChii, FukuAkari, YajiSuzu, TakeTamu, NatsuMomo, IikuDawa, TanaKame, KameShige, TanaShige, GakiPon, SayaSuzu, SakuSuzu, PinPon

AKB Pairings I like: TakaYuu, WMatsui, SayaCchu, YuiParu, AtsuHaru, TanoHira, MaYuki, MariHaru, TomoTomo, SaeYaka, AtsuYuu, AtsuMii, SayaMilky, KumiNon, FuruYanagi, MioMeru, SasshiLove, SakurAnna, ChiHaru

~All time favorite H!P member: Eripon~MM: Eripon, Maa-chan, Sakura, Chel, Ayumin, Yokoyan~Angerme: Murotan, Funakki, Rikako, Kawamuu, Kamiko, ~J=J: Sayubee, Ruu-chan, Yanamin~CG: Yamakki, Funakki~KF: Hama-chan, MinaMina~TF: Risamaru, Anmi, OnoMizu, Kisora~Kenshuusei: Yuhane, Kirara, Eguchin, Nanacchi, Okamura~Hokkaido Kenshuusei: Minorin, Mei, Yume~

~All time favorite AKB48 member: Yuko~AKB: Naachan, Komiharu, Juri, Ikumin, Mogichan~SKE: Jurina, Marika, Amichan, Dasu, Ranran~NMB: Rinacchi, Yamarina, Renapyon, Jo, Moka~HKT: Boss, Sakura, Mikurin, Nako, Madoka~NGT: Gatanee, Mocchan, Hinatan, Ayanyan, Rikachan~STU: Naachan, Cuca, Miyumiyu, Arichan, Ayumin~

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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #406 on: January 01, 2019, 04:36:07 PM »

after updating the bday db here's a new H!P ranking to start the year, main acts + trainees top 43 (of 79) (settings)

Top 10 has the same people as last time, shuffled a bit... most notably Reina finally overtook Miki as my #1, but it's a close race. A lot of these are just pic-based votes as I'm not familiar with many of the 79 girls included. :P

Individual group rankings:

Ranks in these may vary a bit compared to the overall list because the overall list had so many moving parts. All good though. :thumbup
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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #407 on: January 10, 2019, 03:26:53 AM »
^Thanks for the update!

Here's my ranking, minus the KSS.

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Re: The Official Ranking Thread
« Reply #408 on: February 16, 2020, 01:25:03 PM »
Here's a ranking I posted on twitter, cross-posting it here. But if you wanna read it on tweeter, here you go.


Stryfe's Hello! Project Ranking

Been a while since the last one so here's a new H!P ranking, I'll go with top 10 and some honorable mentions.

(I actually made this weeks ago but been occupied with stuff, could already be outdated xD)

10. Sakura Oda //Morning Musume

The old reliable. Performance queen. #1 forehead. Oh my gah.

9. Masaki Sato //Morning Musume

Never too far from the top, truly beautiful, endlessly entertaining and always against the grain. Giggle-snort.

8. Maria Makino //Morning Musume

The undisputed gravure queen of H!P. Walks on water and always hits it out of the park.

7. Momona Kasahara //Angerme

Cute beyond belief with great stage presence. Kind-hearted hair donator (happy it seems to be growing back tho... :3)

6. Natsume Nakayama //Kenshuusei

Arguably the cutest kenshuusei of all time, just hopefully not the longest-training kenshuusei of all time.
Hard-working country girl who loves to fill up the trash can. Bracing for the future.

5. Manaka Inaba //Juice=Juice

Hello! Project's dance queen, smol cutie, poetry in motion. Squish.

4. Rikako Sasaki //Angerme

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful girls to ever join H!P, Rikako is both a professional model and
a professional dork. Stage dynamo who is sometimes in control of her facial expressions.

3. Miki Nonaka //Morning Musume

Did you know that Miki lived in America for 8 years? She was also my #1 for a loooong time.
The love is still there, and lately Miki has been looking better than ever. Rawr.

2. Reina Yokoyama //Morning Musume

So close to the #1 spot that I almost had it be a tie. I flip-flop a lot, really. Reina is fun and dorky, and there's a unique
duality to her looks: her smile is more radiant than the sun and her "serious" side is just utterly gorgeous.

1. Rio Kitagawa //Morning Musume

Well, that was fast. The quirky and talkative water-lovin' girl admirer just joined the group in 2019 and here we are.
While it's maybe too early to judge her as a performer, she already feels like the complete idol package and one of the prettiest musumes ever.


Some honorable mentions and people floating just outside the top 10:

Ayaka Hirose :/ (kobushi factory)
Karin Miyamoto :/ (juice=juice)
Akari Uemura (juice=juice)
Minami Okamura (beyooooonds)
Rika Shimakura (beyooooonds)
Utano Satoyoshi (beyooooonds)
Honoka Kobayashi (beyooooonds)


And let's not forget the rest of Morning Musume's 15th generation, Homare Okamura & Mei Yamazaki...
both great and super cute additions, maybe in my top 10 with Rio one of these days.


I feel like there's more people I should give mentions to, Moe, Ami, Ruru... etc etc... maybe one day I'll do a full ranking again. :P

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