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Author Topic: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread  (Read 4485 times)

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Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« on: October 24, 2009, 04:51:41 PM »
post awesome quotes here from time to time as you're watching Idoling!!!

Episode #369 Katou Sayaka:
The size of my chest is not LVL1! It has to be at least around LVL5!

Episode #369 Saitou Maiko:
Why is it that guys are serious people? Compared to me

Its not that guys are all serious, if compared to you everyone is more serious that you are
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Re: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2010, 05:57:57 PM »
Idoling!!! - 20100222 #602 Maji De!!! Futari kiri-ng!!! Kikuchi Ami
Masuno : All of you keep giving me your image DVDs
Amimi : Have you watched them?
Masuno : Not at all, its beautifully lined up next to my Adult Videos
Amimi : No way!  :shocked ... My [Amimi Smile Party]
Amimi : Whenever we give you our DVDs you keep putting them either at the Comedy section or at the... those occupation
Masuno : Think of it carefully, you wouldn't want me to watch it wouldn't you?
Amimi : Not at all
Masuno : Its me alright... I'll be looking at it like this  :shocked
Amimi : Not at all, on the contrary I'd love you to watch it
Masuno : Then tell me what am I suppose to think when I'm watching it...
Amimi : Well there's lots of thing that you can think off don't you

 :lol: XD

Idoling!!! - 20071025 #234 Futari Kiri-ng!!! Fonchi
I actually hated my name. When I transferred to a new school and I introduce myself I said "I'm Fonchi" everyone was looking at me with a weird glance. Some of the boys even said to me "You're different so go over there!" I cried while running back home. It was just because of my name. Even when I started in the entertainment business I wanted to use a Japanese name but I was not allowed to. However when I'm here, all the staffs and members keep calling me "Fonchi~" "Fonchi~" "Fonchi~" I began to love my own name.

I just have to quote this one down, I didn't start Idoling with the 1st gen, so I missed their original futari kiri-ng. But watching this episode of Fonchi was kind of touching to listen to. I'm glad for her to be able to join Idoling!!! She's probably one of the most well liked non-Japanese Idol. Considering that most Idols who are halfie or at least foreign looking usually won't gain much support from the fans.

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Re: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2010, 07:17:38 AM »
Futari Kiri-ng!!! Katou Sayaka
I started into this business when I was 18, during that time whenever I appear on a show or something my manager will tell me "Sayaka you're an Idol so you just sit there and smile. You don't have to do anything else"
I'm really grateful for Idoling!!! Its not a show that nurtures Idols who just sit there and smile at the camera.

4ki Sei Moriage Campaign - 2ki sei kara shitsumon jou-ng!!!
#12 Kawamura Yui's question to #23 Itou Yuuna
When I introduce myself to you the first time I said "Hi I'm Umeko" and the reply I get was "Who's Umeko?". Does this mean that you do not realize the existence of "Kawamura Yui" in Idoling!!!?

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Re: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2010, 04:46:42 PM »
Great idea and it's pretty cool to read tidbits on the best quotes Idoling!!! have to offer. Wish I could contribute more but my Japanese is not quite yet up to par so I will be looking forward to more quotes from those more proficient at the language than me to properly quote something good :)

Idoling!!! - 20100222 #428 Onegai Onegai Fan-sama! (The one that was fansubbed by Onegai Fansubbing!!!)

#6 Tonooka Erica
The Idoling!!! that I know is not this negative

In response to the highly emotional exchanges between Koizumi and Kikuchi with each threatening to turn themselves into 'Akuma-idol' and 'Negadol' respectively.

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Re: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2010, 04:57:25 AM »
Idoling!!! #459 Kyun Kyun Idoling!!! Press Conference
Saitou Maikou's way of calling specific Idoling!!! member to ask question to the Kyun Kyun member
#4 : 4 eyes
#5 : Gorilla
#16: The transvestite over there
#14: The girl who nobody have any idea what's she's talking about but she claims to speak Japanese
#18: The Australian
#1 : The Shouwa looking girl
#17: The calm looking but hot tempered girl
#11 : Shinken Hero
#14 : poni poni... pini pini... puni puni
#9 : The standing girl

Idoling!!! 4th Live Nani ka okoru yoka-ng!!!
Masuno's Disco Idoling!!!
During the day when we're supposed to go to Fukuoka, I went to the airport and I saw this lady there. I looked at her carefully but I had no idea who she was so I thought that she might be one of the staff so I politely bowed to her and joined in their conversation. But a while after that I just realized....

The mysterious staff was actually Saya-nee without makeup

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Re: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« Reply #5 on: June 13, 2010, 09:47:38 PM »
~Kawamura Yui Special~

Dragon Voice Z
Masuno : You're like a totally different person compared to the one that we listened to the radio just now
Umeko : Oh really?
Masuno : You're smarter
Umeko : Which one? Right now or in the radio?
Masuno : Radio, do you split your personality or something?
Umeko : I don't know about that
Masuno : How is this girl backstage? is she always like this?
members : yes she is like that
Umeko : I don't know for some reason during the recording I just cannot stop myself

Odotte Wasuretai-ng!!!
-a segment about members apologizing to each other about what mistake have they done-
Umeko : I've been rejecting all the invitation to hang out with all the other Idoling members all these time, I'm sorry!!!
              Sometimes the members will invite me to hang out at Karaoke centre or something like that but I'll be rejecting all of them
              "umm.. I'm sorry I have to clean up my house today" I'd say that XD
Masuno : do you have any example?
Umeko : Yesterday Suu-chan invited me out
Morita : Everybody went for karaoke yesterday
Masuno : And you didn't go?
Umeko : "I'm sorry I've got something up..." but actually I was sleeping the whole day
Kikuchi : Actually even going home together with her is hard. The moment you want to ask her she'll be all like "umm... I'm sorry I gotta go over there!"
Umeko : I'm sorry!!!

Majide Futari Kiri-ng!!! - Kawamura Yui
-in regards to Umeko's question about what can she do if suddenly there's no longer Idoling!!!-
Masuno (M) Umeko (U)
M : you're good in dancing aren't you
U : Well yeah... that too
M : Don't you dance at home?
U : Well I do... Yeah I wanted to talk about that too...
      Whenever I get home I always put on Idoling!!!'s song and it really makes me want to dance
      and that'll turn out to be like a dance rehearsal by itself
M : See isn't that great?
U : But then the people next door will be banging the wall "gan!!! gan!!! gan!!!"
M : Is it at late night?
U : Well... Umm yeah around 2-3am...

-in regards to her relationship with other Idoling!!! members-
M : You're much closer to the younger girls aren't you?
U : Yeah, I get really nervous when I'm around girls my age. I even get nervous with Hii-chan and Amimi.
      I'm really afraid to be criticized or not knowing what to talk about when all of them starts to talk about fashion trend or magazine.
      I'm not really into those kind of thing, I guess that's the reason why most people think that I'm not very ladylike.
      However when I'm with the little kids we'll just talk, laugh, hahahahahahaah and that's it.
M : Yeah that's right, that's why you've been wearing the same Boukenou T-shirt for years to dance rehearsal
      Sometime me and Producer Kadosawa discussed with each other about buying you a t-shirt or something. Its just too sad to see.
U : I'm aiming for "Yasukawaii", cheap but cute.
M : You might want to be careful with that though, because the public will be seeing you in those kind of shirts.

What if Harisenbon joined Idoling!!!
-Kawamura Yui : she was given money to buy dinner by the director but she went ahead and even bought food for the day after using that money-
Endou : she said "hmm buying this is good but I'd want to buy something for tomorrow also... maybe an onigiri would be fine too"
Umeko : That's not it! The money that I received I didn't use it to buy dinner but instead I bought a meal for the next day
Masuno : But the director gave you that money to dinner didn't he?
Haruka : you don't earn money by being Idoling!!!??
Back to the Idoling!!!
Masuno : So what kind of a kid were you?
Umeko : I was a boy
Masuno : I didn't realized you changed your gender
Umeko : I meant I was LIKE a boy

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Re: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« Reply #6 on: November 28, 2010, 01:02:02 AM »
There's a page in EX Taishuu that shows a list of Idoling!!! quotes~ yippeee~

#3 Endou Mai
During the Gokigenyo! Simulation Maipuru talks about what her grandmother said when she saw Maipuru's crack
Mai-chan! Mai-chan! Your bottom's hole is seen!

#23 Itou Yuuna
When she was blasted by the strong win in iisou shiritori
That tasted like pilbug!

#20 Ookawa Ai
Ai-chan's famous phrase to pump herself up, especially obvious during the sumo when she was halfway to crying to max up her focus
Yareru! Dekiru! Dekiru Yareru! (Let's do this! I can do this! I can do this let's do this!!!)

#14 Sakai Hitomi
When Masuno and the rest of the members starts to say "You're really kind aren't you"
Don't start buffing me up!

#21 Hashimoto Kaede
During a Shinahachi live Kaede said to a celebrity who was a guest and the gig
Mister, what kind of job do you do?

#17 Miyake Hitomi
In response to Masuno's "don't you think that just smiling and giggling around is enough?" in maji de futarikiri-ng!!!
If I just do that people is going to look down on me

#15 Asahi Nao
when Saitou announcer said that Asahi was the only member that did have a winning [star] during the Sumo battle
Star is the thing that fits me to most!

#16 Kikuchi Ami
During the talk of "Tonooka is someone she wanted to say you're just not my type "
I want to try and smash her pride to pieces

#22 Kurata Ruka
During the test of courage where the older members became the ghost she scream "Ghost go away! Ghost go and play at other place" and then
Ruka is human!

#9 Yokoyama Rurika
During "Teach us! College teachers!!!" looking at the member's unbelievable stupid answer
I really want to continue with this segment, but if its with this set of members its just impossible!

#26 Ojima Chika
During the segment Konjou-ng!!! (Guts-ng!!!) when was asked who shall go out to face Ookawa after all the excitement of her battling it out with Ai-chan
Let's have Nomoto

apparently I have no idea what's the quote for Suu-chan is about. XD The girl is too random for my japanese...

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Re: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« Reply #7 on: November 28, 2010, 02:43:03 PM »
I think by アマ!イボ!ガマ! she means to point out that there are different kinds of frogs. アマガエル, イボガエル, and ガマガエル.

雨蛙  (あまがえる) = tree frog (esp. the Japanese tree frog, Hyla japonica)
疣蛙  (いぼがえる) = toad with wart-covered skin (esp. the Japanese toad or the wrinkled frog)
蝦蟇蛙 (がまがえる) = [another kind of frog, possibly similar to いぼがえる. I'm not sure]

I can't make out all the kanji in the scan, but it seems that there was some kind of discussion, in which Ruka claimed that Medaka (it's a kind of fish I think) turn in to frogs, but Kaede seems to say that frogs are always frogs. At which point Suu-chan threw in that there are three kind of frogs: Ama(gaeru), Ibo(gaeru) and Gama(gaeru).

Feel free to correct me though …

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Re: Idoling!!! Quote Madness-ng!!! Thread
« Reply #8 on: December 16, 2010, 06:34:15 AM »
Celebrating Kikuchi Ami Week~ Kikuchi Ami quotes special~

Maji De Futari kiri-ng!!! #602

A : I've a lot of serious things that I really want to talk with you today
M : Serious? Are you even serious in the first place?
A : Of course I am
M : Aren't you the female version of Takada Junji? Just blurt things out and never serious at all?

A : Masuno-san are you getting into black coffee lately?
M : What is that? A flirting technique? Obviously you have no interest in knowing about it at all

A : We always have MC sessions during lives right? I've always love to raise the excitement by talking. Before this I always thought that I have to keep on talking to stand out but lately I feel like just supporting the MC talk, with things like "ain't that right?" only.
M : Not being the main one but a supporting one instead?
A : Yes, but whenever I do that the talk kind of ends there because everyone will just become a bit awkward about it and run away from the topic
M : Aren't you leveling up here already? But isn't that alright? You're an Idol group after all being chatty isn't really what Idol group is about
A : Yeah I know that a chatty idol group isn't in the normal stereotype, but still I want to liven up the show with the MC

A : Honestly speaking, during corner like "Machigai Sagashi" or "Who'd you have as a girlfriend" although I do say things like "What the heck, you gotta be kidding me!" I don't really feel anything by those corners at all. Its just that I thought that those kind of lines would make the corner more interesting that's all. But after the show, all the other members came to me "Amimi please don't take the corner too seriously"
M : You're obviously with a different mindset with the members already. You're completely thinking with the variety TV program setting now.

A : Don't you have any advice for me Masuno-san?
M : As a viewer, the only thing that I have to say is that I just want to hear Kikuchi-san keep on talking. Just go on and on talking. "Wow she dares to bring the talk into this way! This girl really got guts!"..... But that is also another reason why I hardly gave you chance to speak during the end roll because of the time limit.

A : Sometimes when we're outside during other recordings other celebrities do ask about our relationship with Masuno-san. What I always say is that we have come to a level where Masuno-san is not even considered as male anymore.
M : You said this to them?
A : There was even one time that I said "We're so close with him that one day I didn't even realized that I was changing my clothing right in front of him"
M : Until the level where even that gap is gone?
A : Things like that never happened though, its just that I've exaggerated to everyone else
M : I'm really thankful for that

Manga No Serifu-ng!!! #505

Ami : Well about this... I've just turned 18 you see. Somehow I wanted to write something that shows I'm 18
Masuno : If you want to do that, please do that at Campus Nighter Fuji please. We're more strict over here
Morimoto : No matter how old you are all of you are idols okay. Look at how troubled Kaede-chan is right now
Masuno : To the 3rd gens, this is not what our show is all about okay? Take note

Onegai! Onegai!! Fan-sama!!! #471
-Idoling!!! has finally gotten 1st place! 1st place in what?-
Saya-nee's text "Idol who exposed their inner mouth the most"
Masuno : the 2nd gen also have people who opens and don't open their mouth right? Kikuchi and Sakai is already beyond salvation though.
Amimi : I'm an all-out idol. I'd do just about anything
Yazawa : What's up with face!
Amimi : I'm working hard in almost everything. My voice isn't good too, sulking with this voice is even worse.
Masuno : Our negative Idol

Onegai! Onegai!! Fan-sama!!! #467
-I saw something that I shouldn't!!! That is???-
Yazawa's text "Amimi looking at herself in the mirror and cheering herself up"
Masuno : Our negative idol
Yazawa : there was one time at school she was answering this call and then she cried so loudly
Amimi : Don't talk about that!
Masuno : Kikuchi please sit down!
Amimi : That's a true story!
Masuno : You're studying in the same school right?
Yazawa : We're classmates. Can I do her crying?
Masuno : Go ahead, we're all used to it already plus she's teary eyed already anyways
Yazawa : "I'm sorry!!! I'll work harder from now on!!!" It was in the middle of the classroom!
Amimi : You really remembered that don't you?
Yazawa : The whole class got really worried and asked her what's wrong and she said "My manager said, if I don't lose weight I'll be fired!"
Amimi : That's a true story, there was one time during class he tried calling me a few times and then suddenly he texted me "Answer the phone already!"
Masuno : That sounds really bad
Amimi : So I went out of class and pick up the call and he said "you're in the middle of class right now right? Why the hell are you answering?" I got scolded out of nowhere in return. Wait a minute.... This is ON Demand right?
Masuno : Yeah this is On Demand, i can't promise whether it'll make the cut for nikki or not.
Amimi : So after the class ended, I called him again and he said "why don't you reflect on your own weight? Try to compare yourself to other Idoling!!! members. You're always besides #15 Asahi, so please think properly about your weight"
Masuno : And suddenly Yazawa is looking really relieved
Amimi : I was scolded really bad and I cried my hearts out in the classroom
Yazawa : The next class is starting and she is crying out loud but after that you worked really hard right?
Masuno : Did you lose weight?
Amimi *nods*

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