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Author Topic: [Movie] Ip Man 2  (Read 12662 times)

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Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
« Reply #20 on: April 27, 2010, 09:33:48 AM »
Get ready.... do not watch if you don't like SPOILERS!

music video!! :lol:

it has to happen, HK beats it's hits to death (see Election, Infernal Affairs, etc.)

Director Reveals Possibility of 'Ip Man 3'     
2010-04-27 13:05:13      Web Editor: zhucheng

Wilson Yip, director of the "Ip Man" action film series, revealed Sunday that the third installment, if made, would focus on Bruce Lee, the best-known student of Ip Man, reports

Yip told the media that the appearance of a young Bruce Lee at the end of "Ip Man 2" was foreshadowing for the next edition. But the director also hedged, saying, "Shooting films is like gambling, where you can't predict the results. You can't know if there will be a second episode while you were still working on the first one. I put my chips down on 'Ip Man 2' and will see how it goes. If I win, I will make 'Ip Man 3'."

As the dark horse of the 2008 film market, "Ip Man" has received intense attention. Striking while the iron was hot, Wilson Yip then quickly followed that success with "Ip Man 2", which will open in theaters today (April 27).

Audience comments on the previews for "Ip Man 2" have so far revealed that the sequel is better than the original.
However, Donnie Yen, who played the title character in the two "Ip Man" films, has said several times in public that he wouldn't do another "Ip Man".

Director Yip responded, "He definitely will come back if 'Ip Man 2' does well. Nothing is impossible."

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Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
« Reply #21 on: April 28, 2010, 03:03:24 AM »
sneak preview for me!
can't wait for it! XD

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Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
« Reply #22 on: June 19, 2010, 08:00:12 PM »
Good movie. :yossi:

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Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
« Reply #23 on: September 30, 2012, 08:00:15 PM »
i like the little bruce lee scene :D it make me laughing

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