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Author Topic: My Fair RIKA Chapter 1 11/15  (Read 1266 times)

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My Fair RIKA Chapter 1 11/15
« on: November 15, 2009, 10:26:40 AM »
Another one on the brain that involves some other antics but "Class Reunion" will still be updated soon, now a story about Rika lol

Chapter 1

“Damn cyborg doesn't work.”  Max yelled to Richard.

“Keep working on it we only have two days to prove that our cyborg can work.”  Richard was furiously looking for the wires to make it work.

The two scientists were part of the undercover experiment in the John P. Hipsontas University.  They were working under Professor Tamason to create a real life cyborg before the Board of Regents.

Richard drops the control board on his foot and the thing broke into a million pieces. 

“God damn it.  We will never get this to work, only a miracle could make this work.”  Richard gives in to the pressure and lays down to sleep.

Soon after Max falls asleep in the chair, the conditions were not meant for two single scientists to live in.

Both were in denial for the purpose that their peers could develop human-controlled robots but the cyborg could have its own conscious and feelings.

It took five years from the start to the working period they were in now but all they could create was a machine with no face or moving parts.

However the miracle would come in the way of a recent death of a beautiful female who lost her battle to cancer.

The parts came all together and she felt like a new person in her new cyborg body.

“This feels great, I am a new woman saying out loud.”  She soon realized the two guys that were sleeping in the room.

“MEN!”  She yelled and ran into the bathroom.

She was never around men too much because she went to an all-girl high school and the majority of her life she was around females.  She peeked out to still see the two guys were out cold so she decided to make herself accustomed to them.

She first thought that men had that special part that makes them different from women, so she pressed Rich's crotch to figure that difference.  She felt her own to see the difference but she decided to grab it and Rich turned over in his bed.

Her curiosity moved to the computer that she was an expert in and she saw herself in the screen and she changed her clothing with the different coding.  She could fit herself into any dress or clothing that she could ever dream of.

She heard some noise from the other scientist and she hid in the closet that was full of their used clothing.

The stench drove her out of the closet and stumbled onto Max's feet.

“Who are you?”

“I am Rika.”

“RIKA!”  Max ran over to Rich but tripped over the shirt and fell onto him.

“Dude, no homo.”

“Look at her.” Rich opened his eyes wider and realized it was the prototype they had created for the experiment.

“You are the experiment.”  Both were scared that it might fall apart.

“No, I am a women that came here, all I remember was closing my eyes, and I appeared here.”  She extended her hand to them.

They both felt her hand it was real and warm, it was not a robot but a real woman but the problem was was there any machinery in here.  Max told her to turn around and felt the spine.

“Rich, she is real all right, and the best part is to change her clothes too.”  They worked around the system input all different clothing for her but she preferred pink so 70-80% was pink clothing.

They also adjusted her hairstyle and her emotions set, which was the hardest object they faced in doing the project.

They made her develop all the emotions that were needed and she was actually a real woman.

Max and Rich took them to the side and they had to discuss the situation but it was made difficult with her actually being real.

“I am still right here you know.”  Both turned to realize the potential of her success but telling her the truth could ruin the whole plan so they wanted to present her to a bunch of people.

She was open to people communicating their problems so it was normal that they let her be presented.

The three walked into the planned meeting and they saw a beautiful woman in a sundress.

The president stood up with a stern look, “You guys better have something or get out of here.”  With their lone laptop they switch her clothing from a sundress to a pink sweats.

The rest turned to each other and the were amazed by the revelation that happened in front of their eyes.

“Speak young lady.”  The president commanded.

“My name is Rika and I am glad to meet you.”  The president stood over her and he looked he'd still have his doubts about it.

We crossed our fingers to get hold of the reward that we needed to live on campus to finish up the experiment.

“Okay, here's the money for the continuation for the project.”  We both ran up to the president and received the money.

“Um, what experiment?”  We both looked at each other but we had to tell her the lie.

“The experiment of developing a human cyborg.”  She looked at herself and broke a smile.

“May I help?” 

“Sure.  You will have to stay with us for the being okay?”

“Okay.  You work on the experiment I'll clean up.”  The three of us found ourselves in a great position to work on Rika and see if the program was working on her.

The the problem came, the crowds.
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