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Author Topic: LLF Code of Conduct & Guide (PLEASE READ! UPDATED 2016-08-22)  (Read 13285 times)

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LLF Code of Conduct & Guide (PLEASE READ! UPDATED 2016-08-22)
« on: December 05, 2009, 11:10:44 PM »
Attention, please.

Recent activity the past few months has made The Crack Staff have to really draw the line. The Ladylove Forum has been a big part of and even though there aren't much rules, just a bit of common sense and sanity is all we ask for.


  • No junior idols material, period. Even if they are 18 now, it does not matter. No perverted content of girls under the age of 18. ZERO TOLERANCE will be applied i.e. instant ban.
  • No nudity. We have a forum for that. If you really need it, , just google it.
  • No Spam This includes advertising websites, download links for cash, rapid posting to get to access to hidden sections. ポストスパムしないで下さい。

We want to provide in Ladylove Forum the best possible and UNIQUE environment for female celebrity (generally are models or artists that do not fit in the above forums) discussion and sharing of media in all the land. Help us help you.

To quote The Code of Conduct
2. "Have a take, don't suck or you'll get run."

Since most of you are from other countries, so please use Google Translate or a similar site. Any questions, feel free to ask us.


We get that Japanese Gravure is the main attraction so refresh your memory, reposted this thread from the main Ladylove discussion section.

Ladylove Forum
Code of Conduct

All general forum rules in the JPHiP Code of Conduct apply here. Two very important rules are reposted in this thread, but make sure to familiarize yourself with the general forum rules.

1. No posting content of celebrities/models under the age of 16.

2. No perverted content of girls under the age of 18.

3. Show some respect. This is the Ladylove Forum. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there's no need to be an asshole.

4. No nudity. This means no nipples, bush, or asshole. Any nudity/sex goes in the Red Light District. There are already threads in place.
     a. Buttcrack is okay as long as no lips or asshole (This includes being visible around a thong) are showing.
     b. Extremely raunchy vids (Simulated sex, wedgies, pubes) go in the Red Light District.
     c. Implied Nudity is fine. i.e. Hand-bras, conveniently placed hair, props, etc. If a body part is dangerously close to being exposed, (Like some of the more risque IVs) post them in the Red Light District, especially if there are extreme close-ups.

5. Fanboy/girl-ing over the celebs is fine, but keep in mind that the LLF is NOT A PERV FORUM. That's what the Red Light District is for.

6. Please do not quote a whole post of pics. If you are referring to a particular picture or set, either quote just the one pic or quote the name.

7. Rules may be changed at any time.

(New rule. Added 1.28.12)
8. Please do not link to pages that are in violation of the LLF rules. (Pages that have nudity, explicit sex, etc.) This includes hosting your images at sites that have banner ads that are not safe for work. If you must host your images at sites that contain NSFW ads, then your post must be uploaded in the Red Light District.

If you have any questions about something you want to post, PM me, Masa or daigong first.

That's the rule. If you post in this forum, it means you already agreed to it.

Thank you.

The Crack Staff.
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Taking a piece out of THE GUIDE to JPHiP Help make :hipheart: a better place. START THREADS TO TRIGGER DISCUSSION!!!

Can you make the forum better? #MakeJPHiPGreater

Everyday. JPHiPSTAZ. Find Ways to Make JPHiP Better. :jphip:

THE GOOD. Muppet.  irwinner. Jul3. Thank you guys for keeping the forums active and making quality threads, we are keeping an eye out for active users and who knows you might get hired! (except Jul3 :P)

THE BAD. I've seen a lot of shitty shit. :tama-mad: Like:

This user was also banned for using image for cash sites. These sites are just filled with pop up ads and benefit nobody but the user who posted so please GET OUT! If you see this activity. REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY.
thanks muppet for this insightful observation!

Hint: when starting a thread, include the
name of the woman or girl in Japanese in your
original title...

Example: 片山萌美 / Moemi Katayama

JPH!P will show up in more searches, as you will get
Japanese & non-Japanese Google Searchers being
directed to threads in JPH!P...

Please keep #NSFW material in The Perv so that casual browsers (*cough* slackin off at work cough*)

WE LOVE NIPPLES AND PUSSY! but just let's make it a safe environment for those above and the younger viewers.

Be A QUALITY OP - Original Poster! Use basic intro like a blurb about her bio, a profile picture, some sample works. Even a few comments to get people talking!! What's the point of just posting a picture or link with nothing to say? We're not robots!

Check out previous examples! Or use these TEMPLATES!! Just hit Select, copy and paste!!  :otomerika:

Random Artist/Singer/Model :hip smile:

Masa version for PWO :pimp:

Code: [Select]
[img width=777]<sample pic>[/img]

[i]<wiki intro blurb>[/i][/center]

[url=]Official Site[/url]
[url=]Birthday Countdown[/url]

[b]<sample pics>[/b]

daigong version for Asian Artists with long resume

Code: [Select]
[b][size=7]<ARTIST> <尻 in origin language>[/size][/b]

<Random Intro Thoughts>

[img width=777]<random image>[/img]

HEIGHT : 5'4.5"
WEIGHT : 95 lbs.
Date Of Birth :February 9th 1980
Place Of Birth: Beijing, China
Blood Type: O
Fave Music: Faye Wong, Leslie Cheung


[url=]Official Website[/url]
[url=]Filmography from[/url]
[url=]Birthday Countdown[/url]


<random comment, source>


These are just a few exceptions and observations - a friendly reminder to those who are new: to have people post is great, but we want to have QUALITY discussions and make JPHiP GREAT!! Have a take, don't suck! :twothumbs

"Consider the rights of others before your own feelings and the feelings of others before your own rights."
                                                                                           - John Wooden

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