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Re: MaaDuu <3 Thread
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Re: MaaDuu <3 Thread
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MaaDuu scenes from the DVD Magazine vol. 100 drama

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Re: MaaDuu <3 Thread
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Re: MaaDuu <3 Thread
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Re: MaaDuu <3 Thread
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Re: MaaDuu <3 Thread
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Maachan reads a letter to Duu

Translation of MaaDuu article from magazine UTB+ from  October 10th.

Page 1

"I've even thought weren't Duu and I maybe twins?" {Right}

"You know there are times where Maa-chan would know about things that no one's been talking about!" {Left}

Page 2

Thanks to the miraculous meeting of the two of us {Right edge}
"Though strange, a prodigy. Although a type I saw for the first time, I thought she had humanity." {Middle}
{Following are all in the bottom left corner and actually begins, flowing from page 3}
Satou Masaki X Kudou Haruka
MaaDuu Discussion '17
Decorating Kudou Haruka's last big feature is a special MaaDuu discussion. The two who kept laughing the whooole time, even during the photo shoot. Duu the reliable, with love, calms the free Maa-chan...... That spectacle has not changed from 6 years ago. While recognizing each other's one and only existence, MaaDuu will walk separate paths after this. Also including how they'll grow, they're a pair you'll want to forever watch over after this!

Despite being called MaaDuu we were often fighting often (laughs)

Kudou: "Since it was 2011 when we first met during the 10th generation audition, about 6 years has already passed hasn't it."

Satou: "When I first saw her, I thought she's really cute."

Kudou: "Huhhh. Really?"

Satou: "What was it? Like, in the inn, I remember you were crying about your mom."

Kudou: "Ah, you're talking about the time at the training camp right."

Satou: "That's right. While crying, you said something amazing like, 'My mom doesn't even know a thing about me!', to the manager, didn't you?" (laughs)

Kudou: "I did, didn't I!"

Satou: "Since I was playing hide and seek at the time I even thought so that's why she's not participating in hide and seek and rather than 'Duu came to audition', I thought maybe she disliked her mom and came to leave the house.

Kudou: (laughs) "Hey!"

Satou: "So I was thinking maybe it was that kind of gathering. I thought maybe this is a gathering of people that have had various stuff happen with their mom? I didn't even have anything though and came after my mother told me, 'Have fun.' So then I was like, 'Why were you crying before?', but she even said something like, 'I wonder, you can say things like that? What do you know about me?' "

Kudou: "Well, because it was back in those days, I was strong-willed. I was touchy. I even think a part of me also created a wall with those around me."

Satou: "But, I didn't think that."

Kudou: "Really? Even though I was that touchy."

Satou: "I was thinking she must be some important person's daughter."

Kudou: "That's hilaaarious!" (laughs)

Satou: "You seemed like a rich girl, you had proper clothes and accessories, and even your hair and like your makeup were perfect too. I thought you were that self-important because you were a kid from a nice place."

Kudou: "Self-important." (laughs) "Although, I think I couldn't help it even if I was thought of like that."

Satou: "But, you know I didn't like dislike you."

Kudou: "Is that so." (laughs) "With Maa-chan, I thought she sure is a strange girl. During the audition, while there were some girls my age, I felt she was a child prodigy. However, since she didn't know anything with all of the things that she was doing for the first time, I thought it must be difficult for her to take in her situation. Since I had seen both the side of her with such difficulties and the side of her really having fun playing hide and seek, although she was the type I'd never met until then, I thought she was a girl with humanity."

Satou: "Humanity?"

Kudou: "At the time, even though I was attending the audition while brooding over various things to the point of overthinking, she came after her mom told her to go have fun and actually played hide and seek." (laughs) "Yet when it came to the lessons, she was able to just properly do them even though she was supposed to be inexperienced. I thought that was amazing. I did come from Hello Project Eggs and because I was told that I was the most solid, I think I was probably acting self-important." (laughs)

Satou: "A lot of stuff happened at the training camp, didn't it? Even when we met for a lesson where I was in the center, there was like this why's she the center? kind of mood. But, since I didn't even know the meaning of center, I was like ??? Also, I lent Duu my jersey!"

Kudou: "Ah, your jacket! I borrowed it, didn't I. I totally remember that."

Satou: "Cause it was sudden, I was like, 'Okay, here you go!' " (laughs)

Kudou: "Hahaha." (laughs) "I wonder why I borrowed from Maa-chan."

Satou: "I thought it was strange too. At the time, even though I have a feeling I didn't talk that much with Duu, because I was told to lend it I was like, 'Here you go.' " (laughs)

Kudou: "Yup, I very naturally borrowed it. Probably, I thought if it was Maa-chan, she'd lend it to me right away."

Satou: "But in those days, though I was told Duu had like a sharp tongue, when I realized that was I think around 2015?"

Kudou: "Eh? So recently!?"

Satou: "Around the time of the audition I wasn't really concerned."

Kudou: "On the other hand, you know I was irritable. I was touchy in my own way and also hardheaded. I was even pushing this kind of common knowledge within me that, 'It's obvious everyone can do it.' You know maybe I was thinking too much, thinking those around me as rivals or adversaries. A real youthful indiscretion." (laughs) "However, despite such a period, we gradually became friendlier...... Eh? Why are you making such a sour face?" (laughs)

Satou: "Well, MaaDuu, while we were called MaaDuu, didn't we have fights every day!"

Page 3

Last Conversation of the Strongest Generation Mates/Classmates Duo {Left edge}

"I thought she must be some rich or important person's daughter." (laughs) {Left of Satou}

Kudou: "Well yeah." (laughs)

Satou: "Since we were both kids, even when I was told, 'Why are you so irresponsible?', I would be like, 'Eh? what's irresponsible in the first place?!?' Well, I didn't even plan on doing it properly though."

Kudou: "You didn't!" (laughs)

Satou: "No, it was like what do I have to do properly? Cause I was thinking even though I do Morning Musume's songs and dances because I love them! So from there, I would like ignore her for 3 days; that kind of thing."

Kudou: "We certainly clashed, didn't we. What was it, I wonder."

Satou: "There was even a sort of Maa vs the three 10th gen. thing. And not in a bad way okay. I think the three of them considered how to go about strengthening 10th generation's bond, how to make me capable with like singing and dancing, or how to not get me angry. But, I was mistaking how the three of them were discussing with each other like that for saying bad things about me. Their kindness, I thought was bad-mouthing."

Kudou: "Seriously, a lot of things happened, didn't it."

Satou: "About 2 years ago, IshiDuu, the so called IshiDuu(Ishida and Kudou) period, I also remember being suuuper annoyed! But, you know it wasn't jealousy though. For me, that is."

Kudou: "Isn't that the object of jealousy?" (laughs)

Satou: "No, cause I'm not the type that goes and gets along with all of the members. I'm the type that wants to properly get along with people one by one, like with Tanasatan(Tanaka Reina) or Minishige-san(Michishige Sayumi). If I'm not like that then my heart would have a ten cent tree to go humph and disapprove. Ten cent tree?"

Kudou: "Tendency, right."

Satou: "That's right, that's right. So, since like Tanasatan and Minishige-san have graduated, I wanted to go to Duu. But Duu was someone that could get along with many different people though. Even though I did know that, I wanted to put Duu only to where I was. Like how I got spoiled or hugged all the time by Tanasatan and Minishige-san, I wanted Duu to do that too. Since Ayumin's name turned up at such a time, it was sad...... I said something like that in a super long message that I sent Duu over LINE." (laughs) "I was like, 'let's break up MaaDuu already!' "

Kudou: "Break up." (laughs) "With regards to that, I also replied with a long message, but when I thought this will turn into a quarrel, you went and like, without reservation, sent silly stamps, right?" (laughs) "So then I was, 'Stop messing around!' "

Satou: "Then I'd send like another angry reply."

Kudou: "There was a lot of that wasn't there."

Satou: "But, I was also told by Harunan. Since Duu told her, 'It's just Maa-chan', that she couldn't handle, she told me, 'Cut it out.' So then, I realized ah, so that's it. From then on, I would think I wonder if this would be a good distance, without being too clingy."

Kudou: "I'm a jack of all trades, and since Maa-chan is the master-of-one type, it's that difference, right. Since both of us comprehend that now, we've gotten to the point where we don't fight much. But you know, I hope we stop with that thing. Meal, when we're choosing what to eat, despite asserting, 'This would be good', or, 'That would be good', we leave quite a bit." (laughs)

Satou: "So then, Duu would be the one that eats it, right?"

Kudou: "Yes. With anything that's left over, it will get around to me." (laughs) " 'Duu, eat this', they'd say. And I would think to myself could you not let me get fat?" (laughs)

Satou: "Th-th-that's not it! There's a reason for that: because we know Duu won't leave things behind, so we do that."

Kudou: "Your standing is getting worse and worse!" (laughs)

Satou: "But, the stuff I hate Duu eats. The stuff Duu hates, since I like those I eat them, right?"

Kudou: "Well, in terms of supply and demand I guess that's about right."

Satou: "Isn't there a 2 people as 1 kind of side? Many times I've even thought that Duu and I were born as twins."

Kudou: "If we were like sisters, since we'd for sure really go at it, being twins seems better."

Satou: "Maybe that kind of sentiment sprouted with Duu only. After all, I think we're twins! It's like, even in our last life, though we were together we fought and parted, and in order to take that back we're together in this life. That's what it feels like."

Kudou: "Ah, maybe there were times where I've also thought that we were together in our previous lives. For there have been many times where Maa-chan somehow knew about things that we've never even talked about or seen up until now."

Even though I told Maa-chan, "I won't graduate first"

Kudou: "When you heard me talk about my graduation, what did you think?

Satou: "When I heard it directly, in a place with all of the 10th gen. members, since Harunan and Ayumin were also there, as much as possible, seemingly without showing on my face, I wanted to go with nothing. Then, in the evening of that day, I sent a LINE, 'Are you kiddin' me!' "

Kudou: "That did come didn't it." (laughs)

Satou: " While I did send, 'Why didn't you talk with us?', it was decided from before, and since it felt as if no matter what you tell her nothing will change...... Also, I was like, 'Weren't we supposed to graduate together? You liar!' "

Kudou: "Yes, that's right. Three or four years ago, I was thinking until Maa-chan graduates, I can't graduate first and I've actually said this, right?"

Page 4

Satou: "And so I have always believed in that."

Kudou: "However, what can I put it, with Maa-chan and I being called MaaDuu by those around us, there was some part of me that was relying on that. While there might be many people that feels Maa-chan loves me, the reality is I also love Maa-chan, it's just that I didn't really show that on the surface much you know. Therefore, I think surely there are also parts I was preserving. Although, 'I have to look after her', is something I've said, frankly she's gotten to the point where such a thing is unnecessary, since she can sort of do anything and possesses the ability to think for herself. I think maybe it was me that just didn't really realize that. When I thought about my graduation, since I remembered talking to Maa-chan about not graduating first, that thought went through my mind a bit though......"

Satou: "Ah, you did remember."

Kudou: "I did remember! However, I was like I wonder if I uttered something selfish. Because the result just turned out like I was telling a lie, while I also felt sorry, for me, since there weren't aspects like will Maa-chan be okay? to worry over with my graduation, I thought perhaps I can graduate with peace of mind."

Satou: "But, without knowing anything, I sent a LINE that was like, 'I'm not going to believe anything you say anymore!' So then she was like, 'Do as you please.' " (laughs)

Kudou: "Conversely I got mad." (laughs)

Satou: "But you know, somehow I realized you were going to say you're graduating though."

Kudou: "You're pretty sharp, good intuition."

Satou: "I even asked the managers about three or four times, 'What did you and Duu talk about?' "

Kudou: "When I returned to where the members were, after talking with like the managers and those above in the company, because Maa-chan avoided me, there were times where I even thought did she suspect me? Since it wasn't as if I decided my graduation right away, I was discussing it with them many times."

Satou: "The managers, while they hid it, they were so bad at it." (laughs) Like there was L-I-E written on their faces! They were making faces like there's sort of something they cannot tell me and at the end they would start saying stuff like, 'Kudou hurt her ankles......' " (laughs)

Kudou: "So that's what happened." (laughs)

Satou: "After that happened many times, there was a moment where I somehow sensed that she had maybe decided to graduate. From then on I stopped asking the managers, I didn't talk about such things with Duu on LINE and stuff, I thought let's talk about fun things as much as possible."

Kudou: "After I've graduated, I wonder what'll become of us. Somehow, even after graduating I'll probably still do things like get in contact and meet them though."

Satou: "Ehhh? I don't think thaaat."

Kudou: "Is that so?" (laughs)

Satou: "If we're in the same industry, rather than being together I think maybe being apart would let us show our strengths. Cause I'd rely on her if we're together. I think up until now, while we've been friendly-friendly the whole time, when Duu's new job as an actress was decided, I felt she's a rival.

Kudou: "Indeed, Ayumin and Harunan leaves a sense of 'Work friend' and 'Generation mate' that if I were to meet them after the graduation I think we'd update one another on the recent state of our work. But with Maa-chan, it wouldn't be that kind of relationship, you know I think she might become, in a sense, a private friend. If we meet we'll have met cause we met; kind of thing? Even if I was doing a play or something, it doesn't seem likely that Maa-chan would come see it in the first place." (laughs)

Satou: "Yeah. I don't think I'd go. Since my eyes are bad.

Kudou: "Eh, that's the reason!?"

Satou: "You know, even when all of the members are together to go see a senior member's play or something, I can't really wrap my head around the details and would often be asking Duu, beside me, 'What's going on?' If I ask many times she'd get angry though." (laughs)

Kudou: "Well that's because I want to quietly watch it!"

Satou: "So, if it's a drama I might wanna watch it."

Kudou: "Watch it! However, if Maa-chan met so-and-so at the scene, I'd probably get like a lowbrow contact asking who they were and stuff." (laughs)

Satou: "Gaahaha." (laughs) "Ahh, you know I just might use Duu like that." (laughs)

Kudou: "Stop it." (laughs) "So, how is it with regards to the autumn tour?"

Satou: "What's sad is there are no MaaDuu duo songs! I don't know if like that's a bit sad or like there's no clear distinction."

Kudou: "Distinction." (laughs)

Satou: " Like properly make MaaDuu's flower bloom, or like a place that stores our memories. But, if Duu was Duu-like and could do the things she likes, that might be good. Up until now, I think even though all of us did things while considering on the inside it should be like this and stuff, this time, I think it's fine if Duu would sing frankly and dance frankly. This time, I even think that would be permitted, for I've always thought it'd be better if Duu was shown more."

Kudou: "Yeah. While it still hasn't really set in, I feel I want to enjoy the time that I'm together with the members, the time I was able to be Morning Musume's Kudou Haruka, and the time I was able to be an idol. When I start working hard as an actress, things such as getting to like the behind the scene parts—like everything up until now—since I'll lose a job where I can happily accept seeing myself as is...... As Maa-chan has said for me, I'll lay it all out, for better or for worse, and if it were to end, I think that's fine."

Satou: "You know there's probably no one that would leave you though, if you were better or worse."

Kudou: "Ehh, is that sooo."

Satou: "If me and like the other 10th gen. were harsh, we'd be like, 'I think there's people that'd leave you'," (laughs) "but you'll be fine! Even with your graduation decided, no one denied it right? Yet you've been strangely thinking this and that—there's the no-no."

Kudou: "Eh, really? Is it okay for me to believe you?" (laughs)

Satou: "You're so meeean. You should believe what I say more! Ihihi" (laughs)

Kudou: "Well then, I'll do my best so that there are many such reassuring supporters to change my confidence, as well as in the future!"

Translation notes:
"I was like ???" is essentially Satou saying, "I was like huh?" The original article only used one question mark and to avoid confusion I used three in the translation.

"Ten cent tree" is not what Satou actually said. In the original Japanese, Satou confused 光景(koukei, meaning scene) with 傾向(keikou, meaning tendency).

"I wanted to go with nothing" is Satou saying she wanted to act as if it was nothing; as if it didn't bother her.

Translated by Simplemindead '17 from H!O
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Jealous Maachan. :P2

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Re: MaaDuu <3 Thread
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Turn on CC for subs

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