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Author Topic: Colour of Truth - Omake (Tanakame) Part 7 (last) - 10/04  (Read 63379 times)

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 19 - 03/05
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Whoa!!! Finally, finished reading the chapters I missed  :gmon twirl:

Next chapter please  :D

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 19 - 03/05
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Chapter 20

Date: March 21
Time: 7:23 pm

“Okay group Sexy and I have got Ken’s schedule and if you take a look at the screen I believe the best chance we have of approaching him or getting anything out of him would be at the club however here is the kicker, he will not be alone,  which means that it will be more difficult for us to get him drunk enough to spill and that may take a while.  He is a very cautious person and a heavyweight drinker so what can we do with this?”

“Gen I don’t like the sound of all that”

“Don’t worry babe, I’m sure Gen has got me covered, don’t you Gen?” Sexy asked with a hint of hope

Gen remained quiet, which made Ace and Sexy worry and uneasy about the task.  “Okay tell me what you guys think about this, we will disguise ourselves and I don’t mean the simple one, we are going full-blown fake face, identity etc.  We will need the identity cards on us of course in case” Gen looked at Whiz waiting for a nod, indicating that they’ll get those done “So Ace and Swift you guys will have to be ready to tail us at any time and also both of you will also have to cover us as best as you can, if anything Whiz, I would suggest that you find out where Ken usually takes the girls and if he has a preferences in rooms.  This way Ace and Swift have a better idea of where they should be.  Judging by the character description, this Ken guy will be suspicious of new people and I don’t suggest we take identities of the ones he has seen since he would not be able to know any historical info.  Any questions so far?”

“Gen will you be carrying a weapon?”

“It doesn’t seem likely that Sexy and Gen will be able to do that, they will have to do hand to hand combat if anything happens” answered Swift nonchantedly

“B-but…Sexy is the worst at hand to hand combat, she’ll get hurt and…”

“Ace! I’ll cover her, we still have to confirm further details so you should help her train in the time we have”


“No buts Ace!” Gen put up her hand in slight annoyance, “you both were aware of the jobs you were getting yourselves into, do not make excuses because you guys have slacked off recently”

Ace glared at Gen, not knowing how to retort as well as in defeat.  Sensing the hostile atmosphere, Sexy decided to ease her lover “Hun, I trust Gen and point taken we have slacked off on our skills so maybe some training wouldn’t hurt” she looked at Ace pleadingly in which Ace’s face softened

“Fine” she turned to Gen “Can…can you train with us?” she grumbled

“Sure, I’ll need it myself anyways…Ace don’t worry, I’ll protect her even if it costs me my life”

There was a small silence before Whiz decided to break it “Er…Gen, I’ve checked Ken’s data and noticed a pattern, there is a specific place he goes to after the club but not alone, his men will be around and it is in one of his own apartments”  Multiple clicks were heard and a picture popped up

“That’s good actually” commented Swift

“How so?” asked Ace unsure of how good that this new piece of information is for her girlfriend

“Because if he’s at his own apartments then it would mean we can track the place and there is room for us to find a spot for us to cover them, right Gen?”

“Correct Swift.  If it was at a dingy motel or like that it would be harder for us to know where beforehand.  Good job Whiz”

“But there is also a bad part in this isn’t there?” Ace questioned with a raised eyebrow, knowing fully well that things are never as easy as they hoped it would be

“Well nothing that Swift and you can’t do, Ace” was the response as Gen stared at the picture of Ken on the big screen “I’m going to take a risk and have a microphone on me so that you guys are aware of what is going on in the inside”

“Do you think that is a wise choice?”

“I don’t know but because we aren’t certain of how things will go, it may benefit us if Whiz, Ace and yourself are aware of what is going on.  From what goes on, you guys will have to make a choice as to what to do.  Of course if there is a microphone, there will be an earpiece, in which both Sexy and I will have” Gen turned and faced the group “Any questions?” Silence “Good!  Whiz how much time do I have to work out the disguises?”

“a little more than 48?”

“Okay everyone, let’s prepare ourselves and meet when we have 12 hours remaining” everyone looked at their watches

“Did you notify Com?” Swift asked “about that situation?”

“No, we all know we are in no position to comment or question Com, so why bother asking?” Gen answered “but I did inform Com of our next target so if there isn’t anymore questions break!”
Date: March 22
Time: 8:13 pm

“Hey sorry about being late” Ai apologized as soon as she entered the car

“No problem Takahashi-san, I just got here not too long ago anyways” Risa let Ai settle down and buckle up first “Are you ready for the dinner and movie?”

“I can’t wait!!!!” Ai squealed a bit, causing Risa to chuckle ‘Kawaiiii!!!! How can a person be so cute and innocent?’ “I have been waiting for this movie to come out for a long time now”

“Oh really?? Sorry but what movie were we going to see again?  I know I was suppose to pick dinner and you were going to pick the movie”

“I’d like to keep that a surprise” Ai winked at Risa ‘Gawd!!!! It’s a good thing I am not driving too fast, otherwise we would die from me melting’ “Niigaki-san…Niigaki-san??” Ai snapped her fingers in front of Risa’s face ~SNAP~


“The light is green now”

Immediately Risa checked and indeed the light was green and some honking had begun to sound from behind her.  Quickly Risa stepped on the gas pedal and mumbled a quiet “sorry” a slight pink growing on her cheeks from the embarrassment.

“You didn’t say where we were going for dinner?” Ai asked when they were approaching a red light

Risa turned her head “It’s a secret” in a husky voice and then winked at Ai, causing Ai to blush like a tomato.  Risa turned to the front once more and smiled like no tomorrow mentally patting herself on the back.

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 20 - 03/09
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Chapter 21

Date: March 22
Time: 7:48 pm

“Nee nee Airin, how have you been?” Miyabi asked curiously while entering Airi’s room

“What do you mean?” was the response form Airi who didn’t even look up from the file she was working on

“Well…I mean…how have you been about…about the whole Risako thing”

Airi’s hand stopped writing at the mention of her ex-girlfriend.  Noticing the pause in action Miyabi quickly cut things short and tried to scurry off “Er…its probably not a good time to be asking about this when you’re working and…ohh look at the time I have to meet Saki-chan” Miyabi closed Airi’s door behind her as she ran off

‘Why did Miya have to mention her? It still hurts to think we’re not together anymore.  God now I can’t focus on work, great going Miya!!! I guess maybe a jog might do the trick hmmm…. Maybe I can get Miya or ane to run with me, god forbid, they might need it *snicker*’ Airi got up and looked for her family, however when she opened the door she noticed a yellow sticky on her door

You were so occupied, we didn’t want to disturb you but Risa-oneesan went out with Takahashi-san and I am going to meet Saki-chan now.  Don’t work too late – Miya

‘So much for that thought, I might as well go alone then’ Airi went and checked her closet for clothes when she laid her eyes upon a set hanging on the closet door ‘Hmmmm…I wonder if Yajima-san is interested in going for a run? But then again I wonder if she’s gotten a new phone yet…I should probably get her a new one since I caused her to break hers…so maybe I should call Miya to find out from Shimizu-san where Yajima-san is and what her office number is’

~seishun basu gaido kimi wa mabushii kinen ni shashin totte ii kai~ “Moshi moshi”

“Miya!!! Are you with Shimizu-san right now?”


“Pass the phone to her”


“Who is it?” Airi could hear Saki whisper to Miya

“It’s Airin”

“Moshi moshi”

“Hi Shimizu-san, sorry to bother you on your date but I was wondering if you know the whereabouts of Yajima-san?”

“Maimi? She’s at the office”

“Okay, do you have her office number?”

“Yeah, one moment I’ll send it to you through Miyabi’s phone”

“That’s great!! Thanks a lot and sorry once again”

“No problem” ~CLICK~

Airi changed waiting for Saki’s text and as soon as she received it, Airi left to the shopping mall before the mall closed
Over at Miyabi and Saki’s side

“What was that all about? I didn’t know Suzuki-san was close to Maimi”

“Well I’m not sure but I think they got to know each other better that night Airin stayed with Maimi”

“EH~~ When was this?”

“On the night of our first date, didn’t you know?” Saki gave Miyabi a blank look “I guess you don’t, but apparently Airin was drunk and Maimi couldn’t get a hold of us so Airin stay the night at your office.  They apparently went for a jog the next morning so Airin left her clothes with Maimi”

“I see” ‘Maimi you are so going to get questioned from me! She didn’t mention that she went jogging and who it was too!!!!’

“Anyways, let’s hurry the movie is going to start soon”
Date: March 22
Time: 9:32 pm

~RING RING~ “Moshi Moshi, Yajima Maimi desu”

“Yajima-san!!! It’s me Airi”

“Oh hi Suzuki-san, how are you?”

“I’m good, um…I was wondering if you have time to have a jog with me?...I could also give you back your clothes”


“It’s okay if you don’t want to or if you’re busy”

“No no I’ll be glad to, I was just wondering if I picked up your clothes from dry cleaning, hold on let me check” Airi heard as Maimi got up from her chair and walked around “Got it! Sure, where do you want to meet?”

“Actually I am at your office already”

“Oh you are? Hold on, let me call security and they will let you up” ~CLICK~

Airi waited until a security guard walked up to her, “Are you Suzuki Airi?” Airi nodded “Come with me, I will lead you to Yajima-san’s office” Airi kept quiet and followed the security guard up the elevator and to Maimi’s office

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Yajima-san, your visitor”

“Thank you” the security left as Airi walked into the room “have a seat first, I’m just need to finish this paragraph”

“If you are busy, we don’t have to go”

“No no, I feel like a jog would be great after I finished this, you know, just to relax the brain”

“Er…before I forget, I got you this” Airi pulled out a gift bag from her bag and handed it to Maimi

“What is this?”

“Um….I kinda…recalled that I caused your phone to be run over by a car…so….I got you a replacement.  I hope you’ll accept it”  Maimi took out the box and looked at the model of the phone “I know it probably isn’t what you want but I didn’t know which…”

“Its great!!! It’s the exact model that got flattened!!!” exclaimed Maimi as she took the phone out of the box and examined it carefully.  Airi smiled at the look on Maimi’s happy face. “Thank you Suzuki-san”

“No need…I’ll wait over by the couch so that I don’t bother you working” Airi spun around quickly, trying to hide her wide smile that was about to grow

10 minutes went by in silence as Maimi finished the paragraph, while Airi was playing a game on her phone. “DONE!!!!” shouted Maimi with her fists in the air, which startled Airi, who let out a squeal “Oh sorry Suzuki-san, didn’t mean to startle you there”

“No problem” Airi replied, placing a hand over her heart

“I will go change and we can go for that jog” Maimi then looked at the clock “Have you eaten yet?” Airi shook her head “Then maybe after the jog we can get something to eat” Maimi smiled and went into her washroom with her clothes.  While Maimi was changing, Airi took out the clean set of Maimi’s clothes and placed it on the coffee table. “Okay I’m ready” declared Maimi as she walked out of her washroom

“Do you always work this late? Everyone’s already gone”

“Well that’s how it is when you are the heir to a big corporation” Airi nodded and followed Maimi out
Date: March 22
Time: 9:00 pm

“Niigaki-san, here are your edomame and drink” Ai had insisted that the movie and snacks were on her since dinner was paid by Risa.

“Thanks!” Risa saw the tickets in Ai’s hand and tried to read it however Ai’s perception wasn’t bad either as she folded them ‘Rats!!!! I think she saw me taking a peek’ “What time is the movie?” ‘I am such a genius, if I know what time the movie starts then I’ll find out what movie she picked’

Ai grabbed onto Risa’s arm and then dragged her into the theatre.  Risa was dazed at the hand on her arm and would have stayed dazed until she saw the movie title that they were walking into Ju-On 2.

‘Oh shit!!!!! I don’t do so well with these scary movies!!!!! What am I going to do??? I can’t show her what I wuss I am!!! Breathe Risa Breathe you can do this!!!! For pete sake, you’re a coroner!!!! How can you deal with the dead but be scared of the dead???? Snap out of it!!! It’s just a movie, yeah, that’s it, it’s just a movie…’ Risa saw another hand infront of hers and jumped a bit causing her to spill some of her drink

“Niigaki-san, daijoubu???” Risa realized it was Ai’s free hand seeing if she needed help taking her snacks

“I’m good, never been better” Risa croaked out as she tried to wipe her hands down from the contents of her drink

“Are you sure??” Ai thought for a moment then looked at the screen then back at Risa deep in thought “Are you…scared?”

Risa shook her head, “Me? No!! Of course not” ‘Stupid liar, you are so going to freak out’ “What gave you that idea?”

Ai shrugged her shoulders “Just wondering”, the theatres’ lights dimmed “Oh good, the movie is about to start”

‘Oh god, now is where I pray that I survive through this movie without making a fool of myself in front of Takahashi-san.  Lord, if you can hear my prayer that would be great’ Risa prayed in her mind, eyes closed, before she opened them again and sinked further into her seat
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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 21 - 03/12
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wee hee~ YajiAiri's unofficial first date!!! whats gonna happen?? whats gonna happen?? XD

And aww Risa trying to act brave... we all know that's not gonna go well~ Maybe they both get scared and touch each other more.


I meant in a very PG kinda way of course (DUH) XD

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 21 - 03/12
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Oooooh seems like the friendship between Airi & Maimi are warming up :wub: Hopefully Maimi can take Airi's mind off Risako :w00t:

As for TakaGaki...... :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 21 - 03/12
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Impressing a girl much  XD

The last part was so hilarious I kept  :lol:  good thing I'm alone or I'd look like a fool  XD

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 21 - 03/12
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@ stefy: Good thing you added that last bit because that "touching" line didn't sound that good  :lol: Damn straight Risa's gotta act tough, otherwise how is she suppose to protect da girl?!!  She has been acting like the prince and all right?.

@ baddie: Maimi will most likely be able to help Airi take her mind off Risako but not necessarily the way you would want.  She could take her mind off by just being her friend and not in a romantic way  :lol:

I had to include the other pairings in here, didn't want the focus to be all on just Maimi and Airi  ;)

@ K: Well do you like the impressing tools and methods used????  :lol:

You should have a talk with Mame-chan, she actually mentioned doing something like out in the public when reading a fic, she said it wasn't a pretty sight  :lol:

Chapter 22

Date: March 22
Time: 11:06 pm

“Here” Maimi tossed Airi a bottle of water after their run “Did the jog help you like you wanted?”

Airi caught the bottle and looked at Maimi “H-how?”

“I only assumed but I guess my assumptions are correct” Maimi took a sip of her water “so what’s bothering you?”

“I just thought of Risako-chan and I realized that it still hurts so I decided to go for a jog like last time”

Maimi placed a hand on Airi’s arm “Suzuki-san” Airi looked up at Maimi “it’s normal, no one expects you to forget right away about the pain so you being upset about it is normal.  No one can really help you get over her, it takes time and your own will.  So don’t feel like you’ll never get over her”

“I guess but it’ll feel awkward when I see her, she works at the Crown’s office and I work closely with her girlfriend, so…”

“So what? You’ve made a decision right?” Airi nodded “and I assume you’ve talked to her right?” Again Airi nodded “I also guess that you’ll stay friends with her right? So how did she feel when she heard you’ll still be her friend?”

Airi thought back at the smiling face that Risako when Airi mentioned that she’ll still be there for her “She was happy and I saw her smile like before when we first went out but I haven’t seen it for a while.  I felt…content?”

“Then you won’t fell awkward around her, you were glad she found someone she is happy with.  Listen Suzuki-san, you just need time don’t rush things otherwise you may end up hurting them and losing that friendship.  Just feel fortunate that at least you know why she chose someone else as opposed to losing her and not knowing why”

Airi was deep in thought until her cell rang ~Bye bye bye! Akaruku ikiro~ “Suzuki here”

“I’ll be right there” ~CLICK~

“Something wrong?”

“I’ve got to go to work,…I guess I will have to take a raincheck on that bite, do you mind if we go back so I can change?”

“Sure, we have showers too so you can help yourself”
Date: March 22
Time: 11:45 pm

“So what have we got?” Airi clipped her tag onto her shirt as she walked past the police security tape

“Male, mid 30s, was noticed in the alleyway by a garbage collector”

“Is the coroner here yet?”

“Yeah, she’s with Natsuyaki-san”

“Thanks Nakky, you continue to do what you must, I’ll go talk to Miya and Gaki-san” Airi parted ways with Nakky and headed into the alleyway where she noticed Risa and Miyabi.  “Anything special Gaki-san?”

“Initial examination is the cut across the neck here” Risa held onto the chin of the victim and used her finger to point how long the cut was “ and judging by the stiffness of the body and body temperature, I’m estimating time of death to be 2-3 hrs ago.  Looking around there isn’t a big pool of blood so I assume this is not the scene of the crime.  The victim was thrown here after they have died.  I’ll do an autopsy to verify” Risa got up and took off her gloves “I’ll call you when we are ready for the autopsy”

“Okay thank you” Risa walked away with her staff as Airi walked over to Miyabi and Chisato who was talking to the garbage collector

“…I usually pick up the garbage from these alleyways every other day and tonight was one of those days.  The person was covered with garbage bags so I didn’t see him until I removed the top 5 bags” 

“Have you moved anything since?” asked Miyabi as she looked around

“No I called the police as soon as I found the dead body”

“Thank you, we may have to contact you later if we need anything and if you remember anything else please contact us, my name is Suzuki Airi. Chisato do you mind taking him away?” Chisato nodded and guided the man outside of the alleyway

“Do we know the name of the victim or his background?” asked Airi as she looked around at the floor and environment

“Maa-chan and Toku-san should be doing that right now”

“Okay if everything is done here I want you to gather everyone for a briefing in one hour”

“Got it!  I’ll see you back at the station”
Date: March 23
Time: 1:15 am

“Okay guys what do we have?”

“Deceased is a male, mid 30s and is part of Yamaguchi’s clan, one of the higher ups to be exact” read Nakky

“Yamaguchi?? Isn’t he the guy that’s in jail now? Could this be a simple underground thing?” questioned Yurina, recalling the familiar name

“It might but he is still a citizen so we still have to go through procedures.  Chisato, Maa-chan go check what has been going on at the Yamaguchi’s.  Kumai-san, Toku-san question Yamaguchi is jail and see if he knows of anything.  I know the chance of him spilling is slim but we still have to try.  Miya, Nakky, check on the recent events of the deceased, fights, dealings, etc, I will check up with Gaki-san and the autopsy”
The group scattered to their designated tasks as soon as Airi left
“Gaki-san I’m ready for the autopsy”

“Just in time, I was about to start without you.  So there is a slash across the neck of the victim that appears to be the causal of death but judging by the bruises on the body there was a fight that took place” Risa moved to examine the victim’s fingernails, she then took some tweezers and scrapped out anything from underneath onto a dish “This could be the skin samples of the culprit so we’ll send this to forensics to see if we have any matches in the data base.” Next Risa picked up her scalpel and…

30 mins later

“Well that’s all we can get from the autopsy so in summary the neck wound is the cause of death and judging from experience it looks to be the about the same as a butcher knife” Risa and Airi walked out from the autopsy room and hour later.

Airi noticed that Risa was sweating bullets and she didn’t look too good, which was unusual because they’ve been in that room a million times or more and there wasn’t a temperature change “Ane, are…are you okay???”

“Airin, I’m just shaken up, that’s all”

“Mind telling me why???”

Risa gave an awkward smile to Airi “I went to see Ju-On 2 with Takahashi-san”

Airi burst out laughing “Did you tell her that you don’t do scary movies???” Risa shook her head, Airi continued to laugh “Thanks Gaki-san *snicker* if you think of anything let me know” Airi pulled off the protective gear and headed back to the station, but not before Risa bopped Airi over the head for laughing about her pain

“Suzuki-san, as predicted Yamaguchi didn’t say anything but judging from his looks, he’s as surprised as we are about the death of a member” reported Yurina as she handed a report prepared by Chinami

“What about you guys?” Airi looked in Chisato and Maasa’s direction

“It’s tough getting anything out of the higher ups in Yamaguchi’s clan, they all denied knowing anything about it and the smaller ones are afraid to talk to us”

Airi rubbed the bridge between her eyes “Okay, check with our informers and see if they have heard anything recently.  Where’s Miya and Nakky?”

“They haven’t returned yet ma’am” replied Maasa as she stretched, hitting Chisato along the way

“Okay, I’ll check up on them, if nothing occurs, let’s call it a night” Airi declared as she dialled Miyabi’s number “Miya anything new on your side? I see…okay continue, we’ll check the victim’s house” ~CLICK~

~CLAP CLAP~ “Sorry guys but Miya thinks it could be the doings of Nakai’s clan”

“Nakai? But I thought he was helping Yamaguchi? Why is he messing with Yamaguchi’s people?” questioned Chinami

“I think this is part of something bigger so let’s check the victim’s house” Airi walked on ahead towards her car

“Hun, I guess we’ll be here all night, so let’s book a breakfast date” Yurina pecked Chinami on the cheek

“We’ll see, if we find something worthy then it might have to be a lunch date….with the group” groaned Chinami

“If you guys don’t hurry up then it might become a dinner date” mimicked Chisato with a grin “Let’s just hurry it up so we can finish as soon as quickly”

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 22 - 03/15
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Yeah but no harm if their friendship goes further as the story develop right? :D Just hoping there :P

Oh great! Another murder case to resolve :cow: But glad to see Gaki-san is still in one piece after the movie :lol: Wonder if she made a fool of herself there....

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 22 - 03/15
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@ baddie: You definitely have high hopes, which is good, very good, whether that means it's good or for me is another story  :twisted:

It is a story about cops right?  Of course I had to add other cases in there, otherwise it wouldn't be logical.  Gaki is still in one piece physically but it seems like she is not emotionally  :lol: I'll leave whether she made a fool of herself up for your imagination (I could just do a mini dialogue in my comments next time about what went through my mind when I wrote the piece)

Chapter 23

Date: March 23
Time: 2:59 am

When the team reached the street of the victim’s house, Miyabi and Nakky had also just arrived “Okay Miya, Nakky tell us what we’ve got”

Nakky produced a folder and opened it “Well from what we gathered about the deceased is that since Yamaguchi landed in jail, he has been running astray, thinking he is the boss, causing a lot of problems with other clans.  Most recently, he has had a run in with Ken of Nakai’s clan and words were shot back and forth but nothing physical.  Bystanders thought that it was strange that Ken would not strike him when he walked away”

“Okay guys, we need to check for clues about other recent events of the deceased that others might not know and also to see if this is the first crime scene” Airi instructed as they walked towards the decease’s establishment

Airi turned the knob of the door and found that it was locked so she nodded to Maasa and Chisato to break down the door.  The duo positioned themselves a distance from the door and rammed their shoulders towards the door.  After a couple of blows, the door flew open and a stench flew out which caused everyone to cover their noses.  The inside was pitch black so each person turned on their flashlights and scouted the place.

Scanning with the multiple flashlights, it was clear that there was garbage all sprawled on the coffee table and dining room table.  Chisato managed to find the light switch so that they’d get a better view, in which the place looked like an even bigger dump than from what their flashlights caught, clothing thrown all over the place, cigarette boxes, beer bottles, newspapers everywhere.  It was difficult to judge if a fight took place so they all put on their gloves and searched the place in more detail.

Fifteen minutes later

“Suzuki-san, there is nothing special in the bedroom”

“Nothing in the bathroom”

“Nothing suspicious in the kitchen”

Airi scanned the place carefully and noticed foot prints, multiple footprints in different sizes “Guys, I need you to call forensics here and get these footprints” Maasa quickly took out her phone and dialled for the forensics team as Airi continued to scan the area “Guys take a look at this” the rest of them walked over to where Airi was standing “This may not be the first crime scene however if you look at these multiple marks on the floor it seems like something was dragged out of here.  Kumai-san you said nothing was suspicious in the kitchen, did you notice any knives missing?”

“It is hard to tell since they don’t have a stand or anything, basically everything was thrown into drawers”

Airi checked her watch “Okay let’s call it a night but let’s get together at 9 sharp for debriefing” multiple groans could be heard but Airi ignored them “Who needs a ride?”

“I can take them home” suggested Nakky

“Thanks Nakky, Miya let’s go” Airi walked out while Miya gave the girls an apologetic look and a shrug

“I really hate this!!! I was called in during my date with Saki-chan ” complained Miyabi

“You’re not the only one girl, I bet you ane was called in while she was on her date with Takahashi-san so don’t complain.  Is it official between you 2 or are you guys just flirting around?”

“I don’t know, I feel like she’s the one for me but it seems like it’ll never be because well she’s a heir to a big corporation so I feel like we aren’t from the same world”

“Well have you talked to her about it?”

“No I haven’t, how do you bring something like this up? If I start ignoring her, then I’ll feel like a bitch for leading her on but if I ignore this fact then I feel like Romeo and Juliet”

“How do you know she isn’t playing you?  I mean no offense, Shimizu-san looks like a nice girl and all but there is that possibility”

Miyabi sat there thinking “As much as I would like to defend but I guess you have a valid point.  I hope that isn’t the case because she’s different… I don’t know how to explain it but being around her is different”

“Think about what you want and then approach her about the subject.  Come on you’re a cop and you don’t even have the basic skills of interrogation?  Why are you my second in command?”

“Beats me!  I wish Saki-chan wasn’t a heir then I could be as happy as Risa-oneesan”

“I really don’t think her being a heir would have an effect but that’s up to you to decide and how do you figure that ane is happy?

“Don’t tell her this but she’s been conversing with Takahashi-san at night.  I only knew because one night I was getting a glass of water and I heard her giggling and being all coy on the phone”

“Are you sure it’s Takahashi-san?” Miyabi nodded furiously “Now I can tease ane” grinned Airi “But seriously I think its great she’s found someone and moved on from her ex”

Airi and Miyabi walked into their home and saw Risa on the couch talking on the phone and twirling her hair.  As soon as Risa noticed Airi and Miyabi, she quickly walked into her room “Bet you $100 that it’s Takahashi san” whispered Miyabi
Date: March 23
Time: 12:00 am

“Maimi you’re home!!! It’s so great to see you” Saki grinned

Maimi looked at Saki closely and carefully, sensing something is up “Saki I thought you had a date with Natsuyaki-san”

“Oh don’t play dumb with me, you know perfectly well that she was called into work”

“Huh?! What do you mean?”

“Why was Suzuki-san looking for you?”

Realization hit Maimi as she figured where this conversation was heading “What’s it to you?”

“Why didn’t you tell me this friend of yours was Suzuki-san? What are you hiding?” questioned Saki as she followed Maimi to her room

“I didn’t hide anything, I just didn’t see a purpose in mentioning names” defended Maimi as she changed “and besides is it important?”

“Why isn’t it important? You lose out on the older one so you aim for he younger one, who just happens to have a girlfriend?”

“Saki!!!!” Maimi checked the hallways and closed her door “Don’t say that, what if Ai-chan heard that? And for your big fat information there is nothing going on between Suzuki-san and me.  I told you, I found her drunk and because my phone was run over by a car I couldn’t contact Niigaki-san for an address”

“You could have easily contacted me with Suzuki-san’s phone or use a payphone you know” Saki retorted totally not believing that nothing was there

“Suzuki-san didn’t have a phone on her and do you know how it feels to drag a drunk person to a payphone? After all that effort on making sure she doesn’t fall over, I don’t think the extra effort was needed”

“Whatever, it just so happens that she didn’t have a phone.  But anyways, is there prospects???”

“No there isn’t!  She is my friend”

“Uh huh, a friend that you jog with too right?”

“Yes we did go jogging but that’s not a big deal”

“What would her girlfriend think? I thought you said taken was not your thing” asked Saki as she used her hands and did quotation marks in the air on the ‘taken’ part

“WE’RE INNOCENT!!” growled Maimi, slightly annoyed

“WHAT~EVER~! Tell that to her girlfriend” replied Saki as she walked out of Maimi’s room and into the living room where Reina and Eri were snuggled together watching a movie “So what did she want to find you for?”

“She wanted to return my clothes that I lent her and get her own” At the mention of other people’s clothes, Reina and Eri stopped watching and turned their heads to listen in on the conversation

“That’s all?” Saki cocked her eyebrow while leaning against the island that connected the livingroom, dining room and kitchen in their open-concept surroundings

“She also bought me a phone to replace the one that got ran over” Maimi stated while looking through the fridge for food.  Reina and Eri had been slowly eating popcorn as they paid attention in anticipation of Saki’s questioning

“To my understanding she was going for a jog….”

Maimi sighed “yes we went for a jog, she had something on her mind and wanted someone to accompany her on a jog” Maimi looked up at Saki “Look Saki, nothing is going on between us, she wanted to clear her mind and go for a jog.  She wanted someone to accompany her and since she knows that I jog myself she asked me. END OF STORY” From behind Saki, Maimi noticed Reina and Eri snickering “Reina, you better have the proposal done by tomorrow afternoon”

“Yeah I will, you guys continue” grinned Reina

“Look if there isn’t anything else, I would like to drop the subject”

“Fine, we’ll drop it…for now” grinned Saki as she wandered off to where Reina and Eri were

Maimi looked around “Where’s Ai-chan?”

“Oh she’s in her room talking to Niigaki-san” responded Eri, who along with Reina and Saki turned their heads back to the movie

‘I forgot those two have been getting along fine! But funny thing is that I don’t feel so bad about it…maybe it is because of infactuation…or maybe I haven’t fully given up on my ex…’ Maimi scrunched up her face at the thought but shook it off and walked with her food to her room. Not long after, she heard knocking on her door “Come in”  Saki walked in and Maimi let a heavy sigh “What is it with you!?”

Saki lifted her arms “Chill! I am not here to comment on Suzuki-san but I do want to know what’s bothering you”

“What do you mean?”

“You usually are able to take jokes and teasing a lot better than that, something is definitely wrong tonight”

“Nothing, I have a proposal due”

“You’ve got Reina right?  Why are you the only one stressing? Shouldn’t she be just as stressed?”

“Reina’s probably got it done or almost done that’s why she isn’t stressing”

“Are you sure? I’m not familiar with Reina’s working ethics but Eri tends to leave it or majority of it for the last moment and that’s why she is always panicking when it comes to deadlines” Saki questioned with a cocked eyebrow, as she took a seat on Maimi’s bed

“Don’t forget who is the stricter one between the 2 of us” retorted Maimi with a knowingly look

“True, you’ve never yelled when deadlines are close but that could also mean that you did everything yourself not trusting other’s work”

“Hey! I don’t do that, if that is the case then Reina wouldn’t be complaining so much, in fact she would be grinning and laughing all the time” At that precise moment Saki and Maimi could hear Reina erupt in laughter from the living room.  Saki looked back at Maimi with an ‘uh huh which is what Reina is doing now’ look “you know what I mean Saki, she’ll be grinning and laughing at WORK instead of grumbling and complaining” Maimi stressed intensely

“Well then why is this deadline any different from any other deadline? Who is the client anyways?”

Maimi hesitated a bit before answering “The client is….Erina’s parents”

“Your ex?!” spluttered Saki in shock, Maimi just nodded slowly “The one who left you without a word?! The one that caused you to be in a depression for months?!”

“Yes that one”

“Is she back with them?” Maimi nodded slowly “Why is she back? She almost caused me to lose a best friend, she shattered you like broken glass”

“Her father became successful in the Americas and now our parents want us to do a joint venture with them.  She was there at the meetings with her father.  Saki….don’t blame the past onto her, it’s not her fault, we don’t know why she left without a word.  I chose my actions after her departure…”

“But she’s the cause” spat Saki, not budging from her point of view

“Still it’s uncertain why she left, maybe something happened to her family so that they had to leave abruptly”

“She couldn’t even call when she was in the Americas??? Come on Maimi, you don’t honestly believe that do you?”

Maimi sat there in silence “I don’t know what to believe but I do know that it is over between us.  The past is the past, just let it go.  Right now we may become business partners so professionalism is in play at the moment”

“Okay if you say so, but Maimi if you don’t want to, I can always take the project from you” offered Saki as she got up from the bed and headed towards the door

“No Saki, I think this is a good test to see how I’ve moved on right? But thank you…and will you please tell the three that it’s late and hope that they don’t forget we have work tomorrow, no excuses”

“Yeah I can do that, and my offer still stands” as Saki walked out of Maimi’s room leaving her in peace

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 23 - 03/17
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Lots of EX'es  :D

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 23 - 03/17
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aah sorry if i haven't replied earlier  :sweatdrop:
but i like when i have a lot of chapters to read  :D

about the previous case, i thought that it would be the code names characters that killed the man, and that those codes names would work for Maimi's co. etc...but looks like not so hum.. :nervous

risako x :bleed eyes:
poor airi...but hell yes that means more potential airiXmaimi  :D
the drunk part was kinda hilarious and i really felt pity, until she puked...i didn't feel disgusted but i think i laught hard   :rofl:
leaving her own clothes at maimi's office, what a great idea to have another chance to meet her again  :D

Miya x Captain  :wub: even if their first date was kinda awkward  :lol:

flowers ... do girls still like receiving flowers nowadays ?   ...maybe i should try hahahahah

i think i probably forgot to comment other parts but...

anyway new case ! woot

keep up the good work !  :thumbsup

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@ K: What do you mean??? Lots of exs? Only 2  :lol: Imagine if I inputted a lot more  :twisted:

@ ChrNo: It's alright, replying now is better than never at all right???

I'd like to keep things a little mysterious at the moment but I'm sure I will manage to tie everything together at the end  ;)

Me thinks you don't like Risako/Aika pairing...why?

 :lol: Indeed it means there is potential Maimi/Airi but will that be what is final??? I'll leave that up in the air  :twisted:

Leaving her clothes was an accident, pure accident!!!  :roll:

I believe girls still like to receive flowers because it just shows that the guy at least has thought of something to make her happy.  Putting a little thought into it you know?

Chapter 24

Date: March 23
Time: 9:00 am

“Glad to see all of you can make it this morning” cheered Airi as she scanned the yawning faces of her team “I know you don’t like it so how about I treat everyone to breakfast?”  The team’s faces lit up as they jotted down what they wanted for breakfast and handed it to Nakky to order “Okay so while we wait for food, let’s go over what we’ve got”

“Decease’s name is Ikeda Hiroto, male, mid-30’s. We think the death has a link with Nakai because of a verbal argument between the deceased and Ken Kakiuchi, Nakai’s right-hand man so we’ll have to figure out what Ken has been doing over the past few days and on the day of the death.”

“Okay, Chisa, Kumai-san, Nakky check our sources and see if they have heard anything on the streets, Miya go with Toku-san and question Ken, Maa-chan, go to forensics and see what they have come up with, I will go back to the Ikeda’s house to see if I can find anymore clues.  We can have our breakfast first but after that ganbatte okay?” everyone nodded their heads.
Date: March 23
Time: 10:36 am

Airi scanned the home and decided to start from the bedroom and work her way to the living room, as she put on sanitary gloves and made her way to the master bedroom.  She couldn’t help but scan the dirty surrounds as she walked by, the brown, wall with the wallpaper coming off, multiple yellow stains, grim and dirt on the floor ‘Yuck! Disgusting, god I hate it when places lack hygiene.  Damn it!  Why couldn’t I have sent Miya to do this instead’

She stepped into the bedroom and found it trashed up like every other part of the house, blankets and pillows were thrown onto the bed, take out boxes on the table beside the bed, smelly clothes scrunched up into balls on the floor, bed and table.  In the corner of Airi’s eye, she noticed some papers behind one of the bed’s legs slightly sticking out so she reached for it.  There was a calendar printout, an old calendar printout with what looks to be a schedule.  The schedule showed words like “gifts”, “market”, “honey” and it showed it every week on the paper.  Not letting anything slip, Airi took out a plastic Ziploc bag and placed the papers inside before continuing her search.  When she had completed the bedroom she moved to the bathroom, the kitchen and finally to the living room.  She had about given up when she noticed multiple cigarette butts on the floor.  She looked around and saw a couple more except in different brands as she started picking them up and placed them on the coffee table.  Airi searched around the apartment for cigarette boxes but only found one common brand laying in different places of the residence, meaning that whoever was at the place before left their marks as Airi put each different type of cigarette butt into separate Ziploc bags.  Smiling at her findings she quickly drove back to the station so she could get the forensics team to analyze the cigarette butts.

She went back to her department with Maasa in tow, in which Miyabi and Chinami had already completed their task and was typing up their results. “So how was it on your end?”

“He basically denied all allegations of an argument and said that they were having a friendly chat.  When asked about verbal exchange, he claimed that it is the way they communicate” Miyabi stated as Chinami rolled her eyes

“Meaning nothing, so we will have to wait for forensics and Chisa’s team to get back to us”

“What did you find at the decease’s home?”

“I found a couple of cigarette butts that were of a different brand and I checked the house for boxes and only found one that matched so I assume that whoever was there left those butts”

Just then Nakky, Chisato and Yurina rushed into the room “Ma’am *huff* I think we’ve got *wheeze* something,. *gasp* A-according *huff* to our *wheeze*”

“Catch your breath first hun before you speak.  I can’t understand what you guys are saying” lectured Chinami as she stroked her hand up and down Yurina’s back

“*Huff* Okay *gulp* *wheeze*”

“*Gulp* As Kumai-san was saying, according to our sources, Ikeda was taking away some of the business away from Ken aka stepping over territory lines so Ken went to straighten things out.  An argument broke out when the deceased didn’t back down saying that he’s the new boss now and he wanted to negotiate new terms.  Ken obviously didn’t back down and everyone thought a fight would break out when Ken mentioned that Ikeda is never going to be any better than Yamaguchi and walked away.  Word on the street is that Ikeda wasn’t very open about his tactics either, he always seems to be messing with Ken when he isn’t around” continued Chisato

“How does Ikeda know when Ken isn’t around” Maasa inquired “I mean what does this guy do? Stalk him? Or have someone stalk him??”

“That doesn’t seem illogical Maa-chan, I mean they have enough man power to do it” commented Chinami

Airi thought about this new information for a minute “So at the end Ken was the one with the last word, so shouldn’t Ikeda be the one attacking?”

“Apparently that would’ve been the case because after Ken’s remark, Ikeda was furious saying that he’ll show Ken and get his respect” exclaimed Nakky as she looked over her jotted notes

“And did he?” questioned Miyabi

The trio shook their heads, “that night Ikeda partied and was happy by the end of the night, leaving with a girl”

“Do we know the whereabouts of Ikeda from the day of the argument till the day his body was found?” Airi looked in Miyabi’s direction “Miya, you were the one that was gathering information about that”

Miyabi looked at the floor guilty “Sorry Airin, my mistake, when I heard he had an argument with Ken, I stopped further investigation”

“Okay, gang then that’s a starting point for us, find out where and who Ikeda has seen after the argument.  Report every person back to Nakky, she’ll keep tabs of timing, location, who and what”

“Lucky you Nakky” groaned Chisato

“Yeah” chimed Chinami

“GET GOING!!!!” boomed Airi, in which caused them all to scurry off “Nakky start doing a timeline on the whiteboard from what we know so far” as Airi walked into her office

Before Airi could sit on her chair she heard a knock on her door ‘God what now?!’ “Come in”

“Suuki-san, forensics sent over this report”

“Thank you Mai-chan” as she took the file away from Mai and quickly scanned the report” ‘Ahhh~ I was right! Only one matched the DNA of the deceased, the other brands don’t and here is the report on the skin sample…Yatta!!! There’s a match meaning the person who had body contact with Ikeda was there.  Hmmmm but no matches in the database, that can’t be good.  I wonder if one of these DNA samples are Ken’s?’ Airi picked up the phone and dialled for Miyabi

“Miya, I need you to check something for me.  Check who is Ken’s right hand men or anyone that usually is around Ken at all times, we’ll need a DNA sample say from a cigarette butt from them and if possible from Ken too” ~CLICK~ ‘Hmmm, chances of getting Ken’s might be slim, what’s another way we can obtain this?’

An hour later Airi stepped brainstorming and walked out to check what information has been found.  She scanned the whiteboard and didn’t see anything special ‘That’s all?! Let me start looking over again hmmmmm…nope…nope…how come?’ Airi stood there starring at the whiteboard not moving an inch

“This doesn’t look right” stated Airi to no one in particular

Nakky looked up from behind “What do you mean?”

“There’s something off about this”

“Huh?!” Nakky checked her notepad and checked the data on the whiteboard “That’s everything that has been reported so far”

“Oddly enough, none are in Nakai’s clan, which means that Ken wouldn’t have a reason to attack Ikeda.  I mean, look at the locations, none are in Nakai’s territory” pointed out Airi

“That’s true!  Do you think its someone else then?”

“If it is then we have no direction, we’ll wait and see what else comes up.  Nakky can you make me a copy of this on paper?”

“Sure” Airi walked back into her office thinking why it seemed odd

Not long after, Nakky presented Airi with a timeline replica of what was on the whiteboard. “Nakky do we know the relationships between these people and Ikeda?”

“More or less yes we do”

“Okay can you add it in I’m into where it is funny but just to make sure and easy viewing” Airi handed the document back to Nakky to correct

Date: March 23
Time: 10:00 am

“How could you possibly be so energetic?”

“What do you mean?” ‘How could you possibly sound so cute’

“I mean that you were called into work last night and then we talked until late and yet you don’t have any traces of being tired.  How do you do it Niigaki-san?”

“I don’t know really but I guess always worried about a younger sibling have put me in different lack of sleep situations that I got use to it”

“I can barely stay awake and of all days to be tired too”

“Why is today any different than any other day???” ‘Mental note, stop talking on the phone till late at night with Takahashi-san.  If she loses her job, it’ll be on your head’

“Yajima-san has been very edgy lately and overly cautious over this client”

“Oh? Doesn’t sound like the Yajima-san that I have seen or have heard from your description of her”

“It isn’t and since it isn’t I don’t want to aggrevate her in anyway” Ai let out a heavy sigh

“Awww don’t be like that, you love her and wouldn’t want to see her like this” ‘If only I could be by your side now and show you that everything is alright’

“It’s difficult when she insists on doing everything herself.  It isn’t healthy how she does that and it makes me feel bad because I am her secretary”

“Takahashi-san, don’t worry I’m sure Yajima-san isn’t asking you for help because she doesn’t think you are capable, there has to be some sort of reason behind it”

“I can only hope and pray that is so”

“Why don’t we forget about the unhappy things and….and…” ‘Is tonight the night? I feel like it’s the right time but yet this seems like an odd situation to bring it up’


“How about I take you out for dinner just to relax?” ‘Please say yes, please say yes’

“Sure that sounds like a good idea” ‘YES!!!!!!!’

“I’ll pick you up say 8?” ‘That gives me enough time to prepare everything, Niigaki Risa, you’ve got one shot at this so don’t mess it up’

“I’ll be ready.  Ohh got to go Shimizu-san looks like she is heading this way”

“I’ll see you later. Bye” ~CLICK~

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 24 - 03/19
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@ K: What do you mean??? Lots of exs? Only 2  :lol: Imagine if I inputted a lot more  :twisted:
*Imagines* Brain cells riot  :yep:  XD

“I know you don’t like it so how about I treat everyone to breakfast?”  The team’s faces lit up as they jotted down what they wanted for breakfast and handed it to Nakky to order
Free food is always an energizer  XD

‘Yuck! Disgusting, god I hate it when places lack hygiene.  Damn it!  Why couldn’t I have sent Miya to do this instead’ 

“Ma’am *huff* I think we’ve got *wheeze* something,. *gasp* A-according *huff* to our *wheeze*”

“Awww don’t be like that, you love her and wouldn’t want to see her like this” ‘If only I could be by your side now and show you that everything is alright’
Flirting sta~to  XD

“I’ll be ready.  Ohh got to go Shimizu-san looks like she is heading this way”

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 24 - 03/19
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Tonight, is the night~ when two become one~! Man that's old school, but my point was I want to read more of this, it seems like everything's building towards a clash between the two groups and I can't wait for it to happen! Also I can't wait for some Takagaki clash in the bedroom, if youknowwhatImean ~_^

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 24 - 03/19
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@ K: maybe I should include more ex's maybe....Ai's ex or Risa's ex should just appear in their lives  :twisted:

That's right yo!!! If you think you guys were flirts, let me show you my world  :rofl: Those are only some of the okay lines and thoughts.

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Where have you been girl??? Are you okay??? It's been a long time!!!!
To show you how much I've missed your presence I believe a kiss is in order  :on slopkiss:

I was thinking about our talk about blowing up the world or something so that's why I want to build up some momentum where the truth will be told and will shock everyone just like a bomb  ;) (At least I hope that I can do it, I have been having doubts lately  :sweatdrop:)

I know I have done a perv before but I don't know if I can do another but I'll keep that in the back of my mind as an addendum or something  ;)

Chapter 25

Date: March 23
Time: 4:23 pm

After a couple of hours of finding the whereabouts of Ikeda, the team walked lazily back into the department “Oh god my legs are so tired” exclaimed Chinami as she plopped herself into a chair

“My shoulders ache” Yurina exclaimed as she stepped in front of Chinami and started massaging Chinami’s legs while Chinami massaged Yurina’s shoulders

“Guys thanks for all the hard work” stated Airi as she walked out of her office with a piece of paper in hand “Nakky has all the gathered information on the whiteboard can you guys spot anything funny?”

Miyabi scanned it “None of the people Ikeda has seen were part of the Nakai’s clan which means there were no further arguments”

“Anyone else?”

“None were in Nakai’s territory”

“Good Chisa, anything else?”

“No conversations about getting back at Ken?”

“Yes Maa-san, but what else?” Silence “We were focussing on the males, what about the females?”

“All the females he has been around with were flings” stated Nakky unsure what Airi is pointing out

“Are you sure?” questioned Airi in which no one responded “Who says that females can’t be in their clans? What if the reason for his death was not business? What else can 2 guys fight over?”

“Well get on about the girls then and Airin, the forensics have what you’ve asked of me” Miyabi ordered as she walked out with the crew in tow.

More than a couple of hours had passed before Miyabi and the team returned with coffee cups in hand “I think that about covers it”

“Not quite yet” informed Airi as she was gazing over the whiteboard.  The girls surrounded their leader, waiting for her to continue “we don’t know who this girl is” Airi pointed at a spot where there was no picture or any details

“We asked the other girls that night and they said that they’ve never been her around before so they don’t know who that person is”

“So now we have a mystery girl” stated Maasa “That’s just great, by the looks of it, she may be the lead we need”

“Who questioned the girls that night of Ken’s encounter?”

“I did” Chinami raised her hand

“Toku-san, bring those girls in and I want them to describe our mystery woman as well as see if they know anything about what Ikeda and the mystery woman talked about”

“Yes ma’am” Chinami and Yurina walked out the door

“Miya, go check forensics and see what were the results of the DNA samples you gathered” Miyabi and Maasa nodded their heads before walking off “Chisa, Nakky, I think its best you order dinner, I don’t think we will be going anywhere soon” Airi instructed as she dialled Risa’s number
Date: March 23
Time: 9:23 pm

Risa was fidgety throughout their date and Ai started getting uncomfortable ‘What’s wrong with Niigaki-san? Why is she so out of it today? Do I look bad? Or maybe I smell bad?’ Ai discreetly sniffed her shirt to check ‘Nope I smell great!  I can’t take this I better get it out in the open’

Before Ai could say anything, Risa’s telephone rang ~Nanchatte Ren'ai wo kurikaesu onna no ko no kimochi Dare ni demo wakacchau wa onna no ko nara~ Ai watched as Risa was talking quietly on the phone, short sentences, before hanging up, then she raised her hand to get the waiter’s attention “Waiter, check please” ‘I guess she was called into work, so much for trying to talk to her’

Risa led Ai out the restaurant door and into her car whereas Ai was contemplating about her last chance of striking a conversation for the night.  Ai was never really good at it though, throughout the multiple times that she has gone out with Risa, it was Risa who was talking or starting a topic.  Without realizing it, Ai had been scratching the back of her hand throughout the ride.

“You’ll bleed if you continue to scratch”

“Huh?!” Ai looked at Risa, who was concentrated on driving

“Your hand” came the simple reply

Ai looked at her hand and sure enough the back of her hand was getting red.  All of a sudden the car stopped and Ai looked out with a confused look.  They were not anywhere near her house but instead they arrived at a beach.  Risa got out of her car and opened the door for Ai.

“Why are we here?”

“You’ll see” Risa stretched her hand out for Ai to take, in which Ai happily took.  They walked in silence, having taken their shoes off, enjoying the scenery, the sounds of the waves until Risa stopped. “Close your eyes”

“Excuse me?” Ai looked up at Risa looking at her smiling, or is that a grin?

“Close your eyes” Ai felt confused at the statement but after a few seconds she believed Risa would not do anything inappropriate so she obliged

Risa took her hand and guided her quietly, walking another 5 minutes before she stopped “You can open your eyes now”

Ai slowly opened her eyes and was shocked, right in front of her were candles scattered in the sand and in the middle was a bouquet of roses.  Ai felt her eyes start to water as she cupped her gaped mouth with both hands.

“Do you like it?” Risa took Ai’s arm and walked towards the candles.  As they got closer and closer, Ai could clearly see the shape the candles made.  The candles formed the “Ai” character and the middle stroke was where the roses were “Go on, take a closer look at the flowers” Risa nudged Ai on her lower back

Ai slowly walked closer and picked up the flowers, shocked and emotional.  Tears had started to flow down her face as sniffed the flowers “they smell nice”

“Not as nice as you” Risa wiped the tears off Ai’s face “I know we haven’t known each other for a long time but would you be my girlfriend? I was captivated by you the moment I saw you, your chocolate eyes, your elegant aura, your determining personality…” Risa felt a pair of lips on hers as if everything was in slow motion.  She saw Ai lean forward and plant her lips on her own.  As she regained conscious, Risa closed her own eyes and enjoyed their first kiss.

“Yes” was all Ai had to say when they pulled apart

“Yatta!” Risa turned to the waters and hollered with her arms in the air “Yatta! Yatta! YYYYAAAATTTTTTTTAAAA!!!!” Ai giggled at how cute Risa was, she walked up to her and pulled one of her arms down, interlocking their hands in the process.  Risa stopped yelling and grabbed Ai’s other hand, interlocking their hands “You don’t know how nervous I was throughout the night.  I was afraid things would go wrong or that you’d reject me”

Ai laughed causing Risa’s smile to twitch and cock her eyebrow “I-I’m sorry *snicker* bu-but *snicker* I-I” Ai stopped trying to talk and held her laugh “I thought something was wrong with you tonight and was worried so I was smelling myself.  I can’t believe your weird behaviour was because you were nervous”

“Did you have to laugh after that though?” Risa pushed Ai lightly “What a way to ruin a perfect moment”

“I’m sorry I’m overjoyed and relieved” Ai pulled Risa into a tight hug “I’m so happy being with you… Risa, I wish time would stay still” Risa returned the hug and they stay in that position for the rest of the evening
Date: March 24
Time: 1:48 am

“Okay we’ve got a picture” Chinami waved a file in the air while walking into the room with Yurina

Airi the file and opened it and didn’t know what kind of reaction to give “we’re looking for a woman in her 20’s, long blonde? Hair, green eyes, in which the witness says, might be contacts but it was too dark to tell, was wearing a black miniskirt and a blue tank top”

“Hmmm that kind of description can mean it is an intentional disguise if the blonde hair and eyes are fake” pointed Nakky

“What did the girl say about what they were talking about?”

“Apparently the girl was just relieving Ikeda’s anger at first then they drank a bit.  The girl did mention Ken, more like they talked about his relationship with, what was pissing Ikeda off then they drank some more and then the witness started to get dizzy.  However at one moment in time, they heard them talking about Ken’s whereabouts and likes when Ikeda was drunk.  At the end of the night, the witness doesn’t recall whether the mystery girl was with them anymore” reported Yurina as she read through the witness statement

“Who is this mystery girl? Why would she want to know about Ken? If she was sent by Ken then this all doesn’t make sense” said Chisato to no one in particular

“Obviously whatever the reason at least we know Ken’s presence” exclaimed Miyabi with Maasa in tow “the forensics report is out and the DNA on the cigarette butts belong to Ken’s subordinates, a usual that is around Ken at all times, Yukiyoshi Ozawa”

“Which means that Ikeda must have said something that has offended Ken” chimed Maasa

“That may not be the case, the mystery woman could have gotten close to Ikeda and used the argument as a topic however since Ken’s finger prints are unknown at the moment, let’s bring in his man for questioning” ordered Airi.  She looked at her watch and saw that it was getting closer to 2 in the morning “On second thought go home everyone, get some rest, food and cleaned up and we’ll look for our target later this morning” A couple of cheers could be heard as the group quickly grabbed their things and left, leaving Airi behind

Miyabi noticed that Airi had not moved from her spot “Er…you not coming home?”

“Huh?! I’m coming I was just thinking what would’ve been said that would cause a death.  I want to check on Ken’s background”

“Airin~ let’s do that later alright? When you lack proper food and sleep, you’ll not be as productive.  Come, let’s go home”

Airi let out a heavy sigh “I guess you’re right” Airi took one last glance at the picture of the mystery woman before following Miyabi home

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 25 - 03/23
« Reply #95 on: March 23, 2010, 04:30:02 PM »
Oh ho, the plot thickens. What do you mean, where've I been? I've just been lurking around here while I get my groove back, honest, I haven't gone far. 8) Couldn't leave my favorite website of all times.

I'm loving the Takagaki in this story, they're just so sweet together. Makes me worried you'll bomb them in particular, but I can't wait to se how this'll pan out, I'm sure no matter what you decide to do, it'll turn out fine. Though I think Takagaki begs to be perved later on, I'll totally understand if you leave that to our imagination. I guess I can' forget about the other couples, because Tanakame is so cute and MiyaSaki is absolute win, so of course I want to see more of them as well.

The case appears to be pretty interesting too, but is there any special reason you put dates on each post, like, will that become important later? Plot wise, I mean, or is it just for effect?

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 25 - 03/23
« Reply #96 on: March 26, 2010, 02:54:29 PM »
@ Her Awesome Holiness: Ohhh, getting your groove back eh?  But that's great that you are reappearing now because that means I can expect more of your work (including pervs) right???  :w00t:

Takagaki is definitely sweet, and thanks for giving me the idea of bombing them  :twisted:  I'll think about Takagaki and Tanakame being perved later, we'll see what the ol'brain can muster up and whether there is enough juice for it too.

I put dates and time on each post so that 1) I could keep track of what is happening at what point in time and 2) For effects and possibly 3) some events that I wanted to make note of on certain dates (this is definitely to be determined)

Chapter 26

Date: March 24
Time: 2:17 pm

In an empty warehouse out in the country side, multiple clicks and snaps could be heard

“Swift, you wanna do some practice runs?” Ace pointed her gun at some empty glass bottles

“I don’t suggest it Ace, although secluded, birds flying away from one spot would cause suspicion and besides you don’t need it anyways”

“True, but then how bout we spar then? God knows how long Gen and Sexy are going to take to change”

“Sounds good to me, you look like you need the exercise anyways”

“Hey!!! I resent that!!! I’ve got plenty of exercise” Ace twitched her eyebrows and grinned like a pervert

“Awwww god Ace, I don’t want to know” Swift put their fingers into their ear and pretended to clean them out “Whiz how is the set up?” Whiz continued to type on her keyboard and click on her mouse but stopped to give an ‘A-OK’ sign ‘She’s too concentrated sometimes it gets annoying.  Mental note talk to them about it’ Swift took one last glance at Whiz before returning to Ace “Alright Ace, you ready?”

A good couple of hours go by “Gen are you guys ready yet? We should get there earlier so you can mingle with the people”

“Almost” hollered a voice through the door

“Guys we should pack our equipment now, estimate time of departure is 1 hour” Whiz instructed, Swift and Ace finished their water and nodded before putting their packed bags in their respective cars

When they were close to done, the door opened as Sexy stepped out which caused the other 3 to drop what they were doing.  “WOW! Is…is that…is that….Sexy?” Ace stepped forward and circled the girl

“Tee hee”, Sexy spun around “How do I look?” Sexy was sporting jean miniskirt with tights under, a red tank top with the words “Too Hot for you” across.

“I can barely recognize you and Wow! You can change the look later but” Ace leaned forward and whispered into Sexy’s ear “keep the outfit on, I want to see you slowly strip out of it later” Ace gave a quick lick on Sexy’s earlobe, causing her to moan in response

“Cut it out Ace, I don’t need you guys getting it on now” the trio turned and looked at Gen walking out and were overly shocked, out she walked in a black mini, a pink tank that had the word ‘SIZZLE’ across the front, and could totally see her wearing a black bra underneath.

“Tee hee~ No need to be that surprised” Sexy walked up to Gen who was feeling a bit uneasy at the stares “Gen relax, take it as a compliment and guys lift your jaws off the floor”

“Um…er…sorry but woah you’ve really done a great job, you guys look great and totally unrecognizable” complimented Swift

“Yeah *whistle* I never would’ve thought you had it in you Gen”

“Humph Ace you let your eyes wander any further and you’ll be sleeping alone for months” Sexy frowned folding her arms across her chest.

Ace quickly ran to Sexy’s side “Awww baby don’t be upset it’s just that its so seldom that Gen’s like this” Ace was in circles as every time Ace was in front of Sexy, Sexy would just turn away, causing Swift, Whiz and Gen to chuckle

Gen looked at the clock on their cells and quickly stopped laughing “Guys we should get going” ~CLAP CLAP~ “I think to reduce suspicion, Ace can drop Sexy off nearby and Swift will drop me off.  Whiz you are to get out of here as soon as everything is clear or your part is finished” instructed Gen “Once Sexy and I are dropped off, Ace you should leave to the next destination point and set yourself up while Swift you stay behind to follow us.  From Ken’s room you guys know where to be positioned to cover us” Ace and Swift nodded as they listened intently on the game plan “If everything is clear then let’s go” Gen and Swift got into a midnight blue Lancer Evolution IX, whereas Ace and Sexy entered a silver Impreza

Gen arrived at the club first as she walked towards the bartender, as she passed she knew the guys were turning their heads to check her out, some even whistling so she had a light smile and swayed her hips.  No sooner that she grabbed a seat at the bar, murmurs could be heard in which to Gen’s watch should be Sexy.

According to plan, Gen waited at the bar, sipping on her Malibu Orange drink as Sexy was on the dance floor, distressing herself first.  Some guys would walk up to Gen offering drinks, in which Gen would gladly take, whereas Sexy was surrounded by guys waiting to dance with her next.

As Gen was chatting with one of the suitors, she could hear loud greets at the door.  Without turning her head, she could guess that their target has just arrived.  Sexy continued to dance away as Gen continued her conversation at the bar, neither looking at their target.  As expected due to the attention Sexy was getting on the dance floor, Ken and his men were curious as to the commotion that was being caused

The guys all noticed a disguised Sexy on the dance floor and as they walked by their eyes were fixated on her and her movements.  From the corner of Gen’s view she could see Ken whisper something to one of his men and nodded in Sexy’s direction.  “Sexy you ready? Someone seems to like your show” whispered Gen into the mic, when she lowered her head into her purse pretending to search for something.

Sexy picked up the level of her dance and made it even hotter as the crowd cheered her on, Gen could even hear a “take it off! Take it off!” chant beginning to form.  However, the chant suddenly stopped as Gen tried to peek in Sexy’s direction.  Apparently Ken’s men had approached Sexy and guided her towards Ken’s table along with a few others. ‘One of us are in that’s a great start, but how to catch Ken’s attention….’

“Er… were you listening to me?”

Gen totally forgot who she was having a conversation with “Um…sorry I have to use the restroom, do you know where it is?”

“Yeah” the stranger pointed her in the direction of the bathroom, as she turned she felt a pinch on her bottom. 

She turned and grabbed his shirt “Do that again and I swear you’ll regret it” getting only a spooked look, Gen let go of the stranger and walked towards the restroom. 

When she opened the door towards the bar, she was approached by a couple of guys who just happens to block her way.  “Excuse me please”  The guys didn’t budge when aggravated Gen “Excluse me PLEASE” again there was no response or reaction “What do you guys want? I don’t recall you guys nor do I recall offending you guys”

“My, my you’re a feisty one” the men moved aside and revealed Ken with Sexy arm in arm “I’m sorry but I wanted to ask you to come join us for drinks and I apologize on behalf of my friends for getting a pretty girl like yourself upset”

‘Luckily Whiz checked that Ken likes tough girls, so I can be myself with him’ “Apology accepted, but drinks not granted” smirked Gen and tried to walk by but was once again stopped by Ken’s men

“Girl I don’t think you know where you are and who you’re talking to”

“I may not know those but I do know that I have rights as to whom I like to associate or in this case drink with”

“You’ve got a mouth on you bitch!” the man pulled his hand back but before he could strike, Ken stopped him

“That’s no way to treat a woman” Ken lowered the raised arm “My dear, I am sorry but it  would be an honor to have a drink with you, it’s not everyday you meet a hot woman with light brown hair and light blue tinted eyes.  Are those your real eye colour?” Ken squinted his eyes “You have such amazing eyes”

“I don’t think they are any of your business” Gen turned her eyes, breaking the eye contact

“Sir, if she doesn’t want to drink with you, that’s okay you’ll always have me” Sexy cooed and produced big round steel colour orbs under the light

Ken glared at Sexy, causing her to shrink, then he turned to Gen “Okay maybe that is not any of my business but you didn’t say no to drinks either”

Gen gave Ken a cocky grin “Because I hardly turn down free drinks”

“Right this way” Ken’s men moved producing a passage for them to walk through to Ken’s restricted area.  Before Gen could take a seat, one of the guys held an arm out blocking her from proceeding “I’m sorry I forgot to mention that we’ll have to search you”

‘I figured you’d do that’ “What?! Are you kidding me? I’m not letting any guy search me!” Gen hollered as she whacked the arm stopping her from proceeding

“Sorry but our leader here is an important person so we have to be careful”

“In that case, I reject the offer” Gen spun and was about to walk

“Ken-san, how about I search her then” chimed Sexy seeing Ken’s displeased face at Gen who was about to walk away “You guys can’t touch her but you can watch to make sure she’s clear”

Ken thought about it and then nodded “Honey before you get it on…I mean “search” our guest let me get a drink and a seat”

“I’m fine as long as it isn’t any random guy” Gen glared at the men around her and lifted her arms for Sexy to search her

Sexy stood behind Gen, who was facing Ken, and started slowly roaming her ands around Gen’s body knowing fully well that Ken would enjoy every moment and would expect it too.  She started from Gen’s shoulders, then ran her hands out to Gen’s arms and back to her shoulders before proceeding to Gen’s chest.  At a glance, Sexy could see the guys around were licking their lips and grinning.  Sexy proceeded further south down Gen’s stomach, using her knee to spread Gen’s legs so she could search

Gen could see Ken grinning, but continued to feint annoyance, swatting Sexy’s hand from time to time.  When Sexy was fully done, she took Gen’s purse


“Sorry hun, but rules are rules.  I’ll have to search your purse”

“God! Fine!”

Sexy opened the purse and let the guys see the contents, as she held it open for the guys to see.  She had covered the microphone inside by clinging onto it under her fingers at the mouth of the purse.  ‘Thank god, we’ve got up-to-date technology, its easier to hide small ear pieces and tiny microphones’ thought Sexy as she smiled at the nods given, “Here you go” Sexy returned the purse to Gen, who grabbed it from her

“Finally! Can I take a seat or are there any other tests” Gen asked mockingly

Ken patted the spot beside him “Right here sweetie” Gen obliged not letting up the annoyed look she had “what would you like?”

“A long island” Gen responded plainly, looking around at the people dancing

“I didn’t catch your name sweetie”

“Oh really?!” Gen responded in her obvious fake tone “Didn’t think I had to nor do you need to know” Gen responded changing her tone to pure annoyance

Ken’s smile faltered a bit, to what looked to be displease at Gen’s mockery but then grinned again “You’re one tough cookie you know, and with that attitude of yours, you’re bound to get into trouble,, more that you’ll ever be ready for”

“I call them like I see them.  Some are worth knowing my name, some aren’t, guys have to earn them”

“Oh is that so? Sweetie, I don’t know who you think you are with that kind of tone, but in this area, people like you can get killed on the spot.  Now I may be friendly but my tolerance can only go so far” Ken’s grin turned into a slight frown

Gen immediately acted scared “My name is Nami”

“Now that’s a good girl Nami, I haven’t seen you around before, are you new?”

“Yes, I arrived from the States”

“The states?! Interesting” Ken whispered something to his men, who in turn left “Which part?”

“California” replied Gen ‘Luckily Whiz got that information covered for us, I doubt they will go as far as to search the address physically so I think this is sufficient.  He really is cautious, he probably got that guy to check my background.  Nice try, but we’ve got one over you’

“Do you like our part of town?”

“It’s okay, it’s like our clubs back home except more Caucasian people” giggled Gen

“Are you here on vacation?” Ken downed his 4th drink, with Sexy pouring his next cup

“Yes I am here visiting my sister.  She was suppose to take me around but she had work to do”

“I’m glad she did then, otherwise, I wouldn’t have this chance to meet a fine person like yourself tonight”

“You’re not so bad yourself, a little rules orientated but not bad, in fact everyone I’ve met tonight were nice”

“Maybe you should consider staying for good” Ken’s men came back and whispered something in Ken’s ear.  Gen could see a grin form on Ken’s face

“Maybe.  What do you do?”

“I am in business, just a worker”

“Are there lots of people who are like you? Just a worker but have such tight security?” Gen eyed the number of people surrounding Ken

“Tight security was ordered by my employer, I guess he sees me as an asset, afraid the competition will try to steal me” laughed Ken in which Gen joined in

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 26 - 03/26
« Reply #97 on: March 26, 2010, 03:43:54 PM »
@ K: maybe I should include more ex's maybe....Ai's ex or Risa's ex should just appear in their lives  :twisted:
And make them hurt each other... what do you say.?.  :twisted:

That's right yo!!! If you think you guys were flirts, let me show you my world  :rofl: Those are only some of the okay lines and thoughts.
Flirts.?. Where.?.   :mon look:   :P
I bet you have plenty of those not suitable for the young ones... you are 200 percent ebil after all  :P

Ai pulled Risa into a tight hug “I’m so happy being with you… Risa, I wish time would stay still” Risa returned the hug and they stay in that position for the rest of the evening
Hug only.?.  :P

“I know we haven’t known each other for a long time but would you be my girlfriend?
:w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:

Risa felt a pair of lips on hers as if everything was in slow motion.  She saw Ai lean forward and plant her lips on her own.  As she regained conscious, Risa closed her own eyes and enjoyed their first kiss.
And they are now official  :gmon twirl:

Chapter 26 was mysterious... when will be the real names appear?  :D

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 26 - 03/26
« Reply #98 on: March 26, 2010, 07:36:32 PM »
Finally catching up again! Sorry I''ve been in a random weird mood lately and my mind is a bit cluttered too so yeah....  :nervous

:lol: I don't think I should tell you when I grin anymore
Aww, don't be like that  XD

Maimi matches practically anyone  :lol:
:yep: she's awesome.

Maimi's advice about letting go is good but often is hard to be applied. So  :twothumbs  for Airi on how she handled it with both Aika and Risako.

Saki looked at Maimi with a raised eyebrow in which Maimi caught “What?” Saki didn’t say anything and just smirked as she strolled out of Maimi’s office “What?”
I like imagining this part, funny.

Oh, a jog date. How sporty of them  :lol:

“Its great!!! It’s the exact model that got flattened!!!”
Whoa, what a lucky guess.

A coroner Risa that's a wuss when it comes to scary movies  XD but hey, who knows Ai might find that cute.

Another ex mentioned and this one it's Risa's.

Reina and Eri were snuggled together watching a movie

:O  Erina as in Mano Erina? Why am I sensing that the ex gonna be an obstacle for MaiRi in the future if she's back?

Getting the person DNA from the cigarette butt and check if the person is in the database, just like in the tv shows. Nice  :D

Whooo! Go Gaki-san! You got a hot secretary as a girlfriend now.

a red tank top with the words “Too Hot for you” across.

you are 200 percent ebil after all  :P
And the percentage of yours is?  :P

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 26 - 03/26
« Reply #99 on: March 27, 2010, 02:56:17 AM »
Finally catching up again! Sorry I''ve been in a random weird mood lately and my mind is a bit cluttered too so yeah....
Did someone call me? :?

Man, I so wanna see their outfits IRL, that's great. Lol at Whiz being engrossed in her computer, that sounds familiar. XD
Can't wait for the next chapter, as usual, and definitely moar Takagaki.

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