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Author Topic: LoveStruck [CLOSED]  (Read 1386 times)

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LoveStruck [CLOSED]
« on: February 04, 2010, 05:07:19 PM »
Title: Love Struck

NOTES: Yes, I've posted it on another site, but I figured I would post it here for people who did not see it. I'm not sure if when chapter 2 will come, but I'm working on it.  That isn't easy. Still enjoy the first chapter though.


“Come on Eri! If we don't hurry we'll be late for school.” Sayumi yells.

“I'm almost done, Sayu.” I reply.

I work my legs harder to move around easier in my messy room, frantically searching for my backpack. I knew I shouldn't have left my backpack in this mess. I'll be here forever trying to find it. I should probably clean my room when I get back home. I've been meaning to do that. First, I need to get out of this room and on my way to school before I'm late then when I come back I'll  get to cleaning...maybe. I feel worry rush through me at possibly being late for school and it fuels me to work faster. I push a mountain of clothes as I steer my way around my room, searching through every pile I come across. In the far corner of my room, I spot a familiar orange colored strap, peeking out through a small cluster of socks and shirts. That has to be my backpack! I shove off the group of socks and get a clear few of my missing backpack.

“Ah, found it!” I shout, in triumph to my finding.

I put my arms through the loops, while racing towards the door and dash as quick as I can down the stairs without tripping. Sayu is now in the foyer of my house, waiting. She spots me then pulls me towards the door. How late are we this time? Judging from the grip of her hand and the power of her pulling, I would guess beyond late. I don't get it! I even got up at 6am today. I shouldn't be late. Maybe I should wake up earlier next time?

“I'm leaving, bye mom!” I yell, before exiting the house.

I stagger to keep up with the pulling and the speed of Sayu's sprinting. How could she be this fast? Aren't I faster than her? She isn't the physical kind of girl either. She's horrible at running or any type of athletics. Well, no point in wondering about that. As long as she gets me and her to the train station. Meet my best friend, Michishige Sayumi! She's the greatest friend I could ask for! She always watches out for me and makes sure I always do the right thing. She also makes sure I'm never late for something like school for example and that I don't mix salt for sugar again when I cook. Not that she's a great cook herself, but at least she doesn't make a silly mistake like I do. But even if she can't cook or if she's a bit of a narcissist she's my best friend and I wouldn't want her any other way. She means a lot to me. I don't think she knows that though. I care for her more than I show her. I still remember how we met too! She thought I forgot and I do tend to forget things, but NOT that. The day I met her it was my first day of kinder-garden. I was being chased by these girls because they kept making fun of me and my last name. I tried to run away, because they're laughing was really getting to me and made me feel bad, but they kept following me when I tried to run away. Those group of girls wouldn't leave me alone. When I tried to run again I fell and scraped my knee. Their loud laughter to my fall made me even more embarrassed. When I fell though, that's how I met Sayumi.


“Are you OK? You'll be fine now. Those mean girls are gone. I told them I was going to tell the teacher. Ah, you hurt your knee. You should go to the nurse. She can clean your scrape and give you a band-aid.”

“W-will you come with me?”

“Sure! My name is Michishige Sayumi. What's yours?”

“Kamei Eri.”

“Hey! Kamei...kame! Isn't that cute? You're a little turtle. We go well together! You're the turtle and I'm the bunny, see. That makes us best friends!”

“Why are you the bunny?”

“Usa-chan peace!”



And that's how we became best friends. From then on we have become inseparable. We do everything together. Sayumi is someone I can trust and she's very reliable. She has never let me down and stuck with me through the very beginning. She's special to me. Our friendship and bond is special. And today I'm going to need her more than ever. Today is our first year in high school. I can't picture myself without her as I face my first time in high school. I don't know what to expect in high school and that scares me, but if I'm not alone and Sayumi's with me I think I can get through this first day. I just pray that we will have most of our classes together. I sigh. What would I do without Sayumi? She's almost like another sister to me.

“Hey, Sayu, slow down!” I whine.

She stops sprinting and we start to walk at a more normal pace down the block. I take this as my chance to gain my balance and catch my breath. Sayumi is still holding my wrist and is still ahead of me pulling. She doesn't seem effected by the sprinting. I'm surprised she lasted this long. She would easily tire out when it comes to sprinting or running. While walking half way down the sidewalk, my stomach growls. I place a hand over my belly to contain the grumbling noise, but the sound is too loud and is still heard through my hand. I forgot to grab something to eat before leaving since I was in such a rush.

“Here, I brought something for you.” Sayumi says, noticing my hungry stomach.

She stops to reach her backpack and pulls out a brown paper bag from the front pouch of her pink backpack then hands it over to me. I take it with my free hand and peek inside. I see a white wrapper neatly inside. I look up at her, curiously.

“You didn't make this yourself did you?” I question.

She snatches the bag away from me. “If you don't want it I'll save it for later.” She grumbles.

“Ah, I want it! I-I'm sorry!” I complain. I stretch my hand out to the brown bag just a few inches away from me. I pout. “I'm sorry, Sayumi.”

She looks at me which makes her mean stare disappear and she hands the bag over. I smile at her overjoyed and take the crumpled bag into my hand again. She smiles at me softly then pats the top of my head as I dig into the bag to take out the food inside. I wonder what it is. It shouldn't matter though. I'm hungry! Once I take out what's inside, Sayumi starts to walk again, while I'm trying to take the wrapper off. Ah, It's a sandwich! Yum! I feel myself smile again and take a big bite no longer caring how hard Sayumi pulls me. I'm too focused on my sandwich. We turn the corner and from the distance I can see the sign that shows a picture of a train slowly coming into view. That means we're almost there. I take another bite from my sandwich.

“Are you excited about our first day of high school?” Sayumi ask.

My attention goes away from the sandwich and to Sayumi. “I'm a little nervous.” I admit.

Sayumi gives me one of her sweet smiles as if she expected me to say something like this. “I promise no one will go after you. Not as long as I'm around.” She vows.

I smile back and take another big bite. This makes me feel a little better about coming to school. I wouldn't have to worry about getting picked on again. I always felt bad for Sayumi having to protect me and stick up for me. Blinking a few times from my small daydream of the things Sayumi used to do for me, I notice we're in front of the train station. Sayumi walks me through the gates doors to purchase our tickets. Sayumi holds my ticket also since my hand if full finishing my sandwich and she still has a hold on my other hand. She takes us to a bench where we wait for the train to arrive. When I take a sit. That's when Sayumi let's go of my wrist and faces me.

“Don't put so much in your mouth Eririn you will choke.” She warns. “Make sure you chew your food properly.”

“Sayu, I know how to eat!” I wail.

She laughs at me then takes off a few pieces of bread from my face. “I'm sure you do.” She laughs. “I should have brought napkins.”

I pout and look down to the last bite of my sandwich. I stuff it into my mouth and slowly chew, knowing that Sayu is carefully watching me. I'm not a little kid! I'm in high school now. I know how to eat. I remember! How to eat hasn't changed. I stand from my seat and stand next to Sayumi, needing to have her by my side. I latch on to her hand and swing our arms together back and fourth out of boredom. The swinging stops when I start to think about where I'm going and wondering what will happen when I enter the high school building. The swinging of our arms stop as I start to think more deeply about how high school might be. The pondering doesn't last long and I start to remember my surroundings. I turn to Sayumi who's looking out for the train.

“ you think we'll make new friends?” I ask.

“You're bored of me already?” She shoots back.

“No, no, I didn't mean it like that! I'm just curious to what other friends I'll make.” I explain. “You'll always be my best friend above all, Sayumi.”

She's overjoyed with my answer and hugs me. Then kisses me on my cheek and I feel myself start to blush. She didn't have to kiss me on the cheek! And in front of all these people. I stand stiff as she keeps her hold on me. I know that I won't be able to break away with a grip like that. Besides, Sayumi likes being close to me all the time. She always tries to find ways to be this close to me. I didn't expect she would do this in public. We can't stay like this forever though! We do have to get to class. I wiggle in her arms, trying to get some space. This grip is tight. I move again and try to push her, but I'm still stuck here. This isn't going to work.

“Sayu! We'll miss the train!” I yell, through her hair.

She laughs at my shaking voice and easily lets me go. From behind her, I can see the train finally arriving. I sigh as it draws near then comes to a slow stop. The second the doors open, a gust of air comes from the train and a large amount of people scurry to enter. I quickly reach for my backpack that's still sitting on the bench and join Sayumi who's waiting for me at the door entrance. She holds out her hand and I slip my fingers through hers before we enter the train together. She always holds on to me when we're on a packed train. I guess she's worried I'll get lost or she'll lose sight of me. Either way I like how she's always watching out for me. Sometimes it makes me feel like the little sister even though I'm older, but I'm OK with that because I know Sayumi can handle things a little better than me. She always tells me she likes me just how I am. So I figured it isn't time for a change yet. I can worry about being adult like later. Right now I'm a little nervous, but at the same time anxious to get to school. I would like to make some new friends. Even if I'll have a hard time talking to new people. I'm curious to the type of people I'll meet today.
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Re: LoveStruck (kameshige)
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2010, 05:26:49 PM »
I push a mountain of clothes as I steer my way around my room, searching through every pile I come across.
:lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Judging from the grip of her hand and the power of her pulling, I would guess beyond late.

“I promise no one will go after you. Not as long as I'm around.” She vows.

KameShige!!!  :inlove:  :inlove:  :inlove:

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Re: LoveStruck (kameshige)
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2010, 03:59:33 PM »
Oh, I've commented on H!O right?

I like Sayu's character here and Eri is adorkable as usual  XD

Ganbatte for the next chapter or any other stories you're working on!  :onioncheer:
And Happy belated b'day once again!! :)

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: LoveStruck (kameshige)
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I push a mountain of clothes

peeking out through a small cluster of socks and shirts
:grin: :grin:

"Ah, found it!” I shout, in triumph to my finding.
:rofl: I was just looking for my lip balm a moment ago in the mountain of mess in my room too! XD But i have yet to find it :(

Eri is just too adorkable... XD

I love how Sayu is here.. ..with all the small sweet details  :wub: It's kinda romantic in a way :P

1. Hand-made (packed with love) breakfast for Eri cause she knows they will be dreadfully late
2. Even if it actually does exhaust, she just want to get both of them going so that Eri (more than herself) will not be late.
3. I'm sure she will start to bring napkins the next time they goes out XD
4. Holding her hands in the packed train  :wub: <- Do i even need to explain this?
5. And NO. She does not find her troublesome and never want her to change.. :)

 :mon bat:

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