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Author Topic: Beneath The Mask [CLOSED]  (Read 1334 times)

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Beneath The Mask [CLOSED]
« on: February 06, 2010, 06:42:46 PM »

This was the easy part of the job or what Maimi considered being the easy part. It was quick and it was simple. There was no remorse or consciences. None of that mattered.

What did matter was completing the mission. That was something a worker of her skill did not dare to do and could not return without having every mission completed. No kill was to be incomplete or poorly disposed. That was a definite no for her. She made sure she did ever step thoroughly and efficiently. She learned that so well like the back of her own hand.

She knew every step and rule that needed to be taken into consideration as she worked. She did not miss a single detail and nor did she want to. Every clue and fact about her victim was to her full attention. She took her work very seriously and hated to lose at her own game.

Seeing the time displayed on her watch, the skilled assassin frowned. She was supposed to kill her target long ago and come back to base, but this particular target was quite the escape artist. Maimi herself was even impressed and had to admit this was the hardest target she’s faced, but she liked a challenge. It won’t be for long though, until the trap was sprung and Maimi would take the plunge for her kill, similar to a way a lion hunts their prey.

 With accuracy and stealth, Maimi was confident she would put an end to her kill's smart and quick escapes. Accuracy and stealth was easy to use those were two things Maimi was good at. She was the best the agency had ever seen. Their top student, which is why they gave her this certain case, this was not any easy mission to complete. No one else in the agency can successful go through this mission like Maimi.

The agency trusted her in doing the job. She did not dare to let them down. Perched at the edge of the roof ledge, Maimi waited. Her oil black colored eyes glared to the streets below.

Slowly, her right arm reached out to the Aikido that rested neatly at her waist, tucked securely in its sheath. The corner of her lips twitched slightly into a small smile. She loved the thrill she got just before she dived in. Her hands curled around the hilt of the sword, tightening in anticipation, eager to put an end to this cat and mouse game. Her wait did not last long and she was rewarded for such patients when she heard footsteps from around a corner to the building across from her.

Maimi's sharp eyes picked up movement from the near end of the street. The shadow to her victim drew near Maimi saw a man running at full speed. His breath was heavy and he looked as if his body was about to give out. He came closer and closer to where Maimi stood, watching.

 In a split second, she jumped off the edge, withdrew her sword, landed to the concrete without a sound, and swung her curved blade. The man let out a gasp of surprise and turned to his killer. Maimi glared into his petrified face. She held no expression. The aikido was put back to its rightful place, once again.

The deed was done, quick and simple, just how she liked it. The man looked down to his stomach, faintly a thin line of blood began to surface. The thread of blood stretched diagonally from one side of his abdomen to the other. His body finally gave out. He clashed to the floor with a loud ‘smack’, instantly a puddle of blood surrounded him.

He was going to die soon. Maimi knew that. She felt her blade hit one of the vital parts in his body as it sliced through him like butter. Satisfied with her kill, the black haired beauty jumped back up to the roof and leaped elegantly from the rooftops. She had to get back to base.
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Re: Beneath The Mask
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OI!!!! I remember reading this....but it was never finished  :err:  Glad you are posting it here, it means there will be updates....right?

Can't wait for the next chapter, I recall it being a good read  :on GJ:

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Re: Beneath The Mask
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Maimi had returned silently to base. The fellow workers who slept peacefully at this time of night had not noticed a thing. She sneaked in with ease, completely undetected. She smirked when she entered her room as realization hit her. Her skills were growing.

Maimi was becoming stronger. Her abilities was progressing at an alarming rate. She was sure enough with her ever strengthen skills her talent will at some point over shine the elders. She knew the agency were fully aware of her ever-growing power. Soon, she will be the one looking down upon them.

Safely inside her room with the door locked, the teenager walked through the living room and to her display shelf to place her Aikido with her other sword collections. She began to remove the sheer black clothing from today’s mission. She was done for the night. Until work called again that is. That didn’t bother her.

While she was at base, she would spend her day training until late at night. Her life revolved around killing. That was just how she was programmed. Nothing mattered in the outside life. All there was was killing and training.

Everyone working within the agency's walls wanted to be top of the line. All assassins wanted to show that they were important.
The agency needed a reason to want the assassins they settled with. To do that, the chosen workers needed to remain heartless. Those who didn't…were easily disposed.

Everyone here was easily replaceable. Only several assassins were considered valuable and there weren’t many. Maimi wanted to be valuable. She wanted to reach the top. She would do whatever it took to get there.

Standing, now in her underwear, Maimi made her way to the closet, neatly placed her outfit into the closet and searched for a new pair of clothes.

“How did it go?”

Maimi looked to the older woman that stood in the middle of her room. She looked much older than Maimi, but she wasn’t as tall as her. She had light brown wavy locks, which were let loose, and a childish smile in place, but Maimi knew better than to let the cute smile fool her. Maimi was smart enough to think this woman was anything, but harmless. She had power Maimi could only dream of having.

“How did you know I was here? I thought I passed you.” Maimi questioned.

The girl smirked and shrugged.

“I have my ways.” She glanced to the clock on the wall and raised a questioning brow. “You’re back later than scheduled.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, demanding an explanation. Maimi went back to her closet.

“I had a little trouble.” She started.

The girl’s face dropped to a serious expression. When it came to missions, there was no joking around. Maimi either did what she had to or sh didn’t. Consciences would follow after, depending if she completed it or not.

“Did you kill him?”

Maimi turned around and smiled.

“Of course I did. I can assure you, Risa…he’s dead.” Maimi confirmed.

A smile was put back on to the woman’s face. Loose ends were starting to tie back up. Maimi fully dressed, closed her closet giving Risa her full attention. She knew there was a punishment for tardiness, but she didn’t know if she was going to be over looked with that rule.

“We still have one more problem to fix. I’ll tell you tomorrow morning. Maki wants to talk with you first tomorrow morning.” Risa notified.

Maimi bowed her head. Nothing else was said. Risa walked her way towards the door. As she reached the exit, she turned back around.

“It’s Niigaki-san to you. I’m still one of the Elite, Maimi, don’t forget that.”

They stared at one another intensely. Maimi not one to give in easily, obeyed her elder.

“Yes Niigaki-san, I’m sorry.” Maimi corrected.

Risa held a winning smile and left. Maimi glared. She hated submitting. She hated having to look weak, but when the time came she would no longer have to show such weakness. She was going to be higher than anyone here could ever imagine. So strong even Risa would have to bow down to her.
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Re: Beneath The Mask
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I wonder what Maki wants with Maimi. Probably wants to scold her :lol:

Gakisan!!! I had a feeling she would show up. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Re: Beneath The Mask
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^ Thanks for the comment. I'll try to put the other chapters up as well.


There isn't a day where the crowded office such as this were not hectic, but on this certain day things were twice as chaotic for head chief officer Yoshizawa Hitomi. This job did have its down falls and even its upside. For one, Yossie enjoyed busting the crook and locking him or her into jail forever if possible, but what she did not enjoy was letting the crook slip easily right through her fingers. No one got passed her, except this particular case, she’s spended weeks on and the days on this case continued to grow. A groan full of rage came out from the flustered officer.

Her angry eyes scanned the stack of files she’s gone over more than she can count. The light night killings had been going on endlessly and yet she still was not able to pin point this killer. This killer was very careful and skilled with each kill. No evidence was left behind, there were no eyewitnesses, Yossie had nothing to work with. The only evidence provided was that this victim wasn’t an ordinary man to be killed.

He belonged to a highly organized and powerful gang. Fed up reading the same information over and over, Yossie pressed the talk button to her intercom.


“Yes, Yoshizawa-san?” Ai weakly replied through the intercom.

“Get in here.”

The front door to the aggravated cop’s door opened seconds later. Ai stood in the door way timidly. She shrunk back from her boss’s heating gaze. It was her first time on the job and she didn’t know what to expect either from the office and her boss the most. Her boss seemed to have a short fuse all the time.

It made Ai all the more afraid to speak. She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

“I’ll need all the files that are related to today’s crime scene.” Yossie demanded.

Yossie sighed and leaned back into her office chair. This case was becoming relentless. It was like trying to track a ghost. Even with her experience and knowledge she wasn’t able to find anything.

“Yoshizawa-san, if…you don’t mind me saying…I’ve been looking over the case you have been working on for quite a while now and uh…I realized something,” Ai hesitated to continue. Yossie motioned for her to go on. “All those men they have one relation.” Ai began to shake. Yossie’s glare was even more terrifying to the rookie the more she went into detail.

“And what’s that Takahashi?” Yossie ordered.

“Uh…they work for this man. Suzuki Rinji is his name. I um…have his file if you want it.” Ai replied, cautiously.

“Well of course I want it! Now go get it.” Yossie yelled.

Ai flinched and scurried out the door to retrieve the file that lay messily on her small desk. Gathering all the scattered papers, she quickly came back and handed the tanned folder over. Yossie skimmed through it briefly. She looked back up to her new worker.

“What are you doing just standing there?! Get out.” Yossie growled.

Ai didn’t need to be told twice. She rushed out to the safety of her desk. Working for someone who had little tolerant for anything was harder than she thought. The longer she stayed here, the more she was looking forward to her lunch break.


“Come on Miya, hurry up!” Airi yelled.

“Hey wait for me! I don’t know the garden that good.” Miyabi cried, running to catch up with her small brunette friend.

Miyabi was pushing several bushes side to side to make some sort of small passage way through the dense plants. The further she walked the harder it became to push leaves and twigs away started to become branches. Miyabi had been here many times before, but it seemed each time she came back the plants would grow and more bushes would be planted. It was like walking through a maze and this garden was big enough to be just that.

Peeking out from between the leaves, Miyabi could make out the soft pink sweater Airi wore just as she turned the corner. If Miyabi lost sight of her best friend, there was no way she was coming out. The tall teenager ran through the twigs and bushes eager to catch up.

“Airi, wait!” Miyabi shouted.

She ran faster, when she lost the sight of the brunette. Sharply, Miyabi turned the corner and ran right into Airi face fist. The both of them fell to the pavement. Miyabi looked down to her friend with a shy smile. A tint of pink showed in her cheeks.

“I’m sorry. A-are you ok, Airi?” Miyabi stumbled.

In a straining voice Airi spoke barely above a whisper, “Can’t…breath.” She squeaked.

Miyabi jolted to her two feet, quickly helping Airi back up. She patted down any wrinkles in her sweater, wiping away the dirt. The blush in her face was even bigger. She began to mutter nervously under her breath.

“It’s ok Miyabi. Just be careful next time? Come on let’s go inside.” Airi dismissed.

Airi grabbed Miyabi’s hand into her own and walked her to the entrance of her luxurious mansion. Miyabi gulped as she looked at their joined hands together. Airi didn’t seem to notice. She kept walking through the garden, until they reached the exit and walked up the driveway path. The door to the side of the house opened and two large men in black suits stepped out. They were arguing with each other.

“Will you hurry up?! Suzuki-san told us to be quick. We have to find his daughter before he doesn’t get so happy.” The fat man in the suit growled.

He turned around to guide his men and was met face to face with the girl they were supposed to be looking for. Airi looked to the men curiously. Miyabi on the other hand, looked more on the offensive side.

“What’s wrong?” Airi asked.

“Airi, your dad is worried sick about you. You were supposed to be home twenty minutes ago. Why didn’t you take the limo he sent you?” The second man questioned.

Airi began to fiddle with the ends of her soft pink sweater. She knew her dad wasn’t going to be happy with her breaking the rules he’s set. He’s a very strict man about rules when it came to her.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to walk home for a change with, Miyabi.” Airi answered.

“You better get inside before your father goes looking for you himself.” The fat guy suggested.

Airi nodded and hurried inside. She knew her father was going to have a serious talk when Miyabi left to go back home. She tried not to focus on that at the moment though. Once inside the luxrious mansion, both girls were greeted by one of the maids.

“Airi, you’re home. Your father is very upset with you. Be careful when you talk to him. It’s good to see you again Miyabi.” The Maid warned.

Airi thanked the maid and made her way through the kitchen were hundreds of chiefs stood busy cooking whatever meals were requested from her father for tonight’s dinner. They walked out the kitchen door, to the dinning room, passed the maids that were setting the table, and to the foyer.

“Why does your house have to be so big?” Miyabi complained.

Airi broke their linked hands that were together this whole time and walked up the stairs leading to the various rooms. Miyabi stood at the bottom of the stairs as Airi walked up the flight of steps. She stopped in the middle of the stairs, seeing that her friend wasn’t following.

“Come on, we’re almost to my room.” Airi encouraged.

“I’m coming.” Miyabi mumbled.

Miyabi began to walk up the stairs. Walking down the hall to Airi’s room the two girls could hear shouting in a room a few doors down. It was coming from Airi's parents’ room. Airi looked down sad. She knew it was her parents that were arguing again they did that often now. Her parents were being less discreet about their quarrel that were of anger and disapointment.

 They no longer caried if their only daugther had heard their cruel exchange of words for one another. Miyabi placed a hand onto Airi’s shoulder.

“Come on, let’s go inside.” Miyabi offered.

Airi nodded and opened the room to her door. It was best to try and ignore the fighting for now. It would eventually die down for a while, but it wouldn’t go away. Her parents’ room door opened and her father angrily stormed out. Airi looked at the scene before her in the doorway, while trying to remain hidden..

“I don’t have time for this!” Rinji bellowed.

As he made his way down the hall a group of men all in black suits marched quickly up the stairs and surrounded him. Airi’s body shook as she feared for the worse.

“Suzuki-san, we have a problem.” One suited man whispered.

Airi couldn’t hear the rest of what the group of men were saying. Everyone, including her father, was talking too low. Miyabi pulled her away from the door and closed it.

“Maybe we shouldn't be eavesdropping on your dad.” She said, sternly.

Airi quietly walked to the bed and flopped down on to the matt with a soft ‘plop’. She sighed, staring into the ceiling. She hated seeing her parents fighting when she was around, but that wasn’t what bothered her so much. Her mind and curiosity was getting the best of her, and she was more bothered on what those men were saying to her dad. What did they mean there’s a problem?

Is it that her entire family or her father in trouble? Was Airi's family losing money? There were so many questions going through the young teenager's head all at once. Miyabi smiled at how cute Airi looked going deep into thought. Her face seemed focused and her eyebrows scrunched together as she did.

Airi felt the bed sink in lower to added weight and then she felt the added weight on her. She turned her head to the right, looking into her friend’s comforting eyes.

“You shouldn’t worry so much. Everything will be ok.” Miyabi whispered.

Airi smiled and hugged her.

“Thank you.” She murmured.

“Hey we’re friends. Being there for each other is what we do.” Miyabi laughed.

She snuggled up closer to Airi. Together, the two close friends, lied on the bed quietly enjoying each other’s presence.


“Finally!” Ai cried out.

It was time for her lunch break and she was more than happy to be out of the office for a few minutes. Yossie managed to put her though hell in the pass thirty minutes and burry her with a stack full of papers that were towering above her desk. For her first day as an official officer…things were starting to suck. Ai walked out the double doors in the main exit and walked out into the shinning sun.

She let out a deep sigh and smiled. It felt good to be out on such a sunny day. Her cell phone inside her pocket began to buzz the second she left.


“Ai-chan? Hey, I got let out of class early. Do you want to get a bite to eat?”

Ai’s smile became even bigger as she heard the familiar and friendly voice.

“Yeah sure, I’m on my lunch break right now. Come meet me in front of the station.” Ai replied.

“I’m almost there. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Ai closed the lid to her phone and sat to a bench on the sidewalk, waiting. She felt her spirits almost instantly lift when she thought about meeting with her friend for lunch. They didn’t get to hang out much being that she had college courses and Ai had to study for the test to become a cop and now that she’s passed, she will be very busy solving crimes and investigating crime scenes. It felt good to have the two of them hang out for once like before.


Ai turned around and waved. Her smile quickly turned into a frown when she saw another person going to join them.

“You’re quicker this time Eri. I see you brought, Sayu, hi.” Ai spoke, through grinding teeth.

Eri nodded. She looked to Sayu and put on a little of guilty face. She knew Ai wanted it to just be the two of them.

“I hope you don’t mind. She had no classes either. So I thought I should bring her.” Eri explained.

Ai felt her stomach clench and burn. She looked forward to having a few minutes with just the two of them. She noticed a lot whenever they tried to hang out, Eri would always bring Sayu with her. The rookie wasn’t so pleased about that. In all honesty, Ai didn’t like Sayu.

Call it her officer instincts, but Ai just didn’t trust this girl. She didn’t dare to tell Eri though, but the more she found Sayu joining in on their fun time together, the more Ai felt that she should as least warn Eri about her. Eri and Sayu only knew each other for a few weeks.

“I hope you don’t mind Ai-chan. Is it ok she comes too?” Eri pleaded.

Eri put on her best puppy dog eyes. Ai stood up and fixed the creases on her uniform. She had on her best smile. She didn’t want Eri to think something was wrong. She nodded.

“It’s fine, Eri. Come on let’s go eat. I don’t have much time.” Ai answered.

“Yeah, I’m starving.” Sayu agreed.

She linked her arm with Eri’s and pulled her down the street. Seeing their linked arms, made Ai’s face grow hot. She felt her eyebrows turn upward into a large frown, and hatred swelled in her chest. That was supposed to be hers and Eri’s thing. They always did that.

Eri smiled to Sayu, too focused on her new friend to notice the change in Ai’s behavior or the mean look on her face. The turtle laughed, smiling at whatever Sayu said and kept walking, forgetting that Ai was even there. That made the cop even angrier, but it also made her feel hurt. Pushing aside her feelings, Ai followed the two girls, remaining quiet the whole walk down the street.
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