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Author Topic: Same Differences (Chapter 1 2/11)  (Read 997 times)

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Same Differences (Chapter 1 2/11)
« on: February 12, 2010, 11:08:22 AM »
Chapter 1

“The first day of the school year and my child I still asleep.”  A familiar voice yells across the hall and the house suddenly shakes.

Oh no mother is going to wake me up, maybe I should surprise her

The steps of a mother walking toward the door, Maasa prepares herself by coiling up in the sheets.

"Wake up..."  Maasa jumps out of the bed and landed short of the target

Ouch, she was only by the door <_<

"Maasa, get ready you can't be late for school, like last year."  Her mother closed the door behind her.

"The first day of senior year should be great, just the freedom of doing stuff to torture the younger students."  Maasa says to the mirror and she heard her phone buzzed on the table.  She saw the text by her friend.

Get up Sleepy head! -_- =) Love Momo :heart:

She looked out her window to see the energetic Momo jumping to catch the attention of the Maasa.

"I am still getting ready, just wait."  Maasa started to look for the socks and she saw the pile and realized they never got matched

Darn it I forgot about pairing up my socks, I was excited about today that now I have a pile of socks XD

As Maasa looked through the pile she realized the uniform was wrinkled and to add to her disappointment, she was sweating, and she was in the middle of a panic attack.

After fifteen minutes of searching, she got everything set on the bed, and she put everything on before meeting Momo outside.

I hope Momo isn't angry I am going to make her late again


Five blocks from her house another student was well-prepared but his obsession had made him separated from the normal.

"Shota, you up yet?  Breakfast is ready downstairs."  The familiar voice of his older brother calling him for breakfast and the smell of burnt fish fills the house.

"I have been up for a while.  I have been trying to look for the next update to Lover's Tango."  Shota yelled back.

Hmm, not for another month, damn author taking his time =X

As he shuts down the computer, he looked at the manga and his soul dies a little because he made himself a loner because of the manga.

The story goes that the guy who was not the most attractive man woos the girl of his dreams by being a dancing champion.  His identity was hidden with a mask.  The main flaw he would see was she was taller than him but his will of understanding that attractiveness may have not win her over but with the mask on he was Romeo.

Stupid guy at this rate I would take anybody XD

"Breakfast is getting cold, get your butt down here."  The eldest brother called from the dining room.

Shota got all his stuff packed and ran downstairs with the bag full of the books.

"Okay, Itadakimasu."  All three males dug into the food and it was silent for the time being.

"Shouji, good luck on your job search."  Shota pointed towards the middle brother.

"Shota, I think you better find a girlfriend before you graduate."  Shota put down his chopsticks and picked up his bag.

"Well if she can handle two idiots, she will be fine by me."  The brothers chased him out of the house and found his best friend at the gate.
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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