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Author Topic: [Shipyon's own fiction]Story of Horror  (Read 1632 times)

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[Shipyon's own fiction]Story of Horror
« on: April 05, 2010, 08:18:15 PM »
Chapter 1[Snake dimension]

Hi, my name is Alivn. I will tell you are story. About a dimension full of snake!!!! One day, I go shopping. But suddenly. I walk into a street and I through. i fainted, After awhile, i walke up. I find out this anither dimension. Full of darkness, creepy trees and empty.... That i never want to go. I say it jsut a dream. I slap myself. It is real. I really scared

I start to walk and walk. i see a village. I walked into the village. There have no people in the village. But I do feel sad in the village. I don't know why, i just know there ha ve somthing bad happen in this village. After walk and walk inside the village. I see people with half snake and half human kinda look like a peope to me. is really scare me... So i started to run. They see me running, they chase after me.

I run and run, They keep chasing after me. i fell down. They catch me. They took me to place like a palace. Then I see a giant snake human. I ask where am I. Snake king tell me I am in snake hell and tell me I already dead. Snake king to tell the guard to cut of my soul, I got killed. After that, Snake king it my soul. That the end of my story. Stay toon for more scary story.
Chapter 2[House of dead]

Hello, My name is Shin. I will tell you a house full of murder cases and dead body. One day, I heard recently there have alot of murder case in the house of mystery. But I don't really care. But I do curious. one day, few of my classmate tell me to go into the house.

I slient for a few second. I say No. After that, they force me to go. i struggle so much. I am really scare. I keep saying I don't want to go. But my classmate say are you curious it. I say well, I have a little curious about it. i decide go with them.

After half hour. We arrival to the front door. We push the door, we see so much dead body with their organ open. Our captain say" stay close".

We walk, walk and walk. We are starting to feel scare. We see a big room full of killing machine. we check those machine out. Suddenly, A bunch of killer come out. we got really scare. We started to run.

We run and run. we almost to the door, the killer clsoed the door. we keep running. After 20 minute. we all got caught. they put us in the killer room. They start to get ready for the tool for operation

After 10 minute. They start to cute open our body. I feel so painful. *Chop*, *Chop* and *Chop*. So painful. After 10 miunte, we all fainted. We died end up with our body open and with organ out. My story will end here. stay toon for more
Chapter 3[Haunted house]

My name is Hitomi. Now I am telling how I get kill in a haunted house.

One day. My boss call me to look into haunted house to find a something to write out a topic. By the way I am a reporter. I go into a haunted house.

Inside the house. I really creepy. I feel their have alot of wind. I check out the basement first. In the basement there have alot of sad feeling in it. i wonder what happen here.

Then, i walk back up to first follor. The first floor have a picture of a old waman and another picture of a baby. Those two picture give me alot of creppty feeling. I walk to the kitchen. In the kitchen. I feel their someone use a knife to killed someone.

Later. I walk up to second floor. I into to the main room. I feel there have someone around me. But I don' know what. I feel scare. After that I go to the maid room. I check out the inside. I feel so much thing is around me. Later. I walk into the baby room. In the baby room. Inside have alot of cute stuff. In the wall there ahve alot is dried. Suddenly a there have a baby jumped infront of me. I was scared. The baby face is blue, no eyeball and have alot of blood. I fainted to dead... it because is to scare
Chapter 4[Mirror world]

Hi, my name is Reita. I am telling you a story about a Mirror world and how I die in that world.One day. I am walking to work. But suddenly something pull me and I pull into a mirror. I see a village that look like Middle age style.

People around me say" Are you okay."

I ask "where am I?"

They say" You are in mirror world. We get pull into too. We can't eascape. It because when is night. There have monster come out and attack us."

I say" Oh no. This is not happening."

They say" They attack the village everynight. We jsut barely hold them off."

In the night fall. The monster start to attack us. Everyone start to get their weapn and start shooting. The monster is big and giant. One of the monster smash the ground. There have a big earthquake and many fall into the ground and get killed. We be fighted for 3 hour. They retreated. We died many people and the monster died alot. But not many as us.

I feel really scare.

They say "You can't be scare in here."

I say "Is jsut I am still in shock is nothing."

They say "We understand that. Be brave." I smiled.

The nightfall come again. We start to get ready. after awhile. I see the monster. Today. They being their boss. Their boss is really giant. Then suddenly He us his whip to smash full the town. The town seperate in two half. We feel afraid. The monster go other strike. We died big half of people. We charge and fight for honor. We kill some monster. We died a few people too. But we get surround. After half hour. Just left me and other 3 people. We fight. They kill us one by one. 10 miunte later. We all get killed. This is the story about the mirror world.

To be countiune

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