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Author Topic: [TV] AKB to XX  (Read 41026 times)

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Re: [TV] AKB to XX
« Reply #100 on: April 30, 2015, 09:02:21 AM »
Members must tell embarrassing secrets about other
members in order to win gourmet treats, and
a massive musical chairs competition that leaves the top 4 ambitious
Killer instinct members to battle it out for the prize....

Chair Survival

From January if this year.....with all of the expected graduations this year, this may well be
the last time that this selection of senior members will be all working together....

AKB48 暴露晩餐会&最強尻決定戦 AKBとXX 2015/01/15 SKE48 NMB48 HKT48 乃木坂46

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Re: [TV] AKB to XX
« Reply #101 on: May 28, 2015, 07:48:43 PM »
2 episode long prank on Yukirin. :D

So much LOL at the Mion/Owada trash-talk prank at the end using Kansai-ben. Pretending to be normal customers in the next room.

Owada: So which AKB member do you like?
Mion: I really like Kojiharu. Don't you think she's real cute?

Mion: Number 1 will probably be Mayuyu this year, right?
Owada: Probably her
Mion: Who?
Owada: Yukirin

Mion: Mmm... Yukirin... really...
Mion: ... I heard she has awful fashion sense though!
Owada: What she normally wears in private? yeah!

Mion: And I heard somewhere she has no taste buds.
Owada: That's Milky.
Mion: Was Yukirin in NMB?
Owada: They were both in it.
Yukirin: {whispers} There for 1 year....

Yukirin: Why am I suddenly talking quietly?!! It isn't such a kind of program, is it? :lol:

Owada: Might've been better if she didn't join NMB?

Quiz: As the neighbouring guests keep trash-talking. How will Yukirin react?
Paruru: Sing a song she is known for singing. She just went to the level of forcing a bunch of kids to do her catchphrase.

Mion: So how old is Yukirin?
Owada: Like 25 already.
Mion: That's like an old aunty.

Yukirin: {whispers} Those 2 girls really aren't part of this show?

Mion: Have you seen Yukirin doing gravure?
Owada: Nah~
Mion: She has nice boobs though.
Owada: That's probably all she's got.
Mion: Only boobs huh?
Owada: So that's why she had to move to Niigata.
Yukirin: Who is that?!

Mion: So where the hell is Yukirin World? It's so disgusting!
Owada: How does she not be embarrassed when saying it.
Mion: Yeah. She has boobs though.
Owada: Because she has boobs?

So what we've learned today.
- Say what you want. Just don't cross the line and trash talk about Yukirin World.
- Oh, and Yukirin has nice boobs.

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