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Author Topic: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?  (Read 32129 times)

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #80 on: July 15, 2012, 09:57:15 PM »
I blame this forum for all the AKB goodness it has. :lol:

Started with Heavy Rotation for the fanservice, then I backtracked to Iiwake Maybe (I love this song).

I went from Jpop (Morning Musume, D&D, SPEED, Utada) to Kpop (SNSD, 4minute,Wonder Girls) back to Jpop (AKB48).

I think they are a fun group. They are such a big group that there has to be someone that you like in it. XD

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #81 on: July 17, 2012, 02:25:25 PM »
My story began like this.When i was watching Dragonball Z Kai the ending song really fascinating me.So i Went on youtube and search for the song.Then i found out that AKB48 sings the JAP version of the song.The song's name is Kokoro No Hane or Wings of the Heart.I have known AKB48 for a long time but i did not care much about all the music group then.Just 3 days ago i do some research about AKB48 and found out that they are a really talent and also cuteeee.So now im pretty much in love with them.Still need to do some more research about the members though.

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #82 on: July 19, 2012, 05:28:25 AM »
For me it started 4 days ago, literally. LoL
I don't even remember how I even got to them anymore, because I've been spent at least
half the day(literally) trying to get as much AKB48-related stuff in my head as possible.
Remembering the less popular girls' names is a nightmare :|
I think the song that got me into it was Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou, with Meetan
and Tomo~mi, it's so dramatic!

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #83 on: July 19, 2012, 03:15:39 PM »
started out with SDN.. then started to listen to beginner and i am hooked~  :nervous :nervous

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #84 on: July 23, 2012, 11:53:58 PM »
I first knew AKB48 in late 2009 (if I remember correctly, in September) when a friend of mine discovered and showed me this large group. At first, honestly, I didn't like them mostly because I was more (and still today) into Western music. I don't listen to Japanese songs often so it was kind of hard for them to grow in me. But I do remember every time we had a chat, he would talk about this group very often, playing their songs and showing me their videos. This somehow made the songs (and the group) slowly grew in me.

One day, I went over to his house, originally wanted to copy some Kamen Rider stuff but ended up enjoying AKB48 instead because he always showed me their stuff such as AKBingo! and some PVs. As a result, when I got home from my friend's, I often browsed their singles on the Internet and I started to like them. I believe that because of those visits, I became a fan of AKB48. I do remember that these singles

  • Aitakatta
  • Yūhi o Miteiru ka?
  • Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008
  • Baby! Baby! Baby!
  • Oogoe Diamond

and all the 2009 singles were the first AKB48 songs that I like, with 言い訳Maybe (and its coupling song) being the ones that I liked most. Then, he further introduced me more songs of them that are called Stage Songs. I didn't like them all because there were so many songs. Only a few of them that I liked such as Bird, Mushi no Ballad, Shinkirou, Naki nagara hohoen de, End Roll, and Nagisa no Cherry. From this point onward, I started to like AKB48 more, not only enjoying / watching their stuff (AKBingo, live performances on the Internet and of course, the information & pictures of the members, especially Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Takahashi Minami, and Kojima Haruna) but also keeping myself up with the latest news about them.

My interest in AKB48 was at its highest during early-to-mid 2010. Me joining this forum in April was mostly triggered by my immense interest in AKB48. Thanks to this forum, I got to know more about AKB48, especially the news and its members. Also this year, they released singles that instantly became my favorites. Sakura no Shiori, Ponytail to Shushu, and Heavy Rotation, all of which very easily grew in me and made me repeating those songs but unfortunately, all these things only lasted a while.

Around the middle of the year, I started to lose my fondness towards AKB48 due to my stronger interest in Western music. This further worsened when I listened to their 18th single, Beginner which I disliked. I just couldn't stand the sound of it. Consequently, I rarely browsed about AKB48 and in the end, completely lost my interest in them. Since then, I haven't listened to their music, watched their videos / TV shows, enjoyed their other stuff or heard any news about them for more than a year and a half. The only thing I heard during this period of time was the news about AKB48 sister group in my country, the JKT48 but I didn't take much notice to it.

It was not until late-May 2012 –when I browsed through the Internet and found a fact that Maeda Atsuko has decided to leave the group– that I began to again take a look at AKB48. The first thing I did was only searching the stuff of the members at a regular phase on the Internet, especially Oshima Yuko, whose cute pictures really made me into her madly. I searched some more about AKB48 and I found a video which features Maeda Atsuko. In it, she said that she would withdraw from the upcoming general election. After watching it, me, at the time being so into Oshima, wanted to see the election so badly because I knew she was going to win. I streamed the election via YouTube and as expected, Oshima won. The result of this huge event and my subsequent constant browsing of the group made me an AKB48 fan again after my so-called "a-year-and-a-half hiatus."

Until today, I still listen to their songs –although I'm not much of a real AKB48 fan– and occasionally watch some videos including live performances, Sousenkyo / Janken, funny videos and AKBingo!


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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #85 on: August 18, 2012, 10:06:19 AM »
I think it started back when Tomomi Itano and Tomomi Kasai were included in the cast of Kamen Rider W as Queen and Elizabeth. I already know AKB48 back then but I care less or ignore them, since I listen more to jrock and SCANDAL songs.

I didn't get into the bandwagon until my sis, who is supposed to know more about AKB48, started downloading songs on the other room. She even performed Namida Surprise on a local Japanese culture convention along with her groupmates. She played it many times a day and I immediately got my "last song syndrome" back then.

So I decided to download one of their albums, "Kamikyoukutachi" and suddenly got hooked, and ended up buying it as my first AKB48 merch.

And the rest is history.

Some favorites:
Fave member: Jurina
Fave songs: Iiwake Maybe, Enkyori Poster, Ponytail to Shushu, Everyday kachusha, Heavy Rotation

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #86 on: August 20, 2012, 09:56:58 AM »
. .it starts when im br0wsing the net. .c0z i finding a manga site. .and just happend some suggestions have AKB48 in it, the name sounds cool i think^^. .i read some stuff about them. .i didn't kn0w that time that they had single & pv. .i thought they just perf0rmed live stages. . .so i ign0red them. .then the next day  the n0.48 c0mes in my mind. .and i search them again in the net^^ for pv's or song maybe. .but the first pv i saw was fr0m ske48. . .and i started reading articles or should i say brief history of akb48. . .to kn0w them well. . .why i didn't know them earlier. .
Who knows how long I've been lost in the dark?

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #87 on: August 25, 2012, 12:15:22 AM »
How did I never post here?

I loved Keibetsu back in 07, but was out of the idol business at the time, so I didn't get into them then. Then AKB went to LA in 2010, and boykun & tenkei were JPHiP press for the event. I blame all the awesome pics & stories they had, for getting me into AKB.

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #88 on: August 25, 2012, 11:42:44 PM »
My "first contact" song and PV was Aitakatta. It was nice but somehow I wasn't really impressed by that time. Second contact came with the Oogoe Diamond PV which I saw for the first time about two months after the release... then I finally saw greatness in this group. It was like "how could I possibly miss this before ?!?" :lol:

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #89 on: September 23, 2012, 01:48:07 AM »
2 years ago, I knew everything but nothing about AKB48.
a classmate of mine (who is a japanophile) mentioned AKB when I am telling her stories of my Kpop idols.
she said "9 is too many. (referring to SNSD) but at least, they weren't as many as AKB48. it has team A, team K.... "
a group with 48 members? I thought. it's quite bizarre. nevertheless, I got curious about them.
then I decided to look for thier PV's.  and the one I watched was skirt hirari.
honestly speaking, i did not like them immediately. being a fan of kpop at that time, my eyes are trained only to see at 3 to 9 girls dancing in synchronized choreography.. and with 16 of them, I find it hard to identify each girl even if i already searched their faces and names on google. XD

I first realized that I like them when I watched a live performance of RIVER.(the one with that fire-blasting machine onstage XD) that was in october 2010.
I realized then that they are amazing.  :twothumbs
then I read somewhere (that's in stage 48 I think) that sayaka is half-Filipino. of course, I was happy.  :lol:
before i knew it, I had watched all their previous PV's and left a comment on each. my comment in one sakura no hanabiratchi 2008 on youtube eventually becomes the highest rated comment until now.
takamina is my favorite memeber then. after i watched almost all their main singles, I proclaimed myself as a "fan" and yukirin as my favorite member.
I joined our local AKB forum 17 days before 2010 ended. that's when I realized that I should have an oshimen. I watched enkyori poster a few days before that, because of yukirin, but then I remebered someone who looks like yukirn except for her hair color and height caught my eye in that PV. 
of course, google made it easier for me to know who she is.  :heart:
then the rest, as they say, is history.
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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #90 on: September 08, 2013, 03:03:08 PM »
At first time, i kne them because of JKT48. At that time, i just wanted to see JKT48 and didn't want to know about AKB48 furthermore. But then, i watched some of AKB48's PV, and i'm in love with a short haired girl named Miyazawa Sae, until now. Since that i become in love with AKB48 and try to always search for their newest news.
Sae-Oshi and SaeYuki Shipper~~

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #91 on: October 07, 2013, 07:52:18 PM »
wow, nice stories we got for me, i actually consider it ...(?) never mind, It all started once upon a time when I was lurking around the world wide web for something fun to watch cause I believe that time 'I-could-already-die-out-of-boredom' and so I tried to hit the search button 'funny videos' on YT,

and there was this certain video of Yuko which came up out of the blue ( I still remember it was the YES! AMERICA! AKBingo ep), I was actually attracted to the number of hits and so I spared my not-so-precious time watching it... and there I'll never regret hitting the play button.

Until then, I looked for some other videos and eventually found out she's an idol from this 'AKB48' and there was this certain cat-girl appearing every other video, well you must know who she is by now... none other than KojiHaru. I was like "EH? why are they kissing....why...why? eh?" rather feeling disgust, It even made me search for more and so there was this 'Heavy Rotation' single and there.....goes Majisuka Gakuen, other PVs, General Election, fan vids....etc.

Bit by bit, until then I tried hard memorizing their names along with their faces as I actually couldn't recognize them except for Mayu, Yuko,Acchan, Takamina(Oh god thanks to her ribbon on top), Haruna and Mariko (short hair).

the rest is history.
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #92 on: October 22, 2013, 08:20:49 AM »
I only care about anime and manga before. I don't get excited much about humans except the seiyuus. One day I was looking for a manga to read and I found AKB49. The summary was really interesting so I read it. Around chapter 70+ I started downloading the PVs from the official youtube account of AKB. I looked at pictures of Acchan too because she is really cold in the manga and I was thinking how can a person as cold as her exist in showbiz only to find out it was exaggerated by the mangaka. Instead of seeing cold Acchan pics in tumblr, I saw more Atsumina. They are sooo sweet. I noticed there are a lot of those from AKBingo so I watched it. From then I started to love AKB and learned more.

To think December, last year, I was still watching anime everyday. When January hit, it became AKB48 everyday. 

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #93 on: October 24, 2013, 04:06:49 PM »

Now I'm an official fan! Hehehehe. She first showed me a picture of AKB48 and I was like whhaaaaa? It was already difficult memorizing the names of all 13 members of SUJU (I was a kpop fan first) and now 48 (or more) of them?!??! lol but it was easy for me cos my friend only kept showing me pictures/gifs/vids of Mayu, and Yuki. Mayu, yuki. mayu, yuki. so naturally the name Mayuki made its way into my brain cells cos I kept hearing her gushing over them every single day! But I'm thankful I found them. It feels like HEAVEN.

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #94 on: November 13, 2013, 06:47:38 AM »
Well I have to say that my interest started when beginner came out. I really liked the song and thought it was very uplifting. After that I lost interest because life was not the greatest. Then I heard sugar rush and searched who sung it and found out it was AKB48. That is all it took for me. Then I started looking up different songs and drama's featuring them and most everything about them(essentially the honeymoon phase). Ever since then I have been a fan and still finding different things to like about AKB48. :)

One thing I really like about AKB is that people are following there dreams. I always think it is nice to watch someone's dreams come true. Also watching the documentaries showed me the passion they have for there fans. That fact made me like them even more and their effort to put on a good show.

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #95 on: April 23, 2014, 01:11:30 AM »
Okeey guys!
How I become a AKB48 Fan? Let me think... It all started with K Pop. to say exactly because of snsd.
I am also a big snsd fan :)
As SNSD in Japan was famous, there was always these rumors about rivalry. And of course it was the Japanese national girl band AKB48!
I don't really think that there are rivals, because of different music direction... but ok!
My first impression was "OMG! There are too many girls! Who is who? ... I don't care!"
And so passed one year, without really knowing akb48.

The drama Mendol has led me back to the band. The music in this drama was really handsome! And Takamina was really cool and at the same time very cute in the drama. I figured out later that the three main characters were akb48 members.
In this moment I thought to myself "AKB48? Sounds very familiar.... ahhh! the girl band with to much member XD"
During this time I have known Takamina, Koijima and Mii-chan.
But nothing more! it went again a time.

A drama of Akb48 brought me back to the band again. The drama majisuka gakuen with the ace center Acchan! And WOW! First impression of the drama "Shit! This is weird but really funny and cool, the intro is like an earwig! And OMG! Who is the main character!!!"

From that moment I was looking for more information about akb48. :P ;)

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #96 on: October 18, 2014, 02:35:59 PM »
Actually I started being a very very big fan of KPOP I even spread it to my friends like a virus. :fap My favorite band in Kpop is F(x), 2ne1 and SNSD :wub: :inlove: they are known in our country but not so famous. :nervous I also addicted to Korean dramas but when its already our vacation i usually spend my days watching Korean dramas and movies and there is a time that i think i already watched too much Korean drama so i switched to Japanese drama. :thumbsup I searched funny dramas in google and saw Mendol i read its plot and for me its kinda interesting so i tried to watch it. :grin: :w00t: After watching dramas or movies i always research about the character's real life background and it brought me to AKB48 cause I think KAI~ (mendol) or takamina is very amazing in that drama :w00t: :inlove: even its like a lesbian drama :peace: but i'm surprised that there are so many members in their girl group. :shocked: I thought the hardest group to memorize will be SUJU and EXO well i'm wrong :( since for me its to hard to memorize i just set aside of being addicted to that group,  :huhuh :? But that sunday i guess there is a horror stories marathon in a channel and i tried to watch and saw takamina, yuko, kojima, miichan and etc.. I'm surprised so i researched about that horror drama and saw that they are absolutely there :shocked: and since that day i tried listening to their songs and watching their mvs. :thumbsup :twothumbs I saw Heavy rotation and i was like  :shocked: why they are kissing i thought its for dramas only.. :? :O :shocked its kinda awkward at first but i get used to it already.. whenever i let my friends see their mvs they were kinda  :shocked: "What the hell is that are they kissing yuck!"  :smhid :angry: and i will just say "Be used to it these kinds of videos are for open minded only hahaha" :rofl: Now they are used to it because of me. Now I'm planning to spread it like how i did spreading Kpop in our classroom.  ;) :lol: :otomerika:

And thats how I became a fan of AKB48  :twothumbs :lol: :cow:
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I'm addicted to Akb48 and its sister groups, Im also addicted in Kpop! My Oshimen is Takamina!

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #97 on: October 22, 2014, 05:24:43 AM »
I was a Morning Musume fan. But they slowly got less funny when everyone else kept 'graduating'. I already heard about AKB a few years back, but never gave a thought to see how they were like... And then i saw them on a couple of Mechaike specials. So it's thanks to 99-San i'm here. I picked Mayu as my oshimen 'cause i love how she always gets into fights with the sadistic Kato Koji. (I think they fought 3 times in 3 different Mechaike Specials? Not sure.)

Back then when i was new to AKB, i was like "Why the hell do they have this many members? They have more than enough members to fill up The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper Album!" O_O

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #98 on: November 02, 2014, 10:31:50 AM »
Hm.. Well, if you ask me why, the reason is "all unplanned & so sudden". First, i'm really into manga or anime addict, i don't really like J-rock or J-pop, or maybe dorama. But suddenly my bro being a fans of JKT48 and (i don't remember when) my bro starts to like AKB48. Honestly speaking, I'm type person that doesn't like cute girl, and because of that.. I don't have any interest from judging by their image. So I can say that I don't really care with JKT or AKB48 before.
But oneday, I try to watch some of their programs like akbingo, shukan akb, etc and found that they're so crazy funny. I can't help it but laugh when watching many of stupidness they expose to their fans. So i like them not because their pretty, cute, multitalented or else, but their stupidness.

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #99 on: December 17, 2014, 06:26:18 PM »
It's a really story..
I first know about them in 2009 or early 2010 (can't rmb clearly). I was shocked that AKB48 has so many members since I thought they had 48 (that's quite a lot alr huh...). Anyways, I thought they were just bunch of girls acting cute and all so I didn't bother liking them. I think like a few months later after forgetting about them, I found Namida Surprise MV (I should rmb correctly). Then again, I was like "wtheck?!" I didn't like girl groups that time.
Afterwards, don't know what year, I found out about AKB0048 anime and again my reaction, "wth". I went to Wikipedia then I saw how the members are split into team A K & B and the no. of members we just wow!
Ok I've been talking about how I knew them BUT not how I became a fan.
In October this year (2014), I was listening to Goosehouse (check them out ok cuz they're super talented). They were covering JUJU's Ashita Ga Kurunara. I wanted to listen the original song so I typed on youtube. I accidentally clicked a live version of it and there you have it: Juju, Yukirin & Mayuyu ver of that song. I was interested in Mayuyu at first (had no idea that those two are AKB at first) so when I clicked one suggested video, it was her interview about her solo and her journey in AKB48. And I was like "she's from AKB48??!!" And from there, I kept watching videos of AKB and their variety shows and boom! I'm a AKB fan! And right now, I really like SKE48 ;)
Ok I'm done..

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