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Author Topic: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [FINALE - Ch. 93 - (1/30)]  (Read 279240 times)

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don`t glare at me.... :gyaaah: i feel guilty (i am guilty too :nervous)

i commented again u should be proud of me :mon innocent:

hmmmm i can`t decide ... which one should i pick blah i`ll just take one :depressed:

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ok. I'm ready.
I'm  maybe a little late^^
The end came too quickly, I thought would be another 2-3 chapters. hehe
At first I thought, geez, I hate finals, when the future is somewhat blurred!  :smoke:  But then... Damn, so many options for future development. :hehehe:
This is the best ending of all possible. A little sad, cute and at the same time filling the hope.
Thank you for such a wonderful job. It was great. I'll go re-read everything from the beginning.

P.S.:I did not know what to choose, so let "Juliet and Cinderella".
P.P.S.:This is just music without lyrics. yes
Sorry for my bad English

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I don't know. I felt like I did. XD. But yaaay~ I have voted~ I'm excited now. That poll was fun. LOL. And get well soon.  Being sick sucks in all ways possible. ;___;
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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I Like Digital Game and Spy Action... but my favorite is Juliet and Cinderella <3

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@KirikomoriHime: LOL read all choices, it's like a golden rule on a test or sumthing XD

@risa_ai: well not every post is an update.. :nervous   XD

@Tian_Yuan: lol I know, and that one's pretty dark... time for change in genre?  XD

@Kikk4r: i am PROUD :lol:

@nighell: yay! I'm glad you liked the ending~ lol one of the few who did, i think  XD

@arisa03: lol I'm glad it was fun!  I was thinking maybe i'm making it too complicated :nervous and UGH yes it sucks :bleed eyes:

@Haruka: lol seems to be the favorite for most :lol:

Thank you for the comments and for voting! :twothumbs

Well it seems Juliet and Cinderella and Spy Action is neck and neck!  and Digital Game is like... out XD XD

I'm very close to choosing which one I wanna write but I guess I'll just surprise you guys in the end~ It's probably gonna be a last minute decision.  One day, I'll wake up and be like "Hm.. i think i'll just write ___" :lol:

But meanwhile, check out the first of the three epilogue/omake chapters! :w00t:


Chapter 91: SayuJun

   “Hey, kid, you got your allowance yesterday, right?”

   “There’s this new game that we want…”

   The little boy clutched on to his backpack as he backed away into the wall.  But the two large high school students gave him no room to escape, for they towered over him together.  The boy thought of screaming for help, but it hadn’t ever helped before.  After all, he had been bullied in this deserted alley many times, leading him to lose his money on a weekly basis.

   “I-if I tell mama I lost my allowance again,” the boy stammered, “I-I-I’ll really get into t-trouble…”  He cringed further back as though he could shrink away and disappear.

   “That’s none of our business,” the lankier boy sneered.  “Just give us your money!”

   “Yeah, before we pound your face in!” the fatter guy snickered.

   The little boy trembled in fear as he started to panic.  One of the older guys held up his fist threateningly as though he was about to punch any moment.  But then, an unfamiliar voice came from the opening of the alley.

   “Oi.  You’re in my way.”

   The three boys turned to see the silhouette of someone, slowly walking towards them.  It was a girl with long-black hair that stretched down to nearly her waist.  She was wearing a loose t-shirt that matched with her shorts; her face was pretty, but it was almost hidden with the red cap on her head. 

   “Just walk away while we’re giving you a chance, cutie,” the lanky boy smirked.  “You don’t wanna mess with us.”

   “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” the girl smiled confidently.  “It’s kind of pathetic to see two grown boys bully an elementary school kid…”

   “What the hell did you say?” the fat guy growled.  “Who do you think you are?”

   “W-wait a minute!” the other boy suddenly yelled, his eyes widening.  “C-could she be…?!”


   “You’ve heard of her!” the boy yelled, starting to tremble in fear.  “The long black-haired girl that ruled the streets of Tokyo, ever since her high school days!  It’s been years but rumor has it that she’s still feared by most yankii gangs!”

   “U-uso!” the fat boy gulped, taking a step back in fear.  “Y-you mean to say that… this girl is… JUNJUN?!”

   “J-junjun?!” the little elementary boy yelped, his skin turning white as though he was about to faint.  “I’ve heard of you!  You’ve beaten up most of the street fighters in Tokyo and even motorbike gangs!  Even the police leaves you alone because you do a better job than them!  You’re THAT Junjun?!”

   “Ara.”  The girl flipped her long black hair back and smiled sweetly.  “So you’ve all heard of my girlfriend before.”

   All three boys gasped in fear before swallowing hard.

   “G-g-g-girlfriend?!” the lanky guy stuttered.  “I-if she’s Junjun’s girlfriend… that means… this girl is…”

   “Ah!  I’ve heard of you, too!” the small kid yelled.  “You were trained by Junjun and her gang, so now everyone fears you even more than the leader herself!  The Black Beauty!  The Poison-Tongue!”

   “M-M-Michishige Sayumi!” the fat boy shouted, his voice cracking.

   “Maa, maa~ I’m flattered that you know me,” the black-haired girl giggled, “although I doubt that I’m actually feared more than Jun…”  Then, her expression changed from sugary sweetness to a dark glare with a mysterious smile.  “Well, now that you know who I am… I suggest you leave quietly before I get… angry.”

   Without another moment of hesitation, the two teenage boys ran off, screaming at the highest pitch they could manage.  The elementary school boy’s mouth dropped open at the scene in front of him, amazed by how easily the bullies had been reprimanded by this cute girl. 

   “Mou, I can’t believe people would fear me more than Junjun!” Sayumi moaned.  “How could anyone be afraid of this cute face?”

   “That’s what’s so scary,” the little boy mumbled, “the gap between your outside and inside…”

   “Did you say something?” the bunny asked, turning towards the little victim.

   “Ah!  Nope!  I didn’t say anything!” the boy said quickly, clapping his hands over his mouth.

   “You should be careful next time, too!” Sayumi warned, bending over a little to get eye-level with the kid.  “There are a lot of mean high school students like that these days.  You’re lucky I was passing through this alley today.”

   “H-hai!” the boy answered, bowing.  “Arigatou gozaimashita!”

   “No problem,” Sayumi smiled.  “Take care then~”

   The bunny stood up straight and walked away into the alleyway as the little boy continued to marvel at her from behind.  She started to pick up the pace as she quickly made her way through the passage.  She had turned into the narrow path in the first place because she was behind schedule.  Now, she would have to hurry along faster because of the little unexpected happening.

   She sighed as she recalled the way those teenage boys had been afraid of her.  Was she really that intimidating now?  Such a thing would’ve been unthinkable just four years ago when she was still in high school.  After all, she had been the antisocial new girl, the spoiled little ice princess who was bullied herself.  Until, of course, Junjun and her gang had declared a “Usa-chan Revolution” in order to change her.  And it had worked… to some degree.

   And after graduating from high school, Sayumi had insisted that she learn some fighting techniques from Junjun.  She claimed that it was for self-protection from those who considered Junjun and her growing following a threat, but it was more for the two of them.  She had thought that if she learned something that her yankii girlfriend knew well, perhaps they would have an easier time understanding each other.  But it was indeed true that she hated being the dependent one, always being protected like royalty.  She wanted more freedom, more wildness in her life.  She was surprised by her own change in attitude, yet she knew this was what she wanted.  Perhaps the yankii girl philosophy was getting to her. 

   But after a couple self-defense actions towards those who tried to target Junjun through her, it seemed that the whole town was afraid of her more than Junjun herself.  Sayumi was frustrated at this.  Yes, all her friends happened to be yankiis and most of all, her girlfriend was a yankii too, but she had never considered herself a yankii.  No, she would never actually label herself a delinquent (or an ex-delinquent, since the term was more for high school students and she was in the midst of her college years).  She was a lady, and a prominent one of the Michishige family.  That would never change.  So it was incredibly vexing to know that she was considered more of a threat than the real gang leader herself. 

   Before she knew it, Sayumi was on a familiar street, headed towards the tiny rooftop home of her girlfriend.  She figured that Junjun was probably home already by now from the internship that she had taken after turning down many other offers from various companies; she was still only in college but many companies had offered to pay her full tuition if she was to intern for them.  After all, Junjun was known as one of the top students in Tokyo, if not Japan.  Although she seemed very reliable and formal to the business world, she was actually still the same Junjun—Michishige Sayumi’s girlfriend—who was currently waiting for the bunny’s arrival so that they could start eating dinner.  Sayumi had even given her nanny instructions to let her dog caretakers off work early today as well; Aika and Linlin deserved some down time as well, although they considered their job barely any “work”. 

   Suddenly, a couple figures emerged from the shadows and blocked Sayumi’s way, standing menacingly.  Some had metal poles and bats in their hands.  The bunny stopped in her tracks but her face showed no emotion.  She was truly shocked, and rather scared, but it was another one of those things she learned from the girls, specifically Aika.  No matter what, keep a poker face.

   “Michishige Sayumi?” one of the men said in a low voice.  “You’re gonna have to come with us.”

   “Sorry, but I’m kind of busy right now,” the bunny sighed.  “I’ll go with you boys next time, okay?”

   “You think we’re joking here?!” another man growled, hitting the ground with a metal pole. 

   “Your girlfriend has been giving us a bit of trouble lately,” the man who seemed like the leader said.  “She busted all our dealers to the police so now, we have no stash!”

   “So you better come with us,” the first man rumbled.  “Or else.”

   “Maa~ you all brought metal bats and poles to kidnap a cute girl like me?” Sayumi pouted.  “That’s kind of pathetic.  No wonder why it was so easy to bust you guys.  You guys are all kind of lame.”

   “Why you—!”

   One of the men dashed towards the bunny at full speed, swinging the bat in his hand.  Sayumi groaned and mumbled something about how annoying this all was before ducking out of the way of the bat and punching the man’s face.  Another gangster dashed towards her but met a similar fate as Sayumi’s feet hit his cheek.  The rest of the men started to panic a little but continued to attack, but soon was defeated by Sayumi’s effortless strikes.  Before long, the leader mumbled something like a little girl and started to run away, leaving his minions to limp after him.  The bunny dusted off her outfit and flipped her hair and let out a breath of relief.

   “Thank goodness they weren’t that aggressive,” she sighed.  “I could’ve been in real trouble there…”

   “You know, most people would define gangsters with metal poles as aggressive.”

   Sayumi looked up towards the place where the familiar voice came from and let out a groan of frustration.  Her girlfriend was perched up on a stone wall, sitting rather comfortably with her face in her hands.  She grinned and waved a little.

   “But then again, you’re not like most people,” she said, “which is why I like you.”

   “Mou~ Junjun!” Sayumi scolded.  “Have you been sitting there the whole time?”

   “Yup,” the panda said proudly.  “I thought of going out to meet you but I saw those guys coming… so I climbed up here to enjoy the show.”

   “You could’ve helped me,” Sayumi grumbled.

   “You didn’t need help,” Junjun shrugged.

   “… I know,” the bunny admitted, rolling her eyes.  “But couldn’t have come to save me anyway?  Let me preserve a bit more class, will you?  I’ll fight back when necessary but you know I don’t want people to think I’m a gangster or something!”

   “Yeah, yeah, okay,” Junjun laughed.  She jumped off the wall and dusted her clothes off.  Then, she walked up to her lover and placed her hand underneath her chin.  “I apologize, princess.  Next time, I’ll make sure to come save you sooner.”

   “… Fine,” Sayumi said, acting nonchalant.  “I’ll forgive you, just this once.”

   Smiling, Junjun leaned in and kissed the girl as Sayumi kissed back.  She then took her hand and ushered her forward.

   “Come on,” the panda said.  “If we keep Aika and Linlin waiting any longer, one of them is going faint from hunger.”

   Laughing, Sayumi nodded as she took a step forward.  But then, she felt the world shift into a different angle as she toppled over from loss of balance.  Fortunately, Junjun caught her just in time before she could hit the ground. 

   “Woah, what gives?” she asked.

   “Ouch, I think I stepped on something…”  Sayumi took off her shoe and looked at it.  Realizing what had happened, she let out a yell of frustration.  “Mou, that’s the third pair this month!”

   “Your heels broke again?” Junjun chuckled.  “I don’t know how you manage to break so many in one month.”

   “It’s actually because of you!” the bunny grumbled.  “I keep having to fight more these days, and that means more kicking, and that means more broken heels!”

   Junjun laughed again, simply entertained by everything.  “I guess it can’t be helped, then…”

   In the blink of an eye, Sayumi was cradled snuggly into Junjun’s arms, lifted up in bridal style.  The bunny let out a yelp of shock and clutched onto her girlfriend’s neck.

   “J-Junjun!” she mumbled, blushing, “let me down!  I’m heavy!”

   “No you’re not, stop squirming.”  Junjun grinned as she gently tossed the bunny into the air to get a better hold of her.  “You can’t walk in your shoes anyway, right?  I’ll just carry you like this the rest of the way.”

   Before Sayumi could protest more, the panda started to walk forward whilst effortlessly carrying her lover.  The bunny looked away shyly; twenty-one-years-old and she was still being held like this…

   “This is kind of nostalgic, isn’t it?” Junjun said suddenly.  “This is how we told everyone we were going out.”

   “I didn’t tell anyone anything,” Sayumi retorted back.  “You’re the one who just yelled it out.”

   “But you’re the one that confessed by climbing a tree,” the panda smirked.  “And then falling from it.”

   Sayumi remained silent, unable to think of a good comeback.  The truth was that she was also feeling nostalgic.  She could never forget that very moment when Junjun caught her before she hit the ground, and the way she kissed her to answer her confession, and how she carried her like this for everyone to see…

   “We were such romantics back then,” Sayumi said quietly.  “Both of us, with all those challenges and stuff… so immature.”

   “We’re still romantics,” Junjun replied.  “And there was nothing wrong with those challenges.  It’s how we got closer, isn’t it?”

   “Yes, but thinking back into it, we were really childish, I think,” the bunny said.  “We’re legally adults now; those days are over.”

   “Think again, Usa-chan.”

   Then, Junjun stopped in her tracks and kissed her girlfriend, just like she did four years ago, under that tree, in front of the whole school.  Sayumi’s eyes widened for a while but then she closed them, remembering back to the time she experienced this first love as a youthful teenage girl.  Junjun parted from her as she kissed her forehead one more time.

   “There’s nothing wrong with being childish once in a while,” she grinned.  “We can still be romantics.  Twenty-one isn’t that old.”

   Sayumi blinked a couple times before smiling, appreciating her girlfriend’s logic.  She nodded in agreement as Junjun started to walk again.

   “What’s for dinner?” the bunny asked.

   “Udon,” the panda grinned.  “But the noodles are a bit thicker this time… Think you can take it in?”

   “Try me.” 

   Sayumi smiled confidently as her lover laughed at her reaction.  The two lovers continued on in their way together, holding each other close.

   There’s nothing wrong with staying young a little while longer… right?


Just a little insight into the future, I suppose~  :D

This was a SayuJun epilogue... there's three in total... i guess you all kinda know where i'm taking this XD

 :byebye: :sleep:

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)
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FIRST!!~ The best update ever, Saryu!! Hehe. Cute sayu→angry sayu. Scary. XD
good job. Update soon!

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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All that went through my head during the confrontation was the opening scene of Shugo Chara's first episode xDD Yay JunSayu <3 they've actually become one of my favorite pairings since reading your story  :cathappy:

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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“Ara.”  The girl flipped her long black hair back and smiled sweetly.  “So you’ve all heard of my girlfriend before."
I was NOT expecting this :shocked: i expected SAYU! to be the one at home waiting lol.. wow..

Well, that was sweet, You made me love them.  XD The way their portrayed in this story was new. So i wasted no time getting used to it and loving it..

So im assuming who's next is TakaGaki?  :P I wonder how that would be, Risa is 21 and Ai-chan is 27 lol.

Im just so anxious to see Tanakame's..  :panic:
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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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Sayu kicking the ass of Everyone xD

Hellz Yeah! *u* She can be part of the Yankii Team with Fujimoto-sama and Reina and Nakazama XDDDDD

It surprised me at first... I thought for a second that it was Jun O_o but thinking of it... Sayu really needs some self-defence classess for been the Leader's GF :3

Wow picturing Saju with high heels and having this kinda fun its... nice XD

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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 :lol: Sayu beating everyone up but telling Jun she wanted her to rescue her!

Nice to have SayuJun back to finish off thier story in style!  :wub:

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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LOL Sayumi is badass

yey you should be more proud of me while i comment on the last chapters :P (which i hope will come out soon if you get what i mean lol :mon misch:)

it`s Takagaki next right  :mon lovelaff: or are you gonna keep me suffering? :mon emo:

update fast please  :pig sleep:


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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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Yay! Fast forward to the future! All the couples can't have happy endings though, right? Anyway, thanks for the sayujun story! They are a very good pairing! ^^ seems like in both of your stories Sayu's character always has the most drastic changr from the beginning to the end, but it is always for the best!  Keep up the greay work! I always randomly check thid thread and i am always pleasantly surprised!

C'mon spy action!!!!!

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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yay~! 1st we get junsayu~! lol its cute to see sayu pwn dudes lol bunny's got some kick ass technuqes lol cant wait for the next two omakes~
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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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What happend here o_O...

I didnt have a deja vu... right? XD

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Re: Chigatte mo Iin da yo! ~Mainly TanaKame, TakaGaki~ [UPDATE - Ch. 91 - (1/22)]
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OH GOOD i'm not the only one  :nervous :nervous

I was so confused.... either I had dreamt that I posted the next chapter, or something funky happened to this forum :nervous

I'm just gonna post this again.... it's a hassle for you guys, but i'd appreciate it if you'd comment again?  I didn't get to read them (if there were any in the first place..) :sweatdrop:


Chapter 92: TakaGaki

   “Just because I cut class for one day, Mama, it doesn’t mean I won’t graduate, you know?”

   Risa attempted to make a case against her mother’s opinion as she bit off a piece of toast.  Her mother just rolled her eyes and smiled, refusing to even discuss the matter at hand.  This only made the bean even more frustrated as she let out a low groan.  During these moments, she and her mother both agreed on the fact that Risa really did age backwards, in a sense.  After all, she was 21 years old, yet she seemed more childish than she was at the age of 17.  On the other hand, her mother had grown to become more mature over the past four years, or rather, revealed the truly mature mother self she always had been. 

   Perhaps it was because the bean’s lover lived so far away from her; day by day, Risa had noticed that she was getting clingier and clingier towards her girlfriend ever since she moved back to Fukui.  She hated this part of herself, but her lover rather seemed like the fact that she was acting like an immature brat, and spoiled her even more through sweet talks on the phone and consistent love e-mails.  And since Risa was being spoiled like a child, her mother had no choice but to be the mature one in the family now.

   The argument today was also because of the said girlfriend.  Ai was finally coming back up to Tokyo to visit the bean, but her train was to arrive during the time Risa was in lecture.  The bean had insisted that she would skip one day of class to go meet her lover at the train station, but her mother had firmly disapproved.

   “Really, Mama,” Risa argued again, “I’m in college now.  Everybody cuts class once in a while.  It won’t affect my grades that much.  Please?”

   “Oh, hush and finish your breakfast,” the mother scolded.  “You’re going to be late for your lecture.”

   “Mama~!”  Risa proceeded to fall backwards onto the floor and roll around in frustration, throwing a tantrum.  Her mother laughed as she gently smacked her daughter’s butt.  “Itai!”  Risa shot back up into a sitting position and pouted.

   “Risa-chan, you almost have all your credits for graduating,” Mama Gaki said.  “Didn’t you say you wanted to graduate this year?”

   “I was supposed to graduate next year anyway…” Risa mumbled.

   “Well, since you have enough credits anyway, just graduate this year,” the mother insisted.  “Tuition costs a lot, Risa-chan; I think it’s great that you can graduate college in just three years.  But, this means that you can’t slack off now.  It doesn’t look good to the school board.”

   “But… mou, Mama~!”  Risa moaned again, gently kicking her feet against the floor.  “I feel like I should go out to meet Ai-chan at the train station… I haven’t seen her in four years, Mama…”

   “And you will see her,” the mother grinned.  “After you come home from school.”


   “I’ll make sure to pick her up from the train station right on time, and I’ll bring her straight here,” Mama Gaki promised.  “Now stop whining and go to class if you’re done eating.  You have a bus to catch.”

   Realizing that there was no way she could bend her mother’s will, Risa grumbled something incoherently as she slowly got up.  She shuffled to the bathroom and brushed her teeth at the speed of light and quickly pulled a comb through her hair one last time.  Then, she grabbed her bag on the way to the front door and shoved her feet into her shoes. 

   “Don’t forget, her train arrives at 1 o’clock!” Risa reminded her mother.  “Platform 5!”

   “Yes, yes, I got it,” Mama Gaki chuckled, waving from the living room sofa.  “Itterasshai!”


   The bean left her house energetically, shutting the door behind her.  Her mother sighed in the living room as she leaned back, relieved that her daughter finally left.

   “Oh dear, it was more difficult than I thought it would be to keep my mouth shut,” she mumbled to herself.  “I think Takahashi-chan overestimated my acting abilities.  I wonder if Risa-chan fell for it…?”

**  **  ** 

   Risa stepped out of the public bus and breathed in the fresh air.  She was now directly facing the entrance of her college campus that led the way into the vast greens of the square.  It had been a hassle her freshman year to walk from the bus station to the campus which took up a good 15 minutes more of her time, but the bus system had luckily added the college campus as another bus stop itself, so the bean would no longer have to factor in the extra time it would take for her to walk to the entrance.

   Holding onto her bag, Risa walked through the gates and followed the neatly paved passage towards the lecture hall.  Her day was to start off with a double-orientation of government and economics class.  Since it was the start of a new semester (and hopefully, her last before graduating a year earlier than other students her age), all classes were to start with an orientation for students who were taking certain courses for the first time.  Risa had been taking both courses for the past semester and was planning on finishing the requirement for each this coming semester; the orientation that she had already been through was sure to be boring.

   Still mumbling complaints about how she wasn’t able to go to the train station, Risa entered the lecture hall and found the correct room.  She was a little early, but many of the seats were already filled in.  It looked like it would be a full house soon.  Risa found a seat near the back where she had a clear view of the board and the podium, many levels below her row.  The room was set up like most lecture halls in her college, with the students sitting on the higher levels to look downwards at the professor. 

   As she put her bag down on the table and sat down, Risa took out her cell phone from her pocket and found the familiar name on her contacts list.  There was nothing wrong with texting before class started, right?  Having convinced herself, Risa busily tapped on her keypad.

   Mama will go out to meet you, she thought to herself as she texted.  I can’t wait to see you.

   She shut the cell phone cover and nervously tapped her foot for a while, waiting for a reply.  Her cell phone vibrated in less than a minute and the bean quickly flipped it open. 

   I miss you, too, Risa read, thinking the words in her mind.  We’ll see each other pretty soon.  The moment will come before you know it.

   The bean smiled, imagining her girlfriend said those words aloud.  As she was about to quickly text back, the lecture hall door opened and two professors marched in.  Sighing in regret, Risa quickly silenced her cell phone and put it away.  The rest of the students quickly quieted down as well and found their seats.  The two professors in the front—a middle-aged man and a slightly elder woman—approached the podium.

   “Good morning, everyone!” the man boomed, allowing his voice to reach all the way to the back of the lecture hall.  “To those of you who don’t know me, I will be your government instructor for this semester.  Takagi Kazuya desu!”

   “And I will be your economics professor,” the elderly lady said in a papery voice, causing all the students to lean forward in their seats in order to hear.  “Meguro Kyoko desu.”

   “Eh~ since today is only the orientation,” Takagi Kyouju continued, “we will simply be instructing you today on what you will learn for the next couple weeks.  A laptop will be a requirement everyday—”

   “Takagi Kyouju,” Meguro Kyouju interrupted, laughing softly, “aren’t you forgetting about something?”

   “… Ah!”  The man smacked his forehead gently, causing some students to laugh in good humor.  “I completely forgot!  Eh~ Minna-san!  Last semester, we had a teacher’s assistant for Meguro Kyouju here on the economics side.  For this semester, however, the government side will have a teacher’s assistant to aid you in properly learning this course.”

   Risa nodded in comprehension as she thought back to her previous semester when she got to know her economics teacher’s assistant.  She had been a graduate of some college in Miyagi that came up to Tokyo to learn how to teach at a university level.  Supposedly, she had moved onto her next post as a teacher’s assistant somewhere in Fukuoka.

   “So, we would like to introduce our new teacher’s assistant today,” Takagi Kyouju said as he turned his head towards the door.  “You can come in now!”

   The door slid open to let a small woman wearing a blouse with jeans and flats into the room.  She had brown hair that was styled into a short boyish cut and wore thick-framed glasses.  She turned towards the chalkboard and started to write her name in big letters.  Risa slowly lifted her head that had been balancing on her hand as her eyes widened.  The teacher’s assistant dusted her hands off and turned to face the students with a smile.

   “I will be your teacher’s assistant for government this semester,” she announced.  “Takahashi Ai desu.  Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

   As the small woman bowed, the students clapped while whispering excitedly amongst themselves, impressed by her beauty.  Risa’s mouth slowly dropped open as though something was about to be said, yet the words were still unknown.  When her brain unfroze, however, Risa immediately acted on instinct: she smacked her hand down loudly on the table and shot up from her seat.


   The room fell silent as all eyes turned towards the bean standing near the back with a shocked expression.  The three teachers in the front of the room froze and stared at the student who had overreacted, not knowing how to react.  The teacher’s assistant in particular gazed at her with surprised confusion in her eyes.  But she was definitely Ai!  Risa would be able to recognize that face anywhere!  Her hair was much shorter now and she wore glasses, but that voice and features had not changed at all after all these years.  It was definitely her Takahashi Ai, she was sure of it!

   “Oi, Niigaki!” Takagi Kyouju yelled.  “What’s up with the sudden screaming?  Sit down!”



   Swallowing hard, Risa slowly sat back down in her seat.  Then she heard the whispers of her fellow peers, all questioning her action.  That’s when the embarrassment of making a fool out of herself in front of everyone washed over.  But she was absolutely sure that was Ai-chan!  If she could just catch her eyes…

   Risa stared intensely at the teacher’s assistant, trying to make eye contact with her.  But the woman did not look up as she stared straight into empty space. 

   “Okay, now,” Takagi Kyouju said,” continuing from where we left off, a laptop is a must!  You guys all might wanna write these requirements down…”

   At the professor’s subtle hint, the students started to take out a writing utensil and a notepad all at once, causing a slight commotion.  Risa remained still as she continued to stare at the short woman in the front of the room.  Then, she slowly looked up at the bean, met her eyes, and smiled, winking like she used to do way back when.  Risa felt herself blush as she gasped softly.  It really was her!  It was Takahashi Ai, Ai-chan, her girlfriend, her Ai-chan!

   With another sly smirk, Ai slowly turned away from the bean to face the chalkboard and started to write whatever requirements the professors dictated.  Risa chewed on her bottom lip as she tuned out the words that her instructors were saying and focused on her own thoughts instead.  Why was Ai-chan here now?  Her train wasn’t supposed to arrive until 1 o’clock!  And most shocking of all… she was her T.A. now?!  Just what was going on?

   After spending the entire lecture wallowing in these questions that repeated over and over again in her mind, Risa finally realized that orientation was over and all the students were piling out of the room.  Even the professors in the front were slowly exiting after shaking Ai’s hand.  In a few moments, only the two of them were left in the large lecture hall.  Risa slung her bag over her shoulder and slowly climbed down the stairs to approach the front of the room as Ai busily erased the chalkboard.

   “Were you shocked?” she spoke up first, laughing a little.  “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

   “Some surprise,” Risa mumbled.  “What are you doing in Tokyo so early?  Your train’s not supposed to arrive for another couple hours.”

   “My train arrived yesterday morning,” Ai grinned as she put the erase down and dusted her hands off.  “My things are all in my new apartment already, too.  I wanted to make it in time for my new job here.”

   “As my TEACHER?!” Risa shrilled, her mouth dropping open in utter disbelief again. 

   “Teacher’s assistant,” Ai corrected.

   “Oh, big difference,” the bean snapped.  “Why did you take such a job anyway?”

   “I was getting bored teaching middle school students in Fukui,” Ai said nonchalantly.  “I wanted to move onto older kids.  And since you can’t be a college professor right away… I thought that I might study a bit here.  Maybe go to graduate school.  Get a Ph.D.”

   “You say it like it’s so easy…” Risa muttered to herself.  “You come all the way here to Tokyo in secret without telling anyone—”

   “Oh no, I told someone,” Ai interjected.  “But that someone just didn’t tell you.”

   “What?  Who—”  Risa stopped short and slowly narrowed her eyes in fury.  “Mama… Mama desho?!”

   “Don’t be too angry with her,” Ai laughed.  “It was my request.  I told her to pretend like she knows nothing.”

   “Why didn’t you just tell me you were coming to Tokyo early?” Risa groaned.  “And about getting hired at my college?”

   “Well, it’s more fun this way, isn’t it?” Ai smiled.  “I got to see a very cute Risa overreacting in the middle of a lecture… You haven’t changed a bit.”

   “Yeah, well, you seem to have changed a lot,” Risa grumbled, crossing her arms.  “Taking pleasure in another’s embarrassment…”

   “I was always like that,” Ai disagreed.  “You know I love teasing you.”

   “Well… your hair changed,” Risa mumbled back.  “You cut it.”

   “Yeah, it was just easier to manage,” the older woman sighed, ruffling her hair.  “I’m sorry… did you like it better long?”

   “No, it looks nice like this, too,” Risa admitted.  “And… you wear glasses now?”

   “Occasionally,” Ai shrugged.  “My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.”  Then, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and pulled her close.  “But since we’re this close to each other… I can see you clearly now.  I don’t need my glasses anymore so… take them off for me?”

   Risa blushed a little at the request, feeling conscious of the way her lover was holding her so gently, like a previous gem that she had longed for all these years.  Risa reached out and slowly removed her girlfriend’s glasses and naturally placed her hands on her shoulders.  Ai smiled warmly at her, a joyful blush obviously dyeing her cheeks as well.  After four years, her features had not aged as much as one would expect, yet the evidence of being 27 and no longer 23 was there.  However, her steady gaze towards the girl she was in love with as well as her welcoming smile had not faded away at all.

   “I guess you haven’t changed so much after all…” Risa murmured, smiling.  “I… really missed you, Ai-chan…”

   “Not as much as I missed you…”

   As though she could no longer hold back, Ai dipped in and kissed the lips that she had longed for these past four years.  She was gentle and sweet, yet Risa could detect the certain hunger in her action.  But all too soon, the bean leaned back slightly, breaking the contact.

   “Ai-chan, we’re still in the lecture hall!” she whispered alarmingly.  “What if someone sees?”

   “Oh, let them,” Ai scoffed.  “The worst they could do is kick me out again to Fukui.”

   “Don’t even say such things; you’re going to give me a heart attack!” Risa scolded, gently slapping her lover’s arm.  “After all that’s happened to us, you still want to take risks…”

   “Well, what’s love without some danger?” Ai grinned.  She kissed her girlfriend again, laughing softly.  “If it’s you, I don’t mind another scandal…”

   “Mou, Ai-chan…”

   “Ah-ah, we’re still technically in school.”  The older woman waved her finger in disapproval.  “You can’t call your teacher by her name, that’s rude, Gaki-san.”

   At this, Risa couldn’t help but laugh out as Ai quickly joined in.  Then, she looked at her lover again with bright eyes that held much hope for the future.

   “Well then,” Risa said, smiling, “mata yoroshiku onegaishimasu… Sensei.”


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the main server went all crazy and from that the day befores posts are all gone ;3; thats why the comments dissapeared eith wey i cant fully rememebr what i put for a coment but i'll say that risa is cute being all immature now, and that her and ai will never seem to get out of the classroom XD
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I was listening to Buono's Honto no Jibun before reading the chapter, so the show was fresh on my mind  :lol:

That's our little reaction queen <3 I can't remember if this story had any moments that made me think of her title (if that makes sense  :sweatdrop: )  until just now xDD (Not that that's a bad thing! It just made me laugh)

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Well nice to be back even if we did have to go back a day pretty much, well hopefully you read my comments on this first, simply it was great! :thumbsup

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YATTA! Anata wo saiko! I love the fluff!

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