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Author Topic: [AKB48] Pretty Soldier 48  (Read 3534 times)

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[AKB48] Pretty Soldier 48
« on: January 17, 2011, 09:38:22 AM »
hi guys, this is my 3rd fanfict i guess. i come up with another new story. i hope u all like it :yep: i haven't got the tittle so if u have one please let me know..  :thumbsup enjoy...



midnight in tokyo

"Professor?!are u sure is this the right place?" the assistant ask
"yeah!i'm sure this is.Based on the map i think we suppose to dig in there."

the assistant try to dig it and found a chase. he shout "PROF!!!i think i found something."
"are u sure?!" the professor curious "Yeah!there are some kind of's look like a star / galaxy."
"let me check it." the professor chek the symbol n then open the chase! then....

"WHOOOOAAAA!!!!!who are you?please!!!dont kill me!!"
"kei, go now i'll handle this creature." the professor ordered. "how about you?!" "i'll be go and bring the artifact with kei, RUN!!!!"

"what u wanna do... go away...aaaa...aarrghhhhtttt...."


in the other place....

"My Lord!someone has release 'him'!" "ah, is that so..!!it's really bad." "yes my lord!we must move fast." "i know.uhm...we dont have any choice."
"you mean...???we should..." "yeah!release the moon power right now.who ever that power choose.she has to gather the other power to help her to destroy 'him'"


"Mom!dad!Minami!Nyan2!minna!mooo, where are u guys!" suddenly... 'come here...come here..come here young girl!' she heard that voice "Minami!!is that you?guys!!i dont want to play hide and seek here!!"
she follow that voice and then all the vision change.. "what the..??" the wind blowing so strong.she saw a shadow.he destroy everything and....

"acchan!hey...acchan!!wake up sleepy head!"
"uhmm?mooooo, minami?" "hey, wake up!its not good sleeping on the stage floor."
"stage floor?" "yeah!u've been sleeping for 1 hour and i couldnt move coz u use me as the pillow." takamina protest
"uhm?a, i'm sorry minami.i guess i'm too tired.and i got a strange dream." acchan then woke up and stand to pick up her stuff.
"hee??really?!could u tell me what it is?" takamina curious "later!" acchan smile. "btw , where are the others?" "oh!they have been gone."
"WHAT!!!u should have wake me up.i dont want got u into trouble.since you are 'Kai' the member of Persona now." acchan teasing. "OOWWGH!!come on acchan!nobody is in here.can i be myself right know." takamina pout "Beside,how can i woke u up?"
acchan chukkle "well, u could wake me up if..." "if.." acchan then move closer to takamina n say "if...u kiss me" takamina suprise n her cheek redden "wha..wha..what's that mean??"
"minami, u are so cute when you shy like that." "ck, please stop playing acchan." "so, shall we go know?" acchan ask
"where to go?" "escort me to my home of course." "ow, and why should i do that?" acchan move closer again to takamina n it make the little girl here feeling un easy "coz, you are the otoko now kai-san" "mooo...okay..okay i'll escort u.but please dont move closer anymore."
acchan giggle n then grab takamina hand. "okay, let's go" "hai!but dont forget, call me kai." "hai, hai!"

takamina drive acchan to her own apartment.acchan directly go to her room and have a rest.
and again.. "Come my dear, come here" 'again, that voice.' she follow that voice again n then she meet a young lady.she is so beautiful.she wears white gown.
"come here my child" "who are you?" "i'm the moon princess" "moon princess?" "yeah!n it's look like my moon power has chose you!"
acchan shock "moon power?chose me?whats the meaning?" "you will help me to prevent the destruction" "destruction?me??i'm just a come?" "you can n you aren't gonna be alone.luna will help i shall go."
"but...but...princess wait!!Waiiiiiit....!!" acchan suddenly woke up "woooow what's thats.i guess i just have a weird dream." suddenly "it's not dream princess."
"heeee????who is that??" "it's me!!" acchan more shocked "whaaaaat???a talking cat" "sorry i'm disturbing name is luna.dont be afraid." "Luna?are u the one that princess in my dream said?" acchan grab luna to her lap "yeah, thats me.nice to meet you."
"so, it wasn't dream then" "nope.look what's in your hand." acchan look her hand "he?what is this?" "that is the moon staf.u need it to transform." "transform??" "yeah, transform to the moon legendary soldier." "what???" acchan frowned
"it cant be true.u must be wrong.i'm just an ordinary girl."  "no, u're the are the chosen one.please!!if we not prevent galaxia she will destroy tokyo." "galaxia?who is she?" "she is the one that almost destroy our planet.someone have release her and your planet is in danger."
"whaaaaat???" "yeah!please!only u can prevent it." acchan think "okay, i'll try my best.but moon princess i wont be alone." "yups, thats right.u must found the other soldier n release their power." "wow, i think it gonna be difficult." "dont worry princess.i'll help you.u see the moon shape in my head?it will glow when there are the moon power."
"ah, i see.okay!thats not really hard i guess.lets go back to sleep. we'll start tomorrow."

takamina POV

takamina ride home after she escort acchan.

"fiuhhh....!!!! finally i could go home n then take a is really exhausted.i've been through lot off weird incident today.i have to deal with all the fan girls, have a photoshot.why would i wanna accept that contract."


"u wanna be idol dont u?" "yeah all have been my dream." "now read n sign this contract?" "no need to read. i'll sign it."
"well, now u officially become part of my ikemen group." "yeaaaaah...he? but wait?what did u say?ikemen?" "yeah, ikemen!u would be the member of Persona"
"whhaaaaaaaat???i thought..." takamina suprise "i have told u to read it first.thats not my lets meet with your friend here."
"nyan2!!!miichan!!!" takamina eyes went wide "hi there minami." they both wave to takamina "how could this happend???" "same like yours." nyan2 n miichan said
"owgh....i see." " be calm n let get to the bussines." the manager said.

end flashback

"and since then i become one of the ikemen group "Persona". everyone known me as kai, nyan2 as riku and miichan as kuu.well i'm happy we now have been known but thats not real me."
"no one knows that we are actually a girl until we meet acchan.acchan is my childhood friend.we have been separated for 7 years."
"at the first she didnt recognise me.but she accidentaly look at my necklace.she give it to me before she moved.she become currious n then she followed me n found out that i'm takamina her childhood friend."
"coz of she also know that nyan2 n miichan are also a girl.we become closer n come up a gossip that i n she is a couple.well, i'm ikemen in here what can i say."
"but, i wonder why every time i look at her my heart beating so fast.i wonder!!" takamina touch her chest but suddenly.... someone cross in front of her car then takamina try to avoid it..
she manage to avoid it and go out her car to see what is it..when she checked it.. "WHAT????WHO ARE YOU??WHAT DO YOU WANT?" "I NEED BLOOD..." "WHAAAAT???WAIIIT.....AAAARRGGHHHHHT....."

in the morning....


"moshi...moshi...maeda here" "ACCHAN!COME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!!!"
"miichan?MIICHAN what happend???" acchan worried "takamina. she...." miichan havent finished her word but acchan alr hang up the phone.
hearing that noice luna wake up "acchan what happend?" "not nopw luna.somthing happend to my friend." "wait?!can i come too?i feel galaxia aura."
"sure!let's go!"

mean while in the hospital

"doctor, how is my friend condition." nyan2 ask "uhm?patient name?"
"'s is he?" "owgh, kai-san.well he...."

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Re: [AKB48]
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2011, 03:51:40 PM »
acchan is sailor moon!  :otomerika:
reading this fic makes wanna watch PGSM for the 10+ time!
♫ atsui kimochi wa c' est la vie ♫
 :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
can't wait to find out who's the other senshi's.
what happen to takamina.... i hope she alright!
thanks for this fic.... :cow: :cow: :cow:
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Re: [AKB48] Pretty Soldier 48
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@aoi_sora thanks lot for reading and comment....  :bow: :bow: i'll do my best in making in this fanfict  :cow:

and now all,
this is the 1st chapter. i hope u all like it... but must remember i'm make a akb fanfict in here not sailormoon...  :yep: :yep: please enjoy..


chapter 1 : The Birth of Water Senshi

"hosh...hosh..." acchan run as fast as she could after received the phone from miichan
'minami....what happend to you?!' acchan minds is only full of takamina right now.her bestfriend is in the hospital now.
luckly for acchan that the hospital is not far away from her apartment. it took around 10 minutes from her apartment. in the hospital she look at nyan2..nope riku is talking to the doctor.

"so doctor how is my friend condition." riku worried "it's ok riku san.kai san is fact someone has pay him a visit."
"he?someone?u mean he is not alone in there?" riku confuse "yeah, he with...." suddenly acchan cut the doctor tp speak "doctor what happend to my friend?" acchan panic "well, he..." riku wants to speak but cut by kai screaming..


"KAI!!!" they all then rushing to kai room and there they found...

"Ray, let me go!" kai strugle "ow, come on kai.i know you hurt n my hug could make u calm." ray insist "What do you you are doing?someone could see us." "owgh!u mean them?" ray pointed to acchan and others.

"Them?what the...??" kai supprise "acchan?!riku?!kuu?!" kai stunned "i think he is fine." kuu giggle "well, he alr have accompany better i go!" acchan said with a cold expression and walk leave the small boy here. looking that the small boy back again to the reality.

"acchan its not what u think.she?owgh ray please let my hand go?!" kai took her hand from ray then rushes to chase acchan "kai?!wait!" ray try to follow him until she receive a message from her manager "owgh?!not now?!" she pout. then riku approch her "ray, i think u better go.duties call." riku smile

"well, okay!dont forget to tell me his condition okay!" ray bow then leave the room. "kai surely lucky e?" kuu grin "hahaha...kai's charm brother?!" riku said.

no far from there

'owgh, why she come in the wrong time?! acchan where are u?!' kai try to find acchan then kai saw acchan n call her. "acchan, wait?! let me explain?!" acchan try to avoid him "there is nothing to explain." "but...but...arght?!" kai suddenly screamming and feeling hurt, he fell of the floor.

hearing her that screamming acchan turn around and approch kai

"kai?! kai?! are u okay! don't jocking around!" kai feel suffer "urrrghhtt!!! aaarrghhht!!! my head?! it's hurt." kai fainted. suddenly luna feel something "acchan!i think something wrong with your friend!" luna then examine kai and she found it...

"OMG, acchan! your friend is poisoned!" luna said "what?! but he is akay back then." acchan feel strange "look at his neck?! something bite it and i'm sure youma have done it" "youma?! what is it?" acchan curious

"youma is galaxia monster?! they really dangerous?!" "so what should we do now?!" acchan worried "we should find the antidote." "how?" acchan asked. then suddenly she saw someone and call her for help "miss, could u help me?!"

the girl turn around the "ah?! acchan?" "rena?" acchan shocked. it's her friend rena. "acchan what happend?!" rena then look at kai "OMG, what's wrong with him?" she asked "my friend is sick.could u help me to take him to his room." "ow, sure?! let me help you."

they then get kai to go to his room.

kai's room

kai , still fainted. acchan n rena lay him in his bed.

"so, what are u doing in here rena?" acchan asked "ow, i'm doing my part time job here." rena smile "woow, so u wanna be a nurse?"

rena giggle " not really?! i'm just helping my mother in here.she is one of the doctor. to be honest i wanna be a doctor too." "wooow that's great?!" acchan smile

"then, is he your koibito?" rena grin to acchan "uhmm?!i..i..he..he..he is my childhood friend" acchan answer grogily "childhood friend is he??" rena try to tease acchan. acchan blushed but suddenly luna wishper to her "acchan could we talk for a moment."

"uhm? what's wrong acchan?" rena curious "ow, could u keep an eye to my friend for a moment? i got a call." acchan asked "sure, no problem." rena said wilingly

acchan POV

acchan leave the room and go to the toilet.

"so luna what happend?" acchan curious "well, its your friend name rena?!" "what wrong with her?" "i think she is one of the sailor senshi" luna explain

"what?! how u know that?" acchan a bit shock "my moon symbol is shining when i'm around her." acchan thinks "uhm....??!! if that so, let's come back and then investigate it."

acchan and luna then come back to kai's room. then before they reach the room they see a blue light come in from that room.

"acchan, no doubt?! your friend is the senshi. she got the healing power." luna said "are u sure?" "yeah?! i'm sure kai is okay right now." "alright?! let's prove it." acchan said

acchan knock the door and come in to the room.

rena POV

acchan leave the room and it's only rena and the fainted kai in the room.

"so this is the real kai of persona. i think acchan really care about u right." rena come closer to watch kai "uhm....i wonder what happend to you. please dont wake up until i finished to examine you."

suddenly rena close her eyes and a blue energy reveal and surounded kai body. "wogh?! i think this is bad kai san. u got the poison. better i heal u before acchan came." rena smile and look at kai.

only one word she spell "HEAL!!" the blue light again surounded kai body and then disappear "well, i guess thats enough.i'm sure u'll be alright and recover." rena give kai a small smile.


'knock...knock....knock....' "come in!!ah, acchan!!"

acchan POV

after acchan n luna saw that blue light they come in to the room

"hi, is he know?" rena move closer to acchan "well, he'll be fine.don't worry. i guess, i'll be going now.duties call."

"ah okay, thanks lot rena." rena leave the room and now only acchan , luna n the unconcious kai.

acchan move closer tp kai n touch the boy head gently "why should you happend this." suddenly kai move a bit "urgh?! acchan?! is that you."

try to open his eyes n acchan grab his hand "yes, it's just lay down. and take a rest." when acchan wanna let go his hand, kai grab acchan hand and hold in tight.

"acchan wait!!!" acchan turn to kai n look at him "are you still mad at me..?? i'm swear i'm not hug her.she just..." hasn't finished his sentence acchan keep his silnce with her finger in his lips.

"sshh... it's okay! i'm not mad at you. better you sleep now." kai seems relieve and acchan leave him so he can have a rest.

outsite the room acchan talked to luna. "so, how is it luna?" " well the poison alr gone. he will recover soon." acchan feel relieve "yokatta!" "by the way no doubt acchan. rena is one of the senshi."

"uhm.... better talk with her i guess luna." then acchan try to search rena. she go to the administration desk and found the girl in there.

"hi rena!" rena turn around and approch acchan "hi acchan! what's up?" "well, since we havent met for a long time why dont we have a chat somewhere?" "wow, that would be great! but i have to finished this first."

"just wait me at the usual cafe near the station. i'll be there at 5 how about that?" acchan nodded "okay, see u there." acchan wave her hand and leave the hospital.

at the cafe

"hi acchan!" rena arrive at cafe and approch acchan. "did u wait so long? sorry!" acchan smile at her "dont worry its fine."

rena look at the menu at order a glass of soft drink "so, what are u doing now acchan?" "well, i'm an idol now.just doing an idol stuff!" she give the girl a smile

"woow, thats great!! no wonder i feel that i have seen u in one of the magazine cover. dont be offended but i'm not to get into that idol stuff"

acchan giggle "dont worry!! i know that." then rena drink arrive "ne, ren-chan?!" finally acchan call her with hers nickname "uhm? what's up?"

"actually i wanna talk to u about something!!" nishi look at acchan "what could that be?" "uhm.... but i guess better i tell you in the park. to many people in here."

rena look around "owgh, it must be really serious. why dont we talk it in my apartment?" "eh? really? is it okay?" "yeah! no prob acchan! let's go now."

then they all go to nishi apartment

rena apartment

rena unlock the door "please come in acchan. sorry a bit a mess!" "a, it's okay." rena put her back in her room then approch acchan they sit in the living room

"so, what's the matter?" "actually..." acchan tell her about everything, from her dream, the moon princess, the monster, galaxia etc.

hearing it rena become confuse and not believe "uhmm... are u sure about that acchan? or your head hit something?" rena look at acchan head

"moo, no ren-chan. it's true, if u not believe u can ask her." rena feel confuse "her??" luna then appear "me? i could explain to you everything."

rena suprise "whoooaaa!!! a talking cat." "hi there! my name is luna. i'm moon princess neko." "a, nice to meet u luna. so it's what acchan said is right?"

"yeah!!! that's all right!! we need your help to prevent the destruction. please rena-san?!" "but, how u know that i'm one of the soldier??"

luna then give rena the transformation staff "here touch it?!" rena a bit afraid but then she hold the staff. suddenly the staf shining and all the room fill with

the blue light and suddenly a symbol appear in nishi forehead. "you see that!! the mercury symbol is appear in your forehead when u touch the staff."

"you are the goddess of water 'Sailor Mercury' " luna explain "but...but..." acchan interrupt "you cure kai in the hospital right that's the proof."

rena silent and "i...i... dont know!" rena look down and keep silent. suddenly

'Live news today. a monster attack the city and now threatened the civilian.'

'Many stores have destroyed and he sucked human blood.'

"Thats the youma. we must destroy that youma." luna shout. rena eyes widen look at the city condition

"well, we arent gonna pushed you. the dicision is in your hand. i better go now. come on luna."

acchan walk through the door but.. "wait!!" rena shout "i'll go with you." acchan n luna smile "let's go."

in the city




"HEY YOU!!" the monster turn around "leave now or u will pay for this!!" acchan shout

"well, well, what i found here?! a human young girl. your blood must be really delicious!! gwahahahaha!!!" the monster just laugh.

"now acchan transform. hold the staff and say 'Moon Cosmic Power make up' and rena grab u'r staff and said 'Mercury Crystal Power' make up"

acchan : "Moon Cosmic Power"

rena  : "Mercury Crystal Power"

acchan n rena : "Make UP"

and suddenly acchan n rena change into sailor senshi

"what? the moon power? you are the sailor senshi" the monster suprise. "i'm sailormoon" acchan said "and i'm sailor mercury" rena added

"Gwahahahahah?! finally!! i could get my revange. and let me introduce myself i'm Dracul one off galaxia monster."

"Stop now dracul. in the name of the moon, i shall punish you!" acchan imply . "so let's begin sailormoon." dracul then attack them

sailormoon could avoid every dracul attack and with mercury help they finally hit the monster. but its not enough.

dracul so strong bare hand cannot impact him. dracul hits sailormoon n make her dizzy "Mercury use your skill said 'Mercury Aqua Rhapsody' " luna ordered

as fast as she can she use the skill "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody" then it hits the monster.  "hehehehehe do u think it could easily take me down?!"

the monster then hits mercury and mercury body throw to the building wall. it hits her bad. sailormoon try to get up but she hasn't recovered.

when dracul try to hits sailormoon his hand has been attack by a sharp Red Rose. sailormoon take the opportunity and kick the monster.

again mercury use her skill and it damage the monster badly. "sailormoon use your skill now. say 'Moon Gorgeous Meditation' " luna ordered her

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation" suddenly a pink light splash to the monster body n he dissappear. sailormoon then look at the Red Rose and take it

"what is it sailormoon?" mercury ask "i dont know. but someone has save me with this." she curious. they then go back to rena's apartment.

rena's apartment

"woooow, that was really close! i'm live between life and death now" rena pout "so, how's now?" acchan look at her friend waiting for the answer

rena grin " i'll join you!" "yeeaaaahhhh.... that's great. now we must find the other senshi." luna said "yeah!!" rena look at acchan

"what's wrong acchan? u still thinking about your savior?" rena grin. acchan blushed " i'm just curious! i saw a shadow with a tuxedo.errr.. nevermind"

"i'm happy u wanna join ren-chan." acchan smile to rena "yeah! no problem acchan. beside, i guess it's already my destiny." "okay, i guess i shall go now."

acchan excuse to rena. "see u later and send my regards to kai" rena giggle. "okay"

acchan leave the apartment.

'uhm... i wonder how is minami now... better i call nyan2 to make sure.' acchan then call nyan2 "moshi2, nyan2?" "moshi2...owgh acchan! what's up"

"how is minami?" acchan worried "ow, dont worry acchan. she is alright. why dont u call her?" "uhm... better not, i dont want to disturb her."

"hahaha... kai surely lucky have a koibito like u." acchan blush "she is my bestfriend nyan2.. mooo..." "hahahaha.... yeah2..i just teasing you."

"okay, thanks for the info nyan2." "sure, no prob. jaa ne." "jaa ne." 'fiuh, i hope minami okay in the hospital. i'll pay her a visit again tomorrow.'

in the nearest hospital

the room is so dark and it only lighted by moon light. someone try to reach the bed and stand near it.

'uurghhhht.... that so exhausting, luckly i'm not involved in that battle directly. thanks lot my Red Rose' the person stare at the Red Rose in his Hand.

'So, Sailormoon ee..' he giggle 'so... beautifull...'


"My Lord! Dracul is Dead" the servant said "So, That Senshi have Return! We must give them a welcome ceremony if that so."



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Re: [AKB48] Pretty Soldier 48
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wow... rena's sailor mercury!
rena in megane!!!  :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

rena giggle " not really?!
i imagine a gekikara giggle...  :rofl: :rofl:

who's tuxedo kamen? :?
sayaka? sae? mariko-sama? or kai :nervous

next chapter will be Miko-sama episode... i wonder who she is...
i'll be waiting!  :panic:
thanks for the update! :twothumbs


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Re: [AKB48] Pretty Soldier 48
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sora.. please update this sailorAKB fic if you can... LOLOL...  :lol:

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Re: [AKB48] Pretty Soldier 48
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ahahahaha i try dad~  XD XD XD


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Re: [AKB48] Pretty Soldier 48
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yeay!!!  :cow:  I'll update mine after my exams...  XD

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Re: [AKB48] Pretty Soldier 48
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 :monk gboy:

please update soon!!!

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