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Author Topic: 私のアホ家族(My Stupid Family)[24/6 - Chapter 25: A Series of Unfortunate Events]  (Read 66701 times)

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Devious bunny, and King, who is surprisingly susceptible to bribery XD I thought he would be too cool to fall for such tricks.
I wonder what happened on Sayu's first visit that taught King a lesson about scratching Sayu though.....

I like these chapters, where more background is given to the relationship between characters. I like it how it is reinforced in this mini chapter again how Sayu looks out for Reina, and Reina doesn't exactly object to it or is too proud to accept it. She even appreciates Sayu being around, which is a nice touch. It's like they can get along, deep long as Riho doesn't get involved or Reina doesn't lose her patience in the recording booth XD

So Ai and Reina are slowly getting back together. It just crossed my mind though, exactly how young Reina would have been when Riho 'happened' :nervous
Hey, at least Sayu can take comfort in the thought that Riho is related to her by some distance :lol:

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Alright, you got me.  :bigdeal:

I was lurking... but after reading all these chapters, I was tempted to sign up and show you some looove  :jphip:

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Hi everyone! Sorry I took so long. I got...distracted. XD

Kikk4r: Creepy Sayu is fun. What? I like her. XD and it's ok, I never know what to say either. :lol:

xyukie56: Aww you should comment more. :P

KiriHime: Haha yes, King is a devious little cat. Who likes his catnip. Hurhur. Clever of Sayu, really. Well I can't be writing cat fights all the time. I could, but eh. XD

oddball: Yes, King would remember. XD He holds a grudge sometimes lol. Reina probably wouldn't tell Sayu at first. She still hasn't come to grips with the information herself, why would she tell anyone? Haha.

nighell: Lmao, I guess because I tend to make Reina terribly cat-like? ^^; Well, they didn't talk about anything too important. :P So that's a moot point.

eruchan: Yes, Sayu learned from her first lesson. XD And yes, Sayu does have a good reason to get indignant. I too look forward to her finding out that Riho is Reina and Ai's daughter. XD

SarangAi: Return of the stalker bunny. I like that. XD I wonder how she'll take to Riho being family though. Should be fun anyways. Haha.

aussie: King vs Sayu. Who will ultimately triumph...? Coming soon. :lol: I like writing little chapters like that too. I feel that it's important to show that Sayu is not just her wonderfully creepy narcissist self with pedophilic tendencies. XD If I don't flesh them out, they'll be little more than 2-D cardboard cutouts. And I hate that lol. But yes, I was hoping someone would notice how young Reina would have been when Riho happened. :P It says volumes about why Ai chose not to tell her. It was bad enough for 18 year old Ai. I doubt she would have wanted to drop such a burden on a kid like Reina back then. XD

Br0wnie: Yay I delurked someone! Go me! :lol: I'm glad you joined. Welcome aboard! Do participate more, we're glad to have you. :D I'm glad you like my story too! :D

Ok that took a while. My head is killing me. Time to edit and post!


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Party Party Party

"More sparkles?"

"Yes." A distracted answer followed by a focused hand applying the finishing touches to the banner. Beside the artist, a bemused looking Konno Asami sat with a bag of chips in her lap. Her part in the set up was mostly done, so now she was simply playing spectator and occasional helper to her friend's great work.

Said friend, one Niigaki Risa, was currently hovering over her precious banner with a critical eye. Having strung up the rest of the decorations, only the banner remained. It would soon take pride of place in the middle of the hall.

"I wonder if Ai-chan's done with the cookies." Asami lifted her nose and sniffed experimentally. She wasn't allowed in the kitchen. None of them were. Though one would not think it of her, Takahashi Ai turned into a veritable control freak in the kitchen. She had her own way of doing things, and woe betide anyone who even attempted to lend a hand.

"Should be. The cake's ready from what I saw earlier." Risa nodded to herself as she inspected her handiwork. The silver streamers dangled down from the ceiling, glittering in the light. They had gone for a futuristic fairytale sort of feeling this time. After the wonderful disaster of their Dr. Snow White in Wonderland themed party the last time, every single one of them swore to keep things relatively simple. Then again, Risa mused, it helped that Mako-chan wasn't able to come to town this time. She was still stuck in Milan for work. Her present made it though. Risa personally thought that the jewellery was excessive, but she supposed Riho would have use for it eventually.

"I do wonder how Ai-chan managed to send Riho away so we can prepare properly." Risa mused aloud. Asami coughed and mumbled something intelligible, which made Risa turn to her for clarification. Ai chose that moment to poke her head out of the kitchenette.

"Riho's on the way back!" The rest of her body came into view as she untied the strawberry-print apron with one hand while the other held her cellphone to her ear.

"Yes we're about ready. Just stall a little so I can get changed...oh, she's coming along too? No no, it's not too much trouble. Oh she can't be that bad...really? I didn't think so...she doesn't have to...alright, I'll see you later. Yes I have brownies...I'm hanging up now. Bye."

"Brownies?" Asami looked interested as Ai ended the call.

"Enough cookies to go round, I assure you." She avoided the brownie question deftly by ducking into her room for a quick shower and a change of clothes. The other two exchanged bemused glances. Asami wondered if she could get away with stealing a cookie from the kitchen. Risa foiled her (unconsciously) by asking her for help to put the banner up.

"That must be whoever Ai-chan asked to take Riho." Risa speculated as they tied their respective ends of the banner. "Higher, Pon-chan. No, that's too high. And don't pull it so tight."

"Yes, I'd imagine so. Does this look alright?" They both took a step back to inspect the result.

"It'll do." Risa nodded, then looked around the mess. "I suppose we better clear these up before Riho-chan comes back. And before Ai-chan kills us."

Asami thought that Ai would probably let it slide just this once, but decided against sharing her insight. She was rather looking forward to the famed Tanaka Reina showing up later, really. For all she had heard of the woman, she had yet to actually see her in action. It would be fascinating to lay eyes on the other genetic donor that spawned Riho. Not to mention all the interesting data she could probably collect on the couple's interactions. Asami wondered if the two could reconcile. Or if Tanaka could even accept the fact that she was Riho's "father", so to speak.

Even better, she was entirely curious about how they were going to break the news to Riho. Asami vowed to somehow be present for when it happened. It would certainly be interesting to see the results. Riho was such a sensible child, but who could take such news calmly?

"Pon-chan? Konkon? Asami. Are you listening to me?" Risa had her hands on her hips, looking at her friend exasperatedly. While she expected Asami to be relatively eccentric occasionally, having the woman start smirking with a faraway expression on her face was usually bad news for those her plans concerned. As a law-abiding and upstanding citizen, Risa found it necessary to rein in such impulses. Especially when she didn't know enough to approve of what was going on.

"You don't suppose we could steal some cookies before Ai-chan comes out of the shower."

The sound of Risa's hand meeting her forehead punctuated the silence.


They got away with cookie theft. Sadly, there were no sign of any brownies. At least, none within reach. Risa brushed the cookie crumbs away with just the faintest hint of guilt. Asami had no such qualms.

If Ai discovered their little heist, she said nothing. She seemed distracted, in any case. Risa observed how her best friend seemed to have taken extra pains to dress up, though it wasn't obviously done. The faint touch of makeup, carefully coordinated clothing, even the faintest whiff of perfume. It was all accomplished in a casual manner, but Risa had known Ai for almost fifteen years. Ai was trying to impress someone, but who?

"Do you know who's coming?" Risa whispered to Asami. She had to wonder if she was underdressed, but dismissed the notion. Her white peasant blouse with its blue trimmings was quite fetching, and her wrist bangles clinked as she moved. She had gone for a slightly gypsy look today on a whim. Put next to Asami, who was casually dressed in a simple polo tee and slacks, she looked a tad overdressed in comparison.

"Who knows?" Asami seemed evasive. Risa wondered what the woman was hiding. Sometimes she just couldn't tell what was going on in the genius' head.

Ai's phone buzzed, and she checked the message eagerly.

"They're coming up the stairs." She hissed at the two behind her. Watching the three grown women tiptoe to the door in broad daylight might have been comical on hindsight, but no one thought to point it out at the moment.

Keys jingled in the lock, and there was a murmur of voices behind the door.

Riho was whispering to Reina when she pushed the door open.

"Does she really have to--"

There was an explosion of fog in the threshold. Startled, the newcomers all took several steps back. Out of the cloud, came the (expected) shout.


Riho plastered on a suitably surprised face. It didn't take much work. She was surprised by the random explosion. Then again, Aunt Konno was involved.

"Tadaima." Riho uttered blankly, unsure how to respond. Ai emerged from the rapidly dissipating fog of dry ice. Her smile was warm as she took in her daughter and Reina, who was totally not hiding behind the little girl. Really. She was simply standing behind the kid. What?

"Okaeri." Eyes swept over both girls outside the door, before fixing on the younger of the pair.

"Happy birthday, Riho."

"Mama." The greeting came with a smile and an instinctive hug. Reina looked on just a little jealously. She had almost forgotten about the third member of their party, but that was about to change.

"Ojamashimasu~" Michishige Sayumi all but floated to the forefront with her best bubbly smile. Ai, who had been forewarned of the bunny's arrival, graced her with a welcoming smile. Reina simply scowled at her cousin out of habit. Asami was inscrutable. The last member of the gathering, however, was less calm.

"You!" It was not a shriek. Not really a gasp either. An exclamation with equal parts of horror, chagrin and wtf-are-you-doing-here. Reina suppressed a grin at the look on Gaki's face. That expressive face had just gone through about eight emotions in approximately three seconds. Reina was not charitable enough to help. She was perfectly content to sit back with popcorn and watch the incoming fireworks. This ought to be fun.

"Gaki-san~ What a surprise. You're a friend of Ai-chan's?" Sayumi breezed off easily. She seemed amused by the situation. Risa twitched.

"You call her 'Ai-chan'? Ai-chan, I didn't know you knew Michishige-san so well." Risa deadpanned, obviously struggling to keep her hysteria under control.

"Oh, I've known her for over 10 years. I was your kawaii kouhai, ne, Ai-chan?"

Reina coughed something suspiciously like 'stalker' into her fist. Sayumi pretended to not notice. Ai looked vaguely bemused. Riho looked bewildered. Asami was fascinated. Such a treasure trove of information!

"We were in the same school?" Risa looked like she couldn't believe her ears. Reina couldn't resist taking a jab at her beloved cousin.

"Sayu was a bit of a hikikomori during middle school. I'm not surprised you don't remember her. She certainly doesn't look like it now though."

Sayumi winked outrageously and flashed a peace sign. Reina rolled her eyes, folding her arms.

"And now she talks too damn much."

Riho looked from Reina to Sayumi and then back to her Mama. She seemed to be sorting things out in her head. She looked up at Ai.

"Mama, does that mean that all of you were in the same school?"

Ai shot a look at Reina. Exactly what did you tell her? Reina shrugged eloquently, affecting a look of complete innocence. Ai plastered on a benign smile for Riho's sake, though her eyes promised appropriate retribution when the time was right.

"Yes dear, we were. It was a long time ago though."

Riho's eyes were very large now. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"

Surprisingly, it was Sayumi who came to the rescue.

"Oh, we fell out of touch after your Mama graduated, so I guess she didn't think we remembered her." That wasn't so nice. Ai winced, though you wouldn't notice it unless you knew her well. Reina did, and elbowed Sayu not-so-discreetly.

Risa, for her part, was still somehow catatonic. Asami prodded her experimentally, just to make sure the woman had not gone into shock or something. Brought back to reality by the contact, Risa stared for a long moment at first Sayu, then Reina.

"So you're here because...?"

It was Riho who answered.

"Tanaka-san's my mentor, and I had a sleepover at her place last night. Michishige-san came by and um..." She struggled to find a diplomatic term. "Decided to accompany us."

"More like invited herself over." Reina muttered under her breath. Sayumi returned her cousin's earlier favour with a well placed elbow. Reina scowled and moved away, placing herself somewhat nearer to Ai and Riho.

"Well how could I pass up an opportunity to visit? Especially it's my dear RihoRiho's birthday~" If Riho had not been standing in between the protective figures of Ai and Reina, Sayumi would have undoubtedly glomped the poor kid. Reina scowled at her wayward cousin and deliberately moved to block the kid from her cousin's grasping hands.

"RihoRiho?" The kid in question mouthed. Since when had she gotten the nickname? Sayumi did not seem phased at all.

"A cute nickname for a cute girl! It suits you~"

Even Ai was giving her skeptical looks now. Riho stepped as close as humanly possible to her mother, hoping that it was enough protection. At least Tanaka-san was conveniently in the way between her and the creepy person.

"Well we shouldn't keep standing in the doorway. Come on in, everyone." Ai, the voice of reason, finally cut through the babble. Risa kept shooting nervous glances at the pair of cousins who trailed in after them. Asami, for her part, seemed to be off in her own world. Riho was just glad to be home, with Mama's reassuring grip around her shoulders.

All in all, it wasn't a bad 12th birthday. Apart from having to dodge a certain someone, there was the usual amounts of hysteria (Aunt Niigaki), glee (presents!), and unintended hilarity (various). And the cake was indeed chocolate. There were also cookies! What more could she want?

Except, well, for just one little thing.

Riho was sure she wasn't meant to see it. But she had managed to give a certain devil bunny the slip for the thirteenth time in the past half hour, and was making her way to the kitchen for more cookies, when she spotted Mama passing something to Tanaka-san furtively in a brown paper bag. Tanaka-san looked pleased, and was about to take whatever it was out of the bag, but Mama stopped her. Riho couldn't hear what they were whispering to each other, but she surely could not miss the smile that lit Mama's eyes up when Tanaka-san said something to her. Riho had never seen Mama so happy before. She had never seen Tanaka-san look so vulnerable before. Now she believed that they were indeed friends, and close friends at that.

Then Aunt Konno had found her, and all but dragged her away before Mama and Tanaka-san could discover either of them.

"Mama looked so happy." Riho observed. Aunt Konno smiled.

"It's your birthday, and we have an inpromptu reunion going on. She has good reason."

Riho shook her head stubbornly. "Not that. It's just...she looks" She couldn't find the right word to express that strange quality she had picked up on.

"If she's happy, why are you thinking so much?" Riho blinked. That was true. It didn't matter why. Mama was happy, and that made her happy too. She smiled up at the bespectacled genius, who squeezed her shoulder lightly before drifting away.

Not that Riho was hurting for entertainment. Before Mama could locate her and stash her away for the night, she could always watch the adults' antics, made more amusing this year by the inclusion of Michishige-san into the proceedings. It was probably uncharitable to think so, but Riho found that the way Aunt Niigaki seemed to be treading on thin ice around Michishige-san highly entertaining. Watching the excitable Niigaki-san freak out around the sly Michishige-san was a delightful reprieve from her own torment at the hands of the creepy bunny. Riho silently thanked Aunt Niigaki for the sacrifice. She could not have found a better decoy.

"And there you are, young lady. Off to bed with you."

"But Mama!"

"Hush, you can watch from the room if you really want."


"Yes. Now go before I lock you in."


As Riho scampered off, Reina came to stand beside Ai.

"You talk like a drill sergeant with that kid."

Ai shrugged. "If I'm not firm, she won't listen sometimes."

Reina smirked. "Is it bad that I find it weirdly sexy when you talk like that?"

Ai flushed. Reina grinned and slipped away, leaving the older woman to stare after her. Really, twelve years and Reina was still such an incorrigible flirt. Not that she minded.

Watching the rest of her old friends chat and mingle brought an odd nostalgia to her. With Riho safely tucked away, she supposed she could break out the alcohol. Ai made a mental note to lock the door before she got started. There were some things kids really shouldn't be exposed to.

Before she could contemplate further, Ai found herself dragged into the game they were playing. For all the noise and clutter, Ai was surprised to find that she really didn't mind it at all. Especially not when it was a grinning Reina who pulled her down beside her in the circle, so that they were pressed close to each other. When Reina's fingers secretly interlaced with hers behind their backs, Ai smiled.

Nope, she didn't mind at all. Not one bit.


Braindead. Need sleep. Good night.


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AHAHAHAHAHA :rofl: :rofl:
You made me laugh so hard at first :rofl:
But you just throw a bomb in the last :bleed eyes:
Thanks for your hard working like always :bow:
I have to write a short story for my literature homework :bleed eyes:

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Meddling Konkon <3 -steals along with King- you are mine~

LOL Sayu don't tease the Gaki~~ they know each other... um... WAIT I REMEMBER THIS. hold on... OH YEAH Gaki was Sayu's designer from a while ago, right?

Ohoho, so Reina likes it when Ai-chan gets controlling? Interesting...  :deco:


Thanks for the update!!

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LOL omg that was such a cute chapter, especially at the end :wub:

I wonder what Ai and Reina were talking about in the kitchen... and the brown paper bag! CURIOSITY :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

lol I can totally imagine Sayu eyeing Gaki-san creepily and Riho just giving off that content smile at escaping Sayu's clutches :rofl: :rofl:

I find it ironic how the adults are all partying after the birthday girl goes to sleep... not that i mind, of course XD XD

can't wait for more~~  :cow:

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Partyin, partyin, YEAH!

Dat brown paper bag..... brownies?? :wth LOL. Anyway, soooo cute :wub:

Breaking out the alchohol, eh? One thing usually leads to another when you're under the influence.. :twisted:

Thanks for update! Can't wait for next one :twothumbs

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naw that`s kinda cute though

and i can`t comment on much cuz everything you writ turns to be awesome all the time :)

ugh well did ai lock riho in her room?

and im really glade you updated :cow: do it again soon cuz i have to know what happens know :cow:

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Hihiii Reinai that is!!! :grin: :heart:
Konkon is some scientist, but she isn't even as creepy as Sayumi XD

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RihoRiho's birthday party XD
Lol at Sayu inviting herself..
Sayu and Gaki XD poor Gaki having to deal with the narcissist bunny.
The brown bag.. I suppose it is the brownies mentioned before?
And Ai bringing out the alcohol.. I sense a hilarious situation coming up, and perhaps secrets being spilled out?

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Hmm at the moment it feels like it's only a matter of time before Riho puts enough of the pecies together to figure out about Reina and Ai, at least enough to get an explanation anyway.....

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I'm here! And as with Bee, I've already gushed about how much I love this to you on Skype. So I leave my mark of appreciation with my usual nonsense:-


(this is my first attempt at drawing and coloring 'people' with my new tablet I bought specially for this occasion. So, please forgive the hideousness.)

Animal video!

Hope for things to come!

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Came across this photo (I'm assuming it was during a practice session for the Ribbon? musical), and I couldn't help but be reminded of MSF, with a touch of Sayu:


I felt sorry for Gaki, having to see her worst nightmare of a client during her private time as well, but hey. The entertainment value is just too much to let go :lol:

Riho is picking up on more things. Will she be left to fit the pieces together, or will her parents sit her down and break the news to her? The anticipation is building up. Dum dum dum....

It looks like Riho talked about Reina on her radio show recently, how Reina acts against her aloof image and is very gentle and kind to her, how Reina is the senpai member that talks to her the most, and little Riho finds Reina to be a senior she can depend on and turn to for support like an older sister figure. I wonder if Sayu was listening in on this.... :P

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please update again ... dont torture us

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*sigh*ah, every time I look here, I hope to update.
I understand that the author is also a man (yep, it's true). Maybe he will not have the suitable mood or real life interfered  and diverted... But, please, give us a beam of the hope on the update. This is so cruel to stop on the most interesting place.
Estrea, please, write even a some of the hint or an answer, the silence is killing. X_x
P.S.: sorry for the curves of the phrase :sweatdrop:
Sorry for my bad English

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What happened to this ?

Lol, I miss reading this!  XD

Hope a new chapter is coming...  :cry:

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Hi guysssssss I'm backkkkkkk. Does anyone even remember this story? Lmfao.

Shiawase_Honoo: Sorry for the wait! I've been all over the place lol. Glad I could make you laugh ;) Check out the latest chapter!

KiriHime: More of meddling Konkon. I love Konkon. XDDDDD And yes Gaki is Sayu's interior designer. Lol. And mhm Reina just likes Ai-chan soooo.... :P I'm sorry I took so long for this latest update!

SarangAi: I generally like cute chapters :3 Yes, Riho enjoys escaping Sayu's clutches, if only for her own sanity. :lol: And I think it's normal for adults to find any excuse to party. :P I apologize for the long delay!

astro18: Yup, brownies! :D Alcohol is always fun. XD And yes Ai pretty much had to lock Riho in before the alcohol started flowing. Don't wanna scar the kid after all XD I'm sorry for the long wait for this update!

Fushigidane: ReinAi :heart: No one can out-creep Sayu. :lol:

eruchan: Yes I love Sayu and her shamelessness. XD And yes that is correct, the brown bag has the brownies! Ai's bribe to Reina. XD

oddball: Riho is only 12. :P She's smart, but I don't think she'll figure it out like that so easily lol. It's not exactly normal after all. She might assume something else though...

grac: Ha! I love your fanart and animal videos! :D Your mark of appreciation is always appreciated! :lol:

aussie: Aww that picture :heart: I like building up anticipation. :3 Will RihoRiho find out on her own? Will they have to tell her? Will she freak out? Lmao. And yes Reina is a lot of a better senpai than you'd think her image would make her out to be :lol: Harsh outside, but a huge softy, is our Reina. :3

Kikk4r: Fear not! Your torture is over!

nighell: HEY I'M NOT A MAN. *fumes* :lol: Well I'm sorry I vanished for so long lol. Too many things were going on in my life...and well, here's a chapter! :D I apologize again for the long delay!

xyukie56: Hi hi! Welcome to the thread, and thanks for bumping it! I finally read through everything and wrote an update because of it. Haha. Sorry for going on such a long hiatus, but here's an update for you guys!

Ok time to edit and post. I bet everyone thought I abandoned Almost right, almost! But since RihoRiho is my favorite, I can't really abandon this now, can I?


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My Days For You

Safely ensconsced in her ivory tower, the evil mastermind of lollipops and candy cackles to herself.

That is to say, a certain mad scientist, otherwise known as Konno Asami, was in her lab and being pretty damn happy about it.

Her half written report was on the screen nearest to her. On another screen, she had a 3D model of some unidentifiable organism rotating in the precise center. Various files were stacked on the far side, the edges of some papers peeking out of a few. More charts and scrawled notes were spread on the empty parts of the desk.

Her desk was the only disorganized part of the lab. The actual work area was perfectly pristine. Everything was clearly labelled and stowed away in their proper places. Asami was big on safety procedures in a lab setting. Particularly due to the nature of her work. In her worst nightmares, Asami had pictured a bio-plague emerging from the bowels of her lab and running rampant across the globe, leaving zombies and other biological disasters in its wake.

That's it, she needed to stop playing Biohazard with her interns.

Worst case scenarios aside, Asami was actually feeling fairly smug this bright morning. Her hangover cure worked! Well, she had taken a few precautions the night before. Like eating a lot to buffer against the alcohol intake. Like imbibing lots of fluids. Like not actually slinging back drink after drink like a certain narcissistic idol...

Asami was quite surprised by Michishige Sayumi actually, in more than one way. Despite the woman's self-centered facade, the sunny idol was actually quite personable and entertaining to talk to. She was also a heavyweight in the alcohol department. Asami had been surprised when a certain Tanaka Reina was the first to pass out though. Apparently alcoholic tolerance did not run in the family. She made an absent note to herself on another piece of paper.

Ai-chan had been the next to go down, not long after Reina did. Asami smiled at the memory. The pair had been sprawled all over each other in their inebriation, though no one gave it a second thought. They were drunk. Though Asami did catch Michishige eyeing them with a strange look on her face when she thought no one was looking.

It would not surprise Asami if Michishige knew about Reina and Ai-chan. The bond between the cousins was obvious to those who bothered to notice. Even when the narcissistic bunny was taunting the fierce kitty about her inability to handle hard drinks, which led to the kitty drinking 3 shots in a row and passing out almost immediately afterwards. Asami silently gave a point to the sneaky idol.

Though, even in defeat Reina still managed to pass out in Ai-chan's arms, so perhaps that wasn't so much a defeat as it was a victory-in-disguise. Certainly the bunny had had a mix of envy and fond exasperation veiled by her outward sneer when her cousin passed out. Asami felt that the narssistic idol was a lot more complicated than she let on.

On the other hand, Gaki-san was about as transparent as one could imagine. Then again, Asami had known her for years and knew that the woman was completely without pretensions. A little over the top at times, but really meaning well and enthusiastic even when everyone else wasn't. Knowing that Ai-chan was a relative lightweight with alcohol, she had helped to intercept a few drinks, but she still managed to last longer than even Asami herself expected.

Still, Michishige did manage to eventually drink her under the table, though towards the end Asami had been greatly amused by how the normally affable Risa had started blabbering about how she wasn't afraid of Michishige and for her to "bring it", among other interesting (and somewhat lame) schoolyard-type threats. Asami wondered what grudge Risa held against the idol. Surely work stress (that had come out early in the drinking session) couldn't have been the cause. Then again, judging from the smugly amused expression the idol wore, something must have happened.

Asami resolved to ferret out the reason some time. She wasn't just merely being a nosy parker. She needed to satisfy a professional curiosity. Yes. It was an occupational hazard. Finding out "why" and "how" was the very basis of scientific inquiry!

Despite having also succumbed to an alcoholic haze the night before, Asami prided herself on her near total recall of the night's events. It was a trait she had. She was a quiet drunk. Also, her ability to remember everything also provided excellent blackmail material for her reference. Not that she planned to use that information against her friends. Oh no, definitely not. What kind of person did you she was? Well, at least not until she next needed a favor. But that wasn't blackmail. Not at all.

Her mind went back to her primary project as she opened the 5th notebook she had started ever since a certain Takahashi Riho was born 12 years ago. It was part scrapbook, part diary, part research journal. Flipping to the latest page, she skimmed through her previous entry where she first confirmed a certain Tanaka Reina to be the biological "father" of that miracle child, Riho.

May 20th: Visited Ai-chan. Tested hypothesis re Riho's other biological parent. Hypothesis confirmed. T.R is the other genetic donor. More testing required, possibly acquirement of genetic material to cross-reference inheritance patterns. Check with senior at hospital?

There were a few more scribbles along the margins, as well as some equations that she had been thinking about at the time. Looking at the entry reminded her of something she had been putting off all week.

Even as she hurriedly jotted down her observations from last night's party, her other hand went through her contacts list for the name she required, then dialled the number.

"Moshi moshi~ Konno here. May I speak to Yasuda-sensei please? Yes, yes..."


The bell rang, and Riho slumped onto the table, finally abandoning all pretense of remaining awake during class. She hated studying sometimes, but she made the attempt to do well anyway.

All around her students chattered as they brought out their bentos, while others streamed out of the classroom to stretch their legs or just go looking for friends. Girls in their own cliques gathered to have their lunches together, inpromptu islands forming in the sea of tables within the classroom. Riho sat alone, face down in her textbook, drooling blissfully for all of 5 minutes before her latest mini-nightmare where her Mama threatened to ban her from ever drinking cider again jolted her out of her daze.

Rubbing sleepily at her eyes, Riho glanced around, but felt no urge to join any of the chattering girls. She was a bit nervous about approaching new people, especially with her being a transfer student coming in late in the term. Everyone else had been together for years and years, and the friendships they had seemed easy and ironclad. Not much space for a quiet newcomer like herself.

Pulling out her lunch (yakisoba pan, orange-flavored cider), Riho unwrapped the bread carefully and munched with singleminded focus. It didn't take long for her to finish. Taking a long drink from her cider, Riho felt alive for the first time since she shambled into class.

The rest of break passed uneventfully with her doodling mini pictures of omu-rice and chicken wings, her usual way of passing time in school. She was used to being alone, so it wasn't too bad. Besides, this way there was no one to ask her uncomfortable questions about her family. Riho really didn't like it when the conversation inevitably led there. She didn't want to lie about her situation, but most kids didn't really have any tact when it came to the "where is your father?" question. Which inevitably came after the "what does your father do?" question.

"No my dad isn't with us." Riho mumbled to herself, her usual response. Having a social life meant dealing with uncomfortable questions. She'd rather pass in this case.

Not for the first thing, she imagined a reality where she had a father. One who'd treat her like his favorite princess, who would take her to amusement parks along with Mama, who would take her side whenever Mama decided to scold her for something or another...

It wasn't that she wasn't happy with Mama. It was just...

If only. Riho couldn't help but feel a pang of envy when others spoke of their fathers. She was happy, but there were things that she wished she could have too.

Especially now that she knew that her father was in contact with Mama. She had lived 12 years with just her Mama and no expectation of there ever being a Papa, even though Mama had never lacked for suitors back in their hometown. Mama had turned down every single offer over the years. Secretly, Riho felt happy about that. She most definitely did not want to share Mama with some other man. They weren't her real father. She could not help but feel resentful and suspicious of each and every one of them, and always breathed a sigh of relief when Mama turned them away.

She really shouldn't be thinking about this. Her 12th birthday had come and gone. She had a great time with Mama and Tanaka-san and all the others. Even Michishige-san. She blinked away the sudden wave of tears that threatened to spill over. She was alone.

Sitting in a class full of people, all avidly listening (or pretending to listen) to their homeroom teacher, Riho felt acutely and painfully alone. It didn't matter that Mama loved her and would do anything for her. She felt selfish thinking that way, but it didn't stop a tiny part of her blaming her Mama about her lack of a complete family. It shamed her to feel so.

Time flew by. When the bell next rang again, Riho only vaguely registered their homeroom teacher calling out "don't forget to do your summer homework!" as everyone in the classroom let out a whoop and started packing up.

Right, this was the last day of class before summer holidays. Crap, what was the homework again? Riho sighed. Time to go find out.

It promised to be an interesting summer...


Tralalala. Mostly a placeholder chapter. More stuff to follow.

Note that Biohazard is the Japanese name of the Resident Evil series. Figured I'd keep it more authentic by referring to it that way.

Again, I apologize for my long absence! *grovels*

Also, I do not know why I stole ManoEri's song title for the chapter. >_> :P

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