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Author Topic: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 09/10  (Read 6250 times)

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 03/26
« Reply #20 on: March 28, 2011, 12:39:47 AM »
I was right, Risa did end up comforting Ai :lol: Now they just have to figure out what's going on, right?

Was that short? I'm sorry ^^;
:lol: Funny, you don't sound very sorry. :lol:

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 03/26
« Reply #21 on: March 28, 2011, 12:16:59 PM »
So Ai knows that she's dead, infact she even watched herself pulled from the wreckage of the chrah but yet she is still in this world, I wonder if perhaps thier is a reason for that, maybe even something that involves Gaki perhaps, is thier a way to bring Ai back?

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 03/26
« Reply #22 on: April 04, 2011, 03:22:52 PM »
whooottss~ a week break!
i was busy few days ago... only few days ago... XD
the rest, i was just spamming my eyes with morning musume. learned a lot :cow:
and reading a lot of pervy fics... yay~! i feel like busted. haha
saa, saa, no reply for now ^^; gomene ;)

Chappie-- oh what chapter are we again..?

Chappie 4!

So you already know. Like a soft whisper along the breeze.

Ai can feel her presence materializing somewhere by the end of the bed, but paid no heed. She watched Risa's chest heave gently, as she breath life on her slumber.

"I do." She audibly replied, though she knows that they can both communicate without it. At least they do. She recounted once again everything that happened, "Makes sense."

"I'm sorry about that."

She silently sighed to herself. Reaching for the sleeping form's face with a hope of at least wipe away the troubled features drawn on her face, she felt drawing away her hands when Risa shuddered at the slight contact. Instead, she barely brushed her hair, just like a gentle blow sweeping across Risa's hair ends. "That makes us the same, Yanagihara-senpai."

The girl hummed upon the recognition, taking her place a step behind Ai. "You're quite lucky to have her."

Yeah.. isn't it. She felt herself grin a little.

"Usually, no one longer sense us, we entities left astray in this world. Helpless." Ai glanced, but instead the mirror past the girl caught her her attention. They held no reflection on it. "We no longer belong in this world."

No longer I belong in this world.

Still, she can see Risa on it. Somehow, seeing her helped her register the words calmly.

Then why I'm still here.


Risa rolled over, finding herself awake. Surprisingly, no noisy alarm clock set her stumbling off the bed. The atmosphere seems silent and peaceful, yet it feels no different than her usual mornings. She sat up, stretching her arms upward with a loud yawn. Something smells.. good, she stinks. She wondered what she did, but found herself too lazy to think about it. She badly needs to takes a bath. She jumped of the bed and paced to bathroom.

After some moments or longer, she came out of the bathroom, refreshed. She walked across her room to reach for her closet.



The loud greeting made Risa jump off her feet and found herself staring at the mirror. She found a Takahashi Ai staring down on her with a big grin. "Eh?" Risa slowly stood-up. "Ai-chan? What ya doing on the mirror? Wait-- what, mirror...?"

She stared at grinning Ai on the mirror with such confusion. Something doesn't fit. Something REALLY.. doesn't fit. Her memories started playing-  The UFA building. The fellow members, Tsunku. Takahashi Ai is dead.


Once again, Risa fell down to the floor, shocked and hardly pressed against the bed. Ai's bright smile was replaced with worry, "Risa!" She bent down, yet still remaining on the mirror. "Are you ok?"


"I? me?"

Risa remembered last night. Yeah, they already talked about it. Her expression dropped to calmness as realization slowly hugged her. "You're dead."

An awkward silence prevailed for a moment, before Ai broke into a chuckle. "Well, I am! Something wrong about that?"

Hehe. 'Something wrong about that'.

"I'm just.. not used to it." Risa once again rose to her feet. "So.. so, you can get to mirrors now?"

Ai's face brighten, her expression growing into something like an excited kid. "Isn't it awesome? I can actually be in mirrors!"

Oh gawd, I can totally scare off the members out of their wits in rehearsal rooms, Risa thought she saw Ai's dark eyes glint mischievously in a blink. Deciding it was just her imagination, or just can't imagine Ai actually thinking that way, she just shrugged it off.

"Look, "Ai continued. "If I stepped out of this mirror, I'll have no reflection." With that, Ai indeed stepped out of the flat mirror and left Risa's lone reflection on it. Risa's eyes turned as wide as saucers once again.


"Wha~! I'm sorry for doing that, I didn't know that will scare you--- uh, wow." Ai's grin turned into a smirk.

"Why you haven't told me that I'm naked!" Risa complained, as she bent awkwardly in attempt to hide her bare self. Her left arm gathering her pair of breasts which are big for to keep her nipples from showing, and another strapped down to cover her gender, with a hip lifted up in help. Remembering that the bed is just beside her, she quickly pulled the blanket and wrapped herself with it.

"Ya know, I can still see through it--"

"Stop staring at me!"

"Uh..oh.. o-okay." Ai's mind somehow froze at the moment, scrambling in search of the right thing to do. She turned her back, and found it the best thing to do right now.

"Don't look until I say so!" Risa threatened. "And no peeking!" She darted to closet and started pulling out clothes. Ai can hear Risa fumbling as she try to dress herself in hurry. Ai silently giggled at the situation.

"Done now?"

'Waitt!" The other girl buttoned her shorts. "Ok, you can look now."

Ai turned around and saw Risa on a plain, lose shirt and shorts. She playfully eyed Risa from head to toe, intentionally pausing at some parts.

"What now?!" Risa placed her curled hands on each side of her waist.

Ai can't help but chuckle. "Well---"

Recalling what the older woman said about seeing through... "DISGUSTING, AI! You're such a pervert!!!"

"Whoaa! Don't accuse me like that!"

Risa once again tried to cover her private parts. "KIMOI!"

"Geez~ Risa. That won't help. I'm a ghost, ok? A ghost with some cool powers to be used for.. interesting stuffs.."

Risa's mouth fell open in shock, eliciting more laughter from Ai. "Cum'on, I won't take advantage of you, k? I'm just having fun."

The bean pouted, very cutely that Ai wished she could pinch her cheeks the usual way. She just smiled at her lightly, that soon drew out a grin from the other. Suddenly, a ring sounded.

"Oh wait." Risa looked for her phone, later on finding it under her pillow. Her hold tightened, as it's little screen flashed text from 'Eri'.

"What is it about?"

Risa returned once again the gaze from expecting eyes. "A meeting, Ai. Concerning your burial."


I hope you don't mind how plain my sentences were, and errors ^^;

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #23 on: April 04, 2011, 04:46:36 PM »
XD Ai having fun with her ghostly powers. Able to see through clothes? :lol: Hell yeah! XD But, oh, it got serious there at the end.

BTW, Yanagihara Hiromi, right? The Country Musume that died in a car crash?
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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #24 on: April 04, 2011, 05:28:50 PM »
New TAKAGAKI story *________*


Been following from the start, sorry for not commenting earlier.  :kneelbow: But really happy to see you out with a fic, aya-chii. Good stuff so far too!  :thumbsup

So I was thinking that this would be a rather somber, angsty kind of story with the first few chapters, but I'm beginning to wonder now if this is turning out to be a light-hearted, romcom or something  :lol: The transition from sad to fun was a bit abrupt and left me reeling somewhat, but that can be forgiven just because the latest chapter is cuuute!  :wub: And well. TakaGaki. That alone is good enough to forgive almost anything.  :heart:

But hmmmm. All thismakes me wonder. What's the plot going to be? Simply to figure out why Ai-chan is still lingering around? I reckon she's got unfinished business with Gaki-san (and we all know what this business is  :grin: hahahaa...).

I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen when the others hear about (or see for themselves - which is another question, is Gaki-san the only one who can see her?) ghost!Ai-chan. Maybe it can become a whole Momusu adventure to get to the root of the problem!  :w00t:

Something smells.. good, she stinks

I stinks this is an error. XD But it was too cute, had to quote.

"Ya know, I can still see through it--"

I didn't know ghosts had such cool powers!  :shocked: Now Ai-chan can enter the UFA building and just... enjoy. Oh.  :bleed eyes:

Risa's mouth fell open in shock, eliciting more laughter from Ai. "Cum'on, I won't take advantage of you, k? I'm just having fun."

WOW.  :stunned: I'm having a hard time believing that Ai-chan isn't more worried about her current ghost state. Lols. So, she's is a bit of a cheeky one in this, huh? I'm looking forward to all her future teasing then, and Risa's future floundering.  :P

Lastly, I'm really enjoying your writing. There are a few grammatical errors and stuff to overlook (be careful with your tenses, they're pretty messy  :nervous for example, if you're going to write in past tense, keep your writing past tense and don't switch to present tense. You keep switching from one to the other, and while it's not distracting, it's really noticeable. Tenses are quite possibly the most difficult thing about English though, so no fretting if you can't get it right  :twothumbs). But overall, I really like the style and the pacing of your writing - it really does lend to the atmosphere and enhances all the feelings you're trying to convey. Good job with the story in this respect!  :k-wink:

OKAY. So let's see what'll happen in the next chapter, now that they have to talk about Ai's burial at a meeting. Hopefully Ai will take this a bit more seriously (although I wonder how she'd do that in a room full of Musumes with that perv-vision of hers.  XD).

Thanks for sharing this story, and for the latest chapter!  :love:

Looking forward to the next update!  :thumbsup

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #25 on: April 04, 2011, 05:30:55 PM »
Ai-chan is such a meanie  :lol: Wonder if the others can see her?  :? Waiting for the next chappie  :P

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #26 on: April 04, 2011, 10:49:02 PM »
LOL! Ai-chan! :lol: Always teasing Gaki like that. :D Gave me a good laugh! XD

But hey! Is it a good idea to let Ai-chan roam around seeing through people's clothes? :roll: XD

Why do I get the feeling that other members might not see her? :( I want them to see her... So they won't think that Gaki is going crazy or something. :wth

But most importantly, someone should just revive her already! :P :grin:

Thank you for the update! :twothumbs **awaits**

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #27 on: April 04, 2011, 11:59:19 PM »
Will Ai-chan be able to see the 6th generation nine audition finalist (the one that only shows up in mirror reflections in the Bijo Gaku special)?

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #28 on: April 05, 2011, 11:54:57 AM »
So A i has a mentor of sort's in this Yanagihara person, a sort of spirit guide for her, though it's intresting too see that the tell Ai that usually spirits can't be seen, I wonder why Gaki can then, is it to do with the 'purpose' that Ai has to do before she moves on?

Seems as, er, bigger things on her mind at the moment though, poor Gaki, you know I think she'd rather not know that Ai, can, well, see through certain things (even if perhaps she can't)

Man, talk about a downer, having your little tease with Eri interrupted by details about your owb funeral.....  :doh:

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #29 on: April 07, 2011, 05:35:49 AM »

Ai-chan is dead  :O...damn!  :banghead: 

this sentence don't like on nothing ... :smhid

but this history is strange and have mistery ...

i can't say "this FF is bad" because is a big lie  :thumbdown:

I like your FF  :twothumbs

I think...this is the first time that i say " i like one FF where Ai-chan is dead" XD:yep: 

good chapter :thumbsup

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #30 on: August 07, 2011, 10:51:38 AM »
Usually when people get done with showers, they still have the towel around them  :lol:...
I guess not in this fic !

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Re: AFTERLIFE.. perhaps? [TakaGaki] 04/04
« Reply #31 on: September 10, 2011, 10:12:20 AM »
WHOOOTTS~ how'cha doin? really sorry for updating this late.

rndmnweird: whahaha. yeah, that would be fun. i wonder why i let ai have that ability anyways.. but then :D let her still have fun even though she's dead .

beecubed: THANKS~! really! i really appreciate you commenting. thanks for your comments and corrections, i'll try to work on that ^^

bamtai: well here's the chapter! we'll see what we can do for ai-chan's visibility. i dunno really what i might do in future chapters

kano-chan: LOL isn't it great to let her see through clothes XD maybe we shall add more fun ghost abilities

resop2: oowww~ sorry. i updated this so lat that i can't respond to that answer anymore  ^^; really sorry

gab98: thanks a lot gab! hahahaha. quite unusual though, writing a fic where ai-chan is dead... i hope you'll still continue reading this

xyukie56:sorry for bein' random... i wasn't really aware of that. (i kinda walk around without towel sometimes BUT IN MY OWN ROOM) hahahahaha

and yeah.. ai-chan will graduate soon eh?

And Niigaki Risa became the leader of all-female idol group, Morning Musume.

After the burial ceremony, official announcement s was made to the media by Tsunku. Things were happening way too fast, and it seemed even the members can’t cope-up with it. Just dealing the with fact that their former leader Takahashi Ai is now dead, made the deafening silence yell with mourning and grief every time they gather up.

How much more with Ai herself, as Risa thought of the entity only she can see.

Chapter 5

She was a great woman…

I admire her a lot…

Her perseverance and…

I can’t believe it, no one knew…

“Ai.” The girl sitting on the stairs lifted her head up. “Aren’t you going inside?”

Little she shook her head, a sad smile slightly drawn in her lips. “No,” was she said in almost a whisper and a grin was perhaps forced to be shown. “The incense irritates me a lot.”

Risa sat next to her. “They’re already speaking…”

“Yeah. I can hear them.”

 “Your mother and…”


Yet someone else spoke at the same time as Ai tried to mutter her acquaintance’s name, a living one. Risa turned to register the one who’s calling her, “Tanaka-san.”

“Be ready.”

Ai realized that it is actually her first time seeing a fellow member besides Risa. Tanaka Reina. Tough you thought, hailing from her yankii title, yet looked just as disoriented as anybody else would. She didn’t forget to live-up in her fashion and cosmetics, yet it failed to conceal the dark hollows beneath her eyes. She looks just as tired and sleepless, staring blankly down to the floor. While Junjun…

There was Junjun behind Reina, and it shocked her that she’s looking directly to her direction. Staring at the place where she is, no other expression was exposed, but her eyes hinted there’s something… Somehow, a fear grew inside her.

“Junjun?” The tall Chinese tore her gaze away from the invisible being as Risa acknowledged her presence.

“I’m worried about Tanaka-san.”

No more response was made against the statement, and Risa spoke-up. “I’ll be coming.”

Reina just walked back inside as she took their now leader’s word. Before Junjun followed, she eyed Risa intently for a short moment. When they’re gone, she looked back at the silent girl beside her.

“Junjun was looking at—"

Predicting what she’ll say next, Risa interrupted her sentence quickly. “Silly~ she can’t see you.”

“But…” She stared back at Risa with a worried expression.

“If she can, there’s still nothing to be scared about. It’s Junjun.”

Ai’s tensed expression slowly toned down as the words sunk in. Yeah, it’s Junjun… “We’ll, I mean ‘I’ err… well if she can see, then ‘We’ will talk to her, okay?”

The older woman smiled at her, and the bean smiled back. “I’m going now. You really aren’t coming?”

The smile fainted a bit. “I’ll be fine here.”

Risa nervously stood before the microphone as she was called to speak in behalf of Morning Musume. Her gaze explored the faces that are all staring at her, some of the eyes puffed and some are just expressionless.

“Uhmm… Good day to all of you.”

That just sounded so wrong when their just having a funeral for a deceased person, and Ai can’t help but giggle. Not that someone else will mind her…

Realizing improper use of words, Risa inhaled deeply. “I’m Niigaki Risa, a fellow member of Morning Musume. Me and Ai-chan joined together being in one generation, and I’ve been friends with her ever since then.”

Risa bit her lip. Just when you’re obviously unprepared for this even you were reminded beforehand…

“I… we… well… We all know Ai-chan. Everyone who had speak before me told you who she is, how amazing she is. She stood-up as a leader for this past 4 years, and even though the responsibility seemed beyond her limitations, she faced it with all her best, widen the scope of her capabilities and abilities, and exceeded her boundaries to fit the leader everyone  expected to be, and to be the leader that guided Morning Musume through anything they  faced. In troubles or success.”

And I’m totally messing-up.

“I was there with her. I’ve seen the struggles she had, but responsibly kept from everyone’s knowledge as much not to troubles them with her own matters. Even though she herself isn’t sure of how to deal with things, she only thought of others first and what’s the best for them, thus overcoming the problems we had. With her lead, we’ve became closer than we’ve ever been. Unconsciously, we’re already treating one another like family.”

Mou~ Niigaki-san… don’t make me cry…

“And now I’ve taken-up the responsibility to become the next leader as she unexpectedly… left us, I’ll continue where she last stepped and take care of this group as she have done. We’ll never forget all the things she have done for this group, no matter how many generation will still come, the name of Takahashi Ai will always be remembered as long Morning Musume lives, and of course this group will stay existing forever.”

Small laughs were elicited from the softly sobbing audience. Even Risa herself felt herself tearing-up.

“Ai-chan, I know you can hear me… I want to tell you, I’m sorry. For everything. Whatever we are dealing right now, we’ll get through it, ok? No matter how complicated it is, I’m here, the group is here. Though they don’t know, you know they’re always there for you, right?”

Confused expressions surfaced as the last sentence was said but nevertheless, they softly and briefly laugh at the concluded joke.

“Niigaki-san is sure speaking weird.” Linlin said, smiling, as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“She still needs to learn how to do jokes a lot more convincing.” Aika softly giggled and sniffed.

“We’ll continue to do our best as Morning Musume, as a group, as a family. Thanks to all of your hardworks. Otsukaresamadeshita.”

Ai found herself inside, watching her group huddle together. Teary was it, yet the smiles on their faces assured brighter hopes for the coming days, for the future without her.

The brown eyes glossed with tears met hers, and a smile was shared between them. The only two of them.

Yes, accept the fact and move on with a new hope.

I guess this is the end of the mourning period. I hope I’ll be able to write brighter chaps from now on :)
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