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Author Topic: Game Cheats (Part 2 SP) YEAAAAAH!  (Read 18760 times)

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Game Cheats (Part 2 SP) YEAAAAAH!
« on: April 24, 2011, 11:57:06 AM »
One shot

What is love? Takaachan, Kojiyuu, and TakaHaru

They know that it is not right but what can they do?

They’re in love with each other. They can’t stop their feelings. Love doesn’t choose who you are going to love. She doesn’t know what to do if she loses
her she’s her life now. She loves her so much. She doesn’t care anymore if someone found out about them.

They know that it is inhuman that they’re cheating with their girlfriends but can they do?


The smaller girl wriggles at the embrace of the taller girl that made the taller girl woke up from her slumber.

“Minami what are you doing?” Takamina looked at the girl that’s embracing her.

“I’m just making myself comfortable Haruna” the girl named Haruna sighed

“Minami we did it again. We made love again. I want them to know that I’m in love with you. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t hide it anymore. I don’t want Atsuko clinging at you. I don’t want her kissing your lips you’re mine Minami. You’re mine only” a tear slipping on Haruna’s eyes

“Haruna”  Minami cupped Haruna’s face and wiped her tears

“Haru we’re going to say it okay so please stop crying” Minami pecked Haruna’s lips and tried comforting her. She’s going to do anything just for her.

She doesn’t know if it’s going to be okay after they confessed about their relationship but she doesn’t care anymore. It’s going to be a long and heart breaking day tomorrow.


They were in theatre right now. They just finished practicing for the performance next week. Takamina sighed for the nth time it’s hard for her to say it to Acchan she once loved Acchan and cheating on her and breaking her heart is already too much but she’s going to do it because it’s for Haruna.

She thought that this is the best. Everything will be okay after this.

Acchan not knowing anything happily walk at Takamina’s direction and gave her a water bottle. Takamina just seeing Acchan’s happy face made it harder for her to say it.

“Thank you Atsuko” Acchan hearing her name not her nick name was shocked. Something is going on she thought. Takamina never called her Atsuko she just called her that if they were in an argument. Did she do something?

“Is there something wrong Takamina?” Acchan sit beside Takamina and hold her hand. Her voice is filled with sincerity and love.

Takamina just kept quiet and after debating with her conscience she spoke

“Do you have something to do later Acchan?” she manage to show a big fake smile at Acchan

“Nope!” Acchan said in a high tone voice and let out a giggle and kissed Takamina at the cheeks. Nothing is wrong she thought. She knows that Takamina loves her so much.

“Can you stay here after the practice?” Takamina looked at Acchan with pleading eyes

“Sure” Acchan smiled Takamina and hugged her

“I love you so much Takamina” Takamina was shocked it’s getting harder and harder.

“I know” she just stayed at the embrace and sighed. Feeling someone is staring at her she looked up and saw Haruna looking at her with tearful eyes.

Yuko is sitting beside her and playing with her hands. Yuko is like her sister hurting her is like hurting herself. What is she going to do now? She’s going to hurt her best friend and sister at the same time. She saw that Yuko is so happy just being with Haruna her left eye twitch it’s like God is testing her. It’s like God is asking her if she’s going to choose friendship or love. Her love life is like a dorama.

“Let go of her” Haruna mouthed at Takamina

Takamina obliged and let go of Acchan. Acchan looked at Takamina with questioning eyes.

“Are you hungry? Do you want me to buy you a sandwich?” Takamina asked she wants to be alone and think

“Okay I want a tuna sandwich” Takamina stoop up pats Acchan’s head

“Okay boss I’ll get you a tuna sandwich” Takamina did a salute. Acchan laughed at Takamina’s silliness

Takamina walked at the door and looked at Haruna and Yuko they were talking and they look happy. Takamina not knowing that someone is observing
her. The person stood up and followed Takamina.

“What are you buying?” the person asked

“Jesus Christ! Miichan you scared me!” Takamina patted her chest

“I’m buying a tuna sandwich for Atsuko” They were in a nearby convenient store.

“Oh okay” Miichan just observed Takamina and said nothing

“Do you want something? “ Miichan shook her head. She paid the sandwich and say her thanks at the guy who is spazzing at the two of them.

“Okay let’s go now I think boss is hungry” Takamina laugh. From Miichan’s point of view it’s a forced laughed and if you’re a passer by you’ll think it’s
just a laugh nothing special.

“You love her so much that you’re willing to sacrifice everything”

“Of course! I love Atsuko so much” she smiled at Miichan and patted her shoulders

“I love her so much” there’s a glint of sadness in her voice

She loves Haruna so much that she’s willing to do and sacrifice everything for her.

She looked at the floor while walking

“I’m not talking about Atsuko” the light atmosphere began to turn in a serious one

“What are you talking about Miichan?” they were just few blocks away from the theatre

They stopped walking and looked at each other

“I know about you and Haruna” Takamina looked at Miichan like it’s the end of the world

“Me and Haruna? What are you talking about Miichan!” Takamina laugh really loud while clapping her hands

“Stop it Minami” She look at Takamina with serious eyes

“Stop acting Minami” Takamina was about to say something when Miichan stopped her with her hand

“Let me talk first. I know it from the beginning about you and Haruna. The way you two look at each other, the way you hugged each other, and the way you treat each other. It’s different from before I know what’s happening the three of us we’ve been friends for I don’t know how many years. Why didn’t you say it to me? I feel so betrayed Takamina. I know if something is going on. If you’re going to say it to both of them please say it in a nice way. I know that there’s no nice way when you’re going to break up with someone but Takamina please make it today Acchan’s or even Yuko’s special day. You know what I mean before you break up with her make her happy. I’m friends with the four of you. I don’t want something bad will happen. I’m going now” After that Miichan left Takamina dumfounded. She doesn’t know what she’s feeling right now. Her feelings are mixed up. She just want hide from everyone.

She goes back at the convenient store and bought sandwiches and sodas for everyone.

“Here Acchan” she hand Acchan a soda and a tuna sandwich

“You bought for everyone?”

“Yup and I already gave it to them but I didn’t gave Haruna and Yuko’s share let’s go there”

“Aww. My girlfriend is so sweet! Isn’t she?” she asked Mayuyu

“Yes” Acchan giggled and intertwined there hands

“Yuko! Haruna!” Yuko waved at Acchan. Haruna just looked at the two girls who are holding hands. She’s jealous right now it’s clear from her facial


“Ooh! Tuna sandwich! Thanks Takamina! You’re the best!” she gave Takamina two thumbs up

“Here” Takamina lovingly smiled at Haruna

“Thank you” Haruna stood up and kissed Takamina’s lips

“Hey!” Yuko and Acchan shouted in unison

“What’s with the kiss Haruna?!” Acchan hug Takamina and glared at Haruna

“Nothing I’m just thanking her” Haruna said flatly

Acchan's mouth is slightly agape. Haruna is not like this. Yuko just looked at them feeling her heart ache a bit.

“Thanking her?! Are you crazy?! You kissed her!” she pointed an accusing finger at Haruna

“It’s just a kissed Atsuko don’t shout at Haruna!” Takamina freed herself from the hug

It’s the first time that Takamina shouted at someone’s face. It’s the first time that she shouted at Acchan. The theatre went quiet and everyone stopped

‘I guess my speech didn’t reach Takamina’s heart after all’ Miichan thought

“You’re defending her Takamina?! For goodness sake! I’m your girlfriend! I’m the one you must defend!” Acchan shouted. Any second now she’s going
to cry

Haruna intertwined their hands and said

“She’s my girlfriend! And she’s mine! I can do whatever I want!”

The girls looked at Haruna. The room went deadly quiet it’s like the time stopped no one even dare to spoke. Yuko started sobbing. Acchan just looked
at the two of them a tear slipping her eyes.

“We’re over Maeda I don’t love you anymore” Takamina said flatly. It’s like she’s another person.

“It’s same for you Oshima” Yuko ran away while Acchan just stood there not minding that tears are flowing from her eyes.

“Is this a joke?” Acchan mumbled

She looked at the floor and looked at Takamina.

“You said that you love me” she mumbled again. She walked beside Takamina and tried to entwined Haruna and Takamina’s hands.

Haruna hold Takamina’s hands tightly enough to break her bones

“You’re the worst person ever!” she shouted at Takamina

Like Yuko she ran away too.

They said it. They’re free now. Everyone knows about it.

Miichan stood up and patted Takamina’s shoulder

“That didn’t went well”

Love is cruel. Love is scary sometimes it can destroy a friendship and a relationship at the same time when it wanted to. Love is the most powerful
feeling the human being can feel.

But what is the true definition of love anyway?


I'm bored so I wrote this. I saw FoF requested at the fanfic discussion thread that she wants a TakaHaru and I don't know if she meant by Takamina x Haruna if it’s not right pairing just say it to me. I wish you enjoyed reading.

Request anyone? I don't have anything to do.
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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2011, 01:03:06 PM »
The first time I'm reading this. D: takamina is such a meanie in here. Hmmms, I would still go for more takaacchan and kojiyuu. But this fanfic seems good too :) . Thanks for the update!

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2011, 02:06:48 PM »
what?.... :gyaaah:, takamina left acchan!!! :stoned:

why!!!!...., bring back my takacchan!!! :pleeease: :on cloudeye:..... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

.yuko be strong!!!!!! :tantrum:

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2011, 02:49:52 PM »
I'm quickly liking TakaHaru, but the way they got together and what they did to Acchan and Yuko was breaking my TakAcchan and KojiYuu heart  :fainted:
Though I like how Haruna was more forward on her action and she expressed her dislikes about TakAcchan closeness.
Ah, Miichan the all-knowing awesome friend  8)
But TakaHaru why so heartless? Especially Takamina  :bleed eyes:
Acchan and Yuko should just get together  :P
But love really is a mysterious force, it can bring good or bad.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2011, 05:57:02 PM »
To be honest.... I would now be a TakaHaru fan if Takamina hadn't been so harsh with Acchan  :nervous
But due to the fact that she broke up with her this way (OMG AND POOR YUKO)... I'm disliking TakaHaru XD
But I really like your fic ^^ I was like really into it, almost screaming at my computer  :nervous
Thank you!!  :theking

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #5 on: April 24, 2011, 10:09:20 PM »
YUUUKKKOOOO~!!  :pleeease:

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #6 on: April 25, 2011, 12:17:18 AM »
Argggg...this fic is so cruel to both Acchan and Yuko, especially Acchan seeing how much she loves Takamina. Since TakAcchan is my OPV I feel all the more sorry for Acchan. I would have liked Takaharu in this fic had it just been about them and no breakup scenes. However, I don't deny that this is a good fic.
But please bring back my Atsumina in the next one.

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #7 on: April 25, 2011, 12:35:10 AM »
I would've enjoyed this much more if Takamina and Haruna let them down easy

especially since i'm a Takaachan fan and i hate seeing them so sad

Takamina should've taken Miichan's advice at least give them a good time before you leave them

maybe u can write this pairing without the heartbreak  :cry:

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #8 on: April 25, 2011, 05:12:45 AM »
First, thank you for granting my request. Reading your fic actually gave me an idea. So thank you!!!  XD  :bow: :bow:
Second, reading your fic made me want to ship TakaAcchan again for you have made TakaHaru to be insensitive to their friends.
Acchan!!!! Yukooo!!! WHY?!!!! :cry:  :cry: :cry:
Lesson learned here: Always listen to Miichan.  :lol:
All in all, I enjoyed it.  :twothumbs though I swear I almost broke my computer because of TakaHaru's actions.  :smhid

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #9 on: April 25, 2011, 07:56:02 AM »
-points at FoFchan-   :( such an evil request it ended up being!!!! Argh it was horrible! Poor acchan was so cute and sensitive... Then BAM!!!! It was heartbreaking!!!! Argh now this constant fear will occur if acchan and Yuko leave akb suddenly!!! Anywho it was still a wellwritten, yet depressing, fic!  :twothumbs

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #10 on: April 25, 2011, 07:59:52 AM »
WOW I like it!!!!!!!!! But like the others I think Takaharu were too harsh T_T

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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #11 on: April 25, 2011, 09:26:49 AM »
Yukoooooooo and acchaaaaaan  :on speedy:

I ship Takaboy x Haruna but.. Takamina, y u do that to acchan?  :banghead: Haruna, y u do that to korisu?  :angry:

anyways, i really like it  :thumbsup :thumbsup
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Re: What is love? (Takaacchan, Kojiyuu, and Takaharu)
« Reply #12 on: April 25, 2011, 12:02:46 PM »

Takamina’s crazy and funny story (TakaTomo and Takaacchan) requested by Tejinashi

Takahashi Minami always thought having two persons fighting over you is cool because it means that you’re popular. She once watched an English movie about it, the girls fighting over a one guy. But now that she’s the guy in the story and there’s two persons fighting over her it’s pretty hard and irritating. The girls fighting over her are named Maeda Atsuko and Itano Tomomi. Acchan became clingy when Mendol finished filming and as for Tomochin she got clingy when she once becomes her leading lady at Danso in AKBingo. One person being clingy is okay but two persons at the same time she feels like she’s going to die. She heard a song about two persons is better than one person but for her heck no! Not cool not cool at all. Everything turned upside down her peaceful life is now gone. But after months she had gotten used to it, the girls fighting over her, and wanting her attention she’s okay with it for now.

I’ll tell you the scenes or moments that I remember when the two of them fights over Takamina. Let’s begin her story. Takamina’s crazy funny story

Scene #1

Miichan kissed Takamina on the lips because they played truth or dare and Miichan was asked to kissed Takamina and because that the two them I’m talking about Acchan and Tomochin teamed up and blackmailed Miichan. After the blackmailing incident Miichan didn’t talk to Takamina for 2 straight months, at that time Takamina just wants to shout at Acchan and Tomochin in the face.

Scene #2

Do you remember the scene in Heavy rotation MV? Where Acchan and Tomochin kissed Takamina? Before that happened Acchan and Tomochin are arguing who is going to kiss Takamina at the PV. I know that you guys already know that they both kissed Takamina and they both kissed each other too which was weird for Takamina. Why would they kiss each other if they despise each other?

Scene #3

This is still about the Heavy rotation PV. I think it’s the making. Acchan kissed Takamina on the lips. Tomochin saw that after the filming. When there’s no camera we all know what happened they argue again. They fight over Takamina. Scream at each other’s faces.

Scene #4

Do I need to explain it? This picture says it all! Poor Takamina

Scene #5

Once upon a time a Prince named Takahashi Minami got really sick. He has a two maids taking care of him. Their names are Maeda Atsuko and Itano Tomomi. He was so sick that he can’t even blink his eyes. The two maids argue all day long and because of that the Prince health got worse. Thanks for his almighty sister her name is Mariko. She kicked the two maids literarily kicked them out at palace. Okay enough with the story telling. Takamina got really sick she had a high fever and Acchan and Tomochin volunteer to take care of her. They just argue all day long and forgot to take care of Takamina. Mariko being herself checked if Takamina is okay and the two if their doing good taking care of her. When she checked it the two girls are just arguing and Takamina is already pale. She kicked them out like what I said earlier she literarily kicked them out.

Scene #6

This picture is the evidence.

The two took a picture and Acchan saw that she kissed Takamina passionately in front of Tomochin that made Tomochin become incredible hulk and kissed Takamina too aggressively.

Scene #7

Hanako visited Takamina at the theatre the two of them are really close because of Mendol. Acchan and Tomochin didn’t even greet Hanako. They were so disrespectful that made Hanako wonder if she did something wrong to them.

“I think they don’t like me. Did I do something wrong?” she asked Takamina. It’s her first time going to the theatre and first time meeting them.

“No you didn’t they’re just like that. They’re so childish. Don’t mind them” Takamina sighed feeling a bit embarrassed in front of her friend.

Scene #8

Acchan asked Takamina to go shopping with her but Tomochin asked her too to go shopping with her. She didn’t know what to do. They did a rock, paper, and scissors game and Acchan won. Takamina saw that Tomochin was not happy so she said to both of them that why don’t they go shopping three of them together. Acchan first didn’t agree but Takamina said that she will give Acchan a kiss if she agreed so finally Acchan agreed. They go shopping and in the end of the day Takamina was their like Personal assistant. She did all the carrying of their shopping bags. It feels like she has two girlfriends.

Scene #9

They were like playing tug of war and Takamina was the rope.

“She’s mine!”

“No she’s mine!”



‘Mine’ was the only word Takamina was hearing. She’s already dizzy with all those tugging

“STOP!” someone shouted she don’t know who is it but she doesn’t care anymore and the last thing she remember was someone shouting her name and
everything went black.

Scene #10

They did a mini celebration for their successful release of their single. Foods and beers are there too. Takamina can’t tolerate alcohol so she just drank cola. The two girls were at her side. They were having a competition that can drink so many beers and can still talk and think straight. The result was no one win both Acchan and Tomochin were drunk. Acchan were resting her head on the table and she’s drooling Takamina was relieved that Acchan didn’t bother her and she looks cute too when she’s not bothering her. But the problem is Tomochin she was talking sexually with Yuko and what she meant is she was talking what she’s going to do with Takamina later you know what I mean. Tomochin looked at Takamina with lustful eyes. Takamina’s hairs stand up and it’s already giving her goose bumps.

“You’re only mine get it?” Tomochin said in a seductive way while licking her lips

“Wha-What are you saying?!” that made Takamina stutter.

Tomochin stood up and sat at Takamina’s lap. She hugged Takamina and said it again to her ear and blows some air to it. She feels light headed she don’t know
what to do anymore. Tomochin licked Takamina’s left ear.

“I loooooooove yoooooou~” she said seductively and nibble Takamina’s left ear

Tomochin is giving her goose bumps.

“T-Tomo s-stop i-it” even though she doesn’t want Tomochin to stop but it’s not right. Not right at all.

“Stooohp whaaaaat?” Tomochin innocently asked. She hugged Takamina in a loose hug.

“You’re ssssho cute Takaminaaaah~”  Tomochin’s lips were just 5 centimetres away when she passed out.

A cold sweat trickling down Takamina’s face

“That was close”

Scene #11

It was getting out of hand. It’s already enough. She was fine with it. Tomochin and Acchan wanting her attention the two of them arguing but it was getting out hand when the two of them started punching and scratching each other. It was now or never Takamina thought. She lectured both of them. After those lecturing the both of them became mature but not so mature. They still argue.


She was having a dream about the things that happened to her when those two girls are fighting.  Even in her dreams they’re hunting her. It was only 4:00 in the morning and practice starts at 6:00. She still has time to waste.

They just finished practicing the other girls already left. Tomochin, Acchan, Miichan, Haruna, Yuko, Mariko, Sasshi, Mayuyu, Sae, Sayaka, and Takamina were the only left. They were just sitting there.

“Do you like me?” Tomochin asked out of the blue

“Yeah I like you” Takamina answered

“What about me Takamina?” asked Acchan

“I like you too Acchan”

“You like all of us!” Tomochin said

“Can you please choose between me and Acchan?” choosing between them is pretty hard

“Me or Tomochin?”



“You meanie!” they both pouted

It was hunting her. It was already 1:00 in the morning and she can’t sleep. How is she going to face them tomorrow? What’s her answer?

“Can you please choose between me and Acchan?” It was hunting her to the point that she kept hearing it.

She loves both of them. She just found it out few days ago. She can’t live without Acchan and Tomochin. Even though those two are irritating sometimes, annoying
sometimes, childish all the time, argues all the time, and causes her problem all the time. She loves both of them. She’s so confused right now. Her life is pretty crazy and funny.

But now that it came to an end the question is who is she going to choose?


I hope you like it Tejinashi  :)
Hehehe. I just made up those scenes.
Thank you for the comments. I’m really happy that you like it. You guys are making me blush.  :shy1:

‘What is love?’ is pretty cruel. I’m thinking of writing a TakaAcchan without heartbreaking scenes and Kojiyuu too.

Anyone can help me think of a story for TakaAcchan? Just suggest a plot.

Mariko x Miichan story is on progress I really don’t have anything to do so I write oneshots right now.

I want to write a Miichan x Takamina story too lol.

Again thank you for the comments! I’m really happy that you like it. I thought that you won’t like it because for me I’m not really a good author. THANK YOU SO MUCH! i LOVE YOU ALL! I'M SERIOUS.
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Re: Takamina's crazy and funny story (TakaAcchan and TakaTomo)
« Reply #13 on: April 25, 2011, 12:22:53 PM »
^ love it, thanks you  XD, but I really didn't think that you will include my name   :nervous, now I have to hide in case someone want to murder me  :nervous

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Re: Takamina's crazy and funny story (TakaAcchan and TakaTomo)
« Reply #14 on: April 25, 2011, 02:07:02 PM »
Wow you're a very productive author  :thumbsup
Man, I love this one, too funny!
Poor Takamina though, one might think it's cool and all that to have two people fighting over you but when you're trapped in that situation it might just be the exact opposite.
I couldn't help but think if you add a TakaHaru then Takamina would die  :lol:
:grin:  good choice
Can't Takamina not choose? Can's she have both as girlfriends (peacefully) instead? Better yet, all three of them should just love each other so no more fighting!  XD
At this rate, Takamina harem seems possible.... LOL

Mariko x Miichan story is on progress I really don’t have anything to do so I write oneshots right now.
What do you mean you don't have anything to do? What about your other ongoing fanfics?  :P
Anyway MarikoxMiichan sounds fun.

As for TakAcchan plot, actually I've been thinking about what if all the TakaHaru that's been going on is actually their plan to get Acchan and Yuko jealous for them. Something like:

"You know Takamina, I think it's time we teach those flirts a lesson," -Haruna
"What do you mean?" -Takamina
"Let's become wifes!" -Haruna
So there goes the start of all TakaHaru moments...

Well, maybe not like that...but I hope you get what I mean? And you get both TakAcchan and KojiYuu that way. You don't have to write it like that of course, I'm just trying to help. Do it your way, good luck author-san!  :)

ps. that bunny at the bottom makes me laugh

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Takamina's crazy and funny story (TakaAcchan and TakaTomo)
« Reply #15 on: April 25, 2011, 07:24:30 PM »
pretend_2besome1: I find you interesting hahaha. That sounded creepy but I really find you interesting. You always comment on my fanfics. I'm flattered ROLF I liek you nao. Please don't mind me  XD me too! That is one sexy I mean funny bunny  XD

Tejanishi: ASAGFADGJAAKSGASLGKDSA! You like it! I love you! Bro! Let’s partay!  :panic:

I'm going to reply to all of you lol because I'm bored

TakahashiJ: Yes I made Takamina a meanie there  :twisted:. I want something new and I want to spice things up because she's always the nice girl :D
eSsIe21: Yes you read it right. Takamina left Acchan. I'll bring back TakaAcchan someday!  :D
bou-j525: I made you dislike TakaHaru  :cry: I'm a bad person. Thank you for liking it and reading it. I like your fanfic but I'm too lazy to comment and I don't know what to say. I'm a bad commenter.
RenaChii: YUKOOOOOO~  :cry: she's still crying. It's my fault. I'm sorry
Tanchan: I am going to bring back Atsumina OH YEAH!  :panic: But it's a different one shot and I'm not going to put break up scenes just for you.
mangobanana15: AFDAGKGSFGKA  :shocked I'm going to write now a HAPPY TakaAcchan FANFIC!!
FoF: You're welcome. Cool I gave you an idea! Does that mean that you're going to write another fanfic?  :shocked: I'm going to wait for that.
Keichan ^_^: lol don't blame FoF. It's my fault that's why it's a depressing fic. Thank you so much!  :D
kahem: Yes I made them harsh because I want something new. Thank you so much!  :D
crazywota: Yukoooo and Acchaaaan are still crying they're here right now. Thank you so much!  :D

I'm a genie in a bottle~ Tell me your wish~ I'm your personal genie just for now. Request?
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Re: Takamina's crazy and funny story (TakaAcchan and TakaTomo)
« Reply #16 on: April 26, 2011, 09:17:48 AM »
whaha......=)) i really like your post alexander....I like TakaTomo and Takaacchan  now................

i hope you can made a fanfic of takaacchan.......=) just two of them..

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Re: Takamina's crazy and funny story (TakaAcchan and TakaTomo)
« Reply #17 on: April 26, 2011, 09:52:51 AM »
I totally love it!!  :D I am a huge fan of Takaachan and i also really like Takatomo

They are so crazy for Takamina its so hilarious they should just both date Takamina  :lol:

Glad to see this one so much happier then the last one :yep:

A Takamii one shot sounds really interesting if you wrote one it would be my first reading bout this pair

Update soon!

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Re: Takamina's crazy and funny story (TakaAcchan and TakaTomo)
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Hahahaha so funny!!! It would be great if Takamina choose both of them but she can't do that can't she.^^

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Re: Takamina's crazy and funny story (TakaAcchan and TakaTomo)
« Reply #19 on: April 26, 2011, 03:25:13 PM »
Interesting? Thanks, that's new. Usually people find me crazy  :lol:
I happen to like your fics therefore I commented  :)

I'm a genie in a bottle~ Tell me your wish~ I'm your personal genie just for now. Request?
:huhuh  somehow I keep hearing SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish when I read this
Hmm request...maybe update your AKB baby fic one? Or is this strictly one-shot request? If it is then I'll just wait for the outcome of the one-shots you plan on making.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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