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Author Topic: Untitled fanfic (KojiYuu, AtsuMina, MaYuki) CH.58 7/09/2012  (Read 59546 times)

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Re: KOJIYUU FANFiC please read it...!<3
« Reply #340 on: September 29, 2011, 08:56:02 AM »
<Kojiyuu's dept> 
nyan nyan and yuko were in the living room as always yuko just paying attetion to nyan nyan's thighs (smelling them,kissing them,biting them and everything she could do with those two!) nyan nyan was wearing a skirt so for yuko that was heaven on earth..
nyan nyan! the squirrel says smiling while rubs nyan nyan's thigh
hmmm.. nyan nyan answers while she only focused on playing with her psp
do you love me? the squierrel asks 
"NO" nyan nyan says 
whaaaaat?? why??  yuko says 
because you don't let me play with my psp
that's a terrible answer! yuko says pouting 
nyan nyan looks at yuko with a look "go see who is!"
why me? yuko asks 
nyan nyan gave her another stare..
ok,ok, i'll go! yuko says and gets up and opens the door!
hello! atsumina couple says
yuko is about to close the door but takamina puts her feet  to not let close the door
what? yuko replies 
 we said dinner here! don't you remember? acchan says
why in my dept? yuko asks 
this is not your dept..! this is kojiharu's 
but it's mine too! yuko says 
no,you're not married! takamina says smiling  while shows her her ring.. 
stupid takamidget! yuko says growling 
hi yuko! three girls says 
you three too no way! yuko says and sighs 
you don't see happy to see us! sae says 
i think so too! sayaka says 
maybe she wanted to spend some quality time with nyan nyan but she totally rejected her for her psp! miichan say
that's not true! yuko shouting and pointing to miichan
told you mayu chan we're not late! yuki says 
you were totally right yuki chan! mayu says smiling grabbing yuki's arm tigher
mayu chan! yuko says happy and hugs her 
just in time! mariko says while gets out of the taxi
well i guess is set..let's go inside! yuko says
hello nyan nyan! everyone says 
like i figured she was on her psp! miichan says smiriking 
yuko number 1: yes,she was smartass! what you want me to pay you for being correct? stupid miichan 
yuko number 2: ahhhh i want to send you to freaking asshole! 
yuko number 3: is unbelieveble that psp beat us! 
yuko number 1&2:SHUT UP! 
what we're going to eat your fridge is empty! miichan says complaining 
you guys come without let us know and get demanding! yuko says growling 
like i said we told you..i mean we told nyan nyan! acchan says while looks at the distracted kojipa playing 
die now.. you have to die! nyan nyan says pressing the buttoms like crazy (yuko sighs)
 i think nyan nyan is cheating you..! sae says 
with who? yuko asks serious
with that psp! takamina says 
everyone laughs 
takamidget don't mess with me! yuko says 
i won! take that stupid machine! nyan nyan shouts while gets up 
congratulations nyan nyan but WOULD YOU MIND TELLING ME WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DINNER? yuko shouts poiting to the girls 
easy squirrel! sayaka says 
calm down..breathe! nyan nyan says 
i'm calmed! yuko says 
yeah right! mariko says looking other way
okay then go to buy food! nyan nyan says smiling 
what?!?! yuko's jaw on the floor 
c'mon yuko,i'm going to cook so you go to buy it! nyan nyan says smiling 
look buy all this! mariko says while gives her a list with a bunch of things 
all this! don't you want me to buy the supermarket? yuko asks surprised 
let me see! yes all that is written in the page..we need all those things!sae says grinning 
she's cooking don't be a bitch yuko! miichan says while pushes yuko to the door 
so no one wants to go with me? yuko asks 
i would go..(yuko smiles) but i don't want to! yuki says 
(yuko's depress aura) black yukirin! mayu says smiling but.. yuko was about to object but miichan closed the door before..
and that's how you kick out a squirrel from her house!miichan says smiling 
hey be nice to my squirrel! nyan nyan says 
it seems like the squirrel had been treating you nice! sae says while points to nyan nyan thights 
ahhh! when she did this! nyan nyan says surprised 
it's yuko ..she can do anything that is pervert with just snapping her fingers! acchan says.
Yuko do this! do that! go open the door! go buy the food! 
what the hell? am i her slave? yuko says while walks to the supermarket 
let's asks for pizza! mariko says 
yeah let's eat pizza! all the girls agree
but yoh guys made me send yuko to buy food! nyan nyan says scratching her head
we just changed our minds! sae says smiling 
now on the thing we're interest! miichan says while pushes nyan nyan to the couch 
what's wrong? nyan. nyan asks 
c'mon tell us how did you know that you fell for the squirrel?miichan asks while sits next to nyan nyan 
that was why you wanted to come today? 
yes! acchan says 
i'm just curious..we did our bets! sayaka says 
we knew you won't say a word if yuko was here that's why we send her to buy the supermarket! mariko says 
i guess i have no choice but telling you! nyan nyan says and sighs
how did i know that i fell for the squirrel? nyan nyan repeats the question while puts her finger on her chin
i guess since always! nyan nyan says smiling 
always? everyone repeats 
nyan nyan.. i misser you so much! yuko says while throws herself to the taller girl 
yuuchan i saw you yesterday! nyan nyan says smiling 
that's an eternity for me! yuko says faking to be crying while presses her face on nyan nyan breast 
"Yuko" nyan nyan says mad and slaps the younger girl and goes to the dressing room 
wait up nyan nyan,i wasn't doing what you think i was doing! yuko shouts while goes after her 
nyan nyan there you are! yuko says smiling 
nyan nyan sighs "no matter how fast i'll run you're always going to find me!"
i brought you this! yuko says smiling while gives her some chocolates 
thank you yuuchan! nyan nyan says smiling 
don't worry nyan nyan! yuko says smiling while gives her a quick kiss on her cheek 
<The next day> 
nyan nyan walked to the reharsal room but there was something different (no attacks,no groping,no skinship) 
n the most important where's yuko? nyan nyan thought
nyan nyan looked for the squirrel everywhere but it seemed like she had just vanished 
nyan nyan sighed somehow she felt empty like something was missing (now she understants what yuko meant yesterday..yes,it feels like eternity) 
end of the reharsal..everyone was leaving except for one person she was sitting in the dressing room waiting for some squirrrel to show up or at least text her!
yuko why you don't call me? maybe you had an accident?
omg no,no, don't think about those things! nyan nyan thought staring at her phone 
nyan nyan! a squirrel says happy while sits on the taller girl's lap "i missed you" 
nyan nyan just hugged the squirrel..
mmm nyan nyan are you okay? yuko asks 
"no" nyan nyan says 
are you with fever? yuko says while puts the palm of her hand on nyan nyan's forhead causing nyan nyan to blush and make her heart race 
nyan nyan you're all red! yuko says 
mmm i'm okay! nyan nyan says while gets up 
do you want me to take you home? yuko asks concerned
no,it's okay yuko but thanks! nyan nyan says 
yuko stop bothering nyan nyan! miichan says while enters the room to pick up her stuff 
(nyan nyan walks out of the room)
i'm not bothering nyan nyan! yuko says while stuck her tongue out 
nyan nyan! yuko shouts while runs after her "when i asked you if you wanted me to take you home..i meant i'm going to take you home! yuko says smiling while takes nyan nyan's by her hand leads her to her home! 
thank you! nyan nyan says blushing 
<end of the flashback>
it was like that..when she wasn't around i missed her very i guess i fell really fast for her and tried to cover my feelings was hard because i hurt her in the way! nyan nyan says smiling while eats her pizza 
(the pizza arrived when nyan nyan was telling the flashback) 
i'm home! yuko says while enters with all the things 
ohh! look the's time to go! mariko says while looks at her arm
you don't even have a watch! yuko says pouting 
yes, look at the was nice dinnering with you! sae says while walks to the door 
you bought pizza and you didn't left me a slide of it! yuko says complaining 
and remember thet nyan nyan sended you to buy the whole market! yuki says grinning (she was enjoying seeing yuko this way) 
ahhhhhhh...! yuko says 
well i guess i'll see on monday the girl says while leaves
now i feel use! yuko says with a depresed aura
nyan nyan kisses yuko on her cheek and says "i missed you it felt like an eternity" 
yuko smiles and kiss her passionately and without breaking the kiss they go upstairs..
sorry for ny english

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Re: KOJIYUU FANFiC please read it...!<3
« Reply #341 on: September 29, 2011, 09:09:33 AM »
"And that is how you kick out a squirrel from her house" Miichan killed me with that sentence lol
Poor Yuko, she is not married but already acte like a husband xD

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Re: KOJIYUU FANFiC please read it...!<3
« Reply #342 on: September 29, 2011, 11:11:27 AM »

Yuko...NyanNyan can be such a slave drive :)
though in the matter how much tsundere NyanNyan, she still loves Yuko :P

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Re: KOJIYUU FANFiC please read it...!<3
« Reply #343 on: September 30, 2011, 05:32:29 AM »
jajaj yeah miichan know how to treat a squirrel...

we know nyan nyan you love yuko`s perveness
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Re: KOJIYUU FANFiC please read it...!<3
« Reply #344 on: October 01, 2011, 01:32:06 PM »
the latest chapter makes me  :rofl: at the poor yuko

kojiyuu is so lovely  :heart:

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« Reply #345 on: October 22, 2011, 10:46:20 PM »
Acchan what are you doing? stop touching me... EVERYWHRE! now it's not the time so please...BEHAVE!! Takamina shouts while Acchan pushes her to an empty dressing room..
"i don't want to!" Acchan says while has Takamina against the wall an kisses her neck 
why you do this to me? this a very important CONCERT EVENT! Takamina says pouting but also enjoying the kisses 
me? huh? Acchan stops kissing Takamina and looks at her with a face that says  "Wtf?"
what? Takamina asks 
this is all your fault!! Acchan says 
my fault? Takamina replies 
yes, shouldn't be running around with a sword and looking hot and.. singing hot and.. acting hot and..dancing hot! Acchan says while desperately undress Takamina leaving her only on underwear and starting teasing her playing with her breast (no bra)
At-Atsu-suko..Takamina replies stuttering 
"you looked so hot out there that i wanted to eat you alive in front of everyone!" Acchan says smiling and raping Takamina's nipple 
Takamina wants to shout of pain and pleasure but she bit her finger to prevent herself of making noises 
per-per-pervert! Takamina says biting her finger even more 
i know! Acchan says smirking while stops playing with Takamina's mounds and goes down kissing her belly
i didn't you felt that way! Takamina says with her face all red while Acchan takes off her panties 
now you know! Acchan says smirking 
Nyan Nyan! Yuko says smiling while sits on Kojiharu's lap,who is playing with her psp while waits for her turn to sing 
i was thinking that we should get marry like in the movies when the couple runs away like fugitives and marries in the middle of nowhere in a old church and drives around everywhere! Yuko says smirking and looking at Nyan Nyan's forhead because that's the only thing she can see..
Nyan Nyan you're not listening! Yuko shouts and then shakes her but she still doesn't pay her attention 
Kojiharu got up making Yuko fall and kept walking to somewhere she can play in peace 
ouch! Yuko says rubbing her butt while gets up pouting..
she looks how Kojiharu is leaving the room not caring for what she said about the wedding.Yuko got really mad about it and decided to snatch the psp from Kojiharu's hand and throws it on the floor and step on it..
WTF YUKO? Nyan Nyan shouts seeing her psp broke in million pieces 
that's how is my heart right know! A mad squirrel says while leaves the room 
that's not good.. a squirrel on her days! Miichan says looking at Kojiharu who is picking up the pieces of her psp on the floor
shut up Miichan! i know how to deal with my wild squirrel! Nyan Nyan says smirking 
you were pretending! Miichan says while facepalm herself..
Yuko 1:why she can't give a little attention? i was talkijg about our wedding not something pervert!
Yuko 2:Maybe we should talk about the wedding when we're doing dirty things! 
Yuko 1: she's so cute when she comes!
Yuko 2: i know right..i thought that i was the only pervert who thought that!
Yuko 1: well you're not! 
Yuko 2: cheers 
Yuko 3: that cat selfish sometimes! 
Yuko 1: hey you 4 eyes don't talk bad about my Nyan Nyan! 
Yuko 3: it's the truth 
Yuko 2: one punch to Yuko 3
Yuko 3: punched back 
Yuko 1: calm down bitches! (trying to separate them)
Yuko: you supposed to help me suckers not fight each other..Yukl beated the three Yukos and sighed
what's going on? Yuko asks 
this door is close and we need to change! the girls reply pouting
ok let me see what can i do! Yuko says while puts her ear against the door 
"wtf? god what i needed those rabbits reminding me how good is having sex around here!" Yuko says mad
what? all the girls asks 
Nacchan covers Lovetan's ears..
yes,our dear Takamidget is having sex! Yuko shouts
(In the dressing room) (they were on the floor)
i'm.. i'm goin.. ahh..going to kill..her! Takamina says 
later not know! Acchan says smirking do-don't mi-mind..the-their ..present! Takamina says moving her head side to side 
sssshhh relax Minami! Acchan says smirking
i'm going to open this door..I don't want  anyone to be happy around me or do dirty things around me! do heard me? Yuko shouts
what's wrong? in other moment yuko would be so happy about this scene! Mayu says 
i guees you can't be a pervert all the time! Yuki says 
she's not going to! Acchan says smiling 
Because i had a fight with my Nyan Nyan and i'm Bitchy! Yuko shouts 
there's your answer! Yuki says 
there's no doubt i'm going to kill her for being a "pussyblocker"! Acchan says mad 
it's almost no3b turn so you better move your fingers faster Acchan! Yuko shouts 
there's no doubt Mayu chan you need to stop hanging with Yuko! Yuki says smiling
i'm going to make "roast squirrel" for dinner! Acchan says mad while is about to get up
don-don't wo-rry! Takamina says while takes Acchan's hand and pull her down to continue their business! 
look who's the pervert know! Acchan says smirking
shut up! Takamina says shyly
wow Yuko is really on her days! Miichan says 
i'm not on my days! Yuko shouts 
yes,you are! Miichan says smiling
whatever! Yuko says pouting 
(Door openning) 
finally you rabbits! Yuko says 
shut up Yuko! Takamina says mad 
i was just fixing her dress! Acchan says smirking
yeah right! Miichan says 
so why are you all sweaty?Yuko asks 
it was a complicated dress! Acchan says smirking and stuck her tongue out to Yuko
sexaddichan! Yuko says pouting 
 let's go it's no3b turn! Takamina says while walks ahead 
she's walking that fast because she doesn't want is to notice that it was a really complicated dress! Miichan says smirking 
look there's Nyan Nyan! Micchan says happy
where were you? i was looking for you! Kojiharu says
Nyan Nyan! Takamina says staring at her smiling
yes,Takamina! Kojiharu answers smiling
wow that happened because she didn't get to come! now she's like a cat on heat! Miichan says smirking
what Yuko has to do with that? Nyan Nyan asks 
well she interrupt them in the best part of "Fixing Takamina's Dress!"Miichan says smirking 
shut up Miichan it wasn't like that! Takamina shouts all red 
you see now she's on bad mood! Miichan says 
girls in give minutes! an assistant says 
let's change our clothes and we'll talk about this later okay? Nyan Nyan says 
we rocked out! Takamina shouts 
yeahhhh! everyone shouts 
Mocchi took this as a chance and pretended to be celebrating and hugged Takamina 
Acchan face turned from a happy one to a ma one
let me go Mocchi! i want to live! Takamina says complaining and with a black aura
we're the best! let's go celebrate!  Chiyuu says while there is one little person who is still sad looking other way in the corner of the room...
yeah! let's go celebrate! everyone shouts 
give her a break Nyan Nyan! Miichan says looking at Nyan Nyan..
don't worry Nyan Nyan i'll make sure that Takamidget is still alive when you two get back!" Miichan says smiling 
"okay!" Nyan Nyan says happy then directs herself to the squirrel..
let's go Yuko! Nyan Nyan says 
i don't want to go celebrate! Yuko says sad and looking down 
let's go! Nyan Nyan says with a little smirk while takes her hand and drags her out 
Nyan Nyan let go! where are we going? Yuko asks
but Nyan Nyan doesn't answer 
Nyan Nyan! Nyan Nyan! Yuko shouts 
mmm where's the car? ohh there it is! Kojiharu says 
(In the car)
(after 5 minutes of silence)
"Yuko!" Nyan Nyan says 
yes,Nyan Nyan! 
look around this plafe very carefully! Nyan Nyan says smiling 
why? Yuko asks 
beacuse those light looks beatiful don't you think?Nyan Nyan says 
i guess! Yuko answers confuse 
(the car stops)
where are we? Yuko asks 
the airport! Nyan Nyan answers smiling 
what? why? Yuko asks while Nyan Nyan takes her hand and drags her in 
we're going to be so fire after this! Nyan Nyan says smiling
what? Yuko asks 
can't you see! we're fugitives already! Nyan Nyan says smiling 
Yuko's eyes get wet she shouts "Nyan Nyan i love you" and hugs her..
"i love you too my perv squirrel!" Nyan Nyan answers smiling
sorry if its short but i have no time and i won't be able to update after 2 weeks sorry! :(

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« Reply #346 on: October 23, 2011, 04:49:00 AM »
wow wow wow wedding?!?! oh yeah!! jajaj poor takamidget... please sexadicchan make your husband happy :D
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« Reply #347 on: October 23, 2011, 10:32:03 AM »
way to go takamina.........

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« Reply #348 on: October 25, 2011, 12:15:00 PM »
The Takacchan part was so funny hahahhaha
Kojiyuu will marry each other yay!!!

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Re: Tell me which fic you want me to update first! :D
« Reply #349 on: November 08, 2011, 10:02:56 AM »
i vote for Akb boarding school (AtsuMina,KojiYuu,MaYuki)  :twothumbs

since it still a mess there.   XD :lol:

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Re: Tell me which fic you want me to update first! :D
« Reply #350 on: November 08, 2011, 11:19:09 AM »
 :wub: :inlove: Wow~!!! It's an incredible fic!!!!!

Please  :mon cute: update more~~  :heart:
I would like to vote for AKB Boarding School too~~~  :hee:
Please continue to do your best  :onioncheer: Yea! Yea!  XD

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Re: Tell me which fic you want me to update first! :D
« Reply #351 on: November 09, 2011, 05:26:40 AM »
the first or second :D
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Re: CRAZY WEDDING! <333333 KojiYuu,AtsuMina,MaYuki!
« Reply #352 on: November 12, 2011, 01:46:45 AM »
                        WEDDING! <33333

In Canada driving away....
Where we're going Kojima san? Yuko asks looking at Nyan Nyan who is focused on driving 
just wait and see! Nyan Nyan murmures 
but we don't know any church around here! Yuko says looking around her 
(they were in the middle of nowhere!)
(Pa-Pa-Pa!! the car is stoping)
what the hell? Nyan Nyan says 
what's wrong? why we stopped? Yuko asks 
aHHH! f-ing old car! Nyan Nyan says mad and hit the 
wheel with her hand "ouch! "
oh god! Yuko sighs 
alright,alright don't panic!  evrything is going to be fine let's call someone! Nyan Nyan says while sees her phone 
aHHHHH...STUPID USELESS PHONE! Nyan Nyan shouts mad 
okay don't panic let me see mine! Yuko says trying to calm Nyan Nyan and looking through her purse
my phone is not here! Yuko says mad while throws everything that's in her purse 
we pay a lot for this crappy service! Nyan Nyan says with a depressed aura and with her head on the wheel while her other hand has her phone 
nothing more happy that just marry life....Takamina was entering to her dept when she saw something that she hates the most....
Acchan! why you are a walking mess? did you fell from your cradle when you were a baby? Takamina shouts mad while picks up Acchan shoes, dress and purse that are all spread all over the living room
c'mon at least answer me! Takamina shouts while goes upstairs to face the walking mess
whoaaaa Acchan why you're not dress up? Takamina asks staring to a naked Acchan 
so you don't like me being a mess! Acchan replies moving sexily and closer to Takamina till the grade to have her breast pressing against Takamina's chest who was against the wall
Ma-ma-maybe! Takamina says all red and stuttering
wrong answer! Acchan says while takes Takamina by her shirt 
bu.. bu..but is not too early it's 2:00 pm! Takamina says stuttering 
exactly....LUNCH TIME!! Acchan's says smirking and drags Takamina to bed 
tell me why i'm doing this? Yuki says a little fustrated
well beacuse you love me and besides you look so great on it like Oshiriko chan said! Mayu replies looking at Yuki with a pervert look
no way..really how this supossed help you to study?...for christ sake i'm wearing a nurse costume from Kojima san! Yuki shouts mad 
i'm studying anatomy and seeing this way helps me to remember very well! Mayu replies smirking 
i hate you! Yuki says murmuring 
ha! you love me and you know it! Mayu says smiling and then steal a kiss from Yuki..
if we keep walking i'm going to die! Nyan Nyan says complaining and pouting
i guess we can rest here! Yuko says while sits 
 "why this had to happen today and now why destiny doesn't want us together?" Nyan Nyan says sad and sitting with her knees on her chest and looking down
no of course not..look at me! aren't you happy? we met each other ..if I had not auditioned for akb .. if I had not beaten by that shoe .. if you hadn't put the soda on my cheek... we would not be here! marrying is a second part to me..i mean i love you but i don't need a paper to remind me that.. so whatever happens will be the same I LOVE YOU NYAN NYAN! Yuko says looking Nyan Nyan in the eyes...
Nyan Nyan gives Yuko a peck then gets up and starts running "Yuuchan catch me if you can!" 
what? Nyan Nyan! Yuko gets up and runs after her
hey wait up! i don't want to run is too hot in here..Get back Nyan Nyan! Yuko shouts while runs after her 
Catch me! Catch me Yuko! Nyan Nyan shouts smiling
i'll catch you! Yuko shouts and speeds up to jump on her..both round for a little and Yuko ends up on top
you're not going to run away from me that took me 6 years to catch you! Yuko says smiling
i knew you'll catch me! Nyan Nyan says smiling back
Yuko is about to kiss her but Nyan Nyan rejects it..
what? Yuko asks 
hey don't look at me..look there! Nyan Nyan says pointing with her finger not looking 
Yuko looks in front of her and there it was " A cute old church in the middle of nowhere!" Yuko was speechless the church was beatiful as beatiful like her dream! 
ready Yuuchan? Nyan Nyan says while gets up and extends her hand to help Yuko..
Nyan Nyan! Yuko says crying and buried her face on Nyan Nyan's chest 
you should be happy not crying! Kijiharu says while hugs the midget 
i'm crying of happyness! Yuko says between sobs 
Takamina didn't marry in an "Old beatiful church" you can tell her that when we get back! Kojiharu says to cheer up the midget! 
c'mon clean up..You have to see our dresses! Nyan Nyan says smiling 
dresses? Yuko says cleaning herself up
yes,you thought that we were going to marry like this! Nyan Nyan says while points their dirty clothes 
let's go...! Nyan Nyan says 
<In the church> (i don't know what the priest say on weddings i think i'm going to say what they say in movies> 
so Kojima Haruna do you take Oshima Yuko to love her,respect her and take care of her till death break you apart? (i don't remember sorry about that xD) 
yes,i do! 
Oshima Yuko do you take Kojima Haruna to love her,respect her and take care of her till death break you apart? 
yes,i do forever and ever! Yuko shouts happy 
so i decleared you wife and wife! the brides can kiss! the priest says smiling 
Yuko kisses Nyan Nyan 
<After the wedding>...Driving! 
Kojima san! Yuko shouts with wind blowing her hair and smiling ear to ear
what?! Nyan Nyan answers smiling
drive faster..FASTER!! AND LET'S NEVER STOP! Yuko shouts happy 
We're fugitives! Nyan Nyan shouts smiling
I LOVE YOU! Yuko shouts with her eyes closed and feeling the wind..
I LOVE YOU TOO! Nyan Nyan shouts while drives

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Re: CRAZY WEDDING! <333333 KojiYuu,AtsuMina,MaYuki!
« Reply #353 on: November 12, 2011, 02:52:03 AM »

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Re: CRAZY WEDDING! <333333 KojiYuu,AtsuMina,MaYuki!
« Reply #354 on: November 12, 2011, 03:31:55 AM »
aww this was really cute  :D
kojiyuu finally got married and atsuko is so perverted i laughed at the atsumina part :lol:
anyway please keep up the good work

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Re: CRAZY WEDDING! <333333 KojiYuu,AtsuMina,MaYuki!
« Reply #355 on: November 12, 2011, 07:03:50 AM »
waaa my dreams come true!! thanx a lot.. but the honeymoon i think yuko is thinking a lot about it..

come takamidget make you wifey happy doesn`t matter if its too early.. you sexaddichan dont have a boss
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Re: CRAZY WEDDING! <333333 KojiYuu,AtsuMina,MaYuki!
« Reply #356 on: November 18, 2011, 07:57:09 PM »
Indeed, crazy wedding!!!!!! ^^
I loled at Acchan's lunch xD

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Re: CRAZY WEDDING! <333333 KojiYuu,AtsuMina,MaYuki!
« Reply #357 on: April 12, 2012, 06:28:56 AM »
this was our first fics I read this site months ago .. was one of the first fics I read of AKB48 and soon kojiyuu .. is wonderful and very funny .. I could not comment before but now I can .. following several months since I hope to read more fics someday this is very good indeed .. and marked as it was the very first fics kojiyuu me * --- * love too .. a great job and please continue when you can = ') :) :) :)

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Re: CRAZY WEDDING! <333333 KojiYuu,AtsuMina,MaYuki!
« Reply #358 on: July 13, 2012, 01:29:44 PM »

is your fanfic end?...

please reply........................

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: KOJIYUU FANFIC <33333 ,AtsuMina,MaYuki! CH.58(79)
« Reply #359 on: September 07, 2012, 07:06:30 AM »
Wow such a long fanfic.. i was terrible in the writting thing xD..

(Atsumina's place)
"Takamina..." Acchan whispered while hugs her tiny girlfriend tight 
"i'm up..i'm up" Takamina replies rubbing Acchan's arm 
you know i been thinking..A lot! Acchan says 
Takamina smirks 
what's funny? Acchan asks rising an eyebrown 
well don't act you never think! Takamina says laughing 
Acchan got red mad and smacked the little girl on her head "why you're such an idiot when i need you?" she shouted and turned her back 
"what did i do?" Takamina asks 
~~~Next morning~~~~~ 
You guys are not doing it right! Acchan shouts in a bossy tone while indicates her friends the right movement 
what's wrong with her? Miichan asked 
let's asks Takamina! Yuko says while observes the Hitler Acchan mad 
We should take a rest! Acchan says 
thanks! Everyone says relief 
now! Yuko says and gives Miichan a sign to come with her while the others were drinking water 
There she goes! Yuko says with Miichan and fallow Takamina who was going to the bathroom 
Let's go! Miichan says and grabs Takamina from the back and gets her in the bathroom  
"what the.." Takamina says while looks both members
tell us what you did to Acchan? Miichan asks while grabs her from the back 
Are you insane? Takamina asks trying to release 
yes, Miichan are you insane? the question is what did you not do Acchan last night? Yuko asks while grabs Takamina's face 
what are you talking about? Takamina asks 
well haven't you see Hitler Acchan? Miichan asks 
Takamina looked other way 
yes,she's making my Nyan Nyan sweat a lot and do you know what happens when you sweat? Yuko asks 
what happens? Takamina asks pouting 
"This gets smaller.." Yuko answers touching her boobs 
"ehhh.." Takamina looked other way 
if Nyan Nyan's lolis gets smaller it wouldn't be same she has the perfect sizes of everything..Acchan's are too small! Yuko murmures 
what? did you mention Acchan? Takamina asks mad and releases from Miichan 
i forgot when you're jealous you turn into Hulk! Yuko says and runs away from the bathroom 
"what a coward.." Miichan says 
besides what happened with Acchan last night it was a joke i didn't mean to make her upset! Takamina says with a sigh 
that's why you wanted marry my wife to make her angry and sad? Miichan asks 
no.. i love Acchan! Takamina replies 
then go ahead and tell her and have a really good make up sex with her! Miichan says 
Takamina gets all red 
"go.." Miichan says and pushes Takamina 
Takamina runs to the practice room where Acchan again is bossy everyone around 
Acchan can we talk? Takamina asks 
"no.." Acchan coldly answers 
c'mon we need to talk! Takamina says 
"no.." Acchan answers again 
ok that's enough! Takamina says and takes her wife arm and pull her outside 
YAY! Everyone in the room shouts while Yuko outs her hands on Nyan Nyan boobs 
"Yukooo!" Nyan Nyan says blushing 
what? i just wanted to know if they are still in their perfect size! Yuko answers smirking 
pervert!!! Nyan Nyan shouts and piches Yuko's cheek 
It hurts! Yuko shouts 
wow you were really evil! Takamina says *sweat drop*
what do you want? Acchan asks mad 
 Takamina pouts then sighs "sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry
sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry" she says repeately 
Acchan saw it as the cutest moment of Minami Takahashi of the day so she wasn't mad anymore 
"It's ok Takamina.." Acchan says and hugs her midget 
"ehh that fast.." Takamina murmured 
i don't like being mad at you but you're just too silly sometimes! Acchan says smirking 
"i'm really sorry.." Takamina says looking down 
Sometimes you make me wanna kill but then you do something like this that makes me wanna..." Acchan murmured the last thing on Takamina's ear 
Takamina blushed "Sexaddichan!" She murmured 
Acchan smirked and squeezed Takamina's butt

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