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Author Topic: My Best Friend's mom more loving coming soon~ slow turtle FTW  (Read 7751 times)

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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 1(part4) Well...
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WOWWWWWW!!!! I like it!!!! I can't stop smiling!!!! Lol

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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 1(part4) Well...
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:mon mischief:


Chap 2

My legs shook, and ached for class to end. What would happen from here on out?

Freaaak. What if she gets scared by the whole 'illegal underage relationship' deal? What if she doesn't like me at all? What if I love her too much? What if we break up? What if she's still straight and I'm just a lust object because she hasn't gotten some since Haruna was made?

I couldn't help be pessimistic and afraid. Oh man, someone like me? Hello? I'm Miichan, the girl who has the brains of a genius and the hormones of a boy! Not the scared little girl whose afraid of one person's reaction!

I bit my lip, and fidgeted with the edge of my denim shorts that stopped mid thigh. It was approaching summer along with the last few weeks of school, so the heat was well known. I had a blue and black plaid long sleeve shirt that was folded up to my elbows, and a star wars tank top underneath.

"Minegeshi-san, If you need to go to the bathroom that much, just ask!" my teacher said worried since my legs shook in my seat.

"Ah, n-no thanks!" I mutter, and finally, the bell run. Okay, okay. Ms. Shinoda would be coming here to pick me up since Haruna has a Student Council Meeting after school.

I grabbed my backpack and walked out the door. No more hesitations.

I walked through the school courtyard, to the side of the school. Only a minority of the school go here to get picked up since it was a one way road, but there was barely traffic there compared to the front or the back of school. I saw Ms. Shinoda's Ferrari parked at the side, and I walked towards it.

Here it goes... I thought. My heart was stuck on the line of being scared shitless and excited about everything. I knocked on the window, and Ms. Shinoda unlocked the door and I got in.

"Uhm...Hi," she said nervously, her face blushing. I nodded, and I just couldn't help smiling.

"So, how was school today...?"

"Uh...good. English was a piece of cake, like always, but I'm stuck on some Chem homework...Haruna was always good at it unlike me," I informed her.

" you want any help?"

"Uh sure...later..."

After that, we drove in silence, but we were both just comfortable being there. When we got to their house, I got of the car and waited for Ms. Shinoda to open up the door.

We both stepped into the cooled house, sighing a bit in relief, until we heard the snap of the lock going in place. "Um...sit down?" Ms. Shinoda suggested, and I instantly sat on the couch in the living room.

"Drink?" she offered, putting her keys on the table before heading to the table. "Uh, anything you have, please," I politely asked.

I drummed my fingers against the skin of my leg as I heard Ms. Shinoda from the kitchen pour us each a glass of iced tea. She walked back in, and handed me the cold glass of iced tea and I sipped it, cooling the heat the built up in me.

"So..." I said, as Ms. Shinoda took a seat across from me.

"I think we should cover all the facts...?" she said nervously playing with her hands. It was really cute.

" like you," love you, "and I think you like me. We uh...made out. Haruna wants us to get together..." I went on.
Ms. Shinoda giggled, and ran a hand through her hair. "I like you, Miichan. And its weird, considering you're at least 18 years younger than me. And illegal. But I like you, a lot..."

I really couldn't help but smile. I love you, Shinoda Marikooo! I sung happily in my head. But it was sorta too early to say that, wasn't it?

"So we've established that we have feelings about each other, and we both acknowledge that this is illegal but the fact that we're quite light hearted about it implies that this could be kept a secret, aside from Haruna since she lives here?"

" you think this will have a future?"

I got up from my chair, laughing, before walking around the table and pushing her back in her chair and sitting on her lap. "This better," I grinned, before kissing her lightly, intensifying the level of each kiss after the other.

"Um...are you sure...we this...this early...?" Ms. Shinoda panted out, when I started to nip at her neck. I couldn't even answer her, because all I knew that existed was her at the moment.

The English Language that I was such a master at disappeared that very moment.


Summer passed by fast, and a new school year along with my 17th birthday rolled along. Haruna threw me a surprise birthday a week early, since she 'spend some time with her Yuko', giving me and Mariko the full be alone in a house for a whole week.

I stood next to Ms. Shinoda in the doorway when she waved farewell to her daughter and  her girlfriend. The mid-september cool breeze flew through the house, stopping when Ms. Shinoda closed the door.

We've been together for about three months, and despite heavy makey outy and lots of touching, we've never went pass that. Maybe it was because Haruna was usually home, or that Ms. Shinoda was still afraid...heck I don't even know why I still refer to her as Ms. Shinoda! Grinning, I wrapped my arms around my beloved.

"So, Mari-chan," I breathed into her ear. "We're all alone now..."

Shinoda Mariko blushed, and smiled back at me. I couldn't help my heart from skipping up a few beats. "You said my name..." she whispered back at me, turning around so she faced me.

"You say my name all the time. And as kinky as it is, I think calling you Ms. Shinoda all the time especially when we're...getting down and dirty," I wagged my eyebrow suggestively, and she tried stifling a giggle, "That'd be kinda awkward," I finished.

"Maybe...maybe some other time..." she whispered back.

"Huh? And why are you whispering?" Hey, Haruna wasn't here no more! We double checked everything so she wouldn't interrupt!

"Because I really want to seduce you at this moment..." she mumbled before picking me up and wrapping my legs around her.
My lips found hers easily, and within a few minutes, by some of her amazing 'eyes at the back of her head' powers, we were in her room.

In an instance, my baggy Wall-E shirt came off, and Ms. Shinoda, eto,Mariko started to fiddle around with the button on my skirt. Blushing madly, I stopped her for a moment.

"I don't..." I murmured, and she raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"You don't...have too..." I gasped when her hand touched my thigh. It raised higher, until she raised an eyebrow grinning.

"Commando, eh?" she teased, and I blushed horribly at her words and touch. She brought her hand away from in between my legs, and I whimpered at the loss of contact. How the hell can I help it! I've been so in love and horny off this woman for 4 years as of this Friday, and...and...

My thoughts were stopped when she removed my bra and started kissing me, her hands softly exploring my chest. I still had a lot of hickeys from this older woman, which I seriously didn't mind, but she always felt like adding more when I was shirtless in her house.

Not like that was a problem at all though!

I couldn't help but smile while I moaned, hell, I couldn't help but smile anytime I was near her.

My hands held the back of her head, when she started to kiss my stomach, moving lower, and going higher, and I couldn't suppress any whimper or moan stuck in my throat.

I had no idea what she was doing, she didn't any foreplay with me! I was already wet enough as it is, by standing next to her!
Of course, that feeling resided the moment she inched my skirt up to take a look of what I had down there, which surely wasn't a boys thingy.

I managed to tilt my head up a bit and see her smirking evily as she stared, entranced by what she saw.

She looked at me one last time, leaning forward to kiss my lips. "Please, scream for me," she muttered, before going down and...literally ravishing me.

Oh boy, did I scream.

Should I Continue???


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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 2 TURLE'S BACK!!!!
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Please continue!!!!  :shy1:


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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 2 TURLE'S BACK!!!!
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getting good  :hehehe: --> together illegally HOT!! :mon star: --> more progress :mon lol: --> bleed to death :on bleed: --> WHAT!!! :mon closeup: --> next!!!! :mon nyah:

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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 2 TURLE'S BACK!!!!
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 :inlove: :twisted:
OMG  What a surprise I can read when I wake up :deco:
Yes continu please :heart:
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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 2 TURLE'S BACK!!!!
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Yeah please continue ^^ *blushes*

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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 2 TURLE'S BACK!!!!
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Clear your mind 1st about chap 2, aiz aiz hahahaa

Chap 3 part1

"I'm coooold," I complained, lying against Ms. Shinoda's chest. Her arms were loosely wrapped around me, Haruna and Yuko sat on the couch beside the one we were on.

"Mom, turn the heaaater on!" Haruna whined, and Ms. Shinoda glared at her.

I blushed when I felt Mariko cuddle into me, before pouting at her daughter. "I don't wanna move!"

Yuko sweatdropped. She whispered something to Haruna who blushed and giggled.Both then stood up and went up to Haruna's room.(  U guys should know "what" they going to do)

Some mature adult she is, I thought. But hey, I love that about her. We've been...having this secret affair for about 9 months, considering we...had that one night back in June.

We're happy together...

I leaned back in my chair, feeling the unexpected springtime heatwave wipe over my body. I fanned myself with papers, and grimaced at Haruna. How the hell is that girl so bubbly all the time? From the nice cold Winter-like weather in March, to this in just a few weeks?

"Ugh, Haruna, its' hoooot. I wanna go swimming!" I complained. My shorts felt like unnecessary clothing weighing me down, but I couldn't do anything about that unless Ms. Shinoda wanted them off...

Haruna rolled her eyes and slapped me in the face. "You're blushing. Stop thinking," she chirped happily as I regained composure from the shock.

"Bastard..." I muttered, holding my face.

"Sex addict," she muttered back...well, not to quietly.

 My face exploded to the seventh layer of hell and I groaned in embarrassment since a LOT of my classmates turned around with mouths open.

Hey, if you found that the one of the smartest girls in class was secretly a sex addict, wouldn't that shock you a bit? Uh, duhh.

"Look away people, I'm kidding. Obviously, this girl here can't ever get some!" Haruna laughed, although it was dripping with sarcasm.

"Haruna!" I chided, throwing a paperball at her.

Haruna snickered, and the lunch bell rang, finally ending stupid boring study hall.

"Yay!" I chirped and got up. Me and Haruna rushed to the door for food...only to freeze as the door opened, letting sun's true nature beat us down.

"Bwhaha!" the sun yelled, "You'll never get past my visible light. Let my ultraviolet rays consume you-"

"Today's Lunch Special- Grilled Cheese" The intercom rang.

"Ah! They have grilled cheese today Haruna, grilled cheese!" I laughed, and me and Haruna ran out invincible to the sun's harmful rays. Hey, what can the sun do to two girls who swim a lot?

As me and Haruna settled down in the cooled cafeteria with Yuko and the lovey-dovey Takacchan pair, Haruna suddenly brought up something.

"Oh, by the way, we can't bother my mom today!"

I immediately pouted, even to the point of whimpering.

"Ew, don't do that," Haruna shuddered, sipping juice.

"Whyyyyy?" I complained, dragging on the one syllable word.

"You're too cute that way. It scares me, especially since its you!"

"Cuter than me?! Yuko whinned.

"Oh,you're the cutest my squirrel". Haruna winked at Yuko.

I glared at Haruna. Yuko,Takamina and Acchan just laughed

  Tilting my head to the side. "Why can't we bother her?"

"Cos, my mom's having some meeting or a business associate dinner with my Dad and his sister companies," Haruna replied nonchalantly.

I pouted even more, No fair! I can't cuddle with my Mariko allllll day after school now...bummer...

I bit my grilled cheese in anger. And I can't kiss her...

With anger, I chugged my juice, or touch her...

...I can't lick her.

My eyes widened, and I choked on my food.

With food lodged in my throat, I started coughing madly. Haruna jumped up in suprise, and ran around to the back on me kicking my back.

THAT'S NOT HELPING ASSHOLE! I screamed in my head.

"Nyan Nyan! Don't kick Miichan like that!" Yuko tried to help.

Haruna finally put me in the Heimlich Maneuver after repeatedly abusing my back, and I jumped to the nearby trashcan before spitting my food out.

"You bastard..." I gasped, what the hell did she have to beat me up for? She's not that...

"I told you, I know when you're thinking nasty thoughts," she said, grinning. I rolled my eyes, and we returned to our seats.

We ate peacefully, making small talk about the weather. Well, not really. It was more in the subject of my sex life, me blushing, and telling Haruna to shut up.

"I want to drive!" I announced, after we were done eating and...well, done talking about my personal matters. Haruna rolled her eyes, "You could've done that a year ago."

"Well, I was busy with SATS...and I should drive before college y'know?"

"Uh, Miichan? You don't need a car! I've seen you run to my house when I announce I'm not going to be there for awhile, you're pretty damn fast for a chance to get it on with my mom-"

I don't think my face could've gotten any redder. "Haruna shut up!"

Takacchan snickered. Yuko just keep on smiling.

"Chill, Miichan, I'm joking," Haruna laughed. I rolled my eyes, she was SO exaggerating! I don't have fun time with Mariko all the time...


...Okay, so maybe I do. But there's nothing wrong with being a healthy teenager!

"Have fun with driving, it sorta gets annoying sometimes. Mom keeps asking me to do all this stuff now that I can drive...freaking slave driver. She works me till I'm sweat and bone!"

"I feel you there..." I mumbled under my breath, and was glad Haruna didn't hear me. She would've probably  beat me up for being a perv.

"I don't even have a car though, and, your mom got you a car already..." I pouted.

"Mom would probably let you use her car! Hell, that way she doesn't have to pick you up every damn day so you two can go-"

"HARUNA! Stop talking about my sex life! God, its not like we do it all the time!"

"MIICHAN! I let you guys be alone for probably half of the week every week, and you still are at it when I happen to be there! Insatiable! Both of you!"( I do it a lot with Yuko though)

I blushed, damnit I can't say anything back.

"I hate you." I muttered.

"I hate you too, but that's a lie. If I really did hate you, I would take videos of you and my mom and put it up on some MILF porno site where millions of males will jack off to you," she replied.

"...I love you." I muttered.

"Thank you!"


Me and Haruna leaned against her bed, finishing off the last of our homework. AP classes were so...not bomb. Overloaded homework much? Sure, you can be smart...but you can't be lazy. AT ALL!

"I wish it was summer alreaaaddy!" I moaned, throwing my pencil down.

"Too bad we have finals left...but after that we're seniors!" Haruna cried.

I rolled my eyes. "Finals is in the end of May...that's like a month from nooow! That's too long!"

"Yeah...I'm hungry," Haruna chirped changing the subject.

"Are we allowed to go downstairs? I mean, your mom and dad are in that so important meeting..."

"Yeah, just don't go into the dining room. We can go around and in the kitchen, but we gotta be quiet otherwise my mom will SO kill us..."

I smiled, and got up. I wanted to see Mariko, all dressed up and professional. She probably looked hot and... outstandingly beautiful!

 Me and Haruna quietly tiptoed down the stairs and across the hallway till we reached the Dining room. Their voices were hearty, which was a good thing, and I took a peak.

Of course, it was definitely not a hearty site for me.

Ms. Shinoda, Mariko, was sitting to this...shady guy who was TOOO close! And they were laughing!

 My eyes instantly, at that second, sent glares and curses at the man. Who the hell is this...this MALE to come up to MY Mariko and even LOOK at her! Okay, maybe I'm being a little possessive and jealous...

Aw, hell, I don't need to lie to myself. I'm extremely jealous! Is it my fault that I just want to be the only one that I can see in her eyes?

And then I saw it. The man put his hand on Mariko's, and leaned in close to whisper things to her. Although she didn't show it, I could read it like a magnifying glass on a word with the text size greater than an infinite amount of zeroes... She didn't like it!

But of course, I'm jealous!

And I have a tendency to act on impulse as...

"DON'T TOUCH-" I started to loudly hiss when Haruna pulled me back with force with her hand covering her mouth that we hit the wall behind us, dropping and shattering a picture frame loudly. I hissed in pain when some of the glass stabbed into my arms, and groaned when the wooden framed fell forward and hit me and Haruna's head.

"You baka!" Haruna murmered, getting up unscathed. "And- HOLY SHIT YOU'RE BLEEDING!"

The door to the dining room opened, and my heart warmed at the site of Mariko practically lunging towards me with her whole face conveying the concern she felt. "What happened! You two were supposed to stay upstairs!" she scolded us, and grabbed my hand.

I smiled, and was about to reassure her everything was okay, when she suddenly let go of my hand as if acid burned her own on reflex. The hell?

"H-Haruna! Get the medi-kit! Come on sweetie, we got to get you to the kitchen," she said in completely, horribly fake mother like tone. Even her gay ex-husband recognized it!

"Mari-chan, I'll take care of the meeting from here. Go take care of her, okay?" he told Mariko, and smiled to the other men. "Come on, boys, back to the room! She's got this all under control!"

"Ah, maybe I could stay back and help?"

My eyes instantly, at that moment, glared at the man. Haruna's dad sighed, and nodded, and he took the other guys to the living room offering them a good cup of wine on the way.

"Here, I'll help bring her," the guy offered, eying Mariko in such a way that she couldn't refuse. Mariko nodded, and excused herself, getting Haruna to help her set up the kitchen for me.

I couldn't help but want to puke all over him as he helped me stand up, and I didn't stop myself from forcing myself away from the fool.

"Stop fucking moving!" he hissed under his breath, and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to hear it or not. But hell no, this bitch was about to get it.

I took in a sharp inhale and slammed my foot down on his, and cried out at the same time, "Ms. Shinoda! It hurts!"

"A-ah! Hold on!" she cried from the kitchen, and within seconds she appeared in front of us.

She quickly grabbed me from his hold, quicker than he would've like, and threw him a bit off balanced. I pouted at her, and lifted up my bleeding arms. "It stings," I mumbled, and she nodded, bringing me to the kitchen.

"Sit," she ordered, and I gave her a smile.

"'Kay," I easily responded. The chair made me a bit lower than Mariko, so she had to bend down to examine my slight injuries.
I looked over her shoulder, and that guy was leaning against the wall cooly. I quirked my eyebrow at him, as if saying, 'You still here?'

Of course, the dimwit didn't respond back, but instead, his eyes we're on...

"Asshole!" I hissed, right when Mariko touched my arm. She looked at me shocked, and I whipped my head apologizing.

"A-ah sorry, it hurt!" I lied, but Mariko gave me a reassuring smile and patted my cheek.

"I'm sorry...anyways Mii...chan, there aren't any glass in your wounds but most of it are pretty long cuts, so I'm just going to disinfect it with alcohol and-"

"No!" I whined, jerking away. That stuff stings! Even I, someone who masters at the English latin and its root languages, can't even describe the pain! Maybe I was overreacting but...I really don't want her bending down in front of that perv! So I have a pretty good reason for acting like a baby!

"It'll only hurt for a little babe..." she whispered in my ear. I nodded, glaring at the guy. His one tracked mind ensured that he heard nothing, as he was most likely lost in thoughts.

"I don't like him," I whispered under my breath as she wiped the blood off my arm with a rag.

She curiously raised an eyebrow, with a smirk. "Jealous?"

I pouted at her, how could she be so mean! "No," I whispered back darkly. Of course I was jealous, but I didn't want to admit that.

 "He's looking at you..." I muttered in her ear when she finished wiping off the blood, and stood back up. Immediately, the guy stopped looking and walked forward.

"Mariko," he asked, and I glared at him, "Need anymore help?"

"No, I think I have it controlled here, you can go back and join the rest, okay?" she told him firmly. Oh yeah, she told him off!

He simply nodded before walking out the kitchen door and closing it.

"What were you two doing! You could've gotten more injuries than this, Miichan!"

Shit, I thought. I didn't want to upset her...

"We were hungry, and we passed by you guys in the dining room, and I saw him talking to you...and he put his hand on yours...and..." I explained, blushing at the end. Mariko had her arms folded with a curious look.

"So, you were jealous then?" she asked with a sly look.

"No!" I snapped.

"Were you?" she prodded agian.

"No!" My answer was once again definite...although it was a lie.

tbc on last part


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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 3 part 1/2
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AND HERE'S the last part!! FINAL IT IS >_<

Chap 3 part 2

"Okay then..." she said in that teasing, sing-song, I'm-right-and-you're-not voice. I really hated that voice. Not really.

She turned around getting the disinfectant out of the medical box, and some ointment to prevent swelling and ensure healing. I bowed my head, pouting. "Okay...I got jealous," I said quietly.

Mariko giggled, and crouched down in front of me. She rested her palm on my cheek, so I looked at her in the eye. All I saw was compassion, and love, and it made me smile. "I only want to look at you, touch you, and be with you. Only you, you know?"

She pressed a soft kiss on my lips, and my heart did back flips at the simple gesture, and she continued to smile at me. "Are you going back home after this...?" she asked, shyly peering up at me.

Ah crap. You see...I sleep over here more than I sleep at home now parents kind of got mad at me. I'm still allowed to come here to Haruna's house, but no more sleeping over sadly. "I was gonna tell you but you were busy with the whole meeting thing...but I can't stay...I'm sorry," I mumbled.

"Oh," she said softly, and I looked at her. I raised my hand, and cupped her chin, lifting it up. "I'll be here tomorrow morning though? So you can still wake up next to me," I added.

Mariko immediately smiled like a little child who just recieved a new toy, and pecked me on the lips again, but retained the distance between us. Or the closeness, really.

"I miss you so much already..." she mumbled, burrying her face in my neck. I wrapped my arms around her neck, and held her close, smiling.

"I do too..."

We stayed like that for a couple more moments, relishing the warmth of each other. It was a really pleasant feeling, and I wouldn't mind dying at that moment. It was a scary thought...but to die so happily...I really wouldn't mind it.

The door suddenly opened, and Mariko sprung backwards and my head jerked towards the door. That guy stood there, with a confused face.

"You're still not done?" he asked, with a tone of annoyance hindering in his voice. Actually, it was drizzled with annoyance. But he was the one being an annoyance! My eyes instantly glared at him, which he promptly ignored.

Mariko smiled 'sweetly' at him, which I was glad for. I knew that smile, it was the, 'Oh-I'm-pretty-and-you-know-it-and-you-want-to-get-in-my-pants-but-I'm-pretty-damn-annoyed-of-you sweet smile. I got it a lot sometimes when I got on Mari-chan's nerves. But the punishments are worth it!"Oh yeah, I had to...make sure it was clean," she lied, and I gave her a look.

"But here, let me bandage it up," she told me, and I gave her my arm. She rolled the bandage tape thing over my arm, until it was secure and bandaged. "Is you're head okay though?" she asked me, and I nodded. The house phone rang, and the guy walked over to Mari-chan using lame excuses of a conversation in attempts to lure her away from me.

But of course, fate thought otherwise.

"MIICHAN!" Haruna shouted from wherever the hell she went, "YOUR MOM IS HERE TO PICK YOU UP!"

ALREADY? It was barely...oh, it was actually almost 10 PM, and even though I'm old enough, I still had a curfew. Well, I respect my parents wishes so, giving one last puppy look to my lover who had that I-want-you-in-my-arms pout written all over her face, I thanked her and went to Haruna's room to pick up my stuff.

This was one of the worst feelings in the world, having to part from the one you love. My heart terribly wrenched, and I needed to hold her hand at least. I grabbed my stuff, organized it, and shoved it all in my bag before heading back downstairs and leaving. The guys in the business suits we're all chatting in the living room, with their ole' fancy cup of wine, ignoring me as I walked out.

Haruna's dad came to me before I left, and checked up on my arm, before bidding me goodbye. Haruna doesn't really ever say bye to me, since I come and go through her house so often its like I almost lived there, and Mari-chan was with that douchebag.

I got in my car, where my mom sat annoyed. "You shouldn't be coming here so much, you should be staying home and studying for you're SATs!" she scolded, backing the car out of the driveway.

I rolled my eyes, and scoffed. "Mom, I'm have the top grades at school at most subjects. I'm in the top 10 of our ginormous school! What more do you want?" I said, my tone a bit too harsh.

"Honey, I'm only doing what's best for you, and what's best for you is for you to study things like Law, or becoming a Doctor," she explained to me like I was an idiot.

"We went over this...Mommy, I want to become a writer, you know that! Hell, I won't mind becoming a Literature Professor or something, but I love words. English is my forte, and things like being a lawyer or a doctor...I just know I'll always have that what-if with that," I told her softly, leaning against the window.

"You're my only daughter...I don't want you to end up on the streets..." she reasoned with me. I sighed, and smiled sadly.
"Do you and Dad doubt me that much?"

The car was silent on the way home.

My house, compared to Haruna's, is incredibly smaller. It was a two story house, but my room was on the bottom floor and my parents were upstairs. It was a pro, definitely a good thing since I sneak out a lot to see Mariko. I considered the idea, but usually she came to pick me up or Haruna came, since I couldn't drive yet.

I REALLY, need to drive.

I laid back in my bed, quite annoyed. The AC in our house was broken, unfortuanetly, so I was dressed pretty slutty, weirdly.

It was just a white tank top, and some reallllllly short shorts. But hey, it was practically hell in my house at the moment! I flipped the page on the book I was reading, letting the cheap fan I bought quite a long time ago blow against my hair. It made me feel a bit better, but its really just having hot air being blown in your face.

"I can't even concentrate!" I groaned, setting my book aside. My room is...really small. It had my queen sized bed, the hidden library of Akb's music etc, underneath my bed, my wardrobe, closet, and my laptop.

Other than that, there was barely enough space to have anything else.

Unlike Haruna, I'm definitely not rich. But its' okay, I'm actually pretty happy with it. I don't really need anything from my parents, and even if its selfish I do get most of my meals from Mariko...speaking of her...

My eye twitched. That guy probably flirted with her for another hour, trying to bed those nasty things with her!

And then he'd...LOOK AT HER! But looking at Mariko is MY privilege now! Yes, I'm incredibly jealous, and being childish, but she's mine! Why can't he get that fact- okay, so maybe he doesn't know but why doesn't he get the fact that Mariko doesn't want him? Because, she's miiiiiine!

Tick, Tick, Tick.

And only I get to do everything to her, not anyone else!

Tick tick tick tick tick tick...

And that's really annoying!

I shot up in my bed, and turned towards the window. You see, outside my window is a tree, so sometimes when animals touch it the branches scrape against the window, but this time, when I looked out, I saw no animal. If I was ever into furries, which is a never, it'd be one sexy animal.

"M-Mari?" I whispered shocked. She smiled at me, and mouthed, 'Front door', to me, and I quickly ran out my room.

 Once out, I then tiptoed across the house till I got to the front, where I slowly opened the door.

"What are you doing here?" It was practically 3 in the morning already!

"I missed you," she said, smiling. I blushed, and pulled her inside, and shut the door quietly. She has NEVER been in my house like this before...

"Where's your room?" she asked, as I led her through the dark interior of my house.

"We're going there..."

We tiptoed back across my house till we got to my room, and I shut the door. "I told you I'd go in the morning...what made you act like a teenager and sneak out to see me?" I asked, grinning.

Mariko blushed, and shifted a bit nervously, before wrapping her arms around me. "Renji," she started, and my eyes narrowed instantaneously.That's his name?

"He tried to, how shall I put it...'get some' with me for quite a while. And Kouta," Haruna's dad, "kept the other men...entertained for a while. They left an hour ago, and I came here the moment everything was tidy...and...its' hot in your house," she said, and I smiled at her comment.

I turned off the lights, and laid on my bed, beckoning her to join me. She did, after taking off her shoes, and wrapped her arms around my waist. Even in the dark, I could see her face from the moonlight that crept through the trees and my window, and I placed a soft kiss on her lips. Smiling, she returned it, and suddenly they multiplied like woah.


that's all peeps  forgive me for ending this story as well  :mon cute:

but thx for reading  XD

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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 3 last part
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wow.. sounded like having affair... :wub:
so secretive but loving.. age really doesn't matter at all ..


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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 3 last part
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Awww... they were so lovey-dovey together...  :wriggly:

is this really the end???  :ptam-cry:

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Re: My Best Friend's mom Chap 3 last part
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This forbidden love made me smile :)

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