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Author Topic: Immortal-shots Collection (Feb 14 ~ Blinded By Love: Be My Valentine [AtsuMina])  (Read 49171 times)

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Re: One-shot Collection (Jan 18th ~ I Wish... / I Should Have... [SaeYuki])
« Reply #120 on: February 10, 2012, 06:20:19 PM »
OMG, please!!! Don't make Yuki go away like this, OK???

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Re: One-shot Collection (Jan 18th ~ I Wish... / I Should Have... [SaeYuki])
« Reply #121 on: February 10, 2012, 06:24:15 PM »
Yuki!!! Stay alive! Sae needs you!!!  :ptam-cry:
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Re: One-shot Collection (Jan 18th ~ I Wish... / I Should Have... [SaeYuki])
« Reply #122 on: February 14, 2012, 02:47:37 AM »

I'll be waiting for that update... patiently... -sigh...-

And you better come back with that Valentine's fic!! I'm waiting for that too!

And it seems I also haven't been leaving comments for your stuff too...  :sweatdrop:

Oh wells. Back to being lurker Crono!

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Re: One-shot Collection (Jan 18th ~ I Wish... / I Should Have... [SaeYuki])
« Reply #123 on: February 14, 2012, 08:11:45 AM »
Wow I didn't realize I didn't reply the comments here yet and I also didn't realize I've gotten so many  :twothumbs :twothumbs Thanks for reading and spending the time to leave me a comment. Definitely motivation to write more  :bow:

Kahem Yea blame player Sae! LOL
RenaChii I've only planned it as an OS so I don't really have a 2nd part to it but technically there is a follow up already for KaSae keke
WinterAir LOL mortal I'm going to end the 2nd one just like that  :twisted:
haruhi16 updating right now after I finish replying to everyone but.... not for the sad Saeyuki  XD
HashirePomeranian Sorry Pommie, I know you didn't ask for Kasai but there is no way I'm putting Rena in there. I can't have both of my oshi in there, bad enough for what I'm doing to Yuki....
virgo_shaka hey gramps, I didn't kill Yukirin... at least she's not dead yet  :twisted:
oddball I'm sure there will be someone willing to save Yuki, just not player Sae but then player Sae paid for cheating in another one of my tragedies ROFL
AFLynx no comment, already gave you live replies HAHA
caghaunt HEY! lol, yea randomness ROCKS keke, don't even remember why I wrote the two contrast anymore, but I want is definitely something I hope would be a true behind the scenes. But then I'm also a fan of Mayuki tooooooo. AHHHH can't choose.
pocchan Don't worry the only one I really killed right out in my fic was Sae ROFL, Life won't just end like that for Yuki i hope  :)
nana0922 I think that was an appropriate place to stop the OS but don't worry Yuki is special and I won't end her this way =)  XD it's going to be a secret until it is revealed  :twisted: Thanks for liking my stories and translating them. You did a very good job.
sakura_drop_ I think after this Yuki is going to get someone else that cares about her more  XD
anzai48 YAY long comment! I haven't gotten one of these in a while now, thanks for reading my randomness, glad you like them. I'll try to write more when I can.
Kenken =) Yuki hasn't died yet *hides from angry Ken* So before I get any further with other OS's and ongoing updates I will reveal my V-day OS. Don't lurk too much the dark isn't good for you keke.

Thanks again to everyone for reading my randomness, and all those thank you's and comments  :bow: :bow:

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Re: One-shot Collection (Jan 18th ~ I Wish... / I Should Have... [SaeYuki])
« Reply #124 on: February 14, 2012, 08:27:40 AM »

It's a tad bit later then I wanted but I still made it before Valentine's end for everyone LOL. I spend a good few weeks thinking about this one, and end up aborting the first three attempts on this OS. This one that I will be posting will be attempt #4 HAHA. Gotta thank Lynx for letting me know I was rambling on about boring stuff for the previous trial. I was just trying to throw things in randomly, trying to make it work but obviously that one didn't fly. It was Lynx's suggestion that I write it in first person view so YAY for that, I end up staying up all night to finish it last minute. YAY for coffee.

SPECIAL THANKS TO BETA POM! for fixing my bad Engrish and making it better English HAHA.
Now on to the story. Happy Valentines  :heart:

A story for my Angel,

My Fallen Angel (KojiYuu)

It has been three days since I've meet her, my angel.


I was on my way home when I found her sitting next to the garbage bin in the back alley, wearing only a thin sleeveless one piece. It still felt like a dream. She was so beautiful I was left breathless at the sight, my heart skipping a few beats along the way.

Her shining eyes were complemented by a set of very attractive lips. Her slender arms settled comfortably around her long legs, pulled tightly against her chest. I could tell she was cold from the goosebumps on her exposed arms, her injured wings out covering as much of herself as she could.

That night I brought home a fallen angel.

My first Valentine alone, I was blessed.


I took her in and cleaned her wounds. She told me she fell from the sky when the strong wind came and blew her off course. I never really liked the stormy weather before, but if this is the case I think I might have to reconsider. The first time I held her wings, those soft and fluffy wings...

"What’s your name?" I asked as I lead her to the bathroom so I could properly clean her wounds.

"Haruna." I caught her she wince when I slowly poured water over the cuts.   

"I'm Yuko, I work at a nearby animal clinic as a veterinarian." It was painful trying to keep my eyes where they should be... 'Water and white really is a very nice combination'

"Wait here, I'll get you some dry clothes......" I tried to excuse myself, until...

"Yuko, you are bleeding." Haruna pointed out.

"What? Bleeding?" I asked before feeling a trickle of liquid run down my nose.

"You’re funny." She snickered before we both fell into uncontrollable laughter.

I thought I was in heaven as I watched the tall angel check her wings, ignorant to the fact that her clothes were quite transparent at the moment. I didn't even bother to hide the fact that my eyes were roaming all over those perfect assets, my mind running a mile a minute to save those images into my precious memories.


NyanNyan: a name I gave her that very night. Who would've thought that an angel could be beautiful, cute and sexy all at the same time. It's like an all for one package that you can't even find a single fault in. She is perfect just the way she is. I only left her for a few minutes to make her a cup of hot chocolate, something to warm her up from being out in the cold for so long. I will never regret leaving that room because what I found was more than enough for me to die happy.

"Haruna, I made you some hot chocolate."

She turned to look at me, confused at first, head slowly tilted to one side while a smile slowly took over her lips. That clueless look, so pure and innocent just like a piece of white cloth uncontaminated by the world.


Oh my god! The way your hands were up by your side, that smile, the head tilt, the sound, the hot liquid spilled over my foot.

"AHHH! HOT! HOT! HOT!" I shouted as I jumped and kicked and held the burning red foot coated by the sweet flavor of hot chocolate.

Now that I think back, those words could be interpreted two ways, the hot chocolate and my goddess NyanNyan. The way you made me lose control with just something as simple as that. My cute angel NyanNyan, I continued to limp around the house that whole night. You called me silly, then took up my bed. It wasn't until I started pouting in the corner of my own room you took me in. I refused to admit it but I loved it when you called me cute and treated me like a stuffed animal with hugs and kisses.


I knew you missed home when I caught you staring up into the clear night, a flawless painting covered by millions of little white specks and an exceptionally bright moon. Your hands reached up like you were trying to close your distance to heaven, wishing to be able to once again feel the breeze, free from gravity. I know there isn't much I can do. It pains me to see you like that so I did the only thing I could.

"NyanNyan, come with me," I said as I took your hands and lead you out of the house for the first time.

I took you to a nearby construction site. You stood there, quietly wondering why I took you out but soon you began to understand as I cleared some objects off of the platform that is normally used to hold supplies in the air. The platform was connected to a crane at the top by a single thick chain, balanced almost like a swing.

"NyanNyan, get on." I said with a smile as I watched you sit on the edge, feet dangling in the air as I started to elevate the platform.

"Yuko, it's so beautiful from here. The breeze feels so nice." You smiled as you pointed towards the lights surrounding us.

"Wait." I grabbed a hold of one of the ropes tied at the bottom of the platform and gave it a strong tug, with momentum I continued until it began rocking back and forth like a swing.

"How is it? Does it feel like you’re flying?" I asked.

"Yes! It really feels like I'm flying, this is fun!" I think that was the happiest smile I've seen on your face since we’ve met. After a while I slowly let you down but it seems you like to surprise me a lot. Instead of getting off the platform you grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Let's play together, the world is so beautiful from up here." You took the control from me and brought us up again.

"NyanNyan, not so high!" I told you as I scooted closer. I wasn't scared, it’s just that I'm just not used to being at that height.

"Yuko, take a look around us. Isn't it beautiful?" I could only nod as I tried to stop myself from trying to decide if the light of the city is better or the soft moonlight on you is more attractive.

"Hold tight, okay?" Before I could even figure out what you meant, you started to rock the platform.

"Ahhhh, NyanNyan, don't do that!!" I shouted into the sky.

"It's okay, just relax and feel the breeze, this is what it feels like to be flying."

When we finally came to a stop, we sat there together, admiring the night ahead of us. It was so peaceful just between the two of us, accompanied by the stars and moon from above and the sea of lights from below. I shivered a bit from the night breeze but it didn't go unnoticed as I felt your arms around me for the first time other than during my sleep. Unconsciously, I leaned in closer towards the warmth as it felt so welcoming, but you amazed me yet again when you brought out those stunning wings that surrounded us, blocking out the chilling breeze as the night proceeded. 

"Yuko, Thanks for everything."

It was the first time you kissed me. Our first kiss, it was gentle, but I could feel the love pouring out as we connected. I wonder if the other angels could see us from above. The sensation was overwhelming as I longed to move myself closer. Just this little kiss wasn't enough to satisfy my desires.

"Let's go home!" You announced after breaking the kiss and before I even got a chance to catch my breath. I felt your arms around me as we flew off the platform straight into the night. I wish that I could be in your arms forever. I wish that every morning when I wake up you would be there with me.


It has been three days since I've met her, my angel.

I woke up this morning alone, the events of the night forgotten if not for the lone feather and mark you left for me. I'm sure you began laughing when you saw my reaction from above when I looked at myself in the mirror. If I didn't know any better, I might've thought that I was sick with a high fever. You know if you kissed a little lower I could actually hide it under the collar, but now I won't be able to leave the house without a proper scarf.
Your promise, I expect you to keep it. You are my angel after all.


 I'm sorry to have to leave you like this, but I won't say goodbye because this isn't. We will meet again. Even though it was only three days, it felt like forever and I’m glad I fell. Because I fell in love with you. I hope you enjoyed our Valentines.

I love you. Will you be mine?



~1 month later~

*knock* *knock*

"Coming! Who is......"

"I was flying and the wind blew me off course! Would you take me in while I recover?"

"NyanNyan!" I executed a perfect flying hug, landing myself securely in her arms as tears made their way down my cheeks. I'm not crying, I just got some dust in my eyes.

"I missed you." You said as you pushed me back into the house, closing the door behind you.

"I missed you too, NyanNy-" I believe she found my talking to be excessive as I once again found myself connected and nibbling on that very attractive set of lips. I could feel your hands slowly make their way down my back tracing, small circles along the way, and stopping at the waist as they pulled our bodies together. We have lots of catching up to do, I believe it will be a busy night.

*Haruna's POV*

You look so peaceful in your sleep, the way you pressed yourself against me, sporting that fine-looking smile with those cute little dimples. I brushed aside those stray strands of hair so I could take in every feature that I missed dearly in the last month. Slowly, I moved my fingers to trace your jaw, taking care to not wake you from your slumber. Tonight, you will be my sleeping beauty waiting for your angel to wake you up from your spell.

It was you that brought me into another heaven, more beautiful than I could ever imagine. This heaven, this dream with only you and me, each second is a blessing when we are together in each other’s arms. I want time to be stopped so we can stay like this forever.

Your smile is like a code that only I can read because you’re mine. You are the color of my world, my heaven, my home.

Because I am your angel,

Because I love you.

Hope you enjoy this little V-day special, and hope everyone will have a good valentine's day. I'll be spending that as a work day LOL
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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #125 on: February 14, 2012, 09:55:59 AM »
Wow so beautifull *stars in the eyes*

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #126 on: February 14, 2012, 11:04:39 AM »
when you let me read your random drafts regarding this plot, I was elated because I know that it is very interesting. I'm glad that you were able to finalize this OS and came up with this final Valentine's Day OS  :thumbup

Imagining the scenes in this OS made me smile. I can totally imagine Yuko missing her angel and NyanNyan... well, a fallen angel  :nervous I was fangirling when I was imagining NyanNyan looking up the night sky and Yuko observing her. It makes me wonder how is it to fall in love with a fallen angel (gah, Valentine's day makes me cheesy  :nervous )

Great Valentine's Day OS oh immortal one  :bow: lol will be waiting for your other works! Don't spend the entire Valentine's Day at work  :nervous

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #127 on: February 14, 2012, 03:04:33 PM »
kahem: Thanks buddy for the love of my randomness =) so happy to see you still around lurking my stories since forever haha  :twothumbs

LYNX: LOL iono that draft was just as long as this OS and it was just blabbing on a bunch of boring stuff haha. To fall in love with an angel would be KojiYuu HAHAHAHA Thanks for your comment  :bow: :bow: It's too bad I will be spending the entire Valentine day at work give that I work 12 hours by the time I get home it will be 8pm at night and I have work the day after too =.=

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #128 on: February 14, 2012, 06:54:22 PM »
KIRAAA! ok i know you're not waiting for my comment coz you're waiting for ********'s comment HAHAHA.

this OS is Good and Sweet , love love love. lol. hehehe.

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #129 on: February 14, 2012, 07:22:49 PM »
weee  me likey this  kojiyuu OS 

 love at 1st sight  and haruna's an angel  :cathappy:

 the scene in the bathroom was hilarious

a construction site is not a good place to hang around but i find it quite romantic/sweet  on yuko's side (MPOV)

ok, kame not good with commenting. happy v-day or belated

p.s ..

where's my candy  :on lol:
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

Editing in progress ~ T's and J's
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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #130 on: February 15, 2012, 12:16:39 AM »

My favourite part was on the platform so beautiful!
Haruna as an angel I totally approve!  :thumbsup

Thank you for valentine fic with KojiYuu

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #131 on: February 15, 2012, 12:46:51 AM »
 :shocked that is just brilliant! =O woah... your writing is getting so good! lol really nice v-day fic ^^ very peaceful and sweet ^^ perfect fic for a day like this!
The way you wrote out the whole story flowed so good! And the scene where they sat on the crane in the night sky! that's really cool! =D really gives off a they're "in heaven" feel as long as they're will each other ^^ great job on the kojiyuu v-day fic! lol go get some well deserved rest after work today! lol i'm looking forward to your next fic, so let me know again! cuz i'm actually gonna read them now!

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #132 on: February 15, 2012, 01:38:48 AM »
ahhh i only ever come here nowadays because of you! been really lazy  :fainted:

so kojiyuu<3 (: i love this pairing! almost as much as i love atsuyuu (; -winkwinknudgenudge-
yuko you lucky shorty, i wish i could've stumbled upon an angel like haruna D: idk what i would do i ever saw nyannyan irl giving me that innocent-tilted-head look~  :nya:

much like most other people, my favourite part would have to be the construction work site scene when they're just sitting suspended on one of the platforms under the starry sky and looking down on the city lights. so scenic!

It has been three days since I've met her, my angel.
<- just an edit keke. haruna you naughty angel! did you give yuko a hickey LOL.

great oneshot for valentine's day (cough singles awareness day) and I LOVED THE FLUFFINESS!!!!! :on gay:

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #133 on: February 15, 2012, 03:33:19 AM »
Is it like the first time I comment here?  :? If so well... sorry  :nervous I read your OS/story btw  :thumbup Just lurking  :theking
Will read this one as soon as I can, but according to the comments, it seems to be really sweet  :oops: And it's kojiyuu =D Can't wait ^^ Happy Valentine ^^


Awwwwww that was so cute  :wub: I just love KojiYuu so much and this one made me <3 Angel ^_^ I was sad when she left but she came back :) And the end :D Well more like "Noooo it's done" but also awww :)
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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #134 on: February 15, 2012, 04:01:17 AM »
This kojiyuu fic is awesome....

yuko sure is lucky  i want to meet a fallen angle too

i love all the moment here it's so  sweet

esp...the construction site part. ...

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #135 on: February 15, 2012, 04:29:22 PM »
Sorry for the late comment Kirachan!

Thank you for this!  :heart: You just made my day even more brighter!  :heart:

I can totally picture out every scenes n my head, it was so sweet~ Aww if only i can fly in real life , i would fly with you through the sky and watch all the beautiful stars~  :)

Awww, i'm so happy they still end up together after not seeing each other for one month..... and the KISS  :wub: :wub: I died on that part! Gosh, i'm totally high right now! lol  XD  I love my OTP!  :heart:

Thank you for this gift Kirachan~ I really appreciate it! Best Valentine's Day gift ever! Better than those flowers and chocolates that he gave to me, lol you know what i mean! keke  XD

I'm looking forward to your next OS! Happy Valentine's Day! Mwaah!  :heart:

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #136 on: February 15, 2012, 10:50:54 PM »
Sorry it took me a while to comment. School and all.

Wooot!! I knew if I waited, I wouldn't be disappointed!

All this adorbs-ness, all the fluffiness... -heartful sigh-  :D

This is awesome, I really think that your writing is better than mine. But I think it's because we have different writing styles.

If only I could find a fallen angel. Preferably a Sae one  :lol: :wub:

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Re: One-shot Collection (Feb 14th V-Day Sp ~ My Fallen Angel [KojiYuu])
« Reply #137 on: February 16, 2012, 06:12:46 AM »
creamcracker: yes bunny I finally got the comment that I was waiting for  :wub: Thanks for leaving me a comment *light pats to head*

anoni2: KAME! Brother Flean has your candies  :lol: Yea I don't know why the construction site end up being their late night attraction... but I guess when you are with an angel things are different keke. The bathroom scene just randomly appeared to me when I was writing it  :)

Megumi: Seems like the platform is getting all the LOVE lol, but yes what a beautiful Angel  :wub: I bet Yuko totally agrees with me.

anzai48: Yea there are a lot of hilarious pervy Yuko for KojiYuu pair but I wanted to do something different instead of a super pervy Yuko chasing after a Tsundere Haruna  :lol: Still waiting for you to update your fic, can't wait to see what will happen to Yuki this time  :lol:

WinterAir: Ah mortal, I got you here leaving me comments again  :twisted:, I guess the crane is getting some love here from you too keke, see you should come read my stuff more often  :P My stuff aren't always depressing and sad  :)

apparently: At least I can still get you coming here  :twothumbs, yes I still have your atsuyuu sitting around in my OS collections  XD You can dream of nyannyan doing that innocent-tilted-head look and see how you will react in your dream ROFL YAY for the most odd place to hang out for a couple! Oopssss problem fixed!

bou-j525: Yup seems like Nyan Nyan learned very well from her first experience and decided to wait till it was stormy to go flying again keke. Probably planned to do that all along, hence the "we will meet again" Thanks for your comment Bou-J. I love your V-day OS TOOO!!!  :wub:

chuppachup: YAY the construction site is pure win! *dreams of meeting my fallen angel*

POMMIE: you missed something LOL, right I'm getting better just to get bad at this again ROFL Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not a pervy so I can't portray a pervy Yuko that well  :P and no I'm not a psycho so I can't see how I will manage to write about a serial killer for a v-day OS. But POM I totally love your avatar and sig!  :wub:

haruhi16: I've been waiting for your comment since I posted, it's just not the same if you don't get to read this. *Imagines you with pure white wings*  :wub: I'm glad you like the OS, sorry this immortal doesn't come with sweets but yay this beat those flowers and chocolate haha  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

crono1036: KenKen! Thanks for the comment, I love your OS tooooooooooooo SaeYuki!  :twothumbs. Then I hope you find your own Angel Sae  :) I already know who I will call my angel.    :thumbsup

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lurker out in the open!

love love kojiyuu! awesome stories and awesome writing!
that last kojiyuu fic definitely made me feel fuzzy :P
yuko will forever love her nyan nyan and the fluffiness that comes from these two are just so adorable!

great writing skills too!

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Re: One-shot Collection (Nov 8th ~ Ace of hearts)
« Reply #139 on: May 13, 2012, 11:33:07 AM »
T O  B E  H O N E S T!!!!

 :wriggly:  :mon angel::wriggly:

 :mon whimper:
T O   B E   H O N E S T ! ! !
ahm!.... :sweatdrop:
I can't Express my feeling for now

 :tama-heart: :tama-laff: :tama-yeeaah:

◄ I   L O V E   M A R I H A R U   S O   M U C H ! ! ! . . . . .    :inlove::wub::inlove:
 :tama-heart: :tama-laff: :tama-yeeaah:

I'm dying :bleed eyes: only to find a fiction for this pairing!!!!

 :tama-lotsaluv: T H A N K   Y O U S O M U C H ! ! ! :bow: :k-sad:

 :cry: :cry: :tama-excite: :cry: :cry:

:k-thrilled: I'm looking forward to you to wrote more about this pairing!!!!  :jphip:

 :k-great: :k-inlove: :k-great:

 :lol: again thank you so much!!  :twothumbs for this FIC " TO BE HONEST "


YAY more emo stories from your favorite emmortal_K LOL. The idea came from a song that I was listening to while being pissed off by parents. Part of the dialogue at the beginning is modified to fit the pair from the song.

I gotta thank my bro (Flean) for checking through it for me, since I'm kinda a bit glazed out right now... its been a while since I slept... not a good thing but I will be heading to catch a bit of sleep right after I post this. I thought about using this idea to complete one of those OS requests but I decided it isn't a good idea to make those requests emo fics HAHA. Sorry in advance for any errors in my writing, my English really isn't that great so there will be many grammar issues below. Hope you like the OS, please leave me some comments, if you have time.

Can you figure out what song sparked the idea?

To Be Honest (MariHaru)

Mariko sat alone on the couch holding onto a glass of wine, she can't remember how long she has been there in the dark. Moving her eyes from the carpet to glance up at the clock again, it has only been five minute, just quarter to three in the morning. Mariko tighten her grip around the glass with nails starting to dig into her skin.

The sound of keys ringing by the door carries itself to the awaiting model, it has been hours since she placed herself there just like every other night. Quiet steps can be heard as Mariko's wife finally returns.

As Haruna steps into the living room her only welcome was the clashing of glass on glass as she came face to face with Mariko, arms crossed over her chest staring back at her with those fierce glare. 

"Where were you?" Mariko asked.

"I was at work," Haruna replied moving to leave the room, not wanting to bother with the same argument they had many times already.

"You were with her again!" Mariko accused.

"Here we go again, I already told you it's not what you think! There is nothing between me and Yuko" Haruna defended herself. "You claim that I've been having an affair behind your back, hurting you but... YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS!" unable to stay collected after being accuse by Mariko, their familiar argument once again begins.

"Jealous? Really? So what do you do? Check yourself into her room wearing skimpy bathrobes while hugging and kissing that pervert? I'm sure she will appreciate that!" it is like adding fuel to fire as the temperature in the room continue to rise.

"What proof do you have, stop making things up without any foundation or evidence! DON'T start lecturing me!"

At this time both parties are standing face to face, neither ready to back down as this is a battle of pride. Things that were left unnoticed, unsaid are not being exposed as they have came to a point that pretending will no longer be a choice.

"Starting a company and working with her is just a cover, it's a lie, I'm not dumb! What time do you normally get together?"

"Is that it? Will it make you feel better if I just give up? Give up everything and stop striving for success? If you can work than why can't I? You are crossing the line! DON'T YOU TRUST ME!" Haruna shouted back fist clenched.

"TRUST? You talk about trust, I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN DAYS!"

"Fine whatever you say, I'm going to sleep" Haruna shouted turning around exiting the living room. The sound of broken glass can be heard as bottles were thrown across the room, books and lamps are sweep off the tables.

"You drank too much," Haruna said as a fact.

"Don't you point fingers at me, I'm not drunk, this is all your fault," Mariko sudden turned around to look straight at Haruna, "If I leave then I don't have to be a burden to you anymore,"

"Leave, GO why don't you leave!" Haruna replied pointing to the direction of the door.

"I don't have to leave, it is you that should get lost, I am confident that I have been wronged," Mariko closed the distance to her wife.

"Get away from me," Haruna quickly pushed Mariko away.

"Let's face it you are guilty, no use crying over the facts"

"I just realize I really don't know you, who is this that I've been sharing my bed with," Haruna spoke to no one in particular as she made her way up the stairs to their room.

"I've spoiled you too much," Mariko quickly followed after Haruna, the two of them continue their quarrel while they made their way along the halls.

"I love you, the nights we spend together weren't fake," Haruna said without turning around, making quick strides to their bedroom.

"You were just curious, god knows which one of us has reason, I think about you day and night but where are you when I need you?"

"I already told you, I have work, you aren't the only one! You are just jealous, all you do is criticize and complain... you just want control" Haruna continue to reason with the raging Mariko, they both knew this was waiting to happen, the topic has been left untouched for too long, now everything is coming out all at once.

"So you are now saying I'm not good enough for you. Is that it?" Mariko asked lifting her hand to grab onto Haruna's arm only to have it fling off in one motion.

Stomping towards the closet Haruna pulled out a suitcase and started to stuff clothes into it, packing as quickly as she can with only one thought in mine and that is to leave. Anger started to rise in Mariko as she watch the girl in front of her pack her belongs. Mariko moved herself over to the closet and pulled out a couple shirts and threw it at Haruna then kicked the door close taking her anger out on it instead.

"FINE LEAVE! SEE IF I CARE!" Mariko stormed out of the room, heading back into the living room where the wine cabinet is kept. Picking up the closes bottle she quickly popped the cork out skilfully from all the practice she has been getting at nights when she stayed up drinking. Taking a swing straight from the bottle she dropped herself back into the couch, the same position she was in just moments ago. It didn't take long for the bottle to empty itself, but to Mariko it seemed too long for her liking. Unsure if it's because of the alcohol or giving the opportunity to cool down her anger has already faded, bring her back to the facts that presented itself tonight.

"Maririn..." Haruna slowly inched herself into the room, her suitcase left outside the room as she moved closer to the couch afraid that any sudden movement might set off another round of shouts.

"Can we talk?" Haruna pleaded knowing they really need to sort things out. After receiving a nod, Haruna pulled up a chair and sat herself down across from her wife.

"To be honest, I care about the way you always act superior, why does every time after an argument or fight you can ignore me," Haruna started slowly, speaking out her true feelings.

"To be honest, you treat me very cold, your tsundere attitude never reveals your feelings, I never know what I should do." Mariko spoke up after hearing Haruna's confession.

"You have a very self-centered personality, it feels that I just revolve around it but never find the center, your inner nature." Haruna readjusted her position feeling somewhat unease as she paused for a second before continuing, "at first I thought I could overcome all your shortcomings, I can love your positive and forgive your negatives but I over estimated my own abilities."

"You never appreciated all the things I did, the things I did for you, for us..." tears slow made its way down Haruna's face, drop by drop forming a pool of sadness on the ground.

"Sorry, I was never able to understand you, to let you feel loved... I thought I was willing to let myself go and love you freely but I was too absorbed in myself..." Mariko finally came in terms with her contributions to the problem. As people say a problem between two people is never just one sided, but she was too blind to see her own troubles.

They both sat there in silence, neither willing to make any eye contact as they kept their eyes on the floor, deep in thought. They both know things have finally come to an end, it is impossible to continue on like nothing ever happened. Funny thing is if they really want to, they will probably be able to casually name a million of reasons why they should split. In the past they have endured, tolerated and put up with these reasons like giving charity. Both were afraid to speak up, afraid that it proves they never loved the other enough but it's now time. It is like finally escaping this prison of love, to forget everything and using their actions to speak for themselves and to the other, to be just friends.

"I only wanted to be loved, to have no secrets between us, no distances. I wanted to be hugged whenever I come home from a rough day at work..." Haruna finally looked up at the one she loved.

"I did, it's just you never felt it, if you look back you will find those times," Mariko slowly lifted her head looking back with sadness in her eyes, "Whenever I call you, it was always forward to your voicemail, is there still love between us?"

"I think it is already very obvious, instead of dragging this on let's just call it," Haruna stood up and walked to where she left her suitcase on her way out the doors.

"Mari...Mariko, I'll have the papers sent to you after I've signed them."

"Does Yuko treat you well?" Mariko asked, taking one last look at the familiar back she faced many times in the past.

"Yes, yes she does.... What about that gachapin girl from work?" Haruna stood there facing the door, not wanting to turn around afraid that her will might wavier if she look at the girl behind her.

"We bicker all the time," Mariko answered her lips slightly curved into a smile as she thought of the shorter animated girl.

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