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Author Topic: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~ Snow Princess Part 2  (Read 3825 times)

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~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~ Snow Princess Part 2
« on: July 14, 2011, 10:03:45 PM »
Hello fellas! Since I started to like AKB48, I decided to write a silly fanfiction about them. I still don't know the members very much but I have this imagination that if ever they would portray a character, they would act like how I imagine them.  :nervous
Anyhow, this is the intro and tell me what do you think of it.


I am just a nobody, a bored out of mind person. A slacker you might call. I’m so bored with my life that I decided that living in this hell human world was just a waste of time. I want to die soon so I could be there, to a place where money isn’t needed or bitching about not getting laid. Yes, to Nirvana, a paradise place where humans go after life. Hell? I don’t believe that shit. Living as a human on earth is already a hellish place so gimme a break...

By the way, my name is Takahashi Minami and you can call me Takamina if you want. But if you’ll call me Minami-chan, I suggest you start running now or I’ll shove something up into your ass.

Anyway, the story I’m going to share with you is one of a hell ridiculous, might as well call it a dream. Funny, because I don’t have dreams I usually have nightmares. Back to the topic, it was one ordinary morning when I decided to go out and buy some junk foods at the nearest convenience store when this old lady approached me. As cliché as it sounds, she was wearing a red cloak and appears to be carrying a rather dirty bag. Her hood obscuring my perfect view of her face as her seeming glowing red eyes I can only make out. Without saying anything to me, she handed the bag and left. I scrunched up my nose, frowning at the retreating back of the old lady. I blinked then she was gone.

When I get back to my house, my left hand carrying the dirty bag while the other carrying a basket full of junk foods, I readily slump my body to my lone couch situated near my bed. Yes, I live in a cramped place, a 6 square tatami floor. Putting the basket down, I looked at the bag given to me by the hooded woman. I remember the hairs at my nape stood up when I peered at her eyes and when she suddenly disappeared into thin air…. then and there I concluded that this is what I’m looking for. Excitement in life, mystery and unthinkable things happening around: paranormal. The thought excites me more and I squash the little voice on my head, warning me of an impending danger.

As I finally open the bag, my excitement deflated as I was greeted by the sight of a Book. Yes dipshit, just a book that you can usually found in any bookstores. I snorted when I read the title.

‘Adventures in AKB Yuri Land’

Seriously, whose lame ass wrote this book? And Yuri? Well hello old lady, no thanks but I don’t read Yuri or even Shoujo Manga. I like Shonen Manga like One Piece, so you can have your book back.

Letting out a frustrated sighed; I threw the book to my bed. In the process it opened at the first page. Squinting my eyes, my mouth unconsciously read the title of the first chapter out loud.

“Snow Princess”

A growl escaped from my mouth. Snow fucking princess what? Getting annoyed for the obvious reason, like receiving a holy retarded fairy yuri-tale book, I decided to burn it since it no use to me. As I was reaching for the book, a small cotton-like shape suddenly fell to my forearm. I shivered upon the contact. What the hell…? Then another, but this time it fell into my nose and melted right away. Wary of the sudden appearance of what seem to be a snow, I looked up and my eyes widened.

It happened so fast the time I snapped out….my room was already covered with fluffy snow. I shivered. How the hell it’s snowing inside my room and where will I sleep? As I was about to shout all the profanities I know, I was hit by a very huge snowball on my back. The last thing I remember was the raging snow storm happening inside my fucking room as I welcome the darkness that envelops me.
“Stop poking me, idiot.”

“Grandma said the one who said idiot first is the idiot.”

“Then you’re grandma is idiot.”

“Hey-don’t say bad things about my grandma.”

“So stop poking me and leave me alone.”


“She’s here…”


“Our master’s new play toy…”

“Oh, it’s time again eh?”

“Yes, but I do wish this is the last time.”

“Let’s hope…maybe this time a miracle will happen.”

“Then let’s pray this chibi would finally grant us our freedom.”

“Our freedom…Takahashi Minami…our freedom….”


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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2011, 10:19:26 PM »
nice!!! please continue...  :twothumbs

I wonder who's the master... muahahaha...  :twisted:

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2011, 01:00:01 PM »
Takamina + fairy tale + yuri? Humm sounds interesting heheheh

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2011, 10:49:41 AM »
@Flean yes, i wonder who is the master as well. I'm still thinking who i will make as the master of all evil  :twisted:

@kahem you made me lol to your comment! Anyway, this story has still no plot and just an experiment since i wrote it out of whim and boredom.  :lol:

And thanks to those who read this out of nowhere fic!


Chapter I – Snow Princess Part 1

I groaned, scratching the back of my head as I looked around my surro—

“SHIT! Where in the effing world am I..?”

I cursed loudly as I stood up, my eyes widened as I looked around. When I realized where I was standing I held my breath, afraid that even a subtle movement could lead me into my death. You see people; I was only standing in the middle of a frozen lake. Oh wait, let me rephrase that, I was only standing in the middle of a frozen lake in a frozen forest, so fucking-tastic. Looking around once more, I can’t help but be captivated at the frozen lake I was standing at. It’s so beautiful, but then the thought of the ice breaking under me send my mind into haywire.

Thinking that staying still was not helping me calm down I decided to take a step, a second one then a third. I chuckled, feeling so stupid thinking that making any movements would cause the ice to break. It was concrete that even a fat guy can roll around, do back flips or cartwheels without breaking the ice. I grin to myself as an idea pops into my mind.

Bending forward a little, I suddenly bolted out in a run and let myself slide. Doing it again and again like a kid.


I laughed loudly when I found my butt suddenly connecting the frozen lake’s floor. Even the loud thud didn’t make the ice break. I giggled. Feeling a little tired I laid my whole body at the cold floor, ignoring the fact that my limbs were getting numb because of the cold temperature. Closing my eyes, my mind begins to wonder.  What the hell just happened back there at my room? But most importantly, where the heck I am right now?

“Aren’t you cold out here?”

My eyes suddenly snapped open at hearing the voice, frantically looking around to its source.

“I suggest you get out of the lake before the snow princess decided to melt the ice.”

Hearing the stranger said about the ice melting, I shoot up into my feet. Finding myself just a meter away from the stranger in a millisecond, panting. Who turned out to be a beautiful girl wearing a brown cloak? Another cloak-wearing person, common gimme a break!

“Just kidding…the snow princess would rather die than let her favorite ice lake turn into a swampy lake.” The beautiful girl giggled, shaking her head a little. I glared at her. The nerve! Even if she’s beautiful, I won’t let it pass her making fun of me. I’ll let her know that messing with a Takahashi was a fatal mistake.

…but before I could open my mouth to say some nasty stuff to her, she removed her cloak and wrapped it around me. I couldn’t move or say anything, so I opted a small grunt instead.

And Snow Princess? Isn’t it the title of the first chapter of that stupid fairy-yuri tale book the creepy old woman game me? Don’t tell me I’m inside the fucking book….? No way, just no way in hell this is happening to me.

“You’re shivering.”

She simply said, interrupting me of my panicking thoughts. She smiled, seeing the worry look on my face. Right there, for some odd reason the panicked I felt left me like it wasn’t there on the first place. Staring on her smiling face calms me down, it made me felt secure…but I instantly looked away when I realized I was openly staring at her. I felt myself blushing. Shit! Takahashi Minami don’t fucking blush like a high school girl in love.

“T-thanks, I g-guess.” And damn it, I don’t stutter like an idiot. What’s happening to me?

“You’re cute…” She suddenly said; my head whipping at her direction. Then and there our eyes met, but it turned out to be a wrong moved ‘cause it only intensified the blushing of my cheeks.

“…but you’re also stupid.” My mouth hung-opened.

“W-hat- who are you calling stupid, stupid?” I blurted out as I glared at her again.

“Do you really have to ask? But…I figured out you’re not from here so-”

“So don’t call me stupid if you already knew that I’m not from here.” Feeling cold despite the cloak around me, I scoffed at the beautiful and kind but rude stranger. And why the hell I kept referring to her as beautiful?

“Alriiiight…” She drawled, rolling her eyes at me.

“…but you really look stupid playing at the ice lake like a kid.” She grinned. She saw that? Argh! I wanna die now…

“T-that’s not-”

“Save you’re explanation shorty, we need to get out of here or you’ll die from frostbite.”

Then she started walking away, towards the path that leads out the frozen forest, but not without winking at me first. The hell?
As we walked in silence, sniffing ‘cause of the cold temperature, I can’t help but slack jawed at the sight. Behind me, beyond the frozen lake was a majestic Ice Castle, glittering like crystal diamonds as the ray of the sun hits it. Why I didn’t noticed it before I really don’t know. But seeing an Ice Castle for the first time made me forget my own predicament for a second.

“Fancy castle, right? It’s where the Snow Princess resides.”

“Well duh! Isn’t it the obvious thing in the world? Ice Castle is equal to Snow Princess, just like one plus one is equal to two. It’s a basic knowledge even a five year old kid knows.” I rolled my eyes. Really, I’m not that stupid to not know that a Snow Princess was the one likely who resides the Ice Castle.

I glanced at my companion when I didn’t hear any response from her.

“Of course, everyone knows that. Even a five year old kid that you pointed out, but will you at least let me finish talking before you say anything…”
She chuckled when she heard me grumbled something incoherent to hear ears. Damn it! Why does she have to be so witty as well?

“…fine, my bad.” That made her giggled.

“As I was saying, it’s where the Snow Princess resides. And that no one ever comes back alive once you dare enter the Ice Castle. The villagers hated the princess, because of her they can’t grow crops or anything to do with vegetation. So, one night they decided that they have to put a stop to this.”

She paused, stopping for a moment to look at the Ice Castle behind us. I followed her and I shivered, not just because of the cold temperature but also with the thought that struck me.

“They killed her?” I swallowed, feeling my throat dry. The beautiful stranger chuckled, resuming her pace as she kicked a lump of snow on her way. I followed behind her, frowning.

“They tried, but all of them perished.”

I shivered again. What have I gotten myself into? I know I’m looking for an excitement in life, but this is too much.

“You seemed...frightened.” She glanced back upon she heard no footfalls following her.

“Frightened? How about we try scared shit?” I blurted out without thinking…and she looks amused from my reaction. This only made my blood boils.

“Relax shorty—”

“Relax? When there is a homicidal snow princess on the loss? And don’t call me shorty.”

I yelled at her. The veins on my forehead visible as she looked back at me, no longer held the amusement on her face. In my short 20 years of living on earth, this beautiful stranger was the only one who managed to amaze me….when she suddenly burst into a heartily laugh. She even clutches her stomach, saying its hurts for laughing too much. I looked at her with a disbelief look on my face as she continued to laugh.

“Really….you’re so cute it hurts, but the thing I told you about happened a thousand of years ago. It became a myth but people still believe it until now that they chose to stay away from the Ice Castle.”

And she’s saying that just now? After I already make a fool of myself? I suppressed the growl that rumbles on my chest. This girl was really asking a taste of Takahashi’s wrath. I clenched my fist.

“You can’t blame the villagers though…the frozen forest itself and the Ice Castle are the living proof that even no one ever saw the snow princess or if she truly ever existed, they still believe she’s there, living a glory life on her palace.”

True. The existence of the Ice Castle and the Frozen Forest are enough proof that will forever terrorized the villagers; haunt them for the rest of their lives. But all this shit has nothing to do with me. I’m only concerned how to get back to my own world, out of this fairy yuri-tale story.

“Look ahead, that’s Yukimura, the nearest village from here.”

From where I was standing, which is the exit of the frozen forest, I can see that the village lives in prosperity. Now who would believe that they live in fear, fear of the myth of the snow princess?

“Listen here, I don’t know where you came from, but I know for sure you’re not from this world. Imagine how shocked I was seeing you appeared out of nowhere.” She laughed lightly.

“And I also know you’re not a bad person…but you have to keep this as a secret. You don’t want the villagers to freak out by telling them you appeared into thin air, right?” I nodded.

“I get it…” I smiled at her, thinking how lucky I am to be able to meet a person who wouldn’t kill you or sell you after knowing you’re not from this world. A silly thought, but I’m really grateful she’s the one I first met in this crazy world.

“…but do you know a way for me to get back into my own world?” I asked, dreading her answer to my question.

“I’m not sure—” a dejected sighed came out from my mouth.

“…but I heard an ero-sage named Megumi knows everything. Go to her, she might know a way.”

Hope burst out from my body. Even if there’s a low percentage that this ero-sage knows a way, I’d take it. It would be the life-line I will hold into. But, do I really want to put my life in the hands of an ero-sage?

“Here, take this. You’re going to need this if you want to survive in this world.” Smiling sweetly at me, the beautiful stranger grabs both of my hands as she put a small sack that appears to be filled with gold coins. I looked up at her, my lips tightly pursed as I nod at her.

“I’m in debt to you. I don’t know how to repay you for this. The only thing I can offer you right now is my utmost gratitude, and my word that I’ll do the same if ever we meet in my world.” I sincerely said, letting go of her gloved hands.

“Don’t think about it, and I’m sorry I can’t accompany you to the village. I have more pressing matters to attend to.” I shook my head, telling her that she already help me enough.

“Well then, have a safe trip back to your world. You take care shorty.” She playfully winked at me, waved her hand as she started to walk the path opposite towards Yukimura.

“And I told you not to call me shorty…” I shouted at her retreating form, the only response I got was a laughed and another wave.

Despite being called stupid and shorty by the beautiful stranger it never felt like an insult at all. And I realized something very crucial as my feet dragged me at the villages ‘gate…..I didn’t get to know her name.

Author's note:
    -just a lil tidbit, Yukimura -  Snow Village (but that's obvious already)
    -this one was supposed to be a long chapter but i figured out you guys might bored reading long ones so i cut it.


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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2011, 11:04:18 AM »
argh!!!! :shocked  i wanna know who's the beautiful girl and the snow princes!!!!  :panic: :panic:

please update soon!!! :bow: :bow:

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2011, 11:15:22 AM »
me too me too  :banghead:

yeah yeah update soon!!! and me imma go be a reader for a while no updates will be up from me :D
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

Editing in progress ~ T's and J's

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
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Same I wonder who the beautiful girl is.... maybe she is the snow princess  XD

Hmmm ero-sage named Megumi.... O.O Meetan.... sage..... that is scary *hides*

Thanks, please update soon

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2011, 12:04:33 PM »
Ero-sage, Megumi -> Meetan? ^^
I also want to know who is that girl

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
« Reply #8 on: July 28, 2011, 02:31:54 PM »
I'm guessing the girl who help Takamina and the snow princess are the's Acchan obviously :P
I want to read more....please update the next part...pretty please
Thank you

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
« Reply #9 on: August 08, 2011, 02:09:06 PM »
@Flean the beautiful stranger and the snow princess will be introduce in the next part...i think? hehe  :nervous

@anoni2 thanks for reading and commenting on my random fic...the next part is on the way, im sorry for the delay because im having a hard time whether to cut the chapter again in to two or not. hehe :nervous

I know that you already know who is the snow princess or the beautiful stranger  :roll:. And for the ero-sage, I'm still thinking how to incorporate her character in the story because it was just a whim to include her.  :nervous thanks for reading this :thumbup

@Kahem don't u agree that if Meetan is in the story to harass Takamina, it would be more interesting?  :nervous

@blugshise its kind of funny that you immediately jump into conclusion about the identity of the snow princess and the beautiful stranger  :lol: but since its also obvious who is to end up with...well, let's just see and wait for the next part, ne? :P

To All Silent Readers:
Thank you for reading this...really! Since this story has still no plot. hehe  :grin:
The next part will probably up this week...ja! :shakeit:
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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~
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As a promised, i finally finished the second part. And it SUCKS  :lol:. it felt like another prologue to me. I told you, this story has still no solid plot.  :yep: With no further ado, I present you--

Chapter I - Snow Princess Part 2

When I first step foot in Yukimura I was bursting with excitement, bursting with hope in finding the ero-sage the beautiful stranger has told me about. The one who knows everything and the one that might be the key for me to go back in my own fucking world. But the thing was the beautiful stranger failed to mention to where I could find her. Just perfect!

I searched and searched every place and corner of the village, but no one knows where the ero-sage resides. Some even told me that there’s no ero-sage in the said village or she even existed in the first place. Right then, my bubble of hope burst and I cried out of frustrations. For 8 years that I haven’t shed a single tear, even when my parents died along with my sister in a tragic accident, I never thought I would ever show this weakness of mine again, to cry.

So, to sum it all up, I’m fucked. Stranded in an unknown world where villagers are afraid of the myth of the snow princess. Oh la!
And hey, you should congratulate me for surviving in Yukimura, because now I’m officially a Yukimuran. Is Yukimuran even a word, but beside the point I started to accept my unfortunate fate and started a new life here. 3 weeks, it’s been 3 whole weeks that I started working as an errand girl for Kayo-san. She was kind enough to provide shelter and food for me when I run out of gold coins the beautiful stranger gave me. And speaking of the beautiful stranger, she was like a plague. It’s her face that I can only think of every time I feel like crying. Her face and kind heart that made me not give up, and the thought of meeting her again lightens up my heart.



I cursed loudly when I felt something colliding on the back of my head. When I looked back, my grinning companion was what greeted me.

“Go to hell, Miyazawa.” I glared at her as I picked up the apple that she throws at me, wiping it on my shirt and biting a large chunk on it.

“Been there, Takamina.” She chuckled, munching on her own apple.

“You were spacing out again, so I made it to myself to snap you out of it.” She chuckled again while pointing at me, a boyish smile painted on her face.

“Whatever! Next time you do that, I will introduce Takahashi’s fist to you.” Her smiled only widened at what I said, and I can’t help but grin at her relax attitude.

Fantastic, right? I made a friend, her name is Miyazawa Sae. She calls me Takamina and I call her Miyazawa, even though she was always insisting that I call her Genking. You see, Miyazawa was very energetic, it’s like she’s always full of energy especially in the mornings. And unfortunately, we both worked under Kayo-san and that she’s my roommate, thus it’s inevitable for my delicate eardrums not to suffer with her boisterous morning greetings.

“Anyway, Kayo-san needs you to deliver a couple of sheepskin and fur to SND tavern.” A groan escapes my throat hearing what Miyazawa said.

“Not there again, you do it. I don’t want to go there.”

“Last time I remember I was the one who delivered the ambered-scent, and I was lucky enough to get away with just a kiss mark on my neck.” I shivered just thinking of what my friend has been through. When I glanced at her, she was embracing herself, the apple at her left hand has long forgotten.

“Maybe I should visit the armor shop and buy myself a full body armor before going there.” I pondered to myself, seriously thinking of the possibility of purchasing one of those medieval thing to protect myself from those devious creatures that resides in that tavern.

“Are you stupid or what? If you wear an armor then good luck running with that heavy thing attach on your body.” I grimaced, damn it. She’s right. I’m too small and the armor wasn’t the best idea of protection that I need.

“You want an advice from me?” A sly smile appeared on her face, and I warily nodded at her.

“Run and run…and then you run still as fast as you can.” I frowned and she burst out laughing. As her laughed getting louder, I strode towards her and punch her arm, hard.

“Ouch! Can’t you take a joke, Takamina?”

“No!” I replied in a deadpan voice as she rubbed her sore arm.

“But seriously, if you know how to dodge, evade, escape and sidestep, then you’ll live. That’s the only wise advice I can part with you as you journey towards your death.” She dramatically said, putting her right arm to her chest as she fake a sad expression on her face.
I glared at her, preparing to give her another taste of Takahashi’s fist, but she immediately put her arms up, like in a surrender way. I grin. Yeah, know your place Miyazawa.

As I got the package from Kayo-san, wearing the warmest clothes I owned, I started to trail the direction towards the Tavern. The place was located to the farthest part of the village, near at the other gate that leads to a neighboring village. If only I wasn’t trap in this hellish nightmare, I could’ve appreciated my surroundings. Everything was covered in white. It was so beautiful, even the sun continues to shine above us the snow never melts. Instead, it was sparkling like diamonds, same with the Ice Castle and the frozen forest. 

Mysteriously beautiful, that’s how I described Yukimura and I’m glad the people here never question me where I came from or why I was looking for an ero-sage-


“Snow fucking white!” I cursed loudly for the second time of the day when I felt someone tap my shoulder as I was leisurely walking in the street, observing the daily activities of the Yukimurans.

“Chill, it was only me.”

“Freezing shit, Miyazawa. Do you want my heart to freeze or what?” I yelled at my friend, earning some curious looks from some of the Yukimurans nearby.

“My bad, so we’re cool?” I let out a sigh and turn my back to her, continuing to follow the path towards the tavern.

“Great. I know you won’t get mad at your best pal. And since Kayo-san doesn’t need me, I decided to tag along.” Her steps fell beside me so I glance at her sideways, my right brows arching towards her.

“That’s odd, she usually slave-driving both of us. Even sending us to another village.” I motioned with my hand, pointing at the visible gate just ahead of us, and right beside it was the famous SDN tavern.

“I know, but I don’t wanna know why she’s giving me a day off. Besides, I’ve heard that there’s a mythical creature on the loss just on the neighboring village. Woo!” Miyazawa nudge me playfully and I just rolled my eyes.

“Why I’m not surprise to hear that. I’ll even jump out of joy if Godzilla exist here.” I sarcastically replied, earning a confused look from my friend.

“Godzi-what? Sometimes, I find you weird for saying things I don’t understand, Takamina.”

“And I find you annoying at times, Miyazawa.” I shot back at her and she only snorted.

“But I’m your best pal.” She widely grins at me, playfully poking my shoulder. Mind you, I’m restraining myself not to hit this girl right now.

“Oh yeah? Then if you’re really my best pal, why don’t you deliver this package instead while I wait here.”

Here, is just outside the tavern, the entrance to the said establishment as we finally arrived at our destination. Inside, laughters can be heard, clatters of glasses and an old folk music god knows where it came from was playing.  I looked at my best pal, my eyes piercing at her own ones.
She laughed nervously.

“I remembered I need to buy a new pair of boots, so meet you later, Takamina.” A tap to my shoulder and Miyazawa quickly dash off, only leaving a trail of snow on my jacket. I growl. Best pal my ass!

Miyazawa’s POV

I know I said I’m her best pal, but what Takamina’s asking from me was like a suicide. Like, she wants me to go in the Ice Castle and meet the evil Snow Princess. I’m sorry, but going inside the SND tavern was like asking to be murdered in a broad day light. My horrible experience the last time I went there is still fresh on my mind, and I can still feel those wandering hands on my body.  Those creatures are really dangerous, especially the two owners.

Knowing that it might take for awhile before Takamina can escape from the Tavern, I decided to check out the newly open candy store. I’ve heard that they sell different kinds of candies; some where even came from far away villages. I can’t wait to try some—

“I don’t need your gold coins, so get out. Leave this place at once.”

“Don’t you think you’re being unreasonable, and I only want to buy some of your candy.”

“I’m not selling you anything. Are you deaf? I said leave.”

“Please, even just a little.”

“LEAVE! Or I’ll call the others and drag you out of the village.”

With a resigned sigh and a defeated look, the girl I’ve never seen before walked outside the candy store empty handed. When our eyes meet for a second, I thought the world freeze. I was rooted to where I was standing as I continued to look at her figure, walking away with her shoulders slump. The girl was beautiful, her alabaster skin as white as the sparkling snow, where her voice was like a melody, a tune that sends warm feelings into my heart.

Without thinking, I grab a couple of gold coins on my pocket, rushed inside the candy store and grab the first pack of candies I saw. Tossing the gold coins to the owner before going out the store to give chase to the beauty that captivated me.
I was lucky I am a fast runner, because I found her crouching at the corner of the street, reaching to one of the frozen flowers. I blinked once and twice. I don’t know if I was overwhelmed by her beauty, or because I was out of breathe from running that I think I just saw a tear falling from her eyes where it turned into an ice before it hits the ground. Shaking my head, I chastised myself for the ridiculous stuff I was thinking. It was just a trick of light.

“A-ano—” I feigned a cough to gain her attention. She jumps lightly, startled with my voice. She stands up, quickly wiping her face.

“Yes? Can I help you?” She asked, a small but genuine smile adorning her face.

“You’re pretty.”

 I blurted out without thinking, so I immediately clump my mouth with both of my hands, forgetting that I was holding a pack of candy with my left hand. The result, I ended up smacking my own face with the candy I was planning to give to the girl. I felt so stupid I want to crawl and bury myself under the snow.

 I heard a light laugh. When I looked up, I was welcomed with a wonderful sight. She was shyly smiling at me, her cheeks a little rosy.
“Thank you.” She simply said.

“For what?” I dumbly asked, mesmerized by her smile.

“It’s the first time I ever heard someone say I’m pretty. Thank you again.” At that I bashfully scratch my cheek as I smile back at her, feeling embarrassed in front of this goddess.

“It’s true so you don’t have to thank me. And here, this is for you.” Clumsily, I walked towards her, stumbling on my own feet in the process. She giggled cutely.

“Oh, candy’s for me?”

“Yes, this is all for you.”

As I handed her the candy, our hands slightly brush against each other. I shivered lightly. Cold? Her hand was kind of cold, but it’s still send warm feelings inside me.

“Thank you, good stranger. How much gold I owe you for this?” She smiled at me, holding the package of candy close to her chest. I can’t help but melt at the sight. She’s smiling and it’s because of me.

“Oh no, it’s all for you. No need to pay for that.” I bashfully smiled back at her, kicking the snow at the ground.

“Thank you again, but is there any way that I can repay the goodness of your heart?” My smile widened at what she said.

“Just knowing your name is enough for me.” I offered, looking at her warm eyes.

For some unknown reason I can’t fathom, the moment I asked for her name the smile on her face vanished. She looked away, not wanting to meet my eyes as she uttered a small apology. I don’t understand. Was it too much to ask for her name?

“It’s fine. You don’t have to give your name if you don’t want to.” I assured her, but deep inside I was hurting, knowing that this angel in front of me was refusing to give her name.

“That’s not it. I want you to know my name-”



The new arrival of a certain girl halted the conversation I’m having with my angel. She’s shorter than her, and she’s also cute like her big sister. I smiled at the girl when she approaches us, only to be look at by her, coupled with a scowl before she turns to her big sister.

“You shouldn’t be up and just stayed inside the house. You’re still burning up, Mayu-chan.” The concern voice of my angel floated in the air as she cupped her little sister’s face. Fussing over her like a mother hen would. I find it really cute.

“And you shouldn’t be here; you know it’s not safe.” The desperation and worry in Mayu’s voice is visible. And I felt like a third-wheel by the way, how they’re so affectionate to one another. I’m glad it was just my angel’s little sister.

“I know…I know, Mayu-chan, but you said that you want to eat candies.”

From where I was standing, I can see and feel how she loves and cares with the younger girl. And it was the site before me, which made me envy for the first time of my life. My angel was enveloping her little sister in a tight hug, whispering ‘I’m sorry’s’ and ‘it won’t happen again’. Right now, I truly wish I was the one receiving those sweet words and the heart-warming hug from her.

“Baka! I don’t need a candy as long as you’re always by my side.”

“I’m always by your side, that’s a promise.”

“Then don’t just leave without telling me. You know I worry about you so much.”

“And I’m worried about your health as well, and your raging appetite.”

My angel teased, finally releasing her sister from the hug as she playfully pokes her stomach. Mayu let out a light laugh at that, and I can’t help but smile. Though, standing while watching them I felt like I’m intruding a private moment.


I interrupted their sister-talk and both looked at me. One was smiling while the other one was scowling at me. I’ve got the feeling the little sister doesn’t like me at all.

“I thank you for giving us the candy, so if you will excuse us.” Mayu said in a curt tone, bowing politely at me before dragging her sister away. My angel only looked at me; an apologetic smile was marring her face.

Okay. What just happened? I helped a beautiful girl only to be blown up by her younger sister? I shake my head side to side, though a smile still crept to my face. I wonder what her name is. Is it beautiful like she was?

Minami’s POV

I was standing at the entrance of the famous SDN tavern, calculating and planning my moves on how to act when I’m face with danger.  The package at my right hand, clutching it tightly against my chest as chatters of Yukimurans can be heard inside. I shakily breathe out a sigh; a foreboding feeling envelops me as I took my first step to enter the Witches’ Lair.

The moment I step foot inside I immediately turn to the right side where the stairs are located, up to where the lair of the tavern’s owner while avoiding some Yukimurans who were enjoying themselves or rather drowning themselves with alcohol and….scantily clad women entertaining them. I grimaced at the sight.

Increasing my pace towards the stairs I was suddenly pulled back and yanked down by one of the party goers to sit on an empty chair in their table. Before I can react and made my escape, a woman who I think has the same age as me slung her arm over my shoulder, grinning widely at me.

“You’re shmall.” The woman slurred, taking a gulp at the battle of an unknown alcoholic drink at her other hand. My brows furrowed.

“You’re one to talk. You’re also small.” I deadpan, shrugging off her arm that was draped over me as I glared at her.

The grin on the woman’s face was gone the moment I finished my sentence. She looked at my eyes directly. I looked back at her, refusing to back down. She placed the bottle she was holding at the table with force, making the other empty bottles at the table wobble. I prepared myself for an incoming attack; this is a fight, my first fight in this world.


“What the fuck?”

My eyes widened at the woman. She was laughing loudly, banging the table while clutching her stomach. Is she crazy or she just had too much alcohol in her system?

“Leader, you’ll choke to death if you continue to laugh like that.” A short haired girl across from me said in a scolding tone, but if you look closely she was more concern than angry.

“If I we’re you, I’ll worry about her than our idiotic leader.” Another girl sitting beside the first one interjected, pointing at me. I frowned.

“Cheers! More, lehts drink moreeeee.” I jumped at my seat, hearing a voice under the table.

I looked at the girls across from me; both were shaking their head in disapproval as their so-called leader continues to laugh like a mad woman in the loss. Hearing the voice again, I peered under the table to see another girl. Lying on the ground on her back while swaying a bottle on her hand, saying ‘cheers’ over and over again.

“Aren’t you going to help your friend?” I asked them. The short haired girl only shrugs her shoulders while the other one replied with a no. I look at their leader who finally calms down, and now chugging down the bottle like there’s no tomorrow.

“We’re shtill young shoo live your life to the fuhllest.” Their leader said, grinning at me again. Her eyes a little droopy, but the grin on her face says otherwise. I know this woman can still beat me in a drinking match even if she’s already drunk.

“Leader’s right. Soo lehts drink till we drop.” The girl from under the table said, giggling as she begun to sing a song I never heard before.
Thinking I was only wasting time with these people, I move to stand up but to only stop by a hand on my shoulder. Looking at the owner of the hand, I was face to face by the so-called leader again. This time it was different, her eyes were piercing it made me sit down on my chair.

“I never seen you before in this village, and something tells me you’re different.”

I willed myself not to react aggressively or defensively at her words. I remember it still, engraved to my heart as the beautiful stranger advised me not to tell anyone where I came from or I’m not from this world. If this woman before me was implying she knows about me, then it means trouble.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’ll excuse me, I have a package to deliver.”

 Withdrawing her hand from my shoulder, she nodded. As I stand up and turn my back to this weird group, my eyes caught the face of their leader. She was grinning again, her dimples showing as well her squirrel like-teeth. Trouble. The word kept ringing to my head as I reached the second floor where the owner of the tavern is waiting for me.

Out of breath, I still run even after going out alive from the SDN tavern. Yukarin-san was such a demon in disguise as well as her minions. What happened back there was forever will engrave in my mind and body. If you’re asking detailed information of what really happened back there, I’ll tell you next time. Because right now, I want to forget about it and all I want is my body to be soak in a very cold water to numb myself.


Running without looking to where I’m running is the stupidest thing I ever done. Basically, it was bound to happen that I’ll run into someone. Perfect. Now lying in a cold ground with snow, the sun setting in the horizon greeted me as I groaned in pain.
Standing up, I dust off the snow on my jacket. I think I’m missing something here. Looking around, I saw a honey-haired girl walking away in the opposite direction to where I was heading. I need to apologize to her.

“Hey, wait up.” She didn’t stop and I called her again. She still didn’t stop so I run to catch up with her, grabbing her arm to make her stop and acknowledge me. She winced.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to grab you-”

I swallowed the rest of my sentence as I saw her pained expression. Looking down at my hand, I saw it was now smeared with blood. I shifted my gaze at her covered arm; small spilt of blood was oozing from it.

“You’re hurt.” I stated and automatically she covered her injured arm, walking away from me.

“Wait, just wait and let me tend to your wound.” I yelled at her, grabbing the back of her shirt as I force her to sit down on a big rock, which surprisingly wasn’t covered with snow.

“What the?! I don’t need your help. Let me go, I need to get away from this town before the night falls.” She struggled from my hold but I refuse to budge.

“Shut up! I’ll just bandage your wound, it won’t take long.” I yelled at her again and she stops struggling, sighing in defeat as she sits still at the rock.

I’m not born a girl scout, but Genking is. Good thing I brought the bandage she gave me the first week we became roommates. I know it’s a gift from my best pal but this girl needs something to stop the bleeding of her wound. I’m also not a good person and I don’t know why I’m so adamant in helping this girl I never met before.

“There, done.” I never knew I’m good at bandaging; I smiled to myself for a job well done.

The honey-haired girl looked down at her now bandaged arm, a pleased look curve on her face. Standing on her full height, she begun to trek the path towards the Yukimura’s gate, her long hair was swaying behind her as she walks. I watch her retreating back, wondering why she was hurt or why a person would want to hurt an innocent-looking girl like her.

“Hey, thanks for this.” I was snapped out of my inner musings when I heard a voice from a distance. It was the girl I helped, she was pointing at her arm I bandaged.

“No problem, you should take care of yourself.” I called back, a smile forming on my lips.

“And you should watch where you’re running to.” She finally smiled, and it was a stunning smile. Her cute little fang was visible even at a distance. And with that, she faces her back to me and started running towards the exit gate.

I’m glad something good came out today despite being thrown in a witches’ lair, met a couple of weird girls at the barn and fending off the witches’ minions who was attacking me. I’m really glad I helped someone, like the beautiful stranger did to me. I wonder where she is right now.


I sputtered out the snow that went inside my mouth. Whoever threw that snowball on my face when I yawned is going to die. I’ll bury her or him alive under the snow. You don’t make a fool with a tired Takahashi.

Turning around to find the culprit, I find no one. I cursed inwardly, boring holes with my glare in every corner I looked at, but I still found no one.

“Over here.” I quickly turn towards where the voice came from. And what greeted me is a snowball flying directly to my face. Bulls-eye! Because of the snow saying hello to my whole face, my vision got blurred.

“” I hissed, walking towards the figure while wiping my face with my gloved hand, thinking of different ways how to kill the person who dares to throw a snowball twice on my face. Take note, on my face, twice.

The time I wiped clear all the snow on my face, vision no longer impaired I was now standing in front of the culprit, eyes widened and mouth agape as words of profanities I prepared was all forgotten.

“Hey, shorty. It’s been awhile.”

And I thought this day would end in a disaster; guess I’m wrong.


I told ya, it looks like a prologue... :banghead: i fail.  :nervous So, you guys figure out who is who? :roll:

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~ Snow Princess Part 2
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Yah I figure out who's who!
The girl sae saw and gave the candy to is Yukirin
The drunk leader is Yuko obviously :lol:
The girl Takamina help is Tomochin and lastly................
Acchan who threw the snowball to Takamina's face!
You know.... Yukirin could also be the snow Queen was it? Since Yuki means snow's all upto you to decide who's the snow Queen..
Update soon! XD

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~ Snow Princess Part 2
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nyahaha takamina is a scaredy cat XD

wohoho many chars appeared @_@  but what happened to tomochin to have wound  :shocked

and they met again   :rofl:
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

Editing in progress ~ T's and J's

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Re: ~Travel Towards The AKB Yuri Land~ Snow Princess Part 2
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I think like blughise ^^
This tavern is so dangerous xD
And yeah I think Meetan in a fic always spices the story

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