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Author Topic: [OneShots] #35 Ice skating rink [sayamilky]  (Read 33997 times)

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Re: [OneShots] #18 Trick or Treat? [Mayuki]
« Reply #80 on: November 01, 2011, 03:24:52 AM »
YUKI GETTING MARRIED????!!!!!  :angry:  :cry:

You need to Continue~~!!!!  :banghead:
I'm curious!!!!  :banghead:

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Re: [OneShots] #18 Trick or Treat? [Mayuki]
« Reply #81 on: November 01, 2011, 07:24:09 AM »
(Yuki is getting married with Mayu, Rabutan is delivery-ing the husband to the wedding ceremony) LOL

Don't break my heart with a Sad Ending, please update soon  :love:

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Re: [OneShots] #18 Trick or Treat? [Mayuki]
« Reply #82 on: November 01, 2011, 12:01:27 PM »
maybe Yuki would feel irritated and wash her, herself.

LOLOLOL!! That would be the most epic turn of events ever!! I like! :lol:

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Re: [OneShots] #18 Trick or Treat? [Mayuki]
« Reply #83 on: November 01, 2011, 12:52:30 PM »
WOW!! 8) what gonna happen ??? :?
I hope the sempai like Takamina, Atsuko Sae, Sayaka, Yuko, Haruna & others come and help Mayu :wub: :inlove:

Just give an idea.. :heart: :heart: Nice story anyway.... :wub:

HOPE IT WILL BE CONTINUE AND UPDATE!!! :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [OneShots] #18 Trick or Treat? [Mayuki]
« Reply #84 on: November 01, 2011, 06:47:42 PM »
Pls continue !!! T///T
I need to know what will happen next to my Mayuki !!
So please... please.....

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Re: [OneShots] #18 Trick or Treat? [Mayuki]
« Reply #85 on: November 02, 2011, 08:25:54 AM »
Of course you have to continue! ^^
Mayuyu has to stop the wedding!

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Re: [OneShots] #18 Trick or Treat? [Mayuki]
« Reply #86 on: November 15, 2011, 04:11:04 PM »
I'll continue with the Mayuki fic. Thank you for the suggestions as well. I'm still thinking how exactly should I end the fic.
Also, I'll probably finish writing the request from the other time for the next fic before I resume the Mayuki.

Congratulations to 9th Gen on their 2nd year anniversary.
Also, it's good that Oba is back.
I wanted to write a Yokoyama X Oba, but perhaps because I like the 9th Gen so much, I wrote and wrote, and it ended up... like that.
There's still some traces of it though.

Majisuka setting -  Otabe X Toshima
"Have you heard? Toshima she-"
"Is that true? I didn't think she would be someone like that"
"Hey, I heard from XX that Toshima she-"

A weary Toshima looks around as she lugs the luggage up the stairs slowly. The luggage is heavy but there's no one around to help her.
After what seemed like half an hour, Toshima finally steps into the Rapapa clubroom pulling a luggage.

She opens her mouth, wanting to say, "I'm back," but before she has a chance to do so, she hears the voice of someone else.
"Welcome back"

3rd year student, current Rapapa president Otabe spoke.

"Welcome back" the others echoed.

The other members of Team Fondue are sitting in the clubroom. A pot of cheese fondue and the respective ingredients are placed neatly. No one has eaten yet.

Their second year has just ended and today marks the start of their third year in Majisuka.

"Have you completed your task?"

Toshima nods and unzips her luggage.

Ever since they entered high school, they found themselves doing this yearly ritual.

All of them would meet up. But it wasn't easy. At least they didn't want to make things easy.

Toshima starts to unpack a bunch of clothing. Sutegoro's uniform. Yabakune's uniform.

It was a tradition started two years ago. Even though they had everyone's contact number, they would still write an invitation, and hand it to each of them personally by hand. In their respective school compound. Even when Otabe was in Kyoto in her first year.

This year, Toshima was chosen to be the one to hand out the letters.

Otabe gave a small smile and walks away as Toshima sits down and starts to eat.

"I have something to do right now. I'll see you later"

Toshima is looking very happy eating but the other members know that even though she loves food, that is not the main reason for her happiness.

It is Otabe, who has a busy schedule.
And yet waited for her safe return before she headed off for her important things.

Everyone knows, but nobody says anything.

"Even though you took up the mission, it seems that you ended up gaining weight instead."

Toshima punched her lightly on the shoulder and went to unpack food from her luggage.

"This is the ben-to that Sutegoro is famous for and this is Yabakune's..."

"We're eating again at 8pm. Don't you ever get full?"

There are no need for words.

"Toshima actually came back"
"And there's someone from Yabakune who-"
"Ah! It's the Rapapa!"
"Quick, run! It's the leader!!!"

Because action speaks louder than words.


It is six.

Lemon smiles understandingly at them. She nods and tells them to have fun as she headed off.

The others feel a little guilty. But it can't be helped.
At least they bothered to tell her about it. And she promised to keep it a secret.

It is not even seven fifty five and everyone has reached.

They headed for an okonomiyaki joint that could hold all of them.

They always had a sort of silent consensus between them that remained like before. Even after they split schools and never met for quite some time. Even so, everyone understood without speaking.
And they knew where to seat.

Nakamura Yokoyama Oba Shimada Takeuchi
Yamauchi  Nagao   Mori Shimazaki

They sat like that.

Menus were handed out to them as they started discussing about what they should get.

"One of everything!" says Takeuchi.
"What if we can't finish?" Nakamura worries.
"We have Yokoyama and Oba."
And it was settled.

They really did order a lot of food. The waiter kept coming with more plates.

"Anna, please pass the sauce."
"Yui, do you want more meat?"

At this place, at this time. All ranks were forgotten. All nicknames forgone.

They were who they were. They were just normal high school students who met up with their middle school classmates.

Not Yankee schoolgirls who were at war with each other just a few months ago.

The one in Yabakune was cooking for the one in Majisuka.
And another from Sutegoro was busy cooking for everyone of them, to ensure that they had enough.

It is eleven.

Most of them are full but some of them are still eating.

Oba's face is in a mess and Yokoyama is once again trying to wipe it for her.
Yamauchi is gesturing vividly as she talks to Nagao.
Nakamura is busy trying to make sure that the food on the metal plate doesn't get burnt.
Shimada and Takeuchi are both trying to signal to Yamauchi to pass the jug of juice to no avail.
Mori and Shimazaki are in their own world, as always when they meet.

It is a rare occasion for them to gather like this.

No one worries about not catching the last train.

They all know that Yokoyama would offer her house which happened to be located nearby. They also know that they would be cleaning her house in the morning before they headed off to their respective schools. If they were even going to school.

They know that this is a day to celebrate and a day of congratulations.
But they know that they have to part the next day.

And perhaps, to once again become enemies, rivals, friends or comrades.

Even then, it does not matter.

So long as they are alive and their heart continues to beat.

Even if they all grow up and part ways.
Even if they have different dreams.
Even if they are from different schools.

Their hearts will still beat as one.

And continue to help one another.

Even when they encounter some trouble, there is no need for them to say anything.

There is no need for them to ask for help.

Help and support will be given silently, without anyone asking.

Because the bonds shared between them are eternal.

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Re: [OneShots] #19 Majisuka Setting [Otabe X Toshima]
« Reply #87 on: November 17, 2011, 09:00:37 AM »
Woah friendship is nice

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Re: [OneShots] #19 Majisuka Setting [Otabe X Toshima]
« Reply #88 on: November 28, 2011, 04:07:00 PM »
Happy Birthday - Manachuri [KII] Takayanagi Akane X Mukaida Manatsu (゜ー゜苺*鳥゜◇゜)っ

I was writing a W Matsui. but. I've been triggered to finish this first. I'll probably write more of this pair in the future as well.. I guess.

Happy birthday Churi. I'm also glad that Manatsu's back in senbatsu for the 8th single. Her unit was 6th for Request hour!  And KII did well too. I guess.. 

Birds are creatures with wings.
Animals who can fly.
They flap their wings.
And soar towards the blue sky.

Strawberries are fruits. 
That are grown on the ground.
They cannot move.
Are they supposed to be eaten and die?

The cold wind blows.

It's 5:03.

I stop checking my phone and put my fingers in my jacket.


A girl who is at least half a head shorter than me shouts my name and comes running.

"I'm sorry! Work just ended."

I nod and gave her a small smile.

"I just reached too."

She puts her hand in my pocket and touches my fingers.

My hands are cold compared to hers.

"You've been waiting for a while haven't you?"

I kept silent.
Because there was no need for her to know that I was so excited to meet her that I came half an hour earlier. Right?

"Let's get going before the bird park closes."

She smiled at me and nodded.

"Let's go!"

It's been a while since we went out like this.

She's been busy with work lately. Okey Dokey. Okey Dokey. And Okey Dokey.

Well. There were other jobs to do too.

And she's been busy with other people. Like Jurina. Jurina. And Jurina.

Birds are carefree. They fly around as they wish, waiting for no one. 

Even though I have many strong feelings about it, but that doesn't matter now.

I should be treasuring this little time we get.

I stopped worrying and looked at her.

Right now, Takayanagi Akane is not behaving like the 20year old she's supposed to be. Instead, she's jumping around excitedly as we see the birds.

One might perhaps mistaken her for a bird too, at the rate she's flapping her arms.

"Manatsu! Manatsu! Look!"

"It's cute!"

"Look, look!"

I can't help but smile. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Or perhaps I was just glad to see her happy.

"Happy birthday."

"I can't hear you"

"I said."
"Forget it."


"Don't hug me so tightly in public, stupid bird"

"But a blushing Manatsu is too cute!"

"People are starting to stare."

"It doesn't matter. Let them stare. No one knows that I'm 20 and you're only 15."

"That's not the main point."

I frowned and looked at her. She just grinned and imitated the birds again.

"Let's go to the next exhibit~"

She pulled my hand and ran.


"It's weird hearing you address me that way."

"It can't be helped. You're much older than me."

"Ah, I forgot."


You just mentioned my age approximately half an hour ago.

"That's because Manatsu does not look her age~"

"I don't want to hear that from a captain who does not act her age."

"That's mean!"

She's scrunching up her nose. The captain that I love so much.

I'm feeling guilty. I ought to treat her better for today.

Only today.

"Shall we eat dinner?"

"Where? I don't see any stores in sight"

She puts her hand up to her eyes and looked around as if her eyes were a pair of binoculars.

Does she really not know or is she acting dumb on purpose?

I don't really want to say it.

But still, I opened my mouth.

"I made us bento"

I took out two lunch boxes from my bag.

For that split second, I thought Takayanagi was going to jump on me.

And she did.


I was not prepared for her to suddenly hug with me such a force.
And we both fell. Together with the lunch boxes.

In a public outdoor park at 7pm, on a green hill lay two girls, one on top of the other.

What a situation to be in.

My heart is beating really fast.


"Stop what~? I've not done anything."

She's replied as she lay on me comfortably.

Does she not know the position we are in?

"We can't eat one of the bento now that it dropped..."

She got off me immediately and went to look at it.   

"We can always share the other~"

"But the strawberries.."

"I'll buy you some the next time!"

The once crowded park is now almost empty. The dark park is only lighted by the occasional lamp posts.



I turned and looked at her. There was a serious look on her face.

"Birds can fly. "

I raised my eyebrows.

"But this bird wouldn't fly off alone to the blue sky."
"This bird would do her best to bring a strawberry along."
"Even if the strawberry lying on the ground can't fly."

She's hugging me. And crying softly.

I'm crying too.

Ah. She didn't cry yesterday.

"I'm proud of you. You've worked hard."

"KII too."

"It's nice to have you back."

She's patting me on my head gently.

It's comfortable.

"Earlier on... I wanted to say Happy birthday."

"I know."

I knew it.

"I just wanted to hear it again."

"Could you wish me the number of times for every present that you've given me this year?"

"Eh? But your gift is still in my bag..."
She looked upset

"Do I have to say it out?"

Ah. Those eyes.

What a troublesome leader. Just when I wanted to bully her for once.

But if it's today. It's okay.

Just for today.

"Just this once."

"For being together with me since the 2nd Generation auditions..."

"Happy birthday."
Stupid bird. Wonderful leader.
And my lover.   

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Is manatsu the SKE tsundere? ^^ I like Churi :)

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@ kahem Not really. She just behaves differently from how she looks. ^^

Was busy with tests and such.I'm finally done with this.

Keibetsu shiteita aijou
Slightly influenced by Kataomoi Finally's MV and Akagumi's song.
Even though this was supposed to be Keibetsu. But it's dark enough. I guess?

Pairings- W Matsui, Manachuri cameo?
Dark fic
She stands at the road alone waiting.

Cars drive pass and people walk by.

No one stops.

No one gives a second glance.

Not at the girl who is standing in her uniform by the side of the road.


If one were to walk along the rundown shophouses, make a left turn at the 3rd traffic light and climb the stairs after the hairsaloon.

Perhaps then. Only perhaps. That one might be able to stop the meeting from taking place.

But no one knows.

Because the world is always like that. People live, people die. What the news reports on television is only half the truth.

The other part of the story is always hidden.

The world is just like that.


Someone finally spoke to her.

It's a girl with short hair that just touched her shoulders.

She slips her a namecard before walking away.

There were no extra words.

As if she was just doing as she was told.

But she swore she could smell the lingering scent of strawberries.


That night, she went.

Matsui Rena, age 17, went to the address on the card.

She turns at the correct turn and climbs the stairs.

The state of the building is no different from the place she lives in. The paint on the walls have already flaked and the roof is damaged.

She hears laughter. Girls laughing.

She hears music too.

There was hesitation for a moment. But she still knocked.
Her already large eyes widened as the door opened.

The room was not like the stairway at all.

It was dark. Yes. But there were drumsets. There were soundboxes.

And there were some girls who wore something that she herself would never wear.

"Who do you want?"

The girl opens her handphone and shows her a picture.

"Kanakana is busy with someone right now. But the others are available for today. Churi costs a little more than the others and there's Non if you prefer someone younger..."


"Isn't that what you came here for? You don't have to be shy. Just pick whoever you like."


"Kaneko's here for her first time too. And from the sounds of it, she's having fun."

Her face turned red and she digs her school bag for the card.

Flustered, but glad that she found it at last, she shows the other girl the card.

"Oh. So you're the one she asked for. You should have said it earlier."
"Oi, Strawberry. She's here."

The same girl that gave her the card came out from the room, her clothing unruly.

She bows a little and signals for Matsui to enter the room she came out from.

There in the room was a gigantic bed. On it sat a girl who was wrapped in a towel, playing with a bird in a cage.

"That's the girl you asked for."

"Do you want to join us?"

She hesitates again for the second time that evening.

"Standing in the streets won't get you anywhere. Business here is pretty good. But we only accept female customers though."

She continues to tickle the bird.

"I accept. I'm Matsu-"

"To protect your identity, we only use nicknames here."
"You can come up with your own." 


She starts a new routine.

She walks to the station and sits a train to school.
After school, she sits the train back and walk to the same old district and starts her job, day after day.

Despite how she was in school, quiet and all. There were still murmurs about her.

About the girl who was spotted at a particular district after school every day.

Murmurs that seemed to be getting louder each day.


She doesn't remember how her first time went.

It was not as painful as they said it would be, but nevertheless, it hurt.

And then the second time, the third, and many more.

She thought she didn't mind this job.
She thought that it didn't matter to her what others thought about her.
She thought that she would only stay here long enough to pay her schooling fees.
She thought she was okay like this.
She thought she wasn't lonely.

Until she met her.
"I want Matsui Rena."

"There's no one here by that name."
"Please choose from the selection we have here."

"This. Matsu- Gekikara. I want Gekikara."

"Gekikara! You've a customer."

She comes out and grabs the customer hand, dragging her into the room without a second glance.

The door shuts and she proceeds to remove her clothing.

"I'm, I'm not ready yet."

This was new.
"We've only got an hour. Are you sure you don't want to hurry?"

"It's okay. I don't mind. I just wanted to talk to Matsu-Gekikara. That's all."

" You know my name?"

The other girl looked down nervously and nodded.

"What do you want from me? Money? I don't have much otherwise I wouldn't be working here. And if you want me, then hurry up and strip."


"If you want to mock at me, you can do it for free at school. No need to pay for it. If you want to abuse me then this isn't the right place. I just need to call for someone and they'll help to chase you out."

"I wanted to talk to you."

She raised her eyebrows.

"Matsui-san. I like you."

She thought that was the only method to stop her.
She thought that was her way of helping her.

She wanted to refuse her.
But she thought it was fine.

But they never thought that that would be the cause of their downfall.
They started going out.

If that even counted as going out.

The younger girl would visit thrice a week.
Paying money just to talk to her. To spend time with her.
She thought that was just an addition to her usual life.

One week.
Three weeks. 
Two months.
Four months.

She finally asked again.
"Do you... want to try doing it now?"
The girl shakes her head.

"If you want to do it so much, do it with your customers! Not me!"

A quarrel.

A fight.

"I'll send you out."

Down the stairs. Out at the empty streets.

They kissed.

A camera clicks.

A girl standing at the rooftop of a nearby carpark types something into her phone.

A mouse squeaks.


The murmurs in the school were getting louder.

They were not about her who lived in that district.
They were about a younger girl in the school next door who kept visiting that district.

She's been beaten up.

But she didn't care.
She thought that she didn't need to care about any middle schoolers who got bullied.

She thought it was none of her business.

Even if tragedies happen, life goes on. People continue to mail. People continue to celebrate. People continue to feel happy.

Everyone thinks that she's just another person who committed suicide because of bullying.

Everyone thinks she's just another person that happened to be unlucky enough to be involved in such a case.

Five months.
Six months.

She finally paid attention to them.

She hears of news about a girl next door who died due to internal bleeding.
She does not know that that girl is her half-sister.
She does not know who Matsui Jurina was.

But she knows that the girl who she was supposed to be dating stopped coming.


She feels like she just had a dream.

A dream in which she sits at the bench near the road.
Not alone this time.

There is someone else next to her. Someone younger.

The girl looks at her with those eyes.

This time.

This time, there's no passerby.

This time, there were still cars.

And this time, they crashed.

It seems that in the end, what she was searching for all this while.
Came to her.

She thinks such an ending is fine.

At the very least. Her wish was granted.

To be held by someone. Always.

The girl on the bed finally stops playing with the bird in the cage. 
She flicks the cellphone open and presses delete. 

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This is so sad.. :cry:

Thank you for the update :thumbup :thumbup

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I'm not sure that I understood evething but I can feel the sadness T_T

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Jurina~ Why you died~?

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I really enjoyed reading this fic. It sparks a lot of emotion and contains a lot of well-thought-out references.
Looking forward to your next update!

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So dark....I like it 8D

Great job, I can't wait for more to come out!

Update when you can~
That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.

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Somehow I felt chills running down in me while reading this. Yep, a dark one indeed.
Nice update btw! :D
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Now this is something you don't see written everyday. It's mysterious yet crystal clear... it took me a second read to get it. But this is just.... Q A Q"""

Please write more.

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Thank you for the replies. ^^ If you don't understand it, I'm sorry. I wrote it that way to suit the dark theme.

Belated Xmas fic.
Was considering which pairing to write for Xmas. A. YuiMina. B. Manachuri
-Yui went Karaoke with Suzuran and Mariya...
-24th KII girls only performance
-25th handshake
Takayanagi had to fall sick.
And then I saw some scans... T______T
B won. I'll write A soon! :_: 

I think this turned out somewhat OOC though... OTL

Christmas fic - Manachuri [Takayanagi Akane X Mukaida Manatsu]

I had to fall sick.
I had to fall sick on Christmas Eve and not be able to participate in KII's performance.

I was really looking forward to it
Looking forward to our first girl's only performance
Looking forward to performing with all 16 of us
Looking forward to seeing her
Looking forward to spending what little time we could have together.

All of them are probably having fun now.

I want to perform too.

I wished I took better care of myself.

I actually wanted to perform today despite my current condition but the staff and the KII members stopped me.

She however, didn't even talk to me. Much less, look at me.

But she mailed.
"Our leader should rest at home."

That was the only contact I had with her for the whole day.

That was the minimum concern a member would show to their captain.

The mails I received from the other members contained much more concern in the words they chose as compared to what she sent me.

At such a time, should I be glad that I even received a mail from her?

Her gift is still lying in my bag.
I didn't get a chance to pass it to her today.

She has a party with her family tonight.
She will be at a handshake event which I cannot attend tomorrow.

I lie on my bed, exhausted.

Now that I actually had the time to think about it, I know I deserved this.

Falling sick from the heavy work load because I ignored my health. As well as getting the cold treatment from her again.

I've been working, working and working. Photoshoots, recordings and such.
Even though we are in the same team, the only time I met her was during our lessons and when we had to film for the same program.

The pathetic amount of leisure time I had was spent either spent alone, or with the other members.

I suppose. She has the right to be upset at me.
I've neglected her.

And I've only noticed it now.
Only now, because I've fallen sick and had the time to think about it.


the worst. 

I'm supposed to be resting but I can't seem to sleep.

"Manatsu. Manatsu. Manatsu."

To think about her only at such a time.
I'm really a terrible person.

But I really want to see her now.

I open my phone. There are no new mails.

I start to read the members blogs.

Once again, there are well wishes from them. For me to get well soon, and how they've worked hard to cover my part.

I'm thankful for being in KII, with all the other 15 of them.
I really love KII.

Unfortunately, the one I love the most by the name of Mukaida Manatsu, does not mention me at all.
I sigh and Papitan chirps.

I don't remember how long I laid on my bed and if I dozed off or not, but I knew I sat up immediately when I thought I heard my door opening.

There, was the person I was longing for the entire time.

She looked annoyed.

Then again, she always looks annoyed all the time.

Was this my delusion?

Has my fever shot up so badly that I've started to see things?

"Takayanagi-san. Why are you still awake at this hour."

"Manatsu!  I'm not dreaming am I?"

No reply.
She's ignoring me.

Why must the Manatsu in my delusion ignore me too?!

"Mana-Manatsu?! What are you doing?!"

She's removing my clothes.

"I'm sick! You can't do this to a sick person!"

A cold glare.

"I heard that exercising might be able to help in lowering a fever."


Definately not a delusion.

"I thought you had a party with your family tonight?"

Once again, there was no reply.
She continues her advances on me. Her lips trailing down my stomach. 

"You have a handshake event tomorrow don't you? You should be sleeping now."

She suddenly bites.
My inner thigh hurts.

She does not say I love you.
She does not say I need you.
She does not say I want you.

Instead, she bites me.
That, in her language means that if I continue resisting, she's going to make sure that I'll definitely lie in the bed resting the entire day tomorrow.

I've lost plenty of water.
Despite all that, she buries her head and hugs the sweaty me.

Her eyes closed as she rested a little.

I'm surprised.
She who is physically weaker than most of us, despite 2 performances earlier in the day, still had that much energy in her.

I gently pat her head as I tried to shift her because I wanted to reach out for my bag.
At that moment, I thought it would be better if I passed her the gift before I sleep and forget.

But she doesn't let go.


"I won't let you go."


"Even if Churi flies around..."
"I still won't let you go."

Sometimes, I forget that she's only fifteen.

"Churi won't go anywhere without you. Churi is just going to take the Christmas present she bought for you."

"I don't need any gifts. All I want for Christmas is for Churi to know my feelings for her."
"I just want Churi to know that I won't lose to anyone else." 
She sounds like she's crying.

We, really, have not been together like this for a while.

"Churi will only be away for a minute. Churi will be back soon."

I coaxed again.

She loosens her grip.

I got up and quickly slipped the gift in her bag.

Her bag was empty except for a magazine. Flash special.

My heart skips a beat.
She must have seen it.

"I'm back"

Was that one of the reasons why she was more aggressive than usual?


I whispered her name again.

"I'm sorry."

We are both idols.
There are times where we have to do certain things because of work.
There are also many restrictions because of work.
I know she understands it all too well.
It can't be helped.

"You don't have to apologize. "

Her back is turned against me and her voice sounds stiff.

"It's just work."
"I'm not jealous."

"I've touched wherever she touched you too."

This explains her earlier actions.
This fifteen year old year is definately jealous.

"Even if I fly around, I will still return eventually to you. So don't worry."
"Manatsu~ I love you more than anything else."

"Don't say ridiculous things like that so suddenly."

A pause.
She seems to be thinking about something for a split second.

"Even more than birds?"


"Manatsu ~ Don't ignore me again!"

"Churi's cold~~"
"Churi wants a hug~!" 

"Ask papitan to hug you then."

" I only want Manatsu~"

But I know that there still ways for me to show my love for her.
"You have a fever, you stupid bird."

"Manatsu's warm~"

"You better not spread your fever to me."

"Ehhh?! But you're the one who came knocking at my door and starting removing my cloth-"

She stopped me in mid-sentence with a kiss.

But this time, it was unlike the previous ones we had today.

"Merry Christmas."

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Hehehe Churi being undressed oh~

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