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Author Topic: Bittersweet Cake [KojiYuu] (Chapter 3 part 1 update!)  (Read 6871 times)

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Re: Bittersweet Cake [KojiYuu] (Chapter 2 update!)
« Reply #20 on: August 05, 2011, 05:10:16 PM »
At that very moment, the two suddenly heard the people from the studio squeal and exclaim, their eyes slightly widening in unison.

 :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: Haha.

Augh, Miichan and others let the Kojiyuu do their thing by themselves. xD

Team A's famous couple? I have my prediction already. :]]
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Re: Bittersweet Cake [KojiYuu] (Chapter 2 update!)
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Part 1 of chapter 3, since I'm starting to fall asleep... Sorry, everyone.  :sweatdrop:

Chapter 3 part 1

Weeks passed quickly ever since Kojima and Yuko apologized to each other, and thing were starting to get better- Back to how it was before, that is. Seeing Yuko giving (forcibly) Kojima the 'Skinship' she deserves had turned into AKB's daily routine once again and everyone was relieved to see that; at least the midget had stop from her endless harassment with the others. It may be quite rude to think of it this way, but to them; Kojima was more like their holy sacrifice for their salvation from the demonic pervert named Yuko.

But of course, thanks to AKBingo, fans began to gather around the two more, asking for things such as fan-service and to take a picture of them kissing each other on the cheek. It wasn’t much, but it was starting to grow tiresome, for Yuko especially. If one thinks of it in a positive way, we could say that it was a great excuse for the curly-haired to share more skinship with Haruna, but the girl wanted to do it as a ‘Surprise’, not for the sake of fan-service.

Finally escaping the mob by the entrance, both Yuko and Haruna- Hand in hand, began to run to the clothing store which met their vision first as fast as they could, cursing under their breaths for not wearing a disguise before going there. Yuko, unlike the other was putting on a grin though, while her friend had a clear tired face plastered on her face.

After grabbing some random clothes and headdresses, the two quickly made their way to the dressing room, changing their clothes and putting things such as sunglasses on their faces. Kojima was the first to finish changing.

As usual her ‘disguise’ only made her look more suspicious, especially because of the flu-mask she was wearing, but the female believed that it was working since people would start avoiding her every time she wore those. Yuko finds it useless though, mostly because she wouldn’t be able to steal some kiss on the ‘giant’s’ lips whenever she has those on.

Sitting down on a small bench right in front of the dressing room, Haruna pulled out a magazine (of her) from her bag, flipping around its pages while patiently waiting for her friend.

“I’M DONE!” The shorty exclaimed before jumping out from the dressing room, raising her hands up in a proud manner. “How do I look?” She grinned, before looking at herself from the mirror one last time.

Unlike Kojima, Yuko was simply wearing a brown leather jacket, black scarf wrapping around her neck while putting on black shirt within the said jacket. As for her lower, she had a skinny jean on, then, a brown leathered boots. To cover her face from the people, the midget put on her final touch- a plain brown snow cap.

“Too plain for someone who took forever from changing” The giant answered bluntly while turning her back at the midget, hiding the small smile creeping up on her face before whispering to herself. “But it suits you.”

Hearing her last statement, Yuko couldn’t help herself from clinging onto her friend, her arms and legs wrapping around her. “I love you too, Kojipa~!”

Everyone inside the store quickly turned towards them.

“I-Idiot! What’s the use of our disguise if you’re going to shout my nickname anyway?!” Haruna sighed before bonking the midget on the head. “Quick, I already paid for the clothes so let’s make a run for it before the people sees through our disguise.”

“Yes sir!” Yuko saluted.


Dead worried of her friends, Atsuko bit her thumb’s nail nervously, her arm supporting her other arm’s elbow. “I knew it… We should have sent Sae and Sayaka instead of those two… An hour had already passed and they’re still not back.” She sighed.

“Believe in them, Acchan. Anyone can buy towels. I don’t see any reason why you should be worried.” Placing her hand on the short-haired’s head, Takamina petted it softly. “Now stop being a worry wart.” She added.

“Acchan! Takamina! Emergency!” Mayuyu yelled from the hallways before finally arriving into the room where Atsuko and Takamina stood, panting heavily as she tried to catch her breath. “Kojipa… Korin…” She continued on panting. “Awhile ago, I heard that their fans were gathering around them… And then they suddenly disappeared in a blink of an eye!”

“What?!” Takamina’s eyes widened, her jaw dropping down. Clicking her tongue, she grabbed Atsuko’s wrist and ran to search for their friends as fast as she could, ignoring Mayuyu as she continued on talking.

“Well, I think they escaped using their usual disguise, so I guess there’s really nothing to worry abou-” Staring at the now empty room infront of her, the girl sighed, dropping her head down while muttering. “Listen to what I’m saying…”

While trying to maintain her balance, Atsuko tailed behind Takamina; running as fast as she could as the girl dragging her continued on pulling her around without even trying to avoid the people on their way, in all honesty, Atsuko wasn’t sure of the reason why her friend suddenly dragged her away just like that- Well, she didn’t hear her conversation with Mayuyu so how would she know?

Finally, after a few more minutes of endless running and dragging around, the two arrived to the store where both Yuko and Haruna were last seen. An eerie looking building called “TKY MKY”. Nobody knew what the meaning of those six words was; but that only made the mall look scarier, even though it had a girly ‘garden’ by its entrance.

Pulling out some sunglasses from her pocket, Takamina gave her spare to Atsuko, signing her to put it on while looking around them cautiously. Seeing how nobody noticed them by far, she nodded to herself, grabbing Atsuko by her wrist once again before making her way to the entrance.

“Wai- At least tell me why we’re here…” Atsuko muttered towards her companion secretly, covering her lips with her other hand as though she was passing some secret code to her.

“We’re here to search for Kojima and Yuko, obviously.”

“Eh? What happened to them? Don’t tell me they got lost inside a mall… That’s… Plain embarrassing…”

“Fans gathered around them, so there’s a high chance that might be true.” Releasing her friend’s wrist, Takamina placed her hands on her waists, looking around inside the mall after getting past the entrance safely. “Now… How are we supposed to find them? It’s obvious that they’re wearing their disguises now… Hmm…”

“Can’t we just call them?” Atsuko simply arched her right brow up, her eyes slowly shifting from one side to another while hoping that she would find her two friends.

“… You’re right, we should have done that to begin with.” Takamina rolled her eyes, slapping her forehead after realizing how they would have saved more time if they did that to begin with. Running her hands around her pocket, the girl’s eyes slowly widening, her mouth slowly unlocking as her lips began to form a small little ‘o’, turning her head up to Atsuko, a broken smile crept up from her face. “I… left it in the studio…”

The short-haired facepalmed.

“W-Wait, Acchan, what about you? Your phone, where is it?”

“You suddenly dragged me away just like that… It’s clearly impossible for me to grab my phone, no?”

“Ahcha… What should we do now…?” Team A’s captain chuckled nervously.

“I don’t know…”

“Two words… We’re doomed.”

Here's a random... Thingy...

If you can guess where I got TKY MKY then...



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Re: Bittersweet Cake [KojiYuu] (Chapter 3 part 1 update!)
« Reply #22 on: August 07, 2011, 05:54:20 PM »
Random in an entertaining way. Eh? xD

Heh, I would like to know how the couples will survive on this problem they had put themselves into.
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Re: Bittersweet Cake [KojiYuu] (Chapter 3 part 1 update!)
« Reply #23 on: August 15, 2011, 07:25:21 PM »
nooooo, where did kojiyuu go? o:

awesome how they're all fine and dandy now, but why are they gone now... maybe they wanted to spend more alone time together kekekeke, jk~ wonder how the other girls will find them!

update soon! :D

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Re: Bittersweet Cake [KojiYuu] (Chapter 3 part 1 update!)
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Yeah I want a saeyaka kiss
I don't know where TKY MKY come from lol so where does it come from?

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Re: Bittersweet Cake [KojiYuu] (Chapter 3 part 1 update!)
« Reply #25 on: August 18, 2011, 07:43:25 AM »
Please update soon! can't wait  :panic:

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Re: Bittersweet Cake [KojiYuu] (Chapter 3 part 1 update!)
« Reply #26 on: August 18, 2011, 08:13:08 AM »
Just notice I forgot to comment after the previous update so I'm making up for it now  :lol:

LOl at the girls thinking of ways to get KojiYuu back together and the hidden camera  :twothumbs

Hmmm KojiYuu disappeared into the scary "TKY MKY" mall and now AtsuMina is there too

I wonder if they will meet up in there or have their separate adventures.

Please update soon .

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