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Author Topic: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>  (Read 36683 times)

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #20 on: September 01, 2011, 11:01:21 PM »
                                   REMEBER ME 
sorry for not update i'm a little bit sick.. i hope this chapter make it up to you!:) 

(At school)
hey mayu chan! what's going on? lovetan asks 
mayu lift up her head from the desk and answers "i feel terrible and i don't know what's worst? what my mom told me or she finds out that i'm love with yuki!"
what your mom told you? lovetan asks 
(Early morning) 
hey mom! mayu says while sits to breakfast
good morning your french toasts! 
thank you! where's dad?  mayu asks 
oh he had to go earlier a teachers meeting! mayu's mom answers smiling while eats
mom can i ask you something? mayu asks with a weak tone od voice 
sure honey,what is it? mayu's mom asks looking at her
what do you know or think about kashiwagi san? mayu asks while gives a little bite to her toast
kashiwagi san! well  she's a spoiled, disrespectful, unconscious person! mayu's mom answers 
why you say that? mayu says shocked 
i've worked with her and i know her! mayu's mom says 
what? how do you work with her? mayu asks 
his father asked me to show her the company and well she  always miss it,i have to call all the time to her cellphone but she never picked up and when she picked up ,she was drunk or partying, once she went to the company drunk and crashed her car against a bush..she comes to the company when she wants just because she's the doughter of the company's president so that means she our boss!  what is she causing trouble to you? i'll talk to her! mayu's mom says mad 
no,no,no mom stay away from her! mayu answers while gets up and goes to her room to get ready for school
what?!?!  is she like that?  lovetan asks 
no! of course not! she's is cute, protective,nice, sweet,'right i think i know the rest! lovetan interrupts
i just don't believe it! mayu says mad 
mayu chan you left me in the fair! hiro says mad 
mayu look other way and says "sorry i was feeling terrible so i had to go home" 
whatever hiro says while leaves the classroom..
do you left him in the fair? lovetan asks 
yes!  mayu answers 
why? lovetan asks 
yuki chan! mayu answers blushing 
why are you so red? lovetan asks examinating mayu's face carefully
i'll tell you later,i have to go to work! mayu says while gets  up and runs away 
yuki chan are you paying me attention! sae says while sits in the couch 
yes! yuki answers waking up..
ok,ok come here and talk to sae chan! sae says while pats her thighs
yuki gets up of her seat and sits on sae thighs..
now tell me what's going on? sae asks 
last night..last night...yuki says 
last night what? sae asks 
well last we kissed..yuki says 
who's we? sae asks 
mayu chan and i! yuki says blushing 
she's cute! how old is she? sae says smiling 
17! yuki says looking down 
what?!?! are you trying to get in jail? sae asks 
i didn't kiss her like a real kiss  was an accident but still! yuki says while touches her lips 
an accident?huh! did you like it? sae asks 
 i never kissed a girl before it was really weird but pleasantly! yuki says getting redder
hey! gender is not a problem..sae says 
it's not that is just that lately i been thinking about another girl too and I'M GOING TO MARRY THAT'S NOT NORMAL! yuki shouts the last part 
well,yes maybe is just pre wedding symtomps! sae says 
i hope so..! yuki says looking other way 
so what happen you guys kissed then? sae asks 
when i reacted she was already entering to her house,i was so shocked that i couldn't say a word! yuki answers
"yuki san" mayu says while enters to the office and sees yuki sitting in sae's thighs 
"mayu chan" yuki says while falls on the floor for the impression 
here's your food! mayu says while puts it on the desk 
"hey mayu chan" sae says smiling 
"hi"mayu says rolling her eyes while leaves the office 
hey mayu chan wait up! yuki says while gets up and rubs her butt 
run she's jealous! sae says 
yuki goes after her and sees her waiting for the elevator..
mayu chan! it's not..i don't care! mayu says 
really? yuki asks 
 yes,really! mayu says 
the doors of the elavator opens 
hey wait! yuki says whilw grabs her by her arm 
mayu release her arm and says "you know i'm usually nice and polite but you...aghhh!" 
mayu pushes yuki and enters to the elevator then stuck her tongue out to yuki..
"fire me if you want" mayu says while the eleavator doors are closing 
yuki was on the floor but she couldn't help laugh about it and says "i wouldn't fire mayu chan,i like mayu chan!" 
mayu face turns red and the elevator doors closed
 "who hell she thinks she is? just by telling those words expect me to melt! well.. i'm doing it!" mayu murmures mad
(at yuki's office) 
how did it go? sae asks 
i don't know! yuki smiling 
but you're smiling dumb! sae says 
she makes me laugh,i just can't help it! yuki says smiling 
i didn't know she was working here! sae says 
well she has like 4 days only! yuki says 
so 4 i get it! sae says 
you get what? yuki says 
that's the reason why you're coming to work everyday isn't it? sae asks smiling 
yuki blushes and says "no" 
yes, it is! you didn't care about coming to work because they'll pay you anyways! you used to come 2 days in a week and now you come to work everyday! sae says laughing and pointing at yuki 
no,it's not and shut up i have to work! yuki says looking other way 
(The next day)
i hate her! mayu says pouting 
why? lovetan asks 
because she's stupid! mayu says while puts her thing in her bag 
mayu chan you should forget about haven't thought that she's going to marry! lovetan says 
mayu sighs 
let's get out of here and i want an ice cream! mayu says 
what about your job? lovetan asks 
i don't care! mayu says 
well done..let's go! lovetan says 
mayu and lovetan are walking downstairs but then see a bunch of boys and girls watching something 
what going on? mayu says 
wow what convertible car!  lovetan says 
it's a  Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Roadster! a nerd guy says 
who's the girl in it she's hot? another guy says
she seems like she's waiting for someone of this school! a some girls says 
mayu and lovetan get out of the crowd..
it's not that yuki san! lovetan says 
yes,she is.. but i don't care! mayu says while takes lovetan's hand and keeps walking not noticing that the car starts following them
mayu chan! mayu chan! yuki says while goes right next to her with the car
mayu keeps walking and dragging lovetan
could you pay me attetion! yuki says while keeps driving next to mayu
"no" mayu shouts 
now you're doing it! yuki says smiling 
i don't understand what's going on! lovetan says 
join to the club!hey i'm yuki kashiwagi!  
hi i'm ota aika my friends call me lovetan! 
nice to meet you lovetan! yuki says smiling 
don't be friend of her mayu says while keeps dragging lovetan! 
mayu chan! hiro says while grabs her by her shoulder 
yuki gets out of the car..hey hiru kun why not you and lovetan take my car and go to buy anything you want! yuki says while shows them the keys and a credit car 
really? lovetan and hiro asks at the same time
yes,go! yuki says 
sorry mayu chan this car is screaming my name! lovetan says while gets on the car"we'll talk later!" hiro says while gets on the car and go away
you just gave your car to underage kids! mayu says while walks away 
mayu chan wait up! yuki says while follows her 
why are you so mad? yuki asks while walks behind her
you just a irresponsible and unconscious  person! mayu says while keeps walking 
yuki looked other way 
they entered to the park and kept walking without saying a word..
it's not that...yuki shouts while takes mayu by her back and making her loose balance and slips on the floor
sorry mayu chan! yuki says while is helping her to get up then mayu feels something wet on the tip of her nose just like yuki but she felt on her arm..both girls look up and says at the same time "RAIN" then looks to each other 
yuki sits on a seat i look up to see the rain falling 
mayu sits next to her..
"i don't know why i care about what you think about me! i just don't give explanations to anyone! why you are different?" yuki says looking other way 
mayu sighs and looks in front of her to the people runing for the rain 
"i just..i just..can't stand the idea of you hating me"yuki says looking other way 
mayu tries to put her hand close to yuki's hand but she didn't she just kept looking to the people in front of her 
when my mother died things changed..i changed..i know that i've done pretty mess up things in the past but..i would never do something to hurt you..if i did i'm sorry! i wished i could be the same person that i was before, i think you would like better..but after the accident i kinda loose her..!yuki says 
what do you mean you lose her? mayu asks 
well i lost half of my memories and after 5 years i still can't remember her! yuki says 
you lost part of your memories..mayu murmures sadly
all the things that i've done i guess i did it because i felt lonely and all the things i have doesn't fill me, what a spoil and pathetic girl!  yuki says looking down and hugging herself 
(it was cold  because of the rain and they were all wet)
mayu hugs yuki tighly and says "you're not alone you always will have me no matter what!" 
you just don't hate me mayu chan! yuki says crying 
i won't.. if you don't want me too! mayu says crying
(after 10 min hugging) 
both girls gets up and walks hand in hand to mayu's house 
(In mayu's house)
do you think is a good idea? yuki says
yes,will not come till really late and is raining like crazy,and i'm not going to let you go like this! mayu says while gives a towel to yuki and find her some clothes 
both girls changed their clothes (in different bathrooms of course xD) 
yuki looks closely mayu's room 
sorry about the messy! mayu says smiling while brought some food and put it on the table next tp her computer
my dept is worst! yuki says smiling 
yuki thowed herself to mayu's bed while mayu locked her door and throwed herself on bed next to yuki 
boty held hands and stared each other 
what about your car? mayu says smiling 
i doesn't matter! yuki says and then easyly fell sleep forgetting about the food..
sorry for my english 

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
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Tsundere Mayuyu~ LOVE IT~  XD

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
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Mayuyu wins !!! >///<
I really hope that thing will get better and of course sweeter >//<
PS. I jealous Lovetan and Hiro that have a chance to drive Yuki's car !!!!

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
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The car scene made laugh hahahhaa! Yuki, you are such a irresponsable person lol

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
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                                   REMEBER ME 
THE NEXT DAY..! (Saturday) 
yuki was sleeping with her right arm around mayu's waist while mayu has her head resting in yuki's shoulder so yuki was happy  breathing the scent of mayu's hair
Knock! Knock! 
mayu wakes up and so is yuki..
honey we're going out to the supermarket do you want to come? mayu's mom asks 
yuki sits and smiles preparing herself to say something but mayu covered her mouth and shouts "no,mom i'm ok"
ok,there's food on the fridge we will be back maybe half an hour! mayu's mom say and then goes downstairs 
when mayu reacts notices that she is on yuki and covering her mouth with her hand! 
mayu blushes while yuki was smiling 
mayu gets up and looks through her window her parents leaving in the car..then she turns around and see that yuki is not on bed anymore..
mayu goes downstairs then she  hears something in the kitchen,mayu goes to the kitchen and sees yuki preparing breakfast "so yuki chan can cook!" 
it's no science it's breakfast!what the cyborg girl can't? yuki asks smirking
MOVE! mayu says smiling
i'm not going to move,you have to prepare brakfast for me some other time! yuki says smiling 
mayu hugs yuki from the back and puts her chin on yuki's shoulder and murmures on her ear "there's no doubt i'll"
yuki blushes then breaks the hug and put the plates on the table while mayu bring the glasses 
they sitted and ate everything,yuki washed the dishes and went upstairs with mayu ..
 thanks for having me here mayu chan! yuki says while puts her black skirt on (she still has mayu's shirt on) 
why you have to go? mayu says in a sad tone 
well  i gotta look for my car! yuki says smiling 
do you need help with that? mayu asks 
if you want to help me i don't mind! yuki says 
ok let me get ready...
(after 15 mins)
yuki was laying in mayu's bed (she can't believe all this with mayu and she doesn't understand their relationship)
let's go yuki chan! mayu says while gets out of the bathroom with jer long black hair and a white simple dress which on her looked amzing! 
yuki was stunned (she doesn't know why her heart beats so fast? and why she's speechless?)
mayu moves her hand up and down close to yuki's face to wake her up! 
yuki shook her head and said "yes let's go" 
(Out of mayu's house)
wait a minute a gotta make a phone call! mayu says while pulls out her cellphone 
who to your boyfriend? yuki asks looking other way and pouting 
mayu smirks and says:
hey lovetan! where are you? 
mmm ok hey btw do you know what happened to yuki's car? 
ohh ok!! mayu says and then sighs 
what happened? what did she say? yuki asks 
a car pulls over..
mayu's mom and dad gets out of the car..
no way! mayu murmures 
what are you doing here? mayu's mom asks mad 
what? who are you? yuki asks 
yuki chan that's my mom! mayu says 
oh nice to meet you i'm kashiwagi yuki! she says while extends her hand 
mayu's mom slaps yuki's hand 
"MOM!" mayu shouts 
now you act like if you don't know me! mayu's mom shouts mad 
excuse me? yuki says 
go away and don't talk to my daughter again! mayu's mom says 
mom stop! mayu says while grabs her by her arm and also her dad grabs her by the other 
wait a minute is not that your shirt? mayu's mom says 
uhhh..yes is mayu's shirt! do you want it?  yuki interrups mayu and asks while take off the shirt and throws it to her (yes,she just had her blue bra,her black skirt and black boots) mayu's dad looked other way..
see you mayu chan! yuki says 
mayu takes the shirt and gives to yuki then mayu's mom takes mayu by her hand and pulls he inside the house..
why you never told me you were friends with her? stay away from her..she's not good! mayu's mom says 
why you say all that stuff,you work for her! mayu says 
no,i work for her dad! mayu's mom answers 
mayu's looks other way
now give me your phone! mayu's mom says 
no, it's my phone! mayu says 
not is not now give it to me! mayu's mom shouts and snacthes the phone 
mayu runs upstairs crying...
now where my car is? yuki complains while walks 
(In the night)
sae chan i'm telling you the truth her mother crazy she said many thinks that i can't remember! yuki says while eats her ramen 
are you sure? sae asks
i was't dreaming or drunk! yuki replies 
yuki san! a girls says 
huh? sae and yuki turns around 
lovetan! how are you? yuki says smiling 
not well..mayu chan..! lovetan says 
mayu chan..what? yuki asks while gets up of her table 
she left with hero! lovetan says 
where? when? how? yuki asks 
just i don't her mother called me worried,she though she was with me but i thought she was with you and now i know she's not with you! lovetan says 
yuki pulls out her cellphone..
is useless her mother has it! lovetan says 
great!  yuki says while puts her phone on her pocket
this is bad! sae says 
yuki puts her hand on her neck "what the hell is wrong with her? i just hope she's okay! 
honey say bye to yor friends let's go! lovetan's mom says
i have to go! lovetan says while walks away 
that dude has my car and my..GIRLFRIEND??sae interrups yuki..
my friend! yuki says while pinches sae's cheeek 
ouuch! i was kidding! sae says 
but your car doesn't have "hunter" or something like that? sae asks 
no,it's a classic i didn't to ruin it with technology! yuki says while slaps herself
(At yuki's dept 1:30 am)
yuki couldn't sleep so she went to the living room to watch  tv but tv wasn't enough to get her attention! the only thing that comes to her head is:
*where's mayu? 
*is she ok? 
*f%#ing kid,i'm going to kill you hero! 
*shit he's go my car and my..girlfriend?
Knock! Knock! 
yuki wakes up of her thoughts "who is at this hours?"and opens the door
yuki chan! mayu says while hugs her
mayu chan..are you ok? are you hurt? yuki says while exminates the little girl 
wait a minute! yuki says while goes to her room and gets out a baseball bat! 
yuki chan! mayu says 
where is hiro? i want to talk to him! yuki says mad
 i left him! mayu says 
yuki throws the bat on the couch and asks "why did you do this? i was so worried about you! yuki says whule hug her 
mayu blushes and says "i wanted to give your car and besides my mother doesn't want me to see you again!" (mayu cries)
mayu chan! yuki says while hugs her tightier 
let me stay here the night please! mayu says 
but..your mother! yuki says 
please yuki chan! mayu says crying even more
yuki breaks the hug and closes the door 
yuki guides mayu to her room..
in the room yuki gives mayu some clothes..(mayu changed in the bathroom) 
when mayu gets out of the bathroom sees that yuki is already on bed 
mayu lays next to her and asks her "can i hug you?" 
yuki looks at mayu with a sweet look and answers "yes"
mayu hugged yuki and both fell sleep..
sorry for my english..

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #25 on: September 04, 2011, 02:01:30 PM »
Mayu's mom is just.... T-T
Please forgive Yuki !! Mayuki need to be together !!!!!

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
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Rofl jealous Yukirin is so violent

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
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                                        REMEBER ME 
                                             9 (Sunday)

yuki moves her arm to hug mayu but she didn't feel anything so she opened her eyes..
maybe she's gone! yuki thinks holds back he hair and gets up of bed to go the bathroom then she hears someone in the kitchen so she goes downstairs and sees mayu making breakfast..
that's nice! yuki says smiling 
good morning yuki chan! mayu says smiling 
yuki stares mayu with a sweet look 
mayu noticed it and instantly got red and nervous that the pan was on fire 
"mayu chan" yuki says while takes the extinguisher and uses it..
(everything was mess up)
uff that was close! yuki says scratches her head 
i'm sorry yuki chan! i'm so sorry! mayu says 
what? why? this was fun! yuki says smiling 
fun? mayu says 
yes,look at you,you look terrible! yuki says smiling 
mayu pinches yuki's arm and says with a pout "well this doesn't suit you either!" 
mayu chan is cute and look great with my clothes! yuki says smiling and looking at her
muyu gets red and looks other way
did you call your parents? yuki asks serious 
yes, i did! mayu says also serious 
you can't do those things mayu chan,you can't just run away from home because your mother doesn't let you do things,she's still your mom and she wants the best for you 
got it? yuki asks 
but...mayu murmures 
no buts,i was really worry about yesterday and if i was "really worry" guess how worry they were! yuki says 
sorry! mayu says sad 
yuki puts her hand in mayu's cheek and looks at her...
Ring! Ring! Ring! 
you're not going to pick up? mayu asks's my phone! yuki says then she gets up and pick up the phone
hey yuki chan! 
hey sae chan! 
how are you? 
what's that mean? 
mmm...mayu chan is here!
what?!?!? now they're going to charge you for kidnapping a school girl! 
i didn't kidnapped her! 
yeah right! 
aaagghh what do you want? 
your dept! 
well i was planning something and i need your dept please yuki chan,if you help me i'll help you to kidnap more school girls okay! 
i'm not kidnapping anyone! yuki shouts mad 
i'm kidding relax! 
ok you know how to get in! 
but i need you to get out now! 
now? now? 
i hate you sae chan! 
you love me and you know it! sae says 
ok,we're out in 30 min 
thanks yuki chan 
you're welcome! good luck with the kitchen! 
yuki hangs up and says "well mayu chan we have to go" 
where? mayu asks trying to clean the kitchen 
let that alone sae can clean it,now go upstairs and get dress okay!  yuki says smiling 
(after 15 min)
both were ready..first they went breakfast then went to do shopping because mayu didn't want to go home yet..
(yuki couldn't day no to that little girl,she knew she was spoiling her too much but who cares as long she's happy for yuki was enough) 
time passed so fast in a blink of an eye it was already late mayu had to go home! 
walking to mayu's home..
i'm cold yuki chan! mayu says while grabs yuki's arm 
yuki with her other hand rubs mayu's arm to keeep her warm "i hope you had fun today mayu chan" 
with you always! mayu says smiling 
"mayu chan!" yuki says already blushing 
mayu gives her a quick kiss on the cheek which gives yuki another level of red 
mayu runs and shouts "catch me if you can" 
yuki was shocked by the kiss but then smiled and ran after her! 
they were running they entered to the park that it's close to mayu's home..
mayu stops running looks around and see that yuki is not behind her then she tries to catch her breath..
where is yuki chan? mayu murmures while walks 
this place is scary in the night! mayu thought 
"BOO" yuki says (behind of mayu) 
ahhhh! mayu shouts then turns around and pushes yuki to the grass 
ouch! it's me hahahaha scary cat!  yuki says between laughs 
mayu pouts and keeps staring at yuki who is still laughing like crazy and trying to get up..
mayu tries to push her down again but yuki was faster and said smiling "not again" and both end up rolling on the grass but this time yuki was on top! 
(why am i so nervous? why i can hear my heartbeats? is this girl the one responsible for this? and why i spoil this little girl so much? do i want to kiss her? should i?) 
yuki leaned closer to mayu who was also totally red..
(kiss me yuki chan! i want you to steal my first kiss and i want.. i want you to remember me) 
yuki was so close to mayu that she can feel her breath she was so tempted to kiss her but..she knew that it wasn't right so she decided to hold back and get up! 
laeving mayu speechless (she really wanted that kiss) 
mayu gets up and also gets up and starts walking 
all the way home was quiet, they didn't know what to say! so they preffered don't say a word 
when they were outside of mayu's door..they saw mayu's mom sitting outside waiting for mayu!
no way! yuki murmures 
"you" you're the one responsible for this! mayu's mom says while points her 
yeah,yeah! yuki says while looks other way 
"mom" i ran away because i wanted! yuki san was the one who told me to get back home so don't blame her! mayu says mad..
she did that? how? she's just a spoil brat and she was the one who put drugs on my office!  mayu's mom says (st
well i was like that but not anymore..WHAT? drugs! when? yuki asks 
drugs? mayu repeats 
no,no,no i would never do that! yuki says 
don't lie your father talked to me and apoilogized for what you did and even gave me tickets to disney world! mayu's mom says shouting 
disney tickets? yuki murmures 
now i see you're the one with that office! yuki says 
finally! mayu's mom says 
it wasn't drugs! yuki says smiling 
then what was? mayu and her mom asks 
a cat! yuki says smiling 
what?!?! mayu and her mom says 
i found him on the street on my way to the office so i couldn't leave him in my car so i took it with me to the building but when i was walking to my office one assistant  started shouting my name and fallow me so i saw a door an put it there! then that assistant dragged me to other office and that took me all day when i got back looking for the cat,it was gone then "i heard that in someone office found something but i never knew that gossip said that it was drugs and i never knew it was you! i mean i just looked to the number of the office and told my assistant to send to that person tickets to disney for him and his family..i don't think my dad said drugs! but if he did i'm sorry! here is the picture of the cat! yuki says while shows them the picture on her iphone..
a cat! just that! mayu's mom says laughing
i'm really sorry! yuki says with a bow
no,i'm sorry ..your dad never said drugs,i heard the gossip and know! mayu's mom says smiling 
i'm glad you cleared this! mayu says relieve
mayu's dad came home..
yuki chan would you like to dinner with us? mayu's mom asks smiling 
no,i don't want to bother you 
honey i'm glad you're okay! mayu's dad says while hugs i can't breathe! mayu says 
is not a bother c'mon! mayu's mom says while takes her inside the house 
thanks for bringing home my daughter! mayu's dad says
ok! yuki say she was so nervous (somehow she felt in the situation when a boyfriend meets her girlfriend's parents)
mayu helped her mother to set the table..
Ring! Ring! Ring! 
yuki san is your phone! mayu says 
right! right! yuki picks up and excuse herself
yuki chan.. i'm sorry i don't know what happen! 
what are you talking about sae chan! 
is your dept! 
what happen with my dept? yuki shouts 
well promise me you're not going to get mad! 
SAE CHAN! yuki shouts 
ok,ok..(sae clears her throat) well i was using the hot tib with sayaka and somehow it broke and know you're dept looks like a little river! sae says 
LITTLE RIVER! yuki shouts 
i'll promise i'll pay everything! sae says 
yuki hangs up
(mayu's family were listening the whole conversation but it was because yuki was shouting)
yuki gets back to the table..
is everything okay yuki san? mayu's mom and dad asks 
yeah! a not so happy yuki says 
i have an idea! mayu says 
what idea mayu?mayu's dad asks 
why yuki chan don't stay with us till her dept is fixed! mayu says smiling 
yes,you totally right! mayu's dad says 
no, no, it's okay! yuki says 
c'mon let us help you..i feel terrible for hating you all this time! mayu's mom says 
yuki looked other way and sighed
ok it's decided,yuki san is staying with us! mayu's mom says claping her hands 
everyone was smiling but the only thing that runs in yuki's head is that "if she can resist temptation living in the same house as mayu"

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #28 on: September 17, 2011, 11:55:45 AM »
Ahahahah little river!!!
I wonder what else Saeyaka did hehehe

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #29 on: September 17, 2011, 12:35:07 PM »
They are sleeping in one roof again~  :wub:

Curious what they are going to do later~  XD

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #30 on: September 19, 2011, 08:48:02 PM »
                                        REMEBER ME 

hello sorry for the waiting part!...hey i decided to put a little sasshi and lovetan here hope you don't mind! xD 

mayu chan! mayu chan! says lovetan while shakes her
mmmm..what uhmm lovetan! a sleepy mayu says 
now sleeping in class again! why? lovetan asks 
well ummm yuki chan is staying at my house! mayu says smirking while gets up 
what?!?? when? wait a minute you two..lovetan murmures while sees her hands 
"no,is just that..she stood up all night pretending to be working to not sleep with me in the same bed after what happened with us in the park " mayu says 
wait! what..what happened in the park? lovetan asks
"we..uhmmm.." mayu says while scratches her head
you what? lovetan asks losing her patience
we almost kiss! mayu answers blushing 
ALMOST KISS? lovetan shouts 
who almost kiss? hiro asks while kisses mayu's cheek
the couple in the dorama! lovetan answers 
why you kissed me? mayu asks 
because you're my girlfriend! hiro says smiling
not anymore! mayu says while takes lovetan hand and goes away 
what happened? lovetan asks
he crushed yuki chan's car! mayu answers mad 
so she's trying to avoid you! lovetan says 
yes, i hate that..and i don't know what to do!  mayu says weak tone of voice while keeps walking 
i have an idea why you don't call yuko and ask her,she's the only one i know with a girlfriend and she had the same problem that you do! lovetan says smiling 
mayu stops walking while pulls out her phone from her pocket "yes,she might know something" 
-Phone call-
(yuko was in the couch with nyan nyan,resting her head in nyan nyan's lap while nyan nyan was playing with her hair and at same time watching the tv)
hey yuuchan! 
hey mayu chan! what's going on? 
i wanted to ask you something! 
ask me! 
what did you do to catch nyan nyan? 
well the question is "what i didn't do to catch nyan nyan?" yuko says smiling 
hey,it was a hard time! nyan nyan says smiling 
that seems hard! mayu says 
well it's hard but do you want her? yuko askd 
of course i do! mayu answers 
then prove it,make your love be enough for both and don't give be up! yuko says 
use yuko's magic that means "BE PERSISTENT" nyan nyan says smiling 
look it's hard and there's gonna be a lot of tears but in the end is the best thing of the world! yuko says 
"be persistent" got it! thank you girls! mayu says 
awww yuko,you think i'm the best! nyan nyan says 
"NO" yuko answers 
nyan nyan pouts 
i don't think you're the best,i know you're the best! yuko says smirking 
now we get romantic! mayu says 
nyan nyan gives her a kiss on her cheek 
mayu chan go get your girl and hang up,you don't want to hear what's next! yuko says grinning
(mayu hanged the phone call)
yuko! nyan nyan says 
there's no doubt they're in love! mayu says while puts her phone on her pocket (mayu and lovetan were siiting)
mayu looks at her watch "Omg it's late,i gotta go to work bye lovetan".Mayu gets up and runs away 
lovetan smiles and looks next to her stupid mayu forgot,your bag! lovetan murmures 
 <<<<<<<<<<<<At yuki's office>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
you don't look good,yuki san! the assistant says 
i couldn't sleep all night! yuki says resting her head on her desk and pretending to be writting something 
why? the assistant asks
YUKI CHAN! mayu says while eneters to the office 
mayu chan! yuki says 
i brought you food! mayu says smiling 
thank you mayu chan! yuki says 
excuse me yuki san,i gotta pick up this call! the assistant says while gets up
yuki chan! mayu says while gets on top of yuki (sitting on yuki's thights) 
yuki was all red trying to avoid mayu's eyes 
mayu shouldn'! yuki says still red
like this! mayu says while wraps her arms around yuki's neck (a new tone of red on yuki's face)
mayu smirks and then gives her a kiss on her cheek (to be exact to fingers next to her mouth) then got off her and walks to the door "see you at home yuki chan"
when mayu was about to open the door,it openned by itself showing a stranger..
yuki chan! yuki chan! the girl shouts then she sees mayu
hello..who are you? you are really cute! the girl says while takes her hand
i'm.. i am (someone separate her hands) 
yuki chan! both girls says at same time!
she's out of your league! yuki says serious 
you don't seem happy to see me! why she's out of my league? the girl asks pouting 
of course i'm happy to see you sasshi and btw she's underage! yuki says smiling 
bad luck well i guess your assistant and that other secretary  are not that bad! sasshi murmures 
you'll never going to change! yuki says while hugs her
at least i came for your wedding that makes me a good person! sasshi says 
mayu looks other way (when she heard the word wedding
yuki notices it and looks down) 
this is sasshihara rino and this is watanabe mayu "the underage girl" yuki says making emphasis
ok,ok i get it now i have to go visit that secretary see you! sasshi says while leaves
wedding huh? mayu says looking other way 
yuki looks down sad
mayu is about to open the door but yuki takes her by her arm "mayu chan wait up" 
mayu chan,where i can find you? lovetan says while looks for mayu in all the offices "god why this building is so big?" lovetan complains 
oh that wasn't my intention i swear! a girl shouts while is running and another two girls are following her (coming to lovetan direction that's why she heard the shouting)
you're just playing with us! one girl shouts 
who you think you are? the other girl shouts 
i'm sorry! the girl shouts while speeds up!(leaving them really behind)
lovetan sees the girl coming and running to her direction.the girl didn't notice a little part of the rug was up so she slips and hit her head 
lovetan goes to help the girl but this doesn't react,she takes her inside the bathroom made her lay on the floor a  locked the door (couse those girls could come)
what did you do to those girls? lovetan says while throws her water on her face to wake her up 
the girl opens her eyes and sees lovetan "are you an angel?" the girl says still looking blurry 
no,i'm not an angel! lovetan answers blushing
the secretary and the assistant! the girl says while gets up and fixes her clothes 
oh the girls that were following you! lovetan says 
what's wrong with girls?you can't tell them they're cute because they think i'm proposing! the girl says mad
uhh you're a girl! lovetan says 
uhhm..the girl looks at lovetan and sees an uniform "are you're a school girl too!" the girl asks 
what the hell! the girl shouts while looks up 
yes! lovetan says smiling 
god,now i understant to the pedophiles! the girl says 
hey i'm sasshihara rino but my friends call me sasshi! she says while takes lovetan's hand 
i'm ota aika and my friends call me lovetan! 
hey,i think she's here! the secretary says 
shit! those two! sasshi says 
it's not their fault,it's your for trying to flirt with anygirl that you see! lovetan says
what? how you know about that? sasshi says 
i'm a school girl but i know! lovetan says 
i'm like to give love to those ones who need it! sasshi says 
yeah,yeah you're a good girl! lovetan says 
while the lovetan pushes sasshi inside of one cubicle and opens the door..
hey you! have you seen a little good looking girl? the secretry asks 
no,i haven't! lovetan answers while gets out

hey i'll continue this later sorry i gotta go to work! sorry sorry :( 

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #31 on: September 19, 2011, 11:08:24 PM »
Yeah Sashihara quality!!! or rather harassment lol

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #32 on: September 19, 2011, 11:45:03 PM »
Sasshi & Lovetan?!

So curious about this couple too~  XD

Please update soon~  :bow:

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #33 on: September 21, 2011, 05:05:34 AM »
waaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!  :frustrated:

why am i reading this now!!!!  :banghead:

anyways.... i love this fic!  :grin:

MaYuki!!!!  :twothumbs

and then you added RabuSasshi!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs


mamayuyu and papayuyu is now in good terms with yuki!  :nervous


i'm using my imagination now...

Yuki's assistant is Akicha and the secretary is Rie! ahahahaha  :nervous

update soon!

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #34 on: September 23, 2011, 08:10:37 AM »
                                        REMEBER ME 
hey somebody can tell's lovetan or rabutan? because i don't know and it's confusing

lovetan leaves the bathroom wothout looking back..
i think she's not here..let's go ask to kashiwagi san! the assistant says 
okay let's go! the secretary says 
sasshi heard the girls leaving so she got out of the cubicle and looked for lovetan 
hey lovetan! wait up! 
lovetan stops walking and looks back "what is it?" 
well i was thinking that do you want to grab something to eat with me? 
"NO" lovetan answers 
why not? sasshi says pouting 
because i don't play that kind of game! lovetan says 
what game? sasshi asks 
that game..girl to girl game..! lovetan says 
ohhh now i're so adorable,i wasn't thinking about playing anything i just wanted to thank you for helping me but if you don't want to go it's fine! sasshi says 
(noise of lovetan stomach)
oh now that i know well,i'm kinda hungry! lovetan says
okay where we go? sasshi says 
wait first i have to give my friend her bag! lovetan says 
what's the name of your friend? sasshi asks 
watanabe mayu! lovetan says smiling 
<At yuki's office> 
yuki grabbed mayu by her arm and pull her closer to her 
their forheads were conecting 
the tips of their noses were touching and they could feel each other's breath (time passes slowly) 
mayu chan why are you crying? yuki asks 
i'm not crying! mayu says 
yuki's hands went to mayu's cheeks and her thumbs wiped her tears away 
mayu blushed (the word "persistant" came to her head) 
she was slowly getting closer to yuki's lips and so was yuki..
kashiwagi san knows her! the assistant says while opens the door 
yuki turned around...
kashiwagi san do you know where is sashhi? the assitant asks smiling 
i don't know akicha! yuki says 
mayu exucused herself and got out of the office 
hey do you hear that? sasshi asks 
what? lovetan says while walks to yuki's office 
thank you kashiwagi san! akicha says 
sasshi opens a door and  pushes lovetan inside with her
what did she say? the secretary asked
she doesn't know! akicha says 
sasshi sighs and says "that was close" 
where are we? lovetan says 
it looks like a package store! sassho says while tries to open the door 
what's wrong? lovetan says 
i don't know it's hard,i can't open it! sasshi says trying 
let me see! lovetan says 
lovetan tries but it didn't work 
what are we going to do? livetan says 
ok,don't freak out,let's call someone ok! sasshi says 
lovetan sits on the floor 
oh-oh! sasshi says 
what's wrong? lovetan asks 
there's not signal! sasshi says 
what!?! give me that! lovetan says and press all the buttoms on it 
hey you're going to break it! sasshi says 
<mayu walking home> 
stupid yuki! why i can get you? mayu says while kicks a can of soda! 
i hate you yuki chan! mayu says a kicks it harder
a car pull over next to her..mayu chan! a guy says 
hiro..i'm not on the mood! mayu says 
oh c'mon i was joking when crushed her car! hiro says 
i don't care! mayu says 
c'mon get in! hiro says while extends his hand 
(another hand slap it!)
huh? hiro says 
mayu chan..let's go! yuki says in black mode
you know what... i think i'm going with him! mayu says 
yuki grab her by her arm, "you're parents trust me to get you home so now let's go"
"NO" you're not my mother or may father or my sister you're nothing yuki to me,you can't tell me what to do!mayu says mad 
"fine" yuki says and let go mayu's arm and starts walking home..
mayu get in! hiro says 
what? mayu says distrated by looking yuki walking away
you said that you're coming with me! hiro says
go and chase a girl who wants you! mayu says while runs after yuki 
yuki is walking (she's right i'm nothing to her! she can do whatever she wants..i don't care!) 
mayu was three steps behind yuki.."what happened what you're not with him?"
"i was proving a point" mayu says while puts herself in front of yuki..
what point? yuki asks
(and again they were inches away from each other lips)
"that you're not nothing to me!" mayu says while turns around and keeps walking 
they got home..(mayu's parents weren't at home
 yuki went to the kitchen while mayu went to her room but then decided go to the bathroom 
yuki ate anything she found and went upstairs putted her headphones on...opened the door of the bathroom and started brushing her teeth (mayu was about to put the shampoo so she had the close "(the water key) i don't know how that calls in english"
mayu opens the curtains and shows all herself to yuki..
yuki looked to her left because her reflexes told her too but when she saw mayu she was stunned her brush teeth fell on the floor ( mayu was as beutiful as she though she was) and the worst part she smiling at her! 
mayu honey are you there? mayu's mom asks 
yuki picks up her brush teeth and runs inside of the shower with mayu and closes the curtain 
mayu smirked because yuki was red like a tomato and says .."Yes mom i'm here" 
mayu's mom gets in..
mayu got closer to yuki while yuki was looking up to not look mayu's body (even thought she was dying to see) 
honey here is your pj! mayu's mom says 
ok thank you! mayu says 
ohh almost forgot your dad asked me for some pills! mayu's mom says while looks for the pills 
(why she's taking so long..who cares about the pills) yuki thought..
mayu was smirking she knew she had yuki where she wanted and this is her chance and she's going to blew it
yuki had her eyes closed but all the sudden she felt something on her lips...she opened her eyes and saw mayu kissing her! (she couldn't do anything..this time she can't run) mayu's mom is a few centimetres away so get out of the shower doesn't seem a good idea and stop the kiss doesn't seem a good idea eather! 
sorry if is too short but i'm tired and i have to work! :(

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #35 on: September 23, 2011, 08:18:36 AM »
Yay! Kiss in the shower! Mayuyu is such a little devil hehehe

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #36 on: September 23, 2011, 03:50:33 PM »
Yahhhhhhh~  XD

 Mayuuuuuuuuu~  :wub: :inlove:

btw, lovetan and rabutan, all are her nickname  :)

and thank for update :twothumbs , i know u busy (me either LOL), so fighting!!  :fap

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #37 on: September 24, 2011, 07:36:22 AM »
Lovetan & Rabutan have the same mean~

At Japan they read Lovetan as Rabutan~  :yep:

I like the new chapter~  :wub:

Please update soon~  :twothumbs

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #38 on: September 24, 2011, 11:07:31 AM »
Perfect timing, Mayu!  ;) Fight for Yuki!

Please update as soon as you know.  :)

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
« Reply #39 on: September 29, 2011, 02:05:37 AM »
                                        REMEBER ME 
yuki couldn't believe what she was doing..
mayu was kissing her and she was kissing her back and it wasn't a simlpe kiss.. it was a kiss full of passion
yuki had already her arms around mayu's neck while mayu  has her hands in yuki's waist pulling her closer and closer
(noise of the door closing) that means mayu's mom left..
that noise woke up yuki senses her reaction was look at mayu and run away from the bathroom 
"yuki chan.." mayu murmures and sighs
mayu ends up showering and went to her room when she entered found yuki already sleeping..
mayu gets closer and lays next to her...
(why you deny it,you love me as muches i love you!) mayu thought while looks yuki's back..
yuki in other hand,she was pretending to be sleeping but the truth she couldn't stop thinking about that kiss and why she liked it very much? 
<at the office> 
i don't think there's somebody here,i think every one just left! lovetan says afraid 
maybe you're i think is time to get confy and wait till someone open this door tomorrow! sasshi says
lovetan pouts then sits...
 sasshi also sits but shr notices that lovetan is shaking..
sasshi gets up then takes off her blazer and  gives it to lovetan..
but..lovetan object 
you're the younger,so you wear it! sasshi says smiling 
thank you sasshi! lovetan says smiling too
couple minutes later sasshi sleeps on the floor while lovetan is sleeping sitting 
(hmmm mmm..)
lovetan heard those noises and openned her eyes,she saw sasshi shaking for the cold weather..
lovetan crawls to sasshi slowly then she hugged sasshi to keep her warm..
sasshi  smirked but because she was dreaming something pervert (obvius with lovetan) 
in the middle of the night sasshi putted her hand on lovetan's thigh making her way up..
lovetan feels it and slaps to the sleeping sasshi..
OUCH..!! "what was that for?" sasshi says while brushes her cheek were trying to do pervert things on me! lovetan says blushing 
huh? what? when? sadshi asks 
just putted your hand on..sasshi blushes and interrupts  "sorry,sorry,sorry" 
sasshi goes to the corner of the room (as far as possible from lovetan) 
what are you doing? lovetan asks 
staying away from you,i don't want pervert a adorable and pretty girl like you! sasshi says blushing 
for lovetan those words melted her heart so she snuggled close to sasshi 
but what happen if my han slips? sasshi asks afraid
i'll slap you! lovetan says smiling
got it! sasshi says 
mayu couldn't sleep ..she was just staring yuki's back..she can't help that her hand rubs yuki's back slowly then to her hair..
mayu didn't know but yuki was also up.. 
mayu gets closer to yuki's face and murmures "should i let you go?" while leans to kiss her cheek ...
yuki feels mayu's kiss and also what it seemed a tear,she couldn't resist anymore she had to do something..
yuki turned around still sleeping and wrapped her arm around mayu's waist 
now mayu was facing a sleepy yuki ..mayu gave her another kiss on her forhead and murmured "I LOVE U" 
then mayu finally could sleep and also yuki...
*The next day*
mayu woke up ad notices that yuki wasn't by her side she went dowstairs..she heard yuki and her mom making breakfast..
mayu smiled and went to the bathroom...onece done mayu went downstairs to breakfast with everyone 
good morning! mayu says 
good morning mayu chan! yuki says 
good morning sweetheart! her mom and dad says
mayu sits and starts eating her breakfast..
(5 min eating)
it was delicious! yuki says rubbing her belly then gets up and goes to the room to look for her purse 
mayu also goes to the room..she sees yuki looking for something,she figured what yuki was looking for..mayu picked yuki's purse last night and putted in her bookcase..
mayu walks to the bookcase and takes the purse..
looking for something yuki chan? mayu says smiling
yuki turns around and sees mayu with her purse "yes mayu chan can you give me my purse? yuki says while walks closer to mayu and tries to take the purse!
ah, ah ,ah! mayu says an puts the purse behind her
mayu chan give me my purse i gotta go to work! yuki says 
mmm not yet! mayu says smirking 
yuki tries to take the purse again but failed the cyborg girl was faster 
yuki tries again but this time mayu stole a short but pleasurable kiss 
yuki blinked.. she never those were mayu intentions
mayu was smirking while yuki sighed and left the room..
sorry if is too short i'm tired!! 

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