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Author Topic: Come's Amazing Imagination: 48 Colors of Life - Prologue (29-05-2014)  (Read 2737 times)

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Decided to start a new fic. This one might be a little different than I usually write, and I hope it goes well...

Sorry for my English mistakes~~

"Come close..." said a voice.

I looked around to see who was speaking to me. But all I saw was a bush with a single flower blooming on it.

"See the flower there? Observe it." said the voice again. I honestly don't follow anyone's order that easily, but this time I can't deny any of it.

The flower had multiple colors on it. Any colors that you can think off were in there and arranged nicely, making it such an elegant multicolored flower in my eyes.

"Count the petals." said the voice again.

I counted the petals, I finished my counting at the number 48.

"You are chosen to experience the 48 colors of life. We have taken all your memories for now and you will gain them as you start this journey."

"What journey are you talking about?" I yelled around. "Where am I? What did you do to me??"

"In your past life, you are a sad being, my dear. This is your second chance to regain the means to live, in a different way from you were before. Your past memories, we will safe it for now and returned it to you as the journey goes.."

"What do you me-" my voice was cut off by sudden images in my eyes. I see an incoming car from the front, a girl screaming beside me, and the blinding lights coming closer, and....

I slumped down and clutched my head that hurts slightly. I heard a chuckle.

"Your memories started coming back, eh..? Then I guess you should start your journey then."

"Who are you..?" I asked the voice weakly.

"It's not important who am I now." said the voice. "But I think you'll thank me one day when we meet again."

"Fine." I stood up. "I want my memories back and I have to do this journey to gain them?"

"That's correct."

"How do I start?"

"Start by sniffing the flower."

I felt a slight smell filling my nostrils as I edged my face closer to that flower. It quickly filled my lungs somehow and made me gagged on it. Then all the sudden, the world just blacked out in front of me..


Where am I..?

I can't remember anything at all...

I opened my eyes and saw blinding lights. I pinched my eyes and saw many people in front of my eyes and all of them are girls around my age.

"This is our new member. She surpassed a special audition held in overseas, and now she will become one of you with a special situation."

"What kind of special situations?" asked a girl with short figure.

"She will be assigned to any teams and any sister groups of our family. So I expect everyone to treat her kindly."

A girl then approached me. She was about as tall as I am and she threw a cat-ish looking smile.

"Hello, I'm Matsui Jurina of SKE48 and AKB48. Welcome to our family!"


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Alright a new fanfic! Guessing the main might be Rena.

Jurina's there, so is it AKB? Or SKE?

Eh? 48 colors? I wonder if you're really going to name all 48...

Looks interesting. Can't wait for Chapter 1! :heart:


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Come's Amazing Imagination: 48 Colors of Life - Prologue (29-05-2014)
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2014, 07:17:42 PM »
Interesting start to the fic.  It seems whoever the main character is might see the use of life
Random Thought:


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Wmatsui?!? Is that Rena?!?

Who is that mistery voice

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