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Author Topic: SIGH (WMatsui OS) - COMPLETED  (Read 1522 times)

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Wmatsui Fanfic
It is my first fanfic im sorry if there is many mistakes because english wasn't my basic language

It won't stop my sighing it's the nth time why i have to become like this?, i don't know what the reason behind my sigh. It's pointless, isn't it. I understand,sorry
Just breathing is pointless isn't  it ?.   
 Turn into happines already geez.
 I'm tired of this. Just how long this has been going on?   

Even though it's not fun at all, i was just senselessly, senselessly searching for the cause of my sighs.   

"Look like it's going to rain" i say to myself. I Sat up from the swing in the playground near my apartment
I walk to my apartment still sighing i look up at the sky just hoping i can get a answer behind my sigh all this time, until im already in front of my apartment.

I open the door. Sigh i dont know why i always feel someone is missing
I tried to figure it out but i can't recall anything. I live alone at my apartment       
I want to go to bed early, i change my clothes and going to brush my teeth.
I look myself at the mirror
"You look so pitiful"                       
I say to myself at the mirror.


I sat at my bed thinking alone   
Until someone call me 
She suddenly appeared in front of me
She looked very similar to someone.   
A bit cheeky and short, this angel
She hold my hand and says this to me                                   
"give me your sighs, because i will replace them with happiness".
Standing still, a "please" spilled from my mouth.                 
She smile at me and my sighs she replaces them with happiness they're common, small happinesses, Tiny happinesses that i had forgotten.
My sighs we're buried under a smile   

Every time a smile returns to me, she and a memory are linked. And then that time appeared i recall a memory with her 2years ago.


"Rena-chan let's play at the playground"
she say pull me with her to the playground.                             
Matsui jurina the person i love the most.
"I don't want to "                       
i say to her, then she stop pull me and stare at me with those puppy eye
"Please reeee~naaa-chan"     
She says cutely to me, geez how can you resist this cute puppy.
"Ok how can i resist you"
She hold my hand and smile to me, we walk together i smile every time i see our intertwined hands until i dont know that we're already at the playground near my apartment           
"We are here rena-chan" she say happily. We sat at a swing and chatted hapilly until we feel a raindrop
"Jurina let's go back it's going to rain" i said to her
"Yes let's go back" she run and i follow her at behind until the traffic light changed to a red suddenly, a truck come out of nowhere and struck her as her screamed. Your scent, now     mingled with sprayed blood choked me.
"JURINA!!!!" i run to her and hug her
"Jurina please wake up, jurina" i cry really hard

She was on the bed. She would not wake up, i realized.
Her cold hand, i... held onto it tightly, and breathed out. I can't stop my tears. She was going far away and, so that it wouldn't be even a little bit lonely, desperately i tried to warm her up desperately, i breathed out

Flashback End     

 I crying after remember that memory.
"You remember huh? What you were doing was not 'sighing'."
You were trying to warm me up you backhuged me a gentle, gentle wind
"Sorry for being late. Finally, i could come and return the favor. No more sighing now, come on raise your head"

When i came to my senses, the angle was gone.
I wiped my tears, and smiled

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Omg y so sad D;

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*sigh* (⌣́_⌣̀) you made me do it eventually. It's hurt ... ('́╭╮'̀ )
Nice fic btw (∩_∩)

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I love sad endings


Good job

(GOD, you really can see that despite saying I love them I am devastated.... My poor Rena-sama losing her precious puppy... oTL )

But I am an angst lover, thus really, good job  :)

*when no one looks at her*

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