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Author Topic: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)  (Read 44183 times)

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Re: I Just Fall In Love Again Part THREE (08/15)
« Reply #100 on: August 17, 2012, 01:06:09 AM »
 :dizzy: I died....because at first of the cab incident ( Like oh no this maybe will not turn out good because Yukirin was dreaming)
but then I loled so hard when we had a Yuko cameo  :rofl: 
"Rena?" someone suddenly spoke, making the said girl look to the direction where the voice had come from.

When she did, she saw her senpai, Oshima Yuko, holding the door open with her hand and staring at her with wide eyes. Realizing what kind of scene the older actress thought both of them were doing, she leaned away from Yukirin and started waving one of her hands frantically as she tried hard to explain the situation, still making sure that the older raven would fall to the ground.

"I-It's not what you think!" she cried frantically, watching the shocked expression change into a smirk.

And then I almost died of blood loss  :yep:
But then might died of Rena-chan crying
And then died of blood loss again and then actually died of a great RenaYuki fic...

Oh um how many times did I die LoL

Thank you for your update!
Great fic!
ArigatoU! :kneelbow:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: I Just Fall In Love Again Part THREE (08/15)
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Ahahaahahahaha~ ah Rena-chaaan~

Thank Muwi-san!


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Re: I Just Fall In Love Again Part THREE (08/15)
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I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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The Day I Confess
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@Megumi: AH! Don't die on me! If Megumi-san dies, then I don't know if I'll update the fic she wants me to update. (so which one do you want me to update next? :hee: ) :kneelbow: Thank you so much for the comment, Megumi-san.

@kurogumi: No problem, Kurogumi-san. :hee:

@Wmatsui22: Hmm~ :glasses: A GekiBlack, eh? Maybe I'll try to write one? Maybe...  :err:
And no. You're not imposing at all. Please do tell me what you think. I'll try my best to fulfill your request about the Atsumina one-shot. :hee: I've been feeling the love for them more these days. *sighs* I just wish that I fell in love with those two before I heard of Acchan's annoucement. I'll try my best! :mon beam:

A/N: Ah... Another short fic from me. Since a certain friend requested this, I've decided to try my luck once more for this pairing. Hope you guys like it. :hee:


A girl with long black hair bit her lower lip, trying hard to keep her heart intact to her chest as she walked up closer to a slightly wide white cubicle where a certain raven-haired sat down, with her eyes staring intently on the computer screen in front of her.

"I can do this." she continuously voiced inside her head, slowly nearing the cubicle with wobbly legs that wanted to turn her body around and run away.

Game programmer of SKE Incorporation, Furukawa Airi aka Airin, was currently on a mission to go and talk with one of her co-workers to ask her if she would like to do the project they were both given in her house. Unfortunately for Airin, Rena was someone whom she was having an extremely hard time talking to, even on casual occassions.

It wasn't that she had a problem in speaking to others. It's just that...whenever she was somewhere near a certain girl named Matsui Rena, whether it may be in the meeting room or restroom, the words that she had managed to form up inside her mind would always turn into a gurgling mess.

Not only that, she would always somehow end up making a complete fool of herself by either tripping on a smooth surface or running into walls. In conclusion? Whenever the raven-haired looked at her way or was around, she would always make sure to end up looking like a complete klutz.

However, no matter how much she would make a fool of herself in front of others with the raven-haired in sight, she didn't hate it. In fact, she would gladly trip a hundred times if it means getting Matsui Rena to look at her with those perfectly brown-coloured eyes.

Weird, isn't it?

Now thinking about it, Furukawa Airi has been dubbed as the Weird Queen in the incorporation. And even the girl herself agreed to it, finding it extremely hard to deny the fact when the evidences would always be spoken to her. So, that would be considered... normal?

"But I'd like it if she sees me as someone who she could depend on." she sighed, lowering her head as she stopped by the corner of the white cubicle.

After all, Airin wanted nothing but to look 'cool' in front of Rena, like how Kuwabara Mizuki and Matsui Jurina always seemed to look like whenever they were around girls. Those two would always be able to make girls swoon and blush at their witty remarks that they were able to come up without using any much needed effort, or looking like a fool.

"Why can't I be like them?!" she cried out in her head, slightly upset that all her efforts in trying to look normal in front of Rena always fails.

She sighed.

Ever since she found out that she had a huge crush on the raven, all of her clumsy and dorky movements became a show that everyone enjoyed watching. The way she would mumble out incoherent words whenever Rena accidentally touches her arm, or the way she would start spacing out with the girl right in front of her.

It was actually pretty hilarious to watch, and even the girl herself agrees to it. However, being hilarious was not what she wanted to be all the time. She wants to look serious, cool~ (like how Jurina and Mizuki would pronounce it), and someone who Rena could depend on any time.

And that was the very reason as to why she was right there by the raven-haired's cubicle, chewing her lips like there was no tomorrow, and feeling the butterflies in her stomach flutter their wings as fast as a hummingbird's.

"Maybe, I should go tomorrow instead. She looks pretty engrossed in her work now, and I just might be disturbing her." Airin thought to herself as she watched Rena busily typing at the keyboard like a machine gun. "Yeah! I should just go-"


The said girl stopped in the midway of turning around, freezing and posing like a statue that was ready to start running off. Her eyes grew wide from the shock of having her nickname called out by the girl, while she suddenly forgot how to breath.

Her back was facing the girl she was having the trouble conversing with, completely forgetting that she was on a mission to have a 'normal' conversation with the raven. And just from hearing Rena say her nickname seemed to have a huge effect on her, which was making her heart and skip several beats.

Right now, just the thought of having the raven's eyes staring at her back, made her feel woozy. Her vision started to blur from the lack of air, and her legs were starting to turn into jelly. The butterflies in her stomach were also fluttering their wings so fast that if it was only possible, Airin would be floating in mid-air.

"Is... there something wrong, Airin?" Rena asked, stopping her work instantly when the older girl remained her silence.

Biting her lower lip, the said girl tried to let out a word to let Rena know that there was in fact, nothing wrong. But to her dismay, her mouth refused to let out a sound as her lips suddenly found themselves shut tight with an invisible lock.

"Airin?" Rena called out again, making Airin close her eyes as she tried to calm her heart down.

Turning, she tried to form a smile whilst stammering a greeting. "H-he..."

"Damn it!" she mentally cursed. "Stop stuttering, Airin!"

"He-hey." she said, giving a slightly awkward wave of the hand to the raven, who stared at her with a brow raised.

Rena replied back, sounding a bit unsure."Hey, back at you?"

"C-could you wait a minute?" The shorter girl asked, suddenly straightening her back before turning her whole body to face the girl properly.


"Thanks." Airin said, instantly turning her whole body around and walking off.

When she was several meters away from the cubicle where Rena works at, Airin walked by the corner and leaned her head against the wall with her front body facing it. Continuously hitting her head on the poor wall, she started thumping her hands at it as well.

"You idiot!" she cried. "That was your chance, and you ruined it by chickening out!"

Stopping her attacks on the poor wall, she sighed and covered her face. She let out a small whimper as her fingers touched the sore spot she had made contact with the wall and sighed once more, before sliding down the wall with her back against it.

Leaning her head in between the space made by her knees, she started thinking of the possible sentences she could have said, and the wonderful conversation they could have had if she hadn't chickened out at the last minute.

"I'm so stupid." she mumbled to herself, looking slightly up from her knees as she flicked a small crumpled paper she found by her feet.

"Hey, why are you so depressed?"

A voice had suddenly come out of nowhere, though it didn't surprise the girl as she instantly found it familiar. Sighing, she looked up and found Takayanagi Akane staring at her with brows raised, and crossed arms over her chest.

"Nothing." she mumbled, returning her gaze back to the floor where her fingers started pulling some loose strings from the carpet.

"Hmm~" the girl addicted to birds hummed, before jumping to Airin's side and sitting along with her.

"Does it have something to do with a certain someone's love interest?"


"I'll take that as a 'yes' then." Akane said, titling her head to the side as she stared at the girl whose energy seemed to be have sucked out by some unknown force.

It was rare to see the older girl so down, especially when she was known as one of the most energetic people in the building. She would always be able to lift a person's mood up, no matter how bad their day has been, or the problems that they have been facing.

Wanting to somehow lift the girl's spirits up as a way to repay her, Akane began forming a plan that hopes would help in making Airin's lips form one of her smiles. She nudged the girl on the side with her elbow, and hummed.

"You know, you're exactly like Jurina." she said.

Airin's ears perked up, making her look up from the floor and focus her gaze on the girl beside her. "What?"

"Yeah," Akane said, giving a nod and slight chuckle before contiuning on. "I remember how she would stutter whenever she talked to me, and how clumsy she would be like."


Airin stared at the girl beside her with a dumbfounded expression written all over her face, showing how much disbelief she was currently having. Having Akane say that when Airin could perfectly see how well and slick Jurina would be when talking to girls, was kind of... impossible to believe.

"I can see that you don't believe me." Akane chuckled.

Airin nodded. "Yeah."

"Well, I don't blame you." the girl sighed, shrugging her shoulders as she did. "I mean, look at her now. She's practically sweeping girls off their feet with her smooth talk."


"Well, it's true." Akane sighed, combing through her silky black hair with her fingers as she continued on. "She's always been good in talking with other girls."

"However," Akane quickly added, "She used to be a stuttering mess when we talk."

"Used to?" Airin asked, tilting her head slightly to the side.

"Yep. She would always be flusterred and fidgety as if her body couldn't stay still on the same spot, and then she'd go sulk at the corner whenever I'd laugh at her."

Airin watched her friend laugh at the memories, never speaking a word though a smile was slowly forming on her face. Knowing how Akane was, it was no surprise that she would laugh, especially when it was her girlfriend whom she seems to find fun in teasing.

"I have a question though, Churi." the older girl said, interrupting Akane the moment her senses of concern started tingling.


"Why are you letting Jurina flirt so openly and casually with other girls?" Airin asked, a serious expression written all over her face. "Aren't you two together?"

Akane looked down on the ground, a sad smile formed by her cherry lips. She was slouching with her chin on top of her arms, which leaned against her knees for support. Her happy aura was no longer distinguishable, replaced by one that hinted of her unhappy feelings.

"Trying to keep someone socialable like Jurina from interacting with others is not that easy. Especially when girls swarm to her like how flies swarm to a poop."

Airin patted the girl on her back, feeling sorry for the the girl. Her friend never speaks of others in such a way or even compares them to such things, unless she was feeling really upset by their wrongdoings.

It would be great if the great flirt, Matsui Jurina, actually manage to stop her antics with the other co-workers, seeing as how Akane seemed to be growing less and less cheerful.

"Everything will turn out well for the better, Churi." Airin assured her, giving a smile that showed how much she meant it. "After all, you two are still together after three years."

Churi turned her gaze to the older girl and added, "Three years AND eleven months."

"Yes, three years and eleven months." Airin nodded, rubbing the girl's back.

Just then, Churi sighed irritably and frowned. "We've been going out for such a long time now!"

"Uh huh." Airin nodded in agreement once more, knowing perfectly well to just agree with whatever the younger girl would say in times like these.

Churi stood up and started flailing her arms as she cried at Airin."She flirts with girls so much, that it seems like we're not even dating!"

"I even doubt that she has even thought of marriage or any of the same sort!" she scoffed. "She hasn't even given me a ring for any of our monthsaries OR annivesaries!"

"C-Churi...can you please lower down your voice?" Airin asked, standing up next to her best friend, whose voice could practically be heard from the room where Rena and the others were working.

The younger girl merely ignored her friend's plea, and cried even louder. "To think that all of our dates, I was the one who would always buy things like matching bracelets or anklets!"

"But then what~?" Churi said, almost singing it as she let out another scoff of disbelief. "She forgets to wear them all the time!"


"Now thinking about it, I haven't seen her wear one during our dates!" The girl cried out in anger, stomping her feet hard to the ground as the bar for her irritation grew up immensely.

Airin could only watch the younger female stomp the ground with her foot several times to let out some steam, unsure on what to respond to her best friend. Normally at times like these, Churi would calm down after stomping her feet childishly to the poor ground.

But seeing how stomping does not seem to work, Airin knew at the very moment how she was really affected by everything, even though she used to say how Jurina's flirting games with the other girls doesn't make her jealous.

"Churi, calm down." Airin said to her best friend, stopping Churi's attack on the poor floor to the best of her abilities.

But to no avail, the girl's strength was far too much for her to handle, making her end up on the floor with her butt in contact with it after getting slightly pushed out of the way by Churi. Even though she knew that she would get hurt no less in the process of getting the younger girl to stop her attack, she stood up and tried once more to get Churi to calm down.

Hugging the girl from behind, she started to pat Churi's head like how she used to when they were kids, knowing how much it soothed the girl no matter how angry or irritated she was. Fortunately for her, it worked and instantly made the young girl realize how much her feet were starting to hurt.

However, it seems that fate wanted to play a trick on them, by letting the cause of Churi's attack on the floor to come by the corner where the two were currently at.

"Hey guys! What are you two doing?" Matsui Jurina greeted in all smiles, unable to read the atmosphere.

"O-oh hey...Jurina."

Airin greeted her best friend's girlfriend in return, a slightly forced smile on her face as she tried to tell the girl that it wasn't the time to be so cheerful. However, Jurina mistook the message that the older girl was trying to portray through her eyes.

Walking to where the two were currently standing, she widened her arms and hugged them both, squeezing them so tightly that Airin felt the pressure from her sides. Fortunately for her, Churi decided to break the hug by pushing Jurina away.

"You!" the second eldest girl cried. "Stay away from me!"


Jurina stared at her girlfriend with a clueless expression written all over her face, wondering why in the world she was pushed away by Churi, making her fall onto the ground with an audible thud. She was about to open her mouth to ask for the reason why, until Churi spoke first.

"I don't want to see you OR have you near me. So stay away from me!" she pointed a finger at the wide-eyed girl. "Understand?"

And with that, she stormed off, leaving a sweat-dropping Airin and a still-clueless Jurina to look at each other. The older girl helped the younger one in standing up, before giving a sigh as she looked at the direction where Churi stormed off to.

"Did someone make fun of her favourite bird again?" Jurina asked, dusting her clothes as she did. "She looks pretty pissed off."

"You have no idea, Jurina." Airin thought to herself as she gave another sigh.

Wanting to tell the girl the reason for Churi's anger, she opened her mouth as she placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. But it seems that fate was not being kind to them today, as Kuwabara Mizuki suddenly appeared out of nowhere and slung her arms around the two girl's necks.

"Hey, guys!" she greeted, tightening her hold on the two a bit.

Airin gasped and managed to get out of Mizuki's hold, making the girl turn her attention to the one who still remained in captive. Watching Mizuki laugh as she taunt Jurina for being unable to get out of her grasp like her, Airin smacked her forehead.

"Why does it seem like no one knows how to read the atmosphere around here?" she sighed.

Straightening out her shirt, Airin crossed her arms as she watched the two girls try to get each other into their own hold, wondering why and how in the world could two clueless girls flirt with people they like so easily.

"Hey, Airin." Mizuki suddenly spoke, noticing how the said girl merely stared at them instead of chuckling to herself like how she normally does when this type of scenery came upon her. "Something wrong?"

"What?" Airin asked, snapping out of her trance, before shaking her head as she replied."Ah, no. It's nothing."

Seeing the dazed expression on their friend's face, Jurina spoke up and asked. "Does it have something to do with Rena?"

"W-w-what?" Airin cried out, her eyes widening at the sound of her crush's name.

The two flirts smirked, knowing that they have totally caught the girl since she looked like a robber caught red-handed. Seeing the mischeivous glint in both of their eyes, Airin stomped her foot and cried that she was totally NOT thinking of anything related to her crush.

"You know, Airin..." Jurina said in a serious tone. "I don't think that you like Rena."

"What?" Airin and Mizuki asked in disbelief.

Jurina nodded and crossed her arms across her chest before continuing on, "I mean, you've been crushing on her for like how long? Six months?"

"And she hasn't even made any movements on the girl." Mizuki added, with a disappointed sigh.

Airin pouted at the two girls and mimicked the arm position that Jurina was doing. "Well, I apologize for being a chicken and not being a flirt like you two."

"Hey," Mizuki nudged Airin, before enveloping her into a hug. "Don't be so grumpy."

"I'm not grumpy."

"Like I said," Jurina sighed, pushing Mizuki away so that she could sling an arm around Airin's neck before pushing her to a spot where they could see Rena perfectly well without being discovered. "You aren't crushing on her."

"I think I can see Jurina's point, Airin." Mizuki sighed, looking at the same direction as the two.

Amongst the three, only one disagreed with the girl's statement. Furukawa Airi has been crushing on the same girl for at least six months, and never has she ever crushed on someone so passionately, except for those in the 2D world.

Seeing the cofused expression on the girl's face, Mizuki sighed. "You should try to ask her out sometime, and make your move."

"Yeah," Jurina agreed. "She's quite a catch. And who knows? Someone might just snatch her away from you."

"Do you want that?" the two girls asked Airin with a serious look on their faces.

The girl shook her head furiously and clenched her hands into tight fists as the mere thought of having Rena taken away from her, entered her mind. There was no way she would allow that! She'd even trade all of her collections in exchange for the raven, if that were to happen!

"So?" Jurina pointed at the direction where Rena sat, and pushed her. "Go charm her!"

Airin tried to go back to where she used to stand, afraid of going back to where the raven was working at. "B-b-but..."

"No buts, Furukawa!" Mizuki told her with a smack on the back.

Unable to go up against two of the most athletic girls in the building, Airin sighed and walked towards Rena's cubicle with wobbly legs. When she was a few more meters away, she looked back and saw the two girls giving her the thumbs-up.

Sighing, she started to think about the events that would happen if she failed to make a move on the girl she likes.


"I still don't get what you meant." Mizuki suddenly said to Jurina, who only sighed as she patted the girl on the back.

Airin had just gone off to go and do her impossible mission, but she has yet to understand what the younger girl had meant when she said that the older girl did not like Rena, even though she agreed and said that she got Jurina's point.

Sighing like she has been explaining the same thing over and over again for the tenth time, Jurina then pointed at Airin and replied, "Look at her."

"Does that look like a person who likes someone?"

Mizuki did look at Airin and stared at her for quite some time, before replying to Jurina with a tone that hinted the obvious thing. "Uhh...Yes?"

"No!" Jurina retorted, crossing her arms as she did. "That's a look of someone in LOVE!"

"What's your point? They're the same thing." Mizuki told her, rolling her eyes as she sarted staring back at Airin who remained looking the same as she did several months ago.

Shaking her head profusely, Jurina grabbed Mizuki by the shoulders tightly and began to shake her furiously. "A crush usually lasts for four months!"


"So~" Jurina musically spoke, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "If it lasts more than that, it means that they're in love!"

Mizuki sighed and scratched the back of her head, finally getting what Jurina had meant. "Okay? And your point is?"

"My point is that we should help Airin confess!"

Mizuki gave a laugh, as she patted the girl on the back. "That would be close to improbability."

"We should just help in making Rena fall for Airin," she shrugged, "So that it'll be her who confesses."

"NO!" Jurina cried, forming an 'X'-shape with her arms as she did. "Airin liked her first, so it should be her who confesses!"

"Fine. But that'll take like what... Four to five years?"

"It won't take that long, you know." Jurina told her with a pout. "You are seriously doubting our friend here, Mizuki."

The 'doubting' friend sighed whilst rolling her eyes, before pointing at where Airin was headed. "That girl has been crushing on your sister for like...six months, and today is just the day when she tries to talk to her."

"If it took her that long to try and make a move on her, then what about confessing her love?"

"Well, she's like me!" Jurina retorted, still not willing to give up or even doubt her friend's ability to confess to the one she loves. "So it'll also take her a few more pushes from here and there to get the confidence to confess!"

"Uh huh." Mizuki raised an eyebrow at her, whilst giving a smirk that Jurina wanted to wipe of instantly. "You two are exactly alike."

"Like the way you used to collapse whenever Churi talked to you. Or the way that you would fall down on a smooth surface whenever she looks at you. Yep~ You two are exactly alike." the older girl smirked.

Narrowing her eyes at her older friend, Jurina asked a question that didn't sound like one. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Hmm~?" Mizuki shrugged her shoulders in reply, before letting out a small laugh when Jurina started pouting like a cute little puppy. "Well, why don't we do this?"

"Let's make a bet." the older girl asked before giving a huge smile and a pair of thumbs-up to Airin, who was looking at them with a look that shows how much she wanted to run back to them.

Ignoring the look of help, Jurina did the same action as Mizuki and nodded in agreement. "Sure."

"Okay, then I bet that Airin will confess within a week."

Jurina snapped her head towards Mizuki and hit her on the arm hard, before crying at her. "That's not fair! Didn't you just doubt her ability to confess?"

"It's more interesting that way." The older girl replied, giving a shrug of the shoulders while she rubbed the sore spot.

"Fine." Jurina pouted and crossed her arms, knowing that once Mizuki had made up her mind on a certain thing, it'll take a whole lot of whining and pouting to get her to change it.

"I'll bet that she won't be able to confess then."

Unbeknowst to her, a plan has formed in Mizuki's head.  It was a plan so devious that it made the older girl cackle to herself internally, keeping a straight face on as she stared back at Jurina. Wanting to get the ball rolling, she then spoke.

"I suggest that we give a punishment to the one who loses the bet."

"A punishment, eh?" Jurina hummed, rubbing her hands as she gave the older girl a wicked smile. "Why not? It'll make things entertaining."

Seeing the mischeivous glint in Jurina's eyes made the older girl chuckle to herself, since the girl looked so excited in giving her the punishment, when she had no idea of the punishment that Mizuki has thought of.

"For your punishment, you'll have to go and wear all those loli dresses used in Majisuka for a day!" Jurina laughed evilly, making the older girl narrow her eyes at the said punishment.

"Ah, no!" Jurina suddenly snapped her fingers before pointing her finger at Mizuki, changing the punishment's time. "You have to wear them for a week!"

Looking at her older friend with a smug smile on her face, Jurina began to start counting down before the older girl would go against the punishment and change options with her. After all, it was Kuwabara Mizuki we're talking about here.

The girl who hates any clothing that had frill designs on them.

Unfortunately for her, her plan did not work as the older girl sighed and gave a mere shrug in response, showing that she has agreed with the terms, which pretty much surprised her a lot. To make Jurina's already-wide eyes even wider, Mizuki leaned in to whisper to the younger girls's ear, a wicked laugh escaping from her lips as she did.

"As for you, my dear friend...."


Airin held in her breath as the distance between her and Rena lessened with each small step that she took, never noticing that she has beaten Mizuki's and Jurina's record for holding their breaths. She took a huge gulp, and stopped right by the girl's cubicle.

"Come on, Airin." she mentally told herself, opening and closing her fists every now and then.

Her palms have started sweating off a bucket of water, proving just how much she was anxious in doing this mission of hers. The beating of her heart also seemed to have gone out of its rhythm, but that was ignored as the real concern sat in front of her.

"H-h-hey...Rena-san." she finally spoke up, after a minute or two of staring at the said raven anxiously.

Looking up, Rena hummed in question. "Hmm?"

"W-wo-would..." Airin gulped before continuing, squeaking the next few words. "Would y-you like to g-go do th-the project t-t-t-to-"

"To?" Rena raised a brow at her, leaning her chin on the lower side of her palm as she waited for the girl to continue her speech.

Rubbing her hands against her skirt, Airin began gripping at it as her nervousness slowly started taking over her. She knew that even if she looked back, she'd just see her two good friends giving her the thumbs-up, althought they'd probably be wanting to smack their faces with how 'well' she was doing.

"Umm...Airin?" Rena suddenly spoke up, startling the said girl and making her flinch.

Staring at the younger girl with wide eyes, she squeaked. "H-Hai?"

"Can we do the project at your house?"

"H-h-hai?" Airin blinked her eyes at the raven, wondering if she just heard Rena asking whether they could go to HER house.

Scratching the back of her neck, the younger girl smiled bashfully and looked at Airin with an expression that slightly shows her shyness. "I actually wanted to ask if you wanted to work at my apartment."

"But then, I accidentally misplaced my keys somewhere."

She's so cute!

Trying hard not to jump on the girl and pinch her cheeks for being so adorable, Airin cleared her throat and asked. "Why doesn't Rena-san ask for Jurina's extra key?"

Fidgeting on the chair she was currently sitting on, Rena began to fiddle with her fingers as she explained. "Jurina hasn't been living with me ever since she and Akane got together."

"And I don't want to intrude on the two, when they do...." the raven bit her lower lip as a blush crept onto her face. "stuff every now and then."

"How can she be so cute?!" Airin squealed internally, grabbing onto her skirt even harder as the temptation to hug the embarrassed girl.

However, the moment the younger girl started rubbing her hot cheeks and let out an embarrassed whimper from the thought of her sister and friend's...activities, Airin lost control of herself and grabbed the raven's hands tightly.

"Rena-san can stay at my house as long as she wants!"

"Thank you Jurina and Akane!" Airin thought to herself, immediately letting go of the raven's hands the moment she realized what she was doing.

Not noticing the bright red color the older girl had all over her face, Rena started fiddling with her fingers once more. "B-but I don't want to impose on you."

Shaking her head profusely, Airin grabbed the younger girl's hands once more and stared at her with a serious expression on her face, wanting Rena to know that she would always be welcome to her apartment.

"I like Rena-san a lot, so I would absolutely love it if Rena-san stays with me forever!" she blurted out, forgetting the fact that they were both in an office.

The only thing that made her remember everything, was when the younger girl blinked her eyes several times as she repeated a word that instantly brought Airin back to her senses. "L-like?"

Airin immediately released Rena's hands, and started shaking her head as she tried her best to explain that she had meant it in a way that she only treats the raven as a friend and nothing more. Unfortunately for her, the clear and well-formed sentences she had thought of in her head ended up as a gurgling mess the moment she tried to speak them out.

She looked away from Rena's eyes, too embarrassed to even maintain any eye contact. However, when she thought that she would have been saved from the intent gaze she was receiving, she then noticed how everyone in the room was staring at her.

Most of them had a smile on their faces, making the already-embarrassed girl blush more, even though she had no idea why some of her co-workers were giving her the thumbs-up. What the game programmer was complete unaware of, was the fact that everyone in the entire building knew of the liking she has for the raven.

Because of the creepy stares that everyone was currently giving to her, Airin kept on trying to avoid Rena's gaze. It may sound weird, but she somehow feels more comfortable in focusing her gaze at thirty or more employees, rather than locking eyes with the raven who could simply make her melt in less a second.

"Are you sure, Airin?" Rena asked her, noticing how the girl's eyes would divert from one place to another.

"I'm definitely sure, Rena-san."

The said girl only nodded her head in reply, completely sure about the decision that she had made. After all, it would mean that she get closer to the younger girl. She could also learn more about her, and even find out if she stand a chance.


"Please make yourself at home, Rena-san." The older girl said as she opened the door widely enough for the both of them to enter at the same time.

Rena smiled at her. "Sorry for intruding."

Once she was sure that the younger girl has none of her things left outside, she closed the door gently and started taking off her shoes. The other girl started doing the same and was about to put her own shoes next to the shoe rack, when Airin suddenly took them off her hands before handing a pair of soft and comfy slippers.

"H-here." she said as she placed the raven's shoes next to her own.

Rena smiled at her kind gesture and took the offered slippers, wearing them and chuckling the moment she noticed the designs. The slippers offered to her was a frog in the color of light pink. It's eyes would jiggle whenever she would move, making a small jingling sound.

"What about Airin?" Rena asked, tilting her head to the side as she waited for the older girl to step up onto the wooden floor.

Airin smiled at her and took out her own pair of frog slippers, this time with the mixed colors of blue and green. She slipped her feet into them and blushed, feeling embarrassed about having the raven wear such slippers.

"Ah~ They're so cute!" Rena squealed, shaking her feet in order to hear the jingling sounds.

Grabbing the older girl's hand, she smiled. "Don't we look like a couple?"

Airin's eyes widened and her face instantly turned beet-root red, heating up along with her body as she suddenly felt her insides melting. The girl's statement caused her mind to turn blank, making her mouth let out incoherent words as she tried to deny what Rena had said.

"Just kidding~!" Rena giggled, letting go of Airin's burning hand as she poked her on the forehead gently. "You're so fun to tease, Airin!"

"Mou, Rena-san!" the older girl cried, covering her face with the both of her hands as she felt her face glowing bright red.

Rena only smiled and patted her on the head, before taking hold of her luggage and pulling it towards her even more. Seeing this, Airin took the two suitcases away from her. Before Rena could even make her protest, the older girl pulled the slightly heavy luggage to the apartment's living room.

"I could have done it myself, Airin." Rena pouted at her.

Airin only beamed at her. "Rena-san's my guest, so I should do my best to make her feel at ease."

"At ease, eh~?" the younger girl hummed, before pinning the smaller girl to the couch and leaning her face towards Airin a bit, leaving only a bit of space between them.

"Then..." Airin gulped as she waited for the raven to continue on talking in a seductive...voice?!

"Can you please get me some water?"

Airin stared at Rena dazily, still trying to let her brain process in what the raven had just spoken to her. Her brain was having a hard time, since it had just undergo through a meltdown the moment the younger girl moved her face close to Airin's.

"Wait..." Airin's eyes widened the moment Rena's expression changed. "Don't tell me..."

"Ahahahahaha!" the younger girl laughed, leaning away from the still-shocked Airin with her hands on her tummy. "You should have seen your face, Airin!"


To Be Continued...

A/N: Oh look! I finally managed to post the first part of this RenAirin shot! As usual, it's not a one-shot. *sigh* I really do want to apologize for that. One-shots are just one of my weaknesses.
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Re: The Day I Confess (08/23)
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OMG! Airin so cute! be brave Airin!!  :rofl:

Jurichuri!! Ju is a pimp! she should worry more for akane!

Rena and Airin in the same apartment! jojojoj   :kekeke:

I love this fic, is very funny!  :yossi:

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Re: The Day I Confess (08/23)
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RenaAirin &JurinaChuri!  :ptam-glow:

Okey after dropping at the doctor and get some more blood transfusion I'm back again  :ptam-ok:

But *squeal RenaAirin fic by karomuwi kyaaaaa!  :ptam-glow:

Airin is so cute! stuttering and all and Rena being a tease  XD 

Poor Churi and Jurina being a pimp  :(

Hrrm actually which ever fic you update is fine because I like them all (oh I'm such a greedy person)  :mon sweat:
but I would be really really happy if you updated "The Day I Confess" because embarrassed Airin is too cute!

Thank you for your update karomuwi-chan

ArígatoU! :kneelbow:

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Re: The Day I Confess (08/23)
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I love Jurichuri and Renairin *o*
please update soon!

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Re: The Day I Confess (08/23)
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great job! I really enjoy reading this! This is the first time I enjoy reading RenAirin this much, since I ship WMatsui it's kinds hard to digest RenAirin..

But really, this fanfic is great! JuriChuri here is so cute!

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Re: The Day I Confess (08/23)
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RenAirin and JuriChuri..
Sure I'll buy it  :thumbsup

Please update soon  :D

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Re: The Day I Confess (08/23)
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Airin is so cute~
WOW Yuki/Rena scene!!!

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Re: The Day I Confess (08/23)
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This was amazing, I'm waiting for continuation!!!
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Re: The Day I Confess (08/23)
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too good too good!  :panic: :twothumbs

totally speechless :O loving it! the best! omg im dying from happiness!!
love you lots karo-chan!!! my renairin is so perfect LOLOLOL
keep the love coming!


now im going back to assignmenting D:
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The Day I Confess [Trailer of Part Two] (08/27)
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A/N: Today's a sad day. A very sad day indeed, because all AKB48 fans have lost an important person. A person who stood strong all these years despite the hurtful sayings and such she received from people, turning those into determination to make everyone happy and proud of her. The word lost that I have written above is actually not the right word to use, since we, the loyal fans of AKB48, will never lose Maeda Atsuko.
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Some or most of you might be devastated with the latest shuffle, because so am I. However, let us think positively and continue to love and support our oshimens as well as the members who will continue AKB48. I do apologize for writing those despite everyone knowing that. I just want to write out my feelings since I have been practically going insane after hearing that some will be transferring to another sister group.

And now, to present to you guys a small present... Here's a short and not-so-fluffy trailer of The Day I Confess Part TWO. I wanted to write the whole update today, but after receiving a huge blow from the troll Aki-P, it may be delayed. Sorry for the blabbering. :kneelbow:

Trailer of Part Two

"Airin~" the raven's voice broke through the silence gaining the attention of the said girl, who had managed to keep her gaze away from the owner of the voice for at least one hour.

Though tempted to look in the direction of the raven, Airin kept her eyes focused on the book in front of her, trying hard to ignore the look that she could feel Rena was giving to her, which was getting harder and harder for her.

She had her back facing the younger girl, pretending to read the book about programming, something that she had read for a least a thousand times before. Her face remained its blank look; not letting any other expression to replace it.

"Airin~" the raven repeated once more, tugging on the sleeves of the older girl. "I'm sorry, okay?"
"Please don't ignore me."

Airin clenched the book even harder, trying her best to keep herself from squealing right there and now. Though showing a cold and snobbish expression at the moment, she was jumping and shouting out the word 'cute' inside her mind.

"Airin~" the raven pouted cutely, which was perfectly seen by the older girl, who has been staring at her from the corner of her eyes. "Forgive me~?"

Letting out a defeated sigh, the older girl closed her book. "I wasn't ignoring you."

"I was merely enjoying the book I was reading, Rena." she let out a small chuckle as the younger girl gave a beaming smile at her, before snuggling into her arms.

Airin gave a small sigh to herself as she started thinking about how lucky she was to have had the courage to ask the younger girl whether she wanted to do the project at her place. Smiling to herself, she tightened the hug on Rena and nuzzled her face into the younger girl's locks, letting the scent of cherries and strawberries fill her nose.

"I love you, Airin." Rena suddenly said, looking up at her with those brown orbs that the older girl love so much.

Smiling warmly, Airin stroked her hair and hummed out a response. "I love you too, Rena."

End of Trailer

@Souju: hahaha, Airin must be as smooth as Jurina and Mizuki, but not as pimp as Juri! Thank you for loving it, I'll try to update the rest as fast as I can.

@Megumi: Hahaha, don't go and lose more blood, Megumi-san! You might get sick, you know! And since you want me to write the next update before the rest, here's a trailer for you. Just a small gift from me. haha

@Sara-chan: I'll try my best, Sara-san! :mon beam:

@Kamen Knight: :glasses: Hard to digest RenAirin...Hmm~ Maybe you'll learn to digest it after reading several more great RenAirin fics from this forum. I myself, ship W Matsui. It was the very first pair I shipped, so I'm still a bit biased about it. :sweat: I'm trying to like other pairings, but I will always make sure that W Matsui is at the top of my pairs. I mean, it's not hard to do so! Those two are just so cute together! So to have Kamen-san say that this fic is great, is actually a great compliment. Thank you. :kneelbow:

@masokun: Thank you. I'll try to update soon. :hee:

@kahem: Thank you. That was actually my first time in writing such a scene. :luvluv1:  :sweat:

@sakura_drop: Thank you, Sakura-san! I'll do my best!

@Pandah: Ah~ Don't die just yet, Pan-chan! You have to finish reading the rest for it! :hiakhiakhiak: And assigments... :shifty: I wish that I can coughassassinatecough it. :hiakhiakhiak:
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: The Day I Confess Trailer (08/27)
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AW~ I'm dying at Airin cuteness~

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Re: The Day I Confess Trailer (08/27)
« Reply #114 on: September 02, 2012, 11:11:26 AM »
 :OMG: Oh my god how did I click thanks when I haven't read the 2nd trailer????

 :mon slapself: *slapping myself
Such a teaser... can't wait for the long update karo-chan
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The Day I Confess Part Two(09/30)
« Reply #115 on: September 30, 2012, 07:41:42 AM »
@kahem: Cute Airin is cute, ne~? :hee:

@Megumi: ahahaha, thanks for pressing the button. :hiakhiakhiak:
Ahem... As for the long update, this one's a bit...short. :kneelbow: I'm sorry!

The Day I Confess Part Two

"Airin~" the raven's voice broke through the silence gaining the attention of the said girl, who had managed to keep her gaze away from the owner of the voice for at least one hour.

Though tempted to look in the direction of the raven, Airin kept her eyes focused on the book in front of her, trying hard to ignore the look that she could feel Rena was giving to her, which was getting harder and harder for her.

She had her back facing the younger girl, pretending to read the book about programming, something that she had read for a least a thousand times before. Her face remained its blank look; not letting any other expression to replace it.

"Airin~" the raven repeated once more, tugging on the sleeves of the older girl. "I'm sorry, okay?"

"Please don't ignore me."

Airin clenched the book even harder, trying her best to keep herself from squealing right there and now. Though showing a cold and snobbish expression at the moment, she was jumping and shouting out the word 'cute' inside her mind.

"Airin~" the raven pouted cutely, which was perfectly seen by the older girl, who has been staring at her from the corner of her eyes. "Forgive me~?"

Letting out a defeated sigh, the older girl closed her book. "I wasn't ignoring you."

"I was merely enjoying the book I was reading, Rena." she let out a small chuckle as the younger girl gave a beaming smile at her, before snuggling into her arms.

Airin gave a small sigh to herself as she started thinking about how lucky she was to have had the courage to ask the younger girl whether she wanted to do the project at her place. Smiling to herself, she tightened the hug on Rena and nuzzled her face into the younger girl's locks, letting the scent of cherries and strawberries fill her nose.

"I love you, Airin." Rena suddenly said, looking up at her with those brown orbs that the older girl love so much.

Smiling warmly, Airin stroked her hair and hummed out a response. "I love you too, Rena."

The younger raven gave a bright smile before going back to snuggling into Airin's warm embrace, making the older girl smile into her hair. The two of them stayed like that until the day ended, with Airin smiling happily as she has finally gotten herself to confess her liking for the younger girl.

If only that will happen.

Everything that seemed to have happened was just an illusion that Airin herself have been dreaming about for the past one hour. Nothing like that had happened, and that made the girl sigh in disappointment the moment she snapped out of her daydreaming.

In her illusion, she was able to call the younger girl without any honorifics; something that she was unable to do so in real life despite knowing the raven for at least six months. She was also able to control herself from making a fool of herself, like squealing about how cute the younger girl was acting.

"Besides, Rena-san can't possibly say that she loves me." she sighed, feeling depressed as she thought about how different her dream was from real life.

And it wasn't her who was ignoring Rena. To say the truth, it was her who was being ignored at the very moment. The younger girl was so busy in typing at the laptop that she had placed on top of Airin's desk; seeming to have no interest in making a conversation at the moment.

Not a word has left her mouth ever since they went up to Airin's bedroom to start on the programming, which started a few hours ago after the teasing she had received from the younger girl. Sighing, she then pouted.

"It's too quiet." Airin thought as she laid herself on her bed, placing the book near to her head as she stared at the raven typing furiously on the laptop.

It was too quiet for her liking, making her feel bored and lazy in continuing the project they were given. Pouting to herself even more, she started wondering where did the teasing and playful Rena went to the moment the two of them went to the room.

She was in such a great mood to tease the older girl, so where has that side of hers gone off to? She was also asking for water a moment before Airin had realized that she was being teased, but the raven's thirst seemed to have been forgotten in an instant.

Airin sighed to herself, leaning to her side and letting her head rest on one of her palms as she started to watch the younger girl hammer her fingers on the poor keyboard, totally immersed in doing her work.

"Why can't I stop using honorifics with her?" she groaned internally, letting her head fall back down to the bed as she clutched her hair in frustration. "Argh! I'm so frustrated!"

She has practically known the younger girl for several months, yet she can't even call her without using any honorifics. She was able to call the other workers using their nicknames or first name, so what in the world happens when she tries to do the same to Rena?

"This just proves how unreal my dream was." she mumbled with her head covered by a pillow she held over her face.

As the older girl continued to groan and moan to herself about how she was incapable of such things, the girl typing on the keyboard without stopping and mercy was completely engrossed in her work to even let the noise bother her.

All the words and groaning that left Airin's mouth would go into one of her ears, before going out to the other. It was something that she was scolded of most of the time during her early childhood, but proves to be of a great help in times like these.

Which was a fortunate thing for Airin.

If Rena were to ever allow the mumbling and grumbling, that managed to escape from Airin's mouth, be processed in her mind, Airin was sure that she would instantly turn into the same color as a dark red tomato.

But then, staying in the room without having any conversation between them was kind of deafening. She groaned, covering her face with a pillow as she attempted to have a nap. However, the pillow was thrown away as soon as it was taken, and Airin sat straight up.

"Rena-san?" she called the raven's name, who only hummed in question and response. "Uhh... Nothing."

She looked away as she bit her lower lip, her confidence in starting a normal conversation slowly started to crumble. The same way it normally would whenever she attempts to speak without making a fool of herself.

"I want to talk with you." Airin thought out the words she planned on speaking, contemplating every now and then whether it would make her sound stupid. "What can I do?"

She sighed mentally, burying her face into her crossed arms. "What's the point?"

"I can't even speak without stuttering." she groaned, before letting out a smile as she cried the moment an idea came into her mind.

Without any hesitation, she spoke. "Would you like to play a game?"

"Uh huh." Rena nodded, not really paying any attention to whatever the older girl was saying at the moment. "Sure."

"Okay!" Airin smiled, clasping her hands together. "Let's play your favourite word game then!"

"You start first." she said happily to the busy girl.

Unknowingly muttering the words she was typing, Rena spoke out some incoherent words. This made the smile on Airin's face to slowly wrinkle as she scrunched her nose, whilst she started thinking about any possible word that means that same thing.

"Uhh..." she let out an awkward laugh as several minutes passed.

Scratching the back of her head, she smiled sheepishly at the girl. "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this."

"Huh?" Rena turned to her, her attention suddenly caught the moment she heard the older girl speak out an apology out of the blue.

Airin ignored the confused expression written on the raven's face, standing up as she started heading towards the door. She felt extremely embarrassed since she was the one who asked the other girl to start playing a game with her, only to be unable to even continue it the moment it had started.

"Are you hungry?" she asked as she turned around to face the raven, who has finally looked away from the screen ever since she started on her work. "Do you want something to eat?"

"Anything's fine, Airin." The raven replied with a gentle smile, before turning back to the screen once more and letting her attention be taken away by it.

Airin asked. "Are you sure, Rena-san?"

"Since you're offering, can I have a glass of water?" The typing girl asked back.

Airin smiled at her and nodded her head, replying a 'yes' before going out of the bedroom. Walking in the hallways, she started humming to herself, proud of being able to ask and start a conversation without being a stuttering mess.

"Now...." she said to herself as she skipped several steps in order to get into the kitchen quickly. "Time to get Rena-san some water."

"Ah..." her voice trailed off as she opened the fridge after getting a glass. "I forgot that the water jars are with Churi."

"And I still haven't paid the landlord for the rent!" she cried.

She moaned to herself. "Where will I get water for Rena-san?"


"Umm...I..." she started, hiding behind the door as she stared at the figure sitting in front of her. "I...don't have water."

Rena responded with a mere hum, not really letting Airin figure out whether she was irritated or just fine with that fact. "Hmm."

"Please take your eyes off the moniter." The older girl thought to herself, pouting as she continued standing by the door whilst watching the raven type furiously at the keyboard. "Rena-san, just look at me."

"Umm..." Airin started out, getting an idea to come into her mind all of a sudden after a few minutes passed her by. "Do you like Airin?"

"Hmm." Rena responded once more with a simple hum, making Airin smile to herself as she started thanking the heavens for the opportunity to finally confess about her admiration for the younger girl.

"That's good." Airin started out, plopping herself onto the bed before she continued on. "Because I also like Rena-san."

"What did you say?" The raven suddenly turned around, stretching her arms up as weariness started catching up to her all of the sudden.

Airin's face instantly turned red, her eyes widening she started gaping her mouth open and close. "I-I-I..."

"I didn't quite catch what you were saying, Airin." Rena told her with a gentle smile, before moitioning for her to go and repeat what she had spoken a few seconds ago.

With eyes darting left and right, Airin started fidgeting, feeling the burn of Rena's gaze on her. "I-I..."

"I said that I like my Okaasan!" she lied, hiding her face as soon as the words left her mouth, trying to hide whatever expression she had at the moment.

Her ears had turned pink, showing her great embarrassment in almost getting found out about her true feelings. She started thinking to herself about the possible things that Rena would say to her, or probably think; which were pretty much negative.

"I like my Okaasan as well, Airin." Rena smiled, not really getting why the older girl suddenly said that all of a sudden, but deciding to go along with the flow.

Airin sighed, feeling a bit relieved as the younger girl turned back to her work. "Ahh~ My throat is dry and I can't speak!"


"What to do?" she thought as she bit her lower lip. "I was trying to be honest towards you, Rena-san."

"But it's as scary as ever." she groaned, sinking to the ground and letting her arms envelop her legs into a hug. "I want to convey my feelings."

"But it's so hard." she moaned into her arms, allowing them to muffle her groan and words she let out an exasperated sigh a second later.

Looking up, she stared at the younger girl's back, admiring the view and figure from where she sat. "Why is it so hard?"

Standing up, she flopped herself to her bed, covering her face with a pillow before letting out a groan. As usual, the raven was too busy in typing to even let the girl's muffled groans and moaning be processed by her brain.


"So?" two pairs of arms slung themselves around the unsuspecting victim, startling her and making the papers she had in her hands to drop to the ground.

Airin pressed her hand to her chest, trying to calm it somehow with the gesture as she stared at the two smiling figures beside her. "You guys scared me!"

"So?" the two girls ignored her pout and hugged even closer towards them, bringing her to a corner before letting go of her and staring at her with eager expressions on their faces. "What happened on your first night?"

"N-nothing happened!" Airin cried, blushing deep red as she turned her head to the side whilst covering her heating face with her hands. "I didn't even manage to continue a conversation!"

Looking dejected, the two let out a sigh. "Oh, that's just sad."

"You're actually weak, huh?" Jurina said to her as she removed her arm from the older girl's shoulders, clicking her tongue after she had done so.

Mizuki nodded and removed her hold as well, patting the black-haired on the head as she gave a pitiful look at her. "We understand, Airin."

"I just can't believe that she hasn't made her move yet." Mizuki sighed, shrugging her shoulders as she talked to Jurina.

Jurina nodded her head and crossed her arms, clicking her tongue once more. "Airin should just go and confess."

"Pin her up the wall." the youngest of the three said whilst facing the wall.

Slamming her palms on the wall, she began to stare intensely at the wall whilst doing the very same things that she was saying out loud. "Lean in closer to her and blow at her ear."

"Say...'I love you, Rena-chan.' and close your eyes as you lean in closer... and closer... until your faces comes so close to the point that your lips are touching." Jurina breathed out, closing her eyes as she narrated and leaned in closer to the wall.

"Jurina, you hentai!" Someone suddenly cried, startling Airin and Mizuki all of a sudden.

They were leaning closer and closer to Jurina, trying hard to listen to whatever the young girl was saying with an such intensity. The voice had snapped them out of the trance that Jurina had over them, making their heads turn to whoever it was who shouted and threw a water bottle at the back of Jurina's head.

"Churi?" the two girls said in unison, startled to see the young girl's girlfriend looking upset.

Churi ignored them and walked up to where Jurina was standing, before pointing an accusing finger at her. "How dare you fantasize about your older sister like that!"

"Wha-what?" Jurina blinked several times, looking quite surprised that she has been hit and accused of imagining such indecent things with her older sister. "Chu-Churi, I-"

"I don't want to hear your excuses!" Churi snapped at her, before stomping off to the other side of the room.

Shouting at the top of her lungs, she turned around glared at Jurina. "I hate you, Jurina!"

With that, she continued stomping off and left the three startled girls to envelop in the blanket of silence. They remained in that position for a while, until Mizuki finally broke out of their new-found trance.

"O...kay." she trailed off, turning to the two girls with a disbelieving smile. "That was...quite a misunderstanding."

"Did she just hit me with my water bottle?" Jurina asked the two older girls, continuously blinking her eyes to try and check if she wasn't dreaming.

Nodding their heads, the two girls replied. "Yes, she did."

"You know, you should go and assure your girlfriend that you weren't fantasizing about your own sister." Airin told Jurina.

Adding, Mizuki said. "And that Rena's already taken by Airin."

"She's not taken by me!" Airin cried, blushing deep red.

Jurina only laughed and gave a dismissive wave, replying nonchalantly. "Don't worry, I'll assure her that I'm only interested in her."

"How are you going to do that?" Airin asked.

Wiggling her eyebrows, Jurina replied. "I'm going to make it up to her tonight. I'm going to-"

"Okay, eww." Mizuki interrupted her, placing a finger by her lips. "I don't want to know what you're gonna do with Churi."

"Fine." Jurina laughed, sticking out her tongue at the older girl before turning to Airin. "But when are you going to make a move on my sister?"

"And how are you going to do it?" Mizuki asked, crossing her arms.

Jurina nudged the girl and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Why don't you use the technique I just did before-"

"NO!" Airin cried firmly, holding her arms up in a way that she had made an 'X' with them.

Shaking her head vigorously, she cried once more. "No way!"

"I don't want to pin her up the wall and seem like I'm sex-crazed!"

"Hey!" Jurina cried, pouting as she looked away. "I'm not sex-crazed!"

"Whatever!" Airin said, looking down as she started fiddling with her fingers nervously.

"I-I just want to confess normally."

"Uh... Airin?" Jurina raised a brow at her, grabbing her by the shoulders. "You'll lose to Kashiwagi Yun if you do that!"

"That guy has more charm than you, you know. In fact, he can probably make her fall for him in an instant if he wasn't with Mayuyu and tried to court her, unlike how you're doing." Jurina added, making Mizuki smack her at the back of the head.

"You're not supposed to be discouraging her!" the older girl growled, sending a small glare.

Jurina rubbed the back of her head and pouted. "But I'm only telling the truth!"

"Anyway!" Mizuki snapped her gaze back to Airin, pointing a finger at her and speaking seriously. "You now have Rena living with you under the same roof, so it's time for you to actually make a move on her!"

"Yeah! Just-"

Mizuki slapped Jurina on the back of her head once more, interrupting her before she could utter out any more of her ridiculous ideas, knowing perfectly well what they would be. "Stop it, Jurina!"

"If Airin starts becoming like you, Rena will end up like Churi!" she added.

Jurina pouted and crossed her arms. "I was only trying to help, you know."

"Well, being an animal in heat won't help her."

Jurina smacked Mizuki on the shoulder. "Hey!"

"Look, guys." Airin sighed. "I appreciate all the help you two are giving, but I don't really want to ruin our friendship."

Mizuki and Jurina looked at each other, raising a brow before turning to the third girl as they crossed their arms whilst asking the same question in unison. "So, you're fine with just being friends with her?"


Mizuki sighed, scratching the back of her head. "Well, if that's what you want."

"Just come to us if my sister gets into a relationship." Jurina told her with a warm smile on her face. "We'll be right here for you, along with some tissues."


Airin gave a curt nod at the two and turned around, leaving them to get back to on the work she has with Rena. When she was out of earshot and sight, Jurina crossed her arms and turned to the older girl, a smug smirk on her face.

"Looks like I've won." Jurina told her.

Mizuki turned her head to the younger girl and shook her head, giving a smirk in return. "The game's just beginning, my young friend."

With that, she turned on her heels and left the girl to wonder about what her co-worker would do. She gave a low hum and smiled to herself, shaking her head as she started thinking to herself about how she could easily win this game of theirs without even putting any effort.

"Hentai!" Churi suddenly appeared and threw her shoe box at her unsuspecting girlfriend, catching her off-guard and hitting the back of her head.

Jurina rubbed the sore spot and turned, just to see her girlfriend stomping her way off to the other direction. "Ow."

"What's her problem?" she said, sighing as she watched the girl's figure get further away from her.

"Remember, Jurina." Jurina suddenly heard Mizuki's voice in her mind. "If I win, you'll have to do this."

"Ugh." she groaned.

Clicking her tongue, she sighed and started scratching the back of still-sore head. She bit the soft part of her lip and groaned once more, wondering why her friend had to give her that punishment. She can't do that.

Not when Churi's mad at her.


A/N: Well, that has been the second part of the request. It's a bit short than what I've expected to udpate, but it's been a long time since I've posted the first part. So here's the second. I'll try to finish the rest of the fic on my third update, or maybe just keep on updating quick, short ones to make it up to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this~! (^ . ^)/

P.S: Try to guess what the dare is~ *evil laugh*
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Re: The Day I Confess Trailer (09/30)
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I was waiting for this fanfic  :ding:
I think Airin should show courage
and she should confess her feelings to rena-san  :pleeease:
and I think Rena have to should pay more attention to Airin  :shy2:

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Re: The Day I Confess (09/30)
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 :rofl: everything was an illusion from Airins side?
Aww poor Airin getting ignored...
 :lol: Churi randomly plopping up and threw stuff on Jurina while screming HEntai

Can't wait for next update...
Hrrm I wonder what kind of deal Mizuki&Jurina made for the loser.

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Just finished reading the second part of the day I confess and I loved it!~
I thought Churi was funny XD
I really enjoy your writing style ~ and cant wait for the next part :D

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Gifts and Wraps (10/08)
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@Sara-chan: Ah~ Thank you so much for waiting for this! :hee: And I think that every RenAirin fan wants shy Airin to at least be confident and take the lead. Thank you for commenting!

@Megumi: Hahaha, that was fun to imagine in my head. I hope that you were able to laugh at that. ^^ And you already know about the punishment that Jurina wanted for Mizuki. The only thing that remains unknown is the dare tha Mizuki wanted her to do. *evil laugh*

@TakaNyan: Oh, thank you so much~! :luvluv1: And thank you

Gifts And Wraps

"Remember to go and have the gift wrapped up." the old woman's voice was heard clearly over the phone.

Nodding her head to no one in particular, she uttered a word of understanding and flipped the phone close before putting it back inside the inner pocket of her bag. She started mumbling to herself, asking why does she have to go and have the gift wrapped up.

Maeda Atsuko never really understood the reason why people preferred to have their gifts wrapped up. Wasn't it the same thing as having it covered or placed inside a brown bag or something? What was so special in gift wraps?

Stomping her feet as she walked towards the escalator to get to the floor where the department section was located at, she grumbled. "It's such a hassle."

Well, wasn't it?

After all, you have to go and be sure that the gift wrapper you're choosing, will be a pleasant view to the eyes of the one you're giving it to. To waste your time in choosing such a minor thing... It's kind of tedious, especially for someone as busy as her.

Letting out a sigh, she got off the elavator and went inside of the department store. Her head turned to the left and right as she tried to search for the free gift wrapping section her grandmother told her to go to.

When she was unable to find it, she walked towards one of the counters and asked. The woman at the counter smiled at her and pointed at the direction to her left, before telling her that the said section was located further in the art materials section..

"Thank you." she replied back with a smile, before walking off to the direction given to her.

As she walked nearer and nearer towards the art materials, a blue sign hanging from the ceiling was seen. The words 'Free Gift Wrapping' were written on it, and a white arrow was pointing at the direction to her left.

Following the arrow with her eyes, she let out a sigh as she caught a glimpse of a woman with her head down, busily wrapping a gift. She started walking towards the woman and took out her phone the moment she felt it vibrating inside of her bag.


"Grandma, don't worry." Her grandmother's reminding tone about having the gift wrapped out once more, made her sigh in exasperation. "I'm already at the counter to get it wrapped up."

Not wanting to hear more of her grandmother's nagging tone, Atsuko flipped her phone close and placed it back into her bag, taking out the gift from the plastic bag that she had been holding, before placing it on the surface of the counter.

Watching her from the back of the counter was a shorter woman, who had an amused expression on her face. She had been standing behind the counter for quite some time now, giving her the chance to witness the amusing conversation between Atsuko and her grandmother.

When Atsuko finally looked up from the gift, she was greeted by the shorter woman's warm smile. Their gazes locked with each other, and Atsuko suddenly felt as if she had been enlightened. For a lomg while there, the black-haired found herself mesmerized as she stared back into those brown orbs.

"I'm Takahashi Minami, and I shall be helping you." The woman suddenly spoke, snapping Atsuko out of her trance and making her look away with a tint of pink on her cheeks. "So, which of these gift wraps would you like me to use?"

Atsuko quickly laid her gaze upon the long line of displayed gift wraps, contemplating once in a while when she would come across a well-designed one. Seeing that she was having a hard time in choosing, she began to suggest some designs that were usually chosen.

After quite some time of contemplating, Atsuko finally made her decision and chose a gift wrap that had pink ribbons on a white background as its design. The same gift wrap that Minami had recommended to her.

"Please come again, Atsuko-san." Minami told her as she bid her farewell.

Atsuko gave a smile to her and nodded her head, uttering some words of thanks before disappearing from Minami's line of sight as she went down the escalator. As she waited to reach the first floor, she turned her head back in the same direction as that she had come from.

Placing a hand on her chest, she smiled. "I'll definitely come back."

Though it may sound cliche, Atsuko found herself taking a huge liking towards the older girl. Minami had been as helpful as she could be in offering some suggestions, which pretty much led to some random topics that started their conversations, causing them to sometimes forget what they were supposed to be doing.

In fact, if Atsuko could put it in anyway, she would pretty much say that she felt comfortable at the shorter girl's side. Which actually means a lot, since Maeda Atsuko can only name a few people whom she feels at ease with.

"Takahashi Minami, huh?" she wondered out loud, smiling to herself as she found the girl's name rolling off her tongue quite nicely.

Walking out of the department store, she muttered to herself happily. "Maybe we could be friends."


Several days have passed since that fateful day, and Atsuko couldn't help but feel happy whenever she would accidentally meet up with the girl, like that one certain time when she was supposed to go and accompany her friend Miichan to buy a gift for her cousin.

That day ended up with Miichan leaving for home earlier than expected, and Atsuko spent the entire day with the shorter girl, knowing that she would have to try and make up to her best friend that night.

She may have to try and act Miichan's wife for an entire week due to that, but on the other hand, she was able to learn more of what Minami hated and loved. The two of them became closer day by day, ever since they exchanged numbers with each other, sending more than fifty mails a day to the other.

Atsuko's friends also began to notice some changes in their black-haired, shy friend. The way she would talk to them became more frequent, though it would mostly be about Takahashi Minami and anything related to her.

But then, since the girl had slowly began to open up with her feelings, everyone else felt that maybe it wouldn't hurt to try and at least listen to her drone on about her new great friend. Besides, she would often accompany them whenever they needed something, especially when it was something related to buying a present.

Though acting like they had no clue, everyone perfectly knew that the main reason she would go and help them buy a present, would be to go and meet Minami. This continued for some quite time, until everyone began to notice something change even more in Atsuko.

The same pokerface expression on her face has completely been replaced by a different one. A look that most of them had come to know. A look that they thought they would never see again after witnessing one of Atsuko's dark past. A look of...

Someone in love.

The look of someone in love was completely evident in the girl's facial expressions, as well as her actions that would follow suit. This was proven the moment they witnessed Atsuko receiving a message from a certain Minami, who then began to smile and jump around the room.

Everyone smiled at this, but a cold expression came into each of their faces when a certain Oshima Yuko pondered out to herself. Being one of Atsuko's most trusted friends and the closest to her, Yuko has been worrying for the black-haired.

They knew that Atsuko was completely in love with Minami, and if that wasn't apparently obvious enough with the way her face would brighten up despite going through a bad day, then they would definitely be unfit to be called as Atsuko's best friends.

The only problem was...

Are their feelings mutual?

This thought kept on circling around each of their minds, driving them nearly to the point of insanity as they began to reminisce about the way Minami acted around their best friend. Most of the time, they would remember the way how the short girl would be caring and kind towards their best friend.

They would smile to themselves as they discussed about how cute Minami and Atsuko were whenever the short girl would act almost like the man in the relationship. But those smiles would then be followed by a frown or an exasperated sigh when they would remember about how Minami would turn down one of Atsuko's advances.

Speaking of which, they had never witnessed Minami ever reciprocating their best friend's feelings once.

Not even in a small way.

"Maybe she's just dense?" Haruna told them, when she saw a scowl appear on each of her friends' faces.

Yuko let out an exasperated sigh, leaning her chin atop the brunette's knee. "But she would probably be the most dense person I've ever met, if she's actually unaware of Acchan's feelings."

"No one can be THAT stupid." Mariko said as she narrowed her eyes at the picture on the coffee table in the middle of the Atsuko's room.

The picture was showing Atsuko and Minami linking hands, with Mount Fuji as their background. The two girls looked so happy and contented with the way they were, and everyone smiled when they noticed the huge smile that their friend had on her face.

It took quite some time for them to decide not to interfere in anything, since all were afraid of the bad outcome that they might have to come across. But then, all their worrying seemed to have been all for naught, since Atsuko told them that Minami had confessed to her, that very same day.

A year passed, and soon it was Atusko's and Minami's anniversary. While everyone was sitting around in a circle inside the living room of Atsuko's apartment, the two lovers were caught in one of their hugging sessions.

"We should really go back to the others." Minami smiled at her, tucking in a strand of hair behind the girl's ear.

Atsuko sighed and nuzzled even more into her girlfriend's arms, taking in the sweet scent of Minami's shampoo. "Let's just stay here for a few more minutes."

"That's what you said three minutes ago." Minami chuckled, but decided to go along with her girlfriend's wish.

The two of them stayed in that position, until a familiar voice coming from the living room startled them. "Will you just stop making out in the kitchen and bring us the drinks?"

"We weren't making out!" Minami cried back as she peered out of the door, an evident shade of red could be found on her face.

Atsuko heard Miichan let out an exasperated sigh, before replying back. "Whatever! Just get back here with our drinks!"

Minami sighed at their friend's impatience, only to chuckle as she came to the realization that they have, in fact, been staying inside the kitchen for more than fifteen minutes. Atsuko handed her the different cans of juice, before grabbing several glasses for everyone to use.

"We should have spent the day together alone." Minami told her with an exasperated sigh.

Atsuko let out a small chuckle. "We should have escaped off to some place quiet then."

"You shouldn't have invited them on our anniversary." Minami pouted at her. "We could have spent it tomorrow with them."

Giving a quick on the older girl's lips, Atsuko winked at her. "Don't worry, I'll make it up to you tonight."

"You better." Minami grumbled, before walking out of the kitchen.

Atsuko shook her head, letting out a small chuckle at the way her girlfriend walked out of the room with a sulky look on her face, before following her into the living room, only to be greeted with a pillow suddenly getting thrown at her and the glasses.

Thankfully for her, her instincts helped her dodge it and the tray of glasses that she was holding managed to remain intact to her hands. Giving a questioning look at Yuko, she slowly placed the tray onto the table in the middle of the room.

"What's going on?" she asked, taking a seat next to her girlfriend.

"Nothing." Haruna sighed as she started leaning on the pillow that she had placed on Yuko's face. "Yuko was just being, Yuko."

"Mmmphfff!" Yuko let out a muffled cry, making the brunette lift up her arm as the short girl began to wave her hands around her. "Nyan Nyan!"

Throwing the pillow far away from her face, Yuko cried at her girlfriend. "I almost died!"

"Such a shame she didn't continue." Mariko muttered, making everyone else laugh.

Yuko glared at her and stuck out her tongue. "Meanie!"

"Forget about her!" Miichan said, pushing the older girl to the side as she looked excitedly at Minami. "Just let her open your present!"

"Yeah!" Yuko nodded her head.

Standing up from where she sat, Minami walked to where her bag was and started rummaging through its contents. "Fine."

"What do you think her gift will be, Acchan?" Haruna asked.

Atsuko looked to where Minami was still searching for the gift, before letting a smile come across her facial features as she gave a shrug. "I don't have any clue."

"Do you think that it'll be another ring, like the one from your birthday?" Yuko asked in a whisper, careful not to let the older girl hear.

Atsuko laughed at the memory that played in her mind, and shook her head when she saw Minami take out a rectangular-shaped present. "I don't think that it'll be another ring candy."

"Happy Anniversary, Atsuko." Minami told her, handing her the gift as she sat back down beside her girlfriend.

Taking the gift from her girlfriend's hands, she smiled and gave a quick kiss to the girl's lips. "Thank you, Minami."

"Hurry up and open it!" Yuko and Miichan urged. "We wanna see what it is!"

Doing as what her friends had requested, Atsuko started unwrapping her gift. As she did, she could feel everyone's staring intently at her, making her feel a bit uncomfortable. Wanting to make the silence disappear, she began to tear through the present.

"It's not a certificate, huh?" Mariko muttered, an obvious hint of disappointment could be heard in her voice.

Minami looked at the older girl with a questioning gaze. "A certificate?"

"Just thought that you'd give her a certificate that states about her being the perfect girlfriend or something." Mariko told her, giving a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders.

Haruna nodded her head. "Yeah, I thought so too."

"Hey, what's that supposed to be, Takamidget?" Yuko asked, pointing at the now-unwrapped present that Atsuko have in her hands.

Minami smiled and stood up, taking the gift from he girlfriend's hands. "It's my gift."

"Duh~" Miichan rolled her eyes, crossing her arm. "We can all see that!"

"We're just wondering why in the world is there another gift wrapper inside Acchan's present." Yuko told her, almost in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

Minami ignored the older girl and looked at her girlfriend with a smile on her face. "Atsuko."

"Ever since I've met you, I began to feel contented. I used to think that I would never be able to get that certain magical love story that I've always been dreaming of ever since I was a child. But thanks to you..."

"...I was able to experience that." she said.

Looking at the gift wrap she had folded carefully, she continued on. "I know that giving you another ring candy would be out of the question, since some certain Oshima Yuko would accidentally think of it as a candy."

"I want you to know just how thankful I am for meeting you. Because of my part-time job, I was able to meet the girl of my dreams. I know that I've disappointed you with this gift, but I want you to know that I treasure this more than ever."

"Happy Anniversary, Atsuko." Minami said, giving back the folded gift wrap to her girlfriend, who only took it into her hands with a blank expression on her face.

Seeing this, Yuko frowned. "What the heck, Bakamina?!"

"Why did you give her a gift wrap as an anniversary gift?" she cried at the younger girl.

Miichan nodded her head and sighed, shaking her head as she clicked he tongue. "I'm completely disappointed in you, Takamina."

"I've got to admit, you suck at giving gifts." Haruna told the shorter girl bluntly.

Miichan sighed. "And here I'd thought that she'd at least propose."

Minami could only lower her head down, feeling completley dejected. She had thought that they'd give her a pat on the back this time, considering how she had given much thought for this anniversary gift.

"I'm sorry, Atsuko." she said.

When she received no answer, she looked up, only to be greeted by a sight of a crying Atsuko. Minami looked at her in surprise, completely taken aback that he girlfriend had several trails of tears on her face.

"A-Atsuko?" she spoke, unsure on how to comfort the crying girl.

All of a sudden, Atsuko lunged at her and hugged her tightly. "Minami!"

"I'm so happy right now!" she cried, making everyone look at her in surprise.


"I can't believe that you still remembered the gift wrap!" Atsuko said, still continuing in letting her tears fall down from her eyes.

Everyone turned to look at each other. "What's going on?"

"Minami..." Atsuko released the older girl from the tight hug, and looked at her with love in her eyes. "You still remembered what wrapper you used when we first met."

"I love you so much, Minami!" she cried, before hugging the girl once more.

Yuko and Miichan could only stare at the two lovers with a look of disbelief on their faces. "EH?!"

"She liked it?!" Yuko cried, turning to her girlfriend. "But it's just a gift wrap!"

Haruna sighed and gave a smack on the shorter girl's head. "She liked it because Takamina remembered how they first met."

"To add to that, she was able to remember what wrapper she used, considering just how many wrappers she had come across ever since then." Mariko told the two still-shocked girls, before adding. "Cheesy and goosebump-raising as it may seem, Acchan loves it."

Haruna frowned at her short girlfriend and gave a hard flick on the forehead. "Why can't you be like Takamina?"

"Ow!" Yuko cried.

Haruna exhaled some air from her nose and looked away, crossing her arms. "Despite being a Suberi and Corny Queen, she's completely better than you!"

"All you think of is having skinship with me!" Haruna cried as she stood up, before making her way next to Miichan and Mariko.

Yuko stood up and went to where her girlfriend sat, tugging on her sleeves as she began to promise about being unable to live a day without her skinship. Haruna only ignored her, making Mariko and Miichan sigh to themselves as they began to listen to Yuko's constant whining.

As this scene was going on, Minami and Atsuko remained the same, ignoring all the noise in the room. They were snuggled to each other, with Atsuko's face buried in her girlfriend's neck. Minami would squeak every now and then whenever the younger girl breathed out into her sensitive neck.

"This is all your fault, Bakamina!" Yuko cried at the girl, only to be ignored.


A/N: Well, that has been the one-shot Wmatsui22. It's my first time in writing any fics that concerned the heavenly couple Atsumina, so I'm really sorry if this isn't to your liking. But I hope that you did. :byebye: :mon bye:
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Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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