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Author Topic: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11  (Read 3580 times)

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Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
« on: November 07, 2011, 04:16:33 PM »
Another Random plot on my head yeaaahhh

Chapter 1

A God is not exactly immortal. A God is not entirely perfect. Even a heavenly being have their flaws. And because of those flaws, death was made possible to them. Without the people knowing, over twenty Gods has existed and died already. Be it a reckless one, a generous one or one with great skills and mind. All of them died and was, in no time, replaced by another heavenly being.

At first, it was a must for the God to be a man- But eventually, just like how angels and demons used to live together peacefully in the past- such tradition was broken. Ever since the 13th selected “God”, to see a female taking the role of a God has turned into a normal scene. And up to this date, the standing “God”, the one who was the most “powerful” above all, was a female.


“Takahashi Minami… Why…?” The tall female who seated down on a golden thrown sighed deeply as she ran her own hands on her face. She covered them for a moment or two before pinching the bridge of her nose.

She looked down at the figure kneeling down in front of her soon after- with those sympathetic, hurt eyes. She didn’t want this scene to stay any longer- to see her once a close friend kneeling down in front of her, head bowed down with tears running down from her cheek. It was like a nightmare gone true. “Minami, it’s okay…” She spoke in a softer tone this time while standing up from her throne. Walking down to the female, she knelt down on her right knee with her hand extended to her. “Stand up. You don’t have to bow.” She added.

The girl kneeling down shook her head in response- making the figure before her frown. With a sharp breath in, the girl finally spoke. “My Lord, I’m really sorry for what I have done- for these feelings which shouldn’t have existed- for realizing something that I shouldn’t have… But… But Lord I- I love her. And I can never bring myself into saying that I don’t. Because I know that these feelings are true, and I know that all of the acts I have done by far are the things I will never regret.” She bit her lower lip as she came into a short pause. “I know that falling in love to a Demon is against the rules, but whatever you wish to give me as a punishment will never change these feelings of mine… I’m sorry, My Lord… I’m… I’m so sorry, Sayaka…”

The other female groaned inwardly as soon as she heard that word.

After a few times of encountering it, she couldn’t help herself from hating it.

That word, which continuously forced her into watching her friends like this- that word which was supposed to be sweet, yet at the same time, was bounded with so much thorn.

That world which was spelt as Love.

“First, it was Yuki who broke this kind of rule and fell in love with a human. And now, you, one of the greatest angels I have ever met, fell for a demon…Why… Why, Minami? Why must you all break this rule?”

Or rather, why must this rule exist… Sayaka bit her lower lip.

Minami simply shook her head as she wiped the few tears which fell down earlier with her hand, smiling up to her friend soon after. “Sayaka, you don’t need a reason to fall inlove…” she whispered to her before cupping the tall female’s cheeks with her hands. Slowly, she moved her forehead against the other’s, her eyes closed as she did so. “I’m sure that you will come to understand soon. But for now, I know that what I have done is the greatest sin above all… So, my Lord, please give me my punishment.”

Akimoto Sayaka, or more known as the current God, nodded her head a little before standing up. Looking down at Takahashi Minami one more time, the God finally parted her lips, “Takahashi Minami. For breaking one of the biggest rule here in our kingdom… You shall be ripped off from your title as an angel, and will be sent to earth as an ordinary human.”

The ‘Angel’ bowed her head a little before turning up to the ‘God’ once again. “Then I accept my punishment wholly- But before that… Sayaka, I have something to ask you.”

“Ask away.” Sayaka blinked. It wasn’t everyday that Minami would ask her a question- in fact, such a thing was rare for her.

Waiting for her answer, Sayaka kept quiet as she observed Minami clear her throat nervously.

“Won’t you come to earth with me? And see for yourself why love makes us break the rules...”


The Demon world, as thought by the people, is filled with evil- hot and most of all, covered with sufferings. But what do they know? In reality, it was more like a place where most of the residence were lax- a world where everyone cared of nothing at all, and surprisingly peaceful. The only bad part of it was it was hot there.

It’s because people sticks to figure too much that the demons were all seen as an evil entity, and it’s because of that, that the Devil was also hated by so much people- ones who didn’t know about their true nature, that is.

In fact, one could almost say that the Demon world was nothing but a place filled with mischievous residents. Just that. But fires crawling around the place? Spiders? Black rats? No such thing exists there- well, maybe a few, but it wasn’t covered with them at the very least.

Just like heaven, even the Devil himself has faced death, and as a result, he was immediately replaced with another candidate. And to this very day, the current person standing in as the Devil was a female- though she was mostly seen by everyone else as a male thanks to her appearance. What made them different from the heaven is the fact that their ruler must have a short hair, you see. And because of that, Miyazawa Sae was forced into cutting her hair short.

“Another one? Sheesh, how many of you are planning to rip Angels away from Heaven by getting in a relationship with them?” The male-like Devil rested her back on her chair while looking down at one of her ‘minion’, sighing quietly. “Should I be mad or should I BE mad?”

“Um… There’s not much of a choice there, really..” The said minion muttered quietly to herself- though it was still loud enough for the ‘Ikemen’ to hear.

“Exactly. But you know I can’t come to hate you all…” The Devil sighed, “Anyway, I still don’t get why that God up there in the heaven sends her Angels down to earth for such a minor thing… And to think that she turns them into a human as well too… When they die, they’ll be sent here! We’re over populated already for Pete’s sake! And I don’t even know who Pete is!”

“Err… I don’t think we’re over populated at all… You’re even lacking maids in you castle, Sae…”

Sae kept quiet for a short while, coughing a little before shifting a little in her seat. “A-Anyway, what am I supposed to do with you, Atsuko… Send you to earth as well so you can be lovey dovey with that Takahashi Minami? I don’t mind but… If I do that then I’m going to lose my ace here.”

The so-called “Ace” chuckled a little, making the male-like Devil stab a glare at her. She stopped immediately as soon as both of them made an eye contact and cleared her throat. “W-We-”

“Sae, Sae! Did you know?”  Another one from her ‘EBIL Minions’ called out as she ran inside the castle. The girl halted just a few feet from the devil and panted, breathing in deeply soon after as she tried to calm herself down. Both Atsuko and Sae simply stared at her blankly, “The God, you know, that Sayaka Akimoto? She’s planning to go down to earth and act like an ordinary human for a month!”

“And..? Why are you telling me this, Miichan?” Sae lifted her brow up. She couldn’t care less, really.

“And the reason why she’s going down there is to find out what’s so special about this thing called ‘Love’. Isn’t it kind of stupid? Laughable, right?” Minegishi Minami grinned.

Atsuko decided to jump in with a question in mind, raising her hand up a little as she opened her mouth to talk, “Miichan, do you know what made her think about doing such a thing?”

Miichan nodded her head a little. She then placed her index finger by her chin, her head shifting up a little as she did so, “Hm… If I remember it right, it’s because one of her friends- Takahashi Minami or something, suggested it to her. And then, she thought that it would be interesting and agreed. At least that’s what Y-”

“Wait, Takahashi Minami?” Sae cut in as she shifted her eyes to Atsuko for a second. “THAT Takahashi Minami?”

The Ace simply shrugged as she returned the Devil’s stare.

A Mischievous grin rose up from the Devil’s face soon after, making Atsuko and Miichan lift their brows up.

“I have an idea… Acchan, we’re going to earth. Let’s meet this ‘Boyfriend’ of yours and her God…” Her grin widened even more
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Re: Between Heaven and Hell
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Wuuusshhhh~~~ Another interesting plot from you~~  :on GJ:

Let see what's gonna happen next...  :hehehe:  I'm gonna keep following this fic, as long the main attraction for me  still the in the story...  :wahaha:

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell
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Oooh~ Quite interesting so far~  XD
I'm guessing this is Saeyaka ryt?  :?
 :thumbsup Please  :bow: keep continuing this~  XD
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 :inlove: Hehe.. Acchan is a devil  :twisted:
 :) :thumbsup Takamina and Acchan~  :heart: :inlove:

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell
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atsuko devil ><  :twisted:
SUGOI  waiting for the next update  :cow:
I'm not a pervert ,I just like skinship >///>

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell
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Yay!!! Angels, devils, God, Evil and AKB!!!!

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell
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SaeYaka... Boyfriend Takamina...  >xDDDX Oh dear, that joke never gets old LOLOLOLOL. This is a really interesting plot! I hope you continue it soon! Of course please do not forget of the complementary MaYuki (and maybe KojiYuu? xD)
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell
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nice...sound interesting!!! :)

I can't stop grinning the whole time I was reading this!!! :grin:

I hope you continue writing this!!!

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell
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@Flean: Don't worry, the two'll be one of the supporting characters here ;D

@arisa03: Are you Mad?! MaYuki and KojiYuu is... is...

IS ALWAYS WELCOME ON MY FICS! D: They'll appear soon, don't worry. xD

@blughise: xD Glad to see you like it.


I guess I'll explain why the weird title of this story- it's pretty simple, really... You see... In my brain...

Between Heaven and Hell = Earth


That's it. Now off to the story!  :cathappy:

Chapter 2

Sayaka heaved out a loud sigh as she prepared necessary things needed for the ‘Adventure’ she put herself into. In all actuality, she didn’t really have to do things such as pack some ‘ordinary’ clothing in a luggage; she could just make one out of thin air, after all. But they were going to earth- a world where the only power which existed there was intelligence, a world where so many restrictions were present. Were she to use her power there and get spotted, then without a doubt, the humans would start to panic. And she didn’t want to go as far as giving someone amnesia- aside from it’s kind of cruel, it was also tiring for her part… Even though she’s a God.

Being a God, a Ruler and a Lord, Sayaka would always be packed with things to do. In fact, she rarely receives a time to relax. Thankfully though, she knew someone who could take her position for the mean time as she spends her time on earth. Someone who was also a candidate for the said role; a female named Oshima Mai.

She was the type who looks as though she would fail at everything she does- but surprisingly enough, the girl was actually the total opposite. She had the brains, the skills and the wit to become a God… There was one thing that disappointed everyone who looked up to her though…

“Eh?! I have to be a temporary God while Sayaka leisure around the Earth!? No thank you.”

She despises the role of a God.

“But Mai, this is one of the greatest offers you could ever get!”

“Booo~ You don’t understand how I feel, Reina!” Oshima Mai sat up from the bed she was hogging herself into and threw a pillow on the former girl’s face, making her groan a little as she picked the pillow up for the spoiled candidate. “Being a God is like accepting the role of being a Salesman with nothing but paperworks, paperworks and paperworks! I’d rather stay here on my bed and sleep all day.” She dropped herself down on the bed again.

A sigh left Fujie Reina’s lips while she walked closer to Mai, placing the pillow down beside her as she sat down by the edge of the bed. “MaiMai, Sayaka’s depending on you, you know… You shouldn’t disappoint our God…”

“So what? She can go to earth for her ‘happy trip’? Good luck about that.” The older female buried her face on the pillow after pulling it closer. “I’m not accepting that ‘greatest offer’. And that’s final!” She puffed her cheeks a little.

“In that case, I won’t talk to you until you accept it. And that’s final.” Turning her back to Mai, Reina let out a ‘hmph’ and crossed her arms together, pressing her mouth shut while puckering it a little.

The two kept quiet for a while, with Mai keeping her face on the pillow (how can she breathe?) and Reina still crossing her arms together. A battle of ‘Silent Treatment’, as one would say.

Unable to keep in with the silence any longer, Oshima Mai slightly shifted her head to the side, her eyes immediately locking itself on the other female inside her room only to see her back turned to her. The older female sighed soon after and sighed quietly. She moved closer to Reina and sat down beside her, letting her head drop down on the younger female’s shoulder dully.

“If I die from the paperworks, you’re going to be blamed…”

A small smile rose up from Reina’s face, returning the older female’s action not long after by resting her head ontop of Mai’s.

“You won’t, don’t worry.”


“Alright, is everything packed-up already?” Sayaka asked to the air as she placed her hands on her waist and took a glance around her room. Seeing that there was nothing else for her to pack, she nodded to herself with a satisfied smile. “I’ll take that as a yes, then.” She said to herself again, picking up the huge backpack from the ground while dragging her luggage to where she and Takamina were supposed to meet up.

As soon as the tall female walked out from the castle, the first thing she saw was the midget’s ribbon- with the midget herself covered by her own backpack. A small grin rose up from the God’s features soon after as she quickened her pace, giving the said midget a huge slap on the back as soon as she was close- a very un-godly like act.

Takahashi Minami, or also known as Takamina, stumbled forward upon contact and hurriedly whipped her body around to face the tall God. She frowned at her greatly as soon as she saw the grin plastered on her face.

“Yo,” The said God greeted while raising her free hand up in the air. “Are you ready to go?”

“Mm. Did you make sure that you only gave MaiMai a quarter of your paperwork? She’s going to whine like a seal if you give her everything, you know. And there are still upcoming ones too, so don’t give her too much.”

“Don’t worry, I made sure that I appointed an Assistant who would, without a doubt, energize her if ever paperworks were to pile up on her.” Sayaka winked while lifting up her thumb, quietly looking around her soon after to see if somebody saw her un-godly like act. Thankfully, they were the only people there. “So, let’s go?”

Takamina nodded with a small smile on her face. “Let’s go…”


Sitting down on a bench in a carefree manner and with sunglasses on her eyes, Miyazawa Sae crossed her legs, her right arm resting itself along the bench’s backrest while Maeda Atsuko sat down beside her- in other people’s point of view, they would have looked like a couple- if it weren’t for Sae’s obviously for women’s polo shirt.

“Sae, are you sure that they’re going to come down on this place? The world is filled with different lands, you know… The chance of them passing by in front of us is… Close to two percent.” Atsuko frowned a little as she scanned around the park in search for a certain midget, only to find nothing but kids running here and there and tossing balls around.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry~” Sae waved her hand in front of her dismissively, placing it back on the bench’s back rest soon after. “They’ll be here soon.”

“Are you sure that we’re really in Japan and not in any other country, Takamina?”

The Devil immediately pulled her sunglasses off and grinned as soon as she heard a voice, quietly turning her head to the girl sitting down beside her soon after with a huge grin on her face. Atsuko looked back at her with her eyes looking as though they were sparkling. Sae’s grin widened even more, mouthing the words ‘I’, ‘Told’ and ‘You’ after ward.

“I’m sure, don’t worry. Now, the only thing we have to do is to find ourselves some home…

Excited to hear her ‘boyfriend’s’ voice ever since their relationship was found out (which was only yesterday), Atsuko gave Sae a look which said ‘Please let me go to her and hug her.’, earning a nod from the tall girl in response.

Soon, the two heavenly beings passed by right in front of them. Without wasting any time, Atsuko stood up from the bench and hugged a midget with a big ribbon tying her hair into a ponytail tightly, making the girl jump up a little. Atsuko smiled at this a little, and before Takamina could even turn her head to see who it was, a familiar voice rang close to her ears.


The midget shivered.

“Oi, who are you?”

Atsuko turned her head to the tall female with really sharp eyes standing beside her beloved ‘boyfriend’, giving her a sly smirk soon after.

“You must be-”

“God, right?” Finally deciding that it was the right time for her to jump in, Sae stood up from the bench and walked closer to the group, extending her hand out to the ‘God’ soon after with a mischievous smile plastered on her face. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, my so-called mortal enemy. Or at least that’s what you people think. I’m Miyazawa Sae, and before I tell you what I am, I just want to say that I don’t really care about you heavenly beings except for the fact that you turn your angels into humans too much, which annoys me a little… I’m the Devil, by the way.”

Smiling up widely, Sae continued on holding her hand out to Sayaka, knowing that it was like telling the other female ‘Too scared to shake?’. For a God to shake a hand of a Devil, that would be a legend! Not even the first generations did something like that on their first meeting together- in fact, their first almost ended up as last. Oh how the Rulers back then were so brutal.

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Akimoto Sayaka.” Taking the Devil’s hand leisurely, Sayaka shook it lightly, making the ‘Demon Lord’ jump up a little in response. “I apologize if my turning of angels into ordinary humans irritates you- but the law is the law.”

Sae turned her head to the side a little, “I… See…” She bit her lower lip. How could she just shake her hand like that? Impossible…

“A-Acchan, wha- why- why are you here?!” The two Rulers turned her head to their two minions as soon as they heard the Midget’s stuttering, their brows lifting up in unison.

Takamina backed away a little from the seemingly harmless female standing before her, her face still covered with the shade of red from the young devil’s whisper earlier. “Ehh~ I’m here to meet you of course! Don’t you like that, Ta-ka-mi-na?” The said devil smiled at her teasingly, making the poor midget even more flustered.

“That- No! That’s not what I meant, I-”

“Acchan, stop teasing your boyfriend, will you? We’re standing in front of a God, you know. You’re giving us bad impressions.”

Standing behind Sae in silence, Sayaka gave the two devil quick glances- shifting her eyes from Sae to Atsuko in a loop. Finally locking her eyes to Sae after a short while, the God finally opened her lips, “Speaking of which, why are two devils here, anyway?”

Her question made the trio halt from what they were doing and stand up firmly, with Takamina elbowing Atsuko to answer.

“Well, God…” A sly smile rose up from Atsuko’s lips once again as she took a step closer to Sayaka, making the tall female frown at her as she did so, “My Lord here” She gestured to Sae, then pointed at her self. “And I, have decided to join your little ‘adventure’. Sae, you see, also has no idea what ‘love’ is, and with that in mind, we thought of joining the two of you.”

“I refuse, then” Was the blunt answer of the God, making both Sae and Atsuko stare at her in disbelief. “I refuse to ‘work’ along with a Devil. Let alone to its Lord herself.”

Sae glared at Sayaka angrily. They were always like this to them- those heavenly beings. All they think of was that they were evil, that they weren’t trustworthy. They think that they’re the ‘perfect’ beings too much that they would unconsciously judge them without full proof. What had they done to make them think of them in such a way, anyway? Well, aside from what the past generations did, that is.

Sure, Satan, the first Demon Lord, tried to wage war with heaven which resulted to millions of beings dying, but after that, they have done nothing evil. The second Demon Lord didn’t do anything for the benefit of their kingdom at all! And the third simply fixated himself on making the netherworld a better place. And Sae, for sure, didn’t do anything that would harm them.

Do heavenly beings really hold grudge this much? And they say that the God was a forgiving ‘man’ too. Lies. Nothing but lies.

“You heavenly beings are always like this.” Unable to hold her thoughts in any longer, Sae decided to voice them out instead, with her eyes still locked on Sayaka. “Thinking that you’re oh-so-great to the point that you would look down on us demons… This is why Satan waged war with you- this is why Lucifer himself declared Gods as his mortal enemies- Because all you do is judge us!”

Hearing Sae’s loud voice, the passer bys stared at their group for a second or two.

“Sae, calm do-”

“No, Atsuko. This time, I will NOT calm down! I’ve been trying to hold myself for a long time, and now that the God herself is finally standing in front of me, I refuse to keep my mouth shut anymore!” She walked closer to Sayaka while gritting her teeth together tightly, stopping only a few inches from the tall female with their face close with each other. “Listen here, you,” She pointed her index finger by the other female’s chest, poking it repeatedly in a frustrated manner as she continued, “We. The Demons, WILL. I repeat, WILL join your adventure, whether you like it or not, Akimoto Sayaka.”

Grabbing Sae’s hand, Sayaka held on it firmly while staring straight back to her eyes calmly. She nodded her head soon after, with a small smile arching up from her lips, “Interesting. Very well then, Demon Lord, I will let you, and this little companion of yours here, join us. But…” She tightened her grip on her hand, “If ever you two do anything funny to either of us… You shall be punished in full.”

Sae grinned as she held Sayaka’s hand just as tight, “You have our word, God.”

Still standing by the safe-zone of the two’s tense conversation, Takamina slightly leaned her head closer to Atsuko’s ears and whispered, “Are they holding each other’s hands affectionately, or is it out of hate? Because they’re both smiling while staring at each other’s eyes, you know…”

“Invisible Sexual Tension.” Was the only thing Maeda Atsuko muttered.

“Ahh…” Takamina nodded her head silently, turning her head to the two once again, “Not so invisible now, eh?”

Quick note: This fic is going to need a lot of not-so-famous pairs, just like ReiMai. So feel free to suggest any if you have a pair in mind. ^_^

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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BWHUAHAHAHAHAHAH~!  :lol: :lol: :lol: Invisible sexual tension!!!  :lol: :lol: That's made me burst out laughing!!! Oh this is getting more and mroe addicting for me! Post and update more please!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :inlove: :inlove:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)


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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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the god and the devil going on a trip.... LOL..   :wahaha:

“Invisible Sexual Tension.” Was the only thing Maeda Atsuko muttered.
WOOHHH!!!  :ding:  Update more..

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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=OOOO. Can I Rabu You Itadakimasu?! I shall patiently wait for MaYuki and KojiYuu. TROLLOLOLOL INVISIBLE SEXUAL TENSION. Must be godly too LOL. Update soon! ; v ;
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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Okay, I am now thoroughly interested, not that I wasn't before, but now it's really interesting since "God" and the "Devil" have met.

Can't wait for future updates~

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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Oh man, Maimai x Reinyan is extremely cute xDDDDDD
Your fic is great and I'm waiting for more updates xDDDD
Thanks for working hard xDDDDDD
About the not-so-famous pairs, I suggest MariHaru. I know Mariko and Haruna are famous but MariHaru is not that famous (like Kojiyuu) xD . There are many Kojiyuu fanfics so if you write MariHaru, I really appreciate xD (because I am a MariHaru bias LOL) . I just suggest that, if you like Kojiyuu more, write it and don't worry about me, it's ok xD . One more pair that I want to suggest is TomoMii (Chiyuu x Miichan) . I really like them but cannot find any fic about them ;___; .
Thanks for reading this lame comment *facepalm* .

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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Hahahah 'invisible sexual tension', that sentenxe killed me ^^

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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LOL invisible sexual tension! good job! xD


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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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Hey, just started reading this, loving it so far, well never thought you would have invisible sexual tension between God and the Devil but, hey, why not.....  :P

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
« Reply #16 on: December 17, 2011, 09:27:32 AM »
LOL It was so funny :lol:

Thanks for the update and please update soon :bow: :bow:

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Re: Between Heaven and Hell -Chapter 2- 11/08/11
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I'm Sorry for not commenting!  :bow: Forgive me!

This is interesting, wasn't what I expected (in a good way), definitely like surprises or plots that I never think of,
makes the overall story attractive keke, especially the way Acchan speaks of this invisible sexual tension bwahaha.
I need more of this!!!!

I wanna see more of this God/Devil thing, plus you put in Mai and Reina  :wub:

Please continue for the sake of this guilty lazy one  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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