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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 257763 times)


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« on: November 20, 2011, 08:51:32 PM »

- CHAPTER 1. NEW IN TOWN : no pairing yet
- CHAPTER 3. PAYBACK IS A BITCH : Yuki vs Acchan
- CHAPTER 4. A THIEF, A KISS, AND A DANGEROUS GIRL : Mayuki, Atsumina, TomoTomo
- CHAPTER 6. MAKE ME WANNA DIE : Atsumina, TomoTomo
- CHAPTER 8. EVERY DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS : Atsumina, Kojiyuu, TomoTomo
- CHAPTER 10. THE NEW MEMBER, AND THE SQUIRREL ADVENTURE : Yuki vs Acchan, Atsumina, Kojiyuu
- CHAPTER 11. WEAK AS I AM : Mayuki vs 'him'
- CHAPTER 12. GIRL TALK (Part 1: Mayuki)....(Part 2: TomoTomo)....(Part 3: Atsumina)
- CHAPTER 13. BAD GIRL : Atsumina, Yuki vs Acchan
- CHAPTER 14. OPPORTUNITY FOR ETERNITY (Part 1).....(Part 2)....(Part 3) : Atsumina, TomoTomo
- CHAPTER 15. AN ENEMY FROM MY PAST (Part 1)......(Part 2).....(Part 3) : Yuki/Sasshi
- CHAPTER 17. BODY SWAP (Day 1a: Yuki vs Acchan)......(Day 1b: Atsumina).....(Day 2: MaYuki/Sasshi).......(Day 3: Kojiyuu).......(Day 4: Resolution)
- Mini Chapter A. Yuki vs Acchan’s Wardrobe
- Mini Chapter B. Ransom
- Mini Chapter C. • • • — — — • • • (SOS)
- Mini Chapter D. The Cyborg, The Crocodile, and The Fox
- CHAPTER 18. PARTY IN THE HOUSE (Phase 0)....(Phase 1)....(Phase 2)....(Phase 3) : Atsumina, WMatsui
- Mini Chapter E. Cyborg Got Bit
- CHAPTER 19. LOVE SPELL (Part 1).....(Part 2).....(Part 3).....(Part 4).....(Part 5) : Mayuki
- CHAPTER 20. ALL PAIRINGS : Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu, TomoTomo, WMatsui
- Mini Chapter F. While You Were Sleeping
- SPECIAL CHAPTER B. VAMPIRES IN JAPAN (Part 1: Shinoda/Umechan)...(Part 2: Kai/Atsuko)...(Part 3: MaYuki)...(Part 4)...(Part 5)...(Part 6)...(Part 7)
- SPECIAL CHAPTER C. PARADISE (Part 1)...(Part 2)...(Part 3)...(Part 4)...(Part 5) : WMatsui, RenAiri, JuriChuri
- Mini Chapter G. The Bravest Heart
- CHAPTER 21. BACK TO THE PRESENT (Part 1)...(Part 2)...(Part 3)...(Part 4)...(Part 5)
- Mini Chapter H. Human
- CHAPTER 22. CAPTAIN'S DILEMMA (Part 1).....(Part 2).....(Part 3)
- Trolling Chapter: Showdown
- CHAPTER 24. MARIO MUST DIE (Part 1).....(Part 2)
- CHAPTER 25. UNTIL THE SKY FALLS DOWN ON ME (THE END) : Mayuki, Atsumina, WMatsui
- Bonus Feature: The Making, Interviews, Blooper
- Bonus Feature: Chapter Summary
- Bonus Feature: Character Biography
- Bonus Feature: Quotes

- 12345 views: after Chapter 17 (Part 4)
- 23456 views: after Special Chapter B (Part 4)
- 34567 views: after Chapter 21 (Part 3)

- 101 votes
- 200 votes

- Bonus Feature: Timeline of Season 1
- CHAPTER 9. MONEY TIGHT (Part 1)..... (Part 2).....(Part 3).....(Part 4).....(Part 5).....(Part 6).....(Part 7).....(Part8).....(Part 9)
- CHAPTER 10. A NEW CLAN RISING (Part 1).....(Part 2).....(Part 3)
- Bonus Feature: Character Biography (Season 2)
- Bonus Feature: Trailers Part 1 (Trailer #1 - #15)
- Bonus Feature: Trailers Part 2 (Trailer #16 - #32)
- Bonus Feature: Trailers Part 3 (Trailer #33)
- Bonus Feature: Trailers Part 4 (Trailer #34 - #42)


500 votes

This is my first attempt:
I still have no confidence whether somebody would like it or not.
But I have written it so I guess I'll keep trying.  :)
I would appreciate any comment/suggestion/critic. :love: :love:
As you will see I like vampire-theme story, a mixed of action, comedy, & drama (but not that 'lame' Twilight & the sequel, sorry).
And also I am new in everything about 48kingdom, so if there's something wrong with the characterization, please let me know.

The sentence in [...] is my point of view.
The sentence in (italic), is the character's point of view.
And how do I make a spoiler? It seem that I failed to make it here....

All of the AKB's character here are all females, except I make 2 male: Shinoda-sama, and Miyazawa.
Here I would set my focus on Mayuki and Atsumina first, coz I love those pairing so much.
I would also regard cmze & moekare as my inspiration of Mayuki and Atsumina.
Until now, I only have read their fanfic. But surely I will read the other writer's fanfic too.

And last but not least, I would regard Mr.Whedon as my greatest inspiration of vampire-theme etc.
Actually this story of mine is just a parody of it.

Yuki          : strong, usually a lone fighter but later join the gang (SKILL: fighting)
Takamina  : the gang leader, the bravest one (SKILL: kissing with vampire, if it is counted as skill)
Yuko         : the cutest one, loves to eat, used to be the gang's bait (so that our squirrel developed new SKILL: fast runner)
Sasshi       : the tools-weapon-hardware guy of the gang (SKILL: fencing things from victim/culprit)
Mayu         : little swindler, loves money, smart, sly (SKILL: stealing/pickpocket/scheming/swindling), later she will develop new skill (unbuttoning Yuki's shirt)

ANOTHER REGULAR (but not member of the gang):
Kasai         : close friend of the gang, work as a waitress in a cafe
Tomochin   : half-foreigner, performer (singer & dancer)

Kojiharu    : close friend of the gang, a college girl
Miichan     : close friend of the gang, a college girl, has some kind of psychic power
Rabutan    : Mayu's friend in high school
Erepyon    : Takamina's little sister

Acchan        : mischievous, spoiled vampire princess
Umechan     : naturally vampire (I just feel the urge to add her bcoz she has real fang.... XD )
Shinoda       : vampire prince/leader, a very powerful Count Shinodacula... :twisted:
Gekikara     : vampire psycho
Jurina          : devil vampire kid
Miyazawa     : a charming, handsome vampire boy

[Note: All the vampires here are very strong and really knows how to fight....don't ask me why... :nervous :nervous
They can't fly. They can't run as fast as what you seen on Twilight, and their body isn't hard as steel.
They will burned under the sunlight and then vanish into dust (instead of sparkling like those in Twilight  :thumbdown: ). And they don't breath. That's true :grin: ]
[oops, sorry, no offense to Robsten, it's just my personal preference....]
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2011, 09:28:03 PM »
New story~ and it's vampire~ LOVE it~!!

I'm still confused about the pairing~

Please update soon~


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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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It was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair,
we were all going direct to Heaven, or Hell (Tale of Two Cities) — In short, the period in this story was just like our usual days,
except that it is in the near future, and is heavily chaotic, full of vampire and demon walking upon the earth.

People in cities, towns, and villages are getting fewer to be seen, especially at nights.
Curfews have been effective immediately and legally executed by the authorities in many cities.
People are afraid to be outside when it’s getting dark.
News about dead bodies found in the morning aren’t such a surprise anymore.
Police investigation are useless, because everyone already know it is the vampires who kill them, and nothing can be done about it.

Nights in the cities become nothing but a silent darkness, whispering wind, and howling wolves.
To add more chaos, criminal and gangster are rising, because the economic wheel is not working properly anymore.

Friendship are rarely found. Each only think how to safe her/his own life.
Long story short, it’s frightening period of human history. Blah blah blah blah nyah nyah nyah.

[I’m sorry for this boring and cliché epilogue.]

It’s night. Somewhere in the city.

“Okay, give me that arrow now! I think I got him good from here. I can shoot him,” a cute, boyish girl said whispering to another girl.
They were hiding low in a bush.

The other girl passed her an arrow. She bring a heavy bag on her back.
The first girl then winked and tried to shoot a target in the dark.

Meanwhile there is another girl standing not far from them. She’s covered by the building’s shadow, but still visible.

“Please hurry! I’m scared. He’s coming…” that girl whisper to her cellphone.

“Calm down, Squirrel! Takamina is shooting him now,” answer Sasshi, the girls who carry heavy bag, to the cellphone.

Takamina: “Sssshhh…….I’m trying to focus here!”
Sasshi   : “Sorry!”

There they see a shadowed figure coming out from the dark alley, quietly moving closer to the frightened squirrel.
Takamina wait until she had her target more visible to the lights. She seemed confident of herself.


“OUUUUCCCHHH……!!” the figure screams in pain. But he doesn’t vanish into dust, because the arrow missed his heart by some inches.

“Crap!! ….I missed it!!” Takamina grumble.


They run upside down. They just run and run for their life. They run like there was no tomorrow.


Some minutes later. In another dark alley.

“Is he still chasing us?” Yuko ask worried, hardly catches her breath.
“I can’t see him. Wait, where is Sasshi?”

“I thought you were with her..!!! Why’d you asked me? I’m just a bait, don’t you remember? She’s your responsibility…”.

Takamina facepalming herself.


Sasshi run as fast as she could, but her heavy bag kept slowing her down.

(CRAP..!!! How dare they leave me! STUPID MIDGETS…!!! I swear I’ll kill them both…!!)
She murmured.

(…that, if I ever get out of here alive…)

She saw another vampire, a dyed-blond girl, suddenly appear just few meters in front of her. She smirks and vamp out her fang.

( Uh oh….I’m so dead now…)
Sasshi tried to reach out her bag and take one of her arrow. But her hands trembling a lot.

Vamp-girl: “YOU SHOOT MY BOYFRIEND…!!! You shouldn’t do that, you know…”
She walked slowly and tauntingly, closer to Sasshi.

Sasshi fall down on her knees, not able to stand still.
“No, it wasn’t me. Please…. have mercy….I haven’t even get married, please don’t kill me now…”

“I won’t, darling. Instead, you will live forever, and you’ll be happily married forever with whoever you want, FOR EVVAAAH….!!!!!.”
the vamp-girl laughing out loud.

“No no……I mean, I have kids…They still needs me….Please…” Sasshi cried.

Vamp-girl: “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!! Are you really afraid of me, OR NOT?”
She run toward Sasshi very fast, too fast for a human to react and dodge it.

Sasshi was about to close her eyes, ready to pray her last pray, when suddenly she heard a bang.

She opened her eyes. The vamp-girl was on the floor. There is other girl, a tall, beautiful, black-hair girl, who surely has kicked the vamp down.

“Hey, thanks…” Sasshi relieved, but still trembling. She tried to stand up and reach her bag.
“Here….here…..I have many weapons here, arrow, batter, stick, knife, ….”

“GET OUTTA HERE!  ARE YOU MORON OR WHAT?” the tall black-hair girl scold her.

“Geezz….I was just trying to help….” Sasshi pouted.

“WHAT?....I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU...!!! ” the tall girl is getting on her edge now.
She has such a death-glaring eye.

"Okay, i'm sorry, i'm sorry!!! Go on. Continue..."

(Woaaa...this girl is so hot-blooded...but she looks tough, I think I'll watch some fight first, and if she seem like to lose it, I will run immediately........)
(Sasshi, why you're so smart......)

Sasshi smirk to herself, stepped back & lean against the wall, tried to find good position to enjoy watching the fight.

The tall, mysterious girl, is wearing a black jacket. She has a cold, killer eyes, staring right at her enemy, as if she wants to eat her alive.

“How dare you take my prey away ….!!! ” 
“Bring it on, b*tch…!! I’m right here….!!”

The vampire lost her calmness and attack the girl with full strength.
They traded some blows and kicks. And the fight continues.
But it has so much blood and gory scene, so we just leave it out as it is.

[Naah…it just bcoz I can’t write a good fighting scene…so forgive me... :grin: ]


Some hours laters….

“Sasshi…. OMG, you’re okay? How did you get out of it?” Takamina and Yuko said worrily,
after they opened the door for Sasshi.

Sasshi smirk and pulling out the stick from her bag, and start beating Taka & Yuko with it.

“OWWW….OUCCHH…..STOP IT ….WE’RE SORRY!!!!….Would you stop it…??”
(bakk…bukk….deziiiggg…. bruuakkk……duuunggg….ughhh… butt…. my back...)

“Oh wait…it ain’t stupid…….I MADE those weapons and bags…” Sashi took her word back.

However, she managed to release her tantrum like crazy.

“Stop it, would you!!??” Yuko shouted. “I too, put my life in danger back there...!!!”
“ AND WHY,  I ALWAYS BE THE BAIT ???” the Squirrel yelled angry, and took the stick from Sasshi.

“Well……I think….” Sasshi glanced at Takamina.
“….err…..because you’re the cutest….??” Takamina smiled, obviously a faked smile, wishing a way out to free herself from her friends’ wrath.

But it’s too late. Now Sasshi and Squirrel make an ally and turn their target to Takamina only.

“AND YOU CALL YOURSELF OUR LEADER, ....HUH.!!..You little brat…!!! You can’t fool us this time..!!”

[The fight continues. Or I prefer to call it, the cat-fight, or brawl.]


(What a stupid, childish girls they are.)
(Aren’t they growing up already??)

Mayu thinks while get up from her bed.

(I can’t believe I’m the youngest, yet I’m the only mature & reasonable person in this house)

“Are you three having enough fun now??? You’re too noisy…I can’t sleep..!!” Mayu pout.

Takamina rubbed her back and butt, where it seem to be the target.
Although she’s the leader, Mayuyu always beat her with the perfect, flawless CG behaviour.

“And more importantly…..How did Sasshi manage to got home alive? Wouldn’t you wanna know about it?”

“Ow….how can we forgot that important thing….us stupid, huh…” Taka & Yuko grinning.
“Come on Sasshi…….tell us what happened.”

“Well…guys …you wouldn’t believe me…”
“I was encountered by the girlfriend of the vampire whom Takamina shot…She nearly bite me.”
“It was somekind of dark angel who saved me…..She’s a pretty girl, but fought really well. She kicked the vamp’s a**…
The fight was bloody hell…...Whatever. In the end the vamp run away….”

“The pretty girl then walked away. I tried to talk to her. But she yelled at me, so I stepped back."

(………………………..) Silent. Everyone's thinking.

“Just who is this girl exactly ???” Taka and Yuko wondered, staring at each other.

Mayu: “As since we live here, we never met someone like that. I think that girl is new around here.”
“And I think we must find her, and maybe make friends with her….because obviously this girl is more useful than you all….”

“Mayu-chan……you’re so mean….!!”

“I’m just saying…” Mayu raised her shoulder, “and look what I got today……”
She throws a wallet to the table.

“At least I got something……what about you? You’re all just lucky to still be alive as you got home tonight…” Mayuyu turned and walked away to her bedroom.


Same night. In the wasted building near the local cemetery……

Two vampire, a girl and a boy with face looking messed up, kneel down before a very tall person (or undead person?).

“I’m sorry, My Lord. We failed ….”
“Don’t worry……Oku, Yuya, you are still young, right? How old are you? I mean your age after you got sired.”
Oku the girl-vamp: “1 year, My Lord.”
Yuya the boy-vamp: “2 years, My Lord.”
“Well….you’re still new in this business. I can’t expect more from you. Besides, I think we have a new fish in town. Is she hard to catch?”
“Yes, she’s tough, My Lord.”
“But she missed her shot to you?”
“No, My Lord. The one who shot me was just a little rat. This girl is different.”
“She’s really strong and fast, … But….but….we’re sure you can take her down, My Lord.”

“Hmmm....No, she's not for me. ….. She will be a good match for my princess.” said the Lord, smirking smugly.

“Atsuko…darling…!!!! Atsuko….!!! Come out, honey..!!! …I’ve got a new toy for  you….!!! ”

A hot, good looking girl, came in to the room. She wear a tight  skirt and a fashionable, leather shirt.

“What is it Shinoda-sama? I was playing with Gekikara just now….
I expect the new toy to be more interesting then. Oh, don’t say these two little fish are my new toys.”

Oku and Yuya knelt lower and become shivering.

“No, of course it’s not them. It is a more dangerous challenge for you.” Shinoda said.

The girl smiled mischievously, “Dangerous is my middle name, don’t you know it, Shinoda-sama?”


TO BE CONTINUED.............
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2011, 10:55:03 PM »
Vampires!!! AtsuMina!!!!  :luvluv1:  I'm gonna love this!!!!!  :luvluv2:  and Acchan a vampire princess!!!!  :mon lovelaff:

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2011, 11:25:34 PM »
Ohhhh Acchan in a leather shirt.. oh yummeh ;D LOL jk

Me likey! please continue!

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2011, 04:11:04 AM »
NICEEEEEEEE...!  :twothumbs

Yukirin... so cool!! 8)

Mayu so smart as always hahahhaha  :rofl:

Yuko the best! hahahaha :rofl:

i love it...please update soon!  :bow:

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #6 on: November 21, 2011, 08:48:10 AM »
Hum can't wait for seeing Acchan in action

'Umechan(regular)   : naturally vampire (I just feel the need to add her bcoz she has real fang.... )' This line made me laugh lol

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2011, 12:44:37 PM »

 :lol: does that make Itano like.... half a vampier then?  :nervous

interesting start to this story, man looking forward to the Yuki acchan fight already!  :panic: first things first though, need to have Sasshi become Yuki's sidekick first, mainly.... no, all just for laughs!  :P

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #8 on: November 21, 2011, 02:04:51 PM »
I'm so in love with your story! it reminds me of my old ficts, yea it was about vampire too  :shy1:
I can't wait for Acchan's new toy!  :on spit: and Sasshi  :mon XD: I am so curious with whom she met
would you mind adding TomoTomo? Tomochin fits being vampire though  :wahaha:

ah, btw... I am Twilight lover  :mon hi: haha you so dislike it huh? nvm.. I love your story, so what?  :mon cigar:
you choose, update it or die?  :mon pissed:
lol jk. please update asap  :mon suspect: I'm waiting  :mon yeah:

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #9 on: November 21, 2011, 02:09:54 PM »
A new vampire themed akb fic! Like it!
Even though it's a little disappointment that you made Mariko and Sae as a guy, I'll let it slide for this wonderful story.
That girl.. is Black, eh, Yuki, right?
Afterall, I'll wait for the next chapter.
/kneel down in front of Shinoda-sama/
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SKE48 fic - Silent Understanding (Matsui Rena/Furukawa Airi) [2015.05.15]


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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina.......
« Reply #10 on: November 22, 2011, 07:33:24 PM »
@ RenaChii
Thank're my first reader of my first fanfic..... :D
I will focus the pairing on the MaYuki and the AtsuMina.
Maybe you can guess what kind of relationship they would have..... :wub: :wub:
And about KojiYuu, I'm still figuring out their story.

I'm so in love with your story! it reminds me of my old ficts, yea it was about vampire too  :shy1:
I can't wait for Acchan's new toy!  :on spit: and Sasshi  :mon XD: I am so curious with whom she met
would you mind adding TomoTomo? Tomochin fits being vampire though  :wahaha:

ah, btw... I am Twilight lover  :mon hi: haha you so dislike it huh? nvm.. I love your story, so what?  :mon cigar:
you choose, update it or die?  :mon pissed:
lol jk. please update asap  :mon suspect: I'm waiting  :mon yeah:

I read your old vampire fict…..and it inspire me, but, I am so mad that you killed Acchan and turn her into dust…!!!  :angry: :angry:  :banghead: :banghead:
Oh, yeah, TomoTomo…..I somehow missed that pairing in my first chapter………Well, let me work something in my mind about them…..

And about Twilight, I hate it….To be exact: I HATE THAT I LOVE IT…… XD XD XD XD
I hate to see Kristen surrounded by good looking guys like Pattinson and Lautner, and others. :lol: :lol: :lol:
It is called “jealousy”, “envy”, or “denial”. :nervous

I'm updating here. You can kill me later, after this story complete..... XD

@ Flean, ShibuyaDokiDoki, kahem: I am glad you like our vampire Acchan…..
@ cmze: yes I’m gonna make a super-couple of MaYuki here….
@ oddball: Yuki-Acchan fighting, something we never get to watch in majigaku…..
@ caghaunt: I’m sorry for the male thing. I really need to make Miyazawa as a perfect boy.
But we can always imagine our Sae as she portraying the role of vampire-boy in our own imagination.
I’ll do better next time. :grin:


Next day in the afternoon.

The school hour is over.
Mayu looking to the crowd in the pathway, as she walking her way home.
Suddenly from a distance, she notice a person who is seem interesting for her.

She’s coming closer to that person. But suddenly she fall, maybe because a hole or a stone in the pathway.
She fell to the ground, bringing that person down with her.

Mayu look into that person’s face, “Oh I’m sorry. Wrong person.” Mayu's face turn into a bit ashamed and dissapointed.

They both stand up and continue to walk their direction.

Mayu speed up her pace as she walking away.

“Hey, you…!!! Stop right there..!”

Mayu freezed for a second.

“You stole my purse!!!”

Mayu turn around and she see that girl she was collide with before, now running toward her.
(What? She knew it already? What the hell……)

Mayu’s running her ass off.
Luckily she’s skinny so she can run through the crowd way easier than the girl who’s chasing her.

After some moment, she find herself safe from that girl’s eyes.
She wait some minutes more, before she got out from her hiding, and start walking her way again.

But a sudden pat on her shoulder make her stop. It’s that girl.

(Damn it. Is she a ninja?)
Mayu tried to push that girl. But the girl is older and stronger, she grab Mayu’s arm.
Mayu resist, try to free herself. But end up falling to the ground again. That girl also fall on top of her.

“You can’t run anywhere now. Give me back my purse. Or I’ll drag you to the police.” the girl said angrily, while holding Mayuyu's arms on the ground.
Their position is a little bit awkward.

Mayu looked up to see the girl's face and found that it was actually very pretty, with long raven hair flowing over the shoulder.

Mayu blushed for a moment but then realized that she was currently in a cat-and-mouse game with the said girl.

So Mayu quickly regained her composure and tried to push the raven, but the raven was way stronger. Mayu didn't have a chance.

The girl’s eyes landed on Mayu’s necklace in a sudden.
Mayu saw a distinctive sign of shock in that girl’s eyes.
Mayu managed to push her, quickly stand up, then cover her necklace like it was very precious for her.

“Let me see it.” that girl suddenly soften her voice. Her face also become softer.

“No. Don’t.” answered Mayu. She quickly gave the purse back to the girl, and stepped back.
Mayu has nowhere to run now, because there is a wall behind her, and no one else are around them.

“I just need to see it. I don’t mean any harm.”
“I said no. Can you please leave me? I’m sorry about the purse.”

“Okay then.” the girl gave up.
“Anyway, I’m letting you go this time. But if I happen to see you stealing again from somebody else, I will throw you right to the police, and I’ll make sure they keep you in juvenile’s prison.”

The girl gave a deep stare at Mayu.

Mayu stared back at the girl. She hates being caught like this.

“Don't worry. This won't happen again.” Mayu said reluctantly.
(Because next time I'll make trickier plan so that I won't get caught by this Girl-Who-Is-Thinking-She-Is-A-Cop.)

"Mayu-chan..!!!" somebody called out her name.

Mayu look away and see Takamina, Yuko, and Sasshi coming closer to her.
They just bought some food, artillery, and other stuff.

"Hey, it's you!" Sasshi’s surprised as she get a closer look to the girl in front of Mayu.

"Who?" Taka asked. "Oh…might it be, you're the one who saved our friend last night?"

Taka extend her hand. "I'm Takahashi Minami. My friends call me Takamina."
"I'm Yuki. Kashiwagi Yuki."

Taka glanced at Yuki and Mayu, “Do you know each other?"
Mayu: “No.”
Yuki: "Yes."
Awkward situation.

Yuki said, "Well, she stole----"

Mayu quickly interrupted, “I just met Yuki today, and now we’re good friends.”

"Are you new around here, Yuki? Where do you live?" Takamina asked.
"Yes. Not far from here."

"Do you live with your friend?"

"Oh great. So how about hanging out with us then?" Yuko asked cheerfully.
"I got work to do." Yuki walked away.

"Meeeuuhh….She doesn't like to talk, does she?" Yuko wondered.

"Mayu, think of something to get her." said Sasshi.
"She already said no, and I don't want to force her." Mayu answered, seem lack of interest.

"But you were the one who got excited about having that girl in our team. Why do you give up that easily?"

Mayu got her reason, apparently.
Hanging out with a girl who has threatened to throw you to the police, surely is not a good idea.

Takamina chase the girl, "Yuki, wait…!! Listen….!!!”
She hardly catch up with that girl.

“I know what you capable of. You helped my friend last night."

"I wasn’t helping anybody."

"Still, thanks for that. And I think we can fight them together."

"Fight what?" asked Yuki, still walking.

"Things, you know. Fight the thing you battled last night, and other thing. Many things."

Yuki stopped.

"Are you also with that school girl?"

"With Mayu? Yes, why?"

"Okay, I'll go with you," Yuki agreed.
(I'll just stay with them until I'm assured that she's really what I think she is. Yuki thought).

Takamina say cheerfully, "All right!! Come on!! …. We’ll show you our place…!!" 
(I sense something between her and Mayu-chan. Does she like Mayu already? Whatever, that can be benefit for our team.)


In the girls' home.

“So that’s our story, Yuki. We’re vampire hunters. And we’re making good money from each vampire that we killed.”

“How?” asked Yuki.

“You haven’t heard it? The authorities now is giving a reward for every vampire body count.
That mean, if you kill or dust a vampire, you can reserved whatever left after the vampire being dusted.
Usually it’s the teeth, because vampire teeth will not vanished into dust when you stab them.
You can bring them to the police as an evidence and claiming the reward.” Takamina explained in detail.

“And the reward can make you be a rich person.” Yuko added.

“Or a dead person,” Yuki said.

Everyone silent because of Yuki’s cynical humour.

“That’s why Yuki. I think if we’re joining force, it will be more advantage for us and you.” Taka break the silence.

“Okay,” Yuki asked shortly. “When do we start?”

“Tonight is the night, Honey,” Takamina smiled. “Sasshi, please show Yuki the weapon and tools she could use for tonight.”


At the evening, in central town.

Takamina were giving order as usual, explaining her strategy: "Our mission tonight is in this city park. But we need to split up.
Since Yuki and I are the strongest here, so we are the ace. Yuko, you're with me. Sasshi go with Yuki."

"You? An ace? No kidding..…!!!." Yuko rolled her eyes,
"I can wipe the floor with your body anytime, Midget. Beside I don't want to pair with you, I want to pair with Yuki-chan.
Why don’t we just do janken to decide who’s with who?"

Takamina: “We both are so bad at janken, Yuko. You know that too. And…..”

Yuko cut Takamina and put her aside, then yelled, "Sasshi, let’s switch!!"

Takamina grabbed Yuko's arm and face her, while Taka’s back was on Sasshi.
"Just do as I said, Squirrel..!! And actually….,"
Takamina lowered her voice,
" …it's bcoz Sasshi is the weakest among three of us, so I arranged it like that. She had to be paired with the strongest.
Remember our physical test when we're at high school? She's the one who fall first from the hanging bar.
And she's a slow runner too. Neither of us want to be paired with her. Just let her with Yuki. Understand?........"

“OUUUCCCHHHH.......!!!” Taka screamed.

"Watch your words, Midget!" Sasshi yelled, while hitting Taka's head with her bag.

“Stupid midget….” Sasshi murmured.

Yuki, crossing her arms & leaning her back against the wall, doesn't show any sign of amusement to the ridiculous thing happened around her.

 "I don't care who's with who. Just hurry up." Yuki turned around and walked away.

Takamina rubbed her head where it got hit. She took some arrows and put in on her own backpack.
Yuko took a stake, and a bottle of holy water.

"Okay guys, disperse!!"


Sasshi followed Yuki’s step, trying to keep up her pace.

Everytime they encounter some vampires in their way, Yuki will give a shot and some short fight.
But it’s not a fight, really, it was slaughter. The vampires don’t have a chance.

Sasshi counting the number of vampires body count who were killed that night, while she fencing (collecting) the teeth of the dusted vampires.

(OMG…now we have an efficient killing-machine in our team.
If we keep continue like this, we’re actually gonna be rich someday).

Sasshi think happily.

Then suddenly her cellphone rang. And after she press the button, they heard Yuko’s calling out for help.


A few minutes before that.

“Itttaii… careful, Takamina. You step on my foot.”
“Takamina, I’m scared. Can I sing a song now?”
“Takamina what is that?”

“Yuko, shut the f*ck up!” Takamina cut her.
“But I really saw something, there….!!” Yuko point her finger to her left side.

“I think it is a vampire. But it seem she’s doing something else.”

They approach and see a girl with blood over her hands. That girl was biting a boy who is lying unconscious in front of her.
Then she grab a jar containing some powder or something. She pour the powder over the wounded neck, make it spread evenly.
Then she continued to suck the blood from the neck.

(What the hell is she doing? What powder is that?) Takamina wondered.

There is a wind suddenly blowing hard from the direction of that vampire to where Taka & Yuko hiding.
The powder reach to Yuko’s nose. Yuko tried really hard to resist it, but she failed, and sneezed.

“It’s pepper..!! I hate spicy pepper.” Yuko said.

The vampire girl turned her back, and saw Taka & Yuko standing not far from her.
The vamp-girl is grinning with her mouth full with blood.
There’s something totally wrong with this vampire.

Takamina hurry put her arrow into position and shoot her.
The vampire dodge it easily, and catch it with her barehand.
Takamina tried to shoot her again. But the vampire dodge it again and broke the arrow into pieces.

Yuko pulled out her stake.
She jumped bravely towards the vampire, tried to stab her.
She almost managed to plant the stake into the vampire's chest. But the vampire catch Yuko and throw her to the ground.

Then the vampire moving closely to Takamina who is still busy with her arrow.

Now the distance is too close for Takamina to make another shoot.

As she getting closer to Takamina with the intention to eat her alive, Yuko pressed her cellphone and screamed for help.


Yuki and Sasshi run as fast as they could to the area which Takamina and Yuko was patrolling.

When they arrive at the place, they saw the vampire holding Takamina’s neck, ready to bite her.
While Yuko still lay on the ground.

Yuki run toward Takamina and save her in the nick of time.
She grabbed the vampire and throw her away from Takamina.

The vampire quickly get up and laugh like crazy. Weird. She seem happy after she got thrown away like that.
Then they heard another disturbing sound, the vampire is biting her bloody nail.

Yuki launched some hard punches on that vampire’s face.
But the vampire only laughed, like it was nothing.

The vampire then grabbed Yuki and threw her flying over the bushes.

This vampire is freakingly strong.

Yuki landed on some bushes. She felt a body beneath her.

Awkward position.

“Get off me….!! HEEELLP....!!!!” Mayu panicked and slapped Yuki.
Mayu cannot see anything because of the darkness.
But Yuki can see her, maybe because she has some enhanced sense like ninja or else, whatever.

“Mayu, it’s me...!!! Calm down..!!” Yuki is on top of Mayu, holding both Mayu’s arms down, tried to make her calm.

“Yuki--- ….. is that you?” Mayu relieved.

They quickly get up.

“Stay behind me… This vampire is dangerous.” said Yuki.


There now…..all the gang are gather closely behind Yuki.

“What are we gonna do now?” ask Yuko panicked.

Sasshi: “I dunno. How about run?”

Takamina: “Wait. We should be together. It is safer.”

(As long as we are together with Yuki. Everybody were thinking the same thing.)

Noone notice a dark figure watching them from a branch in a tree.
“Gekikara-san, you seem having fun without me, down there….!!!!”

Gekikara look above and smile happy, “ACCHAAAAAAAN………!!!!! ”

And the figure jumping down from the tree, landed nicely on her foot, even though the tree was quite tall.

The figure standing between Gekikara and Yuki. It turns out to be a girl. She turn her back to face the gang.
Different from the bloody psycho vampire, the later one is a neat, fashionable, and a very good looking vampire.
Her hair length is between long and short, just nicely matched with her head.
She wear red jacket, a tight leather pant, and a boot which looks expensive.
And she has a face of a goddess.

"I wonder, which one of my new toy?" she said cheerfully.


[A fight between the Four Heavenly Queen, also something we never get to watch in the series………]
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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Gekikara!!! Yeay!!!  :on lol:  and Yuki got slapped... LOL...  :wahaha:

"I wonder, which one of my new toy?" she said cheerfully.
Woh!!! Finally!!! Acchan!!!  :luvluv1:  Just kidnap your Taka!!!!  :glasses:

I like this story!!!  :on GJ:

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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@ oddball: Yuki-Acchan fighting, something we never get to watch in majigaku…..

Yes and that sucked cause it was the one I was lookingforward too, aand then I though perhpas that could be put right in season 2........  :doh:

Man it's good Mayu and the others have founf Yuki, or she had found them, seems as though it's a miracle they have survived as long as they have without her....

I wonder what it is that is going on with Mayu, the necklace and Yuki, obvoiusly Mayu knows what it is, at least she is protective about it and Yuki needs it to find out about him.... wondering where it is going?

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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I love love love the story~

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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O.......MY.......GAWD! This story is so interesting!  XD
so Sasshi met Burakku, lol that's nice  :thumbup
I can clearly imagine how Acchan looks like!! Tight leather pants and boots! WOOOTTT!!  :twisted:
So damn gorgeous!  :inlove: :inlove:
I can't wait for taka's special skill,  :) :peace:

I demand this continuation! Please update asap Anzai!  :bow: :bow:

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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Yay I want a fight!!!!!


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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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You want a fight? I'll give you a fight..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I am so happy I don't have a class today. So I can update this.
Please read this chapter....minna san.... :bow:
This will be a bit hillarious. :lol:


At the central park.

Yuki sensed danger coming closer. She raised her guard more, and  her mind concentrated even more to the two enemies in front of them.

“Sasshi, give me a weapon.” Yuki ordered.

Takamina and Yuko get enough time to recover their guts. They took their weapons again, and started to step out from behind Yuki’s shadow, and standing next to her.

Takamina: “Who do you think the stronger between those two vampire?”

Yuki thought for a while.
It's hard to choose who's the stronger between the psycho vamp and the fashionable vamp.

Yuki: “That girl. The one in the leather shirt. Leave that girl to me. And you two, try to keep the psycho busy. Just don’t let her distract me while I’m fighting the other one.” Yuki added. “Can you do that?”

“Ay ay captain…..we’ll have your back.” Yuko said.

“Wait, I am still the captain.” Takamina protested, “Ah whatever……”

“Sasshi, I’ll leave Mayu to you.” Yuki said to Sasshi.

“I’m no kiddo. I can take care of myself.” Mayuyu grumbled.


Acchan and Yuki were circling each other.
Yuki hold her guard up. While Acchan seem to a let herself loose a bit.

(She’s not an ordinary vampire. I gotta be careful. Yuki thinks).

Acchan put a mischievous smile,
“Easy there. I’m not here for trouble. I’m just here for having fun.”

“Define fun.”

“Fun, as in…….. this….!” Acchan suddenly run toward Yuki with a full fist.

Yuki was quite prepared so she can dodge it by moving aside.

“Nice move…” Acchan smile again. She knows her punch is easy to dodge.
Acchan stepped back. She’s preparing another attack.

This time it’s a high kick.

Yuki lowered her body and raised her left arm to protect her head from that kick.
That kick was hard enough to push Yuki aside.
But luckily it doesn’t do too much damage for her.

Yuki stepped back, and quickly set her defense again.

“This is getting interesting. We’re pretty much in the same league, huh?” said Acchan. She seemed very happy.

Acchan turned her eyes to the other fighting pairs.

Somehow she find it funny to see a psycho Gekikara got attacked by two midgets.
“Your friends are persistent. But they don’t know Gekikara. She’s crazy.”

Yuki look at the corner of her eyes, feeling a little worried about her friends.

She saw Takamina wielding her baseball batter, swinging it around her. She hit Gekikara several times with it, hoping to weaken her enemy.
Takamina keeps attacking, doesn’t even stop to catch her breath.

“Hey, who is that midget with a stick, by the way?” Acchan asked, seem interested.
She stopped to enjoy watching the midget in action.

“And where does she got all those energies from? She’s a shorty. Looks cute though.”

[Writer POV: Uh, oh, Acchan doesn’t know that her destiny will be changed, later, because of the midget.]

Meanwhile Yuko armed herself with a stake. She wait to see a chance to stab Gekikara.

Yuki relieved there’s nothing to be worried. Team Midgets are still able to hold their own, at least until now.

So she pointed her knife right to Acchan.
“Leave them. And fight me!”

“Be patient. I’m just warming up with you.”
Acchan turn her body to fully facing her enemy.

She analyzed Yuki from top to toe.
(This girl is kinda hot....I'm gonna play a while with her before I bite her.)

“Why we never met before? We should’ve done this far earlier. It’s fun.”
Acchan feel her adrenaline rush more in her vessel. She’s getting excited.

She jumped to Yuki like she wanted to eat her alive.
Yuki stepped back and raised her knife toward Acchan’s chest. She’s targetting right to Acchan’s heart.

Surprisingly for Yuki, Acchan caught the knife with her barehand, and landed a sudden punch on Yuki’s face.

Yuki was thrown aside. Her body fell upon Sasshi and Mayu, bringing all of them down to the ground.

“Yuki, are you okay?” asked Sasshi.

“Come on...!! Is that the best you got?” Acchan is teasing mischievously.

Yuki got up and wiped the blood from the corner of her lips.
(Shoot! This vampire is stronger than I thought! She can attack and defense at the same time.)

Sasshi tossed Yuki another weapon.

Second round.
[Background music is played for a battle scene.]

Yuki decided to let herself enjoy it a bit more, “Not bad at all. But still, I’ll be the last thing you see before you're turning into dust.”

Acchan burst out laughed, “You’re so funny. I like you. Do you think we can be friends?”

Acchan come attacking again with her full force.

Yuki seem freezed on her ground.

“Yukiiiiiiiiiiii...........…Mooooove…!!!!!” Sasshi screamed out of fear.
She run forward, willing to shield Yuki from Acchan. But she’s too far away from them, she wouldn’t make it.

Mayu also looks terrified.

Acchan attacked fast. She almost hit Yuki just a millisecond away. Suddenly Yuki move aside and swing her knife toward Acchan’s body.

Their motion was so quick, Sasshi and Mayu cannot see it clearly.

They only see the after math: Acchan was tossed aside. She missed her hit this time.

Acchan stared at Yuki. She raised her hand and rub her cheek. Acchan saw blood on her finger, and a strand of her hair got cut down.

She doesn’t believe what she saw.
Acchan’s freaking out.

She feel a bit in shock. Yuki has cut her cheek, just within that shortest moment of her attack.
(Shinoda was right about this girl. She is really strong. Who is she?)

But then she smiles, this time it’s not a mischievous smile, it’s more a devilish one.
Acchan put her finger on her mouth, and taste her own blood.

“I’m gonna make you pay for this, Yuki-chan.”

Acchan finally met her match.


Third round.

Now Acchan and Yuki are getting serious. The sense of humour had faded out from their faces.

Everyone witnessed Acchan slowly vamps out, showing her fangs.
Her face become scary as she shows her truly nature vampire.

The fight become more tense.
Sasshi feel the a heavy aura around her and she tremble.
This is the aura of an instinct to kill.

That time, Yuki was wearing a western-style shirt, with collar, button, and belt.

Acchan lowered her body, and showing her fang to threat Yuki. That was usual move for vampires, when they are ready to attack their prey.
Acchan jumped. The prey dodge. Acchan push herself to the prey and use her fang as a weapon.
She’s targetting to plant her teeth on Yuki’s skin.

Acchan goes berserk and attacked brutally.
Her fang got closer to Yuki’s neck.
But suddenly Acchan decided to playing around a little.
She’s not biting the neck, instead, she’s just biting Yuki’s collar, and she torn the shirt with her fang.

Acchan then grab Yuki’s shirt by force, making all the button detached, then torn the shirt into half.

Yuki’s standing there with only her bra and her jeans. She freezed in shock.
She stared at Acchan, with an 'Oh-No-You-Didn’t-Just–Do-That' looks. She never expected someone would do something like that in the middle of a fight.

Acchan get back to her normal cute face, and burst out laugh.
She jumped to a high gate near her.
And sit there to enjoy the scene of her naked prey.

The Magnificent-Four [or so that’s what I called our gang] all freezing, dropping their jaw to the floor.

Especially Yuko, she’s freezed as if she had a nervous break down inside her system, as she see the naked Yuki in front of her.

Yuki looks really mad and scary.
She noticed Yuko who is having the most perverted looks, sticking her eyes straight into Yuki's big b**bs.
Yuko even start having blood flowing out from her nose.
God only knows, what kind of imagination is running in the head of the squirrel now.

Yuki, who was still in her berserk mode during her fights with Acchan, suddenly punched Yuko out of tantrum.
Yuki somehow forget that her full-powered-punch is way too much for an ordinary human.

Yuko fainted.

Takamina, Sasshi, and Mayu who was just shocked by Acchan abusing Yuki’s shirt, now shocked again by Yuki’s attack to Yuko.
Even Acchan is shocked too.

Acchan: “Oh….no… My bad. I’m sorry. I’m just teasing you. There’s no need for such big reaction, Yuki-chan.”
“Look, you just knocked the poor squirrel out. She may need a doctor.”

Acchan tries hard not to laugh.

Yuki glanced back to Acchan with her “IT’S-ALL-YOUR-FAULT” death-glare look.

Acchan couldn’t hold her laugh anymore.

“All right. Seem we cannot continue this fight now.”
(I can’t freaking fight her now. I’ll be distracted by looking at her body. Acchan thought)

She jumped down again and reach toward Gekikara.
“Come on Gekikara, we must leave this lovely midget now.”

Acchan winced at Takamina and gave her infamous-mischievous smile once again, “See you soon, Midget.”

Takamina, she just recovered from the shock of Yuki’s naked scene and Yuko’s fainted scene.
Now she had to go through another shocking moment.

For the first time, Takamina took a very close look to Acchan. Something shiver inside Takamina.
Her heart feel like stopping from beating, when Acchan walked pass her just by a few inches.

Takamina has no other words to describe her feeling at that moment.

Nobody notice it, but Takamina also has a system break down inside at that moment.
(This vampire girl has just giving me a heart attack.)


So what do we called for this Yuki-Acchan fight? A draw, maybe.

That night, Yuki and the Magnificent-Four were walking home slowly, looking down, messed up, and feeling depressed.
Mayu lend her vest uniform to Yuki, but since Mayu has smaller body size than Yuki, it’s still not covering her......uhh....asset.
Meanwile, Yuko's head looks so wet, because Sasshi had thrown some water to wake Yuko up from faint.
Few people stare at those five messed-up girls with a strange look while they were walking in the pathway.

And we leave the next day, and the next several days, with Yuko crying out loud and pouting in her bed.

“Yuki punched me so hard……….It’s so mean.”

“It’s hurt……I’m gonna get a concussion now. This is not good……….”

“What did I do wrong? It’s that vampire’s fault anyway. Why Yuki had to punched me, why not her?”

Yuko continued her crying.

Her friends tried to recover Yuko’s heart by buying her her favorite foods, delicious and expensive foods.
Until finally Yuko stopped crying.

And still, nobody notice that Takamina also had a permanent, big hole in her heart after her encounter with the vampire.
Could it be she fall in love for the first time, like she never did before?

What else gonna happen after this?
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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kyaa luv this chap!!  :yossi:
Burakku vs Acchan  :thumbup :thumbup
LOL yuko fainted  :rofl: jajaja...
Minami, just makes her yours!! Hear me? MAKE HER YOURS!!  :panic: :panic:
I wanna lovey dovey scene from AtsuMina!!  :bow:
Update ASAP!! and thanks for updating it Anzai! I love you more  :deco:

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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
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I'm glad you like it....... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mayuki story-line already set.
Now, I am developing Atsumina, they will have those scenes, and other scenes..... :wub:

I'm sorry for Kojiyuu fans, bcoz I am not an expert in Kojiyuu-theme, but I'll try to dig their story more deeper.
Looking for some inspiration of Kojiyuu first.....
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Re: [ongoing: Human vs Vampire] Mayuki, Atsumina, Kojiyuu.......
« Reply #19 on: November 23, 2011, 01:03:23 PM »
Good job Acchan~ for making Yukirin look like that~

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